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John Crist Wants to Turn Your Nerdy Pastor into a Hipster Theologian with ‘Swag Seminary’

The duo behind

Louie Giglio

Join me on a 7-day journey toward freedom from the grip of this demoralizing, depleting giant, with brand new devotional content coming straight to your inbox. Sign up today, and we’ll journey together starting May 8th! For Freedom, —Louie

Sacred Schizophrenia: A Meditation on Self-Denial

The Christian life is a fight. But our deadliest enemy doesn’t attack us from the outside, but from within.

Ladybug, Living Origami, Lends a Hand with Umbrella and Other Designs | Evolution News

Delicate and delightful, ladybug beetles are the insect everyone loves.

Tim Tebow Asks 'Inspirational' Fan to Dance on 'Tonight Show' With Jimmy Fallon (Video)

Tim Tebow had to decline a prom invitation last February, but the star athlete made up for it this week by inviting the fan who made the special request to dance with him on "The Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon.

“Don’t Waste Your Life.” Seven Minutes That Moved a Generation

When you die, only what’s done for Christ will last. You have one life. Don’t waste it on comfortable, insignificant trifles.

The Shack movie is full of shallow sentimentality. But it does hint at the gospel - Premier Christianity

Sam Hailes reviews The Shack, which is in UK cinemas from 9th June

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Wilberforce Weekend 2018 Early Registration $250 — This rate expires May 23 and will never be this low again.

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The Wilberforce Weekend photo album featuring Christians committed to living and defending the Christian worldview.

Christian Case Makers: Don't Allow Your Vigilance To Become Vitriol

Most of us, as Christians, understand the importance of truth. We also understand our duty as believers to protect and guard the doctrinal truths of Scripture. The New Testament authors repeatedly warn us to be vigilant against the distortion of truth that inevitably results when prideful and errant influences invade the Church:

5 The TC Apologetics Daily

God is the Ground for Truth

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Is it not the great end of…Christianity to make us compassionate and kind…and active and useful in…civil duties? –William Wilberforce

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What Does “Gospel” Really Mean? | Cold Case Christianity

We often describe God’s gracious offer of Salvation as “good news”, and while this makes sense, given the magnitude of God’s gift to us, there are actually good etymological reasons for describing Salvation in this way. The word “Gospel” is derived from an Anglo-Saxon word, “godspel”, or “good story” and was substituted for the original Greek word “euaggelion” which first signified “a present given to one who brought good tidings”, or “a sacrifice offered in thanksgiving for such good tidings having come”. In later Greek uses, it was employed for the good tidings themselves. That’s exactly what God is offering us with the Gospel; “good news” about what he did for us through Jesus Christ:

When to Stand Together, When to Stand Apart

“If the house next door is on fire, you can hand a bucket to a Jehovah’s Witness who hands it to a Mormon, and you’re not compromising theologically.” — Albert Mohler

Orion and the Pleiades Speak Truth

Job had been proclaiming his innocence of wrongdoing, insisting that his suffering was not fair, and calling for an answer from God. Instead of giving Job an explanation, God asked him a series of unanswerable questions to demonstrate His superior wisdom in ruling the world, including His sovereign decision to permit Job’s suffering. Here are several of the questions that God asked Job related to constellations:

There is no growth without challenge

There is no growth without challenge. As students grow up in the church they need real world tests that challenge their faith while in a safe community of other committed Christians who care about them and can equip them. The “just believe harder/blind faith” approach is not working. More importantly, it’s deeply unbiblical. Students need a grown-up worldview that explains their experiences and makes sense of the world around them. At some point, they need to transfer ownership from the church or their parents to themselves. They need to come to a point where they are convinced Christianity is true. Building a lasting faith means knowing what you believe, why you believe it and how to live it out.

A Review of Zombie Science: Is Darwinism Dead?

With the release of his 2000 book Icons of Evolution , Jonathan Wells became one of the leading evolution critics of today. Unlike some detractors, Dr. Wells has impeccable credentials—with Ph.Ds. in molecular and cell biology from U.C. Berkeley and religious studies from Yale.

Snowflakes—The Patron’s Gift

Today crystallographers have classified over 80 basic types of snow crystals. Some patterns are even more complicated than six corners. The basic hexagonal pattern can be modified in a number of ways as the cloud’s temperature and moisture varies. Snow crystals grow in one dimension faster than in the other, depending on the temperature. As humidity increases, the corners develop more branches. Kepler’s argument for a “formative principle” is still valid today, not just for snow crystals but for all types of molecular processes. These are our God-given laws of chemistry and physics.

Love the One You’re With

There are numerous legitimate reasons to leave a church, and departures are one more messy opportunity to extend gracious love. But we must have a healthy suspicion of our motives if disillusionment, restlessness, boredom, discontentment, burnout, relational conflict, and disappointed expectations are fueling our impulse to leave. Often these fruits have roots in selfish soil. We must not love the church we can’t be with — that idealized community of our imagination. We must love the one we’re with.

Archaeology Topples Objection to Biblical Samson Account

But, just like the modern day Superman (who was modeled in part from Sampson), the hero had his own form of kryptonite in pretty faces. Samson had a weakness for woman and no one can think of his name without also recalling the name Delilah, who prodded the source of his strength from him so she could then sell him to the Philistines. Even in this story we see a tragic climax, where Samson, blinded by his enemy is placed in the center of the temple of Dagon between two pillars to entertain his foes. He prays to God for strength one last time and collapses the pillars so the Philistines both inside the structure and on the roof were killed by the collapse, along with Sampson himself.

Should Experience Trump Scripture? - Sean McDowell, Ph.D.

It appears to me that Vines starts with the conclusion that God blesses same-sex relationships and then moves backwards to find evidence. This is not exegesis, but a classic example of eisegesis (reading our own biases into a text). Like Vines, I also came out as a gay man while I was a student. I was a graduate student pursuing a doctorate in dentistry. Unlike Vines, I was not raised in a Christian home. Interestingly, a chaplain gave me a book from a gay-affirming author, John Boswell, claiming that homosexuality is not a sin. Like Vines, I was looking for biblical justification and wanted to prove that the Bible blesses gay relationships. As I read Boswell’s book, the Bible was open next to it, and his assertions did not line up with Scripture. Eventually, I realized that I was wrong—that same-sex romantic relationships are a sin. My years of biblical language study in Bible college and seminary, and doctoral research in sexuality, only strengthened this conclusion. No matter how hard I tried to find biblical justification and no matter whether my same-sex temptations went away or not, God’s word did not change.

Christel Prezalor on Twitter

@ericmetaxas signing a coffee cup for a guy who didn't have a book with him. "That's sacred now!" quipped Eric. #holygrail #wilberforce2017

No, Prayer Isn’t Just Another Form of Slacktivism

A photo my colleague just brought back from drought-stricken Kenya underscores the need. It shows a mother and her children trying to suck the marrow from the bones of dead donkeys that litter the dusty landscape. Those bones are all they have to eat.

Every Mormon’s Need for Rest

Under the surface of the happy-faced façade, the heavy yoke of performance and works salvation hangs around the necks of Mormons. Rather than offering clever apologetics upfront, I offer them the peace and rest that can be found in the true gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s a powerful message that every believer should know by heart. Ask your Mormon friends and neighbors if they are weary of trying to earn God’s favor, and then point them to the true Jesus whose yoke is easy and burden is light. Point them to true rest in Christ’s righteousness rather than striving in their own righteousness.

Super 70s Sports on Twitter

Not enough pro wrestlers these days understand the value of putting on a suit and wandering the countryside.

Instagram post by J Warner Wallace • May 21, 2017 at 3:18am UTC

You Can’t Win the Neighbor You Fear

When we’re conditioned by the politics of fear and loathing, we can’t obey the call of faith and love. We won’t even try to get to know our neighbors. We’ll be angry about their influence on our values, scared of their influence on our families. But the most solidly convicted Christian families I know are also the most welcoming toward diverse neighbors, the most evangelically active and fruitful.

When Fear Seizes You

When fear seizes you, all your ability to think rationally evaporates. Life becomes overwhelming, and the promises of God are thrown out the window. When Moses sent the spies into Canaan to gather information for the people of Israel, fear of the looming giants became much more visible than any of the blessings Canaan had to offer. Although they obediently gathered fruit from the land, their report focused on all the seemingly impossible obstacles they faced.

How can my church be involved in short-term missions? — Southern Equip

“How should my church do short-term missions?” Pastors, missions pastors, or local church missions committees that desire to involve their church in short-term missions opportunities should probably consider this question in deciding how to engage their church in the world missions endeavor. That’s especially true when we desire to do biblical missions. If we as churches and church leaders desire to be “people of the Book,” doing missions biblically should be our ultimate aim.

I'm 35 and Live With My Mom

Moving out by a certain age and living on your own is more of a norm in the U.S. and some European countries, rather than the world as a whole. Many Asian countries for example, place less emphasis on independence and more on the family unit as a support system. They encourage or expect their children to stay at home until they’re married. And once they are married, family members may be invited to move in with each other if the need presents itself. Aging parents are also expected to be cared for by their adult children, rather than to live alone.

Jen Pollock Michel: God Is a Homemaker Who Does ‘Women’s Work’

It is easy for us to say that those inside the church are spiritually “homed,” while those outside the church are spiritually homeless. I see us all as spiritually homeless in this world. The home that God wants us to have is not fully realized. We may gloss over spiritual homelessness by saying that we have God and then moving on. But we are not home yet. We live in a broken, inhospitable world. I believe the church can do a better job of sympathizing with the condition of homelessness in our world, particularly among our neighbors, but we also need to identify it in ourselves.

The Book of Revelation: How Difficult Was Its Journey into the Canon?

The story of the New Testament canon is a fascinating one, with many twists and turns.  There are books that were accepted very quickly, almost from the start (e.g., the four gospels), and there are other books that struggled to find a home (e.g., 2 Peter).

A Record Low Number of Americans Believe the Bible Is the Word of God

According to Gallup, only 24 percent of Americans believe that the Bible is “the actual word of God, and is to be taken literally, word for word.” Meanwhile, 26 percent say the Bible is “a book of fables, legends, history and moral precepts recorded by man.” That’s only a slight difference, but it is the first time Gallup has ever recorded more Americans who register themselves as skeptics than there are literalists.

Presuppositional Apologetics Books and Resources Sale

Modesty Misunderstood

The virtue of modesty, in dress and holistically, is much more offensive, pride-shattering, and worthwhile than any “thou shalt not’s” issued by the religious department of the fashion police. It may indeed mean that a woman ought to decide to clean out her jewelry box, no longer spend hundreds of dollars on makeup each year, or discard clothes that are essentially a second layer of skin. But to say that’s the crux of modesty is a great disservice.

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3 Kinds of Students That Leave Christianity After High School

“I just don’t believe what you believe anymore.” These are words that no Christian parent or youth leader ever wants to hear. After this bombshell hits and the shockwaves subside, we wonder if something could have been different. What happened to this student who was so active in church growing up? After all, they never missed youth group. Sadly, this scenario is not the exception. Approximately 50 percent of students will disengage from their faith after they leave home.

The First Reviews for 'Wonder Woman' Are Here and … They're Really Good?

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice  was bad.  Suicide Squad  was somehow worse. After all that, you could be forgiven for thinking DC Comics’ attempt to make their own version of the famously fun and lucrative Marvel Cinematic Universe was up the skyscraper without a cape. And you might not be wrong, but it sounds like they’re not going down without a fight just yet. DC isn’t allowing full reviews of  Wonder Woman  to be published just yet, but they are letting the few critics who have seen it  tweet  about it and early word is, the movie’s terrific.

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Our Sins Are Many, His Mercy Is More

Every week we gather as God’s people, and we get the privilege of seeing God’s giant judgment scroll unrolled before us. It might arrive during a corporate reading of Scripture, or the lyric of a song about God’s holiness, or we might get a new glimpse of our sinfulness as the pastor preaches. This is one of the greatest gifts we experience every weekend: the reminder that our sins are many, and worse than we want to believe. The giant flying scroll reminds us that the Lord God intends to consume our sin whole.

Will Your Teenagers Graduate from Their Faith After High School?

As parents, we want what’s best for our kids. As Christians, we know that means following Jesus for a lifetime. That’s certainly what I want as a father of three. But we’ve also seen the stats and they’re not encouraging:

How to Know When It's Time to Consider Giving Up Alcohol

At 20 years old, I decided to start drinking alcohol because I wanted to be loved and accepted by the people around me. I thought drinking would make me cooler and less of the goody two-shoes everyone thought I was. Essentially, I believed drinking would make me more valuable.

Robert Spencer Poisoned in Iceland

On May 11th, 2017, Robert Spencer spoke in Reykjavik, Iceland. Following his presentation, a critic dropped poison in Spencer's drink. Increased assassinations, it seems, are the next step the the devolution of the radical Left.

Mathematics: Is God Silent? The Language of Creation - The Imaginative Conservative

What the author alleges with good cause for mathematics, indeed, with demonstrable evidence, also holds good for the Bible, the Book cited above in the review. During 1969-1971 I earned a Master’s in American Social & Intellectual History. While studying for that degree, I remember thinking, “If the Bible is inspired by an Omniscient Being as it claims, then it ought to reflect a depth and profundity of wisdom commensurate with such a source. Six years of research in church history, plus a thesis on a doctrine traced over a century, and number of papers written in at least three different institutions, plus a paper written a decade later, established the reality of that idea. Among the various realities I discovered was the nature of the doctrines or teachings of the Scripture (they are all two-sided and apparently contradictory to the human mind and are not meant to be reconciled but to be held in tension or held in a way permitting them to produce a desirable tension in the believer), that their two-sided nature by producing a desirable tension, enables a believer to be balanced, flexible, creative, constant, and magnetic.

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Baffling bins: Confusing regulations on recycling are only the tip of the compost pile, Andrée Seu Peterson says …

Better Than Busy

The futile attempt to sustain ourselves by our own efforts is not new. Our digital age simply offers new manifestations of the age-old temptation to usurp God’s role for ourselves. But against this age-old temptation, God offers an age-old response: what would happen to our 24/7 switched-on world if the people who came to Jesus for rest (Matthew 11:28) regularly took a day of rest from distraction, work, and busyness? What would this weekly habit have to offer to the world in which we find ourselves — a world that restlessly continues to search for peace amid busyness?

Why Tish Harrison Warren Gave Up on Being a ‘Good Church Kid’

What she didn’t expect was how challenging grace can be. As she recalls, “The first part of me discovering the gospel was figuring out I was a lot worse than I thought I was. Even though I was a ‘good church kid,’ there were dark parts of my heart—and still are—that run from God and want nothing to do with him….That’s what the cross was about.”

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Rightly Regarding Our Sin

In our post postmodern society, you might get away with talking about Jesus with a Muslim; you might be able to have a great conversation with a Jewish friend about Christmas; you might be at liberty to say “God bless you” to an atheist; you may still even be able to pledge your allegiance to a nation “under God,” but don’t you dare mention a word about that awful, three-letter word sin. It is certainly true that sin, Satan, and spiritual death are among society’s dirty words, and you dare not speak them in polite company lest you incur the wrath of the most outspoken, self-appointed, religiously correct person present. To the gospel’s great misfortune, if it could know such misfortune, many in our churches have fallen prey to this sort of religiously correct philosophy of life. As a result, many have struggled to understand the good news without first knowing the bad news — and in the context of spiritual life and death, no news is most certainly bad news. Without the bad news about sin, Satan, and spiritual death, the good news is superfluous at best.

2017 Regional Conference in Wichita: Highlights

This weekend in Wichita, Kansas, hundreds of Christian joined us for a regional conference, “ Stand Firm .” Together, we explored the themes and lessons from 1 Peter. This was a refreshing time of edification as we looked to the biblical text for guidance and encouragement.

Resurgence Of Hebrew Language Worship Music

Dr. Brown interviews lead singer from Miqedem, a Messianic worship band.

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