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Do Miracles Still Happen Today? Quick Video Response.

Do New Testament-like miracles still happen? What's the evidence? Sean briefly answers these questions with three reasons to believe in the miraculous.

The True Story Behind Netflix’s ‘The Keepers’ Is Horrifying

Murder, abuse and a church cover-up.

God Will Only Give You What Is Good for You

Everything that comes our way in this life works for our eternal good. Nothing is outside the bounds of God’s good plan for us.

9 Things Coming to Netflix This Month You Need to Watch

Video: Arguments For and From Fulfilled Biblical Prophecies by Peter S. Williams

Apologists differ on the value of using fulfilled biblical prophecies as evidence for the validity of the Bible or for the validity of...

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5 really bad reasons Christians avoid apologetics

Congratulations. You passed the first hurdle. Having seen the word 'apologetics' in the title, you still managed to read this far! To put it mildly, apologetics has a bad image. Indeed, such a bad image that at Solas we prefer to use the term 'persuasive evangelism' because apologetics either carries the notion of saying sorry for being a Christian, or of some male geeky nerd pontificating on the teleological argument. Like all caricatures there is some element of truth in this, but it is overall grossly unfair. It's time to rescue apologetics from this particular cul-de-sac and instead realise the usefulness of the apologia (defence) of the Gospel, in proclaiming the Good News in today's needy world. So lets look at some of the objections that stop Christians even considering apologetics in the first place.

Jim DeMint and The Heritage Foundation, ESPN and Politics, United Methodists, and Remembering Walker Percy

ESPN and Politics. You probably read about the layoffs at the sports network ESPN. According to The New York Times report on the downsizing, the network lost such celebrities as “former N.F.L. players Trent Dilfer and Danny Kanell, former N.B.A. player Len Elmore, former baseball general manager Jim Bowden and longtime N.F.L. reporter Ed Werder.” ESPN and many media analysts have tried to spin this layoff as a preemptive response to changes in the industry. They say that ESPN is being smart by positioning themselves for those changes. But it’s also true, according to the same Times report, that “the network has lost more than 10 million subscribers over the past several years.” A part of the drop in viewership is technological. People are watching more sporting events on their mobile devices than ever before. But Sean Davis at The Federalist believes that an “obsession with politics” is contributing to ESPN’s troubles. Davis writes: “Politics didn’t doom ESPN, but it’s going to make it extremely difficult for ESPN to dig itself out. . . . People in this business know you have to pick a side.

The Point: Carl Senior Returns

In it, a fictional founder named Carl Hardee, Senior storms into the office where his playboy son has been calling the shots. He cleans up “Junior’s” mess, gets rid of the hot tubs and scantily-clad girls, and apologizes to America for letting his hamburger joint lose its way. Back in charge, the dad now assures us that Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. will be focusing on food, not sex.

Evidence for God: Messianic Prophecies

Kill Pride Before It Kills You

Two chapters later in Acts, the apostle Paul gets a similar treatment. After he healed a crippled man in Jesus’s name, “When the crowds saw what Paul had done, they lifted up their voices, saying in Lycaonian, ‘The gods have come down to us in the likeness of men!’” (Acts 14:11). How does Paul respond to their praise? “We also are men, of like nature with you, and we bring you good news, that you should turn from these vain things to a living God, who made the heaven and the earth and the sea and all that is in them” (Acts 14:15).

Teaching Your Children To Be Apologists

My introduction to apologetics began when I was new in my walk as a Christian over twenty-eight years ago. Since that time, there have been countless conversations between my husband and me examining various teachings and belief systems that contradict our biblical faith. These conversations went hand in hand with studies we conducted because of challenges to our faith, the desire to minister to others, and the desire to be better informed. Our children could not have possibly avoided overhearing many of these conversations any more than my husband could have avoided hearing that “ old country ” music that his father played in their home while he was growing up. While I guessed that some of our biblical arguments would be assimilated by our children, I was not content to leave it to that. We worked to equip them intentionally.

How Literally Should We Take the Bible?

As readers of the Bible, we have to be careful to understand what a verse was originally intended to say—what the author meant for the reader to hear. Verses rarely exist on their own separated from all that is around them. They are like links in a chain, you can’t simply remove one and hope that it will have the same efficacy. This is not to diminish the value of things like memory verses or verses which mean something special for us, but rather we are to learn the context, the intended purpose and the truth so that we can use the Bible accurately.

Atheists May Not Believe In God, But They Still Live in His World

Many people claim not to believe in God, but in my experience, it’s only a matter of time before their lives betray them. Why? Remember, even those who don’t believe in God still live in the world God created. It’s inescapable.

This Black Pastor Led a White Church—in 1788

Following his indenture, Haynes volunteered in 1774 as a Minuteman and in October 1776 joined the Continental Army, thus becoming part of the American Revolution. Haynes volunteered just as the Continental Navy and Army suffered heavy casualties at the Battle of Valcour Bay on October 11, 1776 and General Washington’s forces met defeat at the Battle of White Plains on October 28, 1776. In November 1776 Continental forces witnessed over three thousand casualties and the loss of over one hundred cannons and thousands of muskets in defeats at Fort Washington and Fort Lee. Lemuel served in the Continental Army until November 17, 1776, when he contracted typhus and was relieved of duty. Despite the dismal prospects of the Revolution at this point, as a patriot Haynes was determined to defend with life and tongue the newly developing nation and its ideals of liberty. His political values were shaped by his “idealization of George Washington and allegiance to the Federalist Party.” Helen MacLam, “Introduction: Black Puritan on the Northern Frontier,” in Rich­ard Newman, ed.

The Lesbian Porn Star Who Claims to be an Evangelical Christian | The Stream

We have to seek God for ourselves – I do believe that the devil deceives people – including myself at times. We must return to the truth that God has set before us in His Word. One a week – Bible in hand – church attendance isn’t enough – never will be. We must read, study, and meditate on His Word – asking the Spirit to help us understand. Then use the understanding to live our lives as Holy as possible. This young women needs our prayers so that she sees she is be deceived. She is justifying her life choices herself rather than live the Word.

What You Should Know About the Prosperity Gospel

“In light of Scripture, the prosperity gospel is fundamentally flawed,” Jones says. “At bottom, it is a false gospel because of its faulty view of the relationship between God and man. Simply put, if the prosperity gospel is true, grace is obsolete, God is irrelevant, and man is the measure of all things. Whether they’re talking about the Abrahamic covenant, the atonement, giving, faith, or prayer, prosperity teachers turn the relationship between God and man into a quid pro quo transaction.”

Four Lies the Culture Tells About the Truth (Cold-Case Christianity Broadcast #11) | Cold Case Christianity

In this episode of the Cold-Case Christianity Broadcast, J. Warner examines four popular misconceptions and misstatements about the nature of objective truth, tolerance and our over-reliance on science. If there are no objective truths (or they can’t be known) there is little reason to examine the truth about God. We need to get to the truth about truth before we can ever know the truth about anything else.

14 EQUIP, Christian Articles, Bible Answer Man | CRI

Is the Allah of Islam the God of the Bible? Long before Muhammad was born, Arabic Christians already were referring to God as Allah—and millions continue to do so today. The Allah of Islam, however, is definitely not the God of the Bible. For while Muslims passionately defend the unity of God, they patently deny […]

BreakPoint on Twitter

Young people don’t need another institution to make them feel good—they need one that will tell them the truth

BreakPoint on Twitter

Some college students really think Christians have horns & tails, so how do we convince them otherwise? #Chick -fil-a

Why the Church Needs the Infertile Couple

But such cautions must be more than trigger warnings that one person’s joy might exacerbate another person’s sorrow. If we offer nothing beyond these admonitions, our view of both fertility and infertility will be too impoverished, too weak. We will obscure the gifts such couples have for each other. The infertile offer the church far more than a shadow over its joy at the gift of life. They ensure through their mourning and laments that biological children are not reduced from gifts to idols. Their presence helps the church learn endurance in the face of what feels like the endless rejection of our deepest earthly desires. Those who are infertile and have allowed hope to grow within their soul orient marriages toward their true end, the eschatological kingdom of God, in a way that not even the celibate can. All these are facts, and as the novelist Charles Williams suggested, all facts are facts of joy. We cannot excuse the fertile from mourning with those who mourn. But neither can we excuse infertile couples from rejoicing with those who rejoice. Both must stand or fall together: We need the joy and the sorrow, both, to illuminate and interpret the other.

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What About God of the Gaps?

I’ve watched the Lennox clip and his argument seems to be that the fact that we can do science at all is evidence for the existence of God. I don’t see how that follows. We can do science because we can make observations of a reality that seems to behave in a predictable way. Lennox is really just re-stating the same invalid god-of-the-gaps argument: “I don’t see how the universe could behave in a predictable way without God, therefore God must exist”. It’s a classic argument from ignorance fallacy.

Why Read the Bible? To Know and Enjoy Jesus

This is the heartbeat of our Bible reading — to know and enjoy “the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus” (Philippians 3:8), before whom even our greatest loves are considered nothing. This is the highest task of Bible reading, not to internalize a dry list of dos and donts, nor to find instruction or wisdom for living, but to know and enjoy more of God.

Investigating Easter: Were The Disciples Simply Influenced By Limited "Spiritual" Sightings?

This proposal may begin to explain the transformation of the apostles, but it fails to explain the empty tomb and offers an explanation of the resurrection observations that is inconsistent with the biblical record. It’s not unusual to have a persuasive witness influence the beliefs of other eyewitnesses (I’ve written about this in Cold-Case Christianity , Chapter 4). I’ve investigated a number of murders in which one emphatic witness has persuaded others that something occurred, even though the other witnesses weren’t even present to see the event for themselves. But these persuaded witnesses were easily distinguished from the one who persuaded them once I began to ask for their account of what happened. Only the persuader possessed the details in their most robust form. For this reason, his or her account was typically the most comprehensive, while the others tended to generalize since they didn’t actually see the event for themselves. In addition, when pressed to repeat the story of the one persuasive witness, the other witnesses eventually pointed to that witness as their source, especially when pressured.

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Nancy Pelosi: ‘Democratic Candidates Shouldn’t Have to Be Pro-Choice’

Pelosi’s solution seems to be to strive for a more inclusive party, opening the doors up to the anti-abortion Democrats the party has tended to hold at arm’s length. But that won’t fly with everyone. Democratic National Committee Chairman Thomas Perez said earlier this year that abortion rights are a “non-negotiable” for Democrats, and urged the party to speak with “one voice” on the lightning rod issue.

24 The TC Apologetics Daily

Pray Big Things for Your Little Ones

While it’s tempting for parents to spend excessive time praying for the behavior of our children, we honor God when we remember to pray that their behavior will not just be obedient, but will glorify him. This goes for our spouses, friends, parents, and other loved ones as well. When we ask God to intrude in their lives in such a way that they honor him in the way they live, we are praying godly prayers for godly behavior with godly motives.

Our Homemaker, Who Art in Heaven

God had a clear purpose for putting humanity in a garden beyond mere enjoyment of the scenery. As Genesis 2:15 indicates, “The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.” God did not make a home for his children and leave them to idleness. Rather, he commissioned them with priestly work. Although translations have, from the second century B.C., rendered “to work and to take care of” as actions related to the care of the garden, some (like Sailhamer) argue that it is better translated, “to worship and obey.” As if in keeping with this translation, verses 16 and 17 outline the specific commandment God gives to Adam: He may eat of every tree of the garden but one. Humanity’s first home was built on the principles of God’s generosity—but this must not be confused with God’s permissiveness. Home had one important rule, which God expected his children to heed. As the text makes clear, God did not forbid his children the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil for reasons of caprice. Rather, his forbiddance was an expression of his goodness—another occasion of paternal protection: “When you eat from it, you will certainly die.

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This month’s ambassador #wallpaper download will remind you to "be honest" as a good Christian #ambassador … ….

Take Up and Read: A Treatise Concerning Religious Affections – Reasons to Believe

Written in 1746, Edwards’s work is divided into three major parts. He describes how an authentic conversion to Christ happens in a biblical context through regeneration via the Holy Spirit. He also notes how both emotion (the affections) and the intellect play critical roles in Christian conversion. Finally he develops a list of twelve negative (inconclusive or false) signs of conversion, and contrasts the negative list with what he calls the twelve signs of true religious conversion. The result is that Edwards provides a formidable biblical, philosophical, and psychological analysis of the profound phenomenon of religious experience.

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Explaining Hell to Our Children

I want to encourage Michael that the problem he is dealing with is a good problem to have. If he were not dealing with it, there would be more reason to be concerned than there is now. How do we help a 6-year-old child deal with the terrifying reality of hell and death? The main thing is to realize that God intends for our real and wise fear of hell to be a means of clarifying and establishing in our hearts at least five great realities. Five great truths. God does not intend for his children to experience hell as an end, but to experience the warning of hell as a means of clarifying and establishing these five great realities. This is true for a 6-year-old and it’s true for a 60-year-old. Look at this moment, Michael, in the child’s life as a golden opportunity for teaching him many wonderful things. Hell is simply the backdrop against which those things will now become gloriously real. Here they are.

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32 It is not “character assassination” for the church to be the church.

Merritt writes as if there is an underlying groundswell of evangelical support for this false teaching. He even claims that there are many well-known pastors and leaders who privately believe that homosexual immorality is compatible with following Christ. But, Merritt says, these leaders dare not say so publicly because they don’t want to lose their ministry platforms. I don’t have any way to verify this claim. But even if it were true, I think Merritt misconstrues the meaning of the presence of such hucksters. Their subterfuge is not evidence of where the church is going but of what the church will be casting off when their deception becomes known.

Your Life Isn’t on Hold If You’re Single

In a Christian subculture that tends to talk about marriage as if it’s the pot of gold at the end of the proverbial rainbow, sometimes single Christians can feel like they’re being told that their life is on hold until they find a spouse. But while marriage and children are prized in the Bible, the truth is that celibate singleness is also upheld as a beautiful example of faithfulness in the body of Christ (See 1 Corinthians 7). One calling—one way of living—is not better than the other, no matter what our culture might say or imply.

Premium: 2A1705**MP1: Forensic Faith - Christian Research Institute

All Christians, but especially ones in college, must know what they believe and why they believe it if they have any hope of surviving with their faith intact….I think of college almost like an atheistic ambush. The Christians are walking in totally unaware of the danger until it is too late and the damage has already been done.

4 Times Jesus Used Sarcasm to Make a Point

The same goes with criticisms of men, evangelicals, straight people and Americans. When I hear criticism leveled at a group that I’m part of, my first instinct isn’t what it used to be. In the past, I would’ve become defensive and angry. Now I just listen, ruminate and try and do a personal inventory. Where I would have tone policed the person responsible and told them they shouldn’t use generalizations, now I recognize that it’s a device that Jesus used—a lot.

Gov. Bevin appoints Dumas to overhaul Kentucky’s adoption and foster care system - News - SBTS

“I have no doubt that he will make a great contribution to the Commonwealth of Kentucky,” Mohler said. “The Christian faith puts a great priority upon taking care of the vulnerable -- and children especially. Adoption is presented as a picture of our salvation in Christ. Dan Dumas understands this well, and he and Jane have lived this joyful commitment before us all, as have Matt and Glenna Bevin. I am very thankful that Governor Bevin is drawing a line in the sand to challenge the Commonwealth of Kentucky to lead the nation in adoption and foster care. The whole Southern Seminary and Boyce College family will be praying for this great effort, and for Dan as he now leads it.”

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby meets Syrian child refugees - Premier

The Archbishop of Canterbury has met with children who have been forced from their homes by ongoing conflict in Syria and are now living in neighbouring Jordan.

38 The Briefing 05-03-17 -

Delivered daily to your inbox, this is one of the best ways to stay on top of current events from a Christian worldview perspective.

A Huffington Post Humanist Urges the Church to Stop Using the Bible as a Moral Guide | The Stream

“….for the Bible is a hodgepodge of contradictions and morally obscure or outrageous injunctions.” I once had the son of a good friend of mine state something like this, how the Bible “contradicts itself” and “has errors”, to which I handed him one and asked him to point them out to me. He stared blankly, and I said “If you believe that then show me, because I’ve read through it and have never found them.” He made some comment about them still being there, and I told him (in not the same words) to “put up or shut up” at which point he backed off. Everyone who I have ever heard discuss the “contradictions” in the Bible have never read it–they only repeat what they have heard and take it as the truth. If they’d only read it, they might come to understand what it really is.

Former South Carolina Officer Who Shot and Killed Walter Scott Pleads Guilty

Michael Slager, the former police officer who shot and killed Walter Scott, an unarmed black man in South Carolina who was running away, has pleaded guilty to a federal civil rights charge, according to reports .

Father to the Fatherless: What to Believe When Dad Walks Away

But what if our thoughts about our Father are entangled with and stained by the abuse and abandonment of our earthly father? Anyone who has experienced the acute pain of dad walking out knows it can be all-consuming. I have, and I know. Dad driving away shattered the one thing I believed to be indestructible, superhuman even: my family. But family turned out to be more fluid than I once thought . . . and hoped. Like a permanent smudge on the lens through which we see the world, the dissolution of the family distorts all that we know and all that we are. Our hearts beat out of rhythm. Our thoughts weigh heavier on our minds. Our tears flow faster. The voice that once calmed us in the middle of the night is suddenly silent. The picture frame that preserved our family on the wall is either gone or empty.

Star Trek: DS9 Season 2 “The Homecoming” and “The Circle”

I’ve completed my re-watch of “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” Now it’s time to start Deep Space Nine! I am much less familiar with this show, though I’m pretty sure I’ve seen about 80-90% of the episodes. It’s been so long that I’m sure it will all feel brand new. My wife has never seen the show. She and I will go through, review every episode, and give commentary and a grade from A-F. There are  SPOILERS  for each episode below. Without further adieu, here’s:

Psalm 8: We Will Reign with the Risen Christ

Combine all the authority that rulers have had throughout history, and it pales in comparison to Christians ruling with Christ in the world to come. In this lab, John Piper explains that all followers of Christ are kings and queens in training.

Catholic home abuse survivor-turned campaigner dies - Premier

Frank Docherty, a man who survived abuse at a Catholic-run orphanage in Scotland and went on to campaign for other young victims, has died at the age of 74.

Derby Cathedral launches £2.5m revamp campaign - Premier

Pews will be taken out and a broken organ repaired as part of an ambitious £2.5 million plan to transform Derby Cathedral.

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God Will Hold You Through Your Habits

Good habits protect what’s most important. They keep us on the track of perseverance even when we don’t feel like persevering. They help us access the channels of God’s ongoing grace in the times we need it most (often when we don’t feel like it), and so preserve and keep our souls. Good spiritual habits keep us in God’s word, and in prayer, and among God’s people, even as we ride the emotional ups and downs of life.

John Piper on Twitter

“False prophets in sheep’s clothing are ravenous wolves.” Matt. 7:15 How much more ravenous then are such prophets in shepherd’s clothing.

Westminster Answers: Should Christians Read Fiction?

Westminster Answers: Should Christians Read Fiction?

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