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The Renewed Mind and How to Have It

Any effort to renew our minds must follow the Holy Spirit’s initiatives and enablings.

Sacred Schizophrenia: A Meditation on Self-Denial

The Christian life is a fight. But our deadliest enemy doesn’t attack us from the outside, but from within.

Hallucination Theory v Resurrection of Jesus

Visit the post for more.

CBN's Gordon Robertson on Six-Day War Film: Jews Are Still God's Chosen People (Interview)

"Whether that's the covenant with Noah that He would never again destroy the Earth, or the covenant that was made to Abraham and specifically the descendants of Abraham — that covenant is to the physical descendants of Abraham, the ones who will come from his body. Then there's the covenant of the Torah made with Moses, which is a spiritual covenant and is based on obedience to the Torah. Those covenants stand. God does not break His Word. He stands by His Word to perform it," Robertson told The Christian Post.

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Wilberforce Weekend 2017

Through the proclamation of Truth, leadership training, and collaboration with like-minded organizations, The  Colson Center for Christian Worldview seeks to build and resource a movement of Christians committed to living and defending the Christian worldview.

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Wilberforce Weekend 2018 Early Registration $250 — This rate expires May 23 and will never be this low again.

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The Wilberforce Weekend photo album featuring Christians committed to living and defending the Christian worldview.

8 The TC Apologetics Daily

Our Sins Are Many, His Mercy Is More

Every week we gather as God’s people, and we get the privilege of seeing God’s giant judgment scroll unrolled before us. It might arrive during a corporate reading of Scripture, or the lyric of a song about God’s holiness, or we might get a new glimpse of our sinfulness as the pastor preaches. This is one of the greatest gifts we experience every weekend: the reminder that our sins are many, and worse than we want to believe. The giant flying scroll reminds us that the Lord God intends to consume our sin whole.

Why Doesn't God Answer All My Prayers? (Video) | Cold Case Christianity

If the Christian God exists, why doesn’t he consistently answer the prayers of his followers? The prayers of devout, deserving Christians go unanswered every day. Are these unanswered prayers evidence that the Christian God simply does not exist? What does the Bible teach about the nature of prayer? Are there some prayers that God simply will not answer?

Presuppositional Apologetics Books and Resources Sale

No, Prayer Isn’t Just Another Form of Slacktivism

A photo my colleague just brought back from drought-stricken Kenya underscores the need. It shows a mother and her children trying to suck the marrow from the bones of dead donkeys that litter the dusty landscape. Those bones are all they have to eat.

Christian Case Makers: Don't Allow Your Vigilance To Become Vitriol

Most of us, as Christians, understand the importance of truth. We also understand our duty as believers to protect and guard the doctrinal truths of Scripture. The New Testament authors repeatedly warn us to be vigilant against the distortion of truth that inevitably results when prideful and errant influences invade the Church:

You Can Do A Show About Christianity, Unless You Believe It's True

Every Easter season results in a new round of television shows, magazine covers and newspaper articles casting doubt on the historicity of Jesus or the reliability of the New Testament. The major networks and news outlets are willing to talk about Jesus at that time of year, although few of them are willing to take Him seriously . NPR once featured an interview arguing for a version of Jesus that is “completely different from the one portrayed by… religious texts,” a Macleans article claimed that the Gospel authors mis-remembered, changed or invented their stories, and a Psychology Today author wrote that Jesus never even existed. CNN’s Finding Jesus is perhaps the most prominent example of this fascination with Easter season skepticism. After debuting last year, it quickly became the network’s highest rated production to date. This show examines ancient Christian relics and, week by week, demonstrates that they have little or nothing to do with Jesus of Nazareth. These articles and television productions demonstrate a principle guiding the major media outlets in our country: You can write an article or produce a series about Jesus, as long as it doesn’t claim anything about Him is true .

Love the One You’re With

There are numerous legitimate reasons to leave a church, and departures are one more messy opportunity to extend gracious love. But we must have a healthy suspicion of our motives if disillusionment, restlessness, boredom, discontentment, burnout, relational conflict, and disappointed expectations are fueling our impulse to leave. Often these fruits have roots in selfish soil. We must not love the church we can’t be with — that idealized community of our imagination. We must love the one we’re with.

Robert Spencer on the #CancelSarsour Protest

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch calls on Americans to protest Sharia promoter Linda Sarsour's CUNY commencement speech. RSVP on Facebook:

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How to Get Your Kids to Ask More Questions About Their Faith

When we first started doing this, we went around in a circle, having each of our kids ask a question on their turn. The good side of doing it that way is that it encourages everyone to be thinking. The bad side is (1) that it can kill the momentum of the night if one kid is not feeling particularly thoughtful (everyone will be sitting around waiting for them to come up with something), and (2) that if your kids are competitive (as mine are), they’ll spend more time thinking up a good question for their impending turn than listening to the current discussion. We found the whole night flows better when you simply let everyone throw out questions as they have them. Just make sure that if someone didn’t ask something on their own, you give them the chance to.

How to Love Your Ideological Enemy

Classroom teaching has provided me with a model for this idea. Although change (in the form of learning) is up to each student, I have a responsibility to create an environment for teaching, leading, and encouraging. In the sphere of social media—where so much discipleship, whether good or bad, intentional or not, takes place—I also seek to create a space for teaching, leading, and encouraging. There, too, I serve the Lord and “must not be quarrelsome but kind to everyone, able to teach, patiently enduring evil, correcting opponents with gentleness” (2 Tim. 2:24-25). This is the responsibility of all believers, since we are both hosts and guests within the house of orthodoxy.

What Does It Mean for a Man to Lead His Family Spiritually?

What is the overall moral vision of the family? He should take initiative, asking that question and pursuing an answer with his wife at his side. What do we believe about God and the world and family and culture? All families stand for something. All families are known for something. All families are called to glorify God according to their gifts. What does that look like? And that is the man’s responsibility. Pursue that. Figure that out. A man feels responsibility to take initiatives to form and carry through that moral vision of the family and, of course, he is doing it through the constant interaction with his wife. She would not be thrilled to be left out of that formulation, but I think most Christian women are thrilled that the husband is taking the initiative and drawing her in to see to it that they have such a moral vision for the family.

Making Room for Atheism: The Supremacy of God in a Pluralistic World

(5) by making clear that God himself is the foundation for our commitment to a pluralistic democratic order — not because pluralism is his ultimate ideal, but because in a fallen world, legal coercion will not produce the kingdom of God. Christians agree to make room for non-Christian faiths (including naturalistic, materialistic faiths), not because commitment to God’s supremacy is unimportant, but because it must be voluntary, or it is worthless. We have a God-centered ground for making room for atheism. “If my kingdom were of this world, my servants would have been fighting” (John 18:36). The fact that God establishes his kingdom through the supernatural miracle of faith, not firearms, means that Christians in this age will not endorse coercive governments — Christian or secular.

The Theology Beneath the Trump-Comey Conflict

While a student at the College of William and Mary, Comey wrote his undergraduate thesis on Niebuhr. The Protestant theologian seems to have left an impression, judging from Comey’s references to him in public speeches and from this apparent pseudonym. Within a few days of Feinberg’s article, the owner shut the accounts down, though not before sending one last tweet that seemed to confirm the identification: a link to—perhaps a job offer to Feinberg—and a quote from the movie Anchorman : “Actually I’m not even mad. That’s Amazing.”

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We need to be known for what we stand for, not just what we stand against. @jbstonestreet & @warrencolesmith in “Restoring All Things”

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2018 Confirmed Speaker: Makoto Fujimura is an artist, writer, and speaker recognized worldwide as a cultural shaper.

When Fear Seizes You

When fear seizes you, all your ability to think rationally evaporates. Life becomes overwhelming, and the promises of God are thrown out the window. When Moses sent the spies into Canaan to gather information for the people of Israel, fear of the looming giants became much more visible than any of the blessings Canaan had to offer. Although they obediently gathered fruit from the land, their report focused on all the seemingly impossible obstacles they faced.

Renewing Your Mind | A Second Account | May 21, 2017

Luke is recognized by some as the greatest historian of antiquity. Today, R.C. Sproul helps us understand both the historical nature and the overarching theme of the Book of Acts.

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God is the Ground for Truth

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Is it not the great end of…Christianity to make us compassionate and kind…and active and useful in…civil duties? –William Wilberforce

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When to Stand Together, When to Stand Apart

“If the house next door is on fire, you can hand a bucket to a Jehovah’s Witness who hands it to a Mormon, and you’re not compromising theologically.” — Albert Mohler

Eastwood on Political Correctness: ‘We’re Killing Ourselves’

Of the controversy surrounding the film’s central character and view of crime, Eastwood told MTV back in 2008, “I was told when I first got the script that other actors had liked it but had reservations about the political elements of it. But even at that age, I was not afraid of it. To me, it was an exciting detective story. It was a fantasy. Here's a guy who is so dogmatic that nothing is going to stop him when his mind is made up.”

C.S. Lewis and the Art of Disagreement

As a fellow of one of the colleges at the University of Oxford, I have the responsibility of being senior member (faculty supervisor) of two student-run societies, the C. S. Lewis Society, a literary and theological discussion group, and Oxford Students for Life, a group that aims to promote a culture in which the unborn, the disabled, the terminally ill, and other vulnerable minorities have a place.

So You Want An Unbiased Opinion On Christianity? You're Piling On More Bias Than You Think!

There are many scholars who have decided to follow Christ following an open-minded investigation. At that point, they have all lost objectivity; or at least, they’ve lost objectivity if they have any sense in them! They’ve encountered a person they believe to be the answer to their deepest questions, the one source of all love, the one who has called them to love and to trust, the one who promises an eternity of life with him. Why shouldn’t they become emotionally invested? How strange it would be if they didn’t!

5 Ways to Help Keep Your Kids From Becoming Secularized Worshipers

To secularize something means to remove anything from it that has to do with God or religion. It’s no secret that our society is becoming more and more secularized by the day. American secularism, in particular, is very “me” focused. Everywhere our kids turn, they are met with messages like, “Follow your heart!” and “Believe in yourself!” and “You can be anything you want to be!” With God removed from the picture, these messages can be very enticing.

True Friends Are Hard to Find

This is a vital function of community that few people want. We’d much rather have friends who always tell us what we want to hear, who show us the false grace of excusing sin and give us false hope that we can grow closer to God without repentance. But because sin is a poison to our souls and a thief of our joy in God, we cannot afford to forsake this kind of friendship.

Rapid Response: 'Evil Disproves the Existence of God'

In our Rapid Response series, we tackle common concerns about (and objections to) the Christian worldview by providing short, conversational responses. These posts are designed to model what our answers might look like in a one-on-one setting, while talking to a friend or family member. Imagine if someone said, “If God is both all-loving and all-powerful, why does He allow evil things to happen? Doesn’t the mere presence of evil disprove the existence of God?” How would you respond to such a claim? Here is a conversational example of how I recently replied:

Why Francis Schaeffer Matters: His Approach to Apologetics

Schaeffer begins his approach to apologetics by pointing out that every non-regenerate person enters the discussion with a set of presuppositions.  Some have taken the time to analyze their presuppositions.  Most have not.  But each non-regenerate person is caught in the horns of a dilemma because it is impossible to be consistent in logic or practice.  This holds true along the whole spectrum of people.  Every person whether a University student, housewife, businessman or disgruntled teenager is stuck and boxed in by the logic of his or her presuppositions.  Thus, Schaeffer writes, “You are facing a man in tension; and it is this tension which works on your behalf as you speak to him . . . A man may try to bury the tension and you may have to help him find it, but somewhere there is a point of inconsistency” ( The God Who Is There , 133).  Schaeffer adds, “To have to choose between one consistency or the other is a real damnation for man.  The more logical a man who holds a non-Christian position is to his own presuppositions, the further he is from the real world; and the nearer he is to the real world, the more illogical he is to his presuppositions” ( The God Who Is There , 133-134).

Evolution: Scripture and Nature Say No!

First, YECs do not say that belief in God rules out belief in evolution. They do, however, argue that the whole point of Darwinian evolution is to show that there is no need for a supernatural Creator, since nature can do the creating by itself. Evolutionary creation is an attempt to synthesize evolution and the Christian faith, which, YECs would contend, invents a syncretistic creator-God of one’s own imagination. In other words, the God of evolutionary creation is not the God of the Bible. Second, the question is not “is there another way to read Genesis that isn’t literal” (which is a caricature of YECs 5 ) but is rather “what does the text of Genesis say and teach?” Sound exegesis of Genesis 1 leads to the conclusion that its author intended to teach that God created everything in one week ( Exodus 20:8–11 ). 6

The Apologist's Secret Weapon

Not only is it a relief for you to understand that “I don’t know” is an option, others will appreciate your honesty in admitting your lack of knowledge. We like humble people, and in a day of glory-seeking pontificators, your honesty and humility will be greatly appreciated. It shows people that you aren’t out to win at all costs. It shows people that you value them more than the argument. It shows that you respect them enough to concede to a good point and allow them to look smart. Because, let’s be honest, one of the reasons we get angry in arguments is because we feel the other person doesn’t respect us and is making us look dumb for believing what we do. So when you can say, “I don’t know. Good point,” it shows the other person that although you disagree with him, you don’t think he is an idiot. Such humility goes a long way toward developing healthy conversation and lasting relationships, which are both more likely to produce fruit than firing facts back and forth.

Study: 14% of American Christians Left Their Churches After the Election

It almost goes without saying that a consistent thread in cultural conversation is the complex relationship between Christians and politics. It’s a complicated, nuanced and often contentious relationship. And new research shows an interesting twist: A study out last week from the Washington Post reveals that for a surprising number of Christians, this past election seemingly caused them to leave their churches.

The Power of Deep Rest

There is a symbiotic relationship between work and rest. Of course we know this at one level. We get away from work in order to replenish our bodies and minds. Resting, or practicing Sabbath, is also a way to help us get perspective on our work and put it in its proper place. Often we can't see our work properly until we get some distance from it and reimmerse ourselves in other activities. Then we see that there is more to life than work. With that perspective and rested bodies and minds, we return to do more and better work.

What Our Anger Is Telling Us

And then there is sorrow. We are rightfully sad for how slow our souls are in receiving God’s grace. We are sad that we find ourselves more perturbed by our wounded ego than we are by the abortions that take place downtown, that we shake our fists at rude media more than we lift our hands to heal the broken, that we inwardly mock those who disagree with us more than we publicly defend the rights of the voiceless. We are sad about that in our depths with a kind of serious sadness that isn’t content to leave it there. We are grieved into repentance (2 Corinthians 7:9–10). We turn and we say, No more, Lord. Please, no more.

ICE Deports Christian Who Fled Persecution Back to Indonesia

By 2009, the Reformed Church of America pastor believed he had brokered an arrangement with the federal government to allow them to legally stay in the country. When that agreement ended in 2012, ICE demanded that Indonesian immigrants who had overstayed tourist visas and missed asylum application deadlines leave the US immediately.

The New Theistic Evolutionists: BioLogos and the Rush to Embrace the 'Consensus'

A key difference between BioLogos and intelligent design is BioLogos’s view that design cannot, in principle, be scientifically detected in nature, or that design could be scientifically detected, but isn’t. BioLogos believes the evolutionary “consensus” should not be questioned, and maintains nonexperts should defer to the consensus. They fear that when Christians challenge the consensus, this produces “anti-science attitudes” that “hinder evangelism.” BioLogos defends the consensus, despite recent scientific discoveries affecting theories regarding the origin of life, neo-Darwinian evolution, common ancestry, and junk DNA, which contradict the consensus. Fearing the “god of the gaps” fallacy, BioLogos eschews arguments for faith that defy the consensus and argues the consensus is consistent with Christianity. This might prevent some Christians from becoming atheists, but it gives atheists essentially no intellectual reasons to become Christians.

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Instagram post by @louiegiglio • May 22, 2017 at 2:08am UTC

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Try standing barefoot on a pile of snow and see how long you last. Ducks do it all the time...

One Ex-Lesbian's Plea to Pastors Across America

And last, I need you to tell me to repent. Please tell me that true Christianity calls for genuine repentance of all sin, including homosexuality. And pastors, if I try to make excuses to live in my sin, stand firm because my eternal destiny hinges on it. And then, and this is so very important, tell me that God's power, mercy and grace are more than enough for me to live in absolute freedom. If you don't, I will think that homosexuality is the only sin for which God's power isn't enough. It is.

50 Can we inspire patriotism? Being an American is something we need to learn and understand

But two months ago, I got another idea. Since I now have a national radio program, I thought, what if I sponsored a contest for kids to memorize “Paul Revere’s Ride”? The deadline for entries could be April 18th, the famous date in the poem. The problem was I got the idea so late that kids would barely have three weeks to do it. But even if five kids took me up on the huge challenge, it would be worth it. So I announced the contest on the air. The most creative and overall best recitation of the poem would win. Naturally they’d have to post their entries on youtube.

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