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For a Troubled Student, Straight Talk on Intelligent Design

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution., Racial Reconciliation, and the Church

In the midst of heightened racial tensions around United States and within the church, the website has recently posted two misleading articles 1 , 2 concerning Dallas Theological Seminary and the experience of one of its graduates. Our immediate response to the initial article was the following: We are deeply saddened to hear of the pain our graduate Jimmy King has experienced from racial tensions in the church, and since this article was posted we’ve reached

Darwin's Robots: When Evolutionary Materialists Admit that Their Own Worldview Fails

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

At First Simon Thought This Was A Little Girl In Over Her Head, But This 12-Year-Old Nails Her Audition!

When 12-year-old Maia Gough steps on stage, all the judges but Simon look happy to see what she is going to perform -- especially after telling them that she will be singing a Whitney Houston song. She certainly shocks them all when she sings this powerful rendition of a classic.

Study Your Bible Better—and Faster

Study your Bible better—and faster—with Logos 6.

Woman Gets A Beautiful Mother's Day Surprise From Her Son in the Armed Forces

A U.S. naval commander based out of Norfolk, Virginia doesn't get to see his mother as much as he'd like to. Ryan Breed decides to do something special for his mother when she least expects it. When you see what happens, you will be lost for words…this is a beautiful surprise!

Watch a Blind Mom-to-be Meet Her Son Via 3D Printed Ultrasound

Most expecting mothers get a chance to see an ultrasound of their baby before they’re born. But that wasn’t the case for Tatiana Guerra, who became blind at the age of 17. Since she couldn't see the ultrasound screen, Guerra was left wondering what her son would look like until he was born and she could touch his face. Huggies decided to surprise the mother-to-be with a 3D print of the ultrasound. They captured the moment in a short film that's sure to dissolve you into a puddle of tears ...

Save the Date! Premiere of Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of the Earth, at Seattle's McCaw Hall on August 7

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

These Virtual Reality Gaming Centers Look Ridiculously Fun

A company called The Void has released this commercial, showing off their virtual reality gaming centers that will be rolling out soon. If the commercial is a real indication of what the entertainment zones will be like, they’ll essentially be laser tag-meets-video games—in other words, totally awesome ...

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Why Bible Study Isn't Enough

Jeff Vanderstelt is the visionary leader for the Soma Family of Churches and the lead teaching pastor at Doxa Church in Bellevue, Washington. When he isn't preaching or mentoring church planters, he and his family share life with their missional community. He is the author of Saturate: Being Disciples of Jesus in the Everyday Stuff of Life . Find out more and connect with Jeff at .

Bruce Jenner, Transgenderism and the Church

The biggest problem for us that transgenderism creates is the "requirement" that we use the correct pronoun to address a transgender person. In other words, if they want to be called "she" but we see someone who is obviously a "he", we are commiting a 'hate' crime by not using the correct pronoun. The bible says, "Thou shall not bear false witness". We will be violating this commandment if we pander to the transgender person and use the pronoun they want us to use, instead of the pronoun that is correct. So this becomes like gay marriage, a situation where our religous rights will be volated. I am NOT looking forward to the future living here in America, as we transition away from the truth and freedom and into leftist totalitarianism.

4 Lies the Church Taught Me About Sex

My husband and I waited for our wedding night. To this day, I'll stick by it-- it was one of the best decisions we ever made. The benefits are numerous, and there certainly are many... However, its not without hardship. Our wedding night was a disaster too. Same thing, bodies wouldn't cooperate. Over the course of four years, we've learned a lot, but there are still so many things that we realized we were taught incorrectly (by loving, well-meaning teachers) when we were growing up in church. I'm now a youth pastor, and while I remain sensitive to being appropriate, I take it very seriously making sure that both the young men *and* the young women are better prepared to understand what sex, intimacy, and marriage mean.

Grace to You Radio

Imagine the horror of discovering that the salvation you claim isn’t real. How can you be sure that won’t happen to you? Find out in John MacArthur’s series called The Way to Heaven .

Natalie Portman Says Her Oscar Is a ‘False Idol’; Doesn’t Display It

I haven't seen it in a while. I mean, Darren actually said to me something when we were in that whole thing that resonated so deeply. I was reading the story of Abraham to my child and talking about, like, not worshipping false idols. And this is literally like gold men. This is literally worshipping gold idols—if you worship it. That's why it's not displayed on the wall. It's a false idol.

Every Ministry Morning

Jesus' plan will march on until his final kingdom has come and his complete will has been done. Yes, you can mess up and momentarily complicate your ministry. But in the middle of the mess, it's important to remember that what you've staked your life and ministry on is never at risk because unshakeable divine zeal is behind it all.

‘No Regrets, No Retreat’: A Dispatch from China

How has light spread so expansively across this massive country? “No Regrets, No Retreat” shows us: one little light at a time. Back in 1865, Taylor recruited ordinary people to his mission—even physically broken ones like George Stott. When asked why he’d dare go to China since he only had one leg, Stott replied, “I don’t see those with two legs going.” At one point the camera pans to a photo collage published by China Inland Mission in 1888. The faces of these men and women—these new recruits—stare back, their gaze fixed on eternity. Many, if not most, gave their lives to reaching China. Keesee reminds us that these men and women were simply followers of Christ with a big view of the gospel, willing to go and lay down their lives to reach souls a half a world away.

The Book of Leviticus Overview

An animated Bible walk through of Leviticus Donate To More Videos Here: Say hello or follow us here: Twitter: Facebook: Website: Leviticus is difficult to read, but its core message is amazing: God graciously provides a way for sinful, broken people to live near his holy presence so they can find wholeness and life. The Bible Project is a non-profit creating animated videos that explain the narrative of the Bible. These videos are free to use for personal and educational use. Download a full resolution version of this video along with a study guide at Support us so we can make more videos! You can give to the next video at Help us translate this video into more languages! Email for more information. About the authors: Tim Mackie is a Pastor of Door of Hope church and a Professor at Western Seminary. Jon Collins is a founder of Epipheo and Sincerely Truman and a veteran explainer video producer.

For the Glory of God: Southern Seminary 2015

Southern Seminary is committed to training up a generation of faithful ministers, missionaries and church leaders so that the Church will be faithful in this generation.

RELEVANT Podcast: The Brilliance

Thanks also to Warby Parker, who offers an easy way to buy fashion-forward prescription glasses and sunglasses online starting at only $95. When you buy a pair, they give a pair to someone in need—and as part of our partnership, they're giving all RELEVANT Podcast listeners free 3-day shipping on your purchase! Click the Warby image to get your free home try-on and shipping discount.


Jeff wears multiple hats. He pastors a church and works full-time in the medical field. After a long night...


With friends, we’ve set up this website to articulate a perspective that is not often heard – that of men and women who are honest and open about their same-sex attraction, but who have discovered that obedience to Jesus in this area of life is fulfilling, healthy and authentic. We want people who experience same-sex attraction, those who self-identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transsexual (LGBT) or who are just questioning; their family and friends; their churches and pastors; and those investigating Christianity, to find here a plausible way of living out what Christians have consistently believed about marriage and sex. Find out more

Innovative Apologetics: The Mind, Computers, and Divine Creation: Fresh Apologetics

How to Talk with Students About Sex

Western culture has made an idol of sex. In modern society, sex represents love. It represents ultimate fulfillment. How do we know a couple has “fallen in love” in a romantic comedy? When they finally have sex, of course. According to modern secular culture, that is the pinnacle of love. Sadly, sexuality is stripped of its deeper meaning and potential to point to the One who fulfills all desire, the One who has given it to us to reflect the deepest intimacy we can know in him. 

Innovative Apologetics: Answering Attacks on the Trinity

God Does Exist: Applied Apologetics: Belief in God and Reason

3 Ways We Prevent the Gospel from Making Our Churches Attractive

Here’s an example of that kind of community: a few years ago, a Harvard professor visited my church. He was an expert in crowd psychology. He wasn’t a Christian. The relationships in the church fascinated him. It seemed people had nothing to gain from each other. He didn’t see any plausible explanation for what drew this ungainly group together—until, underneath it all, he discovered the gospel. Today, he is following Christ in our church.

#ShowUp 2.0

MORE - , BOOK - "Those Who Show Up" by Andy Flannagan, DVD/download 4 gatherings - The Show Up campaign encourages Christians in the UK to positively engage in politics this election year and beyond. We've seen MPs, Christian organisations and church networks all uniting behind this message of showing up and serving our communities. Video - John Bowen

From Complex Tax Situations to Completed Tax Returns

People tend to try to cheat on their taxes. Sometimes I’ll finish a return for clients, and they think they’re entitled to a bigger refund than they really are. Someone may suddenly “remember” additional charitable contributions or miles they drove for work in order to increase their refund. I have to balance these requests with the IRS code and my personal convictions. My name is on the return. I’ve actually lost clients because I won’t compromise my conviction or the rules of the IRS for their requests. While I may never get audited in this life, the biggest audit for me comes at the end of my life when I stand before the Lord and give an account for how I worked for his glory.

Hillary: Change ‘religious beliefs’ of nation

White House hopeful Hillary Clinton called for big changes in America’s culture, saying “religious beliefs” need to be overhauled in order to make way for birth control, abortion and women’s health care.

Are religious colleges at risk if Supreme Court approves same-sex marriage?

Same-sex marriage foes are flagging a mostly-missed moment from last week's Supreme Court arguments over the constitutionality of gay marriage, calling it a warning sign for religious freedom.

The Real Point of Prayer

I really can't stand antagonists in the comment section. With that being said, I would add one category to round out this excellent article. Prayer changes reality. If we only focus on how our hearts are changed by God we really lose sight of how biblical characters interacted with God and how Jesus taught us to pray. He insists that his father is better than a cruel judge or a weird dad, and that he wants to change reality if only we ask. This does not mean that God's hands are tied behind his back until we pray, but that he certainly likes us to ask him and for more benefit than our own sanctification. It's really easy to let a warped theology convince us that prayer doesn't actually change anything besides our own hearts. That eventually turns into self service sanctification where I have to pray so I can be made holy. We often believe that "God responds to my prayer of salvation, but any prayer past that point is simply for my own good". We certainly don't change God by our prayers, but he absolutely responds to them. There is a tension in the Bible, but we must maintain the tension and pray with hope that God can change our reality through prayers.

Crossway on Twitter

Check out the e-books that are on sale this week! All about women & the gospel:

24 What Is the Point of Prayer? | Reasonable Faith

You have a second, different objection to prayer: “ omniscience makes the concept of prayer all the more redundant as it means God already knows any information that might be communicated to him, and exactly what the best thing is to do about it, so prayer could not in any way influence his decisions .” This is an objection to the efficacy of prayer. What the objection overlooks is that God can take prayers (or the lack thereof) into account in His providential planning of the world. Knowing that Joe would freely pray in a certain set of circumstances, God may actualize a world in which Joe’s prayers are answered; but had God known that Joe would not pray, God may have actualized something else instead. Prayers, then, are not an effort to change God’s mind. Rather God takes account of prayers in choosing which world to actualize. Prayers thus make a counterfactual difference: if I were not to pray, then something else would have been the case instead. Knowledge of this sort is called “middle knowledge,” and there’s a lot on this website about this fascinating topic.

Os Guinness & Andy Bannister

Os Guinness is the author or editor of more than thirty books, the founder of the Trinity Forum and a drafter of The Global Charter of Conscience and An Evangelical Manifesto. He has a PhD from the University of Oxford and is a Senior Research Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Christian apologetics.

Contradictions: The Unforgivable Sin

Can all sins be forgiven (Acts 13:39; Titus 2:14; 1 John 1:9) or not (Matthew 12:31; Mark 3:29; Luke 12:10)?

27 Stand to Reason | The Explanatory Power of Christianity (May 5, 2015)

The Explanatory Power of Christianity (May 5, 2015) Explore More Content

What to Do When You Don’t Feel Like You’re Making a Difference

I was a pastor, which means that I should have had one of the most outward-facing, world-changing jobs of all time. In reality, I spent 50 percent of my time with the staff of the church. The staff was generally all Christian, easy-to-love individuals of above-average means and education. Outside of the staff, I spent about 40 percent of my time with the congregation, that is, the people who I knew who were volunteering or serving in some capacity that I was, as their pastor, equipping to do the work of the church. These folks were known entities and not necessarily in great measures of life-changing need, outside of the occasional pastoral care meeting.

The Conflict Between Science and Philosophy

Dr. Craig: Sure. And what he points out here in response to that is progress in philosophy will be progress in our conceptual analysis of certain key ideas or in the nature of science. It is not going to be measured by scientific progress in the sense of empirical discovery. After all, we've got science for that, right? Rather, it is going to be a conceptual exploration about why science works, and the nature of science – does science get at reality or does it just give us useful pragmatic instruments for technology? In Hawking and Mlodinow's book, one of the ironies is that, after dissing philosophy, I would say the first third of that book is devoted to philosophical questions of realism versus anti-realism in science. That is to say, do scientific theories really tell us about the world or are they just instrumentalist in nature? Are they just practical models that enable us to use technology and make predictions? Surprisingly, in their book they come out in favor of the anti-realist position. They don't think that there is any more truth to the Big Bang theory of the origin of the universe than to six-day creationism.

Thoughts on the Sufficiency of Scripture

So it is with language in doctrinal disputes. Non-biblical language serves the Bible by ruling out some meanings and including others. The word “trinity” and the phrase “one substance with the Father” are extra-biblical terms. But they contain essential biblical truth. To affirm with extra-biblical language that God is “one essence in three persons” (=trinity) and that the Son is “one substance with the Father” is more biblical than to use biblical language to call Christ God’s creature. The sufficiency of Scripture does not dictate the language we use to interpret the Bible; rather it governs the meaning of the language we use. For that it is wholly sufficient.

After Removing 400 Crosses, China Proposes Where Churches Can Put Them Instead

China is still undecided about how to deal with the church. This is actually good news. With the attacks on scores of churches, with some buildings being destroyed and about 300 crosses being removed, in the heartland of Wenzhou, many assume that China is setting its face against Christianity, but there is a surprising weight of counter-evidence that suggests a vigorous debate is going on in the Chinese government over whether it should restrict or free the church. If Christianity can sound, look and be Chinese enough, we might just see the church continuing to be invited to play a fuller role in the building of the new China.

How to Be a Great Leader Before You Are Even in Charge

If you are the leader type (or you want to be a leader in the future), the role of “lead follower” is the best practice you can have until you get your shot. Every great leader has to have at least one untitled leader among the followers, someone who will be there at all costs. These guys and gals are actually the most important people on the team, because they help unite the team under the leader toward a powerful cause.

Pope defends religious freedom against ‘misguided tolerance’

The pontiff was speaking to an assembly of Catholic and Protestant leaders from Europe, but his words also may have implications for debates in the US.


Is it possible that we are able to do good works without the aid of grace? Are people born with the ability to obey God? Are we born free of the effects of Adam’s original sin? Looking at these questions in this message, Dr. Sproul takes us back to the first major debate in the church over man’s free will, beginning with a man who didn’t believe that we needed grace to satisfy God’s commands.

Whole Foods Is Launching a Low-Price Store Targeting Millennials

If you like shopping at Whole Foods, but don’t like paying a small fortune for your organic avocados and fancy hummus, then we’ve got some good news. The health-focused grocery chain is working on a new store that will sell cheaper products and be focused on millennial shoppers. In a statement, CEO Walter Robb said, “It will deliver a convenient, transparent and values-oriented experience geared toward millennial shoppers, while appealing to anyone looking for high-quality fresh food at great price.” Details about the spin-off chain are expected to be announced in the fall, with a roll out beginning sometime next year ...

Anglican Archbishop Welby: 'Dishonest' Unity That All Faiths Are Same May Fuel Religious Extremism

The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev Justin Welby, has warned that pretending that all faiths are the same or united is "dishonest," and may be helping to fuel religious extremism.

Game-Changer for Bible Reading

But how exactly? How does the Old Testament point to Jesus? In this short video , Bryan Chapell tackles this crucial question for preaching and teaching, as well as everyday Bible reading, explaining that it’s essential to look for not how every text references Jesus, but how “every text reveals the grace of God that culminates in Jesus.”

'Catholic Warrior' Who Destroyed Satanic Display in Florida Pleads for Help in War Against Lucifer

A self-described "Catholic Warrior" who recently vandalized a Florida government building's Satanic holiday display has launched an online fundraising effort to continue her crusade.

Obama Draws Attention to Religious Liberty for National Day of Prayer, Says World Is Strengthened When 'People Can Practice Their Faith Without Coercion'

President Barack Obama is focusing his attention on religious liberty in this year's National Day of Prayer proclamation, stating that when "women and men of all backgrounds and beliefs" can "practice their faiths without fear or coercion, it bolsters our religious communities and helps to lift up diverse and vibrant societies throughout our world."

9 Things You Should Know About Prayer In The Bible

Do you know how many prayers are mentioned in the Bible (and how many were answered)? Here's the answer to that question and other things you should know about the prayer in the Bible.

Andrew Fuller

He fulfilled his promise to the great missionary William Carey, who upon his trip to the unknown world of India, looked at the small band of brothers around him and said, as it were, "Well, I will go down, if you will hold the rope." Andrew Fuller held the rope. Suffering the loss of his first wife, and eight of their eleven children, Fuller persevered in the midst of severe affliction and overwhelming responsibilities. He longed for unreached peoples to hear the gospel and championed the important (but often overlooked) foundation of doctrinal clarity.

Should We Be Saying ‘It’s a God Thing’?

Not sure I agree. Often it is our definition of what is "good" and "bad" anyway. However, my issue is that there is a role of sin, free-will, and an enemy that this doesn't seem take into serious account. ( I know this is the theological debate for the ages.) I personally believe God allows and makes good of everything, but I don't think everything starts out as a "God thing." Sometimes it is a "sin thing" that grace forgives immediately and redeems eventually. I do agree that we need to stop throwing that phrase at people who are going through something or when we want to justify our own behavior when God has turned it around for us.

Courage that Counts

Let’s get even more personal. What sins are publicly confessed in your church? Consult a list such as Galatians 5:19–21. Maybe your church talks often about sins such as sensuality. Do you also seek forgiveness for strife? Envy? Rivalry? We cannot simply dismiss the world’s dismal view of the church as evidence that we’re living faithfully for Jesus. Outsiders see our churches as more than content to baptize a conservative utopia where government punishes other people’s sins and doesn’t touch our freedom, consumerism, and inequality. They think we’re in it for ourselves. They don’t see Christianity as caring for the world. They don’t see how faith in Jesus makes any difference for everyday problems such as lack of access to quality education and job opportunities. We talk about religious freedom, and they hear us pleading for special privileges. We talk about conversion, and they hear us recruiting new Republican voters. We talk about courage, and they hear us pining for the black-and-white 1950s.

44 God’s Timelessness sans Creation | Reasonable Faith

Logically, then, I understand how we wind up with this idea of God's timelessness apart from creation, and temporality since creation. If I had to take a position in the matter, I would take this one, because it seems the least absurd to me of all other options. But at the end of the day, it does still strike me as absurd, and that troubles me. So here's where I get stuck with it:

FBI Says There’s No Evidence Texas Shooter Had an ISIS Connection

Federal investigators have released early findings into violence last week, which suggest that the lead shooter at a Muhammad cartoon exhibit in Texas was a lone wolf . The FBI said that “at this point," there is nothing linking Elton Simpson to ISIS, and there is no evidence that points to Simpson receiving any sort of orders from ISIS. However, Simpson was active on social media and corresponded with jihadists overseas. Simpson and a man named Nadir Soofi were killed by a security officer when they opened fire on the event, in which organizers asked members of the public to submit their own cartoon drawings of Islam’s prophet. Many Muslims find depictions of Muhammad offensive. Satirical and political Muhammad cartoons have sparked violence in the past, including in Paris, where 12 people were killed at the office of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo ...

8 Pro-Life Groups to DC: We Will Not Obey Your Abortion Hiring Law

Representatives of eight pro-life organizations based in Washington, D.C. signed a joint statement saying they will not comply with a new law passed by the City Council that would prevent them from making hiring and firing decisions based upon an employee's position on abortion.

Analysis: New Study Showing Survival Rates of 22-Week Fetuses Could Affect Late-Term Abortion Debate

A new study showing that the survival rates of pre-term babies at 22-weeks gestation vary greatly among hospitals could have political implications as the nation debates banning late-term abortions.

Should Christians expect to know God's will by means of feelings and intuitions?

I think that every person is the commanding officer of his or her own life, and each person must study everything they can, make a plan that is consistent with the Bible’s moral prescriptions, execute the plan and achieve whatever they can achieve for the Lord. And the goal is not comfort or happy feelings, but real achievements. Not for the purpose of being saved, of course, because salvation is a free gift of God because of what Jesus did on the cross. Life is more like a battle than a vacation resort or a buffet or a shopping center. God’s will for us is not have happy feelings, but that we freely choose to sacrifice ourselves out of obedience and service to him. In my case, that means studying hard things, making money, saving money, and giving money away to good scholars, sponsoring good events and being persuasive to non-Christians. None of this necessarily makes me happy, but it does work to bring glory to God. I cried when I had to learn calculus, because it was so hard. But who cares? The main thing is that I have money now to sponsor Christian speakers or to give books to Christians to read, and God is happy with that.


Jonathan Morrow is passionate about seeing a new generation of Christ-followers understand what they believe, why they believe it, and why it matters in life. He speaks nationally on issues of worldview, apologetics, and culture and is the author of several books including Welcome to College: A Christ-Follower’s Guide...

Renewing Your Mind | God or Chance? | May 7, 2015

By definition, an atheist is someone who denies the existence of God. A theist on the contrary is someone who affirms that He exists. Christians, by definition are in the category of theists. So is it possible for a Christian to be an atheist and not know it? As strange as this sounds, Dr. Sproul explains in this message that many Christians' fundamental belief about God's sovereignty logically denies His existence, as he discusses "God or Chance."

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