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For Its Moral Ideals, Evolutionary Materialism

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Answering Muslims: "Picture Perfect": Drawing Muhammad on Saturday Night Live

On this website, we engage Muslims and the foundations of Islam without trying to be "PC". We feel honesty is better than disguised language. As you can read on our FAQ, this is out of love, not out of hatred. Thanks, and we're looking forward to seeing your comments!

Truthbomb Apologetics: Sunday Praise: "Jesus, Firm Foundation"

Welcome! It's been wisely stated that the way one answers the question, "Is there a God?" defines a life. Here at Truthbomb Apologetics we strive to offer apologetics resources to encourage and challenge both believer and unbeliever. Critical thinking is strongly encouraged, reason is a must, and all are welcomed!

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Innovative Apologetics: Why You Should Believe in God and Reject Atheism part I

"Oh God, it's Mom." (C-SPAN)

Brothers Brad and Dallas Woodhouse get an unexpected call from their mother during Washington Journal appearance. Watch the complete segment here:

Merle Haggard - "Mama Tried"

Merle Haggard - "I Think I´ll Just Stay Here And Drink"

4 9 Things Adult Daughters Want Their Mothers to Know

Recently, I asked Anna, now 22 and a senior at Covenant College, to give me nine things a mother needs to know about her adult daughter. So she and her friends crowded around a lunch table. Much of what they said, to me, looks a lot like the practical application of Ephesians 6. 

Bill Nye Talks Extraterrestrial Life: 'It's Gotta Exist'

In an interview with HuffPost Live on Thursday, Nye said that with so many galaxies in the universe, chances are that alien life exists somewhere.

Motherhood Is a Calling

A few years ago, when I just had four children and when the oldest was still three, I loaded them all up to go on a walk. After the final sippy cup had found a place and we were ready to go, my two-year-old turned to me and said, “Wow! You have your hands full!”

Defenders Class Live | Reasonable Faith

Defenders is Dr. William Lane Craig's Sunday school class on Christian doctrine and apologetics. Join leading Christian scholar Dr. Craig as he carefully and articulately teaches a comprehensive survey course from the Doctrine of God to the Doctrine of the Last Things, explaining Christian apologetic arguments along the way. Click on the link to watch live on Sunday mornings at 11:30 EST or to enjoy archived classes at your convenience.

The Eric Metaxas Show - The Show About Everything

What are miracles, and why do so many people believe in them? What do they tell us about ourselves?  And what do we do with experiences that we...

Indonesia Executes Drug Smuggler Whose Faith Inspired Hillsong’s Brian Houston

Just before my court date (where he would receive the death penalty), I remember reading Mark 11:23-24, where it says that if you have enough faith you can say to this mountain, ‘Be removed’ and God will do it. So I said, ‘God if you’re real and if this is true, I want you to free me, and if you do I’ll serve you every day for the rest of my life.’ I went to my court hearing and they convicted me and gave me the death penalty. When I got back to my cell, I said, ‘God, I asked you to set me free, not kill me.’ God spoke to me and said, ‘Andrew, I have set you free from the inside out; I have given you life!’ From that moment on I haven’t stopped worshipping Him. I had never sung before, never led worship, until Jesus set me free.

The Apologist Mom

When I first met Melissa Cain Travis, she was tucked away at a corner table in a Houston café, a rust-colored scarf around her neck. I recognized her from pictures, but she didn’t look like the academic I’d seen lecturing in videos. She was more like a mom-friend I’d meet for an afternoon play date, where the two of us sit on a park bench and try to have a serious conversation in between wiping one kid’s snotty nose and grabbing another before he digs in the dog poop under the slide. She seemed accessible and human.

Ordinary Moms, Everyday Heroes

Then our son William was born, and a few years later his sister Marilee, and ordinary parenting posed challenges of its own. Moreover, the doubt and fear and sadness I experienced from parenting typical kids seemed shameful. After Penny’s birth, people brought meals and prayed for us and they understood if I didn’t return their phone calls or failed to show up at church on Sunday morning. With typical kids, no one was going to bring me a baked chicken just because my son wouldn’t sleep through the night. I worried no one would understand if I couldn’t manage to volunteer at preschool or reply to an email or meet a writing deadline.


Jeff wears multiple hats. He pastors a church and works full-time in the medical field. After a long night...

3 Things True Love Is Not

These are some great and helpful points Paul, thank you. i don't think we can ever learn enough about love as it is constantly something we need to be strengthening and working on in ourselves - i found this interesting list of ten things love is which weren't the usual ones and then took a little time focusing on each one and there is some great stuff to learn:

5 Christian Clichés That Aren't True

You're right all sin is sin. All sin has the same consequence; separation from God which is hell for those who do not accept Christ (Rom 3:23). What the article is saying though is while all sin is sin, not all sins are going to have the same consequences while we are here on Earth. Think of a massive window, if I shoot my BB gun at it there is going to be a hole and I am going to have to replace the entire window, right? Well what if I throw a bowling ball through the window, am I going to patch it or replace it? The window is going to need to be replaced again. Sin is the same way, I could live a really good life and only tell a couple little white lies which doesn't seem THAT bad but at the end of the day if I do not have Christ in my life (replacing the window even though it only has a tiny hole from the BB gun) I am still going to hell. But on the other hand I could be a triple murderer and be on death row (bowling ball) but if I ask God to forgive my sins and come into my heart He is going to forgive me and throw my sins "as far as the east is to the west". So, yes you are correct, "The wages of sin is death" but by the grace of God, that is not how Romans 6 ends, there is more to that verse, "but, the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

This Mother’s Day, Don’t Worry

Examine the direction of your heart.  There is clearly a relationship between the things that you set your heart on and the things that worry you. That's the problem with setting your heart on things like health and safety; these factors are obviously not in your control. This is the point of tension for all of us who are Christian parents: We want our children to follow Christ, but we also want them to have pain-free lives.


This popular service of contemporary worship, relevant teaching and Spirit filled ministry is fantastic for building authentic community in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. There is a full children, youth and student programme, with café open from 4pm. Do come early and grab something to drink before the service starts. Seating is a mixture of chairs and cushions on the floor.

Innovative Apologetics: The Existence of God and Physicalism’s Deficiency

Motherhood: Transformation by Interruption

Right from the start, this mothering thing hasn’t gone according to plan. I've had eight pregnancies and yet I have four children. That was not the plan; I set out to have two well-planned spring babies. The grief, pain, and isolation of those losses were never in my plan. But in those moments, I discovered I was not forgotten . I began to piece together an understanding about suffering and the God who is not to blame.

If You See Something, Say Something

I don’t usually get mad at news stories. Not anymore. After 20 years of working at CT, I’m used to reading about human sin. Part of my job used to include sifting through every religion news tidbit and highlighting the top stories for our online readers. The daily drumbeat of ministry leaders resigning or being fired for moral failure was so common that I rarely noted it. But it was demoralizing. During one period, I kept hoping for a break in the streak. After one unbroken month of moral failure stories, I sought out spiritual help. My crisis passed.

Supporting Mothers in Poverty

Abject poverty is the stupid, debilitating poverty that weakens bodies, stunts hope and perpetuates itself across generations. While her infant may only weigh a few pounds, the load of an impoverished mother is heavy. She is the last to go to bed and the first to get up in the morning. Too often she is the last to eat, if she eats at all. Too often she is uneducated, because the opportunity was given to a male in the family. And too often her opinion doesn’t count, even when it comes to family planning and the spacing of her children.

Jon Acuff on Twitter

It cracks me up when folks tweet "Happy Mother's Day mom!" and their mom doesn't use Twitter. Call her. Tell her directly. Be 2002 about it.


Can we know truth? Is the resurrection of Jesus defensible? What is the meaning of life? Does science make religion obsolete? Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God? How should we respond to euthanasia? As Christians we need to always be ready to give a defence of our hope. Numerous issues and questions are raised by those around us to confront or question the Christian worldview. Are you ready to give a defence? Come and learn from Christian scholars specializing in a variety of fields as they equip us to share our faith with confidence and clarity.

The Attempt to Sell Hispanic Evangelicals on Israel

When Jeb Bush spoke at a gathering of Hispanic evangelical leaders in late April, the largest cheers didn’t come when he greeted the crowd in Spanish. Nor did they arrive when he enthusiastically expressed support for immigration reform. Instead, according to CNN, Bush’s biggest applause may have occurred when the former Florida governor mentioned Israel.

27 Places / 3 Questions

At this time of year, our deck is one of my favourite places to read. I love the view of our garden and the rambling, overgrown pathway that leads into the small woods that lie at the rear. I love the sound of the wind in the trees and the patterns of sunlight cast by the leaves. And I love the feel of the warm wooden boards of the deck beneath my feet. It was sitting there in the sunshine one weekend, idly reading a newspaper, that my eye was drawn to an article on the front page: “Twenty-Seven Places to See Before You Die”. Always drawn to a potentially good travel piece, I turned to the article. [1] There, accompanied by some stunning photography, was laid out a collection of beautiful locations—Yosemite Valley, Cape Tribulation, the jagged peaks of Torres del Paine; even the English Lake District.

The First Characteristic of a Healthy Church: A Desire to Learn the Truth - Cross Examined - Christian Apologetic Ministry | Frank Turek | Christian Apologetics | Christian Apologetics Speakers

In this short series, we’ll describe the value of these six important characteristics of the early Church. It all begins with a commitment to truth, but this commitment will cause the other five attributes to emerge. Church groups have taken every shape and form in the two thousand years since the first community of saints. The current form is not nearly as important as the transcendent purpose of God’s people here on earth. As we look deeply at the nature of the first community as it was described in the Book of Acts, we see God’s design for the Church. The Church is not a place to meet ; it is a people to be . When we, as a Church, are foundationally committed to the truth, the resulting change in our character will be noticeable and transformative.

Police probe Christian charity's election day leaflets – Premier Premier

Police have launched an investigation after activists for a Christian charity handed out leaflets questioning the integrity of London Mayor and MP candidate Boris Johnson on election day.

Crossway on Twitter

"The heart must be known, so that it may be kept safe"-Charles Bridges

Chris Rosebrough on Twitter

No surprise that Futick is speaking at T.D. Jakes' Leadership Conference. Check out bizarre quote from Furtick.

The Christian Post on Twitter

CP can now be Ad Free. For less than a Premium Cup Of Coffee you can read CP Premium Ad Free.

30 The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily, by Greg West: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

Crossway on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

32 Daily Truth Times

Daily Truth Times, by Tony Patterson: Faith. Boldness. Truth.

What does it take to be a good spiritual leader? What does following Jesus mean?

The first thing to say is that a good spiritual leader is one who leads us to be more like Jesus. And that means helping us be better less interested in fun, less interested in thrills, less interested in travel, less interested in vanity. And so on. For example, if what you are trying to do with your life now is the exact same thing that you were trying to do with your life before you became a Christian, it’s a good sign that you are deceiving yourself that your plan is from God. A good spiritual leader is able to spot when you are wrapping your pre-conversion desire in a cloak of religious language. In my own case, if you ask me to lead you, you’ll find that I’ll push you away from things that do not work to serve God. But there’s more to self-denial than just avoiding fun, there’s self-control. Don’t do stuff just so that you can tell everyone about it on Facebook. An outspoken supporter of intelligent design I know proudly posted that she had been admitted to a prestigious graduate school on her Facebook page, and she lost her academic adviser.

Timeline Photos - Reasonable Faith | Facebook

Happy Mother's Day from the Reasonable Faith team! #MothersDay

Blind Spots: Ray Ortlund and Collin Hansen talk about gospel doctrine and gospel culture

In this video, pastor Ray Ortlund talks with Collin Hansen talks about why Christians can have good gospel doctrine while failing to foster a gospel culture.


Paul advises that the law tells me what is sin and that his sin is stirred to even greater sinfulness because we are inclined to sin. Dr Sproul explains that "we are not sinners because we sin, but we sin because we are sinners." Additionally the concept of the law being good and just is discussed with a concluding discussion of the idea that there are "carnal" Christians.

Nine Favorite Posts from Thin Places

One of the wonderful aspects of blogging is that I get to write about pretty much anything that is on my mind and might connect with readers. Over the past 15 months of blogging for Christianity Today, I've written or edited nearly 200 posts. As I wrote last week, many posts soar to the top of the charts for predictable reasons (i.e., the word sex is in the title or it relates to pop culture). In highlighting the "best" posts of this blog, I didn't only pay attention to the number of pageviews they garnered, but also to the ideas contained within. Here are my nine favorites posts:

Harri Manninen on Twitter

@NAQureshi @Acts17 , had to read it at one go! GodBless from Finland!

Lee Strobel on Twitter

"Thriving," by my friend Nancy Grisham, on sale at Kindle for under two bucks -- worth getting! 

Lee Strobel on Twitter

RT @MattSmethurst : “Never could it be possible for any man to estimate what he owes to a godly mother.” (Spurgeon)

4 Ways the Psalms can help your Apologetics Ministry

I belong to a few groups on social media that are directly related to apologetics. In fact some of these groups are private and membership is by invite only. I know....pretty cool sounding right? Touch me twice I am so special. No not really but back to the point. Something that originally surprised me by the members in these groups is their sometimes lack of spiritual depth. I in no way mean that to sound judgmental or harsh. I was just surprised that those who are leading the charge to defend the faith often have a very shallow faith in God by their own admittance !!!  But then it struck me that I should not be surprised. Satan is so crafty that he always gets people who want to be spiritual to divert their attention to doing God's work without walking with God. Today is Friday and I have had a long couple of weeks. Right now I am in the process of building a shed in my off time so I am kind of worn out. Thus this will be a shorter post.  I want to give a few reminders to my apologetic buddies to keep in mind Psalm 119:11-- "Your word I have treasured in my heart, That I may not sin against You.

Start an apologetics conversation - Are people basically good or basically evil?

Never being one who has ever been much of an optimist, my feelings tend to learn toward the evil. I love history, especially World War ‘ll. I had several family members serving in the armed forces at this time. A great uncle captured at Battle of the Bulge, second cousin on board a battleship during the kamikaze attacks, and my dad who celebrate his 18th birthday on the train to San Diego for basics. Going o to Saipan where Japanese snipers were still present. These family members never spoke much about their experiences. Most of my family is of German origin. When the Allies liberated Dachau, a little town just outside Munich, one American soldier whose was present stated he finally understood why they were here. I have been to Dachau and it is as disturbing as it seems. Walking the camp some of the original buildings were still standing. I came upon a mass grave where people had planted a beautiful flower garden,erected a memorial to the unknown with a monument in Hebrew. Shocked I felt a sense of peace. People had taken the very embodiment of evil and made it to places of beauty and remembrance of the millions who perished in camps over Europe.

Crossway on Twitter

Having a tough time wanting to serve God today? Return to the gospel for strength, joy, and hope.

What difference does the doctrine of humans being in "the image of God" make?

Leaving unwanted children to die in the ancient for that time made sense. The spartas disposed of boys that would not be good soldiers which made sense for their society. I mean today yes we have the training and resources to help children who are unwanted or if that child is born with an disease or disability but in the ancient world, a child born with any of those things would probably cause problems. Kids used to help around the house and if you were poor im sure the kids werent playing outside no they helped with the farming and whatever else that needed to be done. If a child was born with cerebal palsy especially if it was a birn would not be useful around a farm or if a girl had something, her father couldn’t marry her off. So yes today we see it as tragic and heartless but for those people, survival was much different.

Sunday Quote!- Darwin and Design

Every Sunday, I will share a quote from something I’ve been reading. The hope is for you, dear reader, to share your thoughts on the quote and related issues and perhaps pick up some reading material along the way!

Blessings of Obedience

Why should children obey their parents? That’s a reasonable question. The only way children will ever know—and embrace—the answer is if you teach it to them.

Resources to Help You Respond to Mormonism - Cross Examined - Christian Apologetic Ministry | Frank Turek | Christian Apologetics | Christian Apologetics Speakers

Mormons today often try to portray their belief system as simply another, legitimate, historical denomination of Christianity. Nothing could be further from the truth. Mormonism is not evidentially legitimate, historically reliable, nor theologically compatible with Christianity. I hope these resources will help you understand the truth about the Church of Latter Day Saints.

New York Pulpits and the Fate of American Protestantism: A Conversation with Historian Matthew Bowman

New York Pulpits and the Fate of American Protestantism: A Conversation with Historian Matthew Bowman

Cuban leader Castro meets Pope – Premier Premier

Pope Francis has met the Cuban President Raul Castro at the Vatican.

9 Things You Should Know About Mothers and Mother’s Day

7. In the U.S., there are 5 million stay-at-home moms. In 2012, 24 percent of married-couple family groups with children under 15 had a stay-at-home mother, up from 21 percent in 2000. In 2007, before the recession, stay-at-home mothers were found in 24 percent of married-couple family groups with children under 15, not statistically different from the percentage in 2012. 61 percent of women age 16 to 50 who had a birth in the past 12 months were in the labor force.

51 Westminster Abbey service to mark VE Day – Premier Premier
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53 Christian keeps education post in new cabinet – Premier Premier
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