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How the Moral Evidence in the Universe Points to the Existence of God (Cold Case Christianity Broadcast #47) | Cold Case Christianity

J. Warner describes two pieces of “moral” evidence: the existence of objective moral truth and the existence of evil and injustice.

Raise Your Expectations for Sunday Morning

God’s glory shines everywhere, but in corporate worship there is a unique exhibition of glory that we do not see any other way.

Bernie Sanders Shows the Left's Refusal to Coexist with Traditional Believers | The Stream

Religious tests for holding public office are banned in the Constitution and go against the very core of our tradition. But don't tell Bernie Sanders.

Everyone Is Talking About This Insane ‘Black Panther’ Trailer

The new Marvel movie broke the internet this weekend.

Build Your Life on the Mercies of God

The mercies of God ground our life in Christ. Because he’s immeasurably gracious, we have endless riches forever in him.

Selena Gomez Praises Carl Lentz and Hillsong; Says Paparazzi Should Respect Privacy When Attending Church (Video)

Pop star Selena Gomez visited the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show and shared about her relationship with Hillsong NY Pastor Carl Lentz as well as her annoyance with the paparazzi taking pictures of her before and after church.

Democrat Bernie Sanders proposes test to ban Christians from political office

Senator Bernie Sanders had an interesting exchange with White House deputy budget director nominee Russell Vought. Religious liberty defender David French writes about it in National Review. First,…

Why It’s an Advantage to Know Christianity Is True (Video) | Cold Case Christianity

What difference does it make to know the reason why Christianity is true? Can this knowledge help us to be better evangelists?

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1 The TC Apologetics Daily

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Skipping this book would be a crime, says WORLD Digital Reporter @onize_ohiks … #SummerReads @McCallSmith

TGCArizona - TGC Live

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US Prepares to Deport Hundreds of Iraqi Christians

“It’s entirely appropriate that an individual who is convicted of a crime face the appropriate penalty, such as a lengthy jail sentence,” said World Relief’s Tudi. “But if that has happened, there is no significant concern that the person remains a threat to others within the US. And the possibility of harm is so significant for a religious minority being deported to Iraq right now, these cases could be carefully assessed to consider if they are cases where mercy could be extended by the federal government as an exercise of discretion.”

Top Ten Verses to Defend Your Faith

For the past few days I have been trying to think of the top ten verses that would be most helpful to apologists and evangelists. I have reflected on my own experience and also gotten feedback from many of you on Facebook and Twitter. So, here are my top ten verses to defend your faith (in no particular order):

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7 The TC Apologetics Daily

Top, Pop, and Slop Apologetics - Christian Research Institute

So, what I attempt to do is take the complex and make it simple and transferable. If you do not do top apologetics, you end up doing slop apologetics, which means all you are doing is regurgitating things that people have said, which may or may not be true. But, if you do top apologetics, then you can take apologetics and popularize that for your constituency. That is what we have been doing at the Christian Research Institute for many, many years, by taking the complex, making it simple and transferable so that you might not only hear but remember and then use what you have learned for God’s glory and for the extension of His kingdom.

Kay Warren: ‘We Were in Marital Hell’

We’ve beaten the odds that divorce would be the outcome of our ill-advised union. We’ve weathered my breast cancer and melanoma. We’ve survived the mental illness and suicide of our son Matthew. And now we know. We know we are the best thing that has ever happened to each other. I am in love with the man God brought into my life so many years ago. Each of us is not who the other was looking for, but each of us is who the other desperately needed to become the person we each are today. Yet, it’s also been the very best thing that has ever happened to either of us. We wouldn’t be who we are today without each other. I’m a better Christian, a better woman, a better mother, a better friend, and a better minister because of Rick. He says he’s a better Christian, a better man, a better father, a better friend, and a better minister because of me. The shrieks of iron sharpening iron have often sounded like gears grinding on bare metal, but the result has been profound personal growth in both of us.

Fifty Years After ‘Loving v. Virginia’: Celebrating the Beauty of Interracial Marriage

Even in the Old Testament, this meaning was revealed in various ways. One was the story of Boaz’s marriage to Ruth, the Moabitess. This was one of the most celebrated marriages in the Bible, because it gave rise to the line of king David, and finally to Jesus (Ruth 4:21–22). Ruth, though a Moabitess, was a lover of the true God and came under the wings of his covenant with Israel (Ruth 2:12). This faith and this marriage and the offspring that came from it were so remarkable that the New Testament Gospel of Matthew included Ruth as one of the four women mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus (Matthew 1:5).

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Were the New Testament Authors Biased?

The sceptic claims a lack of objectivity in the New Testament record. Because the authors were Christians, the sceptic assumes they were therefore not objective in their assessment of the events. Because they weren’t objective, they must therefore make claims that are biased, suffering from “unreasoned judgement.” (1)  Let’s look at the 3 primary motives for personal bias to see whether any evidence for this exists for the apostolic authors. Is there evidence the New Testament authors were intentionally misleading their readers?

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Worry is like a poison or a fire. It burns you up inside. I remember watching an old episode of the detective show “Columbo” when Country singer Johnny Cash played the bad guy. When he finally got caught, he said, “I’m so glad I got caught, because the guilt was killing me.” 

Hank Unplugged by Hank Hanegraaff on Apple Podcasts

Hank Unplugged: A new podcast brought to you by the Christian Research Institute. For more than fifty years, millions of listeners at home and abroad have enjoyed the answers and insights of the Bible Answer Man broadcast. Now, listeners can also hear best-selling author and CRI president Hank Hanegraaff on Hank Unplugged, a new podcast designed to range farther and dive deeper into both perennial and contemporary issues of interest to thinking Christians. Out of the studio and into his study, Hank now adds to the Bible Answer Man broadcast a more personal perspective on matters of life and truth of concern to thoughtful believers. He will invite some of his closest friends and brightest minds onto the Hank Unplugged podcast for free-flowing, truly engaging discussions on issues that you care about. For insightful analysis and commentary on living Christianly in a post-Christian world, make note of Hank Unplugged. It's a new channel of quality content that serious kingdom change agents won't want to miss.

Worship in Your Waiting

Waiting is a standard part of life in a finite world. Regardless of whether our waiting feels easy or hard at the moment, how we wait is shaping the people we are becoming. Worship is essential to that wait because a Godward perspective helps us to persevere with patience and hope. Endurance, Paul tells us, “produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us” (Romans 5:4–5).

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UPDATE: Death toll revised to three in attack on U.S. troops in Afghanistan #TheSift …

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Natural Explanations and A Supernatural God

I get lots of email from skeptics. Much of this email is related to miracles. People want to know why Christians are so quick to attribute an event (or healing) to the miraculous intervention of a supernatural God, especially when it appears that a natural force may be offered as an explanation. After all, even Moses reported that a “strong east wind” blew all night prior to the parting of the red sea (Exodus 14:21). Maybe this natural occurrence was simply interpreted as a miracle after the fact. In a similar way, Thallus (the 1st Century Roman historian) attributed the darkness at the crucifixion to “an eclipse of the sun”; another reasonable natural occurrence that may have been misinterpreted as a miracle by those who were inclined toward the miraculous.

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Dad Meets the Sexual Revolution

This coming Sunday, in homes across the nation, millions of American men will awake to the arrival of breakfast in bed. Prepared and served by their children, these Father’s Day repasts convey appreciation as well as contributing to the general bonhomie of the day to come. But as he sips his coffee from his “World’s Greatest Dad” mug, even the most obtuse father has to ask himself: Have I been the man my children deserve?

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Comparing Yourself to Others Can Ruin Your Life

I don’t even know how it wove itself into the fabric of my life—that stupid, sneaky comparison. Comparison is something I talked about with the girls in youth group, not something I actually dealt with—until I realized I was dealing with it. It hit me like a bus: I was actually comparing my life to others. It was such a part of me, I hadn’t even realized it was there.

Question of the Week, June 12, 2017: Did Homo sapiens originate 300,000 years ago?

Question of the Week, June 12, 2017: Did Homo sapiens originate 300,000 years ago?

God Gives Us His Grace in His Word

But too often, we fill our lives — and our minds — with every voice but God’s. If you want to see God’s grace in your life, avail yourself of the many opportunities for hearing his voice. Don’t view Bible reading mainly as something to be done or as a chore to complete, but as a feast of grace offered by God to sustain and strengthen you day by day.

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Microview: “Beyond the Control of God? Six Views on the Problem of God and Abstract Objects” edited by Paul Gould

Ultimately, the lack of space authors are given both in their essays and responses means that the book does little at points to shed light on the topic. The authors are at times reduced to saying little more than that they disagree with a point of another without having room to expand on that disagreement. Because of the lack of depth, readers are left wondering at times what the authors’ views even are. For example, I read Yandell’s initial essay with little concept of exactly what he was arguing for as opposed to what he argued against. I re-read the essay and realized he stated his view only in a short paragraph. It really is inexcusable in a book which offers different views to have so little space for each view, particularly when the topic is as complex as that of abstract objects.

Expect More from Young Men

The New Testament casts a better vision for young men in the church than our society does today. We do not accept their immaturity, or look down on their youth (1 Timothy 4:12), but encourage them as brothers (1 Timothy 5:1). We do not give them a pass, but expect them to grow in self-control (Titus 2:6) and “flee youthful passions and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace, along with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart” (2 Timothy 2:22). We stand ready for them to handle the Scriptures for themselves, that they might have the word of God abiding in them (1 John 2:14) and — mark this — overcome the evil one (1 John 2:13), which is immeasurably more satisfying than winning at video games.

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Have Southern Baptists embraced gender-inclusive Bible translation? Not by a longshot.

(1) Merritt and Robinson make no mention of the fact that the CSB follows the Colorado Springs Guidelines in its approach to gender language. The Colorado Springs Guidelines were drafted in 1997 in the wake of news that the NIV would be producing a gender-neutral revision. On May 27, 1997, James Dobson convened a meeting of evangelical scholars and leaders that drafted a set of guidelines for handling gender language. Those guidelines have long been regarded by both sides of the debate as a standard for those opposing gender-neutral translations. The CSB translators followed those guidelines, an observation which leads me to my second point.

How One Deep South Church Left Segregation Behind

His wife, Karen, said no too, for the same reason. But they started to pray and fast and talk with friends, and the path emerged. The late-night rhythym of campus ministry was wearing on their family, which now included two young kids. And Redeemer was offering a chance to work with the people he loved in the city he loved, along with a vision he embraced. He agreed to be considered.

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Oregon Senate approves ‘starvation’ bill; Missouri governor calls special, pro-life session … #Vitals @EricGreitens

I Know God Loves Me, but Does He Like Me?

God does not decide whom to like quantitatively. This is important. Listen carefully. He doesn’t decide whom he’s going to like quantitatively, as if when you get to 51% goodness, he’ll like you. Finally. When you are at 49%, he doesn’t like you. What God sees in us is not quantity, but real Holy Spirit–produced fruit. Every one of these little evidences of new, real, spiritual, regenerate life is a great delight to him. They are a real good, even if mixed with sinful attitudes. How could they not be his pleasure? They are his work. How demeaning can it be to say to the work of the Holy Spirit, “God doesn’t like it”? That’s awful for people to say that.

US senator urged to apologise following attack on faith of White House official - Premier

US Senator Bernie Sanders has been told to apologise after grilling the man set to become one of President Trump's top White House officials.

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Join faithful Christian authors & thought leaders as they provide practical talks for parenting teens.

Six reasons you should attend the SBC Annual Meeting — Southern Equip

Because you need to know how the denomination functions. In my pre-ministry life, I worked as a newspaper journalist and it was always clear to me that few journalists could grasp the SBC’s denominational polity. Most of them call us a “church” as in the Roman Catholic Church and seemed to view various leaders as the single authoritative head. Upon entering ministry, I soon realized that many Southern Baptists—including many who have been Southern Baptists long enough to remember Royal Ambassadors and Sunbeams—do not understand how the wheels of the denomination turn. Strictly speaking, the convention is just that—a convention. It exists only two days each year for these meetings. Obviously, the denomination continues to run the other 363 days through various entities as the Executive Committee, NAMB, IMB, Baptist Press, the six seminaries, a number of standing committees, and more. But business that drives the remainder of the year is done the second week in June. Thus, these two days are very important and those who lead in local churches should respond accordingly.

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Is the CSB Really Gender-Neutral?

Rendering anthrōpos or ʾādām as “human,” “people,” “persons,” etc. in some contexts fits with the Colorado Springs guidelines. If the referent includes males and females, the translation should reflect such. The authors of the Atlantic article fail to realize or note the semantic nature of how meaning is expressed in a language’s lexicon. “Mankind,” for example, has always included male and female. Using a surrogate word in translation is not necessarily an example of gender inclusivity that violates lexical semantics as the authors seem to imply by their examples.

Richard Dawkins says RE is vital for children, calls Islam 'most evil' religion - Premier

Richard Dawkins says RE is vital for children, calls Islam 'most evil' religion

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Is it possible in today's world to debate those things that matter the most and not lose our minds?

Let Us Walk by the Spirit

Now, if we look at verses 19–24 which follow, we will find one more expression about the Spirit which confirms and expands what we have seen so far about “walking by the Spirit.” In these verses Paul contrasts the “works of the flesh” (19–21) with the “fruit of the Spirit” (22–23). The opposite of doing the “works of the flesh” is “bearing the fruit of the Spirit.” This is exactly the same contrast we saw in verse 16: “Walk by the Spirit and do not gratify the desires of the flesh.” The “works of the flesh” are what you do when you “gratify the desires of the flesh.” The “fruit of the Spirit” is what appears in your life when you “walk by the Spirit.” Therefore what we have in these verses are three images of the Spirit’s work in our life: “walking by the Spirit” in verse 16, “being led by the Spirit” in verse 18, and bearing “the fruit of the Spirit” in verse 22.

42 Question of the Week: Why Did God Create Hominids?

LIVE Question of the Week: Why would God create plants that are poisonous and harmful to people?

What You Need to Know About Labor Conditions in China

Doubtlessly, greater domestic advocacy is needed to strengthen labor and anti-trafficking laws, increase supply chain transparency, improve labor conditions and lobby for worker’s rights. And yet, these action steps are hampered within a national context where human rights defenders are persecuted, freedom of expression is squelched by censorship and torture and unfair trials are commonly practiced. Right now, three human rights activists in China are being detained or have gone missing while investigating austere labor conditions at shoe factory—the same one that produces shoes for Ivanka Trump’s fashion label.

The Difference Between Complaining About Church and Critiquing It

Like me, you may have at one time or another found yourself looking at the state of the church, either local or at large and expressing some level of discontentment with your perceptions. In these moments, as we are faced with the choice of whether to release the narratives we have built to others or to simply forget them, there is one question that we must ask ourselves: Am I complaining or am I critiquing? Here are two ways to tell and how to proceed once you know the answer.

Weekend Apologetics Hit & Misc: ID, CS Lewis, Atheist Missionaries and more!

For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

One Less Orphan

Orphan care requires more than middle-class families welcoming children into our own homes. Foster care and adoption are relief work — good and beautiful relief for a child from the brokenness of this world. But orphan care will involve more than just relief. It also includes seeking restoration and equity. It involves engaging in broken child-welfare systems and looking to prevent child abuse by walking with those who are isolated and battling poverty and addictions.

The Single Person’s Search for Intimacy

When we make marriage the primary means of intimacy in the church, we do a huge disservice to the singles in our fellowship and the idea of Christian community as a whole. Marriage is not an island that we move to in order to bring glory to God; it’s just one picture (and a very prominent one) in a gigantic network of human relationships meant to deepen our understanding of Christ.

Literary Critics Examine the New Testament

Let us turn to how the style of writing is evaluated……not by laymen, but by literary scholars. I know of two who were atheists who were teaching literature at the university level, then became Christian when they turned their eye toward the Bible.

BP This Week: Bernie Sanders, Transgender Athletes, and Assisted Suicide in Britain

Senator Bernie Sanders, the runner-up for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, said while grilling a Trump budget appointee that Christians who believe in the exclusivity of Christ aren’t the kind of people “this country is supposed to be about.” As Emma Green at The Atlantic observed, this functions as a religious test for office, which is prohibited by Article VI of the U.S. Constitution.

Unbelievable? Interview with Justin Brierley about His New Book

BRIERLEY: Hopefully this book will be of interest to those who have listened to Unbelievable? as it will give you an insight into many of the conversations and people who have been on the show. For example, how I finally managed to bag an interview with Richard Dawkins after years of trying!

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