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The Gospel According to Ewan McGregor

We sat down with Ewan McGregor to talk about his groundbreaking take on the 40-day temptation of Jesus, and the experience of getting inside the head of history’s most famous foes.

Design through the Looking Glass

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Resources and Leadership Advice for Pastors and Church Leaders

Memorial Day in the twilight of a great republic

Four and a half months after the Union Army defeated Confederate forces at the Battle of Gettysburg, President Lincoln dedicated a national cemetery where many of the fallen Union soldiers were bur…

How the Monkees Got Their 1960s Groove Back

Michael Nesmith, Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork break down the group's new album 'Good Times'

Did Bieber and Skrillex Steal the Riff for ‘Sorry’ From This Song?

Pop star Justin Bieber and his collaborator Skrillex are getting sued. The singer White Hinterland (aka Casey Dienel) has reportedly filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against the duo, claiming that they stole a vocal hook from her song “Ring the Bell” for their hit single “Sorry.” And, as you can hear in the two videos below, she might have a case. The lawsuit centers around the “unique characteristics of the female vocal riff” which are heard throughout both songs, including the very beginnings. In a Facebook post, Dienel wrote (in part), The writers, producers, and performers of “Sorry” did not obtain a license for this exploitation of my work, nor did they obtain or seek my permission … After this post, I intend to leave the subject matter of the lawsuit in the hands of my lawyers and the legal system. However, because I do not take the act of suing lightly, I want to take this opportunity to briefly explain my decision to those of you who are connected to me through family, friendship, and music. Creating original and unique music is my life’s passion, but it is challenging and time consuming. I poured my blood, sweat, and tears into writing and producing “Ring the Bell” … Like most artists that sample music, Bieber could have licensed my song for use in “Sorry.” But he chose not to contact me. After the release of “Sorry,” my lawyers sent Bieber a letter regarding the infringement, but Bieber’s team again chose to ignore me. I offered Bieber’s team an opportunity to have a private dialogue about the infringement, but they refused to even acknowledge my claim, despite the obviousness of the sample. You can read her full statement here.

This Dude Proposed to His Girlfriend with a Custom ‘Super Mario Bros.’ Level

Old school Nintendo enthusiast Shane Birkinbine recently proposed to his girlfriend in a way that would make any early ‘90s gamer proud. Using the game Super Mario Maker, Birkinbine created a custom Super Mario Bros. level, spelling out a proposal to his unsuspected girlfriend, who was playing the game. It’s a pretty great clip. And, spoiler alert, she said yes, and completed the level.

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Science: People Who Are Workaholics Are More Likely to Suffer From Anxiety, Depression and ADHD

These criteria involve being totally preoccupied by work (salience), using work to alleviate emotional stress (mood modification), gradually working longer and longer hours to get the same mood modifying effects (tolerance), suffering emotional and physical distress if unable to work (withdrawal), sacrificing other obligations (personal relationships with partner and children, social activities, exercising, etc.) because of work (conflict), desiring or attempting to control the number of hours spent working without success (relapse), and suffering some kind of harm or negative consequence as either a direct or indirect result of the excessive working (problems).

Grace to You

“You were completely born in sins, and are you teaching us?” (v. 34). The Pharisees were incensed with the man, and their anger prevented them from seeing the penetrating insight that the uneducated healed man had demonstrated. The phrase also revealed their ignorance of Scripture, for the Old Testament indicated that the coming messianic age would be evidenced by restoration of sight to the blind (Is. 29:18; 35:5; 42:7;Matt. 11:4, 5; Luke 4:18, 19).

The Wow of Worship

We walked around this huge hole in the ground trying to get a better vantage point to see its glory from another perspective and fall even deeper into a sense of awe and amazement. I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face as joy overwhelmed me. It felt transcendent — like I was participating in something much bigger than me, and not about me.

You Are Not Your Sexuality

We must respond to the secular narrative with a Christian one. This is the rationale behind LivingOut , and behind  this video . The world needs to hear same-sex attracted Christians like me share their experiences of God’s goodness in this issue. The culture needs to know there is a different calculus for measuring human flourishing. There is another, better script available.   But the church needs to hear these stories too. We can so easily question whether God’s Word on this issue really is good. True? Sure. But good? That can be a harder question.   This talk is one attempt to outline some of the key lessons for the whole church that those of us with same-sex attraction are learning. Here are five:


Technically speaking, metaphysics is a discipline within philosophy.  According to H. Wayne House and Joseph M. Holden in their book Charts of Apologetics and Christian Evidences , metaphysics "literally means 'after physics' in Greek.  This thought process was named by Andronicus of Rhodes to designate the unnamed books that appeared after Aristotle's Physics .  Through the use of the term 'beyond' or 'after,' the term metaphysics has come to be known as beyond the physical, a study of being or reality.  'What are the ultimate, objective constituent of reality?' 'What is the nature of space and time?' 'Must every event have a cause?'" 1

.@Ichthus77 #Apologetics Daily

.@Ichthus77 #Apologetics Daily, by Maryann Spikes: Daily Christian apologetics and news fresh to your desktop, courtesy

Three Lies Culture Tells Us About Being Single

In reality, my single friends are living some of the most sacrificial and selfless lifestyles I know. They are the ones who are willing and able to work long hours at lower paying jobs, often serving people directly with very little recognition. They are the ones who will drop what they’re doing to babysit so their married friends can have a much-needed date night or pick up the phone at 2 a.m. when a friend is in crisis. They spend most of their vacation days celebrating the weddings, baby showers and celebrations of other people. Their days tend to be long and packed, because they are involved in so many aspects of work, church and their communities. This is the reality of single life that many people are living. And they are painting a beautiful picture of a life lived out of love and service.

The Gift of Disillusionment

This gift of disillusionment is not an easy one to accept. We tend to be idealists when it comes to the church. We would rather hold on to our dreams. But instead of an ideal community, what we get is the church as it really is. Not our delicate airbrushed fantasy of those who always act in love and speak kindly to one another, but a loutish, clumsy-tongued, rabble with dirty feet. God allows this, not to make us cynical, but for our own good. Disillusionment with the church and even with ourselves is a gift. Bonhoeffer cautions, “Only that community which enters into the experience of this great disillusionment with all its unpleasant and evil appearances begins to be what it should be in God’s sight, begins to grasp in faith the promise that is given to it.”

How Urban Christians Failed President Obama

The Obama administration’s directive ordering transgender bathroom access in all public schools has called this urban Christian sociopolitical posture into question. While the bullying and dehumanization of transgender people is completely unacceptable, the stealth advance of this new ideology raises questions and should be subject to debate. By failing to assert our convictions, we have failed our president and our country.

Here’s What Jesus Meant When He Said, “Sell Everything And Give It to the Poor.”

Living here has forced me to dig deeper into Jesus’ teachings about poverty and wealth, because like most readers of this article: I am filthy rich. I was forced to ask, what did Jesus mean when he said, “Go. Sell everything you have and give to the poor…” (Mark 10:21) or, “any one of you who does not give up everything he owns cannot be my disciple” (Luke 14:33)?

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Mark Goodnight - Detective J. Warner Wallace describes why... | Facebook

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What Does Christianity Say About the Nature of Jesus? Five Critical Claims

In addition, many skeptics argue there are no contemporary early non-Christian eyewitness accounts dating back to the lifetime of Jesus . The only eyewitness records we have are from men who became followers of Jesus, and they simply don’t trust these Christian writers. But the eyewitnesses who observed Jesus so closely (those men who witnessed his life, teachings and miracles) were so convinced by what they saw they eventually became followers of Jesus. In essence, those who saw came to believe . It would be unfair to discard their testimony. Many (such as Matthew) began without a presuppositional bias toward Jesus, but were impressed by what they saw in their time with Jesus. As a result, they came to believe Jesus was who He said He was. The life, ministry death and resurrection of Jesus became the foundation for their own transformation from skeptic to believer; they were not biased beforehand, but convinced afterward.

The Horror and Hope in Slavery

John Piper tackles difficult verses addressed to slaves and masters, drawing in several other texts about slavery. He shows that seeds were planted in the Bible to bring down every institution of slavery. He ends this session with a few minutes about how to fear God and live fearlessly.

How to Address America’s Foster Care Crisis? It Takes a Village

That’s the night my husband, John, and I sat at a friend’s dinner table surrounded by five girls between the ages of 5 and 15. Some were adopted; others were there through foster care. She told us, “There are orphans right here in Hawaii who need adoptive families. The church really needs to get involved.”

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17 Watch Live › Commencement | Biola University

Bookmark this page for the live webcast of both commencement ceremonies.

Reformed Forum on Twitter

Vern Poythress and Iain Duguid speak about Seeing Christ in All of Scripture. 

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How Could A Game Make You Feel This Much?

The game doesn’t have the ending Ryan, Amy or Josh expected. It doesn’t reveal a miracle, but that doesn’t mean it can’t reveal something incredible about God.“That’s the thing about a lot of spiritual art—and maybe the tradition I come from when it comes to Christianity and art,” Ryan says. “It’s mostly from this place of ‘I have a principle or I have a sermon illustration for you and we’re going to convey it in artistic ways.’ I can’t give you the reasons God let Joel get cancer and God let Joel die. I could try to justify it, but all those feel hollow to me, so why would I try to justify it to you?”

It’s Never Too Late for Jesus

Martha’s words to Jesus must have been hard to hear: “Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died” (John 11:21). Given his great power and the signs he has performed already, Martha believed that Jesus could have prevented Lazarus’s death. But what she says next is extraordinary: “But even now I know that whatever you ask from God, God will give you” (John 11:22). Martha does not know the end of this story, as we do. She has no idea what Jesus is about to do and she does not expect him to raise Lazarus from the dead. And yet she expresses hope even after death has occurred . It is as though she is saying, “I don’t know what you can do now, Jesus, but I have hope that you can do something .”

New Study Finds Link Between Cellphone Radiation and Cancer in Lab Rats

Could cellphones cause cancer? The National Toxicology Program, which is funded by the federal government, has released the findings of a new $25 million study, and it’s pretty scary. The peer-reviewed research looked at years of experiments on lab rats, finding an increase occurrence of tumors among those exposed to radiation like the kind emitted by phones.

First Principles of Technogesis

How we create and share images forms us, usually unconsciously, but decisively. Technogesis asks how this works out in our minds and culture. When I took a photo of Morgan recently in a breakfast restaurant, I had to haul out a rather large object (compared with a smart phone) depress a real button (not touch a screen), and wait for the film to appear amidst the fanfare of that distinctive Polaroid sound (one of its most endearing qualities). Then we waited about fifteen minutes for the film to develop while in a black pouch. Because these actions are slow and deliberate—because things can go wrong because of the steps involved—they add weight to the event of producing an image of someone. Today, the novelty of the event secures it in our minds. When images are instantly produced and available through smartphones, their value plummets and their mark on reality recedes or disappears. The things and people whose images they are may evaporate as well. A million selfies erodes the self.

Patrick Regan: Knife Crime in London // The Profile

WORLD | Troubling ties | June 11, 2016

Str/AFP/Getty Images2011: Damaturu, Nigeria While the full truth may never come to light, what’s at issue are long-standing Clinton ties to controversial Nigerian businessmen—billionaires who have donated money toward both Clintons’ presidential campaigns and the Clinton Foundation—who could benefit in seeing Boko Haram proliferate. Knowing whether she placed financial ties and influence peddling ahead of national security interests during that time period is more urgent than ever, now that the former secretary of state could become the commander in chief.

Is ISIS on the Ropes?

I think we collectively, as the Christian community, run the risk of co-opting the past, co-opting their experience with ISIS and in spinning a certain kind of tale that then aims or serves to threaten the future Muslim community that they would be engaging with as former Muslims. These would be the former Muslims that would stand on stages, get book deals and become mini Christian celebrities who would spin a certain yarn about their time in ISIS or their experiences surrounding that and it’s not that it would necessarily be untrue, it just wouldn't tell the whole truth about all Muslims and all Islam everywhere and then I think it actually feeds into a cyclical dynamic where we Christians become agents of more violence, more separation and discrimination toward Muslims, which of course, is part of how we got into this in the first place.

27 The Early “High Christology” of Jesus | Cold Case Christianity

I often talk about the New Testament “Chain of Custody”: the sequence of proclamations from the apostles and early church fathers that establishes the evidence trail related to Jesus, from His ministry on earth to the early Church councils that ultimately established the Canon of Scripture. As a skeptic, I was surprised to find that the earliest document evidence we have related to Jesus describes Him as a miracle worker who claimed to be God and rose from the dead. In the earliest documents, Jesus was worshiped as God , displayed the power of God , and spoke as though He were God . The writers of Scripture were quick to describe Jesus as more than a simple, wise teacher; they described Him as the Christ.

Meet the New Apocalypse (Same As the Old One)

In Apocalypse, Singer’s drawn a solid portrait not of an Old Testament God but of an Old Testament Satan, or maybe some parallel character: Lucifer, Baal, Beelzebub. (Significantly, Apocalypse’s origin story is in ancient Egypt.) Apocalypse’s main draw for the mutants is the offer of power, a neat parallel to the New Testament story recounted in three gospels, He wants to destroy human systems and institutions (structures that, when healthy, help distribute power), and instead hoards it to himself, doling it out to his Four Horsemen (get it?) when it suits his purposes. Like Satan, Apocalypse’s big problem is that he’s not God: specifically, he’s not omnipresent, and that gets in the way of his plans.

Beware the Busyness of Summer Break

Follow Martin Luther’s advice: “I have so much to do that I shall spend the first three hours in prayer.” The busier we are, the more dependent we should be on the Lord, because our hearts are more likely to be distracted and prone to wander. Don’t give up your Bible reading and prayer; double down. Dive into it all the more. Don’t give up gathering together with God’s family; make it an even higher priority.

‘Boxcar Children' Movies Are in the Works So Millennials Can Relive Their Book Fair Glory Days

Remember the golden age of literature? A time when all books worth reading featured young protagonists with names like Encyclopedia Brown, Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys, who spent their childhoods exclusively solving mysteries? If so, we have good news. Several movies based on The Boxcar Children series are in the works.

Is It a Sin to Have Sex-Change Surgery? | The Stream

With all the uproar today over transgender issues, especially in the Church, there’s an important question that is not often asked, namely, “Is it a sin to have sex-change surgery?”

J.John – Why my first Bible study was with a homeless man // The Profile

J.John – Why my first Bible study was with a homeless man // The Profile

Crossway on Twitter

Why Does Opposition to Apologetics Come From Mostly Within the Church?

Apologetics is a branch of Christian theology that helps give reasons for the truthfulness of the Christian faith/worldview. The word “Apologia” means “to give reasons, make a legal defense” (Acts 26:2; 2 Tim. 4:16; 1 Pet 3:15). The apostles approach to spreading the message of the Gospel is characterized by such terms as “apologeomai/apologia” which means “to give reasons, make a legal defense” (Acts 26:2; 2 Tim. 4:16; 1 Pet 3:15); “dialegomai” which means “to reason, speak boldly” (Acts 17:2; 17; 18:4; 19:8), “peíthō” which means to persuade, argue persuasively” (Acts 18:4; 19:8), and “bebaioō ” which means “to confirm, establish,” (Phil 1:7; Heb. 2:3). [1]

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Science, God and Ockham's Razor: Can Science Explain God Away? | Saints and Sceptics

2. The idea is that as science explains features of the universe it makes God unnecessary. This objection to belief in God can be thought of in terms of a version of Ockham’s razor – there is no need for two explanations (science and God) when one will do (science).

37 The Gospel’s Answer to the Problem of Evil

So basically, it's wrong to do something that causes another person to sin. Unless you reject that notion that God could just do anything at all and still be "good," it seems that you would have to acknowledge that some common sense notion we have about what kinds of actions are good and what kinds of actions are evil would have to apply to God. Otherwise, why call him Good at all? This notion of causing somebody to sin being wrong is not only Biblical, but it also agrees with our common notions of right and wrong. With that being the case, we expect that if God is good, then he does not cause people to sin.

38 ERLC: ERLC National Conference 2016

American culture is in crisis. Whether it is the latest comments by a presidential frontrunner or the most recent stories in the news, evangelicals are confronted by a culture that is increasingly hostile to the gospel. A free post-conference, "2016 and Beyond: Politics, Religious Liberty, and the Future of the Church," will be offered Saturday morning. 

The Surprising New Findings that Could Re-Shape the Pro-Life Movement

Obviously, but Roe v. Wade was a legal case. And because one of the most decisive victories for the so-called “pro-choice” side was legal, almost all of the energy in the fight against abortion in the U.S. seems to center on the legal front. So as this study reveals that the legal status of abortion plays a statistically non existent role in affecting abortion rates, we will need to rethink those energies. Abortion certainly isn’t less than a legal issue, but it is far more.

Why Do We Need To Speak Words When Our Deeds Share The Message Anyway? // Evangelism // FAQ Sessions

A Quarter-life Crisis Survival Guide

When God asks us to give up our dreams, we’re instantly disheartened. It's not an easy thing to do. But we have to remember that Jesus came to earth for us to have life and have it abundantly. You can have lots of dreams and desires in your lifetime, but we all know that not all dreams are beneficial. Some of man's desires are selfish and futile that may lead to self destruction. Society will convince you to chase dreams that aren’t fruitful. They will keep you busy with thoughts of all the things you “need” to be happy. Sometimes there are still matters of the heart that is needed to be settled and that’s why we haven’t achieved that huge goal we’ve set for ourselves. That is how faithful our God is: He desires for us to fully enjoy our blessings, giving it to us when our character and heart are ready to handle it.

Scientists Are Calling for the Rio Olympics to Be Postponed or Moved Because of Public Health Concerns

Rio de Janeiro is highly affected by Zika. Brazil's government reports Rio de Janeiro state has the second-highest number of probable Zika cases in the country (32,000) and the fourth-highest incidence rate (195 per 100,000), demonstrating active transmission. ... That Rio's health system is so severely weakened as to make a last-minute push against Zika impossible.

Why Christians Can’t Avoid Being Evidentialists

For the follower of Jesus, there is the call to “make disciples of the nations” (Matt.28:19). Any attempt to reach out to a lost and needy world will result in several encounters with people from a variety of spiritual backgrounds. Many Christians can be surprised to find out that many people from non-Christian backgrounds are incredibly sincere about their faith. Unfortunately, sincerity is not a test for truth. Many people have been sincerely wrong about many things. What about the question, “How do you know your faith is true?” In other words, if a Mormon and a Christian ask each other this question, they both may assert that the test for the truthfulness of their faith is a religious experience. In this case, the confirmation of the Mormon faith happens through the heart confirming through what is already true in the mind. In other words, the Mormon appeal to a religious experience sounds a bit like the Christian appeal to the internal witness of the Holy Spirit. Religious experience should not be taken lightly. However, the issue of religious experience brings up an interesting point in apologetic dialogue.

Henry Heimlich Finally Got to Use His Famous Maneuver

The doctor, who in the 1970s invented the widely-taught, often-used "Heimlich Maneuver," finally used the maneuver named after him for the first time. Heimlich, who is 96 years old, now lives in a senior living facility. At a recent meal, one of his fellow residents started choking on her meal. Before the maitre d' for the dining room could get to the woman, Heimlich had sprung into action and dislodged the whatever food the women was choking on.

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3 Good Reasons to Question What You Believe

Introduction Many people like to ask questions, and not just basic questions that get us through day-to-day life, but questions that go beyond our basic routines. Questions that examine who we are, why we are here, from where have we come. Questions that are on all our minds, but many fear to ask. Some are afraid they may discover something they do not like; some are afraid they may offend another's answers to the same questions; some do not believe the questions can be answered with any level of confidence; and some do not believe that such questions are even legitimate to ask. Unfortunately, those fears often prevent people from asking the deeper questions, and they either struggle quietly with them or ignore them altogether.


Technically speaking, metaphysics is a discipline within philosophy.  According to H. Wayne House and Joseph M. Holden in their book Charts of Apologetics and Christian Evidences , metaphysics "literally means 'after physics' in Greek.  This thought process was named by Andronicus of Rhodes to designate the unnamed books that appeared after Aristotle's Physics .  Through the use of the term 'beyond' or 'after,' the term metaphysics has come to be known as beyond the physical, a study of being or reality.  'What are the ultimate, objective constituent of reality?' 'What is the nature of space and time?' 'Must every event have a cause?'" 1

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The Apologist: What proof is there?

The resurrection of Jesus was believed and communicated both by ‘educated’ and ‘non-educated’ people. I think this is important – some may sneer at the supposedly ‘uneducated’ Gospel writers Matthew and Mark whose accounts are based on the testimony of working people. But I would question whether fishermen are more given to flights of fancy than a doctor such as Luke or an educated academic such as Paul.

Really Recommended Posts 5/27/16- Jesus and Horus, to faith and back, and more!

Hello all! Thanks for waiting it out as I skipped last week because I was on vacation in Kansas. This week I provide you with some very deep reading in three lengthy posts that are each well-worth your time. I hope you’ll take that time to read them and engage with them.

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