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Watch Anberlin’s Stephen Christian on ‘The Price Is Right’

If you tuned in to The Price Is Right this morning, you may have recognized one of the contestants as Anberlin frontman Stephen Christian—or, as he identifies himself on the show, “a songwriter from Nashville.” Sadly, Stephen did not walk away with a brand new car, but at least his wacky necktie got some much-deserved attention. You can see the entire episode here ...

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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Give Up on Church

Kathy Escobar wrote a blog post once titled "Leaving Church to Save My Soul". That pretty much sums it up for me. It's been five years since my husband and I left our last church, but the wounds are still there. There are many reasons why we left and don't want to come back. Before being dismissed let me just touch on one reason I couldn't come back. I COULD NEVER EVER TRUST CHURCH LEADERSHIP! Amongst other things, the pastor at the church I grew up in covered up sexual abuse. When I got married, I joined my husband's church whose leadership were all about the Benjamins. The next church we joined was basically just a faction of the Republican party. You should have seen their reaction when I said I didn't vote for George W. The pastor was so aggressive, confrontational, and arrogant, he could make Marc Driscoll cry (he certainly made me cry). The pastor at the last church we were apart of gave up a six figure salary and lost his home to become a church planter. Yet one day he told us God was mad at him because he wasn't doing enough. I thought wow, he gave all his comforts up but God is still not happy with him! He was also in my opinion ridiculously mysogynistic.


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Pew: Evangelicals Stay Strong as Christianity Crumbles in America

Three-quarters of evangelicals marry coreligionists, more than historically black Protestants (65%), mainline Protestants (59%), and the unaffiliated (56%). This may account for some of the steady evangelical numbers, as married people tend “to be more religiously active than unmarried people,” Pew reports. “Both groups – those who are married and those who are not – have grown less religiously affiliated in recent years, though married people have done so more slowly.” (The study only examined marriages that were still intact.)

Things to Remember On Your Very Worst Day

If you lose someone close to you, the stress ripples outward to those around you. While it’s important to not stuff your feelings, it’s also important not to be indulge yourself in them at the expense of your loved ones. As inhumane as it sounds, sometimes it’s important to soldier on for the sake of those around you.

Can Doubt Actually Be a Sign of Devotion?

We are called to love God with our whole beings, including our brains. Sometimes we say we believe things without thinking, without questioning. But how much can we believe something without critically observing and thinking them through? Of course, God is much bigger than our brains and our capacity to understand, which complicates things when we feely attempt to make sense of the One who breathed life into us. But this does not mean we should not try.

6 Reasons Why Membership Matters

The critical issue here…is today’s institutional church membership biblical. From what I can gleam from scripture the first century gathering of believers was very different than what we as humans has created ourselves in the last 1500 years. William Tyndale translated the Latin bible into English (from Greek text) with a view of helping the common person to read the bible for themselves. It cost him his life (executed) However, despite resistance by King Henry the 8th….. 85 % of Tyndales translation formed the Old King James version of the bible. What was left out was the fact that Tyndale found that there was no clear church hierarchy in the first century church… like we have today…Believers then were encouraged to individually and corporately deal with their growth as Christians in a much flatter structure (ie Jesus was the head, apostles were roaming evangelists and authors, spiritual elders provided guidance/care and believers cared for the saints and reached out to non-believers). As it turned out this translation challenged the power of the middle ages church so King James had inserted the middy evil Catholic style of church governance in the New Testament bible.

International Mission Board Drops Ban on Speaking in Tongues

Parents of teenagers will also be potential candidates. The IMB had previously disqualified them out of concerns for the challenges that teens would face by being uprooted and having to move overseas. Now IMB leaders will decided on a case-by-cases basis whether or not to allow parents with teens.

Four Ways to Fight the Fear of Missing Out

The Thing. It’s a strange thing, because it’s there and not there at the same time. What I’m talking about is The Thing that you don’t have that you think you need in order to be happy. And you know when The Thing is there because you begin to feel a low-grade panic that you don’t have it. The Thing makes you afraid that by not having The Thing you’re missing out.

Protecting Children From Sexual Abuse: My Interview with the Assistant District Attorney of Charlotte, NC

KS: If your state mandates that you report child abuse, you must report the abuse to authorities immediately. The natural inclination to “learn more” about the abuse by talking to the child or alleged offender prior to reporting the matter to authorities can have a negative impact on any subsequent investigation by the police or social services. The child should be questioned only by those investigators who are trained in interviewing children about child sexual abuse. Having a child questioned by those who are experts in the field protects both the accused and the child. Additionally, it is not in the child’s best interest to have to talk about the abuse with multiple adults, and then later to have to talk about it again to investigators.

How to Bless Your Spouse | Jim Daly

In fact, according to author Gary Thomas, enjoying pure pleasure is itself an act of worship. Think of gifts you’ve bought for a loved one. Wouldn’t you be disappointed if your child refused to play with a new toy or your spouse stashed that special something away in a closet? Our delight in those moments comes from watching our gifts being enjoyed. In a similar way, we rob our heavenly Father of great delight when we avoid pure pleasure because we fail to see it as His gift to us.

Why Does 'Organized Religion' Get a Bad Rap? Because the Elite Lies About It

The constant demonization of faithful Americans is bearing fruit. According to a new poll, more Americans (61 percent) would be comfortable or enthusiastic about a gay president than an Evangelical president (52 percent). While — in the abstract — that’s not all that meaningful or alarming (after all, voters vote for actual people, not religious or sexual categories), it does signal a background level of disapproval for Evangelical Americans, and one has to be living under a rock to know that “organized religion” is a constant target for pop culture. While there are certainly unpleasant Christians and corrupt churches — Christians are humans, after all — much of this negative campaign is built on a foundation of lies. Spend more than five minutes around ”organized religion,” and you’ll quickly learn that churchgoing Americans are among our most generous, most loving, and most selfless citizens.

Christianity in the Public Square

John H. Walton, Ph.D., is Professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College and also taught at Moody Bible Institute for 20 years. He received his Ph.D. in Hebrew and Cognate Studies from Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion and has used his academic training to focus his attention on comparing the culture and literature of the Bible and the ancient Near East. He is author or co-author to more than 20 books including his most recent book published by InterVarsity Press Academic,  The Lost World of Adam and Eve.

Pitch Perfect 2

Pitch Perfect 2 certainly pulls that off. It has all the a capella numbers, transgressive humor, and quiet self-awareness of its own absurdity that it needs to be just as fun as the first. I walked out and checked my watch, and was startled to discover it was almost two hours long. It's like a pure Red Bull shot in the arm, and that's all most viewers will want.

Another Atheist Distances Himself from the New Atheist Movement

The Harris-Chomsky exchange, in my mind, summarizes a lot of what I find unpleasant about SAM: a community who worships celebrities who are often intellectual dilettantes, or at the very least have a tendency to talk about things of which they manifestly know very little; an ugly undertone of in-your-face confrontation and I’m-smarter-than-you-because-I-agree-with [insert your favorite New Atheist or equivalent]; loud proclamations about following reason and evidence wherever they may lead, accompanied by a degree of groupthink and unwillingness to change one’s mind that is trumped only by religious fundamentalists; and, lately, a willingness to engage in public shaming and other vicious social networking practices any time someone says something that doesn’t fit our own opinions, all the while of course claiming to protect “free speech” at all costs.

Biola professor runs for senator

“She's a really great professor, really great person, she's been really influential into all of our classmates and me, so I think she's going to do a really great job as state senator,” said Daniel Coulter, junior sociology major.

ESPN on Twitter

The NFLPA filed an appeal of Tom Brady's 4-game suspension in wake of the Deflategate ruling »

Can we trace rock layers across continents only because of Noah's Flood?

One of the best examples of a transcontinental rock formation  in progress  comes from Snelling’s own backyard. The Australian coastline is surrounded by thousands of miles of shallow-water continental shelf (light blue regions), which are accumulating sand, silt, and lime mud into horizontal layers for future geologists to dig up. The Great Barrier Reef also provides a classic example of coral-bearing limestones that parallel the shoreline, as we commonly find in Phanerozoic rocks across the world. Finally, much of the inner continent is comprised of vast deserts, in which terrestrial bodies of fossiliferous sand, silt, and limestone are actively forming.

ALIVE: A Cold-Case Approach to the Resurrection

Follow along with J. Warner Wallace as he examines the most important case in all of history. You'll learn how to think like a cold case detective and share the compelling evidence that Jesus truly is...ALIVE! Excerpted from J. Warner's bestselling book (Cold-Case Christianity), Alive is a concise, accessible summary of the case for the Resurrection, sized and priced perfectly to use as an effective apologetics reminder, and Easter encouragement or a timely evangelistic tool.

With Something 'Not Unlike Bacon,' the 'Most American Burger' Certainly Is

“The hot dog is like a smoked meat product, so it’s not unlike bacon,” Brad Haley, chief marketing officer of CKE Restaurants, told AP, just to clarify why we should be excited about the 1,030-calorie burger. So there you have it, starting May 20, $5.79 will buy you the latest variation of fast food’s obsession with meat-on-meat burgers. This one features something “not unlike bacon.” And this one is for America...

“As a Christian, I think non-Christians can be good people.”

It deeply concerns me when I hear a professing Christian telling an unbeliever that he is a good person. Jesus said that there is no one good but God (see Mark 10:18). Anyone who says that human beings are good is calling Jesus a liar. My concern isn’t just that the unbeliever is being confirmed in his deception, but it makes me doubt the genuine nature of the Christian’s salvation, because he seems to have no biblical understanding of sin himself. This deception comes when the Law is not used to bring the knowledge of sin (see Rom. 3:19,20) and to show sin to be “exceedingly sinful” (see Rom. 7:13).

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Meet the guests | Al Jazeera America

You can’t say that ISIS all of a sudden woke up one day and they discovered the violent verses in the Koran and all hell broke out... we need to step back and analyze what are the true motivations.

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