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Everything we do, think, say, and communicate is a reflection on the name of God, since we have been called by His name and wear it as our chief identity. When are you most likely to forget that you bear the name of Christ, that you carry the responsibility for doing nothing to defame or discredit it?

Ascension Presbyterian Church

Ascension Presbyterian Church is a covenantal and confessional Reformed Presbyterian Church located in Apopka, Florida. Our statement of faith is the Westminster Confession of Faith, 1647. We are part of the Covenant Presbyterian Church denomination ( We are an... ( more.. )

Really Recommended Posts 5/16/14- Edge of Tomorrow, Femininity, the Apocrypha, and more!

I am very pleased to serve these links up to you, dear readers. I found a very diverse array this week and I think you’ll really enjoy them. One post analyzes the story behind Tom Cruise’s latest movie from a Christian perspective. Another talks about Bart Ehrman’s worldview problem. Yet another analyzes the concept of femininity. Oh yeah, and there are more! Tell me your own thoughts in the comments here, and be sure to tell me which you liked! If you liked their post, be sure to let the author of that post know too! There’s nothing like having a new comment on your site. Thanks, readers!

Why It Is Entirely Rational to See Jesus in Toast (Video)

In a new study, researchers performed brain scans on 20 subjects and showed them computer images of indiscernible objects, telling some they’d see a face and others they’d see an alphabet letter. Even though nothing was there, more than 1 in 3 reported a specific image.

5 Our Sense of Moral Obligation Proves Materialism Is False - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

My experience as a homicide detective has given me some insight into the nature of moral culpability and the limits of materialism. Over the years, some of my suspects have claimed they were not responsible for their actions because they suffered some physical condition that was beyond their control. If you’re not familiar with the famous 1979 trial of Dan White, you might want to do a little research. White murdered the mayor of San Francisco, George Moscone, and a San Francisco city supervisor named Harvey Milk. When the trial finally took place, White’s attorney claimed that White was not culpable for the murders because he had a physical condition that caused depression, and this condition was aggravated by a recent change in White’s diet. White allegedly modified his diet from healthy food to sugary food, including Hostess brand Twinkies. He claimed these unhealthy foods caused a physical condition that was beyond his control,

6 The metaphysical muddle of Lawrence Krauss: Why science can’t get rid of God - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

There is a certain desperation apparent in the attempts of various authors to eliminate God from an account of the origins of the universe. For, at bottom, what motivates such attempts is the desire to overcome the very incompleteness of the scientific project itself – I call it anxiety over contingency.

7 The Top 10 Defenses Youth Can Give for Their Beliefs - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

Tony's position was uncomfortable, but he got off to a good start by asking Clay about his beliefs. Many people challenge Christian beliefs, such as the resurrection, without stopping to consider what they themselves believe—or why. By inviting Clay to voice what he believed (and sincerely listening while he answered), Tony laid some solid groundwork. However, if Tony is like most of us, however, he will be mostly  unprepared to answer Clay’s question. Unless he happened to read this article beforehand. And if you’re anything like Tony, you can prepare yourself for those kinds of encounters—from peers to professors—by familiarizing yourself with the following top ten defenses to have ready when your faith is challenged.

Apologetics Aren't Enough to Connect You with a Person - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

This morning I was thinking about someone who left a comment on our blog last year.  After immersing himself in apologetics, “Searching” had found himself struggling with his faith. Since I first read his comment, I’ve heard virtually the same story at least twice more, so I suspect that talking about this could be helpful for some of you—if not to deal with a current situation, then at least to avoid these difficulties in the future. Below is an abbreviated version of his comment followed by my (edited) response:

9 Superhero Films and Human Longing - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

I was nearly eight years of age when I rose early on a Saturday morning to watch the premiere of  Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers . My Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fascination was coming to a close and I needed a new fix. The Red Ranger was the fearless leader, and my friends and I would argue over who would pretend to be him and who would get stuck as the nerdy Blue Ranger. (Of course, back in my day, we went outside to play!) On top of that, I loved superhero comics and television/film incarnations, especially those starring Batman. Let’s not forget that Emmitt Smith was a superhero in his own right, seemingly invincible on the football field. I was a boy’s boy, not much different than your average boy today.


From the giving of the law at Mt. Sinai to Christ’s glorious transfiguration, the passages examined in this book challenge us to look afresh at our God—that we might truly know, love, and serve him.

High Court rules 13-year-old can choose abortion

"I find it utterly abhorrent that she is being deceived by those who should be protecting her and her child. It is complete nonsense that a court can rule that she is competent to make such a decision when the facts about abortion are systematically hidden from her by those who provide abortion, schools and tragically many pro-life groups.

What George Orwell Can Teach Atheists - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

When sociologist Mark Regnerus published his study on families, which found children are healthier if they are raised within a traditional marriage, he was attacked as a bigot and faux academic.  Regnerus, who teaches at The University of Texas underwent an investigation and then the administration quietly announced they had audited his work and found it to be sound.  That’s not surprising given that Regnerus earned his doctorate from the University of North Carolina in 2000 and has spent the last decade studying various family systems.  He has published several scholarly books and more than 30 peer-reviewed works on the subject.

How much doctrine is enough?

I think you’re right in the broad sense that those beliefs are essential to the Christian faith (though I’m not sure on the wording of (3)), but I think there needs to be some balance as well. As I point out in this post, I think there is a fine line here and it is hard to know where it might be crossed. I appreciate your own insight, it is along the lines of what I was thinking as well. However, I think we need to be aware–as a friend of mine pointed out–that some yeast works into the whole dough (Galatians 5:9) and this might give us caution when it comes to false (or lack of any) doctrines as part of a set of beliefs. I’m not saying one has to have 100% perfect doctrine–surely that is impossible for we humans–but there seems to be a need to go beyond the essentials as well.

Just the thing to fix our 0.1% GDP growth: a massive hike to electricity prices

The EPA will launch the most dramatic anti-pollution regulation in a generation early next month, a sweeping crackdown on carbon that offers President Barack Obama his last real shot at a legacy on climate change — while causing significant political peril for red-state Democrats.

Sunday Quote!- What does "head" mean?

In the book, Payne goes on to demonstrate why it is that the majority view has turned to viewing “head” as “source.” He provides 15 reasons to think this is the case. A few highlights include contemporary 1st-3rd century usage of the term, lexical support for “source” and lack thereof for “authority,” other usage within the Pauline epistles, difficulties raised by reading it as “authority,” and support for the meaning as “source” from a number of contemporary authors and Church Fathers. In the passage above, I think it’s interesting to see that one’s native language often imports meaning into the text. I’m sure this happens in many places, and I’ve caught myself on some.