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"God is Not Dead" book trailer In parts of the world the growth of Christianity is spectacular, yet in the West, atheism and skepticism are fervently seeking convert...

Selling Apologetics to Your Pastor

For more resources visit: The Bethinking National Apologetics Day Conference: "Countering the New Atheism" took place during t...

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier - The Longing for Purpose and Truth

These questions speak to a longing for something greater. They are questions which address the core of human nature: awash in a universe which at times seems empty and without purpose, we mirror the uncertainty Captain America displayed. Yet the film itself speaks to the fact that there is real purpose in the universe. In “The Winter Soldier,” friendship and loyalty play major roles. The revelation that The Winter Soldier is, in fact, Bucky, a friend from the Captain’s past, leads to a poignant scene in which the Captain refuses to fight his friend due to an earlier vow. Purpose, it seems, is grounded on relationships. It is grounded in persons.

2 Pastor Matt discusses his past experiences as an atheist - part 2

One of the most important things that mature believers need to be doing is recruiting young believers – whether recently saved or growing into young adulthood – into the fight. We’re all supposed to be soldiers, but people forget that soldiers need training. They need someone to help them identify the enemy and teach them tactics for fighting. You can’t just send a green recruit into the battle with no idea what’s going on. They need training to know what the enemy is (e.g. false worldviews), how to identify that enemy, and how to demolish the enemy (e.g. apologetics). They need to be in the trenches, working alongside veteran Christians, and learning how to do fight the good fight. Not only is this important in getting things done for God (we need new soldiers if we are going to win the war of worldviews), but being in the fight rather than standing on the sidelines gets these young believers invested. They are less likely to fall away and become casualties if they are actively engaged. It’s easy to give up important ground if you don’t know what you’re fighting for and have no stake in the outcome.

Reasons To Believe : Personal Comments on God’s Not Dead

The triumphalist attitude the Christian student expresses toward his professor, not to mention his aggressive pressing of his case, bothered me more than any other weakness of the film. It’s certainly true that many atheists rely on intellectual smokescreens to hide deep wounds that embitter them toward God. However, most atheists in such situations will not discuss their personal reasons for rejecting God unless their intellectual objections are addressed and treated with respect. They seem especially reluctant to do so publicly, especially if the Christian badgers. I’m convinced that deeply personal reasons should always be addressed privately and in a spirit of grace, compassion, and humility. I must add, too, that I’ve met some atheists whose barriers really are intellectual. Once their questions about how the Bible and the facts of nature and history fit together, they are ready to give their life to Christ. We Christians should never presume antagonism or animosity, beyond natural resistance to faith’s surrender.

Advice To Young Aspiring Apologists - Cross Examined - Christian Apologetic Ministry | Frank Turek | Christian Apologetics | Christian Apologetics Speakers

Why might that be a risk-factor for young people? When you’re young, your views and ideas are still in the process of crystallising. Being less wedded to a given paradigm than those of the older generation means you are more likely to revise your position or change your mind on certain issues. I, for one, have seen an evolution in my own views and arguments over the past five years. Your arguments also become more refined and sophisticated over time as you learn from the experience of defending them and conversing with people who are better acquainted with a given field than you are. You also become increasingly better informed as you read more and more about a subject. Imagine the frustration, then, when someone Googles your name, and the first hit is to an article you wrote some four or five years ago, articulating views or argumentation which you would no longer defend. You may well have expressed your current views and better refined arguments elsewhere, but that is not necessarily the first thing people will see. Things you said years ago can come back to haunt you for years. S

The RELEVANT Q&A: Jamie Tworkowski - Google+

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Straw Men Aside, What Is the Theory of Intelligent Design, Really?

What's the "scientific theory of ID"? Who or what is the designer and how can we tell? What did it do and how can we tell? How did it do it and how can we tell? Where did it do it and how can we tell? When did it do it and how can we tell? Please pass on my thanks to all your colleagues for never bothering to answer these questions.

The strange case of the empty tomb

I'm trying unsuccessfully to harness my cynicism and scepticism, but I fear it will get blurted out: "What do you expect from NPR??!" (My unbelieving father has finally learned not to buy books about Xy for me about which he has heard a favorable review on NPR.) There is a fabulous essay by C.S. Lewis, "Modern Theology and Biblical Criticism": Among other insights, it has this line: "These men ask me to believe they can read between the lines of the old texts; the evidence is their obvious inability to read (in any sense worth discussing) the lines themselves. They claim to see fern-seed and can't see an elephant ten yards way in broad daylight." As for his contention that "it's just commonly said that that's what led to the resurrection belief", I would have thought that the post-Resurrection appearances had MUCH more to do with generating faith-- such as in Thomas, the men on the way to Emmaus, and the many appearances mentioned in I Cor. 15. I will acknowledge that the empty tomb is one of the primary pieces of evidence in apologetics, but that's because post-Resurrection appearances no longer take place (at least, I know of none).

Reading is different online than off, experts say

To cognitive neuroscientists, Handscombe’s experience is the subject of great fascination and growing alarm. Humans, they warn, seem to be developing digital brains with new circuits for skimming through the torrent of information online. This alternative way of reading is competing with traditional deep reading circuitry developed over several millennia.

A Photographer Asked Convicts To Write To Their Younger Selves And The Results Were Gut-Wrenching

Trent Bell , an architectural photographer, was inspired after a friend got into trouble and ended up sentenced to 36 years in prison.

EQUIP, Christian Articles, Bible Answer Man | CRI

What is wrong with astrology? As Charles Strohmer has well said, “Astrology has been debunked more than the tooth fairy and cheered more than the Pope.” Despite the fact that it is denounced by Scripture, debunked by science, and demonstrably superstitious, humankind’s fascination with astrology continues unabated. While multitudes view astrology as a harmless pastime, […]

The Hounding Of A Heretic

Will he now be forced to walk through the streets in shame? Why not the stocks? The whole episode disgusts me – as it should disgust anyone interested in a tolerant and diverse society. If this is the gay rights movement today – hounding our opponents with a fanaticism more like the religious right than anyone else – then count me out. If we are about intimidating the free speech of others, we are no better than the anti-gay bullies who came before us.


Circuit court kicks NYC churches out of public schools for the second time

Katie Pavlich - BREAKING: Emails Show Lois Lerner Fed True the Vote Tax Information to Democrat Elijah Cummings

"These documents, indicating involvement of IRS officials at the center of the targeting scandal responding to your requests, raise serious questions about your actions and motivations for trying to bring this investigation to a premature end. If the Committee, as you publicly suggested in June 2013,'wrap[ped] this case up and moved on' at that time, the Committee may have never seen documents raising questions about your possible coordination with the IRS in communications that excluded the Committee Majority," the letter sent by Issa and the Chairmen further states. "As the Committee continues to investigate the IRS's wrongdoing and to gather all relevant testimonial and documentary evidence, the American people deserve to know the full truth. They deserve to know why the Ranking Member and Minority staff of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform surreptitiously contacted the IRS about an individual organization without informing the Majority Staff and even failed to disclose the contact after it became an issue during a subcommittee proceeding...We ask that you explain the full extent of you and your staff's communications with the IRS and why you chose to keep communications with the IRS from Majority Members and staff even after it became a subject of controversy.

3,300-year-old Egyptian coffin found in Jezreel Valley

A routine salvage excavation in the northern Jezreel Valley unearthed a rare and well-preserved coffin, as well as numerous bronze and clay artifacts, dating to the 13th century BCE, the Antiquities Authority announced on Wednesday. The relics, from the Late Bronze Age, were discovered last month – prior to the installation of a gas pipe line – at Tel Shadud, an archeological mound near Kibbutz Sarid. “During the excavation we discovered a unique and rare find: a cylindrical clay coffin with an anthropoidal lid [fashioned in the image of a person],” said Dr. Ron Be’eri, one of the excavation’s three directors. Inside the coffin – the likes of which have not been discovered in more than 50 years – was the skeleton of an adult believed to be of Canaanite origin, who likely served the Egyptian government, Be’eri said. An Egyptian signet encased in gold and affixed to a ring with the name of Pharaoh Seti I on its seal was discovered next to the remains. Seti I, who ruled Egypt in the 13th century BCE, was the father of Ramses II, identified by some scholars as the pharaoh mentioned in the biblical story of the Israelites’ Exodus.

15 Grace to You Radio

Below is a listing of the resources we've offered free of charge on our radio broadcast recently. For more information and to request your free item, click the button below.

Grace to You

The religious leaders of Jesus’ day were entirely concerned with a mere external observance of God’s law, giving almost no consideration to motives or attitude. In Matthew 23:25, Jesus gives a descriptive view of such useless religion: “You are like whitewashed tombs which on the outside appear beautiful, but inside they are full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanness.” Because of that terrible condition, our Lord labeled the scribes and Pharisees as “hypocrites.” They thought God would judge them only for what they did, not for what they thought.

'Noah' showing in England canceled by flood | The Rundown | PBS NewsHour

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2014 Annual Conference

Ronald Reagan's 9 Best Quotes About God

The movie, REAGAN, is set to be released in 2015. Producers say it will take viewers on a journey through the life of one of the most consequential men in American history, Ronald Wilson Reagan. "From his hometown of Dixon, Illinois, to Hollywood where he became an actor and President of the Screen Actors Guild, to Sacramento and on to Washington DC where he led a revolution for the things he believed in, REAGAN follows the life of an ordinary man with extraordinary vision who accomplished extraordinary things."

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Lying About Climate Change To Advance The Green Agenda Is Good, Says Peer-Reviewed Paper

The authors, Assistant Professors of Economics Fuhai Hong and Xiaojian Zhao, take it as a given that both the media and the science establishment routinely exaggerate the problem of climate change. But unlike the majority of their colleagues in academe - who primly deny that any such problem exists - they go one step further by actively endorsing dishonesty as a way of forcing through (apparently) desirable public policy.

Gay activists aim to shut down Oregon health food store over owner’s support for true marriage |

You are absolutely right. When Christian people participate in boycotts (AFA as one example), they typically are focused on big business, which takes a lot of people over a long period of time to yield results. The homosuxualists borrow a page from Alinsky and focus on/isolate an individual or very small business, which are much easier to intimidate/disrupt. This example then gets parroted through the supportive media to send a chilling message to society at large. It seems to go against Christian sensibilities to demonize/destroy an individual, so it's unlikely we will be able to employ the same tactic. We can however, just by sheer numbers, support these businesses/individuals that are attacked and let their supply chain know there's a cost as well if they support the anti-family zealots. We may not get the same magnifier effect from the media, but the message will be heard. And as always, all action rooted in prayer.

5 bits of wisdom for the professional Christian woman

As Christian professionals, we need to go for it in our careers until there is a clear call from the Lord that the mission has changed. So often in our planning for a future family, we don’t aim to be the very best we can be in the season of life we are in today and do not fully invest our talents in the here and now.

Billy Graham Talks About Heaven: Will Be 'More Exciting Than Anything We Will Ever Experience on Earth'

"Why is this? One reason is because we will be with God - and because he is infinite and eternal, we will never grow tired of exploring the riches of his glory. Nor will we ever be able to exhaust the wonders of his love - a love so great that he sent his son to give his life for our salvation. We also will be with Christ, and we will have new bodies that will never grow weary or sick," wrote Graham to R.P., according to a report by The Kansas City Star.

God's Not Dead Movie Cast Interview: Actor David A.R. White Says 'Behind a lot of Atheism is Hurt, Hurt Towards God' (INTERVIEW)

During the interview, White, shared a story about his plane ride into New York in which he encountered a "loud" stewardess that asked him and his wife (actress Logan White) why they were visiting New York. White then told the stewardess it was for his new film "God's Not Dead" she then mockingly and very loudly replied "'oh my gosh he's not? He's not dead?!'" and then disappeared. Twenty minutes later she returned and poured her heart out to the couple. She recently broke up with her boyfriend, and confessed to having a "really hard time" in her life.

When You’re Waiting in the Wilderness

But we often forget Elijah's ministry didn't begin that day. Before he could summon fire from heaven at Mount Carmel in 1 Kings 18, he had to pass through a painful season out in the wilderness in 1 Kings 17. In most of our ministries, as in Elijah's, there will be no 1 Kings 18 power without 1 Kings 17 preparation. Of course, it'd be nice if ministry meant 1 Kings 18 fire-from-heaven power from start to finish! But most of our ministries can likely relate better to the metaphors of 1 Kings 17: hanging on until the ravens come again, trusting the jug and jar won't run out tomorrow, scraping by until the drought finally ends, wondering why God hasn't removed corrupt Ahab, and, all the while, waiting, waiting, waiting.

If Jesus Had a Facebook 'Look Back' Video, It Might Look Like This (VIDEO)

As a bit of fun, one YouTube user imagined what Jesus' Facebook "Look Back" video would look like if here were on the social network. With a lack of Christ-uploaded selfies to work with, the video's creator used a mix of classic works and relevant photos.

Four Ways God Has Revealed Himself to the World

The skeptical issue in our culture mostly enters into the religious dialogue in the following way: “In the case of God, who isn’t some material object but a divine being, what kind of evidence should we expect to find? There is a tendency to forget that the Bible stresses that sin can dampen the cognitive faculties that God has given us to find Him. Therefore, sin has damaging consequences on the knowing process (Is. 6:9-10; Zech. 7:11-12; Matt. 13:10-13). Christianity, Judaism, Islam, are all theistic faiths in contrast to pantheism (all is God), polytheism (many gods), and atheism (without God). In this article, we are referring to the theistic God of the Bible. In a classical apologetic argument, the cosmological (including both the horizontal and vertical cosmological argument) point to the theistic God of the Bible. Therefore, the God of the Bible is capable of giving a revelation to mankind through a specific medium. One of the most important themes of the Bible is that since God is free and personal, that he acts on behalf of those whom he loves, and that his actions includes already within history, a partial disclosure of his nature, attributes, and intensions.

Best of The Poached Egg: Biblical Archaeology

For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

The war is against the Enemy, not fellow mankind

The war is against the Enemy, not fellow mankind. We’re on the most important infiltration mission ever, and the smoke, the grit, and the sting of Enemy fire is often discouraging and exhausting. Practicing public apologetics, in particular, is a bold invitation for spiritual warfare. Incessant prayer required.

Apologetics has never been more important than it is now

Apologetics has never been more important than it is now. People throughout our culture, including many of our friends, family members, neighbors, and co-workers, are becoming increasingly secular. They're moving farther and farther from Christian teachings and morality. The Bible mandates that we must be ready to give an answer to everyone who asks (1 Pet. 3:15), so this is not an optional activity for Christians or the church. We must confront the errors of our culture and present in their place the truth and gospel of Christ. So I hope Lee [Strobel] is right about it being a "golden age of apologetics" – and there are many signs that he is – but much more needs to be done.

32 Marriage: What It Is, Why It Matters, and the Consequences of Redefining It

If the law taught a falsehood about marriage, it would make it harder for people to live out the norms of marriage because marital norms make no sense, as matters of principle, if marriage is just intense emotional feeling. No reason of principle requires an emotional union to be permanent or limited to two persons, much less sexually exclusive. Nor should it be inherently oriented to family life and shaped by its demands. This does not mean that a couple could not decide to live out these norms where temperament or taste so motivated them, just that there is no reason of principle to demand that they do so. Legally enshrining this alternate view of marriage would undermine the norms whose link to the common good is the basis for state recognition of marriage in the first place.

A Dramatic Look at the Heavens That Will Leave You in Awe of God's Glory (VIDEO)

In the end, Halverson's months of shooting and month and a half of editing produced this stunning timelapse, titled "Huelux." It's a jaw-dropping slideshow of the heavens, featuring meteors, satellites, strobing storms, a flaring aurora borealis and the Milky Way looming endlessly beyond. (Click the gear icon and choose 2160p-4K resolution for maximum effect, though you'll need a fast internet connection.)

Discovery of Truth: 10 Apologetics Quotes

Discovery of truth depends on the heart and will, not just the head and mind. This is why the prime requisite for finding any great truth (like God, or the meaning of life or death, or who we are and what we ought to do, or even finding the right mate and career) is love, passion, questing and questioning. Once we pursue a question with our whole being, as Socrates pursued “know thyself”, we will find answers. Answers are not as hard to come by as we think; and questions, real questioning, is a lot more rare and precious than we think. Finding is not the problem, seeking is.

WORLD | A father's grief | Marvin Olasky | April 5, 2014

Brownson rightly argues the need to go beyond particular passages to explain their context and moral logic, but his book’s fatal flaw is his belief that “recent discoveries about sexual orientation have changed the way we think about the sexual ‘nature’ of individuals. Psychologists now recognize a persistent, non-pathological pattern of same-sex sexual orientation as a natural phenomenon.” Really? Politically correct psychologists come to certain conclusions that trendy journalists trumpet, and that trumps the Bible’s teaching that not all that’s natural is good. 

More Scientists Believe In God Than Atheists Want to Think

Atheists made the most of this since Luba echoed the fallacious conclusions they themselves drew from the data. "Leuba attributed the higher level of disbelief and doubt among "greater" scientists to their "superior knowledge, understanding, and experience" (ibid). Of course this is fallacious, scientists don't have any special knowledge that would tell them God doesn't exist, or that he does. It was Nature that polled the NAS. One of the things that I argued at the time was that the questions were rigged to slant the discussion toward the fundamentalist concept of God portrayed in a literal understanding of the Bible. I argued that if you factored in a more liberal concept of God belief among scientists would go way up.

Failing with Family

Unfortunately, grudges are easier to hold than forgiveness is to hand out. Reputations are complex mechanisms to dismantle. Although we have limitless opportunities to show kindness to others, it takes only one poisonous slip of the tongue or outburst of anger to completely destroy our credibility and strip us of relational capital.

Unbelievable? Four Simple Principles to Determine Ancient Historical Reliability

I recently had the opportunity to appear on Unbelievable? with Justin Brierley (the show will air this Saturday, August 24 th 2013). Justin had two skeptics lined up to ask questions about Biblical reliability and offer specific, detailed challenges related to portions of the Gospels of Luke, Mark and Matthew. Are you prepared to answer every challenge that might be offered about the historicity of the Gospels? Do you even know every challenge that might be offered? How do you respond when someone offers a challenge for which you don’t have immediate access to the all the pertinent data? This particular episode of Unbelievable? illustrated an important principle for all of us as Christian Case Makers. Historical challenges are often complicated, nuanced and detailed, and while it is nearly impossible to remember all the data related to every objection, there are four overarching principles of witness reliability appropriate to the task. These are the same four principles I’ve offered as a template in Cold Case Christianity . I used this template to evaluate the Gospels when I was

Has Science Shown Some Things Begin to Exist Without Cause?

An important premise in some arguments for God’s existence is that a nything that begins to exist has a cause. That is, things that come into being don’t just pop into existence for no reason. There is some cause that explains why that thing started to exist when it did. There is a causal story involving your parents that explains why you exist, for instance, and it would be odd, to say the least, if there weren't. This premise – anything that beings to exist has a cause - seems intuitive, reasonable and attractive to most people. Check out the video below for a neat summary of one argument for God’s existence – the Kalam Cosmological Argument – that features this premise.

Why You Can Trust Your Bible

For example, early copies of the Greek New Testament were composed in an ancient style in which words were written in all capital letters with no spaces, punctuation, or paragraph divisions. A classic illustration of this style is the phrase "GODISNOWHERE." A copyist would have to decide whether the phrase meant "God is now here" or "God is nowhere." Context would determine the meaning of the phrase, so it's not surprising a scribe could occasionally get things wrong. Furthermore, scribes sometimes misspelled words, wrote the same word twice when it should have been written once, or skipped over sections of text because the same words occurred later down the page. These are all examples of unintentional changes.

What the 'Six Types of Atheists' Mean for Christian Outreach

Not all nonbelievers—be they atheists, agnostics, humanists, secularists, or some mixture of all of these identities—are identical, and we are mistaken if we develop a singular, cookie-cutter approach in our interactions with them. Just as we do not want to be reduced to a simplistic stereotype, we also should not reduce our ideas about nonbelievers to some image developed through media or a few past friendships.

Fall In Love Again

Luella has been my wife for 42 years (I was married at 7), and even to this day, when I go on long international trips, I experience a similar sensation when I get back to my loft. Even though life with Luella has become so familiar, there’s something about her that makes me fall in love again.

Why Some People Simply Will Not Be Convinced

I spent last week with Frank Turek (at the CrossExamined Instructors Academy ) and Bobby Conway (the One Minute Apologist ) training and talking about the evidence for God’s existence and the reliability of the Gospels. The three of us have dedicated ourselves to helping people overcome their skeptical objections to the Christian worldview, but all of us recognize that some people will simply not be convinced by our arguments and presentation of evidence. In fact, I know that most people will not be convinced. Why? Because (as I’ve written in Cold Case Christianity ) there are three reasons why someone will “shun” (reject) a truth claim:

Convincing Your Friend That They Have A Soul

Observation 2: Our Identity is Not in our Physical Bodies Think about the following: We are always moving forward in time; with each passing second we are getting older. It is natural to reflect on our current selves and conclude that “this is who I am.” Questions of identity are typically answered by referencing our current physical, mental, environmental, and/or emotional status. Keep in mind, however, that this moment is fleeting. You were once younger, and will very soon be older than you are now. Were  you still “you” when you were 8 years old? Certainly you are the same person, and a 30-year-old man would be quite correct in identifying their childhood self as also being “them.” If the person you’re speaking with lives another 20 years, will they still be the same person? Of course. Your friend will maintain their identity throughout their lives, because it is not tied to a solitary moment (or even entire phase) of life…


Many people react negatively to the word theology, believing that it involves dry, fruitless arguments about minute points of doctrine. Yet as Dr. R.C. Sproul argues, everyone is a theologian. Any time we think about a teaching of the Bible and strive to understand it, we are engaging in theology. Therefore, it is important that we put the Bible’s varied teachings together in a systematic fashion, using proper, time-tested methods of interpretation so as to arrive at a theology that is founded on truth.

46 Ask Pastor Matt: "Was the Biblical Flood Necessary? Wasn't It Cruel?"

“During the great flood with Noah’s Ark, God wiped out virtually the entire human race to “purge” the earth of evil (at least that’s the story as I’ve come to understand it.) If this was the case I have a problem believing that a merciful, omnipotent God would kill millions of innocent people around the world to achieve this goal. What’s worse, these innocents (men, women, children and babies) not only died, but needlessly suffered a horrific drowning death! This seems extremely inefficient and malevolent to me.”

47 Cosmos Scrubs Religion's Positive Influence from the History of the Scientific Revolution

Any suggestion that what was revolutionary in seventeenth-century thought was the complete separation of science from theology would be disqualified by Newton himself, who once wrote that the study of natural philosophy included a consideration of divine attributes and of God's relationship with the world. ... Robert Boyle and Isaac Newton saw the study of nature as a religious duty. A knowledge of God's power and wisdom could be inferred from the intelligence seemingly displayed in the designs of nature. Newton affirmed that the natural sciences had prospered only in monotheistic cultures... He believed the universality of his laws was grounded in the omnipresence of a single divine Will ... if he is made to symbolize the new canons of scientific rationality, then it cannot be said that the scientific revolution saw a separation of science from theology. (Brooke, 1996, p. 8)


“The guys just don’t feel like they would be able to lead you spiritually,” Ryan, one of my best friends at my small Christian college, turned and said to me gently. It was January of sophomore year, and on a late night drive the conversation had turned to me, and whether or not I was the object of anyone in our larger friend group’s affections. Ryan quickly spoke up, explaining how my relationship with the Lord intimidated any potential suitors, convincing them they wouldn’t be able to fulfill their God-given responsibility to lead me spiritually.

If you choose not to decide

In some cases doubt is driven by a desire for more evidence (as in the case of Thomas). The proper response to this form of doubt is to do additional investigation. But there is a point in our investigation of the facts about Jesus where we have to make a choice. The why question gets behind the evidence to expose what is at the core of how we interpret the evidence. We have to act on the evidence that is available, even as we continue our search for truth.

Should Christians Use Evidence and Logic to Proclaim the Gospel?

For those of us in the subculture of Christian apologetics (that is, defending one's system of beliefs usually using logic, evidence, etc.) we are often looked down upon by some members of the Church. Much of this has to do with the perception that one should not rely on logical argumentation and evidence as this is seen to diminish the role of the Holy Spirit in a person's coming to faith in Christ.

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