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Tom Woodward and "DNA & Beyond"

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Says Chances of Intelligently Designed Universe

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

There’s Something Weirdly Mesmerizing About This Lego Train Set Video

It’s hard to put your finger on exactly what is so hypnotizing about this three-minute video of a Lego train set equipped with a camera. But riding around the meticulously crafted track is weirdly mesmerizing. At the very least, it will make you want to break out your old Lego sets—if they're not still out anyway.

Video of Child Seeing For First Time Goes Viral; Internet Buys Him the $15K Glasses That Made It Possible

Christopher Ward Jr. has been legally blind since he was born, suffering from an optical nerve condition that only lets him see objects extremely close to his eyes. The 12-year-old recently had an opportunity to try the eSight electronic glasses, which captures live video with tiny cameras, and then plays them on tiny screens in front of the eyes, essentially, restoring normal sight. The video of him seeing his mother for the first time recently played on ABC News. As you can imagine, people were moved—especially when they found out that the high-tech glasses cost $15,000, and Ward's family couldn’t afford them. His mother set up a crowdfunding campaign on the site, and within days, not only did they raise the money needed for the glasses, but an additional $10,000 (which will be put into a trust fund for Ward), too. Well done, Internet.

Want to See a Homemade Hoverbike in Action? Of Course You Do

YouTube inventor Colin Furze—the man behind jet-powered go-karts and 50 MPH baby carriages—has just unveiled his latest homemade creation: a working hoverbike. Sure, it’s almost impossible to control, much less steer. But, it gets off of the ground and looks awesome when you fire bottle-rockets from it, so really, who cares?

Here’s the Trailer for ‘Southside With You’, About the Obamas’ First Date

Take a trip back to 1989 in this trailer for Southside With You, a movie about the first date between Michelle and Barack Obama. The film, which was produced by John Legend, releases in August.

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Jesus’ Flipping Tables Isn’t an Excuse for Your Online Rants

The irony here is that always smiling and being nice and unfailingly polite aren't actually Christian virtues, they are the thin veneer of a materialistic middle class society which promotes forced silences and grudging cooperation. They are not love, charity, longsuffering, forebearance, etc. They are social programs of control inflicted upon people by various cliques for various purposes, hiding under the guise of Christian virtue. And, yet more ironically, these sorts of theologies and counselings seek to make a sin out of human emotion. Christ never told people anger was sinful. And yet I hear it all the time. This doesn't come from the Bible, this comes from self-help gurus, pop-psychology, and Miss Manners.

2 Grace to You Radio

It’s John MacArthur’s most popular study—laying out a biblical pattern for strengthening and improving family relationships. Learn how to make your home one of stability, love and joy, not a breeding ground for strife, in The Fulfilled Family .

3 Reasons You Should See Going to Church as a Privilege, Not a Chore

If we have Christ in our hearts, we have spiritual gifts and we see almost every relationship as a gift and an opportunity to use them to give. Church is a joy because it is a great place to give and let Christ’s love flow through us. It could be that when we don’t count it a privilege we might not have a fulfilling personal relationship with Christ. It can also be that a church is quenching the Holy Spirit by closing doors of service of its attenders. I think para-church organizations sometimes meet needs for people who are in such churches.

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6 Things Holding You Back From Making a Difference

"Making a difference" is not an unselfish act. If you elevate the lives of others, then you have just elevated the social infrastructure; within which, you prefer to live. This is an 'enlightened self-interest'. "Comfort" is a variable threshold for uncertainty or cognitive dissonance; interdependent among evolving skills of exploration. Therein arises the synergistic self or "yourself" and it's dynamic functional empowerment. But we are all restricted by the laws of physics; in & around us. We are social animals and are psychologically programmed by this parameter of survival. This is why culture lags technological ephemeralization--to allow for integration. Reflectively, Monetary exchange--now unnecessary, is the structural violence of leveraging each other against relative control over resources. Hence, you have your resulting mentality of "entitlement" or narrow self-interest; perpetuated by this neurotic culture of acquisition and hoarding. "Apathy" and "time" are both the editing of relevance; based on the relative acuity of the aforementioned narrow perspective. But this level of autonomy is the collective momentum of skills we develop by sequential experiences.

6 Ligonier Ministries

Six 30-Minute Messages. The Holiness of God is Ligonier Ministries’ most popular and enduring series. Literally thousands of people have testified to a transforming encounter with God through this series. This series examines the meaning of holiness and why people … Learn More

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God Wants You to Stop Stressing Over Your Circumstances

We are invited to follow David’s example, and redirect our focus by speaking to our own souls. “My soul finds rest in God alone. He alone is my rock and my salvation … He is my fortress, I will never be shaken” (Psalm 62:1). Mind you, David said all this while being chased by Saul’s army. If he can train himself to take refuge in God, can we not?

Steph Curry’s Joy in Adversity

Wouldn’t you like to be the skater who wins the silver, and yet is thrilled about those three triple jumps that the gold medal winner did? To love it the way you love a sunrise? Just to love the fact that it was done? For it not to matter whether it was their success or your success? Not to care if they did it or you did it. You are as happy that they did it as if you had done it yourself—because you are just so happy to see it.

America Needs #NeverTrump Now More than Ever

But we can start cleaning them now — with humility and resolve. The first step is to back Ted Cruz to the bitter end. Of course he’s not a perfect vehicle for the conservative movement; in many ways his own rhetoric has contributed to the present crisis. But there is a quantum difference between an informed, committed, and passionate conservative — whatever his faults — and a deceitful, Machiavellian liberal. Cruz is down to his Hail Mary pass, and conservatives should do all they can to help him succeed.

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How Writing Can Be a Spiritual Discipline

As writers, we lasso meaning, shape it into something beautiful, and offer it to the world. The key, for me, is not to get hung up in whether or not I’m writing about faith. 2 Corinthians 2:15 says we’re the aroma of Christ. Because the Holy Spirit lives in us, we exude God’s character. Even if I don’t name drop Jesus in my article, the message of hope I capture relays a dimension of who God is—His love, His power, His sovereignty, His goodness. And when I say “yes” to God’s design for my life by living creatively, I give others permission to do the same. What does the world need more than a band of free men and women living true to their callings?

Our Bodies Are Important to God

Simply put, how we treat our bodies is an act of worship, and can be a core component of redemptive living. We are a creation, a design. And that means that they we’re set to not only work, but flourish within a created order. Stepping outside of that order is not only bad for our health, it fuels an autonomous view of human life—that can be traced all the way back to the Garden.

Science: Being With Friends Is More Powerful Than Morphine

One theory, known as 'the brain opioid theory of social attachment', is that social interactions trigger positive emotions when endorphin binds to opioid receptors in the brain. This gives us that feel-good factor that we get from seeing our friends.

Youth Ministry Feeds the Church and the Family

We’re born into a family; we’re adopted into the church. The family is an earthly metaphor for the eternal family of God we know as the church. Adoption and membership in the church isn’t genetic but only comes through saving faith in the gospel. Some discussions regarding the “dropout rate” among churched teens sometimes forget a “churched teen” may never have been converted. The dropout rate may accurately track church attendance, then, but not teens’ standing before God.

Beyond Bono and Eugene Peterson: The Most Searched and Shared Psalms

“I would love if this conversation would inspire people who are writing these beautiful gospel songs to write a song about their bad marriage, write a song about how they’re pissed off at the government. Because that’s what God wants from you—that truth,” Bono said. “That truthfulness … will blow things apart. Why I’m suspicious about Christians is because of this lack of realism, and I’d love to see more of that in art, and in life, and in music.”

Living Faithfully in the New Public Square: A Google Hangout with Jennifer Marshall Tomorrow at 3:30pm

Tomorrow at 3:30pm, we will be joined by The Heritage Foundation’s Jennifer Marshall , and Dr. Stephen Nichols, president of Reformation Bible College . Miss Marshall is a vice president and runs the Institute for Family, Community, and Opportunity. Together, we will discuss the theological foundation for living faithfully amid radically transformed social norms and cultural upheaval.


“Man is the measure of all things" - Protagoras ————— If this is true then the moral relativist have no choice but to say that "he or she" may not like the atrocities committed by others, but that's just their opinion since they cannot objectively condemn them.

China Reveals What It Wants to Do with Christianity

The CPC’s control over religion is to be exerted not only through law, but also by reconciling religious doctrine with the party’s socialist values. While “religion serving socialism” has been in the CPC lexicon for some time, direct intervention in the beliefs and practices of individual religions—including calls for the “Sinification” of Christian theology—have become more common under Xi.

Click here to support Russian Jesus Storybook Bibles by Mark Browne

Hi. My name is Mark Browne. I am a pastor and have been doing friendship evangelism in the former Communist Pioneer Youth camps north of St. Petersburg, Russia since 1994. By God’s grace we have mobilized over 3,000 volunteers into those camps over the past 22 years. We’ve built relationships with the kids and orphans on the camps so that our lives might become bridges over which the Lord Jesus could walk into their lives with His grace and mercy. I am raising money to get the bible in Russian to children. We will use the money to buy 400 Russian Jesus Storybook Bibles to reach Russian children in camps, orphanages and  for college students through missionaries in Moscow and St. Petersburg. We need the funds by: May 15, 2016. We will be giving these away, so the cost to us will only be $6.00/ Bible: $2,400. The shipping will be around $700: $400 to ship to Moscow and $300.00 to then ship to St. Petersburg. So I am praying for at least $3,100.  Anything over that will help to provide sheets, clothing, blankets and school supplies for a homeless children’s shelter in Vyborg, Russia, which on the border with Finland.

9 Things You Should Know About Jehovah’s Witnesses

1. Jehovah’s Witnesses—their name is intended to designate them as “ a group of Christians who proclaim the truth about Jehovah ”—compose  less than 1 percent of U.S. adults , yet are among the most  racially and ethnically diverse  religious groups in America. According to Pew Research , no more than 4 in 10 members of the group belong to any one racial and ethnic background: 36 percent are white, 32 percent are Hispanic, 27 percent are black, and 6 percent are another race or mixed race. Roughly two-thirds (65 percent) are women, while only 35 percent are men. They also also tend to be less educated, with a solid majority of adult Jehovah’s Witnesses (63 percent) having no more than a high school diploma (compared with, for example, 43 percent of evangelical Protestants).


The 2016 Wilberforce Weekend: Energizing and equipping Christian leadership in the spirit of William Wilberforce is a Special Report sponsored by The Colson Center for Christian Worldview and prepared by The Washington Times Advocacy Department.

23 Corporate Bullying and Hypocrisy, Trends in Christianity Worldwide, and Prison Reform

Prison Reform Getting Traction. Prison reform was a subject near the heart of our namesake, Chuck Colson. It’s encouraging to see that the Republican National Committee (RNC) is finally getting the message. The RNC adopted a resolution in support of reforming the nation's criminal justice laws. There’s been growing bipartisan support for prison reform for the past few years, in part because such conservative leaders as Richard Viguerie have said that the current system is neither just nor in keeping with conservative values. Viguerie, a committed Christian, told me that “as a Christian I’m horrified and as a conservative I’m outraged” at the waste of lives and money in the current criminal justice system. “Prisons are the largest big-government program in the country,” Viguerie said. “If you believe in limited government, you should be concerned about our current system.” The resolution, passed by the RNC and first reported by the Daily Signal, commends “conservative-led states that have adopted policies to reduce their prison populations.” Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.

Poll: Only a Third of Protestant Pastors Believe in a Pre-tribulation Rapture

The results were surprising. Only 36 percent believed there would be a “Pre-tribulation Rapture” (like the one depicted in the novels). And, a quarter said that the rapture was a literal event. Just less than half believe that the Antichrist will be a “Figure who arrises sometime in the future” and only 49 percent believe in “premillennialism,” which means that Christ will reign over the earth for a 1,000-year period sometime in the future. Unsurprisingly, nearly 100 percent believe Nicolas Cage’s Left Behind adaptation nearly ushered in an actual apocalypse.

God Is Not Like You—And That’s a Good Thing

Our primary problem as Christian women is not that we lack self-worth, not that we lack a sense of significance. It’s that we lack awe. . . . Awe helps us worry less about self-worth by turning our eyes first toward God, then toward others. It also helps establish our self-worth in the best possible way: we understand both our insignificance within creation and our significance to our Creator. (148–49)

WORLD | Globe Trot: Rome honors Christian martyrs with blood-red fountain | Mindy Belz | April 29, 2016

ITALY: Tonight in Rome the waters of the Trevi Fountain, the city’s largest, will turn red to honor Christian martyrs. Organized by Aid to the Church in Need, the event will be headlined by Antoine Audo, WORLD’s 2013 Daniel of the Year and the Chaldean Catholic Bishop of Aleppo, a city undergoing massive destruction and ongoing bombardment in the Syrian civil war.

27 Learning to Love

Love is a popular topic, one that evokes warm feelings and a rush of spiritual adrenaline. Every year the polls indicate that the chapter of the Bible voted “most popular” is 1 Corinthians 13. This is the famous “love chapter” of the Bible. That this chapter holds such perennial appeal for Christians indicates something of the profound concern we have for the matter of love.

7 Books That Will Help You Care for the Poor

My curious nature and appetite for reading led me to a career in journalism, and then public relations and international development. Along the way, I realized that if I wanted to do my job well—or just do life well, really—I needed to keep reading and learning. While we all may have an idea of what we think helping the poor should look like, often those ideas are in fact harmful to the very people we’re trying to help. (Google “whites in shining armor” or take two minutes to look at the latest viral sensation on Instagram— Barbie Savior —to see what I mean).

How Businesspeople Can Reach the World

Whether we go or give, speak or send, preach or patron, we are members of one body and partners in one mission, until all tribes, nations, and peoples have heard.

Bono: Jesus Was a Refugee

Exile was close to heart of who Jesus was … ‘Foxes have holes, birds have nests, the son of man has no where to lay his head.’ Not just no room at the inn; Jesus was a displaced person. His family, fleeing to Egypt for fear of the life of their first-born child. Yup, Jesus was a refugee.


“Man is the measure of all things" - Protagoras ————— If this is true then the moral relativist have no choice but to say that "he or she" may not like the atrocities committed by others, but that's just their opinion since they cannot objectively condemn them.

Should A Christian Ever Take an Oath?

People make oaths, vows, and promises all the time. We do this, for example, when we marry, testify in court, pledge allegiance to the flag, join the military, become a doctor, join a church, or just say, “I swear to God”. But, how does this relate to what Jesus said about oaths in Matthew 5:33-37:

What Jen Hatmaker Gets Right about Christian Love

Given Hatmaker’s large public platform, constituents might understandably wish for more clarity from her on an issue around which confusion and conflict swarm like flies. But the response from both sides of the spectrum also highlights how confused we Christians are about the nature of love—the love that God has for us, and the love we are to have for those who don’t know him.

Reading Esther in the Shadow of ISIS

Yet God is present, if only in the shadows. Esther is the Jewish queen (formerly Hadassah) of the Persian king Ahashverosh, traditionally identified as Xerxes I. Her cousin, Mordecai, “had been carried away from Jerusalem among the captives” of Nebuchadnezzar in 586 B.C. (Esther 2:6). He had adopted and helped raise Esther after she was orphaned. When Esther learned from Mordecai that Haman, the prime minister to the Persian king, was planning to annihilate all the Jews in the land, she urged the Jews in the capital to begin fasting, so as to strengthen her prayers for help. Mordecai wanted her to see God’s challenge: “Who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this” (4:14)?

Will Ben Carson's Bible Advice to Donald Trump Work? Here’s What Americans Think

Former presidential candidate Ben Carson recently told reporter Rita Cosby that his advice to Republican frontrunner Donald Trump on handling his temper was to “read the Bible and pray and learn how to put yourself in other peoples’ shoes.” (Trump recently said his favorite Bible verse is “ an eye for an eye .”)

Our Redeemer Lives by John MacArthur | April 30, 2016

At Reformation Bible College, students are trained in biblical, theological, and worldview studies in order to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ with clarity, urgency, and passion—regardless of what profession they enter. This convocation address will examine the Bible’s call for Christians to not only believe the gospel but also to herald it.

37 Is There a Europe without Christianity?

If so, it’s a self-inflected wound. European elites have long worked overtime to downplay their Christian heritage, and have “used idealistic rhetoric to deny the forces of religion and ethnicity.” The most famous example of this was the preamble to the EU’s constitution, which omitted any mention of Christianity as a source of Europe’s “values.”


God wants you to get healthy in 2016! In this series of messages, Pastor Rick shares how to change your life — your health, the way you think, the goals you set, and the way you treat others — so that you can accomplish God’s purpose for you and bring glory to him this year.

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40 .@Ichthus77 #Apologetics Daily

.@Ichthus77 #Apologetics Daily, by Maryann Spikes: Daily Christian apologetics and news fresh to your desktop, courtesy

Is God Real? The Argument for God's Existence from the Appearance of Design in Biology

There are several lines of evidence related to the existence of God, but perhaps the most intuitive argument comes from our observations of biology.  As we examine the complexity and inter-connectivity of biological systems, we can’t help but come away with the impression these organisms and cellular micro-machines have been carefully crafted by a master artist. Even committed atheist, Richard Dawkins , (in his seminal work, The Blind Watchmaker ), concedes the appearance of design: “Biology is the study of complicated things that give the appearance of having been designed for a purpose.”  Biologist Robert Dorit puts it this way: “…the apparent fit between organisms seems to suggest some higher intelligence at work, some supervisory gardener bringing harmony and color to the garden.” Is God real? The appearance of design in biology provides yet another piece of evidence.

42 Some Heroes Just Invented a Pizza Box Made Out of Pizza

The pizza box is one of those simple items that everyone is always trying to improve, without really making a improvements. Sure, a little spot for dipping sauce is nice; that tiny white stool that prevents the top from messing up the cheese is kind of handy; those insulated bags that carry several boxes do keep the pizza somewhat hot. But really, no one has revolutionized the pizza box. Until now. Finally, Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn is disrupting the pizza box game.

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@crossway What is at stake in human sexuality is the realization of human dignity as the reflection of the Glory of God.

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily, by Greg West: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

Jesus and Anxiety

And this is really important as we get into this section today, because Jesus is going to talk about fear and anxiety. Fear and anxiety. And he is going to teach us some things, show us some things, but also then give us the power to obey them. Read with me. We’ll read the whole thing to start with. Luke 12:22–34, “And he,” that is Jesus, “said to his disciples, ‘Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat, nor about your body, what you will put on. For life is more than food, and the body more than clothing. Consider the ravens: they neither sow nor reap, they have neither storehouse nor barn, and yet God feeds them. Of how much more value are you than the birds! And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life? If then you are not able to do as small a thing as that, why are you anxious about the rest? Consider the lilies, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. But if God so clothes the grass, which is alive in the field today, and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, how much more will he clothe you, O you of little faith! And do not seek what you are to eat and what you are to drink, nor be worried.

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Paul Rudd to Star in the Crazy Real-life Thriller ‘The Catcher Was A Spy’

Paul Rudd will play an Ivy League linguistics prodigy, a professional baseball player and a spy—all in the same role. The actor is set to star in the adaptation of the book The Catcher Was A Spy , which tells the true story of Moe Berg, who went from Princeton, to the Major League to a CIA-like organization, just as America was entering into WWII. But, just because it’s Paul Rudd, don’t expect a straight-up comedy. The script, which is billed as a thriller, is being written by the scribe behind Saving Private Ryan , Robert Rodat.

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J.P. Moreland Answers Three Important Questions

J.P. MORELAND : When I started, most people believed in God and historical apologetics, and questions about people who never hear the gospel were front and center. Now, the question of God needs to be defended, issues of science and Christianity, and topics about pluralism and relativism regarding worldviews and religions are important. Also, people don’t believe in truth, so that needs to be defended and clarified.

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