How the Monkees Got Their 1960s Groove Back Video Description

It's about 12 hours before the Monkees kick off their tour in Fort Myers, Florida on May 18th, and Michael Nesmith is 1,200 miles away in the lobby of a luxury Midtown hotel in New York City. The 73-year-old is winding his way through the tourists at the check-in desk as he heads towards the elevator bank and not a single person turns to look at him twice. His hair, once jet black, is now thin and grey. He hasn't seen his iconic green wool hat since he threw it into the audience at a solo concert decades ago, and his trademark long sideburns are also a thing of the distant past. Only true Monkees fans would be able to pick the guy out of a police lineup, which suits him quite fine. "I'm never recognized in public," he says in a Texas drawl that doesn't seem to have been dimmed by 50 years of living in California. "But I do wear a wool hat at home all the time when its cold, just not that one."

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