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The Real-Life Science Mystery That Could Make You Believe in God

Behind the science that even had Einstein spooked.

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Why Should Evolutionary Biology Be So Different?

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Is Genome Grammar Just a Figure of Speech?

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Watch Colbert and Fallon Open Their Shows with Moving Words About the Orlando Tragedy

Last night, Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon both opened their late night comedy shows in a way that is unique for them both: They got serious, and addressed the tragedy in Orlando, where 49 people were killed in a gay nightclub by a terrorist this weekend. They both did a pretty great job. Though they each took their own approaches to addressing the worst mass shooting in American history, their openers both had the same theme: The need to overcome hate with love. You can watch the clips below.

‘Hate Will Never Win’: James Corden Pays Tribute to Orlando Victims at The Tonys

Before last night’s Tony Award ceremony, host James Corden issued a brief tribute to victims of a shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando that left 50 dead, and at least 53 injured. His message was simple: “Hate will never win.” You can watch the show's opener below.

David Wood and the Jihad Triangle

Visit the post for more.

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5 Ways Christians Can Respond to the Orlando Shooting

Yes sin is devastating; death is relentless. And if you and I do not have a true sovereign that can defeat such things with certainty then we are ourselves hopeless. But there is one who is just this sovereign and just this good. The Scripture tells us of Jesus who himself being God became a man with the expressed purpose of defeating death by disarming sin of its power. It is Jesus Christ, the Son of the most high God, who is Sovereign and good, and able to save sinners from the deadly enemy of death. It is Jesus who gave his life as a sufficient sacrifice to pay the death penalty due to rebels like us. He died upon the cross and rose victoriously from the grave. The Scripture says he was “declared the Son of God with power” ( Rom. 1.4 ). His resurrection from the dead is the proof that death and sin have been defeated.

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4 Saluting the Flag and Something More

On June 14, 1973, Mrs. Saul, my fifth-grade teacher at Beaver Brook School in Danbury, Conn., took the 12 of us in her class outside to the flagpole to celebrate Flag Day. It had been nearly 200 years since the same date in 1777 when the Revolutionary Congress adopted the Stars and Stripes as the new country’s emblem. June 14 has been designated as Flag Day ever since—though it’s a sad certainty that most Americans will pass the day without noticing.

5 After Orlando shooting, Chick-fil-A opens on Sunday to help — did the news media ignore?

Chick Fil A has made national news for it’s owners’ stance on gay marriage. Anytime they do something even remotely non-PC, their supposed slip up goes viral. Hash tags pop up all over the place. So why is that what they have done in the wake of the Orlando nightclub shooting hasn’t received a single mention on the mainstream new outlets? It’s probably because people like New York City Mayor, Bill DeBlasio might have to eat crow instead of chicken. DeBlasio has said that Chick Fil A spreads a message of hate.

A Dangerous Fairytale for Future Wives

Whether we’re aware of it or not, the battle begins, not ends, when we make our vows. Our sinful desires will immediately rear up like a fire-breathing dragon. Satan will throw his grenade of lies at our feet. We will have to watch our step, lest we set off his explosive land mines hidden in our own homes. Many times it’s our own unrealistic expectations in marriage that blind us from seeing the bullets flying all around us. We must let go of the childish fairytale, and ask God to open our eyes to the spiritual warfare in our marriage, the battle in which we must fight for faith.

7 In the Wake of Orlando

Watching the news of the worst shooting in American history, an act of radical Islamist terror at a popular gay nightclub in Orlando, I found myself thinking: Can Christians claim that sort of apologetic today? Of course we can argue for the truthfulness of Christianity, but can we legitimately claim that we fully live out and embody the Gospel we claim?

8 Orlando shooting: Death toll updated to 50 by Orlando police as Omar Mateen named as gunman

After the sadness lifted briefly, and the songs by the gay male chorus stopped, we stood there not knowing quite what to do. As one, we decided to try desperately to find our friends in the crowd and go to a bar. Another way in which it was like Pride. We spilled out into Soho, away from the vigil but holding the fact we had been part of something special with us.

Right and Wrong Reactions to the Tragic Night Club Massacre in Orlando | The Stream

It doesn’t matter if these people were at a gay club or in an office building. They are fellow human beings who were murdered in cold blood. Whether they were murdered in a straight bar, a sports stadium, or a park they were murdered nonetheless and without any justification.

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If You Can Keep It

If You Can Keep It is at once a thrilling review of America's uniqueness, and a sobering reminder that America's greatness cannot continue unless we truly understand what our founding fathers meant for us to be.  The book includes a stirring call-to-action for every American to understand the ideals behind the "noble experiment in ordered liberty" that is America. It also paints a vivid picture of the tremendous fragility of that experiment and explains why that fragility has been dangerously forgotten—and in doing so it lays out our own responsibility to live those ideals and carry on those freedoms. Metaxas believes America is not a nation bounded by ethnic identity or geography, but rather by a radical and unprecedented idea, based upon liberty and freedom. It's time to reconnect to that idea before America loses the very foundation for what made it exceptional in the first place.

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A Christian Message to LGBT Americans

I know that many of you not only are hurting today, but you are also angry. And your anger is not just directed at the Muslim terrorist who slaughtered so many of your people. You are also angry with Christians like me, believing that we have helped to create the toxic, hateful atmosphere that led to the horrific massacre.

Modern Medicine Failed Me in Kenya

In most instances, I could only give over-the-counter pills for their complaints. Yet with the Lord’s mercy, I could assure them that I had traveled halfway around the world to be with them , because we are all one in Christ. I could reach out my hand, and replace the distant white coat with the warmth of my palm. I could listen to the impact of illness on their work, their families, their homes. And I could conclude each encounter with an appeal to God, to remind them that all are without pain and suffering in heaven. To remind all of us that any works we achieve of our own volition pale in comparison to those accomplished through the love of our holy and perfect God, who gave his Son for us.

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily, by Greg West: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

How to Reflect on Culture, Sorrow, and Success (Plus an eBook Sale)

Whether we evaluate someone’s ministry from the past or in the present, we tend to rate the greatness of the evangelist based on how many people were converted under his ministry. We crown theologians as those with the greatest impact on history and the church based on the insightfulness of their writings and how much they published. We celebrate missionaries and highlight their accounts of sufferings, conversions, and churches planted. We idolize pastors who preached to the masses or wrote books that were notable or memorable. We end up defining greatness much like the world does—by how grand, glamorous, and broad an impact an individual had in their life and ministry.

17 Can We Construct The Entire New Testament From the Writings of the Church Fathers? | Cold Case Christianity

I’ve often heard it said that the New Testament is well referenced and attested by the Early Church Fathers of the 1 st , 2 nd and 3 rd Century. As an example of this, some researchers have cited Sir David Dalrymple (1726 – 1792AD) a Scottish judge and historian who wrote three volumes on early Christian Church history called, “Remains of Christian Antiquity”. Dalrymple was an expert in the writings of the early Church. It’s alleged that after careful examination of the writings of the Fathers he wrote, “…as I possessed all the existing works of the Fathers of the second and third centuries, I commenced to search, and up to this time I have found the entire New Testament, except eleven verses.” That’s quite a claim if you stop and think about it. As I was preparing an article, I decided to investigate this statement to find its source. I simply wanted to cite Dalrymple properly. After purchasing Dalrymple’s books and manuscripts on this topic, I came to the conclusion that he has either been improperly referenced or inaccurately cited. I simply cannot confirm the quotation from Dalrymple that is offered repeatedly by Christian Case Makers.

18 What Hath California Wrought?

Last week, California’s physician-assisted suicide law went into effect, passed with the help of misleading language such as “death with dignity.” Why pro-long the suffering of the terminally ill, we are asked.

Nation's Radicalized Christians Praying For Orlando | The Babylon Bee

U.S.—In the aftermath of the horrific mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando over the weekend which killed at least 50, various cells of radicalized Christians around the nation have risen up to pray earnestly for everyone affected and offer further assistance where they can, sources confirmed.

20 A Thought and a Prayer for Orlando | RZIM

I write while in meetings in Moscow. It is with deep sadness I read of the heartless and cold-blooded killings planned and implemented in Orlando, Florida by a cruel mind. How can any rationalizing justify that in any mind? How tragic for the parents, how ruthless of the killer. How terrifying it must have been for those so brutalized.

Overcoming the Skepticism of Christian Apologetics

The practice of Christian apologetics must be approached in a way that seeks to strengthen one’s intellect and understanding of God so that we can make a comprehensive case/defense for the existence of God. Apologia is the Greek word that describes the action of ‘ giving a defense ’. There is a Biblical call for all Christians to be apologists, which necessarily entails that we love the Lord with all of our minds. Over the years I have developed a passion for apologetics. Sadly however, I’ve come to notice that ministries in apologetics within the church are quite lacking during a time when we need the most. Young adults are leaving the church at a rate that is much higher than we’ve ever seen in the past. The apologetics community has noticed a trend of skepticism among the church as far as embracing apologetics is concerned. As apologists, this fact has increased our concern for the future wellbeing of the church. Secularism is on the rise and loyal Christian adherence is on the decline among the present generation of young adults. It’s important to ask the question now, will th

Neither Human Evolution nor Theistic Evolution (1) - Christian Research Institute

“God made the wild animals according to their kinds, the livestock according to their kinds, and all the creatures that move along the ground according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good. Then God said, ‘Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.’ So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.”

Southern Baptists and the Confederate Flag - Russell Moore

It’s not often that I find myself wiping away tears in a denominational meeting, but I just did. The Southern Baptist Convention voted overwhelmingly to repudiate the display of the Confederate Battle Flag. This conservative evangelical denomination gathered together just miles from Ferguson, Missouri, to stand together against one lingering divisive symbol.

Esther T on Twitter

"The faith and the virtue of the American people made possible ...." @ericmetaxas #ifyoucankeepit

25 The Facebook Echo Chamber

What we’ve got is one giant echo chamber. No wonder liberals and conservatives can’t talk to each other anymore. We’re not even reading the same stories.

Death with Dignity and the Imago Dei - Christian Research Institute

A right to refuse treatment doesn’t obligate us to embrace a right to die. The former recognizes a personal freedom to end treatment while the latter intentionally brings about death. Proponents believe that PAS is the most compassionate option to those facing terminal illnesses with extreme suffering. Barbara Coombs Lee, the president of Compassion and Choices and the architect of the Oregon PAS law, argues that the law in Oregon and other states is intended to prevent the abuses by people and organizations with broader conceptions of euthanasia rights such as Jack Kevorkian and the Hemlock Society. Lethal prescriptions are strictly limited to terminal cases where death is imminent, a great deal of suffering is highly likely, and the patient is free from any underlying psychiatric conditions. Proponents of such laws reject the characterization of these cases as suicide since terminally ill patients don’t desire death per se but rather to choose the time and conditions of their death. They desire some “dominion” over their body as disease and illness conspire to leave them powerless.

Pastors Lead by Example

I also asked Sanchez about what we might call “the forgotten qualification” of hospitality. Growing up, I knew of pastors who led very private lives and rarely, if ever, had members in their home. Most members seemed to see this as acceptable. But later I discovered that this problem wasn’t confined to my experience, but is a problem in many churches in America. Rarely, when examining a man for elder ministry do other elders ask, “Is he hospitable?” It seems to be considered a non-essential. However, Paul disagrees. He places it in the list of basic qualifications without a disclaimer. He gives us no reason to believe that it’s less important than the others.

5 Ways Christians Can Respond to the Orlando Shooting

Yes sin is devastating; death is relentless. And if you and I do not have a true sovereign that can defeat such things with certainty then we are ourselves hopeless. But there is one who is just this sovereign and just this good. The Scripture tells us of Jesus who himself being God became a man with the expressed purpose of defeating death by disarming sin of its power. It is Jesus Christ, the Son of the most high God, who is Sovereign and good, and able to save sinners from the deadly enemy of death. It is Jesus who gave his life as a sufficient sacrifice to pay the death penalty due to rebels like us. He died upon the cross and rose victoriously from the grave. The Scripture says he was “declared the Son of God with power” ( Rom. 1.4 ). His resurrection from the dead is the proof that death and sin have been defeated.

29 The Briefing 06-13-16 -

Delivered daily to your inbox, this is one of the best ways to stay on top of current events from a Christian worldview perspective.

30 Evangelical Angst

I run into this kind of angst all the time, especially on social media among my evangelical friends. Often, what I encounter goes beyond proper concern about cultural trends, giving way to a sense of hopelessness, fear, and more than a little anger. Evangelicals are beginning to see ourselves as a beleaguered minority.

A prayer for Orlando - premier

Revd Sally Hitchiner, founder of Diverse Church, shared a prayer on Premier's News Hour for all of those involved in the shooting in a gay club in Orlando, Florida.

UnitedHealthcare Is Offering Free Mental-Health Counseling to Anyone Affected by the Orlando Shooting

Insurance provider UnitedHealth Group, the largest in the United States, is giving some of its resources to help people affected by the Orlando shooting. According to Orlando Weekly , the mega-provider has opened its mental-health counseling help lines to anyone who wants to call, whether they’re insured or not. United said in a statement that this help line “offers specially trained Optum mental health specialists to help people manage their stress and anxiety so they can continue to address their everyday needs." The service is entirely free.

The Briefing 06-14-16 -

But what’s really important here is that Cathy Lynn Grossman is pointing to the fact that the advocates of assisted suicide want to normalize, that is they want to establish a new norm that human beings should have the unquestioned right to establish when and under what circumstances we will choose to die. Of course, when it comes to options, the most limiting factor of all, the Christian worldview would remind us, is that no single one of us decided as a matter of options that we should be born, that we should come to life, that we should be born to a certain family or a certain couple at a certain time. Instead, we have to understand that the biblical worldview understands that our most basic definition is a matter of givens—it is the given-ness of life as God’s gift to every single one of us on his terms, according to his timing. There is no question that we are often faced with genuine moral choices for which we are responsible. But in terms of our human limitations and finitude, we need to recognize the plight of those actual options is often far less than modern secular Americans would like to think.

Piecing America's 'Fractured Republic' Back Together

When I put down “The Fractured Republic,” I found myself thinking about the future. Post-war American politics encouraged cultural and economic freedoms that, to one degree or another, all of us wanted. Levin is right that the next generation of politics won’t be able to turn back the clock. Our political future will have to presume a globalized free-market system that tends to dissolve strong social bonds, as well as a culture of self-expression unlikely to tolerate much in the way of moral authority. That said, his book reinforced my view that the political party that can find its way to a new, workable, and believable rhetoric of solidarity, one suited to our present circumstances, will dominate the next generation.

35 The Faith of Christopher Hitchens

A second pivotal moment came when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Though in public he increased the fervor of his rhetoric, he was a different man in private. “Publicly, he had to play the part, to pose, as a confident atheist—that was the side of the debate he’d been given, the one that made him both famous and rich. Privately, however, he was entering forbidden territory, crossing enemy lines, exploring what he had ignored or misrepresented for so long. This exploration took on an added sense of urgency when he was diagnosed with cancer.” This forbidden territory included not only meaningful friendships with Christians, but guided explorations of its Scripture and doctrines. As he encountered Christians, he encountered the Christian ethic displayed in their lives. Most notably, Taunton and his wife had adopted an HIV -positive child and Hitchens had no category for this, no answer to something so very good, so very selfless. He admired it but at the same time had to admit that he wouldn’t even be willing to take in his own brother’s children if they were orphaned. “For the whole of his life, Christopher had longed for, but had cynically dismissed the possibility of, a higher love.

Eric Metaxas on Twitter

Wanna know what my IF YOU CAN KEEP IT book is all about before you order a copy? Here you go! …

1 Peter 3:17: Does God Will Sin Done Against Us?

We all carry wounds inflicted upon us by others. When we think about the father who abandoned us, the friend who betrayed us, or the co-worker who lied about us, what part did God play in our pain? In this lab, John Piper discusses whether God wills our suffering, especially the suffering caused by others’ sin.

38 EPS Blog - Evangelical Philosophical Society

Last night we received notification of the passing of noted evangelical philosopher and theologian, Dr. Gordon R. Lewis: Gordon R. Lewis, went to be with the Lord on June 11, 2016. He was born November 21, 1926 to Fred C. Lewis and Florence Winn Lewis in Johnson City, New York. He was married to Doris Berlin in 1948. She passed away in 1999. He married Willa Waddle in 2001. He is survived by Willa Waddle Lewis, Nancy & (Alan) Carter, Cindy & (Jim) Clark, and Scott Lewis, five grandsons Halden & (Ginny) Clark, Caleb & (Marlys) Clark, Daniel & (Ashlie) Clark, David & (Kaci) Clark, and Ian Carter, eight great-grandchildren and a niece and nephews. After graduating from Johnson City High School in 1944, Gordon studied at Baptist Bible Seminary in Johnson City, New York, earned a BA at Gordon College in Boston and an MDiv at Faith Seminary in Wilmington, Delaware, where he was a student pastor of People's Baptist Church. While teaching at Baptist Bible Seminary in Johnson City from 1951-1958, he earned an MA and Ph.D in philosophy at Syracuse University.

A Brief Biblical Case for Apologetics

I was recently asked for a list of memory verses relating to apologetics. Deciding which ones to keep and which to exclude turned out to be quite a challenge. Ultimately, I decided to list them topically in a way that laid out the case for apologetics, with examples, as briefly as possible. Obviously there are more I could have included, but I didn’t want this to get any longer than it already is! If you have a favorite passage that teaches or supports apologetics, feel free to add it in the comments.

18 Theses on the Father and the Son - The Scriptorium Daily

Last week while I was doing the very important work of riding trains and kayaking in mountain lakes and hiking and playing board games, all my internet theology friends were talking trinitarianism across multiple platforms from various nations. Since I can’t figure out the correct angle at which a latecomer can enter the fast-moving discussion, I thought I would just post a few theses that, while prompted by the current discussion, can stand more or less on their own. But you could also consider this an overgrown subtweet at the whole world.

Politicizing Tragedy Risks Dehumanizing Victims and Their Families

Sunday's shooting struck close to home for a lot of people. (For me, it was a little farther than 6 miles from where my wife and I slept.) Yes, Mateen’s massacre represents an attack on Orlando, the broader LGBT community and on a country established by the ideas of free conscience, speech and expression. But deeper than that, Mateen attacked the order of creation itself—and more than 100 of God’s individual creations.

Book Deals at #TGCW16

“Shame is everywhere. Whether it’s related to relationships, body image, work difficulties, or a secret sin, we all experience shame at some point in our lives. While shame can manifest itself in different ways—fear, regret, and anger—it ultimately points us to our most fundamental need as human beings: redemption. Shame never disappears in solitude, and Heather Davis Nelson invites us to not only be healed of our own shame but also be a part of healing for others. She shines the life-giving light of the gospel on the things that leave us feeling worthless and rejected, giving us courage us to walk out of shame’s shadows and offering hope for our bondage to brokenness. Through the gospel, we discover the only real and lasting antidote to shame: exchanging our shame for the righteousness of Christ alongside others on this same journey.”

Contradictions: The Order of Nations

The actual outworking of the genealogies of Genesis 10 occurs after the events at the Tower of Babel (cf. 11:1 with 10:5, 20, 31). This interspersal of narrative (11:1–9) separates the two genealogies of Shem (10:21–31; 11:10–26), paving the way for the particular linkage between the Terah (Abraham) clan and the Shemite lineage (11:27). The story of the tower also looks ahead by anticipating the role that Abram (12:1–3) will play in restoring the blessing to the dispersed nations. By placing the Tower of Babel incident just prior to the stories of Abram and his descendants, the biblical writer is suggesting, in the first place, that post-flood humanity is as wicked as pre-flood humanity. Rather than sending something as devastating as a flood to annihilate mankind, however, God now places His hope in a covenant with Abraham as a powerful solution to humanity’s sinfulness. This problem ( Genesis 11 ) and solution ( Genesis 12 ) are brought into immediate juxtaposition, and the forcefulness of this structural move would have been lost had Genesis 10 intervened between the two.

Star Trek: TNG Season 7 “Dark Page” and “Attached”

I’m going through “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and reviewing every episode, complete with commentary and a grade from A-F. I’ve also included a score and comment from my wife, who has never seen the show before. There are  SPOILERS  for each episode below.

If You Can Keep It by Eric Metaxas

The men in that room were an astounding array of the lead­ing lights of American history. George Washington was there, along with Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and Roger Sherman, among others. No one could reasonably debate whether the 4,200-word document they ended up with is one of the greatest documents in the history of the world. If its emergence there was not quite as unprecedented as Athena’s parthenogenetic birth from the brow of Zeus, it is close enough to warrant comparison and amazement. The Constitution was a ship of state that the founders launched onto history’s ocean that summer the likes of which had never before been seen. The world goggled at it. They also wondered: What would become of this great and strange bark? Would it sail long or soon sink? No one could know. And if it were to succeed and last, precisely how would it do that? How could it, being so very fragile? Why should it float for long? And yet it did. Whatever it was that they created that summer in that building has so grown and flourished in the more than two centuries following that it is simply without equal.

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Southern Seminary on Twitter

Pastors choose Southern. Train with us for the truth, for the church, for the world, for the glory of God | The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Reasons To Believe : Complex Protein Biogenesis Hints at Intelligent Design

For the mitochondrial protein biogenesis to emerge from an evolutionary standpoint, a number of biochemical systems had to simultaneously evolve and become integrated with one another. For example, once mitochondrial genes became incorporated into the host genome, DNA sequences specifying signal sequences had to evolve and become precisely appended to every one of the mitochondrial DNA sequences. The TOM, TIM22, and TIM23 complexes had to evolve simultaneously to recognize mitochondrial proteins and work in tandem to move proteins into the mitochondria. In addition, chaperones had to emerge that would recognize mitochondrial proteins and keep them unfolded during the transport process. Signal peptidases had to evolve to remove signal sequences from mitochondrial proteins with exacting precision. Finally, stop sequences and additional targeting sequences had to evolve and become precisely positioned within the mitochondrial protein genes.

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The more I learn about Tim Stratton and Free Thinking Ministries , the more I appreciate their work.  Stratton is a logician who has a gift for presenting arguments in a new, fresh way.  Last week we featured his Free Thinking Argument .  This week, I wanted to highlight a clever argument Tim devised by combining the Ontological Argument and the Kalam Cosmological Argument .  He calls it the "Ontologi-Kalam-alogical" Argument ! It is as follows: 1- It is logically possible that the cause of the universe the Kalam argues for exists (in a possible world). 2- If it is possible that the Kalam’s cause of the universe exists, then this cause exists necessarily in some possible world. 3- If this cause exists necessarily in some possible world, then this cause exists necessarily in all possible worlds (i.e., mathematical truths, logical laws, shape definitions, etc). 4- If this cause exists in all possible worlds, then this cause exists in the actual world. 5- If this cause of the universe exists in the actual world, then this cause of the universe (God) exists.

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