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Remembering the Time Woody Allen Debated Billy Graham About God and Sex in Primetime

A surreal moment in pop culture history.

Chance the Rapper Debuted a Worshipful New Song Called ‘Blessings’ on ‘The Tonight Show’

“When the praises go up, the blessings come down.” Chance the Rapper performed his highly anticipated new single, "Blessing," on The Tonight Show last night, and it actually sounds a lot like a worship song. On Twitter, the hip-hop star has been open about his faith and his own spiritual journey, and his new song—which features a verse from gospel star Byron Cage and a choir—has unabashedly Christian lyrics throughout. His new mixtape drops on May 13.

In Court Rulings on Teaching Origins Science, Law Review Article Finds a Double Standard

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Challenge Response: Is Pig’s Meat Allowed Today or Not?

Here's my response to this week's challenge:

Live | SBTS

The seminary community gathers to worship in Alumni Memorial Chapel on Tuesday and Thursday at 10 a.m.

Lecrae Talks About His Song 'Deja Vu' on 'Fallon'

We told you yesterday about Lecrae's dropping by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Tuesday night. While he was there, Lecrae—who also appeared on our cover in January—took and minute to talk about the song "Deja Vu" on his newest album, Church Clothes 3. Check it out:

Watch a Dude Pop a Huge Balloon—While Standing Inside of It—In Slow Motion

YouTube stars “The Slow Mo Guys” have one of the greatest schticks on the internet: They think of ridiculous stunt/experiments (hitting Jello with a tennis racket, shooting a massive flame-thrower, putting a tongue in a mousetrap), all while filming it in super slow motion. Their latest video—of one of them getting inside of a giant balloon and popping it—is way more entertaining than it sounds. Here are the most pointless 7-minutes of your day. You’re welcome.

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1 Grace to You Radio

It’s John MacArthur’s most popular study—laying out a biblical pattern for strengthening and improving family relationships. Learn how to make your home one of stability, love and joy, not a breeding ground for strife, in The Fulfilled Family .

Why I Am a Christian (David Wood, Former Atheist) I'm David Wood. Lots of people have been asking me how I became a Christian, because I sometimes mention that I'm a former atheist but I usually don't share much of my story. Here's a video explaining why I left atheism and became convinced that Jesus is Lord and that he died on the cross for sins and rose from the dead. David Wood's Christian Testimony

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15 of Soren Kierkegaard’s Most Challenging Quotes

Christian existentialism is a theo-philosophical movement which takes an existentialist approach to Christian theology. - The Sickness Unto Death, is a book written by Danish philosopher, Søren Kierkegaard in 1849 under the pseudonym Anti-Climacus. A work of Christian existentialism. - In The Sickness Unto Death, Kierkegaard personifies an attitude with the average citizen (spissborger). This is an individual who is unconsciously fleeing from the opportunity to live an authentic life. This average citizen often appears as "morally superior" to others, but really this is an unreflected individual. The individual are being swallowed up by social norms and others expectations, without even being aware of this. The result is that the individual becomes alienated, both from himselves and the society. - An individual's values must be the result of an "existential awareness". The important thing is to preserve the independence and responsibility in interacting with other people, and it's precisely this ability the character never did develop. - A synthesis of individual freedom and existential integrity, however, can only be reached when the individual have seen through all the deception of society.

Ligonier Ministries

When the Gospel is presented boldly and without compromise it will always encounter opposition. In this series of lectures from Ligonier Ministries’ 2000 National Conference, “Upsetting the World,” Sinclair Ferguson, Al Martin, R. Albert Mohler Jr., John Piper, R.C. Sproul, … Learn More

The Eric Metaxas Show - The Show About Everything

The Beam Family talks about their hit film Miracles From Heaven and the incredible true story behind it. Listen here....

Huckabee Rips #NeverTrump: If You’re Not Going to Support Voters’ Choice, Leave the GOP

“When we nominated people over the past several election cycles, some of us had heartburn, but we stepped up and supported the nominee,” he said, and told any Republicans not backing Trump to leave the party. “This isn’t Burger King,” he said. “This is an election. And you don’t get it all the time just like you want it.”

Parenting Is First About My Sin

Parenting is not first and foremost about our children’s sins. It is first about ours. Yes, our children are in need of our gentleness and careful attention to help remove the childhood specks from their eyes. And we first, and continually, need to remove the adult logs from ours, so we can genuinely help our children, and not harm them. Or to put it positively, as Jim and Lynne Jackson write, “The parenting journey provides one of life’s greatest opportunities for spiritual growth” ( How to Grow a Connected Family , 2).

It’s Not Too Late

While the issue of online access to porn may be new to this generation — and progressively devastating to those who were exposed to it younger — the invitation to repentance from besetting sin is gloriously ancient. And perhaps no biblical text is more relevant to today’s struggles than Hebrews chapters 3 and 4.

Allah and Muhammad Explain Where the Sun Sets (Quran 18:83-86; Sunan Abu Dawud 3991) According to the Qur'an (18:83-86), a man named Dhul-Qarnayn (whom commentators often identify as Alexander the Great or Cyrus the Great) reached the place where the sun sets, and he found it going down into a spring of muddy water. Modern Muslims, aware of the fact that this is impossible, try to reinterpret the passage to mean that the sun, through some sort of optical illusion, merely seemed to Dhul-Qarnayn to be setting in a pool. Unfortunately for Muslims who want to reinterpret the Qur'an, however, Muhammad himself said that the sun sets in a pool of water (Sunan Abu Dawud 3991). So unless our Muslim friends want to tell us that they understand the Qur'an better than their prophet, we have no choice but to assume that Allah meant what he said about the sun setting in a murky spring.

The Right Kind of Atheist

But for my money, the immediate takeaway from this book is Taunton. This is a story not about the uncertain faith of Christopher Hitchens but the stable faith of Larry Taunton, of his willingness to enter the rough and tumble world of apologetics, to embrace the relational risks, to be the kind of apologist whose arguments do not end on a stage but that spill over into private, who wins hearts and wins reverence when the spotlight is off because he unquestionably stands confident in the sufficiency of God’s word for all of life, expressed in genuine self-sacrifice, private kindness, concern for others, adoption of the most vulnerable, standing for the unborn, seeking racial reconciliation.

Grace to You

Confronted by Samuel, Saul’s response was “When I saw…” (v. 11). Saul reacted disobediently based upon what he saw and not by faith. He feared losing his men and did not properly consider what God would have him do. Consequently, Samuel places the responsibility fully on Saul’s shoulders: “You have not kept the commandment” (v. 13). “Now your kingdom shall not continue” (v. 14). Instead of Saul, God was going to choose one whose heart was like His own, i.e., one who had a will to obey God. Paul quotes this passage in Acts 13:22 of David. Someone else, namely David, had already been chosen to be God’s leader over His people.

Rep. Sam Graves on Twitter

Today is the #NationalDayofPrayer . Say a prayer for all the military men and women risking their lives to protect us

NYT Opinion on Twitter

Moral silence in the Trump era shortchanges both our gospel and our future, writes @drmoore

Steve Chalke's Oasis church to offer gay marriages - premier

Steve Chalke, the founder of the Oasis movement, has told Premier his church is in the process of registering to perform gay marriages.

16 The Briefing 05-06-16 –

This is an edited transcript of The Briefing podcast from early Thursday morning, January 8, 2015. The war on terror took on a savage new face…

Log In - The New York Times

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THE LAB 2016

And because tuition covers only a fraction of the real cost of the program, your support plays a crucial role in helping bring more students to The Lab. Our goal is to raise $55,500 by the end of the month to ensure the success of The Lab 2016. Any amount over and above that will help the program grow next year and beyond.

Is the Jesus Story Stupid? Is the Resurrection Totally Mythical?

Skeptics like Bill Maher brush off the stories of Jesus and his resurrection as if they were completely unbelievable and silly. Frank Turek responds.

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Trump, Clinton, or Neither: How Evangelicals Are Expected to Vote

“Christians in the United States are now going to face a very excruciating set of decisions,” said Al Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, in a May 4 podcast. “Many of us are going to be facing the reality that if Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee and Donald Trump is the Republican nominee, we will not be able to vote in good conscience for either.”

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Is God Just a Human Invention? | Gospel eBooks

Sean McDowell and Jonathan Morrow have penned an accessible yet rigorous look at the arguments of the New Atheists. Writing from a distinctively Christian perspective, McDowell and Morrow lay out the facts so that the emerging generation can make up their own mind after considering all the evidence.

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Are Christians Over Politics?

Porter is right, this election is revealing a lot about the state of religion, especially Christianity, in politics. But I don’t think we should conclude that Christians simply care less about the world around them. Some evidence seems to point in the opposite direction. Actually, millennial Christians are more likely than any age group—notably, those generations of Christians that invested a ton of hope in the political process—to share their faith in public (43 percent say they talk to others about their faith at least once a week).

Why Is the Ascension So Important?

The ascended Christ guarantees that you can know you are forgiven, accepted, and delighted in by God the Father. He is our advocate who intercedes constantly for us. Keller explains: “So when the Bible says that Jesus stands as our advocate and representative before the throne of the universe, it is a way to say that he is ascended and not just levitated. It doesn’t matter what you have been or what you have done. It doesn’t matter how flawed and foolish you are. When the eyes of God the Father look at you, they see the ascended Jesus; when they listen to you, they hear him. When God looks and listens to you, he sees and hears infinite beauty . . . He sees Jesus not sitting at the right hand but standing on his behalf, advocating for him.”

The Wisdom of God in the Frustration of Man

Now in God’s wisdom he is letting human technological advancement move at a dizzying pace, in spite of the language, culture, geographical, political, and economic obstacles. Why? Beyond what is revealed in Scripture, we, like our ancient ingenious ancestors, do not yet know. But what we who believe Scripture do know is that God can be trusted in these matters. With thousands of years of retrospect, we know more than ever that the wisest thing we can do is to trust God’s promises and purposes far more than our shortsighted perceptions.

5 Surprising Spiritual Benefits of Owning Less Stuff

While I used to read Jesus’s teaching on money and possessions as a burdensome call to sacrificial (even boring) living, owning less actually resulted in a better life, full of freedom and joy and peace. I began to recognize that Jesus wasn’t calling me to a boring life; he was calling me to a more abundant life. Here are a few of the surprising spiritual benefits my family and I have experienced since deciding to own less stuff:

Taking Aim at Worship

Inevitably, when the Spirit reveals sin in our hearts, we recognize that even in sin, our worship doesn’t stop. It changes directions. As a result, repentance—“the turning from and (re)turning to” (Best, p. 19)—is the only option. As the waters of the rebel channel are gathered and the Spirit dams the wandering streams, we again find rest in the God whose streams of mercy flow endlessly toward us.

Justice Department: North Carolina’s ‘Bathroom Bill’ Violates the Civil Rights Act

Officials in North Carolina have until Monday to tell the federal government that they will “not comply with or implement” the state’s controversial “HB2” law, which, among other things, says that anyone using restrooms in public buildings, must only use the ones associated with the gender on their birth certificate.

Harriet Tubman, on the Money

She was an incredible woman—one we can and should celebrate and emulate. Today there still is, sad to say, plenty of evil that needs resisting. For instance, we’re increasingly facing the demands of bullies that we embrace laws and opinions that contradict the teachings of God. Who knows, like Harriet, we may be called upon to move to another state—one that puts a proper value on religious freedom. Or we may have to go to court to protect our First Amendment rights—or help others to do so.

5 Myths about Teaching Apologetics to Students

There are endless debates in youth ministry about whether we should teach up or teach down to students. In my experience, students are capable of far more than we give them credit for. In fact, I think most students will rise to the level of expectations we set for them. If students can take algebra, world history, and biology, they can certainly learn how to defend their faith at a high level. We do need to work to make apologetics interesting and relevant to students, but that doesn’t mean we always need to dumb it down. In fact, the favorite lesson for my 11 th and 12 th graders this year was the week we spent on the ontological argument for the existence of God.

How Praying Together Levels Us

Whether or not we physically kneel, praying together makes way for mutual love by bringing us all into the same position. “So,” Paul writes, “if there is any encouragement in Christ, any comfort from love, any participation in the Spirit, any affection and sympathy, complete my joy by being of the same mind, having the same love, being in full accord and of one mind. Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves” (Phil. 2:1–3). Pride is the enemy of love. Humility is its best friend.

35 C. S. Lewis’s Journey out of Atheism

Now I should say, I saw a preview of the show and it is spectacular. In the show, Lewis traces his spiritual journey for us, from an unthinking, unreflective childhood faith, through the materialistic atheism of his young adulthood, and back again to faith. The pain and brevity of life, brought close to home for him by his mother’s death, pulled him away from God. One line in particular sums up his atheistic views nicely: “I did not believe God existed, but I was angry with God for not existing.”

The Fourfold Beauty of a Godly Woman

We who have trusted in Christ are not only descendants of Eve, but now we are descendants of Sarah, the free woman (Galatians 4:31). We are children of promise and we are no longer in bondage to Eve’s nature. In 1 Peter 3:1–6 and Hebrews 11:11–12, we receive the commendation of Sarah’s faith, and we are pointed to her life as an example of biblical womanhood. As we imitate the faith of Sarah, we can leverage our God-given gender and unique gifts to glorify our God and advance his kingdom.

An Apologetic for Apologetics

The commands in scripture to defend biblical faith are clear. 1 Peter 3:15 tells Christians, “to make a defense ( apologia ) to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you…” Jude 3, warning of godless men, encourages us to, “Contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints.” And 2 Corinthians 10:4-5 reminds us that “The weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds.” We are to “Destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God.” The point is that God clearly commands us to defend the faith.

What If Your Kids Don't Think Christianity is Cool?

My husband and I had a spotty record of church attendance in our first few years as a married couple. We wanted to go to church, but none of the churches we attended felt much like a church “home.” We wanted to connect with other people our age, but every church we visited had an older congregation. During that time, an idea started to take root in my head: Young people like me don’t go to church. Maybe I’m supposed to be doing something else.

The Great Commission for Apologetics

The oft-quoted, passion-instilling, lock-yourself-in-a-room-to-read-philosophy inducing slogan for apologetics comes from 1 Peter 3:15 —“Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.” How many times have we heard this verse at conferences and seminars or read this in articles on apologetics? I’ve seen and heard this phrase quoted more times than I can count. It has essentially become the Great Commission for Apologetics.

Being Skeptical of Hyper Skepticism

A healthy dose of skepticism is a good trait to possess. This helps us to discern fact from fiction and keeps us from being someone’s pawn. The Bible shows that discernment is necessary. John writes that one should “ test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world” (1 John 4:1, ESV). Therefore, one should not trust everything that comes along life’s way. However, when one becomes overly skeptical, it is easy for one to become just as easily duped. In fact, it may be said that extreme skepticism (henceforth termed “hyper-skepticism”) can lead one to a point that nothing can be accepted.

893. What Is Anthropology?

Bobby unpacks the systematic study of mankind.

A Match Made in Heaven: How the National Day of Reason Points to God’s Existence

Recall that Dawkins said there is no purpose, no design, just blind, pitiless indifference. Yet here he implies it is contrary to the purpose of the intellect to believe something he thinks is not true (i.e. young-earth creationism). He also believes science is our only means of knowing truth, and thus it is wrong, according to Dawkins, to “subvert science.” He says such a scenario is “pathetic and contemptible.” If there is no purpose towards which one’s intellect is directed, how could not using one’s intellect to pursue truth be “pathetic” or “contemptible”? He goes so far as to say that Wise has wounded his “life’s happiness” for not using his gifts to pursue truth. While verbally denying purpose in one breath, Dawkins cannot escape the reality of purpose in the next.[9] (Note, this has nothing to do with the merits, or lack thereof, of young-earth creationism). As Francis Beckwith says, “A verbal denial is not the same as an actual denial. Sometimes people practice what they don’t preach. Our duty, as Christians, is to draw their attention to this fact, to tell them of the unknown God they worship in ignorance.

California Is About to Raise the Legal Age for Smoking and Vaping to 21

California will soon become the second state (in addition to Hawaii) to raise the legal age for purchasing tobacco or vaping products to 21. In a statement, state Sen. Ed Hernandez said, “The governor’s signature on Tobacco 21 is a signal that California presents a united front against Big Tobacco. Together, we stand to disrupt the chain of adolescent addiction.” According to the LA Times, the new measure has faced opposition from both the tobacco industry as well as the Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association, a group that represents companies that make and sell e-cigarettes.

Help Me Teach the Bible: Scott Redd on Deuteronomy

In this episode of Help Me Teach the Bible , I talk to Scott Redd, campus president and associate professor of Old Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C. Redd is author of the chapter on Deuteronomy in A Biblical-Theological Introduction to the Old Testament: The Gospel Promised , edited by Miles Van Pelt. He describes Deuteronomy as “the hub around which the entire Old Testament revolves.” In this discussion, Redd describes how the Ten Commandments serve as a table of contents for much of the book of Deuteronomy. He also helps with handling hard issues in the book, such as its discussion of slavery and the stoning of a rebellious son.

National Observance

Christianity is one of man made religions, the bible is book of Kingdom governance. Christians think the Covenant given through MOses, was taken away by Jesus shedding of blood. They are wrong. They don’t all agree on what is sin, sin is breaking the Covenant, therefore the don’t know what to repent of. God does’t hear the people who have a record of criminal behavior in His courtroom. Based on a little bible, doesn’t cut it. G-d want obediance cause it’s good for us. They disregard His HOly 7t Day Shabbat, Feasts Days (they use pagan forms, Easter Eggs, Chrsitmas) and violate dietary laws. They are guilty and must reptent. How about dividing His land Israel and His City Jerusalem?

Parents: Dont Train Your Kids On Your Own

I became a Christian when my first two children were very young. They have no memory of me prior to my conversion. But all four of my kids were raised in Christian community . I didn’t train, mentor or prepare them on my own, and you shouldn’t either. Young Christians are facing a formidable task as they get ready to enter an adult culture growingly hostile to the Christian worldview. While Christian leaders may disagree about the severity of the problem , the evidence of attrition amongst 17-30 year olds is well documented . If our kids aren’t trained and exposed to the challenges at an early age , they are far more likely to leave the Church. And while it is tempting to think we, as parents, are all our kids will ever need, this is simply untrue. Parents, don’t train your kids on your own.

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The Church Needs Your Humility, Not Your Criticism

The famous writer’s response offers a powerful lesson to a generation of Christians who grew up watching their churches stumble through the culture wars, neglect social justice, or bungle questions about marriage and family. It’s easy for Christians in the Millennial generation constantly to criticize the Church and become cynical. We’ve seen and often are seeing the flaws of today’s Christianity. And many of us have become experts at pointing out these flaws.

First Muslim Miss USA converts to Christianity | Christian News on Christian Today

After she won the top beauty pageant, Fakih was quoted as saying: "I'd like to say I'm American first, and I am an Arab-American, I am Lebanese-American, and I am Muslim-American." Some Muslim scholars at the time criticised her for entering the competition in the first place.

When the DOJ (Department of Justice) Became the DOGA (Department of Gay Activism) | The Stream

What the DOJ has now made clear is that in its aggressive solidarity with the LGBT community, it will wage war against the rights of everyone else. Be aware and be on guard, conservative Americans and people of faith. The DOJ might soon be targeting you.

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