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Book by Douglas Axe Shows the Key to Understanding Origins Is the "Design Intuition" -- Pre-Order Now!

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Top Ten Books in Apologetics |

I often hear people asking about recommendations for books in the area of apologetics. There are always good and new books coming out. One place where you can look for these is the book reviews page at Hope’s Reason: A Journal of Apologetics. Another way to find what is good is to look at the …

The New Video For Justin Timberlake’s ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ Is Just as Fun as the Song

Justin Timberlake has released the official video for new single “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” and let’s be honest here, it’s a lot of fun. The concept is really just a bunch of random people dancing down grocery store aisles, beside hotel pools, in front of auto garages, in diners and other everyday locations, but it works. Despite the brief troll cameo (yes, the song was written for a new animated movie about troll dolls), the simple video captures the energy that “Happy” did a few years ago: Sure, it’s a little cheesy, but it’s pretty hard not to sing along.

Friendly Atheist Claims Science and Religion are Incompatible. He’s Wrong.

Brace yourselves. The Friendly Atheist has shown us that Religion and Science are Incompatible: Oh boy. Throughout Mehta’s four minute sermon, there is not one single original thought or argu…

No Word Yet If AME Church Will Address Baby Allegations Against Pastor Jamal Bryant

The African Methodist Episcopal Church was unclear Monday on whether the denomination will address recent allegations that one of their high profile preachers, the Rev. Jamal H. Bryant of Northwest Baltimore's Empowerment Temple Church, fathered a child out of wedlock with a woman last summer.

Tyson Fury apologises: 'as a Christian man' I never want to hurt people - premier

Christian boxer Tyson Fury has apologised to those who were offended by his recent comments in a YouTube video.

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2 Sometimes A Question is Better than an Answer

Last week, at a gathering of strategists on some tough cultural issues, a very good point was made: Sometimes the right question at the right time is the best way to have a conversation with someone with whom you fundamentally disagree.

Philippines president-elect vows to bring back death penalty in defiance of Church - premier

The Filipino president elect, Rodrigo Duterte, has said he aims to bring back death by hanging to the Catholic nation.

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Pastor Says 'Prayer Doesn't Work' Atheist Billboards Will Awaken 'Pre-Christians'

A pastor in Sioux City, South Dakota, believes controversial atheist billboards placed around the city might actually benefit Christianity, as they will speak to "pre-Christians" awaiting a spiritual awakening.

The New York Times on The Faith of Christopher Hitchens

Now The New York Times has taken note of both the book and the pseudo-controversy. In this article , Mark Oppenheimer briefly explores famous deathbed conversions as well as the fact that I don’t make such a claim in my book. Of some interest to me is his reference to atheist Michael Shermer who gave the book a glowing endorsement, but then ran for cover when atheists protested. How absurd. Also noteworthy is that my other critic in this article, Steve Wasserman, admits in the original piece – from which his quotation was lifted – that he has not read the book. It’s hard to take these men seriously.

The Argument from Reason Many atheists believe that argumentation can prove that God doesn't exist. But if Naturalism is true, human reasoning ability is unreliable on a fundamental level and can't prove anything, let alone theological or metaphysical claims. Hence, Naturalism is self-refuting, for it undermines any confidence we might have in our ability to defend it. If we are to trust our reasoning ability, it must be grounded in something other than random mutation and natural selection. Theism offers such a foundation.


Richard Dawkins : "Imagine, with John Lennon, a world with no religion. Imagine no suicide bombers, no 9/11, no 7/7, no Crusades, no witch-hunts, no Gunpowder Plot, no Indian partition, no Israeli/Palestinian wars, no Serb/Croat/Muslim massacres, no persecution of Jews as 'Christ-killers', no Northern Ireland 'troubles', no honor killings', no shiny-suited bouffant-haired televangelists fleecing gullible people of their money ('God wants you to give till it hurts').  Imagine no Taliban to blow up ancient statues, no public beheadings of blasphemers, no flogging of female skin for the crime of showing an inch of it." 1 John Lennox : "You ask us to imagine with John Lennon a world without religion. Well I'd like you to imagine with John Lennox a world without atheism: with no Stalin, with no Mao, with no Pol Pot, today the heads of the three officially atheistic states. A world with no Gulag, no Cultural Revolution, no Killing Fields. I think that would be a world worth imagining too." 2 To see the other posts in our "Counterpoints" series, go here . Courage and Godspeed, Chad Footnotes: 1.

1 Peter 3:13: Would a Sovereign God Ever Harm Us?

If you are Christ’s, no one in this world can ultimately harm you. They can only serve God’s good purposes for you and bring you greater blessing. In this lab, John Piper talks through the most difficult line in 1 Peter, explaining the role of pain in the Christian life and the promises God makes to the hurting.

Active church involvement "adding months to older women's lives" - premier

Older women who go to church more than once a week live five months longer on average than those who don't, a new study in the US have found.

11 The Briefing 05-17-16 –

As Solomon warned, “Of making many books there is no end” (Ecc 12:12). There is no way to read everything, and not everything deserves to be read. I say that in order to confront the notion that anyone, anywhere, can master all that could be read with profit. I read a great deal, and a large portion of my waking hours are devoted to reading.

Challenge: Snowflakes Are Complex without a Designer

I’ve heard people mention snowflakes as evidence of undesigned complexity before, so it’s worth discussing this one. What’s the difference between the kind of complexity in a snowflake and the kind ID proponents cite in their arguments? Make your case in the comments below, and then we’ll hear Tim’s answer to this question on Thursday.

13 Grace to You Radio

A one-minute radio feature where John MacArthur applies biblical truth to daily living.

14 FREE Social Media Management Dashboard | Twitter/Facebook Marketing Tool |

“..I started using to be more efficient on the way I manage out Twitter communities. My favorite features? The prioritized feed to focus on the relevant members of the community..”

InterVarsity Names a Historic New President

“Tom’s story reflects the way the gospel intersects the ‘model minority’ narrative,” said Greg Jao, a fellow InterVarsity vice president, in an email to CT. “He’s an academic all-star who has submitted to Jesus’ claims to his talent and future. He’s wrestled with obtaining parental approval. He’s broken through the bamboo ceiling that often confronts Asian Americans in the corporate world.”

Music to the Glory of God: A Google Hangout with Jeff Lippencott and Paul Plew

On May 17th, we were joined by Emmy-nominated composer Jeff Lippencott. Mr. Lippencott served alongside Dr. R.C. Sproul in the sacred hymns project, Glory to the Holy One , and is responsible for the music on many of today’s most successful television shows. We were also joined by Dr. Paul Plew, the chairperson of the Music Department and Director of Choral Activities at The Master’s College . Together, we discussed the importance of music and art, and the call for Christians to worship the Lord in the splendor of holiness.

Grace to You

In response to Jewish hostility at the implications of His assertions of equality with God (v. 18), Jesus became even more fearless, forceful, and emphatic.“ Most assuredly”(v. 19) is an emphatic way of saying “I’m telling you the truth.” Jesus essentially tied His activities of healing on the Sabbath directly to the Father. The Son never took independent action that set Him against the Father because the Son only did those things that were coincident with and coextensive with all that the Father does. Jesus thus implied that the only One who could do what the Father does must be as great as the Father.

Before You Start Helping People, Do This

Physically we know that pushing your body beyond its limitations will lead to pain, fatigue and illness. It’s no different when talking about the mind and heart. Taking time to step back, do something you enjoy simply for enjoyment’s sake is vital. Don’t be afraid to take a break, say no or let someone else step in if need be.

May I Help You Discern Your Calling?

How God communicates his call to you for cross-cultural missions is a great and wonderful mystery. It does not involve less than all the factors that we call “wisdom,” but there is more. There is, in the end, you and your God, in communion, over time, inescapably bound together in a new direction of life. You cannot explain it fully. You can point to a dozen factors that God used. But in the end, soaked in Scripture, and captured by a need, and aching for his glory — you knew.

Why Christians Care About Economics

We know stealing and lying are wrong, but in our economy there are legal ways to get something for nothing and deceive others on a grand scale. Economists refer to one such practice as “rent seeking” which has been popularly described as an effort to grab a bigger slice of the economic pie rather than make the pie bigger. One familiar form of rent seeking is lobbying to gain an unfair advantage. Those with more money have more opportunity to obtain rents from the government. Thus these transfers of wealth tend to be from the majority of taxpayers to the rich, though sometimes, economic equals compete for rents.

21 Were the Apostles Really Martyrs? - Christian Research Institute

10 Did the Apostles Really Die as Martyrs for Their Faith? by Sean McDowell Historical Apologetics: The willingness of Christ’s original disciples to suffer and die for their faith is one of the most commonly cited lines of argument for the resurrection. But how do we really know that they were killed for their testimony about Jesus Christ? Sean McDowell gets to the bottom of it.

Youth Ministry Should Be Unapologetically Apologetic

Of course there is no role for apologetics in keeping youth engaged with church, you might say. You can’t argue people into the Kingdom of God! If young people want a spirituality that is experiential and relational, why focus on one that is intellectual? Apologetics was for an older generation.

23 exists to help you make sense of the big questions about life :

Let My People Think!

Whenever I take kids on one of our Apologetics Missions Trips to Berkeley, I invite some of the most well-spoken atheists I can find to present their views before the students. This shocks some parents initially, but I explain that when high school kids hit college, they will be hearing such arguments anyway. In this controlled setting, we can hear some of the best arguments atheism has to offer, allow the students to then question the presenters, and ultimately show how the truth of Christianity is so much more convincing than the arguments against God.

The Ligonier Statement on Christology

He was born of the Virgin Mary and lived among us. Crucified, dead, and buried, He rose on the third day, ascended to heaven, and will come again in glory and judgment.

WORLD | Midday Roundup: House Republicans nix military draft for women | Lynde Langdon | May 17, 2016

Red ink. The House Rules Committee has effectively stripped a provision from the defense authorization bill that would have required women to register for the military draft. Using its authority to edit bills before they are voted on, the committee wrote an amendment quashing the policy, which chairman Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Texas, called reckless. “I have the utmost respect and deepest appreciation for the young women who bravely volunteer to serve our country, but I am adamantly opposed to coercing America’s daughters to sign up for the Selective Service at 18 years of age,” Sessions said in a statement. The policy was introduced by a fellow Republican, Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., who wanted to make a point about women in combat but didn’t expect the committee to accept the idea. The move backfired , and the House Armed Services Committee approved the bill 32-30 last month. The debate now moves to the Senate, where the Armed Services Committee included a similar draft requirement for women in its defense policy bill.

Why Did People Have Shorter Lives After the Flood?

Now, I too am a Christian but I must ask one question: if God was not setting man's lifespan, then why is it that after the flood men started living for a shorter and shorter time? It would appear that men were gradually getting to be 120 years old. If this is not the result of God giving them a possible lifespan, then what is it the result of? Why did men gradually live younger?

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How to respond to an #atheist friend who says, 'I'd like to have faith but I just don't.'

30 Fazale Rana on Twitter

I appear on the latest episode of the God Zone Show...Finding God in the Lab:

LGBT Affirming Methodist Clergy Perform Mock Ordination for Non-Celibate Lesbian

A group of LGBT-affirming United Methodist Church clergy and church members hold an unofficial ordination for lesbian activist Sue Laurie at the United Methodist Church's 2016 General Conference in Portland, Oregon, on May 10, 2016.

We Need More Millennial Leaders

Communication has a changed a lot in recent years. 
Our speech isn’t just about what comes out of our mouth. It’s what we tweet, share, post on Facebook, pin, and Instagram. 
The way we communicate, both in our content and our delivery says a lot about our character. If our emotional immaturity is evident in how we express ourselves, people will not look up to us. 
A great way to set an example with our speech is to consider how those we respect speak: Are they always ranting about something that bothers them? Do they make issues more intense than they need to be? Or are the people you respect more level-headed, in control, thoughtful and considerate?

Why Wait for Sex?

It's just sex — the subject of nearly every movie and primetime show, even magazine ads. What's so special about it? In a sex-saturated culture, waiting till marriage seems outdated and prudish. Pleasure is the name of the game. But that's not the whole story.

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An intelligent defense of Intelligent Design: An interview with Stephen Meyer

For years, debates over the origin of life were framed as a fight between the growing scientific evidence for Darwinian evolution and what many believe are the plain teachings of the Bible about a literal seven-day creation event. But in recent years, a third option has emerged under the banner of “Intelligent Design” or ID for short. The ID movement attempts to combine Biblical fidelity with scientific rigor, and even though many scientists have criticized the movement as being unscientific, it’s hard to ignore the growing number of people embracing ID explanations for life on earth.

Christian Thinkers 101: A Crash Course on St. Athanasius

St. Athanasius (c. 296–373) was born and educated in the ancient city of Alexandria. Coming from a Christian family, he would go on to become the greatest theologian of his time. He assisted at the famous Council of Nicea in 325 when the historic Christian church condemned the influential heresy known as Arianism (the view that Jesus was the first and highest creature of God but not fully equal to God—this view is similar to the one advocated by present-day Jehovah’s Witnesses). St. Athanasius later became bishop of Alexandria, a post he held for 46 years, though he was exiled five times for his outspoken opposition to the vexing Arian heresy that continued to gain influence. St. Athanasius was an articulate, tenacious, and untiring defender of Nicene orthodoxy. He argued for the truth of such essential doctrines as the Incarnation and the Trinity.

Easy Sainthood | Peter J. Leithart

We have a hard time seeing this as a real choice, a real exercise of will, because we are “inclined to romanticize struggle and tension.” From Kant on, “there is a feeling that really good deeds are the ones we do with the most effort, after the biggest struggles; so our moral thinking has concentrated on the difficulties of decision-making more than on the character that develops over a lifetime.” But this really doesn't fit our moral instincts: “if we think of those people whose moral and spiritual integrity has mattered to us and made a difference to us, we shall normally find that they are the ones whose behaviour doesn't draw attention to how difficult it all is, how hard they're working to be good; they are people for whom, to some extent, there is a ‘naturalness' about what they do. They have become a particular kind of person; and that personal reality has begun to change the human nature they live in and to make slightly different things seem the obvious focus of desire” (56). Williams cites the Orthodox understanding of Jesus to reinforce the point: “Jesus, because as a person he is one with the Word of God, in perfect communion with the Father, changes human nature by his personal loving surrender to God in every detail of his life and death.

Loveless Sex Addicts: A Gay Man Critiques His Community

Short of a moral and radical revolution in gay culture—the milieu in which most gay men’s sexual and social socialization takes place today—the moral gay minority will have its hopes and aspirations for traditional marriage obliterated by larger cultural forces within contemporary nihilistic gay culture. Such a culture makes it very difficult to promote the moral meaning of marriage in the same way that a principled individualist would have any chance of success at promoting racial harmony and the respect for inter-marriage in a segregated and racist society saturated with miscegenation laws.

If Evolution Is True, Does That Disprove God?

A student at Sam Houston State University considers the possibility of God and Evolution.

Every Mother’s Only Hope

Yesterday, it must have sounded like my hope was in one of my friends. I talked about how I was waiting to hear back from her. I reread our latest email chain multiple times. I kept staring at my phone, and kept refreshing my inbox. My insecurities about how I interacted with her kept coming up in conversation with my husband. Should I have said something else? At a different time? Or in a different way? How did she understand our latest conversation about some really significant issues? I was not as engaged with my kids or their stream of questions. I played a round of Uno with them while the glowing screen of my phone lit up my face. The message to those around me was loud and clear. But if you turned on the voice recorder on the morning we pack our suitcases to leave the country then you might think my biggest goal in life is to make sure the trash and the laundry are completely empty. I sounded like a [grumpy] broken record!

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“May I Have Two Wives?” Six Vetoes

3) You can see already in Genesis 4 that polygamy was, indeed, owing to the growing of the hardness of the heart after the fall of Adam and Eve. I think that is exactly what Moses wants us to see in the way he describes Lamech, the seventh generation from Adam. Here is what it says in Genesis 4:19: “Lamech took two wives,” — the first time it has ever happened — “Lamech said to his wives: ‘Ada and Zillah, hear my voice; you wives of Lamech, listen to what I say: I have killed a man for wounding me, a young man for striking me. If Cain’s revenge is sevenfold, then Lamech’s is seventy-seven fold” (Genesis 4:23–24). You can’t imagine a more high-handed, ugly, mean-spirited, in-your-face, against God statement than that — and it comes right after saying he took two wives, unlike the others. So things are getting so bad, people are now multiplying wives.

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The Epidemic of Relativism Among Christian Youth

I'm concerned. I'm deeply concerned. There's an epidemic spreading among Christian youth today that can have dangerous and perhaps even deadly consequences. What makes this more dangerous is that most parents and pastors don't even realize their kids are infected. I'm speaking of the danger of moral relativism, and how it's become rampant even within most Christian colleges and universities. Ask Christian young adults who have been active in their church or youth group if something like abortion or homosexual unions are wrong and many may say yes. But press them on if they should declare others sinful or wrong for participating in such actions and you may get a different response, one more akin to "It's wrong for me since I'm a Christian, but they aren't so it's right for them."

46 Are There 20 Commandments?

The Bible is inerrant, so we can be confident that there are no true contradictions in the original manuscripts. Yet some have tried to state that the Bible erroneously records 20 commandments instead of 10. The claim is that God wrote the Ten Commandments, and Moses wrote ten more. In this case, however, there is not even a contradiction between Exodus 20 and 34, nor are there two sets of ten commandments which are different in content. Here are the key verses from Exodus 34.

I'm Turning 40 Today. Can You Help Me Build a Well?

Today is my 40th birthday and I want to do something a little different to mark my transition into "middle age." I have been inspired to give to people who are less fortunate than me. Sadly, millions of people have limited access to fresh water. As a result, there is widespread disease and even death in many developing countries. In Uganda alone, for instance, one in five children under the age of five dies as a result of diarrheal disease, which could be largely avoided with safe water.

WORLD | House passes religious freedom reform bill
 | J.C. Derrick | May 17, 2016

The new legislation requires the State Department to train foreign service officers on religious freedom and annually designate “countries of particular concern” (CPCs)—something that hasn’t always happened during the last two decades. Those designations would include a new classification for non-state actors such as ISIS and a “special watch list” that automatically becomes a CPC designation if a country or entity remains on it three consecutive years.

Learning From History's Great Men and Women (Part 1 of 2)

New York Times best-selling author Eric Metaxas discusses some of history's heroic men and women whose faith helped them overcome tremendous adversity to make a positive and significant impact on the world. (Part 1 of 2)

50 Who purchased Joseph, the Ishmaelites or the Midianites?

According to Achtemeier, 1 the term "Ishmaelite" was synomous with the term "Midianites." They were probably references to the same general group known to have decended [sic] from Abraham. Ishmael was born to Abraham through Hagar (Genesis 16) the handmaiden. The Midianites were descendants of Midian, a son of Abraham and his concubine Keturah (Genesis 25:1-2). Additionally, "The term ‘Midianite’ probably identified a confederation of tribes that roamed far beyond this ancestral homeland, a usage that explains the biblical references to Midianites in Sinai, Canaan, the Jordan Valley, Moab, and Transjordan’s eastern desert." 2

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56 Audio Book Review – “Ben Hur” by Lew Wallace, read by Lloyd James
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81 Scientists Have Identified a Patient Who Could Help Them Create an HIV Vaccine
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