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Obama Unilaterally Rewrites Law, Imposes Transgender Policy on Nation’s Schools

The Obama administration explicitly rejects compromises such as single-occupancy facilities.

Smelling Design

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

What’s Systematic Theology and Why Bother?

If you’re a Christian, you’re doing systematic theology, whether you’re aware of it or not.

This New Commercial May Change the Way You See the Syrian Refugee Crisis

The conflict in Syria has inspired a sequel commercial to Save the Children's heartbreaking 2014 "Most Shocking Second in a Day" video that looked at the realities of the Syrian civil war. "Still the Most Shocking Second a Day" was released this week and continues to follow the same young girl, now her life's circumstances have gotten more desperate. We watch her forced out of her home, separated from her family, fleeing the country by boat and living as a refugee in Paris. The conflict has been happening for the past five years, displacing millions of people. UNICEF estimates that "8.4 million children–more than 80 percent of Syria's child population–are now affected by the conflict, either inside the country or as refugees in neighboring countries." The videos are set in England to try to have the Syrian conflict hit home, with the original video ending with "Just because it isn't happening here doesn't mean it isn't happening." Both commercials are modeled after the popular one second per day format, where people show parts of their lives with one-second video clips. Save the Children continues to raise funds to help refugee children and children across the world.

Warning: You May Cry Watching Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick Cover 'True Colors'

Seriously, no one will blame you if you randomly start weeping. Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick, stars of the November release DreamWorks "Trolls" movie, melted hearts with their cover rendition of Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors" at the Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday. Yes, the movie is about troll dolls (we’re serious), but it's already inspired two genuinely great songs (here's the other). The duet will be on the movie's soundtrack, which will be released in September. Now excuse us, our allergies are acting up or something, and we need to get some tissues. Seriously, who's chopping onions in here?

Gallant Killed It on ‘The Tonight Show’ Last Night

Need more proof that Gallant is the next big thing? Watch this performance of “Weight in Gold” on The Tonight Show last night, and see why he is one of music's brightest young stars. RELEVANT recently spoke with Gallant—whose latest album has even garnered praise from music legend Elton John. Discussing “Weight in Gold,” he told RELEVANT, “It was, at the time, the most different song [LA producer Stint and I] had done together. But it felt the most special. It was surreal to go in having nothing and come out three and a half hours later having something that felt like one of the best things I’d ever written. That was a huge moment for me.” – Cultural commentary from a Biblical perspective

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This Dude Took a Selfie Every Day from Ages 12 - 20

YouTuber Hugo Cornellier spent the last eight years taking selfies, and has documented his growing from a young boy to full grown man in a single, two-minute video. The clip is essentially like watching Richard Linklater's "Boyhood" in 120 seconds. Just for fun, we muted the clip and played Family of the Year’s “Hero,” (remember how great that song is!) in another window and, yes, it vastly improves the emotional depth.

Live | Boyce College

A campus visit is the perfect way to see if Boyce College is right for you. Enjoy a complimentary stay on campus and see for yourself what it’s like to be a Boyce student.

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God Has Already Revealed His Plan for Your Life

In fact, I was currently reading part of His will for my life. In front of me, my Bible was open to the book of Philippians. I continued reading, but this time, the words on the page jumped out at me. I heard God say, “You want to know what I want you to do? Start by being obedient to what I’ve already commanded you. I’ve given you a lot to do. I want you to have my attitude and mindset. I want your life to look like mine.”

Real Men Love Strong Women

So, when Sisera, a Canaanite military general under Jabin the King of Hazor — the enemy of the people of God — tried to seek refuge, he went to Heber’s tent, “for there was peace between Jabin the King of Hazor and the house of Heber the Kenite” (Judges 4:17). But Sisera found Jael at the tent and started barking orders at her, “Give me a little water.” “Stand at the opening of the tent.” In response, “she went softly to him and drove the peg into his temple until it went down into the ground” (Judges 4:21). Deborah later sang of Jael, “Most blessed of women be Jael . . . She sent her hand to the tent peg and her right hand to the workmen’s mallet” (Judges 5:24–25).

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What the Transgender Bathroom Debate Means For You

Last night the New York Times reported that the Obama Administration would issue a decree directing every public school in the nation to allow bathroom access on the basis of self-identity, not biological sex. I’m quite aware of the White House’s place in our culture wars, and even I am surprised. If anyone had suggested in 2009, that the new President’s administration would seek to target children’s bathrooms for the sake of transgender ideology, the White house would have ridiculed it as a crazy conspiracy theory. So, for those suggesting that state legislatures seeking to define such questions were working on “solutions without a problem,” well, here’s your problem. So why is this important, and what should the church do?

A Call for National Civil Disobedience to Obama's Public School Transgender Bathroom Mandate | The Stream

As a woman to me this is discrimination for women and girls!!!! Men can kick someone’s butt if need be, but if a man goes into a woman’s bathroom and you know they will, what is a woman to do? This is insanity and the government has gone too far! Now we will have fake pervs using women’s bathrooms everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When teenage girls are in high school and having their period and using the restroom at school there will be no privacy!!! AS far as I am concerned men who agree with Obama perv administration and the leftists should keep their mouths shut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are not a woman and agree with this insanity as far as I am concerned you have no voice in this matter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7 Truths About Marriage You Won’t Hear in Church

Such is the case with the Church and marriage. I am grateful for the foundation the Church gave me in regard to marriage. It was a good study guide. But there some things on the test I did not learn until marriage began. So I am going to give you some answers to the test that some of you might not expect to see. Here are a few truths about marriage I never heard in church:

Grace to You

John’s response was to emphasize God’s sovereign authority in granting any ministry opportunity (v. 27). It must be “given to him from heaven.” And he conveyed his understanding of his own role through the use of a parable (v. 29).The “friend of the bridegroom” was the ancient equivalent of the best man who organized the details and presided over the Judean wedding. This friend found his greatest joy in watching the ceremony proceed without problems. Most likely, John was also alluding to Old Testament passages where faithful Israel is depicted as the bride of the Lord (Is. 62:4,5; Jer. 2:2; Hos. 2:16–20).

4 Bigger Repercussions of the Bathroom Decree

I see a lot of people pointing to public schools, but this issue will also likely impact privately owned childcare centers that participate in the Federally funded Child Nutrition Programs as well. I wonder if it will impact child care subsidy payments from the state as well? This is a “cradle through college” impact. It is hard enough to have conversations with inquisitive Pre-K children about body differences. Centers that choose to abandon Federal funds will need to increase childcare prices in order to continue operations; childcare prices which are already very high. A parent will most likely need to stay home, further depressing the incomes of middle and lower income families. Add to this issue the changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) that will happen later this year and the number of working poor may explode exponentially.

When Our Conduct Contradicts Our Confession

Perhaps a less scandalous example is the conduct of Peter in Galatians 2:12–21. Peter knew Jesus Christ when he was on earth and was a part of Christ’s inner circle. He was an apostle and an author of Scripture. But Paul had to oppose him to his face. Why? Because he stood condemned. Even though he knew that justification comes through faith in Christ, apart from the law, his behavior completely contradicted what he knew to be true. Paul plainly says that his “conduct was not in step with the truth of the gospel” (Galatians 2:14). No one denies that Peter, an author of two epistles, had a rich understanding of the gospel. Yet, even Peter walked out of step with what he knew was true.

Seven Resolutions for Finishing Well

There won’t be any phoniness in heaven. There will only be complete authenticity. We will discover what childlikeness was really meant to be.

No, Millennials Are Not All Lazy and Entitled

So you use "accepting of more diversity," that you "highly prioritize our personal life" and "sacrifice more pay and promotions" over relationships as justification for saying that millennials are not lazy? Those answers are not addressing the questions of work ethic and habits. If these are how you would address them, then you are really in trouble and do not understanding the issue at all. As a boomer, my opinion of millennials being on the lazy side stands until you can provide better answers to this issue.

12 Poll: Almost 30% of ‘Born Again Christians’ Say They Won’t Vote for Hillary or Trump

The poll shows that 25 percent of these Christians say they will neither vote for Trump nor Clinton, and will vote for a third candidate or abstain from voting instead. What’s more, that percentage appears to be climbing: Those who chose “Other/Wouldn’t vote/Refuse” climbed 7 percent between May 3 to May 6 (the most recent available data) to 28.5 percent. Of course, we’ll have to watch this study during the next few weeks, but it’s starting to look like the angst among some Christian voters surrounding the 2016 election could end up being a major factor.

Bear Grylls Has Some Advice That Might Save Your Marriage

I remember having one moment when some really good friends turned their back on me in a really nasty way. And I remember praying a simple prayer up a tree one evening and saying, ‘God, if you’re like I knew you as a kid, would you be that friend again?’ And it was no more complicated than that. And actually the amazing thing is that all God asks is that we sort of open the door and He’ll do the rest. So often we kinda hide behind our yearning for love and acceptance with loads of complicated theological questions, and actually once that’s stripped away what we really are is just somebody who wants to have that relationship with your Father.

Embracing Homesickness at Home

If you feel homesick in your own home, it may be a good sign your citizenship is elsewhere. Exiles live differently from immigrants. An immigrant has chosen a new homeland. He and his family assimilate. They learn the language and customs, and he never expects his children to return to the land they’ve left. But to call someone an exile implies he would prefer to be in his homeland. He had to leave, but he hopes to return. Whether he’s living in a refugee camp or an embassy, he strives to keep his national identity intact.

Lecrae Makes a Major Career Move to Join Beyoncé, Adele, Pharrell

Fans are bracing for backlash accusing Lecrae, arguably the most prominent Christian hip-hop artist in history, of “selling out” by teaming up with a secular label. “Signing to Columbia Records, in my opinion, is the biggest move in Lecrae’s career—bigger than winning the Grammys…. This opens up for him to reach more, to reach the masses,” stated one defending fan on YouTube .

Defending Life

Forums provide an opportunity to learn about relevant, cultural topics and issues in a large group setting. Eric Metaxas, bestselling author and speaker, will join Rachelle Fletcher and Brian Fisher from Human Coalition to address the issue of abortion and the Church’s role in saving the unborn. Q&A will follow. Registration is not required.

Christian boxer Tyson Fury in 'homophobic, sexist and anti-Semitic' rant - premier

There are fresh calls for the Christian boxer Tyson Fury to be banned from the sport after he posted an hour-long video rant.

My Advice to Seminary Graduates

My first day on the job at Gordon-Conwell was graduation. I sat on the stage wearing a new doctoral robe (with a silly hat), and witnessing graduation for the first time as a faculty member. It was the first time I realized I was now partly responsible for nurturing the life of future pastors, missionaries, and Christian leaders.

Are Your Kids Ready for Apologetics?

All of my children are currently under the age of ten. So it’s easy to spend little time thinking about teaching them apologetics. We get lost in the hustle and craziness of homework and baseball and tests and “Do I have any clean socks?” – and well, just getting dinner on the table each night is a challenge. Yet as they are getting older, I want to teach them the Biblical truths that will equip them to withstand spiritual attacks and answer the tough questions that they might someday face from their peers.

What the Whole Bible Says About Sin

In Exodus 34:6–7 God intones certain words to Moses as Moses is hidden in a cleft of the rock so that he cannot see God. He is later permitted to peak out and see something of the trailing edge of the afterglow of the glory of the Lord. But as God goes by and intones certain words, there is a built-in tension in what God says. On the one hand, God presents himself as a God of immeasurable mercy and grace. God says, “The Lord, the Lord, the compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness, maintaining love to thousands, forgiving wickedness, rebellion, and sin.” That is the one side. On the other side: “Yet he does not leave the guiltily unpunished. He punishes the children and their children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation.” At the end of the day, that tension is not really finally resolved until you get to the New Testament and the cross.

For God’s Sake, Be Free

Our citizenship is in heaven, Jesus is our King, and we are free. In seventeen minutes, John Piper preaches on the marks of free people and what it looks like to submit to our government as Christians, with a short detour on Christian freedom and tattoos.

Lord Carey backs Brexit - premier

Former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey has come out in support of Britain leaving the European Union.

TobyMac on DC Talk Cruise Reaction: ‘Sorry It Is Not Everything You Wanted’

The group went on hiatus 16 years ago at the height of their popularity, and though all three members have gone on to successful solo careers and new projects, many fans believed a reunion was imminent. Needless to say, the announcement that the band would be hosting a four-day cruise didn’t exactly go over well . (Just scroll through the comment section on their Facebook page to get an idea of what fans thought about the cruise.) Though, to be fair, according to the cruise’s website , there will be a reunion on board: “Aside from a few joint collaborations over the years, the band has never reunited as dc Talk, until now!”

Peru drugs mule finds God and plans new life working for church - premier

Michaella McCollum Connolly, one of the two British women convicted of trying to smuggle drugs out of Peru, has found God and is planning a new life working for the Church.

Woah. ‘Hyperloop One’ Was Just Successfully Tested in the Nevada Desert

The future of long distance travel is being developed in the Nevada desert. This week, the company Hyperloop One successfully tested a propulsion system that could one day power passenger pods during trips. Billionaire Elon Musk’s longterm vision is that the pods will be able to levitate inside of a high-tech tube at more than 700 MPH, and the latest test shows that it may be possible. The Hyperloop One team was able to accelerate a sled to 100 MPH in four seconds.

Walk the Worldwide Garden

Parents who want to develop a tech-friendly, but discerning home, who want to train their children for the unrestricted web they will someday face alone, face a difficult task. We need God’s wisdom to use parental technology to help establish healthy limits in our home without exasperating our children. We want to be careful not to trample upon the wonders of all the un-forbidden fruit of the worldwide garden, but we need to train them to know that there are forbidden places of the web to avoid. A simple device built on a hacker’s trick will not explain all this to them, nor will it give them the necessary self-control they will need later in life.

Is Torturing Babies For Fun Really Wrong?

Atheism cannot account for an objective moral standard, they have no way to ground their morality. Materialism i.e. Ontological Reductionism cannot say why torturing babies for fun is wrong objectively. In this worldview, all they can say is that they don't like it since it ends up being just the atheist opinion against the torturers opinion. FREE DOWNLOAD: (Stealing From God Chapter 1)

Caitlyn Jenner 'considering detransition because of Christian faith' - premier

Caitlyn Jenner, the world's most famous transgender person, is reportedly considering reverting her gender to male because of her Christian faith.

Church of Iran pastor arrested after being freed from death row - premier

A Church of Iran pastor - who was acquitted of apostasy four years ago - has been re-arrested in the country.

Megachurch pastor stabbed during burglary - premier

A US megachurch pastor has been stabbed four times during a break in at his home.

Abuse accused priest tracked down in Kosovo - premier

A Catholic priest accused of a historical sex offence has been arrested in Kosovo after a five-year police hunt.

Iranian pastor released from jail - premier

An Iranian pastor and his wife who were arrested after their home was raided have been released.

BBC report finds it's "too Christian" - premier

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Weekend Apologetics Hit and Misc: Know Why You Believe!

For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

Group denies holding meetings of support for IS at church - premier

A group of five men has denied holding meetings in support of Islamic State at an Anglican church.

New Zealand's Anglican Church postpones gay marriage blessing decision - premier

Members of the Anglican Church in New Zealand have decided to postpone a decision on whether or not to permit the blessing of same sex marriages until 2018.

37 A Plan for Teaching Apologetics to Your Children

As our oldest daughter approached the junior-high years, my wife and I began to rethink our views on educating and discipling our kids. We were dissatisfied with things we were seeing in her life, not only academically, but also spiritually and morally. In that process of reevaluation, we discovered an ancient approach to education called “classical education,” stretching back to the Classical Greeks and Romans and formalized in the Middle Ages. Educator Susan Wise Bauer offers a concise description of this approach:

What the Transgender Bathroom Debate Means For You

Last night the New York Times reported that the Obama Administration would issue a decree directing every public school in the nation to allow bathroom access on the basis of self-identity, not biological sex. I’m quite aware of the White House’s place in our culture wars, and even I am surprised. If anyone had suggested in 2009, that the new President’s administration would seek to target children’s bathrooms for the sake of transgender ideology, the White house would have ridiculed it as a crazy conspiracy theory. So, for those suggesting that state legislatures seeking to define such questions were working on “solutions without a problem,” well, here’s your problem. So why is this important, and what should the church do?

39 The Folly of 'Meternity'

But the idea of a sabbatical for “me-time” misses the point. The only way anyone ever truly finds themselves is in self-sacrificial service to God and their fellow image-bearers. Because focusing on "me" in this life prepares a person for the type of eternity—dare I say "meternity"—no one wants. Focusing on others prepares us for eternal fellowship with one another and with the One who modeled self-sacrifice when He gave His life that we might live.

40 Novena - Day 9: May 14th - premier

Premier consists of Premier Christian Media Trust registered as a charity (no. 287610) and as a company limited by guarantee (no. 01743091) with two fully-owned trading subsidiaries: Premier Christian Communications Ltd (no. 02816074) and Christian Communication Partnership Ltd (no. 03422292). All three companies are registered in England & Wales with a registered office address of 22 Chapter Street, London, SW1P 4NP.

How Pentecost Sunday Changed Everything

According to the Church’s storied liturgical calendar (or Christian year), this Sunday is Pentecost Sunday, a day where Christians for nearly two millennia have celebrated the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on God’s people. However, when people hear the word "Pentecost" these days, they may be more likely to think about a particular denomination, sprightly choir robes, tambourines and ecstatic glossolalia (i.e., speaking in tongues).

Eight Steps to Investigating the Case for Christianity

After twenty-five years spent handling evidence and investigating the truth (much of that time related to cold-case homicides), I’ve learned a few things about how we can investigate the Christian worldview and present it to those who have questions. There are a number of important parallels to be drawn between criminal investigations and examining the case for Christianity. In this post, I want to share eight steps I take in all my cold-case investigations. In my next post, I provide you with eight steps prosecutors take when presenting our cases. I hope there are a few valuable principles you can apply to your own investigation (and presentation) of Christianity. When I open a cold-case investigation, there are a number of steps I have to take before I can even begin to think about making a presentation to a jury. The process looks something like this:

Should Christians Think and Talk About Death?

Next week, one of my friends is going to court. There is a chance that he will be sentenced to several years in prison. As you can imagine, it is hard for him to think about anything else. As much as he will try to have a “normal” week, I’m pretty sure his mind will be preoccupied with what the judge is going to say.


Document | Excerpt From ‘The Faith of Christopher Hitchens’ In his new book, “The Faith of Christopher Hitchens: The Restless Soul of the World’s Most Notorious Atheist,” the evangelical Christian writer Larry Alex Taunton describes a road trip he took in 2010 with the prominent atheist Christopher Hitchens, who was dying of esophageal cancer. The trip led Mr. Taunton to wonder if Mr. Hitchens was reconsidering his atheism. (Reprinted by permission of the author.)

45 Faith & Fact versus Jerry Coyne | Saints and Sceptics

So I was very surprised when I came across a book by Jerry Coyne entitled ‘Faith vs Fact’ with the intriguing subtitle ‘Why Science and Religion are Incompatible’. Could it be that this book was arguing that science and religion are incompatible after all? I had to find out. At times it seems like this is indeed Coyne’s view. For example, he claims that ‘These areas are incompatible in precisely the same way, and in the same sense, that rationality is incompatible with irrationality.’ That seems pretty clear. Elsewhere he endorses the claim that ‘Science and religion are incompatible, and you must choose between them.’ That again seems to sum up the view that I thought I might find – science and religion are mutually exclusive so you can’t accept both.

What Christians Can Learn from the Racially Charged Murder of Jesse Washington

The steps leading to Jesse Washington’s lynching began when the body of a white woman named Lucy Fryer was discovered. Fryer had been killed by blows to the head. Authorities identified Washington, a 17-year-old field hand at the Fryers’ farm, as the chief suspect. Scholarly studies have debated how likely it was that Washington was involved with the crime, but the evidence against him was mixed. It included a confession of guilt from Washington, but there were no eyewitnesses to the murder. Washington’s lawyers offered no defense of their client.


What does it mean to be considerate or to bear the burden of a doubt of others? That means that when people are in so much pain and hurting so badly that they don’t even know what they believe, they need the devotion of a loyal friend — someone who will be present and listen with empathy.

Hearing God through Silence

But we must not stop there. Suffering, silence, mystery, and hiddenness are important aspects of the Christian story, but not the only ones. The gospel is fundamentally good news, after all. The resurrection frames Christianity as a paradigm of hope. The cross and the empty tomb, like the “reflecting absence,” imprints of the World Trade Center or the daily rhythms of a setting and rising sun, are two sides of one beautiful story. One without the other is incomplete. Silence is all the more beautiful in the context of sound, in a world where God spoke open the void: “Let there be light” (Gen. 1:3; cf. 2 Cor. 4:6).

49 Dependent Misfit Toys

This is part of the reason why our answer to Sanford’s question is “something that doesn’t exist yet.” I described what this “something” might look like a few years ago. Taking my inspiration from various sources, such as Vanier’s L’Arche and the Scandinavian cohousing movement, I wrote about “intentional Christian communities I only partly in jest call ‘islands of misfit toys.’ It’s where everyone who doesn’t fit the marketing brochure idea of a Christian family . . . pledge[s] their lives to each other in ways that go beyond Sunday mornings and/or Wednesday night small groups. Part of the pledge is that everyone believes that we all have something to teach other about what it means to be an image-bearer.”

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