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Form of an ICE UNICYCLE! Intense.

Priscilla's Story // Together Now

Last week, our supporter team went to pay a visit to Priscilla from East London. What she had to say left us amazed, and more determined than ever to make To...

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Death and deletion in Continue?9876543210

More fruitful is the narrative the game weaves, especially in terms of what it seems to be saying about mortality, God and the universe. The player is on a quest of unclear purpose before departing into the void that is deletion - true death. The character unlocks rooms to collect either lightning, which permits escape from the level, or prayer, which builds shelters that prolong existence in the face of terrifying deletion storms. As the player meets other lost souls, he or she learns of entire communities of not-yet-destroyed video game people, caught up in ghostly memories, still exercising treachery or giving gifts and encouragement.

The Relevance of C.S. Lewis - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

In addition to his intellectual gifts, Lewis’s personal experience of suffering and doubt enabled him to empathise with those who found it difficult to believe in God or accept the claims of Christianity. He lost his mother at the age of 10, was unhappy at school, and was wounded in the trenches during the First World War, losing one of his best friends in that terrible conflict. Not surprisingly, he became an atheist as a teenager and only came to God, with extreme reluctance, in 1929, as a young 31 year-old Oxford don.

Baghdad's Wilberforce

As you might know, Canon Andrew White, the aptly named “Vicar of Baghdad,” received the William Wilberforce Award from the Colson Center. After receiving the award, he gave a few—but potent—remarks, and then sat down on stage with me for a chat in front of our 300-member audience.

Apologetics: What it is and why the church needs it - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

From the Greek word apologia (ἀπολογία), meaning a defense, apologetics is the discipline of Christian theology which intends to establish and defend the many truth claims of Christianity. Apologetics aims to strengthen and affirm the faith of Christians, present Christian truths to non-Christians, and provide an evaluation of the relationship of Christian doctrines to other truths about the world around us. Apologetics involves philosophy, science, and both revealed and natural theology while typically centering on building a positive case for the Christian faith through rational justification or defending it against various objections.

Video: <em>Crazy Busy</em> Bloopers

Last September, we posted Justin Taylor’s interview with Kevin DeYoung. Suffice it to say, things got a little . . .  awkward .

The New Atheism: Where's The Evidence? - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

The question I wish to ask is this: How can the New Atheists employ evidentialist principles to argue that religious belief is irrational if they are unwilling to apply those same principles to atheism? If the New Atheists’ atheism is not evidence-based, as Hitchens implies in the above quotation, doesn’t evidentialism entail that atheism is itself irrational or epistemically unjustified? The answer is ‘Yes’; at least if evidentialism is interpreted in the standard way. So it appears that the New Atheists need some fix for evidentialism – a kind of ‘theoretical plug-in’ – which legitimizes their atheism in the absence of evidence. They also seem to be aware of this, since they offer several reasons why atheism requires no evidential support. I will discuss five of the most commonly-offered reasons, and argue that none of them succeed. At the end I will gesture toward what I believe is the right way to view matters…

Atheism vs. Christianity: Which Provides The More Comprehensive Worldview? - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

There are numerous intellectual reasons to reject atheism and embrace Christianity and the scope of one’s worldview is only one of them.  So, Please don’t misunderstand me.  I am not saying that the following is THE knock out punch for faith in Jesus but it is one of the arguments that one may look to for choosing Christianity over atheism.  All that being said, here we go:

ID, evolution, and critical thinking - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

Intelligent design (ID) is an evidence-based theory of the origin of life. ID is a positive argument for an intelligent designer, not a negative one against naturalistic evolution. ID arguments are based on examination of the same informational properties in nature as those found in human-designed objects. Information implies intelligence. It takes a lot of faith to believe that something as wondrously complex as life was caused by an undirected, random series of events.

9 Grace to You Radio

Below is a listing of the resources we've offered free of charge on our radio broadcast recently. For more information and to request your free item, click the button below.

Irreplaceable The Movie - Focus On The Family

What is Family? Each one of us has a desire for significance—a desire to belong. And the family is where those deepest longings are fulfilled.

Can We Trade Sexual Morality for Church Growth?

The same is true with a Christian sexual ethic. Sexual morality didn't become difficult with the onset of the sexual revolution. It always has been. Walking away from our own lordship, or from the tyranny of our desires, has always been a narrow way. The rich young ruler wanted a religion that would promise him his best life now, extended out into eternity. But Jesus knew that such an existence isn't life at all, just the zombie corpse of the way of the flesh. He came to give us something else, to join us to his own life.

Grace to You

When you give as Jesus directs—lovingly, unpretentiously, and with no concern for public recognition—“your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you.” In other words, if you remember, God forgets; and if you forget, God still remembers. You should simply try to meet every need you can and leave the bookkeeping to Him. This kind of giving is just a matter of realizing that “we have done only that which we ought to have done” (Luke 17:10).

D3 Youth Conference

D3 Youth Conference will be a summer experience full of learning and growing opportunities for high school students serious about following Christ. Designed to develop students’ understanding of leadership, worldview and missions, D3 will equip students on the campus of Southern Seminary and Boyce College in Louisville, Ky.

“I Feel Super Great About Having an Abortion” — The Culture of Death Goes Viral

Emily Letts is a 25-year-old abortion counselor at the Cherry Hill Women’s Center in New Jersey whose video has gone viral. These days, videos go viral on a daily basis, and most are soon forgotten. But not this one. Emily Letts decided to make a video about her own abortion, and the result is one of the most disturbing video messages ever presented to public view.

'Community' Has Been Canceled Because Life Isn't Fair

It's official. After five stormy seasons of consistently upending executive expecations, Community , the funniest show on TV that nobody ever watched, is officially done at NBC. Fortunately, Sony will most likely try to shop the show over at Hulu, Amazon or even Netflix, who have a proven track record of luring rabid fan bases. So, with any luck, we'll all be heading back to Greendale eventually. Until then, RIP Community . You were too good for this world ...

8 Things I Want My Toddler to Thank His Mom For (in 20 Years)

But what do I hope he will say thank you for, in 20 years, as he looks back on having grown up with a Christian mother? Here's what I'd love him to say as a 22-year-old, as he gives his mom some Mother's Day chocolates (chocolates, not flowers, son---chocolates tend to get shared with fathers, while flowers just get looked at on mantelpieces).

Brothers Yanked By HGTV Respond: “If Our Faith Costs Us A TV Show, Then So Be It”

Boy are you naïve. You think that if you accept this bigoted crap, people on the right will accept you. They won’t, so stop trying to ingratiate yourself to them. It would be one thing to state that you disagree with gay marriage or that you don’t think homosexuality is what God intended. The venom they spew and then run and hide behind the bible is damaging to gays and their loved ones. Saying things like the gay agenda seeks to destroy western civilization, and that we all must repent for “tolerating” homosexuality is exterminationist rhetoric. HGTV’s decision to not go forward with the show was a business decision, simple as that. They have every right to spew their hate speech and consumers and advertisers have every right not to watch or pay for their show. We’re guaranteed freedom of speech but not protection from the economic consequences once people decide not to purchase your product. That’s really how freedom works. I hope you’re able to come to terms with your sexuality and realize that people that perpetuate hate speech regarding your orientation are not on your side, never will be and that their vile rhetoric regarding their fellows is ultimately what is harmful and destructive.

DRAFTED - Why Chris Norman Said No to the NFL

“Football is one of the best things anyone could ever do… but true life — what it means to live — is all wrapped up in the way you follow Christ.” – CHRIS NORMAN

5 moves to integrate theology into your ministry

Being in ministry means learning to live with the disappointment of people. Sometimes you will genuinely let them down because of your shortcomings and failures, and sometimes they will have unrealistic expectations. If you build your ministry on yourself and on your abilities, this disillusionment — both yours and theirs — will be crippling. If, on the other hand, you show them that Jesus is the only one who never disappoints, that our hope is in him and that he alone is our standard and our strength, then their hope rests on Christ alone. Talk constantly about Jesus, about his attributes and about his grace and truth. We see more of God’s glory in Christ than Moses ever saw on Sinai. Jesus is lovely and he is ours.

20 Christians idling in intellectual neutral - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

Moreover, it's not just Christian scholars and pastors who need to be intellectually engaged with the issues. Christian laymen, too, need to be intellectually engaged. Our churches are filled with Christians who are idling in intellectual neutral. As Christians, their minds are going to waste. One result of this is an immature, superficial faith. People who simply ride the roller coaster of emotional experience are cheating themselves out of a deeper and richer Christian faith by neglecting the intellectual side of that faith. They know little of the riches of deep understanding of Christian truth, of the confidence inspired by the discovery that one's faith is logical and fits the facts of experience, of the stability brought to one's life by the conviction that one's faith is objectively true.

WORLD | Sudden impact | Emily Belz | May 17, 2014

In producing Misconception , Yu wanted to highlight religious advocates at the UN and met with the coalition of pro-life groups there. They all refused to participate in the film, except for Denise Mountenay, who is winningly earnest in her faith but said enough cringeworthy comments that she was probably not the best representative of the group. (When Mountenay is meeting with the delegate from Bangladesh about abortion, she gives him a model of a baby at 10 weeks in brown plastic and says: “It’s your color!”) The audience laughed at Mountenay through the film, though she was sitting in the audience. Still, she gamely went to the front for questions after and said she loved the film.

22 The Daily

The Daily, by updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

23 Ravi Zacharias: Truth cannot be all-inclusive - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

I came to Him because I did not know which way to turn. I remained with Him because there is no other way I wish to turn. I came to Him longing for something I did not have. I remain with Him because I have something I will not trade. I came to Him as a stranger. I remain with Him in the most intimate of friendships. I came to Him unsure about the future. I remain with Him certain about my destiny. I came amid the thunderous cries of a culture that has 330 million deities. I remain with Him knowing that truth cannot be all-inclusive.

How the Gospel Brings Us All the Way Home

In How the Gospel Brings Us All the Way Home , Dr. Derek W. H. Thomas explores Romans 8, which he calls “the best chapter in the Bible.” Here he finds an exposition of the steps through which God leads His people in the process of their salvation, but also loving counsel on such topics as prayer and resisting the Devil, as well as exhortations and comforts for weary pilgrims. Dr. Thomas begins at Romans 8:1 with “the best news imaginable”—believers’ just and deserved condemnation before God has been taken away by Jesus Christ’s work on the cross. He then contrasts earthly minded and spiritually minded people, showing that only those who are spiritually minded know life.

The Executioner's Lament

Chapman's protocol depends on a number of things that he never foresaw: that in the years to come, doctors and nurses skilled in the art of finding veins would no longer agree to participate; that drug makers in Europe would refuse to allow their drugs to be used; that unregulated pharmacies would have to replicate the drugs, or that prison staff would be responsible for the dosage and the administration.

Are You a Dylanologist?

Imagine liking a singer so much you travel across the country to see him. You invade his private spaces; commit his every song to memory; change the way you dress, walk, and talk to be more like him. When people ask about your past, you answer the way he might, instead of telling the truth. 

American Atheists Launching World's First All-Atheist TV Channel

American Atheists announced that it will launch the world's first ever TV channel dedicated exclusively to atheism, offering content 24/7. The group is looking to partner with other organizations, including the Richard Dawkins Foundation.

28 Christian Leadership Alliance

Christian Leadership Alliance, by CLA Leader: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

Benham Brothers HGTV Show Canceled After Expressing Christian Views on Homosexuality, Abortion

The HGTV network has canceled the upcoming debut of "Flip It Forward," a new TV show, after discovering the stars - twin brothers David and Jason Benham - had previously expressed Christian views on various divisive topics such as abortion and homosexuality. 

College Senior Project: An Accountant, a Nutritionist, and a Football Coach

Even my stubbornness, however, was no match for a Lover who stops at nothing. While I was infuriated with the formal theological God, the Jesus whose eyes were puffy and red from crying over the brokenness of this world (e.g., John 11:35; Luke 19:41-44) refused to leave me alone. As my accusations died down to worn-out sobs, Christ whispered to me that he does not crush the bruised reed (Isaiah 42:3). He didn't tell me why the gypsy women are abused or their children starving, but he did remind me that he loves them more than I can fathom and that their pain hurts him, too. He didn't make my efforts in India very effective, but he did make it clear that he is in the business of making all things new (Revelation 21:5). He entered into the greatest suffering to bring justice, and I surrendered with quietness at his love and for letting me be part of both his cross and his triumph.

Survey shocker: Liberal profs admit they’d discriminate against conservatives in hiring, advancement

In 2011, Mr. Haidt addressed this very issue at a meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology — the same group that Mr. Inbar and Mr. Lammer surveyed. Mr. Haidt ’s talk, “The Bright Future of Post-Partisan Social Psychology,” caused a stir. The professor, whose new book “The Righteous Mind” examines the moral roots of our political positions, asked the nearly 1,000 academics and students in the room to raise their hands if they were liberals. Nearly 80 percent of the hands went up. When he asked whether there were any conservatives in the house, just three hands — 0.3 percent — went up.

10 steps for change

The Bible is all about the grace of change. It’s a story of new beginnings and fresh starts. TWEET The Bible holds before us that hope that we can change, and in so doing, act and speak in new and better ways. And although the Bible clearly presents that change generally is a process and not an event, it does call us to do all that we can do to participate in God’s work of change.

God's Not Dead: The Atheist Who Maintains "I Believe only What I See" is Wrong

No accurate fact that an atheist can assert will contradict Christianity. The God of the Bible has all the answers, and without God no one would have an answer to any question. Jesus announced that He was “the truth.” He is the truth, and the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth. We know that we are not just a random accident produced from a primordial and impersonal cosmic detonation. An explosion does not have order. The universe does have order, thus we are no accident. We call living things organisms. An organism presupposes organization and structure. We cannot be the product of self-organizing stardust.

Rediscovering the Jewel of Unity in Diversity

The diversity of the one bride of Christ is one of those treasures we get to enjoy but often forget how unique and special it is. We're like preschoolers with short-term memory loss about the joy that could be ours. We have to be reminded to dig into that treasure chest of gospel riches to discover and rediscover God's heart for unity amid diversity. And when we are reminded of the gift we have in our unity amid diversity through the gospel we can't help but rejoice. "This is  ours ?! I love it!" The classic text we love to remember to illustrate this gift is Revelation 5:9-10:

Rick Warren on 'The View': 'Mastercard Saved my Marriage'

Rick Warren made an appearance on ABC's "The View" earlier today with his wife Kay where they discussed the effort it takes to make their marriage work.

Fired NBA Coach, Pastor on Whether Faith Played a Role in Warriors Dismissal: I Never Went Around Beating People in the Head With a Bible

Responding to a suggestion that his Christian convictions may have contributed to his firing as head coach from the Golden State Warriors, Mark Jackson said this week that if that had been one of the owner's concerns, it reflected a double standard.

37 You Have to Come Out As A Christian Before You Can Step Out As An Apologist - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

I have several friends at the Police Department who are Christians . Some of them are open about their faith in Christ ; others are not. In fact, I have one friend who was known to be less than faithful to his wife for a number of years but identified himself as a Christian to those who knew him well. At some point, after trying to develop a relationship with him over a period of time, I asked him about the obvious contradiction. I was hoping to encourage him to see the inconsistency between his profession of faith and his behavior. Instead, he told me that he was careful to keep his faith relatively secret rather than appear to be a hypocrite. He understood the inconsistency in his life but chose to hide his Christian identity rather than correct his worldly behavior. He said he would rather not “come out” about his faith than have to “step out” as a true Christian. You and I often face a similar dilemma.

UPDATE: Benham Brothers Tell Deadline A “Smear Campaign” Killed Their HGTV Show

They obviously have a right to speak as they wish, but aren’t immune to the consequences of their ignorant speech. Free speech is protected by the government, not by the free market (Donald Sterling and Mel Gibson know this well). Always nauseated by the common thread I hear from conservatives that, “they don’t hate the gay person, just the homosexual agenda/actions/activities.” Grotesque, distorted, stupid, and disingenuous. Unless they’re talking about design, carpentry, real estate, or gardening, HGTV has the right to disavow and fire whomever they want — especially since they are a pluralist network that caters to ALL people and families — gay, straight, black, white, etc. Nevertheless, these so-called Christians (there’s plenty of loving, tolerant ones out there) have great publicists helping them spin this story to their advantage by actually playing the victims and, in return, will be handsomely rewarded by the right-wing, anti-gay Christian community who believes in “family values” on some lame right-wing channel (i.

39 52 Tips for Apologists - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

As a learner myself, I am on the lookout for good advice for learning more. My advice to others would vary depending on how involved in apologetics someone wants to get. It is such a wide subject, dealing with theology, philosophy, history, textual criticism, science, culture, evangelism, etc. Everyone is going to have a different level or area of interest, so my advice here is for those who want to learn as much as they can on the subject. Here are the things that I would have told me when I first got interested in apologetics:


“If you’re looking for a clearly and simply stated doctrine of Scripture, here it is. Kevin DeYoung has accomplished his aim of communicating what the Bible says about the Bible. He’s done it with the qualities we have come to anticipate from him: efficiency, pastoral care, wit, and rigor. Most of all, he has let the Word speak for itself." —Kathleen B. Nielson , Director of Women’s Initiatives, The Gospel Coalition

5 Signs You May Have a Wrong View of God

So, why is the cross "good news"? It is only good news because of the bad news that comes before it. When the bible talks being saved, one question you should ask is, "saved from what?" Since Jesus came to save sinners, the bad news is that we are sinners (Rom 3:23). You have sinned, I have sinned, every person reading this has sinned. Think about it: How many times in your life have you ever told a lie, even before you were converted? How many times have you looked at a woman to lust after her, committing adultery in your heart? How many times have you hated someone and been guilty of murder in your heart? How many times have you used God's name as a four-letter word? We have all done these things an uncountable number of times. Because God is a just God, he cannot simply forgive us. If he did, that would, by definition, make him unjust. Justice is not served when a convicted felon gets to walk free. Convicted felons do not deserve recompense; they deserve punishment, and we are all convicted felons. So then, what is the punishment of God that we are saved from? It is Hell. We all deserve to go to Hell, and in fact, most people will go to hell (Mat 7:13-14).

A Mother’s Identity

So… it’s almost Mother’s Day. In a recent survey, a majority of mothers confessed that they felt burdened in their parenting. Many felt that no matter how they tried they weren’t making the grade. They felt like failures. I know in my own life I often give in to feelings of inadequacy, feeling like I have absolutely no idea what I am doing, feeling like the majority of what I do with my kids is detrimental.

43 Can Science Rule Out the Existence of God? - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

First, let’s look at the statement just quoted, that science “will ultimately arrive” (That means science is not there and has a long way to go.) “at a complete understanding of the universe” (That means that science now admits that its understanding is vastly incomplete.) “that leaves no grounds for God whatsoever.” (Were this to happen, it would not rule out God, but rather it would leave no scientific grounds for asserting God in creation. These are very different things.) All this means that we currently do have solid grounds in Science for God and that those grounds are significant. Otherwise, Dr. Carroll would be denying them outright. He obviously is eager and intent upon doing so.

44 C.S. Lewis: Truth and Christianity - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

The great difficulty is to get modern audiences to realize that you are preaching Christianity soley and simply because you happen to think it true; they always suppose you are preaching it because you like it or think it good for society or something of that sort. Now a clearly maintained distinction between what the Faith actually says and what you would like it to have said or what you understand or what you personally find helpful or think probable, forces your audience to realize that you are tied to your data just as the scientist is tied by the results of the experiments; that you are not just saying what you like. This immediately helps them realize that what is being discussed is a question about objective fact — not gas about ideals and points of view.

45 Did Jesus Claim to be God: How did people react? - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

In John chapter 10, Jesus is walking among the Jews and they ask him, “ If you are the Messiah, tell us plainly. ” Jesus immediately tells them that he has told them plainly, and then goes on to say he will give eternal life to all who hear his voice and he and God the Father are one. As if claiming to be able to bestow eternal life and being one with God wasn’t enough evidence Jesus was claiming to be God, watch how the crowd reacts…

46 Fact Checker: Do Faithful Christians Take the Bible Literally? - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

One of the things I enjoy most in my work at Focus on the Family is the opportunity to speak at secular university campuses and to organizations that are indifferent or opposed to orthodox Christianity . Most of my colleagues are sane enough to avoid such invitations, but I relish them because they allow me to mix with folks who see the world very differently and it's intellectually and rhetorically stimulating to interact with them in a meaningful way. I also get the opportunity to correct lots of misunderstandings about what Christians actually believe.

See the Emotional Reunion Between a Man and the Abandoned Baby He Rescued 58 Years Ago: 'Saved by the Hand of God' (VIDEO)

Dave Hickman has thought about the events of September 22, 1955 every day since he lived them, and it's a beautiful memory. He was out hunting with his grandfather when he heard a "strange, soft cooing sound" he couldn't figure out. Following the sound, he climbed a fence and found its source: a newborn baby girl wrapped in a towel.

Pastor Robert Jeffress Says Gay Marriage Is Beyond Debate, God Has Given His Opinion

"One-hundred-and-seventy years after Washington first spoke those words at his first inauguration, the often-described liberal Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Earl Warren, said this in an interview in 1954: 'I believe no one can read the history of our country without realizing the Good Book and the spirit of the Savior have from the beginning been our guiding geniuses. I like to believe that we are living today in the spirit of the Christian religion. I like also to believe that as long as we do so, no great harm can come to our country,'" Jeffress recalled.

49 No More Blind Faith: 10 Quotes on Christian Apologetics - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

Jesus argued with the Pharisees all the time. Even His enemies reported that "no man speaks as this man speaks." If Jesus merely relied on the power of God and the particulars of His speech were inconsequential, if His mind and intellect and cleverness didn't enter into it, then why don't we behold unimpressive, muddled, uncompelling words in His discourses? No, it was quite the opposite. When we look further in the New Testament we see heated and intense disputation-- polemic, argumentation--at the Jerusalem Council in Acts 15. We see Paul going after Peter hammer and tongs in Galatians 2:11. You can immediately see the problem with any interpretation of a verse to the effect that one must not use reason and rationality in the proclamation of the Gospel. Such a person runs smack into an army of counterexamples from the Scripture itself.

50 The TC Apologetics Daily

The TC Apologetics Daily, by TC Apologetics: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

51 WORLD | Moving pro-lifers from apathy to action | Courtney Crandell | May 9, 2014
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55 Investigators Believe Kidnapped Nigerian Girls Have Been Separated
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