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The Gospel According to Ewan McGregor

We sat down with Ewan McGregor to talk about his groundbreaking take on the 40-day temptation of Jesus, and the experience of getting inside the head of history’s most famous foes.

WORLD | Don’t let your hatchlings leave the nest for The Angry Birds Movie | Bob Brown | May 27, 2016

The new animated film The Angry Birds Movie will appeal to fans of the popular video game franchise, but many parents might be in the mood to tar and feather

C.S. Lewis Is Great But You Should Be Reading Alvin Plantinga

Christians mark Indian president anniversary with "fear" - premier

Christians in India are said to be marking the second anniversary of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's election with "fear and apprehension".

Pastor Jamal Bryant Ordered Off Block, Told to 'Get Out of Baltimore,' by Activist PFK Boom

Embattled megachurch pastor and social activist Jamal Bryant was dismissed as disgraceful, opportunistic and ultimately browbeaten into taking flight from a Baltimore street rally Wednesday after an ugly confrontation with grassroots activist PFK Boom.

Design through the Looking Glass

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

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1 Watch Live › Commencement | Biola University

Bookmark this page for the live webcast of both commencement ceremonies.

Reformed Forum on Twitter

Vern Poythress and Iain Duguid speak about Seeing Christ in All of Scripture. 

The Secret/Word of Faith Movement/Christianity in Crisis: 21st Century - Christian Research Institute

One of the reasons that the Word of Faith movement has become so popular in Christian and secular-settings is that everyone wants to know the “secret.” Everyone wants to have the “magic bullet;” you know, the secret to health; the secret to wealth; the secret to successful relationships; the secret to making a fortune on Wall Street –– if that is even possible anymore –– the secret to maintaining your perfect weight. The list is endless. Thus, when Rhonda Byrne informed the world she had discovered “the Secret to life”–– a secret harnessed by “the greatest people in history: Plato, Shakespeare…Lincoln… Einstein”— the world stood up and took notice. Within weeks, The Secret topped bestseller lists and morphed into a cultural phenomenon. In fact, on January 15, 2009, they’re going to have a special theater event, hosted by Lisa Gibbons entitled, Beyond the Secret. So it’s taken on a life of its own because it gives simple formulas or fast food formulas for very complex problems.

WORLD | Troubling ties | June 11, 2016

Str/AFP/Getty Images2011: Damaturu, Nigeria While the full truth may never come to light, what’s at issue are long-standing Clinton ties to controversial Nigerian businessmen—billionaires who have donated money toward both Clintons’ presidential campaigns and the Clinton Foundation—who could benefit in seeing Boko Haram proliferate. Knowing whether she placed financial ties and influence peddling ahead of national security interests during that time period is more urgent than ever, now that the former secretary of state could become the commander in chief.

Robert Howell ن on Twitter

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Is ISIS on the Ropes?

I think we collectively, as the Christian community, run the risk of co-opting the past, co-opting their experience with ISIS and in spinning a certain kind of tale that then aims or serves to threaten the future Muslim community that they would be engaging with as former Muslims. These would be the former Muslims that would stand on stages, get book deals and become mini Christian celebrities who would spin a certain yarn about their time in ISIS or their experiences surrounding that and it’s not that it would necessarily be untrue, it just wouldn't tell the whole truth about all Muslims and all Islam everywhere and then I think it actually feeds into a cyclical dynamic where we Christians become agents of more violence, more separation and discrimination toward Muslims, which of course, is part of how we got into this in the first place.


These are not original to me; however, I have seen them around the internet and find them most helpful.  May all of us strive to obey these in our interactions and discussions! 1. Thou shall not attack the person’s character, but the argument. (Ad hominem) 2. Thou shall not misrepresent or exaggerate a person’s argument in order to make them easier to attack. (Straw man fallacy)   3. Thou shall not use small numbers to represent the whole. (Hasty generalization)  4. Thou shall not argue thy position by assuming one of its premises is true. (Begging the question)  5. Thou shall not claim that because something occurred before, it must be the cause. (Post Hoc/False cause)  6. Thou shall not reduce the argument down to two possibilities. (False dichotomy)  7. Thou shall not argue that because of our ignorance, claim must be true or false. (Ad ignorantum)  8. Thou shall not lay the burden of proof onto him that is questioning the claim. (Burden of proof reversal)  9. Thou shall not assume “this” follows “that” when it has no logical connection.

Albert Mohler on Twitter

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Patrick Regan: Knife Crime in London // The Profile

CEO of XLP Patrick Regan shares what he’s learnt about why young people in London carry knives. XLP is a charity based in London, creating positive futures for young people growing up on deprived inner city estates, struggling daily with issues such as family breakdown, poverty, unemployment and educational failure, and living in areas that experience high levels of anti-social behaviour, criminality and gang activity. Join us for an in-depth interview with a well known Christian speaker, author or public figure every Saturday afternoon. The Profile is broadcast every Saturday at 4pm on Premier Christian Radio and is brought to you in association with Premier Christianity Magazine. For more 'The Profile' interviews, visit: | For more video and audio content: | Like us on Facebook | Tweet us @TogetherPremier

Renewing Your Mind | The Prologue of John’s Gospel | May 27, 2016

Above I have mostly spoken about the “person” of Jesus, “who” He was and is. But what of His “work”? Obviously, the primary work of Jesus in John is to be the redeemer of God’s elect, climaxing in his death and resurrection. Less emphasized, but important nonetheless, is Jesus’ work as Creator. The prologue of John opens with statements about Jesus’ divine nature (1:1–2). Immediately after this, Jesus (in conjunction with the Father and Holy Spirit) is the Creator (and sustainer) of the universe. “All things were made through him [Jesus], and without him was not anything made that was made” (1:3). A little further in the prologue is the sad note that Jesus was generally rejected by the world that He made. “He [Jesus] was in the world, and [though] the world was made through him, yet the world did not know him” (1:10). This opening emphasis on Jesus as Creator is the backdrop for many of the miracles that Jesus does throughout John. (For other New Testament texts where Jesus is Creator, see 1 Cor. 8:6; Col.

11 We're All Anabaptists Now, Part Two

The Anabaptist impulse misses this because it ignores Natural Law. Christians broadly agree that morality isn’t just for the Church. Paul expresses this in Romans 1-2, in which he writes that all people have access to moral truth, both through the revelation of God’s power and nature in creation, and the light of conscience. The requirements of the Law, writes the Apostle, are “written on their hearts.” He also hints that certain sins (especially bending and blending the sexes) are red flags of a civilization going off the rails. Endorsing those reality-bending experiments isn’t just unloving to the individuals in drag taking sex hormones. It’s cultural suicide.

Satisfaction and Contentment

In 2004, Rolling Stone magazine listed “The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.” At the top was Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone.” Second on the list (presuming no bias in the choices made by the magazine) came the Rolling Stones’ “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.” This song, both in its intended sense and even when pruned of its innuendo, has served as the anthem of the past half-century (it was released in 1965). It therefore comes as no surprise that USA Today reports that the majority of Americans, in every age group, feel that they have never discovered their destiny. There is no reason they should have. For once we cut ourselves off from the ground, means, and end of both our satisfaction and our destiny, we simply starve to death spiritually. No satisfaction means no contentment.

FREE Social Media Management Dashboard | Twitter/Facebook Marketing Tool |

“..I started using to be more efficient on the way I manage out Twitter communities. My favorite features? The prioritized feed to focus on the relevant members of the community..”

First Principles of Technogesis

How we create and share images forms us, usually unconsciously, but decisively. Technogesis asks how this works out in our minds and culture. When I took a photo of Morgan recently in a breakfast restaurant, I had to haul out a rather large object (compared with a smart phone) depress a real button (not touch a screen), and wait for the film to appear amidst the fanfare of that distinctive Polaroid sound (one of its most endearing qualities). Then we waited about fifteen minutes for the film to develop while in a black pouch. Because these actions are slow and deliberate—because things can go wrong because of the steps involved—they add weight to the event of producing an image of someone. Today, the novelty of the event secures it in our minds. When images are instantly produced and available through smartphones, their value plummets and their mark on reality recedes or disappears. The things and people whose images they are may evaporate as well. A million selfies erodes the self.

Legalism and Lawlessness

Therefore if you have been raised up with Christ, keep seeking the things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth. For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God. . . . Therefore consider the members of your earthly body as dead to immorality, impurity, passion, evil desire, and greed, which amounts to idolatry. For it is because of these things that the wrath of God will come upon the sons of disobedience, and in them you also once walked, when you were living in them. But now you also, put them all aside: anger, wrath, malice, slander, and abusive speech from your mouth. Do not lie to one another, since you laid aside the old self with its evil practices, and have put on the new self who is being renewed to a true knowledge according to the image of the One who created him. (Colossians 3:1-10)

How 'Drug-Bear, Iron Man' Dr. Michael Brown Found Jesus

"When I was in high school, I earned the nicknames drug-bear and Iron Man," Brown says in a new video produced by ONE FOR ISRAEL Ministry.  

How to Address America’s Foster Care Crisis? It Takes a Village

That’s the night my husband, John, and I sat at a friend’s dinner table surrounded by five girls between the ages of 5 and 15. Some were adopted; others were there through foster care. She told us, “There are orphans right here in Hawaii who need adoptive families. The church really needs to get involved.”

The Whitewashing of Hollywood and the Asian-American Response

Nevertheless, I’m also reminded we need wisdom in this endeavor for several reasons. Here are three: first, we’re still minorities living a majority culture. Second, we’re divided ourselves by varying Asian-American experiences—whether first-generation Asian immigrants, second-generation Asian Americans, and so on. Third, we lack a mainstream Asian-American voice—whether Christian or secular—who might teach and model for the majority culture who we are. [1]

J.P. Moreland on the Ministry of Reasonable Faith

Partner With Us Today: Reasonable Faith is here to provide intelligent, winsome answers for those who are seeking to find the truth of the Gospel. But we need help from our friends. We welcome your comments in the Reasonable Faith forums: Be sure to also visit Reasonable Faith's other channel which contains short clips: Follow Reasonable Faith On Twitter: Like the Reasonable Faith Facebook Fan Page:

The Horror and Hope in Slavery

John Piper tackles difficult verses addressed to slaves and masters, drawing in several other texts about slavery. He shows that seeds were planted in the Bible to bring down every institution of slavery. He ends this session with a few minutes about how to fear God and live fearlessly.

The double whammy facing Baylor (with good cause) in the sexual-assault scandal

Then again, the Baylor administration (camped on the "moderate" side of Baptist life at the time) turned the journalism program upside down midway through my undergraduate years after efforts to control the coverage of controversial subjects such as, you got it, sexual assaults on or near campus. I was one of a dozen or so student journalists caught up in that. When I left, I pretty much avoided coming back to the campus for several decades.

22 Religious Liberty, Growing Prosperity, Socialism, and School Choice

Shrinking Middle Class. You may be hearing from the Bernie Sanders campaign (and elsewhere) that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer, and the middle class is shrinking. Last week, the Washington Post ran a piece that seemed to document that message, headlined: “The middle class is shrinking just about everywhere in America.” That’s true, but the reason the middle class is shrinking is because many of them are getting rich. According to an analysis of census and income data by the Cato Institute , a libertarian-leaning think tank, “ Data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that after adjusting for inflation, households with an annual income of $100,000 or more rose from a mere 8% of households in 1967 to a quarter of households in 2014.” The Cato report says it is true that “11 percent fewer Americans were middle class in 2015 than in 1971,” but that’s “because 7 percent moved into higher income groups and 4 percent moved into lower income groups. The share of Americans in the upper middle and highest income tiers rose from 14 percent in 1971 to 21 percent in 2015.

23 Does Having Homosexual Friends Mean You're Unequally Yoked?

I had the privilege – and was humbled by the opportunity – to preach to a congregation of 3,000 believers at Calvary Chapel Chino Valley this past Sunday morning on “Homosexuality: Truth and Compassion.” One of the points I made during my message was that Scripture doesn’t teach that we have to cut ties with family, friends, and co-workers who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT). In fact, I argued, we should make our relationships with them a high priority.

24 Grace to You Radio

A one-minute radio feature where John MacArthur applies biblical truth to daily living.

Ligonier Ministries

The mission, passion and purpose of Ligonier Ministries is to proclaim the holiness of God in all its fullness to as many people as possible. Your gift enables our worldwide outreach. Donate Now

The Gospel Coalition 2017 National Conference

In this workshop, we'll talk about the Rev. Oscar Pfister, an evangelical Protestant pastor, who was a close associate and friend of Sigmund Freud. Although Freud respected Pfister as both a cleric and a scholar, Pfister focused on points of his agreement with Freud's research and psychoanalysis rather than making much of the faulty presuppositions in Freud's worldview. Most disturbingly, it seems as though this "man of God" whom Freud and his whole family clearly loved, never insisted on the gospel's demands on Freud's life. Not only was Freud never converted, he was lulled into thinking there were powerful areas of overlap between his worldview and Pfister's. The story is a cautionary tale for those who mistake "relational evangelism" and "cultural engagement" for gospel-oriented worldview apologetics predicated on incommensurable presuppositions.

What I’ve Learned in Twenty Years of Marriage

Twenty-one years ago today, I was waiting in a hallway right next to the baptistery where I was immersed a decade before. Within a few moments, I stood in front of my home church to greet my bride, Maria Hanna, and to pledge to her before God and those witnesses my love and my life. Today, I look back and wonder what all we’ve learned in these twenty-one years together. The main thing is that I’m glad we didn’t wait until we were ready to get married.

WORLD | The low cost of adopting a child | Anthony Bradley | May 27, 2016

There is a prevailing myth out there that process of adoption costs thousands upon thousands of dollars, but that isn’t true. Not only is adopting a child in foster care essentially free in many states, adoptive parents can receive a stipend if a child has special needs. In fact, the only instances where adoption costs thousands of dollars are when couples seek to adopt infants from the United States or from around the world through a private agency. Otherwise, adopting an orphan from the United States cost little to nothing.

WORLD | Indiana court hears appeal of woman convicted of feticide | Julia Camara | May 27, 2016

Indiana appellate courts last week considered a defense attorney’s request to free the first woman ever charged, convicted, and sentenced for feticide.

Talbot Seminary on Twitter

"We are members of a Church; this Church is worldwide ..." View Paul Marsall's address live:

The Apologist: Faith not fairies

God is a supernatural being and so are fairies, but that is where the similarities end. There are no good reasons to believe that fairies exist: the evidence is simply not there. When it comes to whether there is a creator-designer behind the existence of the universe, the evidence is all around us. The origin and nature of this universe requires an explanation. To think that it doesn’t is merely a refusal to think. The leading atheistic explanation, that the universe ‘just is’, is simply an assertion or claim: it is not an explanation.

How Do You Explain Miracles?

For more resources visit: While Dr William Lane Craig was on his Australian speaking tour, he spoke at EV Church on the topic, "The Evidence for Christianity." Can we trust that the Bible is true? After his talk, he answered a number of questions from the audience. In this clip, Dr Craig answers the question, "What is Scientism and is it true?" We welcome your comments in the Reasonable Faith forums: Be sure to also visit Reasonable Faith's other channel: Follow Reasonable Faith On Twitter: Add Reasonable Faith On Facebook:

Sojourners on Twitter

Does a tradition-obsessed culture rob us of the tools we need to face adversity? …

Episode 369: Robert Madu // Compassion

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4 Ways a Church Benefits from Having a Healthy Pastor

The Bible tells us over and over again to be good stewards of the resources that God has given us. A pastor that is physically healthy provides his people a great example. The apostle Paul writes to the church at Corinth to “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ” (1 Corinthians 11:1…NIV). While not a clear mandate for pastors, it is a principle that as a pastor/christian leader I need to follow. Pastors must follow Jesus because there are others following them. When a pastor makes being a good steward of their bodies a priority, it tells his people that this is important.  It isn’t just about the things that we must abstain from. It is also about the things that we must do to remain healthy. By his actions, what does your pastor tell you to do in regards to stewardship of your body.


A new spending bill amendment seeks to block the president’s ability to punish states with…

The Sceptic: Why God is a fairy tale

Philosopher AC Grayling has made it his mission to show why people have as little reason to believe in a deity as they do in the Tooth Fairy. Justin Brierley meets the atheist professor who believes he has seen the future – and God’s not part of it.

ThinkChristian on Twitter

TC's @JohnJThompson says Radiohead's Moon Shaped Pool is unlike anything they've ever done …

Grace to You

“You were completely born in sins, and are you teaching us?” (v. 34). The Pharisees were incensed with the man, and their anger prevented them from seeing the penetrating insight that the uneducated healed man had demonstrated. The phrase also revealed their ignorance of Scripture, for the Old Testament indicated that the coming messianic age would be evidenced by restoration of sight to the blind (Is. 29:18; 35:5; 42:7;Matt. 11:4, 5; Luke 4:18, 19).

Novlr on Twitter

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Christian books and resources for seminary students in East Asia

However, those books are very difficult to be found in [our country], and they are very expensive to a seminary student. I’d like to ask if you can provide some of your books, not only for myself, but will help my future ministry in church after my graduation. I think this is a very good opportunity which helps me spread the seed of gospel to [Asia’s] soil. Thank you for your help.

Hopeless Youths // davecreates // Spoken Word

UK spoken word talent, David Abiona aka Davecreates challenges discouraging, modern stereotypes about young people. | Watch more videos and exclusive interviews at | For more video and audio content: | Like us on Facebook | Tweet us @TogetherPremier

DOUBT: A Splinter In The Mind | by Bobby Conway

Horrifying so, doubt is no stranger to our time. And capturing the zeitgeist of our changing times is quite the project. We live in a multi-textured culture that is replete with innumerable beliefs, opinions, ideas, and life philosophies. Ours is a culture of doubt and longing, faith and questioning, searching and probing. And much of the doubt has been accelerated by fast-paced change. Our culture is living between the tension of what we once were and what we are now becoming. And for many, waiting in the blank space between the definition of what we were and the search to define what we are becoming feels for the moment confusing, and even a bit uncomfortable.

Catalyst Leadership Essentials Simulcast

In this 2 hour simulcast event, Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel share their experiences in leading highly effective ministries and provide us with three essentials on which to build our leadership. This is a can’t-miss opportunity to unpack the nuts and bolts of leadership with Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel, two of the principal voices in church leadership today.

What Does the Bible Have to Say about the Value of Women? | RZIM

The Bible’s high view of women stands matchless among sacred texts and historical documents, yet many think the Bible is to blame for most, if not all, mistreatment of women in our modern world. This is a common barrier to belief, but it’s a question I often look forward to addressing because the answer from scripture is overwhelmingly positive.

Unicorns in the Bible?

The importance of the biblical unicorn is not so much its specific identity—much as we would like to know—but its reality. The Bible is clearly describing a real animal. The unicorn mentioned in the Bible was a powerful animal possessing one or two strong horns—not the fantasy animal that has been popularized in movies and books. Whatever it was, it is now likely extinct like many other animals. To think of the biblical unicorn as a fantasy animal is to demean God’s Word, which is true in every detail.

President Obama Gives One Of The Most Repulsive Speeches In American History In Hiroshima

We must change our mind-set about war itself….we must reimagine our connection to one another as members of one human race. For this, too, is what makes our species unique. We’re not bound by genetic code to repeat the mistakes of the past. We can learn. We can choose. We can tell our children a different story, one that describes a common humanity, one that makes war less likely and cruelty less easily accepted…. Those who died, they are like us. Ordinary people understand this, I think. They do not want more war. They would rather that the wonders of science be focused on improving life and not eliminating it. When the choices made by nations, when the choices made by leaders, reflect this simple wisdom, then the lesson of Hiroshima is done.

ThinkChristian on Twitter

If you haven't watched the Chewbacca Lady yet we have it here, along w/ some thoughts on joy …

WORLD | Few Syrian Christians get asylum in U.S., despite genocide declaration | Evan Wilt | May 27, 2016

WASHINGTON—Two months after the Obama administration called out militant terror group Islamic State (ISIS) for committing genocide against Christians in Iraq and Syria, refugee data show those finding a safe haven in the United States are not the ones suffering the most persecution.

Letters Between George Washington and a Synagogue Have Religious Freedom Lessons for Today

In the letter the synagogue, styling themselves as "the children of the stock of Abraham," declared the following: "Deprived as we heretofore have been of the invaluable rights of free Citizens, we now with a deep sense of gratitude to the Almighty disposer of all events behold a Government, erected by the Majesty of the People — a government, which to bigotry gives no sanction, to persecution no assistance — but generously affording to all Liberty of conscience, and immunities of Citizenship — deeming everyone, of whatever Nation, tongue, or language equal parts of the great governmental Machine: — This so ample and extensive Federal Union whose basis is Philanthropy, Mutual confidence and Public Virtue, we cannot but acknowledge to be the work of the Great God, who ruleth in the Armies of Heaven, and among the Inhabitants of the Earth, doing whatever seemeth him good."  

52 WORLD | Facebook, Google, and the radical new gatekeepers | Nick Eicher | May 27, 2016
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59 How to Glorify God by Being a Generalist
60 Star Trek: TNG Season 7 “Interface” and “Gambit, Part I”
61 South Carolina Becomes 13th State to Enact 20-Week Abortion Ban
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75 Here’s What Jesus Meant When He Said, “Sell Everything And Give It to the Poor.”
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78 I Am Your Father: Star Wars's Dad Complex
79 WORLD | Globe Trot: Obama calls for nuclear disarmament in Hiroshima visit | Mindy Belz | May 27, 2016
80 How do I know the Bible is not just mythology?
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83 Can Natural Processes Explain the Origin of Life?
84 The world is getting more religious, because the poor go for God | Giles Fraser: Loose canon
86 Texas and Oklahoma sue Obama administration over transgender public school decree
87 Canada’s Justice Minister calls for two-year prison sentence for critics of transgenderism
89 US can save children through upholding international adoption rights - The Boston Globe
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