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Ashers was victim of "coerced expression" in gay cake case - premier

The Christian owners of a bakery who refused to make a cake with a pro-gay marriage slogan were the victim of "coerced expression", a court has heard.

Resources for Pilgrims in a Strange Land

We owe it to our neighbors to think carefully, to speak persuasively, and to work strategically for the good of this generation and the next.

15 Reasons Trump Is a Liberal — and a Lunatic Conspiracy Theorist

I must confess that I’m mystified as to why so many Republicans are utterly convinced that Donald Trump will be a better president than Hillary Clinton. Trump, of course, makes it easy for them to delude themselves, because each time he begins to sound like Noam Chomsky, he’ll immediately pivot to mimic Rush Limbaugh, and he never stops talking long enough to be pinned down. But which words matter? Which words can we trust? #ad#The answer, of course, is none of them. But for those people who might be clinging to some tiny shard of hope that the presumptive Republican nominee now has coherent, conservative principles despite his well-documented left-wing past, I present to you the following non-exhaustive list of liberal, extreme, and outright insane things he’s said in this campaign. Let’s begin: 1. Trump supported government-provided health care. Doubt me? Here’s the key exchange from a September 27, 2015, interview on 60 Minutes: Donald Trump: There’s many different ways, by the way. Everybody’s got to be covered. This is an un-Republican thing for me to say because a lot of times they say, “No, no, the lower 25 percent that can’t afford private.” But – Scott Pelley: Universal health care? Donald Trump: I am going to take care of everybody. I don’t care if it costs me votes or not. Everybody’s going to be taken care of much better than they’re taken care of now. Scott Pelley: Make a deal? Who pays for it? Donald Trump: The government’s gonna pay for it. But we’re going to save so much money on the other side. But for the most it’s going to be a private plan and people are going to be able to go out and negotiate great plans with lots of different competition with lots of competitors with great companies and they can have their doctors, they can have plans, they can have everything. 2. Trump supported raising taxes. And he keeps supporting raising taxes. Again, here he is in that same 60 Minutes interview: Scott Pelley: Who are you going to raise taxes on? Donald Trump: If you look at actual raise, some very wealthy are going to be raised. Some people that are getting unfair deductions are going to be raised. But, overall, it’s going to be a tremendous incentive to grow the economy and we’re going to take in the same or more money. And I think we’re going to have something that’s going to be spectacular. 3. Trump supported large-scale touchback amnesty for illegal immigrants. Yes, the man who wants to build a wall and deport ’em all also said this: I would get people out and then have an expedited way of getting them back into the country so they can be legal. . . . A lot of these people are helping us . . . and sometimes it’s jobs a citizen of the United States doesn’t want to do. I want to move ’em out, and we’re going to move ’em back in and let them be legal. Also note that he buys the “jobs Americans won’t do” justification for large-scale, low-skill immigration: 4. Trump is running to Hillary’s left on trade — expressing greater skepticism about the virtues of free markets than even the Democratic front-runner. 5. He thinks it’s “wonderful” when the government seizes private property and gives it to powerful corporations. In a move that should trouble anyone who purports to trust his judgment on judicial nominations, Trump praised the Supreme Court’s decision in Kelo v. City of New London, a case that upheld the right of the government to take private property from one private landowner and transfer it to another private landowner. In other words, if Trump had his way, the government would be given the power to turn your home into a Target parking lot. 6. As long as we’re on the topic of judicial nominations, let’s not forget that he said his leftist, pro-abortion sister would be a “phenomenal” Supreme Court justice. 7. And then of course there’s his scorn for the First Amendment. During this campaign he’s expressed a desire to “open up” libel laws: One of the things I’m going to do if I win — and I hope we do and we’re certainly leading — I’m going to open up our libel laws so when they write purposely negative and horrible and false articles, we can sue them and win lots of money. We’re going to open up those libel laws. So when the New York Times writes a hit piece which is a total disgrace or when the Washington Post, which is there for other reasons, writes a hit piece, we can sue them and win money instead of having no chance of winning because they’re totally protected. 8. Trump has now signaled support for job-destroying minimum-wage increases, in a breathtakingly brazen flip-flop: STEPHANOPOULOS: Minimum wage — all through the primaries, you were against an increase. Now you’re saying you’re looking at it. So what’s your bottom line on this? TRUMP: Well, I am looking at it and I haven’t decided in terms of numbers. But I think people have to get more. STEPHANOPOULOS: But that’s a change from where you were during — TRUMP: It’s not a very (INAUDIBLE) . . .  STEPHANOPOULOS: — the primary. TRUMP: Well, sure it’s a change. I’m allowed to change. You need flexibility, George, whether it’s a tax plan where you’re going to — where you know you’re going to negotiate. But we’re going to come up with something. 9. He keeps praising Planned Parenthood, saying that it does “good work for millions of women” and slamming the “so-called conservatives” who disagree. #share# 10. Trump not only expressed support for gender-neutral bathrooms, he used corporate-progressive bullying to justify his position: Q: Tell us your views of LGBT and how you plan to be inclusive. Please speak about the North Carolina bathroom law. A: “North Carolina did something that was very strong and they’re paying a big price and there’s a lot of problems,” said Trump, who would have left things as they were. “There have been very few complaints the way it is. People go, they use the bathroom that they feel is appropriate, there has been so little trouble.” He said that instead, the new law has brought tremendous economic “strife” for the state, including various boycotts by entertainers and major businesses. “Leave it the way it is.” 11. Going farther than any Democratic candidate, Trump has advanced the completely discredited conspiracy theory that George W. Bush deliberately lied about weapons of mass destruction to justify the war in Iraq: Trump: You do whatever you want. You call it whatever you want. I wanna tell you: They lied. John Dickerson: Okay. Trump: They said there were weapons of mass destruction. There were none. And they knew there were none. There were no weapons of mass destruction. 12. In the category of non-ideological craziness, Trump actually expressed a belief that he could defeat ISIS by “bomb[ing] the sh*t out of them” and then sending in Exxon to mop up: ISIS is making a tremendous amount of money because of the oil that they took away — they have some in Syria, they have some in Iraq. I would bomb the sh*t out of them. I would just bomb those suckers, and that’s right — I’d blow up the pipes, I’d blow up the refineries, I’d blow up every single inch, there would be nothing left. And you know what, you’ll get Exxon to come in there, and in two months — you ever see these guys, how good they are, the great oil companies? — they’ll rebuild it brand new . . . and I’ll take the oil. 13. And who can possibly forget his oft-repeated vow that he would order American troops to commit war crimes by deliberately targeting terrorists’ families and torturing detainees, followed by this chilling promise: 14. Trump has repeatedly parroted the Democratic line about 9/11, completely ignoring or glossing over the failures of two successive administrations, including the Clinton administration’s wholly inadequate response to the African embassy bombings and the near-sinking of the USS Cole. 15. Finally, there is this now-infamous bit of lunacy, which can’t be stressed enough: Trump tied Ted Cruz’s father to John F. Kennedy’s assassin: “His father was with Lee Harvey Oswald prior to Oswald’s being — you know, shot. I mean, the whole thing is ridiculous,” Trump said Tuesday during a phone interview with Fox News. “What is this, right prior to his being shot, and nobody even brings it up. They don’t even talk about that. That was reported, and nobody talks about it.” “I mean, what was he doing — what was he doing with Lee Harvey Oswald shortly before the death? Before the shooting?” Trump continued. “It’s horrible.” Trump recently declared that, “This is called the Republican party, it’s not called the Conservative party.” That may be the single-most accurate statement he’s made in the course of the campaign. But if the Republican party isn’t conservative, what does it stand for? The list above provides a clue to Trump’s answer: It stands for whatever will put him in power. And to think there are still Republicans who ask me to trust that Trump will do the right thing. The only thing I trust is that Trump will do what he wants, when he wants, and that neither principle nor reason will stand in his way. — David French is an attorney and a staff writer at National Review.

Gallant Killed It on ‘The Tonight Show’ Last Night

Need more proof that Gallant is the next big thing? Watch this performance of “Weight in Gold” on The Tonight Show last night, and see why he is one of music's brightest young stars. RELEVANT recently spoke with Gallant—whose latest album has even garnered praise from music legend Elton John. Discussing “Weight in Gold,” he told RELEVANT, “It was, at the time, the most different song [LA producer Stint and I] had done together. But it felt the most special. It was surreal to go in having nothing and come out three and a half hours later having something that felt like one of the best things I’d ever written. That was a huge moment for me.”

Rise Up (Official Video directed by M. Night Shyamalan)

Andra Day is a San Diego native, known for her soulful jazz voice and her hit record, "Rise Up." The record was nominated for Best R&B Performance at the 2016 Grammy Awards. Rolling Stone named her in its "10 Artists You Need to Know" in June 2015. In her short career, the singer has performed at the White House for a Ray Charles tribute concert and for a Hilary Clinton presidential rally. Andra delivered the message "Rise Up" into millions of homes during her performances on Jimmy Kimmel, The Ellen Show, BET Awards, Good Morning America, and the Wendy Williams Show. The San Diego native first premiered “Rise Up” in a Beats By Dr. Dre commercial featuring Serena Williams prior to performing the breakout single at the 2016 Grammy Awards with Ellie Goulding. Day transcends any record she sings into a powerful and inspirational anthem.

Presentation: The Role of Miracles in the Bible and Handling Common Objections

Here is a 25 minute clip were I discuss what miracles are, where we see them in the Bible. I also discuss some common objections such as naturalism and the over repeated objections posited by David…

Evolution May Obscure Reality, Says a Cognitive Scientist and Evolutionist

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Live | Boyce College

A campus visit is the perfect way to see if Boyce College is right for you. Enjoy a complimentary stay on campus and see for yourself what it’s like to be a Boyce student.

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Antony Bushfield on Twitter

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A Response to Montel Williams on Bathroom and Locker Room Privacy

And what does Mr. Williams tell the mother who wrote to me on Facebook, stating, "This is VERY real. This new policy that was recently adopted by our local YMCA in WA allows for people to use whatever locker room they self-identify with. Just two weeks ago a boy around the age of 13 walked right into the girls side of the women's locker room. All he did was sit down and scroll through his phone. Little girls where surprised when they came in from showering with their towels wrapped around them to see him sitting there. My daughter was one of those girls. This policy opens the door to those who have malicious intent."

On My Shelf: Life and Books with Bruce Ashford

Over the past few years, the Lord Jesus has been showing me—again—the need to be unhurried and contemplative in my walk with him. A relationship with him isn’t something that can be hurried. There are so many things in my life that work against this sort of unhurried and meditative devotional life. One major hindrance is the insanity of the technological revolution—with its phone calls, text messages, emails, Twitter notifications, and Facebook messages—which creates in us a sort of chronic distractedness. Another hindrance is the business of midlife, as we try to be faithful in our churches, families, workplaces, and communities. But more significant than those hindrances is the sinful inclinations of my own heart, inclinations that urge me to pay more attention to the Giver’s gifts than to the Giver himself. I’ve found Eugene Peterson’s books, such as A Long Obedience in the Same Direction , helpful in counteracting these inclinations.

The Eric Metaxas Show - The Show About Everything

The Beam Family talks about their hit film Miracles From Heaven and the incredible true story behind it. Listen here....

Christian Storytelling Should Be Both True and Beautiful

On yesterday’s podcast , Brett talked to screenwriter and author Brian Godawa about Christian artists, beauty, truth, and storytelling. Art is indeed a powerful vehicle for expressing truth, but as Brian explains in the interview, when we use story merely as a tool to communicate a message, neglecting the beauty of the craft, we tend to end up with preachy propaganda. He argued that beauty is an aspect of the truth about God that we must not downplay when speaking through artistic forms:

WORLD | No and maybe | Jamie Dean | May 28, 2016

What about a third-party candidate? When asked if they would support a third-party candidate in a Clinton/Trump contest, 46 percent of respondents said, “Yes, on principle, even if the candidate had no chance to win.” Nearly 29 percent said, “Yes, but only if the candidate had a chance to win.” Twenty-one percent said they would vote for Trump, and 1 percent said they would vote for Clinton. Those numbers were close to survey results on the same question in mid-March.

1 Peter 3:10–12: The Key to Enjoying Your Life

We are saved by grace alone through faith alone, but Jesus did not die only to ransom you from hell. He died to ransom you from wasting your life here on earth. In this lab, John Piper highlights several commands God gives to Christians, and two major motivations for living distinctly from our old selves.

ThinkChristian on Twitter

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9 The Briefing 05-12-16 –

But there is always the danger that when people think that someone has acted unfairly they will look to the government as the rescuer. And in this case, conservatives should check very carefully the impulse to turn to the federal government, even in a case like Facebook, even when there is demonstrated and proved discrimination, and say that something like the Fairness Doctrine should be put back into place. That doctrine did not serve this country well in terms of the free exchange of ideas, because instead it meant that many broadcasters simply didn’t cover many issues or allow any discussion because of the fear that how they might present the issues would be defined as unbalanced. Instead, we are better served by understanding that a pluralism or a multiplicity of media outlets affords a far greater opportunity that the exchange of ideas will be both balanced and legitimate over time. It is much more effective to have liberal arguments balanced by conservative arguments in the marketplace of ideas. And this is where conservatives need to understand that there is no way, given our own principles, to ask the government to do what we must do for ourselves—and that is make arguments that are compelling in the public square.

Faith at Work: Education and vocation: A comeback story

The trick for believers in today’s culture is to connect “what they’re saying on their knees” with their life and career, but earlier than did the Duke. This can and should be done through the education of the believing community, from childhood through higher education too. And the church should be involved throughout the process. In fact, it should lead. Remember that once upon a time, Sunday school actually taught concrete skills like reading, writing and overall literacy. Education should once again be the strong suit of the people of God. We should be thinking of desks instead of pews. If a theology of work could become the thing for which Christian communities are best known once again, we may find ourselves back in the center of cultural conversation rather than at the periphery.

Renewing Your Mind | Worship in the Church | May 12, 2016

Any time we talk about the nature of the Church, we would be completely negligent if we overlooked one of the central purposes of the people of God: to express ourselves in corporate and personal worship. Dr. Sproul illustrates in this message that the true meaning of worship is to bring to God the praise and glory that is worthy of His name.

Real Men Love Strong Women

So, when a Canaanite military general Jabin the King of Hazor — the enemy of the people of God — tried to seek refuge, he went to Heber’s tent, “for there was peace between Jabin the King of Hazor and the house of Heber the Kenite” (Judges 4:17). But Jabin fount Jael at the tent and started barking orders at her, “Give me a little water.” “Stand at the opening of the tent.” In response, “she went softly to him and drove the peg into his temple until it went down into the ground” (Judges 4:21). Deborah later sang of Jael, “Most blessed of women be Jael . . . She sent her hand to the tent peg and her right hand to the workmen’s mallet.” (Judges 5:24–25).

It’s Officially Time to Redefine 'Evangelical'

There is actually an ugly truth to what we have come to know as Evangelical Christianity in America. It's association with the Right Wing of the GOP and so-called socially conservative elements in our society have been nothing but a veneer for a powerful racist streak in our society that believes Christianity is concomitant with a superior race of people mainly of western European ancestry. So in many ways the modern church in the United States (or at least since the late 70's) has been more of a social movement whose goal was to preserve a very ethnocentric view of history. These racist/fascist instincts are nothing new. Indeed, the Apostle Paul was subject those seeking to make the gospel culturally competitive. He responded in his first letter to the Corinthians by saying, "I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some. 23 I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings." So let us as a body of Christ have a bold faith that speaks in the spirit of truth and that truth is that a large (but thankfully shrinking) element of the modern American church is the wolf if ethnocentric/racism in the clothing of the Gospel.

Going All Out for Your Wife (Part 1 of 2)

Let me tell you guys somethin'. Satan watches your game films, and he watches mine, and he knows my habits. He knows my tendencies. He knows my weaknesses. He knows that when I get tired, I get irritable. He knows that I can be impatient. He knows that it's very easy for me just to fly [off] and say a harsh word without thinking to my wife. I did that earlier this week. I spoke in Atlanta four weeks ago and the same thing happened to me. Every time, before I come to speak on one of these things about marriage, I screw up. I do. (Laughter) I'm just being honest with you. And let me say something about that. Gentlemen, the easiest thing in the world is to stand up here and teach this stuff. The hardest thing in the world is to go home and live it out, but that's what we're called to do. (Applause)

What are the Best Apologetics Resources for Students?

When I first wrote my book Ethix in 2006, the reviewer for the Christian Research Journal said its one of a few, but growing number of apologetics resources for students. It’s amazing how much has changed in a decade. Now we have tons of good apologetics resources for students, and the challenge is to highlight the best ones. The purpose of this post is simply to highlight some of my personal favorites. Please let me know if there are any good ones I need to add to my list.

16 A Bonny Fighter

Once he gave in, though, Lewis eventually became as much of “a bonny fighter” (to borrow a term from his friend Austin Farrer) for Christianity as he had been against it. McLean is enjoying channeling “the energy of his voice” and his “robust” nature, and is looking forward to continuing to play the role in other cities and, hopefully, in New York.

Episode 368: Christine Caine

© Copyright 2016 Catalyst

Is ‘Allah’ God?

Nevertheless, prior to the Islamization and Arabization that took place under Islam, Arabic-speaking Christians in the region used languages other than Arabic in their liturgies. This is due to the unfortunate absence of an Arabic translation of Scripture until well into the Muslim era. These Arabic-speaking Christians would have prayed primarily using Greek, Coptic, or Syriac (a dialect of Aramaic). But like their Arabic-speaking Jewish neighbors, they would have referred to God as “Allah” in their native language. Pre-Islamic inscriptions testify to this fact, as does the continued use of “Allah” by Arabic-speaking Christians and Jews to this day.

5 Ways to Know You're Accidentally Becoming an Internet Troll

It’s happening. You’re becoming an angry, name-calling commenter. You are just steps away from the monstrous conversion to full-on internet troll. A discussion about the proper order to watch the films in the Marvel Universe (obviously, in order of release date, not narrative chronology, dummy) is not worth a rise in blood pressure.


Why Voting for a Third Party Shouldn’t Ease Your Conscience

“For the last several elections, I’ve been that principled guy saying ‘I just can’t vote for anybody,’” Anyabwile said. “But this particular election has brought me to a place where I’m staring my principles in the face and I have a different type of crisis of conscience. I can’t opt for a personal type of quietism here, where I palliate my own conscience. I actually have to inform my conscience.”

Kindle Deals in Christian Apologetics: Greg's Top Ten Picks of the Week!

In Defense of the Bible gathers exceptional articles by accomplished scholars that address and respond to the major contemporary challenges to the divine inspiration and authority of Scripture. Essays begin by examining foundational philosophical approaches to the Bible as well as the methodological challenges those philosophies create for interpreting the Bible. Textual and historical challenges and how to deal with them comprise the second section and address charges that the Bible has been corrupted beyond repair, questions concerning authorship, The Bible's alleged use of pagan myth, and the historical reliability of the Old and New Testaments. Lastly, final chapters, take on ethical, scientific, and theological challenges and demonstrate the Bible's moral integrity in relationship to modern moral emphases, that science can be harmonized with biblical teaching, that the Christian Canon is more than a result of mere politics, and further establishes that the Bible is the inspired and authoritative word of God.   ORDER YOUR COPY NOW >>>

The Subtle Art of Sabotaging a Pastor

Help your patient to see all that he lacks. Stroke his discontent. The less satisfied your patient is with what the Enemy has done for him and all the Enemy has given him, the more alluring the validation, approval, and praise of others will be. Empty him of his confidence by highlighting his failures so that therefore his head will be far more easily swelled with adulations and self-confidences. Then pop those like a pin to a balloon and start again. It is easy for a pastor to move to pride—it is his default setting—so this should not be too difficult for you.

What It's Like to Live On Less Than Two Dollars a Day

T here’s no milk in the fridge at Sandra Brown’s home in the Roseland neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side. Not much food in the cabinet, aside from Ramen noodles. Were it not for the kindness of Sandra’s great-grandmother, who owns the house, Sandra and her family—her husband, baby daughter, grandmother, step-grandfather, and an uncle—would be living on streets. The Browns, like more than a million American families, live on less than $2 in cash a day.


Epic Failure: My Biggest Evangelism Mistake

by Sean McDowell During a trip to Breckenridge, a beautiful ski town in the mountains of Colorado, a friend and I decided to get our hair cut at one of the little shops downtown. As we waited our turn, I read another chapter of the book I had brought along with me, a book whose title clearly indicated my interest in spiritual things. When my turn came and I settled into the chair, the young hairstylist noted that I was reading a Christian book and wondered if it would be okay for her to ask me a question about God that had been on her mind. Of course I said yes, relishing the opportunity to talk about theology. After all, I had been studying apologetics and was ready with all the right answers. Bring it on , I thought, smiling to myself. “Well,” she started, with just a hint of hesitation, “why does God allow so much evil and suffering in the world?” Really, that’s all you got? raced through my mind. Why is this such a big problem? It’s one of the most oft-asked questions in apologetics, and I was ready with the classical free-will defense—emphasizing that God desires a relationship with us, which is possible only if we have free will.

Has the UK Church lost confidence in the Gospel? // Evangelism // The FAQ Sessions

Every Thursday afternoon at 5pm on Premier Drive, Loretta Andrews asks the experts about some of things that we've all had questions about; It could be prayer, the Bible, or even learning how to walk with the Lord in a more practical way. From May 2016, Premier Drive will team up with Evangelical Alliance directors Gavin Calver and Dr Dave Landrum to tackle some of the biggest questions on evangelism - has the Church lost its way or has it simply just lost touch with how things should be done? More questions and answers from the Premier Drive FAQ Sessions: | For more video and audio content: | Like us on Facebook | Tweet us @TogetherPremier

FREE Social Media Management Dashboard | Twitter/Facebook Marketing Tool |

“..I started using to be more efficient on the way I manage out Twitter communities. My favorite features? The prioritized feed to focus on the relevant members of the community..”


Novena - Day 7: May 12th - premier

Novena Prayer: Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I offer to you my own mental health. You invite me to be honest with myself and with you. Give me the courage to talk with someone, rescue me from the depths of my own despair. I pray too that the church will itself offer an open door and invitation for those locked beneath the stigma and within the silence of this issue to enter and find friendship and support.

Trump, Clinton, or Neither: How Evangelicals Are Expected to Vote

Evangelicals met nine specific theological criteria. They said they have made “a personal commitment to Jesus Christ that is still important in their life today,” that their faith is very important in their life today; believe that when they die they will go to Heaven because they have confessed their sins and accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior; strongly believe they have a personal responsibility to share their religious beliefs about Christ with non-Christians; firmly believe that Satan exists; strongly believe that eternal salvation is possible only through grace, not works; strong agree that Jesus Christ lived a sinless life on earth; strong assert that the Bible is accurate in all the principles it teaches; and describe God as the all-knowing, all-powerful, perfect deity who created the universe and still rules it today. Being classified as an evangelical is not dependent on self-identification, church attendance, or the denominational affiliation of the church attended. Respondents were not asked to describe themselves as “evangelical.”

A Black Man’s Hope for Complementarians

To complementarian outsiders, it’s clear that this type of church environment is not ideal. Still, it’s helpful to consider context with care. In doing so, consider my background in light of what we know to be true. Instead of idealizing complementarianism, and demonizing examples that fall short, it may be helpful to reflect on complementarian goodness, glimpses, and graciousness. My hope is that we complementarians can present the beauty of our convictions while extending grace to those coming from backgrounds like mine.

33 Did or did not the women tell what happened?

The best explanation is that the women initially said nothing (Mark 16:8) and then later told the disciples what they saw (Matthew 28:8, Luke 24:9). It would make sense that they were frightened and didn't know what to do or say. But then later, of course, they spoke up. The John 20:18 account is chronologically later than the other references and is not relevant in this difficulty.

34 The Briefing 05-12-16 –

But there is always the danger that when people think that someone has acted unfairly they will look to the government as the rescuer. And in this case, conservatives should check very carefully the impulse to turn to the federal government, even in a case like Facebook, even when there is demonstrated and proved discrimination, and say that something like the Fairness Doctrine should be put back into place. That doctrine did not serve this country well in terms of the free exchange of ideas, because instead it meant that many broadcasters simply didn’t cover many issues or allow any discussion because of the fear that how they might present the issues would be defined as unbalanced. Instead, we are better served by understanding that a pluralism or a multiplicity of media outlets affords a far greater opportunity that the exchange of ideas will be both balanced and legitimate over time. It is much more effective to have liberal arguments balanced by conservative arguments in the marketplace of ideas. And this is where conservatives need to understand that there is no way, given our own principles, to ask the government to do what we must do for ourselves—and that is make arguments that are compelling in the public square.

Why Christians Must Speak With Kindness

The clip below is from my sermon  at the 2015 Equip Austin event, “Preparing Your Church for a Same-Sex Marriage Culture.” You can find more videos by going to our ERLC media page here .

36 Prayer, Abortion, the Family, and Walker Percy

Abortion Supply and Demand. Abortion facilities have closed by the score in the past decade.  In fact, more than 150 have closed in the past five years.  Much of the credit for this trend goes to legal and legislative action.   Republicans now control more than 30 state legislatures, many of these legislatures flipping control in 2010.  That led to a number of new laws that protect the unborn.  But, according to an article in WORLD Magazine , there’s another reason:  decreased demand for abortion.  Randall K. O’Bannon, director of education and research for National Right to Life, told WORLD:  “Abortion just isn’t selling the way it used to.  [Women are] choosing to give birth to their babies.”  WORLD reports:  “About 705 abortion facilities operated at the industry’s peak in the late 1980s. By 2011, that number dropped to 553, according to the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute. Since 2011, about 162 facilities have closed, and only 21 new ones opened. In at least five states, only one abortion center remains in operation.”

Facebook Exec. in Charge of Trending News Gave $5.4K to Hillary Campaign

As Facebook has come under fire amid allegations that the social media giant is regularly suppressing conservative news from its "trending" news section, it has emerged that the executive in charge of overseeing the section is a large donor to Hillary Clinton.

NC Lt. Gov. Calls Obama Admin. Jim Crow Claim 'Shameful'

RALEIGH, N.C. — Two days after North Carolina and the Justice Department announced dueling lawsuits, The Daily Signal sat down with Lt. Gov. Dan Forest. Forest, a Republican, called the Obama administration “shameful” for equating the state’s so-called bathroom bill to Jim Crow laws and other forms of state-sponsored discrimination.

39 Faith on the Rise in Nepal

And you’d be correct. The explosion of Christianity south of the Sahara is so great that a colleague of mine is surprised whenever he meets a West African immigrant who’s not a believer. And as we previously told you on BreakPoint, Christianity in China is growing so rapidly that, by one scholar’s estimate, there will be more Christians in China than in any other country by 2035.

The Moral Revolutionaries Present Their Demands: Unconditional Surrender –

Ever the law professor, Tushnet called for liberal constitutionalists at every level to “compile lists of cases to be overruled at the first opportunity on the ground that they were wrong the day they were decided.” He also calls for liberal judges to “exploit the ambiguities and loopholes in unfavorable precedents that aren’t worth overruling.” He lists some of the decisions he targets and then goes on to criticize even some of the most liberal judges and justices, including Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, for being too defensive and looking over their backs at conservative critics. He also makes the apt assessment that, with a liberal victory in the culture now in hand, the revolutionaries can now stab Justice Anthony Kennedy in the back, politically speaking. That’s the thanks Justice Kennedy receives for making the liberal victory possible. He deserves nothing less.

Premier Christian on Twitter

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42 Grace to You Radio

A one-minute radio feature where John MacArthur applies biblical truth to daily living.

11 Contemporary Authors Every Christian Should Read

I never liked to read memoirs until I read one by Mary Karr. Now, I can’t get enough of them—especially hers. Karr writes with such meticulousness and detail, it feels like she started journaling her childhood as soon as she could hold a pencil. Even though her prose is excellent, I like her poetry even more. It bleeds and nourishes. She often writes about death, perseverance and family, and the way she talks about theology makes you rethink things you never knew you had to rethink. She is an honest writer, and we all need a little more honesty in our lives.

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"It is precisely because of our flaws and faults that we need each other." Stephen Nichols

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How Critics of Christianity Often Distort the Story of Galileo

But something else needs to be pointed out. The Catholic Church’s opposition to Galileo is only part of the story. Do you know who else rejected Galileo and his discoveries? The brightest intellectuals, secular philosophers, and academic professors of his day![8] I never see this mentioned on atheists’ websites. And I think I know why! It takes all the wind out of their “Christians were standing in the way of scientific progress” propaganda. Galileo’s scientific arguments (which built upon and advanced Nicolaus Copernicus’s heliocentric Sun-centered hypothesis published in 1543) threatened the all-pervading view held by the academies. They held to the geocentric understanding developed by Aristotle (384–322 BC) that said the Earth was at the physical center of the universe[9] and Ptolemy’s (AD c. 100–c. 170) view that the Earth was stationary and the Sun revolved around it. This Aristotelian-Ptolemaic geocentric view was entrenched everywhere and it had been for 1400 years. So, it wasn’t just the Church that opposed Galileo’s discoveries! The brightest thinkers of the day disagreed with him, including the “secular philosophers who were enraged at his criticism of Aristotle.

What If Your Kids Don't Think Christianity is Cool?

My husband and I had a spotty record of church attendance in our first few years as a married couple. We wanted to go to church, but none of the churches we attended felt much like a church “home.” We wanted to connect with other people our age, but every church we visited had an older congregation. During that time, an idea started to take root in my head: Young people like me don’t go to church. Maybe I’m supposed to be doing something else.

Christianity's Five Most Countercultural Virtues

Faith doesn’t mean there’s an absence of doubt, mystery, or complexity, but it allows you to have confidence in something—a relationship with someone. To invest your trust and hope in any one thing is notable enough, but to have faith in an unseen, unquantifiable, supernatural God is one of the most countercultural acts imaginable.

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