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National Geographic Provides a Pulpit for Atheism

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

SES Conference

Welcome to the 2015 annual National Conference on Christian Apologetics (NCCA). Every year, Southern Evangelical Seminary hosts one of the largest apologetics events in the country. Join us on October 16-17, as we discuss this years theme, "Ideas Have Consequences."  Every consequence, whether good or bad, ultimately begins with an idea. This year's conference will equip Christians to engage in today's most prevalent ideas, encouraging attendees to speak words of grace, so they may "know answer each person" (Colossians 4:6). Help us spread the word by sharing your thoughts on our facebook page --

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A biography of an international missionary who lost her husband in the jungles of Ecuador and birthed an international ministry on the radio


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No, Everything Does Not Happen for a Reason

First of all, I do not think that verse "Works all things" is an insurance policy for remaining unscathed (I agree with you on that) but that it DOES mean that even the things the enemy means for ill (and he is right, sometimes they really suck!), the Lord will not let it be fruitless (think of the suffering of Joseph and Jesus and Job and Mary and David and Paul and Peter and.....). This is still His universe and we are still His children. To think that He has to just sit there and bleed with us without redeeming the time or making beauty come from ashes, either in this world or the world to come, is to call Him weak and ineffectual.

Happiness Honors the King

We know it’s true from everyday life. The happiness of a wife is the glory of her husband. The flourishing of a child is an honor to his parents. The collective joy of a local church is a tribute to her elders (Hebrews 13:17).

Formed by War

While war is everywhere in human history, a clear sign that we live in a fallen world, only relatively recently have we begun to study the psychological trauma it can cause. Now, thanks to new research on combat trauma, veterans—and the church—are getting a better understanding of war’s assault on the human soul.

Husbands, Address Her Inner Chaos

In less than two minutes, Gloria Furman encourages husbands to lovingly address the chaos that comes from inside their wives. By doing this, husbands help their wives examine root issues, exposing sin that suppresses lasting joy.

‘Jurassic World’ Made Half a Billion Dollars in Its First Weekend

Kay Warren Remembers the ‘Radical Obedience’ of Elisabeth Elliot

Early this morning, Elisabeth Elliot came face to face with her heart’s truest love—Jesus Christ. On Earth, she married three times—her first two husbands preceded her in death – but from earliest childhood her deepest affections were for her Savior, and it was for Him that her soul yearned. June 15, 2015 is the day her lifelong passion, zeal, and rugged obedience see fulfillment in his presence. I am thrilled for her!

Morgan Freeman to Host New Show about ‘The Story of God’

Deep-Fried Starbucks Is Being Sold at the San Diego County Fair

Nas and Drake Among Artists with Lyrics Featured on New Sprite Cans

Sprite is releasing a new line of soda cans featuring lyrics from hip-hop artists Nas, Drake, Rakim and Notorious B.I.G. As part of the “Obey Your Verse” campaign, Sprite chose songs that they say are responsible for “advancing the culture," focusing on some of the rappers' more inspirational lyrics including “Living longevity to the destiny” (Nas’ “If I Ruled the World”), “Speak the truth” (Rakim’s “Waiting for the World to End”), “Lyrically I’m supposed to represent (Biggie’s “One More Chance) and “Know yourself, know your worth" (Drake’s “0 to 100”). Sprite’s not the first company to incorporate writing from cultural voices on its packaging; last year, Chipotle began featuring short essays, quotes and stories from writers including Malcolm Gladwell, Amy Tan and Aziz Ansari onto its burrito bags as apart of its “ Cultivating Thought ” campaign ...

We Were Hoping

Things happen in our lives that make us want to “pack in” on everything, as the English say. We work and plan and look forward to something and it all comes to nothing and we are tempted to say “What’s the use?” But perhaps we should take a careful look at some of our dashed hopes and try to remember what actually happened later. This isn’t always possible, for our memories are often short. But for years I have kept a sort of journal in which I put down things that seem worth remembering, and it has frequently amazed and cheered me to see the pattern of things past. Some of my hopes failed, and then there have been occasions when something far beyond my hopes took place. “To those who love God,” wrote Paul, “everything that happens fits into a pattern for good” (J. B. Phillips’s translation of Romans 8:28).

Did God Create Evil?

Tim Barnett is a speaker for Stand to Reason ( ) You can watch the entire video here: Evil is something real that we all experience. However, evil is not some thing. That is to say, it's not a thing in itself. Therefore, God didn't create evil.

Genetics and Bioethics: Enhancement or Therapy?

Bioethics is an expanding field with direct implications for our lives. Here, we’ll reflect on the possibility and implications of gene therapy and enhancement. While I was at the Evangelical Philosophical/Theological Society Conference in 2012, I had the pleasure of sitting in on a talk about this very topic, and that will be the focus of this post. Unfortunately, the speaker had been switched around and was not listed in the booklet that I have. Furthermore, I never caught the speaker’s actual name (I tried to write it down when he was introduced, and got Gary Alkins, though I have tried searching online for that and haven’t come up with it), so if someone knows what it is, please let me know. I’ll reference the speaker as “speaker” throughout this post.

Do (Wesleyan) Arminians Believe in Inerrancy?

In our evaluation of the doctrine of biblical inerrancy, we must move beyond simply labeling it as a Calvinistic doctrine. To employ the technique of guilt by association is a logical fallacy. Throughout its history the Wesleyan Theological Society has dialogued with process theology and open theism, pentecostal/charismatic theology, postmodernism, Eastern orthodoxy, feminism, and Marxism — just to name a few of their ecumenical dialogues. In every instance they have attempted to objectively discuss areas of compatibility and incompatibility. But they have inconsistently rejected the doctrine of biblical inerrancy by simply labeling it as “Calvinistic.” Shouldn’t these issues be evaluated on their own merit and not be rejected because of guilt by association? In order to be consistent, must we also reject the doctrines of the Trinity or the virgin birth simply because Calvinists affirm these doctrines?

Love Wins

Bell also makes some very good points in his book.   Within the evangelical tradition, we have worked so hard to have a tight system that sometimes we rely more on our evangelical tradition than the biblical witness.   The first chapter of this book should be mandatory reading for all people studying evangelism, as Bell challenges tradition with Scripture.   Bell also helps us to reflect on the type of God that we are preaching.   Bell reminds us that if we are preaching a God that would prefer to damn everyone to hell but will reluctantly let a few out of the systematic torture if they pray the sinner’s prayer, that our hearers will see through this and likely reject this type of God.   Bell does have some good things to say about heaven and hell.   As N.T. Wright has recently been stressing, the afterlife is not some ethereal dream world but is something physical, where we will be active (Bell recommends Wright’s Surprised by Hope ).   Bell is also correct that hell is not a place of systematic torture run by demons, an error that has stayed with us since the time of Dante.

Michael Brown - If You Can Be Transgender Why Can’t You be Transracial?

I do not for a moment want to minimize the very real struggles of those who identify as transgender nor do I want to ignore those individuals who have genuine biological or genetic abnormalities.

#NCCA 2013 Dr. Ross(Old Earth) and Dr. Lisle(Young Earth) on the age of the earth.

#NCCA 2013 Dr. Ross(Old Earth) and Dr. Lisle(Young Earth) on the age of the earth.


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Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler to Play a Husband and Wife in ‘The House’

Steven Lawson on Twitter

Faith in Jesus is faith from Jesus--He is both the object and the source of faith.

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"In this is love, not that we have loved God but that he loved us and sent his Son" - 1 John 4:10

A Guide to Church Revitalization

church willingly submits to the authority of Christ, there is no confusion about where the final word lies. Once during a deacons’ meeting, I had to confront a deacon about non-attendance at church. When he pointedly asked me where in the Bible it says we have to be at church, I replied: “Hebrews 10:25, ‘Not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some.’” That ended the discussion. Only a church’s commitment to the authority of Christ has the power to do that.

Questions on the Arrow of Time

Dr. Craig tackles some fascinating questions on the nature of time, including a question from a young student on what God was doing before He created the universe!

WORLD | Bush promises a presidential campaign ‘with heart’ | Kent Covington | June 15, 2015

MIAMI—Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush made his long-awaited presidential campaign announcement Monday. He told supporters America needs a president who is willing to shake things up, and he’s their man.  

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