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Answering Bill Nye: Can Natural Laws Change?

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A Matter of Faith | Official Movie Website


N. T. Wright on Gay Marriage | First Thoughts | First Things

If you say that marriage now means something which would allow other such configurations, what you’re saying is actually that when we marry a man and a woman we’re not actually doing any of that stuff. This is just a convenient social arrangement and sexual arrangement and there it is . . . get on with it. It isn’t that that is the downgrading of marriage, it’s something that clearly has gone on for some time which is now poking it’s head above the parapet. If that’s what you thought marriage meant, then clearly we haven’t done a very good job in society as a whole and in the church in particular in teaching about just what a wonderful mystery marriage is supposed to be. Simply at that level, I think it’s a nonsense. It’s like a government voting that black should be white. Sorry, you can vote that if you like, you can pass it by a total majority, but it isn’t actually going to change the reality.

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Map Shows Every School Shooting Since Sandy Hook

Ok, so let's take away 33. Does anybody here realize that there are still 41 mass shootings?? That Charles Johnson found 33 "questionable" items on this map doesn't somehow invalidate the fact that there are 41 legitimate mass shootings since Sandy Hook. That's about 1 every week and a half. Even at 41, that's a full map.

Learning to Abide in Christ

I hear the words “abide in Christ” mentioned a lot by women as a way to express rest. At least I think that’s what they mean. The truth is, I’ve never had it defined for me clearly, even though I’ve heard it shared often. In order to gain more understanding, I started digging into God’s word to see what he says about abiding in Christ.

What Oversharing on Facebook Says About You

Maybe it goes without saying, but if you feel super bummed that no one liked the last picture of your cat or commented on your funny story about what happened in the supermarket, it's probably time to take a step back from social media. Services that help gauge social influence might tend to exacerbate the issue since likes, comments, shares and retweets increase the perception that an individual is “influential.” Of course the problem is that it really doesn't matter whether you're influential because of your work for amnesty or for incessantly tweeting every detail of every waking moment. One is a good type of influence, the other lacks value. Consider why you're so concerned that people appreciate your last post.

God's Not Dead: God Exists: Information, Codes, and Organization

We see evidence of God’s fingerprints in every known corner of the universe. Mankind discovers the proof and affirms many of the facts that the Bible records and announces. The greatest miracle is the resurrection of Jesus. The Lord Jesus is alive! He is the only religious leader to rise from the dead. He is the only one who promised a resurrection and duly kept His promise. You can visit the tombs of all the deceased religious leaders and find their remains still in the grave. However, Jesus is alive because God is not dead.

Is Your Worldview Weakening Your Marriage? - The Family Project

In their view of the family, Americans have been deeply affected by what is called social contract theory, propounded by thinkers such as Locke and Rousseau.  American conservatives tend to be influenced by Locke, while liberals think more along the lines of Rousseau.  But in both cases, the heart of social contract theory is the idea that the ultimate starting point is the individual, the autonomous self.

Permanence before experience — the wisdom of marriage

Reacting to the research findings, Professor Kelly A. Musick of Cornell University asserted, “The figures suggest to me that cohabitation is still a pathway to marriage for many college graduates, while it may be an end in itself for many less educated women.” The study report affirmed her assessment: “Cohabitation is increasingly becoming the first co-residential union formed among young adults. ... As a result of the growing prevalence of cohabitation, the number of children born to unmarried cohabiting parents has also increased.”

Balancing family and ministry: Part 2: situations, seasons and accountability

Another issue effecting your balance between ministry and home is the unique season in life you’re confronting. A while back I was having a phone conversation with another minister who is about 30 years older than I am. I was talking with him on the phone in my living room and he heard my kids playing in the background, and asked how old they were. I told him they were 8, 5, and 3.  He began to talk about the time in his life when his kids were that old and said that he felt as though he never got any work done. At his current stage in life he is able to be far more productive because the demands of a young family do not weigh on his schedule.

Stranded Flyer Raises the Bar of iPhone Movies with This ‘All By Myself’ Music Video

If you are stuck overnight in an airport—essentially completely alone for 12 hours—how do you kill time? If your Richard Dunn, you take the opportunity to record an epic music video for Celine Dion’s “All By Myself” using only an iPhone and moving walkways. If you ask us, it’s a night well spent ...

Answering the Skeptic: Is the Bible a Myth? - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

"Is not the bible simply a book of parables and mythology, written by men for men? Is not the parable simply a short story, never intended to be taken literally? With the events of September the eleventh behind us, is it not reasonable for humanity to take another look at religion and it's contribution to the chaos in the world?"

150 ft Tall Jesus Statue Used By Sports Gambling Company for Soccer World Cup Campaign in Australia; Sparks Outrage (PHOTO)

A hot air balloon in the form of Christ the Redeemer is being used to advertise the FIFA World Cup by floating over Melbourne and Rev Costello, and the chair of the Australian Churches Gambling Taskforce is not happy. Costello told Yahoo! Australia, that the act is against the principles Jesus stood for. The Jesus balloon was seen wearing an Australian soccer jersey donning the Sportsbet logo and the slogan #KEEPTHEFAITH, while floating in the air.

A long history of people trying to reconstruct the historical Jesus - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

We have a long history of people trying to reconstruct the historical Jesus. The way you can tell that this is a fruitless quest is that they’re all different… I think the difference of the ‘Jesus of History’ and the Jesus of faith is one that has collapsed in the best recent study of the Gospels.

Long Life Spans: Adam Lived 930 Years and Then He Died - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

Introduction: "Adam lived 930 years and then he died." The mere assertion that humans could live more than 900 years-as Genesis 5:5 states-seems, for many people, nothing short of absurdity. The mention of long life spans in Genesis 5 hinders these people from openly exploring the Christian faith. Unable to accept 900-year human life spans, skeptics and others view the Bible as unreliable, a book of human myth rather than divine revelation.

The Truth-Value of the Resurrection - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

Jim Wallace had a job they make TV shows out of: he was a cold-case detective in Southern California. Wallace had spent most of his career as an avowed atheist, and by relying on forensics and science in his job he naturally elevated them in the rest of his worldview. But after some fifteen years, his views changed. In his book, Cold-Case Christianity, he tells of how he began believing that Jesus' teachings could hold some merit to the full realization that Jesus Christ really did rise from the dead. The amazing this is that it wasn't in spite of his trust in forensics and the dispassionate weighing of testimony that that he believed, it was because of those techniques. Wallace writes, "I began to use FSA (Forensic Statement Analysis) as I studied the Gospel of Mark. Within a month, in spite of my deep skepticism and hesitation, I concluded that Mark's gospel was the eyewitness account of the apostle Peter."

Conversational Apologetics - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

Now, the one thing you have to know about me before I start is that I’m basically an evangelist-apologist. My natural tendency is to slip into preaching and then to ask you to give your lives to Christ. That’s my basic expository style – normally to take any passage of Scripture and start making a line for the cross, which I normally find isn’t such a bad idea. Within those limitations, please bear with me. Part of what I want to do this afternoon is to make you think, and very deliberately I see that as part of what we even do as an organization – to try to get people to think. As I do that, if I start to speak so quickly that the time disappears to the point whereby there is no time for you to actually think anymore, just wave at me, I’ll know you’re not saying "Hello!" and I’ll remember to breathe. I might happen to get very excited when I talk about the gospel and my speed increases. And since we’ll be looking at how we might begin to share the gospel in a culturally relevant way in a conversational context, which I have a huge passion for, I get so excited that you may feel you need translation into English.

Why You Either Believe Or Reject The Bible - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

I also have a Ph.D. in New Testament with my dissertation being on the apologetics of the Apostle Paul. This means I can carry on conversations about manuscript evidence, the internal consistency of the New Testament and much more, all of which add extra weight as to why the Bible should be believed.

Wisdom: Scientific, Biblical, and Otherwise - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

Researchers explore the world through the skilled use of scientific tools, but also through the discerning sight they develop through training. And the Scriptures praise prudent knowledge that attends closely to the reality that surrounds us. Proverbs portrays wisdom as a process of submitting to God and authorities (like fathers, mothers, and Lady Wisdom), and then practicing their instruction in order to be wise.

How to be smarter than Google - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

This week, I've been writing a series looking at some of the objections skeptics raise against the Easter celebration. Although it may have seemed like my purpose was to answer the objections, my true goal was something a bit more ambitious. I wanted to make you, dear Christian, smarter than Google. You may think "Make me smarter than Google? That's impossible!" Ah, but it is possible and let me show you how.

What Atheism Means - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

Trying to dress up the respectability of atheism in a few short sentences is no easy task. With basic critical thinking skills, it’s not too difficult to see the flaw in his thinking, but then again, we’re living in a culture that hasn’t been promoting critical thinking for quite some time.

What I Needed to Hear When I Was An Atheist (and How I Needed to Heart It) - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

There is an overlooked movie from the 1990′s entitled The Big Kahuna.  The film stars Kevin Spacey, Danny Devito and Peter Facinelli as salesmen at a convention attempting to score a productive meeting with an industrialist that they call “The Big Kahuna.”  Facinelli, a young Baptist, inadvertently scores a meeting with The Big Kahuna.  Spacey and Devito press Facinelli to set up a meeting to hear their pitch.  Facinelli shares the Gospel with the industrialist but fails to set the sales meeting.  Spacey becomes incensed but Facinelli insists that it would have cheapened his testimony to spin a Gospel presentation into a marketing presentation.  Devito then asks Facinelli what are the names of the Big Kahuna’s wife and children? He can’t answer.  Devito insists that Facinelli is also nothing but a salesman because he doesn’t really care about the industrialist as a person.

The mind is the the conduit to the soul - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

The mind is the the conduit to the soul. If I desire to experience God more deeply, my feelings must be preceded by the correct understanding of who God is. True intimacy with God begins with rightly comprehending Him. God reveals himself to me and shapes my understanding of Him primarily through His word. Emotions are a wonderful and natural expression in response to the truth that has brought us into intimate relationship with God, but they are not the measuring rod of the truth itself. It is the mind conformed to God that must inform the heart, not the inverse- for emotions can be fickle and undiscerning.

What about those who have never heard? - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

One of the perennial questions is, “what about those who have never heard about Jesus?” What follows is not so much an answer to the question, but my own not-quite-half-baked theories that I have been mulling for some time. Use the comment box to provide some feedback whether you agree or disagree.

Book Review: How to Talk to a Skeptic - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

Donald J. Johnson’s book “How to talk to a Skeptic” is an important contribution to the growing literature that aims to help Christians better understand how to dialogue with their unbelieving friends, colleagues, family and neighbours. While Johnson’s book focuses primarily on the category of “Skeptics” (a category that gets a lot of attention these days) many of the principles contained in it will apply to conversations you may have with folks of any non-Christian (and ex-Christian) persuasion. But first, a high-level look at the book.

The Inevitable Pain of Disappointment and How We Can Properly Respond - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

Yet we do not always get what we expected. Sometimes we get the opposite of what we expected! Dealing with disappointment is an essential skill that we must develop to overcome the surprises, losses, misunderstandings, and trials that life inevitably brings our way.

Apologetic Evangelism 101: Directing Our Apologetic Focus - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

Some Christians may think they do not have the personality to engage a stranger in a discussion on the topic of religious faith. Others believe they aren’t smart enough to answer difficult questions and objections. While still others sadly don’t care to bother anyone at all with the Gospel message because they think religious belief is too personal and it is none of the Christian’s business to tell a person he is wrong about his convictions. Thus, my goal with these articles on the subject of apologetic evangelism is two-fold:

Is There Proof That God Exists? - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

That said, multiple arguments have been advanced as evidence of God’s existence. 5 None of them will represent convincing proof to every skeptic. However, when taken together, they merit careful reflection. As Tim Keller said of his conversations with the scientist, “We began to go back and review the lines of reasoning that he had been calling ‘proofs’ and began to look at them instead as clues. When we went about it with that perspective he began to see that, cumulatively, the clues of God had a lot of force to them.” 6

Empires and Mangers: All You Need Is Kill/Edge of Tomorrow

They have to fight. There is no way around that. You want guys like Keiji on your side. But war on the ground if very different from the stylized Spartan glory of 300 . Keiji heroically commits to a cause greater than himself even as he crumbles inside: “It was too hard to face the friends you knew were going to die. Trapped in a cruel, unending nightmare, your only thoughts were for them. You couldn’t bear to lose even one of them, no matter who.” Even the goddess of this war, Rita, is haunted by the fact that there will always be those she cannot save. A first Lieutenant named Hendricks is an admirable man in every way: he never swears, he faithfully loves his wife, and he treats Rita like a sister. Yet he always dies. In every loop. Rita tries to save him every time – she wants to keep looping until she can – but at what cost? The Mimics are learning, and she could jeopardize humanity for the sake of one if she keeps on going back. It’s a story about human nature and fate. To what degree are our lives determined? Do we ever get to choose what we want to do, or are we stuck with our genetic programming? In the end, do those of us destined for greatness matter more than those burdened with lesser fates? “If DNA determined a person’s height or the shape of their face, why not their less obvious traits too? Our fathers and mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers – ultimately every individual was the product of the blood that flowed in the veins of those who came before.

Lessons from History, and Q&A - Christian Research Institute

Hank reminds us that just as civilizations in the past failed to honor God and thus fell into horrendous wickedness, this too could happen in our day. Nevertheless, as the Apostle Paul and Martin Luther were used by God in a powerful way to change their culture, so we can likewise make a difference today by standing firm for life and truth.

3 Common Routes to Self-Deception

Pop culture is full of misdirection. Whether as seen in the lyrics of a song or the plot of a movie, the world’s assessment of the state of the human heart is that it is good and trustworthy in every decision. In contrast, my years of intimate, personal experience with the human heart prove to me that scriptural truth that it is evil.

Truthbomb Apologetics: If Theism, Polytheism is False

In his book I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist Dr. Frank Turek argues that if a theistic God exists, this necessarily disproves polytheism. [1] Turek argues as follows: "It [a theistic God] disproves polytheism because God is infinite, and there cannot be more than one infinite Being.  To distinguish one being from another, they must differ in some way.  If they differ in some way, then on lacks something that the other one has.  If one being lacks something that the other one has, then the lacking being is not infinite because an infinite being, by definition, lacks nothing. So there can be only one infinite Being." [2] Do you think this argument is sound?  Sound off in the comments! Courage and Godspeed, Chad Footnotes: 1. Polytheism is the belief that there are many gods. 2. Frank Turek and Norman Geisler, I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist, p. 199.

G.K. Beale - The Reality of Our Resurrection With Christ

Paul’s affirmation of believers’ possession of “eternal life” (Romans 6:22–23) is likely an already—not yet reality. Hence, saints are not merely like resurrected beings; rather, they actually have begun to experience the end-time resurrection that Christ experienced because they are identified with him by faith. Although Paul can use the language of being in “the likeness of His resurrection” (supplying the ellipsis in 6:5b), he does not mean this in some purely metaphorical way, contrary to what some scholars contend. That he intends to refer to literal resurrection is apparent from observing that he parallels it with being in “the likeness of his death” in 6:5a, which refers to real identification with his death, such that “our old man was crucified with Him” (6:6) and believers have really “died” (6:7–8). Paul does not refer to identification with Christ’s death in a metaphorical manner. So likewise believers are in the “likeness” of Christ’s resurrection because they actually have begun to be identified with it and participate in it. Of course, they are not fully identified with Christ’s resurrection, since he has experienced full physical resurrection life and those identified with him have experienced only inaugurated resurrection life on the spiritual level.