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Hillsong Goes Hollywood

They’ve sold millions of albums and toured the world. Is Hillsong United ready for the big screen?

Information Creates the Universe

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Gallup Reports: One-Third Believe Animals Deserve Equal Rights

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

A Brain Dead Pregnant Woman is Kept Alive for 54 Days and Delivers A Miracle Baby

This is a heartbreaking story that ends in a devastating way. It's always unbelievably sad to hear about someone passing away at a young age. The story of Karla Perez is devastating and miraculous at the same time.

Gay 'Big Bang Theory' Star Plays God in New Broadway Comedy Based on Book by Twitter's Popular @TheTweetofGod Author

Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon Cooper in the popular television series "The Big Bang Theory," portrays the Creator of the universe in the new tongue-in-cheek Broadway play entitled "An Act of God," written by the author who runs "TheTweetOfGod" account that has nearly 2 million followers on Twitter.

Does Medical Science Need Evolutionary Science?

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

This Baby Puts On A Show All by Himself and It Is Adorable!

If we look around the internet we can find videos that feature either a baby or an animal playing some sort of instrument. In this video, a one-baby band puts on a show all by himself…and it is precious!

Watch Nachos Become a Sad Casualty of an MLB Foul Ball

If you are attending a Major League Baseball game—especially one in which slugger Prince Fielder is playing—be sure to keep your eyes on the ball at all times. Otherwise, your nachos just may get obliterated by an upper deck bomb like this poor lady ...

Five Questions With Syndicated Columnist Michelle Singletary | Boundless Blog

Michelle Singletary is one of the most successful Christian columnists in the United States, and she uses her ever-growing platform to encourage readers to make financially sound decisions. Michelle makes regular appearances on network TV morning shows, writes for major magazines, and has published three books on financial wellness. And somehow, in the middle of all of that, she managed to found a financial mentorship program at her church for people who need help in getting their finances in order.

2-Year-Boy Has the Sweetest and Most Unlikely Friendship You Will Ever See

We often look over the hardest-working members of society. These are people who really take time and effort to make our day a better one. In this case, two-year-old Deacon Ross thanks this garbage man everyday for his hard work, he even looks up to him!

MIT’s Robo-Cheetah Now Hurdles Obstacles. Sweet Dreams.

Just imagine a time in the not too distant future, when MIT’s DARPA-funded robot combat cheetah has become self-aware and decides to turn on its human creators (we say this is maybe like a year and a half away, tops). You’re being chased by the mechanical beast, and you think to yourself, “I know how I’ll evade the robot jungle cat! I will throw this 15-inch obstacle into its path! There’s no way it can somehow leap over it with its clunky machine body.” Well, think again! MIT has released this video showing the cheetah using laser sensors to see coming obstacles that it can easily hurdle over ...

What Can We Do to Help Young People Remain in the Faith? (Cold-Case Christianity Broadcast #32) | Cold Case Christianity

In this episode of the Cold-Case Christianity Podcast, J. Warner Wallace provides four simple principles parents can employ to help their kids defend what they believe as Christians. Given the high rate of attrition for young Christians, is there anything the Church (and parents in particular) can do to address the challenge? (For more information, visit ). Here is part 1 of this week’s broadcast:

Louis C.K. is not a good person | Think Christian

Good article. I like Louis C.K, but I can only take so much of him at a time because he typically either goes much farther than I'm willing to endure (see the SNL monologue), or he just depresses me with his realism, or what you call his tragic humanism. I was on a trans-Pacific flight recently and watched one of his standup specials. I enjoyed it, but tried to watch a second and found that he exhausted me with his cynical point of view. But I do appreciate your perspective on his comedy, and your attempt to watch LCK Christianly. Cheers, Nate

What Distinguishes One Bible Translation From Another? | Bible Gateway Blog

You may wonder what distinguishes one translation from another. Or ask, “What is a ‘literal’ translation, versus a ‘word-for-word’ translation?” Dr. William D. Mounce ( @BillMounce ), Bible translator with the ESV and NIV translations, has some answers.

Truthbomb Apologetics: Video: Answering Questions Non-Christians Ask by Michael Ramsden

Welcome! It's been wisely stated that the way one answers the question, "Is there a God?" defines a life. Here at Truthbomb Apologetics we strive to offer apologetics resources to encourage and challenge both believer and unbeliever. Critical thinking is strongly encouraged, reason is a must, and all are welcomed!

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Can We Be Angry at Prodigals?

What did the father feel before he saw the son coming home? Can we imagine him frustrated and angry? Are we to suppose during the months, or even years, the prodigal is away the father is only and solely feeling a mild, welcoming compassion? Is there no place for a holy frustration at destructive choices he sees his beloved child making? Is there no place for hurt, for grief at the pain of rejection in the midst of his unrelenting love and mercy? Are these feelings allowed for gracious Christians?

How to Glimpse the Trinity

Well, I’ve contracted the condition. But I caught it from the New Testament, which employs the concept of mutual indwelling rather stretchily. Though the term is never used in Scripture, the concept appears more frequently that we often realize, particularly in the Gospel of John. When Jesus talks about mutual indwelling, he stresses the similarities—rather than the dissimilarities—between the relationship of the Father and the Son, the church’s relationship with him and the Father, and Christians’ relations with one another. All this helps us to understand not only the God we worship, but also who we are and what we experience on a day-to-day basis.

Study: Millennials May Be the Least Religious Generation in American History

They found that compared to four decades ago, the number of high school seniors and college students who don’t go to church or religious services has doubled. The cause for the dramatic shifts? Twenge said that a culture that values individualism could be responsible: "Individualism puts the self first, which doesn't always fit well with the commitment to the institution and other people that religion often requires. As Americans become more individualistic, it makes sense that fewer would commit to religion” ...

The Moral Argument

For more resources visit: View the Kalam Cosmological Argument animation video: View the Fine Tuning Argument animation video: Reasonable Faith features the work of philosopher and theologian Dr. William Lane Craig and aims to provide in the public arena an intelligent, articulate, and uncompromising yet gracious Christian perspective on the most important issues concerning the truth of the Christian faith today, such as: -the existence of God -the meaning of life -the objectivity of truth -the foundation of moral values -the creation of the universe -intelligent design -the reliability of the Gospels -the uniqueness of Jesus -the historicity of Jesus' resurrection -the challenge of religious pluralism We welcome your comments in the Reasonable Faith forums: Be sure to also visit Reasonable Faith's other channel which contains full-length clips: Follow Reasonable Faith on Twitter: http://twitter.


One woman’s story of God’s plan to show her grace and mercy through devastating circumstances


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Ascension Presbyterian Church

Ascension Presbyterian Church is a covenantal and confessional Reformed Presbyterian Church located in Apopka, Florida. Our statement of faith is the Westminster Confession of Faith, 1647. We are part of the Covenant Presbyterian Church denomination ( We are an... ( more.. )

The Eric Metaxas Show - The Show About Everything

What are miracles, and why do so many people believe in them? What do they tell us about ourselves?  And what do we do with experiences that we...

You Only Live Once?

The popular acronym YOLO (you only live once) has captured the hearts of many an emerging hedonist (and not the Christian kind). It wrests the minds of thousands with the tyranny of the urgent, motivating a kind of desperate restlessness to squeeze the last drop of pleasure out of these quickly fading days. YOLO is imprisoning a generation with a familiar lie exposed by the apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 15:32: “Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die.”

WATCH: Christian Preacher Arrested, Held For 11 Hours After Lesbian Fakes Homophobia Complaint - Breitbart

Rob Hughes had been speaking in Basildon, Essex when a woman who said she was “gay and proud” shouted: “Get down off your pedestal, you judgmental ***. Homophobia is not in this town” – despite the fact Mr Hughes had not even mentioned homosexuality.

What $5 Per Day Will Buy You on Facebook Ads

Interesting, your CPC is high for sure. You’re operating in a competitive market, but the click price still seems inflated. The big thing for me with FB ads is paying for reach just never sits right with me – if you reach an extra 4000 people, so what? If no action is taken – a click for example, then what are you gaining from it? You want people to read your blog, the fact that the post that mentions the blog reached extra people isn’t that valuable for you. Sure, they may think of your blog next time but you can’t measure that. I always advise people to pay for actions.

Are gays ‘born that way’? Most Americans now say yes, but science says no

They created a sophisticated propaganda campaign. They shipped thousands of activists into key voting areas to canvass door to door. In order to soften the average people toward homosexuality and create an animus against traditional religious values, they resurrected many of the “big lie” techniques used by the 20th century totalitarian movements. For example, people were told over and over that not allowing “gay marriage” was bad for the economy and that only backward, ignorant, and superstitious people still were against it. Homosexuality was said to be the next phase of the Civil Rights movement. A key talking point was that by supporting “gay marriage” you are “on the right side of history” – a Marxist concept (later used by the Third Reich).

In Search of an Honest Atheist

This inescapable “knowledge” of God, however, is not redemptive. That is to say, we must differentiate between awareness of God’s existence and enjoyment of it. It is one thing to acknowledge that God exists. It is another to repent and seek him and cast oneself in humble dependence upon his grace and receive by faith his gift of life in Christ Jesus. To use the words of Paul, “although they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him” but “became futile in their thinking” and “exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images resembling mortal man and birds and animals and creeping things” (Rom. 1:21-22). They cannot escape “the truth about God,” so they exchange it “for a lie” and worship and serve “the creature rather than the Creator” (Rom. 1:25).

3 Better Ways to Help the Poor

To witness what you’ve thought of as poverty your whole life is astounding. You will see things you can hardly understand. For example, you will see families of eight living in huts that seem too small for one. You will witness colleagues and friends getting malaria regularly but regarding the disease as similar to that of the common cold. You will wonder how people can find any reason to enjoy life, but you will notice how much they revel at being together, sharing meals, celebrating, singing and dancing, encouraging one another, working and creating solutions to problems, and praising God in the midst of incredible suffering.

The Catalyst App

Through the Catalyst App you’ll join pastors and business leaders, innovators and doers, influencers from all walks of life who are here for the same reason, because they believe that through great leadership the Church’s influence will be maximized. We are ready to encourage you, and be encouraged by you, as we all cultivate a true community of change makers.

My Father Killed My Mother

I tell you my story not so you will say, “Be more like Joel, because he was obedient when God told him to go visit his dad.” I tell you my story not so you will say, “How heart-warming that Joel and his dad reunited.” I tell you my story so that I can also tell you that even amid the brokenness and tragedy of our lives, and our imperfect obedience in response to them, we are nevertheless “more than conquerors” through Christ. His death and resurrection are real and operative not only in the moments of shining redemption, but also in the ugly, painful moments during which we “groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for adoption as sons” (Rom. 8:23).

Why You Should Be Reading Chesterton

Around the summer of 1894, the idea of existence caught Chesterton’s imagination and began to bring him out of his “dark night.” He couldn't get over the fact that he merely existed. After all, “anything was magnificent as compared with nothing,” he wrote. “The mere fact that one could wave one’s arms and legs about … showed that is not the mere paralysis of a nightmare. Or if it was a nightmare, it was an enjoyable nightmare.”

Surprised by Suffering

In this classic book, republished in a revised and expanded edition, Dr. R. C. Sproul argues that we should not be surprised by suffering; instead, we should expect pain and sorrow in this life. Some are actually called to a “vocation” of suffering, and all of us are called to undergo the ultimate suffering of death. God promises in His Word that difficult times will come upon us, but He also promises that He allows suffering for our good and His glory, and He will never give us more than we can bear with His help. 

Cross Examined

The Cross Examined App features inspiring content from author and apologist Dr. Frank Turek, president of CrossExamined.Org. Featuring a "Quick Answers" section that helps you respond to popular objections to Christianity, the Cross Examined blog, speaker schedule, and radio recordings- this app can help you grow and defend the faith. Share your discoveries via Twitter, Facebook or email. WiFi internet is required for iPod touch. For more information about Cross Examined, please visit: The Cross Examined app was developed with the Subsplash App Platform.

Exclusive Sneak Peek: in 'A.D. The Bible Continues,' Saul Asks for Forgiveness in New Episode

"A.D. The Bible Continues" episode nine will air at 9 p.m. ET Sunday, May 31 on NBC. The encore of last week's episode eight will air directly before the new installment. Watch the exclusive clip here.

10 Reasons Why Spiritual Disciplines Matter in Church Revitalization

But it is not enough for me to be connected to Christ and abide in him. I must also lead the leadership of the church in the development of their spiritual lives TOGETHER – as a leadership community. I’ve made that my second ministry priority after the pulpit. It is a slow go, but the culture is changing and the growth of the spiritual dynamic in our governance board is one of the most significant encouraging factors in a landscape of very hard ministry. I’ve used two books studies, in particular, to guide the board into a deeper understanding of spiritual leadership: “Spiritual Leadership” by Henry and Richard Blackaby (start there) and “Pursuing God’s Will Together” by Ruth Haley Barton – hands down, for me, the best book I’ve ever read on spiritual leadership of a ministry.

When God Does the Miracle We Didn’t Ask For

Countless childhood surgeries. Yearlong stints in the hospital. Verbal and physical bullying from classmates. Multiple miscarriages as a young wife. The unexpected death of a child. A debilitating progressive disease. Riveting pain. Betrayal. A husband who leaves.

Josh Duggar's Shame Highlights the Hypocrisy of the Left and Lack of Healing on the Right

Let's be honest, with 19 kids and counting, is it a surprise to any of us that one of the Duggar children would struggle with sexual immorality or addiction? How many pastors in our churches have "prodigal children" who fall into sin? How many pastors leading churches have fallen into this kind of sin? Unfortunately, sexual impropriety has become a not so silent epidemic among the Christian, conservative community.

Crossway on Twitter

“ @crossway : Why do pastors take on other people’s problems, even at great personal cost? ”

Loneliness is a Strategy Against Our Souls | Jim Daly

Technology we could hardly have dreamed of thirty years ago is now at our fingertips. We can connect with almost anyone anywhere in the world within seconds in a dozen different ways – from the traditional phone call to email to social media to texting.

Why You Should Make At Least One Mistake Each Week

It’s not uncommon for me to remind the leaders at Saddleback that they have my permission to make at least one mistake a week. I tell this to staff members and to lay leaders, explaining periodically that it’s OK to make mistakes — provided they’re not making the same mistakes over and over again each week.

How to Trust God When Your Dreams Aren’t Working Out

John, I feel that maybe we are reading a different article entirely? Most important, what does her age have to do with her dreams? When i was nine, my mother passed away, and I grew up in foster care. Having dreams (in combination with prayer) were what helped me to get through rough patches. You do not know what struggles this individual has been through, and she may have insight on the world that could benefit you! Additionally, at that age chances are you have less responsibilities to think of, which gives you more time to think about who you are becoming and what you want to do- we all think about these things. I am 28, I read the Bible and blogs and books and have bible studies, and in the midst of all this I dream about what my future is going to be like and try to plan as much of my life accordingly (keeping in mind that everything is in God's will, but he doesn't expect us to just starfish and wait for him to make a move). My parents are in their sixties and my mom is finally living her dream of getting the house she wanted. She told me that she prayed about it and believes God finally made this happen for her.

Piper and Alcorn on the Need for Theological Famine Relief

The Gospel Coalition is working to help pastors and elders in Africa, Asia, South America, and Europe get access to good theological resources, so that thousands of congregations will be strengthened. We are partnering with translators, publishers, and missions networks to provide new access to biblical materials in digital and physical formats. Our goal is to create, translate, and distribute materials in the context of our partners working in the field.


“Ed Welch skillfully provokes and counsels Christians on how to relate better with others by recognizing they are needy and needed. He puts his arms around church members who want to be more than spectators, around friends who want to grow in wise love for one another, and around parents who want to be more effective with their children. I wish I could have read this book as a young person—life would have been much richer both for others and for me.” Bruce K. Waltke , Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies, Regent College

Reflections on the skeptic and atheist movements

Besides, I’ve been into SAM for a long time now. I still remember, back in 1997 — my second year as an Assistant Professor of Evolutionary Biology at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville — when a guy named Carl Ledendecker approached me after a talk by a creationist and asked me if I wanted to join the “Fellowship of Reason” (now the Rationalists of East Tennessee [4]), a group devoted to fighting the good fight on behalf of science and against irrationalisms of all stripes. I thought this was a weird idea, and besides I had to work on my tenure (and I had already started one of the first Darwin Days anyway [5]). Still, after a while I decided to give it a try. I’m still friends with Carl after all these years, and with a number of others I met first there and then throughout the country while attending local, national and international SAM meetings (including, incidentally, the two co-editors of Scientia Salon).



A New Resource for

It’s Official: Bob Saget Is Joining Netflix’s ‘Full House’ Sequel

After weeks of speculation, last night on Twitter, John Stamos announced that Danny Tanner is officially coming back : “Last but not least-best piece of casting yet. The great @bobsaget will be joining our show on @netfilx - this completes the perfect reunon!” [sic] Saget will join original cast members Stamos, Candace Cameron-Bure, Andrea Barber, Jodi Sweetin, Lori Loughlin and Dave Coulier in the upcoming Netflix series Fuller House , which revisits members of the Tanner clan more than two decades after the series ended its run on TGIF. Sadly, the Olsen twins will not make an appearance. How rude! ...

George RR Martin Isn’t the Only One Confused about the Trinity

God has given form and order to the history of salvation because he intends not only to save us through it but also to reveal himself through it. The economy is shaped by God's intention to communicate his identity and character. If the history of salvation is also the way God shows us who he is and what he is like, then it makes sense that it would be a history with a clear and distinct shape ... The center of the economy of salvation is the nexus where the Son and the Holy Spirit are sent by the Father to accomplish reconciliation. ("The Deep Things of God: How the Trinity Changes Everything," 133)


As Christians, we are all called to master the most important tool of the Christian life—the Bible. In this first message of the series “Knowing Scripture,” Dr. Sproul shows us the importance of diligent study of the Scriptures.

Bishop T.D. Jakes Calls on the Church to End Racial Divide and 'Fulfill the Prayer of Jesus Christ That We May Be One' (VIDEO)

NEW YORK — Bishop T.D. Jakes, founder of The Potter's House, one of the largest megachurches in the United States, recently called on the Church to become a source of unity and healing in the faith community, particularly in the wake of ongoing racial unrest.

William Lane Craig on Stephen Hawking film "The Theory Of Everything" -- Trailer

In the film The Theory of Everything, Stephen Hawking claims that cosmology is "a religion for intelligent atheists". The question haunts the film as it haunts Hawking's books. In his lecture "Cosmology: A Religion For Atheists?" Dr William Lane Craig examines this claim - critiquing both dialogue from the film, and Prof. Hawking's own publications. Does a beginning to the universe entail a creator? Does Hawking's latest "no boundary" Big Bang model disprove it? What hope is there, in a universe without God, according to the science of physical eschatology? And is philosophy "dead" as Stephen Hawking claims? Coming soon to YouTube. Dr William Lane Craig's Kalam Cosmological Argument is the most widely discussed argument for the existence of God in contemporary western philosophy. He is Research Professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology and Houston Baptist University. He's published over 40 books and over 150 articles in peer-reviewed journals. He is most known online for his lectures and debates with leading atheists and skeptics.

20 Truths from A Field Guild to Everyday Mission

20. Our right is not to give up or write people off. But if the first use of the “not-yet” gives hope, the other use should sober us: one day, “at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father”

Civil Servants Have Rights, Too. Government Should Respect Them.

Yesterday, the North Carolina House passed a bill that would protect magistrates who object to performing solemnizing ceremonies for same-sex marriages and clerks who object to issuing same-sex marriage licenses. The bill, should it become law, would make it clear that no one can be denied a marriage license but magistrates or clerks could recuse themselves from the process behind the scenes should they have sincere objections to same-sex marriage.

Sexed-Up Culture Ruined Healthy Male-Female Work Relationships

As a researcher who focuses on female Christian leaders, I hear it over and over. The first female vice president of a Christian organization confessed she missed out on opportunities to advance her projects because the president made businesses decisions over lunch, and he promised his wife he wouldn’t eat lunch alone with women. It was enough to make her want to quit. A female pastor in Minnesota told me about being overlooked for staff development opportunities, while the lead pastor invested in her male coworkers. A female seminary professor shared the too-familiar struggle of trying to find a mentor among her all-male colleagues.

Loving Individuals Who are Hurting: Tips on Navigating Trauma and Grief

As someone trained to work with psychological trauma, I recognize that I hold an interest in a topic that makes many people feel uncomfortable. Words like death, refugee, torture, and suicide are not your typical lighthearted topics discussed at weekend social events. However, when at least 60% of adults have suffered a trauma, it is something we should discuss more often and more openly. As Christians, it is our duty and privilege to care for hurting people. Scripture describes a plethora of suffering people to whom we should extend help: the orphan, the widow, the weary, the sick, the poor, and the outcast. It is clear that Jesus has a heart for those suffering. So we come to this question: How do I help? There are many advantageous ways to help trauma survivors and grieving individuals. Volunteering, education, and advocacy are all great avenues for supporting these populations. However, I understand that many Christians serve the body of Christ in other capacities, leaving little time to volunteer with trauma on a larger scale. Therefore, I want to start smaller.

Matt Chandler Apologizes for Lack of Compassion in Church Discipline Cases

"We did not lead Karen and the church to a place conducive to peace, repentance and healing," they wrote in a letter posted online by blogger Matthew Paul Turner. "Please know that we are reaching out to Karen and giving her this apology, and we have also made the decision to move forward in releasing her from membership. We will continue to support her financially through August as we committed, and our hope and prayer for her is that God would guide her to another gospel-believing church, where she can find healing and restoration."

Free Stuff Fridays: Gospel-Shaped Church

This week’s Free Stuff Friday is sponsored by our friends at The Good Book Company , who have been working with The Gospel Coalition on a great new resource. There will be 6 winners this week, and each of them will receive a great package of prizes.

Friendship with Jesus and the Aim of Education in Serious Joy

Second, verse 14, “You are my friends if you do what I command you.” In other words, when I say that I lay down my life for my friends , you can know that my death counts for you, if it moves you to become obedient to me. Think carefully with me: He has just said, “I lay down my life for my friends.” Now he says, “You are my friends, if you do what I command.” That’s a big “if.” Eternity hangs in the balance. And I take it to mean: you can know you are my friend and my death counts for you, if my love for you and my death for you has changed you to love each other as I loved you. If you love each other as I loved you, you are showing the effect my death has had on you, and proving to be my friends.

Twenty Questions to Consider When Watching a Film

These question are based on those in my book, Focus: The Art and Soul of Cinema . They are intended to help you organise your thinking as you watch a film. As well as helping you in your own thinking about movies, these questions also provide a useful framework for group discussions (in a Damaris Film Club , for example).

47 12 Startling Benefits of Long Term Thinking in Ministry

One of the chapters in God Dreams is focused on recovering the long view of visionary planning . I unpack the benefits of “thinking long” in a world obsessed with now. The long term vision tool that I debut in the book is called the Horizon Storyline. It’s a visionary planning method that snaps right into the Vision Frame.

Should Christians Confront Mormon Missionaries When They Knock on the Front Door?

Some Christians use this verse as a reason to not invite Mormons into their homes. But this stance ignores the passage’s context. In the early church, churches met in homes. When Christian teachers arrived in a community, they looked for the home in which the faithful met. The Lord instructed the disciples to do this. In today’s language, we would write, “Do not take them into your pulpit.” It is a warning to not let false teachers into authority where they could mislead the unwary.

8 Questions for Churches at a Life and Death Cultural Crossroads

One of our core values at Grace Hills is, “We stay fast, fluid, and flexible. There are no sacred cows. We embrace the pain of change for the win of seeing more people meeting Jesus.” I wrote that one knowing that of all of our other core values, it would probably be the hardest to honor over the long haul. It addresses the crossroads where theology meets psychology, where truth, mission, and fear intermingle. Change is hard.

The Briefing 05-29-15

1) FIFA corruption charges exposes incompetence of humans to self-police sin

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