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'Avengers: Age of Ultron' is a Bumpy, But Successful Ride

The latest Marvel movie has all the big action scenes, but the quiet moments are what really make it shine.

Truthbomb Apologetics: Sunday Praise: "Spirit" by Third Day

Welcome! It's been wisely stated that the way one answers the question, "Is there a God?" defines a life. Here at Truthbomb Apologetics we strive to offer apologetics resources to encourage and challenge both believer and unbeliever. Critical thinking is strongly encouraged, reason is a must, and all are welcomed!

Why Suffering? Event | C.S. Lewis Institute

Connection Points is the teaching ministry of Randy Newman, Senior Teaching Fellow for Apologetics and Evangelism at C.S. Lewis Institute. This blog explores the links between the Christian faith and all of life and encourages exploration of common ground between Christians and those with other beliefs. This content can also be found at

Veritas :: University of California, Santa Barbara

He studied at the Royal School Armagh, Northern Ireland and was Exhibitioner and Senior Scholar at Emmanuel College, Cambridge University from which he took his MA and PhD. He worked for many years in the Mathematics Institute at the University of Wales in Cardiff which awarded him a DSc for his research. He also holds a DPhil from Oxford University and an MA in Bioethics from the University of Surrey. He was a Senior Alexander Von Humboldt Fellow at the Universities of Wuerzburg and Freiburg in Germany. In addition to over seventy published mathematical papers he is the co-author of two research level texts in algebra in the Oxford Mathematical Monographs series.

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God Does Exist: Applied Apologetics: Bill Nye's Religion is the Fuel for His Wrath

My son(5year old) acting Bruce Lee's nunchaku scene

My son(5year old) acting Bruce Lee's Nunchaku scene New 2015 HD

It’s Time for Christians to Acknowledge Privilege

Throughout our class we have discussed the ways that religion could be liberating and enslaving simultaneously (ie slavery debates, women’s rights, etc). Here, religion is presented as a motivating factor to help others in their fight for liberation and the acknowledgement that the world is not just divided between those who do and those who do not. I love this article because it reminded me of the dialogue we engaged with in Walter Rauschenbusch’s The Social Gospel and Andrew Carnegie’s the Gospel of Wealth. Although the original article that Bradley is responding to, by Brian Litfin, is not about how the rich will help the poor by being rich, like the Gospel of Wealth, it is a piece that places privilege in the realm of the Protestant Work Ethic and “God helps those who help themselves” arena. Litfin states, “Consider how some Americans of all races have reached privileged positions today: through stable family units that saved money and passed wealth to their descendants. Most Caucasians aren’t the offspring of slave owners, but merely of hard-working forefathers who did what was right.

What to Do When Wrestling With Doubt

I am the infant tossed about by the waves that Paul talks about in Ephesians, never knowing quite what I believe. I grew up a believer, but in graduate school, I began to openly confront the serious doubts I'd long had. Long story short, I walked away from my faith for a few years. I've found my way back to Christianity, but I still often feel like I can't seem to suppress all my questions and skepticism. My desire is to totally commit to Christianity, to know God and to live for Jesus, but I feel like my mind never has resolution. How do I go about building a firm foundation of faith?

Worship as the Ultimate Act

Missions is not the ultimate goal of the church. Worship is. Missions exist because worship does not. Worship is ultimate, not missions because God is ultimate, not man. When this age is over and the countless millions of the redeemed fall on their faces before the throne of God, missions will be no more. It is a temporary necessity. But worship abides forever.

Nothing to Fear But Every Single Thing

Similarly, one couple in Jennifer Senior’s book All Joy and No Fun epitomizes the difference between men and women in the face of heightened societal expectations. Angie and Clint are working parents with two young boys. Both put in grueling hours at home with the kids and at their respective jobs, but Angie also carries around a sense of guilt and self-reproach, believing that she “is not doing enough, can never do enough, and that she should be doing everything all the time.” Even when she catches a break, Angie worries that she should be engaging the kids. Clint, on the other hand, is perfectly fine taking “me time” and does not compare himself to any sort of unattainable ideal. “I am the standard,” he says.


Jeff wears multiple hats. He pastors a church and works full-time in the medical field. After a long night...

The Integrity of Words and Our Confession of Faith

Sadly, the landscape is littered with theological institutions that have poorly taught and have been poorly led. Theological liberalism has destroyed scores of seminaries, divinity schools, and other institutions for the education of the ministry. Many of these schools are now extinct, even as the churches they served have been evacuated. Others linger on, committed to the mission of revising the Christian faith in order to make peace with the spirit of the age. These schools intentionally and boldly deny the pattern of sound words in order to devise new words for a new age — producing a new faith. As J. Gresham Machen rightly observed almost a century ago, we do not really face two rival versions of Christianity. We face Christianity on the one hand and, on the other hand, some other religion that selectively uses Christian words, but is not Christianity.

How Can We Have Hope When Everything Looks Hopeless?

In our current situations, God is saying to us that his grace is sufficient, and even when we feel weak, he is making us stronger than we have ever been. His grace is not an abstract idea. It is the person of Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit. The hell you are going through may be the very circumstance God uses to take you to a whole new level.

Modern ‘Love’ in the Age of Tinder

Within the past decade, one solution seems to be emerging spontaneously: hubs for certain kinds of businesses. A new rule of thumb is emerging: When you take a job elsewhere, make sure that the metro area has at least 25 other companies that could hire someone with your skill set and make sure that that number is increasing. In that way, if Multi-National A sells your company to Multi-National B and moves your job from Portland to Dallas, you can easily find other work in Portland without having to make the move. In my field, life sciences, the entire industry (at least at the R&D level) is converging on Boston, San Diego, and the Bay Area, as well as the NYC area to a lesser extent. Meanwhile, once-burgeoning life sciences hubs in places like Raleigh-Durham, Indianapolis, and Seattle are slumping. Those latter metro areas were simply never able to attract a sufficient critical mass of potential employers to convince higher-demand workers to relocate to those areas. They simply had to recruit from the best available local talent, which was often scarce. In short, people were just sick of the rootlessness, and simply wanted to be able to move somewhere and stay there.

Why Do Pastors Feel Discouragement Amid Success?

In the midst of our 1 Kings 19 struggles, we find mercy for our Elijah-like stubbornness, and meaning in our Elijah-like discouragement, as we look to Jesus. Whatever that dark feeling of discouragement is and means, whatever was grabbing at Elijah’s heart in I Kings 19:3, whatever that voice is that presses in us in that quiet moment alone after we’ve preached our guts out—I know Jesus faced it in the extreme in the Garden of Gethsemane, on the long walk to Calvary, and in his final choking hours. Jesus knew that fear, that helplessness, that darkness and uncertainty, to the extreme. And he conquered it by rising from the dead.

12 Defenders Class Live | Reasonable Faith

Defenders is Dr. William Lane Craig's Sunday school class on Christian doctrine and apologetics. Join leading Christian scholar Dr. Craig as he carefully and articulately teaches a comprehensive survey course from the Doctrine of God to the Doctrine of the Last Things, explaining Christian apologetic arguments along the way. Click on the link to watch live on Sunday mornings at 11:30 EST or to enjoy archived classes at your convenience.

Waiting to Awaken Love

One of the agonizing aspects of being in love but not yet married is the need to wait. You long for the day when your lives will be so intertwined that every aspect will be linked together, including sexually. This agony is not helped by the fact that we live in a sex-saturated culture where our eyes and minds are bombarded on all sides by the message that your sexuality is simply another appetite to be satisfied, like hunger and thirst. In such a context, it is easy to imagine that you are the only one waiting for sex until you are married.


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. @nytDavidBrooks on morality, theology, & rumors that he might be converting to Christianity

Four Moments I’m Preparing Students to Face

As a result, in our ministry we try to monitor the expectations students have of the Christian life. We acknowledge that some people have a more emotional faith with real spiritual experiences, while others have a more cerebral faith without mystical moments. We do not want kids to think that getting a “Christian high” validates whether or not God is real.

Know Your Southern Baptists: Robert Smith, Jr.

Smith has spoken at more than 100 universities, colleges, and seminaries in the United States, Great Britain, Middle East, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the Caribbean. He has been honored with awards for his teaching at both Southern and Beeson. His research interests include the place of passion in preaching, the literary history of African American preaching, Christological preaching, and theologies of preaching.

The Uneasy Conscience of a Christian Boxing Trainer

Pacquiao is hardly the first professional athlete to bring God into the game. But boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA)—known as "combat sports" wherein man-on-man violence is the end goal—raise unique ethical questions about whether certain games are incompatible with Christ's teachings. Meanwhile, some ministry leaders have used ultimate fighting to attract young men in a "chickified" culture. "Jesus Didn't Tap" is the name of a Christian MMA clothing line, as well as a mantra for a high-octane masculinity espoused by the likes of Mark Driscoll. Guts Church in Tulsa held an annual "fight night" amateur boxing match for six years until a 24-year-old participant died in 2011. "Human cockfighting," as one senator has called MMA, draws millions of dollars and spectators—as well as concern over violence for violence's sake.

Manny Pacquiao Fights for 'God' and 'His Country;' Boxer Talks Mayweather Match, Sinful Past and Bringing Change to the Philippines (Exclusive)

After their gloves touch, the bell rings and the dust settles on May 2, the world may be able to end the debate surrounding Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather Jr. being the best boxer of their era. Yet, Pacquiao is fighting for so much more than bragging rights or the largest payout any pugilist has ever seen.

A Pacifism for the Whole Church

The particular strength of the book—and of Christian nonviolence more generally—is that it forces believers to recognize that Christianity measures political actions by a richer set of standards than the outcomes they aim to achieve. We’re supposed to support policies consistent with (or at least not antithetical to) certain core teachings: that all human beings are made in God’s image, that sin was vanquished at the cross, and that the Resurrection has inaugurated a new moral order. Political behaviors, then, cannot be judged purely by whether or not they eliminate an enemy leader, secure free elections, or achieve any other positive outcome. For Christians, political choices must always be judged by how they comport with the moral law of God, which means using distinctly Christian reasoning to reckon with both corporate entities like the nation-state and the individual leaders that dictate national policy.

Tesla Announces Creation of ‘Powerwall’ Consumer Battery

At a press conference yesterday, Tesla founder Elon Musk revealed the company’s latest creation: The Powerwall consumer battery. He told reporters, “Our goal is to fundamentally change the way the world uses energy. It sounds crazy, but we want to change the entire energy infrastructure of the world to zero carbon." The idea behind the devices is to allow people to get energy off the traditional grid and have a source of electricity in times of outages. The Powerwall also could have implications in developing countries where electricity infrastructure isn’t available.

Knowing the Bible Series: Genesis

Pastor Mitchell Kim explores the beginning of the Bible in this 12-week Bible study through the book of Genesis. Part of the Knowing the Bible series, a collection of accessible studies designed to help everyday Christians better understand and apply God’s Word.

Through Glass, Darkly

There’s a scene a few chapters into the comedy science-fiction novel, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe , where Zaphod Beeblebrox, the two-headed former president of the galaxy, is in a spot of trouble. A few moments earlier, he had been standing on the bridge of a starship, now he suddenly found himself mysteriously teleported to a café on the strange, alien planet of Ursa Minor Beta. Puzzled at what has just happened, Zaphod instinctively reached into his pocket for his sunglasses:


Paul discusses the law in relation to marriage between the husband and wife. The moral law has dominion over us from before the fall and the law regulates only as long as we live – till death do us part. Dr. Sproul discuses the covenant of works, the three uses of the law, and the conversion of Martin Luther.

UPDATE: Calif. lawmakers deny Christian college students freedom of association

The decision to reject the Student Freedom of Association Act came even after testimony from an attorney with the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, who told lawmakers that all-comers policies are being used across the country to “interfere with the ability of student organizations to articulate and voice the message of their choice,” according to Grove.

Christianity Today Honored With 49 Evangelical Press Association Awards

Carol Stream, IL April 20, 2015 - The Evangelical Press Association held its annual convention in Colorado on April 8-10, 2015 where the 2015 Awards of Excellence and Higher Goals Awards were presented. Representing nine brands, the global media ministry of Christianity Today received 49 awards.

What is the Meaning of Failure for the Christian?

William Lane Craig discusses "failure in the Christian life" vs. "failure in the life of a Christian," and focuses on the latter. Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, Marietta, Georgia, United States -- January 1, 2007 We welcome your comments in the Reasonable Faith forums:

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The Apologetic Task with Q&A

For more resources visit: The Bethinking National Apologetics Day Conference: "Countering the New Atheism" took place during the UK Reasonable Faith Tour in October 2011. Christian academics William Lane Craig, John Lennox, Peter J Williams and Gary Habermas lead 600 people in training on how to defend and proclaim the credibility of Christianity against the growing tide of secularism and New Atheist popular thought in western society. In this session, William Lane Craig closes the conference by addressing the challenges faced by the Church, from both the rise of secularism and the spread of Islam, arguing that apologetics must be front and center to ensure the church's survival. We welcome your comments in the Reasonable Faith forums: Be sure to also visit Reasonable Faith's other channel: Follow Reasonable Faith On Twitter: Add Reasonable Faith On Facebook:

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31 The TC Apologetics Daily

The TC Apologetics Daily, by TC Apologetics: The latest news and thoughts for the apologetic-minded Christian.

Time to Watch some 80s Fantasy Flicks

I will update this post with links to the reviews as I watch the movies. I expect this will take me a long time to get through, but I have already watched one of those I haven’t seen yet, so buckle your seatbelts because we’re going to embark on an epic adventure of hair and magic as we go through some 80s Fantasy flicks together.

Come Reason's Apologetics Notes: Why Would a Loving God Allow the Earthquake in Nepal?

Like most people, I grieve for the tremendous tragedy the Nepalese people are suffering after a violent 7.8 earthquake and its aftershocks devastated much of the nation on Saturday. According to the latest reports, over 4,800 people have dies and at least 9,200 have been injured in the disaster. 1 Those numbers are staggering and help is desperately needed for the survivors. Of course, when a tragedy like this happens, questions of why arise. I saw one meme that shows an image of a girl praying with the superimposed text:  "Dear God, please help the victims of that terrible earthquake — wait, aren't you the one that created it? Why are we asking you for help? This makes no sense!" (Emphasis in the original.) As with most memes , this is a dramatic oversimplification of an issue that seeks to sound good without thinking through its underlying assumptions. I don't think there's any doubt that this meme is meant to argue against the existence of God. It seems to be implying at least two reasons to hold that belief in God is unreasonable. The broader question is "Why would a loving God create something as devastating as earthquakes?" But another question may be "Why would a loving God allow such a devastating earthquake strike such an impoverished nation like Nepal where the death toll would most certainly be high?" Let's look at each in turn.

SBTS: Deployed to the World

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36 God Does Exist: Applied Apologetics: Islam is The MotherLoad of Bad Ideas: History and the News Agree with Sam Harris

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We were made to love God, and loving God is the only love that will truly satisfy us.

Who Were Cavemen?

As far as stereotypes go, cavemen make easy targets—especially when transplanted into the twenty-first century. Their brutish way of dealing with contemporary situations earns a laugh on commercials and TV shows. They just don’t understand us modern humans, and their misunderstanding strikes humor gold. But when we cut away the laugh track and the bumbling ways, we’re left with something of an enigmatic figure—a being without a settled place in our understanding of history. Perhaps, in fact, it’s our discomfort with not knowing what to do with cavemen that makes us laugh. So, just who were they?

In Intellectual Neutral - Johnson Ferry Baptist Church

It just breaks my heart to meet parents like this. A campus minister at Stanford university recently told me that 40% of the Christian students in high school youth groups will completely quit church involvement altogether after they graduate from high school. 40%. And it is not just that they lose their faith in a hostile university environment. Many of them have already secretly abandoned their faith while in the high school youth group, but they just continue to go through the motions until they are outside their parent’s authority. I think the church is really failing these kids. Instead of training them in the defense of Christianity’s truth, we focus on emotional worship experiences, felt needs, and entertainment. It is no wonder that they become sitting ducks for that teacher or that professor who takes rational aim at their faith. In high school, in college, students are intellectually assaulted with every manner of non-Christian philosophy conjoined with an overwhelming relativism and skepticism. How dare we send them out, unarmed, into an intellectual battlezone. We have got to train our kids for war.

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"May the Father of Lights teach you the secret of facing plenty and hunger" –– @JohnPiper

Should Christians expect to know God's will by means of feelings and intuitions?

I think that every person is the commanding officer of his or her own life, and each person must study everything they can, make a plan that is consistent with the Bible’s moral prescriptions, execute the plan and achieve whatever they can achieve for the Lord. And the goal is not comfort or happy feelings, but real achievements. Not for the purpose of being saved, of course, because salvation is a free gift of God because of what Jesus did on the cross. Life is more like a battle than a vacation resort or a buffet or a shopping center. God’s will for us is not have happy feelings, but that we freely choose to sacrifice ourselves out of obedience and service to him. In my case, that means studying hard things, making money, saving money, and giving money away to good scholars, sponsoring good events and being persuasive to non-Christians. None of this necessarily makes me happy, but it does work to bring glory to God. I cried when I had to learn calculus, because it was so hard. But who cares? The main thing is that I have money now to sponsor Christian speakers or to give books to Christians to read, and God is happy with that.

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Arguments Christians Shouldn't Use: Darwin's Deathbed Conversion - a Legend?

Innovative Apologetics: The Existence of God and Physicalism’s Deficiency

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Microview: "Off Armageddon Reef" by David Weber

David Weber is probably my favorite author as far as fiction is concerned, but I admit that I had put off starting his “Safehold” series for a while because I was afraid it’d ruin my perception of him–that is, as the author of the greatest military sci-fi I’ve read, the Honor Harrington series (see a discussion of one of the books here). Finally, I gave in and read it and just had to share my thoughts here.

Grand Theft Worldview: "Stealing From God: Why Atheists Need God To Make Their Case" by Frank Turek - Thinking Christian

Atheists often make argue against God based on the biblical God’s supposed evil, and Christianity’s supposed unscientific, unreasoning nature. They really are stuck, though: they need something a lot like God in the picture in order to explain what evil is, what reason is, and even how science makes sense. They’re stealing from God to make their case against him.

Crossway on Twitter

"Personal holiness" is never personal: the gospel spreads in community, flourishes in community, & creates community.

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50 Q&A with William Lane Craig | Reasonable Faith

In our Q&A section, Dr. Craig responds to a question each week submitted by our audience. You can receive these responses in your email every week by signing up for the Reasonable Faith newsletter . Read this week's Q&A or search our archive below.

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