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A New Kind of Apologist: Defending the Faith with Truth and Love

On this episode of the Table Podcast, we discuss cultural engagement, focusing on the importance of truth and love in defending the faith. I was pleased to guest host the show a third time. This time, interviewing my mentor Darrell Bock and friend from my undergrad days at Biola University, Dr. Sean McDowell.

Woody Harrelson Says He Wanted to Go Into Ministry and Was Friends With Mike Pence in College

Actor Woody Harrelson was recently a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and told the host an interesting story about his college experience. Harrelson went to a Christian college to study

Why We Know the New Testament Gospels Were Written Early (Cold Case Christianity Broadcast #51) | Cold Case Christianity

How does early dating contribute to the reliability of the Gospel authors as eyewitnesses? What other problem does early dating resolve?

Four Things Christians Can Learn from First-Responders (Video) | Cold Case Christianity

What can Christians learn from first-responders to help believers live "in the world," yet not be "of the world"?

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The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

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Motherhood: A Call to Arms

Spurgeon says, “Those who think that a woman detained at home by her little family is doing nothing think the reverse of what is true. . . . Mothers, the godly training of your offspring is your first and most pressing duty.” If you don’t have children, or aren’t married, you are still called to live like you are part of this glorious archetypical motherkind — you are called to live like a woman who would honor God in her mothering, because you honor God in your whole life, embracing his design and purpose for women as a whole, and for yourself as a woman.

A Hidden Epidemic God Hates

Tom micromanages his wife Sarah’s physical appearance to fit his personal tastes. He picks out her clothes, tells her how she can do her hair, and restricts her diet so she remains thin. When Sarah confronts him on his controlling behavior, he cites Ephesians 5:22: “Wives, submit to your husbands, as to the Lord.” Miranda is an overprotective mother. She homeschools her 17-year-old daughter, Kate, to prevent her from being exposed to rebellious teenagers. She won’t allow her to play sports, attend dances, or get her driver’s license. She cites 1 Corinthians 15:33 as her justification for parenting this way: “Bad company corrupts good character.” Bill forces his wife Angie to have sex against her will. He’s rough in bed and occasionally strikes her when they’re being intimate. He cites 1 Corinthians 7:4 as his allowance for doing so: “For the wife does not have authority over her own body, but the husband does.” What do these three scenarios have in common? A spouse or parent is committing domestic spiritual abuse. While these examples may seem extreme, I assure you they’re not.

No, Pastor Stanley, We Should Not Unhitch Ourselves from the Old Testament | The Stream

Back in the days of the heretic Marcion in the second century, the Church had to reject calls to sever itself from its Old Testament roots. (Marcion, to be clear, was far more extreme in his beliefs than Pastor Stanley.) Yet this heresy has risen again in different forms over time, some more severe than others. (At one point, Nazi theologians actually rewrote the New Testament to disconnect it from its Jewish roots.)

Ten Big Daily Reminders

But in reality, whether it’s night or day, I don’t stay awake to what’s truly important for very long. I am like that college kid who sits in church on Sunday morning trying to keep his eyes open after an irresponsibly late Saturday night. My eyelids droop by default, and my mind wanders from the glories of the Bible to superfluous, naturalistic daydreams (that may or may not end with an embarrassing full-body twitch that snaps me awake again).

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no, that is what prison is for. if a Christian walks away from Christ they come face to face with the law. the other option is called fleecing and that usually results in "I never knew you." the heroes of men are very good at fleecing.

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What to #pray for this week: Pray God would give justice to those who obey Him and those who turn their backs. May God give His #justice to those killed by #abortion and His #grace to those He calls to #repent . Download 21 Days of Prayer for Life!

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Did the universe begin to exist or not? The final paper from Stephen Hawking indicates that the universe did have a beginning. Here are the details. New article by @RTB_JZweerink discussing Dr. Hawking's final paper. …

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BreakPoint This Week: John & Ed discuss President Trump’s success in bringing North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un to the negotiating table, his pulling the US out of the Iran nuclear deal, and the heightened tensions between Israel and Iran.

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SBC president @bellevuepastor releases statement on Patterson, racial diversity, how Southern Baptists can pray @swbts #sbcam18 

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Tired of bad news? Be encouraged by stories of redemption at this year’s Wilberforce Weekend – May 18-20 #WFW18

Can God's Existence be Demonstrated? (William Lane Craig)

Robert Lawrence Kuhn (host of PBS' "Closer to Truth") asks philosopher and theologian William Lane Craig about whether God's existence can be demonstrated or not. Questions explored: Can you demonstrate God's existence mathematically? Does an argument have to convince everybody in order for it to be valid? What are some of the best arguments for God's existence? What is the Cosmological Argument? What is Leibniz's argument for God's existence? Does the contingency argument depend on a universe having a beginning? What is the Teleological Argument? What is meant by Fine-Tuning and Intelligent Design? Can the universe be "designed" by chance? What is the moral argument for God? Is the moral argument just an assumption? What is the difference between an assumption and intuition? Do all cultures really have different morals? What is meant by "objective morality"? How does Jesus' resurrection demonstrate God's existence? What are some of the evidences of Jesus' death that the majority of historical scholars agree with? What is the ontological argument? What is meant by necessary existence? What is meant by possible worlds? Are religious experiences philosophically valid? Does everything must have evidence (and arguments) prior to acceptance? Can you disprove with arguments and evidences that you are nothing more than a brain in a vat? Can you disprove with arguments and evidences that you were just made five minutes ago with built-in memories that gave you the illusion of being made longer than that? What is meant by a properly basic belief? How are they not arbitrary? What is a "defeater"? Is there an absolute psychological profile for religious people? Is God just a Freudian projection? What is something that is self-authenticating? Playlist: http://www.

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Despite some successes, it is far too early to call the 2010s a “Golden Age of Christian Cinema.” I am, however, prepared to call it a “Bronze Age," an important step forward from the wasteland of previous Christian moviemaking.

#274 – Nothing Withheld from God (Genesis 22:15–18)

So God, we say to you now, and I say in my heart, I just want to pray this on behalf of others. God, we surrender our lives to you and our families to you, our future, our dreams and plans, our possessions, oh God, they all belong to you. Everything we are, everything we have, God, we want to trust you with it all so we lay it before you as an offering, and we pray, use us, use all that we have to accomplish your purposes, and we trust that you will be faithful to provide all along the way. There’s no better place, no better hands, to put our lives in, our families in, our future in, our plans, our dreams, our possessions in, than your hands. You are so good. You are so gracious. You are working for our good. You’re working for your glory, and you will use everything we put in your hands towards that end, so God, we trust in you. We surrender to you. Please help us. Please help me. Please help all who are listening right now, not to hold on tightly to anything in our lives, to hold loosely to it, to place it before you that you might use it however you want, that you might use us, our lives, and everything we put in your hands for your purposes as we trust you as our provider.

Woman, 31, 'stalked man and sent him 65,000 texts after a single date'

Woman, 31, 'stalked a man after one date and sent him 65,000 texts saying she wanted to bathe in his BLOOD and admitted thinking Hitler was a genius'

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If #JordanPeterson isn't careful, he's going to make it not just possible, but downright effective to be earnest again. And it makes me sad, because we Christians, not an agnostic, psychologist, should be the ones breaking the stranglehold of insincerity.

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#Abortion proponents portray abortion as a social good that allows women control over their own bodies. But in India and China—and sometimes in the West, as well—abortion has given women LESS control. They are forced to kill their unborn daughters.

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The New Think Biblically Podcast is out! “The Moral Question Behind Infinity War.” Scott Rae and I discuss ethical questions and dilemmas in the newest Avengers movie. …

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Old and alone in #China . Declining birth rates, whether due to forced abortion in China or declining interest in families in the West, are a recipe for societal disaster.

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Folly — not wisdom — says that there is no God. The greatest human wisdom starts with acknowledging God and fearing him. …


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Friday, May 11, 2018 — The Briefing

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Why the grounding of life in human autonomy inevitably leads to a society that claims to author both birth and death @albertmohler #TheBriefing 

Southern Seminary on Twitter

Mormons move to end relationship with Boy Scouts of America is about more than Mormons and Boy Scouts @albertmohler #TheBriefing 

26 An Introduction to the New Testament - Kindle edition by D. A. Carson, Douglas J. Moo. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

An Introduction to the New Testament focuses on "special introduction" that is historical questions dealing with authorship, date, sources, purpose, destination, and so forth. This approach stands in contrast to recent texts that concentrate more on literary form, rhetorical criticism, and historical parallels—topics the authors don’t minimize, but instead think are better given extended treatment in exegesis courses. By refocusing on the essentials, An Introduction to the New Testament ensures that the New Testament books will be accurately understood within historical settings. For each New Testament document, the authors also provide a substantial summary of that book’s content, discuss the book’s theological contribution to the overall canon, and give an account of current studies on that book, including recent literary and social-science approaches to interpretation. This second edition reflects significant revision and expansion from the original, making this highly acclaimed text even more valuable. • A new chapter provides a historical survey examining Bible study method through the ages.

Chicago Cubs on Twitter

Hello. My name is Willson Contreras. You hit my friend Kris. Prepare to fly.

Chicago Cubs on Twitter

Respect brotha, and me too it’s been rough lately and it’s good to see them follow the cubs footsteps with these young guys. Hopefully things will turn around in the near future.

Truth and Tone in Cultural Engagement | Mikel Del Rosario | Your Apologetics Guy℠

Over the past few decades, some evangelicals have seen cultural engagement as fighting a culture war for Christ. But the landscape has changed in a way that most people who graduated from seminary forty years ago might never have imagined. Today, we as Christians find ourselves in the position of a cultural minority in the United States. How should we engage with a society that is increasingly hostile to the Christian faith?

Can We Trust the Early Traditions of Apostolic Martyrdoms?

The deaths of the apostles are often cited by Christian Case Makers in an effort to demonstrate the certainty and validity of those who witnessed the Resurrection of Jesus. When an eyewitness is willing to die, rather than deny his testimony, there’s good reason to believe he actually observed what he’s reporting or he’s simply crazy. When multiple eyewitnesses are similarly convinced, the most reasonable conclusion is their testimony is an accurate record of events. I’ve discussed the attestation of the disciples in Cold Case Christianity , but the question remains, are the traditions related to the martyrdoms of the Apostles a true record of their deaths? Many critics have cited the sometimes questionable historical accounts of these martyrdoms. It’s true: The early, local church narratives are often stylized and enhanced. Given this reality, why should we trust anything these accounts offer? I think there are several good reasons to accept the claims of martyrdom, even while remaining cautious about specific details:

The Multiverse Instead of God?: Four Philosophical Problems

Introduction A few weeks ago a skeptic asked me about my concerns with the multiverse as an explanation for the beginning and fine-tuning of the universe. He stated that he did not want a scientific critique, though, because he believes that the multiverse is outside the ability of science to test. He was more interested in my philosophical concerns. Four issues come to mind. None of them remove the possibility of a multiverse in a theistic world; however, two make the multiverse unpalatable in a naturalistic world, and the other two do remove it from possibility in a naturalistic world.

Good Arguments Aren't Enough in Defending the Faith

Facts, reason, and evidence play key roles in apologetics. Christian defenders spend many hours studying the latest arguments for or against God's existence, the resurrection, or other issues fundamental to the faith. This is good and necessary; familiarizing oneself with the latest arguments on both sides of the divide gives you a greater advantage at presenting the most persuasive case possible. However, there is another piece that many Christians neglect which is just as crucial: how to engage in a disarming, persuasive manner. James W. Sire makes the point in his book Why Good Arguments Often Fail. He writes:

Islam's Claims of Biblical Corruption Actually Impeach the Qur'an

Islam began in the early seventh century, when Muhammad supposedly received many revelations providing him with the Qur'an. Given that Christianity and Judaism had been in existence for centuries, it's easy to see why Muhammad would have found it attractive to try and co-opt these monotheistic faiths as part of his own. To this end there are many places in the Qur'an that address Christians and Jews, and their holy books.

Fingerprints of God

Fingerprints of God. Frank Turek looks at the Anthropic Principle and numerous cosmological evidences for a Creator God. For more information on Intelligent Design, Causation, and the Fingerprints of God, please visit and

Douglas Groothuis on Twitter

Embarrassing question: What time does the Denver Seminary graduation start tomorrow? I am faculty, and I need to know! We have to be there way early.

Thomas Sowell on Twitter

"Racism is not dead. But it is on life-support, kept alive mainly by the people who use it for an excuse or to keep minority communities fearful or resentful enough to turn out as a voting bloc on election day."

One Word That Makes Christianity Different From All World Religions

Last week my older brother lost his battle with cancer. At just 40 years old, he was way too young. He fought hard and outlasted all of the predictions for stage 4 melanoma. He was courageous and positive. I am grateful he is no longer suffering, but I will miss him deeply. I will miss all the years we could have experienced together.

Christianity Today on Twitter

If God is determined to save a spouse, he is more than capable to accomplish it without the degrading of his beloved daughter …

The Gospel Coalition on Twitter

We must be equipped to see more than threats to theological orthodoxy coming at us from the left. We must also be trained to see falsehood and danger that lurks within the ranks of the populist right. 

Christianity Today on Twitter

One of the best things the church can offer Christian moms is a space for honesty, vulnerability, and authenticity, rather than unrealistic expectations for the demands of motherhood …

Why did God command Abraham to sacrifice Isaac?

How did Abraham respond to God’s command to sacrifice Isaac? With immediate obedience; early the next morning, Abraham started on his journey with two servants, a donkey and his beloved son Isaac, with firewood for the offering. His unquestioning obedience to God’s confusing command gave God the glory He deserves and is an example to us of how to glorify God. When we obey as Abraham did, trusting that God’s plan is best, we exalt His attributes and praise Him. Abraham’s obedience in the face of this crushing command extolled God’s sovereign love, His trustworthiness, and His goodness, and it provided an example for us to follow. His faith in the God he had come to know and love placed Abraham in the pantheon of faithful heroes in Hebrews 11 .

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Words like “loyalty” and “allegiance,” although helpful in emphasizing the believer’s active, Spirit-empowered role in sanctification, are immensely unhelpful when coupled with the word "justification." 

John MacArthur Performs Miracle At Wedding, Turns Wine Into Water

LOS ANGELES, CA—While attending a wedding reception at a friend’s beautiful Los Angeles home Friday afternoon, pastor-teacher John MacArthur performed a stunning miracle, turning all the reserves of wine in the house into fresh, clean water, witnesses claim.

The Gospel Coalition on Twitter

“Our lives should be a constant crescendo. We should be growing in love for God and our neighbor. This is really a story about what it’s like to grow.” — @JackieHillPerry 

45 Contradictions: Figuring out the Root of the Matter

Another possible solution is based on the notion that “immediately” in Matthew 21:19 is a relative timing word. Although it is primarily used to refer to something that happens within the next few moments after a prior event, it can be used in a more relative sense in certain contexts that would normally require a long period of time. In this case, the withering of a tree would normally become noticeable over the period of weeks or several months. So if the fig tree withered overnight, Matthew’s use of the word “immediate” would make sense.

Lila Rose on Twitter

“50 fingers, 50 toes, 6 hearts beating at once. My body fought the toughest of battles to get five babies here safely. Everything I did I did for them.” A beautiful and courageous mom, who welcomed quintuplets after rejecting selective reduction abortion. 

Why Childish Gambino's 'This Is America' Is a Prophetic Message We Can't Ignore

In the visual for “This Is America” Childish Gambino glides through scenes of mayhem and joy. It sits at the epicenter of a deluge of controversy and think pieces like this one. It has been praised by some as a work of genius, warranting multiple viewings and detailed exegesis. It has been critiqued for its gratuitous violence, as normalizing black death. But hopefully all can agree that the music video is reactive, offensive and important.

48 The Christian Post

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“Too Few Women” by @ericmetaxas is a great commentary on the WSJ "Too Many Men" piece, which neglects to discuss the reason for 70 million more men than women living in China and India today: the sex-selective abortion of baby girls. … @BreakPointCC

Presuppositional Apologetics Destroys Islam at its Foundation

Here's a unique approach at defeating Islam--theologically and ontologically. Author Mike Robinson demonstrates that the Islamic conception of Allah is impossible. Also see 'Refuting Allah, Proving Jesus' on Amazon at

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