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The Universe Had a Beginning

In this excerpt from his message at our 2012 National Conference, Dr. Stephen Meyer tells the story of how Hubble showed Einstein that the universe was not eternal but must have had a beginning.

More on Randomness in Natural Selection and Evolution

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Here It Is: The First Trailer for ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’

The moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived. Get your first look at Rogue One, and then watch it again and again. The movie hits theaters on Dec. 18.

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7 Unbiblical Statements Christians Believe

The fact that many Christians believe these unbiblical statements shows our unfortunate overall biblical illiteracy. Instead of swallowing popular statements hook-line-and-sinker, may we be like the Bereans in the Book of Acts. When they heard Paul preach, they wanted to research the Scriptures themselves to authenticate what he was saying: “They received the word with all eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so” (Acts 17:10-11).

9 Things Everyone Should Do When Reading the Bible

The only thing that matters when reading any ancient document is context. Context. Context. Context. Learning Greek and Hebrew will not really help you if you still don't understand context. And number 8 is the only one that even touches on context? Out of a list of 9 things?? Who writes this stuff? This reads more like a superficial Huffpost article than a guide to Bible study.

3 Ligonier Ministries

The mission, passion and purpose of Ligonier Ministries is to proclaim the holiness of God in all its fullness to as many people as possible. Your gift enables our worldwide outreach. Donate Now

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Aren’t Christians Biased?

The question is not whether or not we have ideas, opinions, or preexisting points of view; the question is whether or not we will allow these perspectives to prevent us from examining the evidence objectively. It’s possible to have a prior opinion yet leave this presupposition at the door in order to examine the evidence fairly. We ask jurors to do this all the time. In the state of California, jurors are repeatedly instructed to “keep an open mind throughout the trial” and not to “let bias, sympathy, prejudice, or public opinion influence your decision.” The courts assume that people have biases, hold sympathies and prejudices, and are aware of public opinion. In spite of this, jurors are required to “keep an open mind.” Jurors have to enter the courtroom with empty hands; they must leave all their baggage in the hall. Everyone begins with a collection of biases. We must (to the best of our ability) resist the temptation to allow our biases to eliminate certain forms of evidence (and therefore certain conclusions) before we even begin the investigation.

6 Grace to You Radio

Secular culture says the human intellect, science, and technology are better sources of truth than the Bible. Yet there are profound cracks in this thinking. John MacArthur shows you what they are, and where true wisdom comes from, in The Foolishness of God .

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8 The Eric Metaxas Show - The Show About Everything

The Beam Family talks about their hit film Miracles From Heaven and the incredible true story behind it. Listen here....

I Wasn’t Ready for Marriage

Recently, my husband and I passed a milestone: It’s been a year since he sent the text message that began our relationship: “Hey, you. Let me know when’s a good time to talk.” I yelped, tossed my phone, and ran downstairs panting, “I’m not ready!”

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Sunday Morning with the Simpsons

One Sunday, I was at home with our firstborn, James. I stayed home that Sunday morning to be with him while Dowd went to church. I expected her to be home by noon as usual, but she was late this Sunday. Right around noon, my son was crying while I was on the phone with someone and couldn’t get off. I was getting frustrated. Thirty minutes later, my wife comes in the door. I glared and snapped, “Where have you been?”

After 12 Years Of Quarterly Church Attendance, Parents Shocked By Daughter's Lack Of Faith | The Babylon Bee

Fullerton, CA—Local father Trevor Michelson, 48, and his wife Kerri, 45, are reeling after discovering that after 12 years of steadily taking their daughter Janie to church every Sunday they didn’t have a more pressing sporting commitment—which was at least once every three months—she no longer demonstrates the strong quarterly commitment to the faith they raised her with, now that she is college-aged.

5 Things to Do When God Seems Distant

God honors and often uplifts the quietly faithful, and what's more: He often comes in the quiet. When God tells Elijah to wait before Him on the mountaintop, we witness something remarkable: God doesn't show up where we think He'd appear. He's not in the snapping windstorm, or the earthquake or the blaze. Elijah can't find God's voice in any of them. Then comes a gentle whisper, and it is so divinely flooded that Elijah covers his face with his cloak.

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Selfies and Polaroids of Intimacy

If there is a current animating Warhol’s work, it is not sexual desire, not eros as we generally understand it, but rather desire for attention: the driving force of the modern age. What Warhol was looking at, what he was reproducing in paintings and sculptures and films and photographs, was simply whatever everyone else was looking at, be it celebrities or cans of soup or photographs of disasters, of people crushed beneath cars and flung into trees. In gazing at these things, in rollering them out over curtains of color, in reproducing them endlessly, what he was attempting to distil was the essence of attention itself, that elusive element that everyone hungers for. His study began with stars, with all those heavy-lidded, bee-stung divas, Jackie, Elvis, Marilyn, their faces vacant, stunned by camera lenses. But it didn’t end there. (243–244)

3 Reasons Why Religious Liberty Laws Don’t Discriminate

Opponents reference “Jim Crow” laws as a comparison to paint religious liberty in a negative light. But this is a false analogy. Jim Crow laws required segregation and unjust discrimination in spite of a business owner’s convictions. If, for example, a business owner didn’t want to discriminate against an African American, Jim Crow laws required such discrimination. These laws actually violated conscience. That is not what is happening in the situations involving bakers, florists, and photographers who refuse to participate in same-sex weddings. No one or no law is requiring any baker, florist, or photographer to decline their services to LGBT persons. All that religious freedom laws ask is that a handful of religious business owners not be legally coerced into using their creative talents in service of something they find morally or religiously objectionable.

The Absurdity of Unbelief: A Worldview Apologetic of the Christian Faith - Kindle edition by Jeffrey D. Johnson. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

The Bible doesn’t merely state the atheist’s creed. It also provides us with an assessment of that creed: “The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God’” (Psalm 14:1). In his new book The Absurdity of Unbelief, Jeffrey Johnson ably demonstrates that the Scripture writer isn’t hurling insults or engaging in ad hominem. Rather, as Johnson shows, the Bible is simply telling the truth. To reject the triune God of Scripture and to replace him with a non-biblical worldview is profoundly stupid! How does Johnson defend this thesis (and biblical claim)? First, he argues that human beliefs are not neutral but are in certain ways biased and preconditioned. Next, Johnson proceeds, by means of reductio ad absurdum, to expose the irrationality of the world’s major non-biblical philosophies and unbiblical religions. Finally, Johnson carefully sets forth the arguments and lays out the evidence for the veracity of Christianity, and he concludes with an earnest and humble appeal to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ, which alone can restore true meaning to the world and wherein is found true wisdom from God.

What Christian Parents Can Learn from Atheist Churches.

True to this rebranding effort, the “ Frequently Asked Questions ” page on the Sunday Assembly’s website attempts to distance the organization from a strict atheist association. In response to the question, “Is Sunday Assembly exclusively for atheists?” they say, “Absolutely not. We say in the Charter that we don’t do supernatural but we won’t tell you you’re wrong if you do. One of the unique things about Sunday Assembly is that it is radically inclusive–allowing us to celebrate life together, regardless of what we believe in.” They go on in other answers to discourage using their group as a vehicle for presenting atheist philosophy or for telling others that they’re wrong for what they believe.

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Publisher's Weekly chimes in on "The Faith of Christopher Hitchens" by @LarryTaunton

How to Resist Temptation’s Mirage Moment

Temptation is a disorienting, defiling experience when evil is presented to us as good. Destruction comes dressed up to look like happiness. Sin only occurs when we believe that the destructive lie can actually grant happiness.

23 Wilberforce Weekend 2016

Opening in the fall of 2017, this museum will invite visitors to engage with the Bible, immersing them in its impact, narrative and history. The Colson Center and Museum of the Bible are pleased to invite participants in The Wilberforce Weekend Conference for a sneak preview of this historical endeavor by taking part in a hard hat tour of the museum‘s construction site. The event will begin with light refreshments and presentation on the museum’s innovative design and the ground-breaking initiatives already underway, followed by a guided tour of the museum site by museum staff and Clark Construction. Limited to 150 participants.


Founded in 1987, CBMW is the flagship organization for the complementarian movement. CBMW exists to help Christians and churches discover God’s good plan in Christ for men, women, families, and congregations.

Reviewing "The Faith of Christopher Hitchens"

is Taunton’s fascinating, frequently funny accounts of their friendship. Of course, the danger of such posthumous accounts is that they necessarily must stand uncontested. Would Hitch provide us with an alternate version of the night he was too drunk to go home? Possibly, but I have my doubts. Even if one is disinclined to trust Taunton’s memory, it is impossible to dispute that Hitchens himself trusted him. That is why it is wise, I think, to believe the author as he tells of Hitchens’s gaping astonishment at why anyone would adopt an HIV-positive daughter, or of the atheist’s intense hatred of those who feigned piety for profit (“I’m convinced he’s an atheist,” he told Taunton about Al Sharpton), or, perhaps most fascinatingly, of his annoyance with fellow New Atheists (a quotation about Richard Dawkins’s

Help Me Teach the Bible: Dick Lucas on What Makes an Excellent Teacher

Lucas was rector of  St. Helen’s Bishopsgate  from 1961 to 1998. In 1986, he founded the  Proclamation Trust to train men and women to correctly handle Scripture through prayerful study of the text in light of its context in both the biblical book and the Bible as a whole. Now in his early 90s, Lucas was a key figure along with John Stott and J. I. Packer in shaping the conservative evangelical movement in the UK during the 20th century. He still has an active and influential ministry, preaching and speaking at conferences and serving on the leadership team of the  Cornhill Training Course . 

Putting Golf in Its Place

Expense . Clubs, balls, shoes, bag, apparel, greens fees, club dues, cart fees, and more. Golf is a rich man’s game, and it’s worth approaching this aspect of the sport with Christian conviction. We have been rescued from the world’s patterns of wealth by a Savior who guides us not to lay up treasures on earth (Matthew 6:19). We put our hope in God, “who richly provides us with everything to enjoy” (1 Timothy 6:17), and tells us the enjoyment is richest not when it’s hoarded, but used to bless others — “to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous and ready to share, thus storing up treasure for themselves as a good foundation for the future, so that they may take hold of that which is truly life” (1 Timothy 6:18–19).

Why International Adoptions by Americans Have Hit a 35-Year Low

“I don’t expect international adoptions will ever be over 20,000 again, for a lot of reasons,” Mike Douris, president of Orphan Outreach, told CT. “They’ll always be a part of orphan care, but not the major thrust. I think domestic adoption and foster care in these countries is going to emerge and be a big growth over the foreseeable future.”

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Primary Soul Care in an Urgent Care Culture

Blogs and sermon podcasts and articles are necessary helps, but must remain in their proper place—as secondary, not primary, pastoral care providers. For primary pastoral care to remain alive and well, two equally challenging roles must be met. Shepherds must position themselves to care for their flocks, and sheep must position themselves to be led. The local body of Christ is God’s primary place of soul care.

Religious Liberty

Hank contrasts religious freedom in America with countries that restrict religious liberty, as well as the persecution endured by first century Christians. , 1-888-7000-CRI

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Challenge Response: A Real God Would Have Protected the Original Gospel Manuscripts - Stand to Reason Blog

Alan’s response is no doubt necessary, but it's just part of it. Alan basically says here that it was just as good not to preserve them. That the originals are really unnecessary to be confident. But Alan doesn’t address God’s role in why they weren’t preserved. If God did, in fact, play a role, then we have an outcome that is not just as good but better.

Christian Thinkers 101: A Crash Course on C. S. Lewis

In the last decade a slew of Narnia movies were released in theaters and, though C. S. Lewis has been gone more than 50 years, his books are still as popular as ever. He’s the famous atheist-turned-Christian, but what exactly did he believe and what did he contribute to Christianity? Here’s your crash course on the life and accomplishments of C. S. Lewis—and why he still matters today.

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Fighting for the Faith

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Merle Haggard's Church of Christ mama tried to raise him better, and he embraced Jesus as Lord

“My mother was—well, embarrassed when she found herself pregnant a year or so after getting to California. She thought that having another child when she already had two teen-age children was—that it was too far apart. She didn’t exactly think that Merle was a sign or a gift from God—my mother was a member of the Church of Christ, and very religious, even sternly so—but she firmly believed, after Merle was born, that God had answered her prayers during pregnancy. She had prayed for a child who would inherit the family talent for music. Merle’s grandpa was the best fiddler back in McIntosh County, Oklahoma, and Dad played fiddle, guitar, and mandolin, and his brothers and sisters all played at local dances, though after Mom and Dad got married the playing was restricted to socials at home. Mom didn’t mind music—she played the organ—but she did mind the drinking and fooling around that went with commercial music. Merle was a funny child. At six months, he’d be lying there in his bassinet, and when the Stuart Hamblen country show came on the radio he’d begin kicking his little feet in time to the music.

Batman V. Superman: A Sign of the Culture’s Theological Condition

The most recent example of this can be seen in the movie Batman v. Superman. In the film, Superman is portrayed as type of God-like being. The people of Earth see Superman not just as a “super-man,” but as a being with God-like powers, who can be anywhere, anytime, and do anything. This realization led many to wonder what moral obligations does a being like Super-Man have? Is an all-powerful being subject to any law? Other characters, such as Lex Luthor, the intellectual villain who recognizes that superman is not a God because God doesn’t exist for Luthor. He argues that if God were all-powerful, then God could not be all-good; conversely, if he were all-good, then he could not be all-powerful.

Switching Fields: From Professional Soccer to Pastoral Ministry

As much as I loved football, I love preaching the gospel more. It’s the best news in the world. Once you were condemned as a child of wrath; now you’re free and adopted as a child of God. But the good news pushes farther and leads to Spirit-empowered ethical behavior in areas such as our sexuality. Through the preaching of John Piper, I began to see how two passions—gospel and gender—are tightly connected. The first sermon I ever heard Piper deliver was on biblical manhood. I remember thinking I’d never heard preaching like it. It was electric. It made sense. I’d seen a disintegration in manhood firsthand. When I began as a young professional footballer in 1984, we apprentices were given all the hard jobs no one wanted. Clean the dressing rooms, pick up the sweaty clothes, polish others’s cleats, and so on. And you were expected to do these chores without complaint. If you moaned or showed disrespect to the senior pros, they’d sort you out.


Dr. Frank Turek interviews Dr. Rice Broocks (author of "God’s Not Dead" and "Man, Myth, Messiah”) and Det. J. Warner Wallace who is in the new movie God's Not Dead 2 about the idea behind the movie.

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A call for kindness, faithfulness & gentleness in our conversations about homosexuality: …

The Left’s Dishonest Freakout over Mississippi’s Religious-Freedom Bill

To argue that America is in no danger of becoming Soviet Russia is to miss the point: Many progressives would love nothing more than to compel religious citizens to express convictions that violate their faith, and they have so far done a sneaky-good job of convincing the general public that their intent is anodyne. In reality, it is the intent of those behind laws such as Mississippi’s that’s pure: They simply want to preserve and protect the liberty and human rights recognized by our Constitution, clarifying what have always been essential principles upon which our politics are based. That they’ve inspired such an outpouring of overheated bile from the left-wing media only proves they’re on the right track.

3 Reasons Why Belief In God Makes Sense - Premier Christianity

CS Lewis identified why only God makes sense of this desire, saying: ‘A baby feels hunger: well, there is such a thing as food. People feel sexual desire: well, there is such a thing as sex. If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world.’

The Church’s Long Law-Grace Throwdown

Seventy years later, however, The Marrow became enormously controversial in the Church of Scotland. Republished in 1718, thanks to the influence of a 41-year-old pastor named Thomas Boston, the book was seen as promoting antinomian theology, and in 1720 it was banned by the church’s General Assembly. Pastors were ordered not to recommend it, and were told to warn anyone found reading it how dangerous it was. (Amusingly, there is no record of this act ever having been rescinded, even though the book has now been in circulation for 300 years.) Boston’s friends, usually known today as the “Marrow Men,” refused to accept the decision, seeing it as evidence that the General Assembly was unduly legalistic. They insisted that Boston republish the book with his own notes. In 1726, he did.

4 Images to Get You Excited About Church

If you want to understand how committed Jesus is to the church, here’s your answer. He doesn’t just create it and let it be; he marries it. He isn’t just our almighty King; he’s also our perfect husband. That’s how much he cares about local churches. That’s how committed he is to us. At the end of time, at the wedding feast of the Lamb, the church will look beautiful—but only because clean, righteous “linen” will be “given her to wear” (Rev. 19:8).

Enter to Win: ESV Family Devotional Bible

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Church funeral held for Ben Nevis couple - premier

The team said: "There was a small private funeral for Tim and Rachel in Fort William. Following a service at the Duncansburgh Church, the young couple were laid to rest together in Glen Nevis in the shadow of Ben Nevis.

1 Thessalonians 1:2–7, Part 3: Invincible Joy Confirms Our Election

That someone experiences joy when they hear the gospel does not necessarily confirm that they are elect. But a certain kind of joy does. In this lab, John Piper talks about what happens when true believers experience suffering because of their faith.

Pro-Life Groups Demand Kamala Harris Resign After Raiding David Daleiden’s Home, Stealing Videos

“The fact that Ms. Harris is seizing private property of a pro-life California activist who has exposed horrific practices conducted by Planned Parenthood, which donated thousands to her last campaign, while her Senate campaign promotes and defends them — the nation’s largest abortion provider — is a conflict of interest and abuse of government power,” Dannenfelser said. “Ms. Harris should resign from her attorney general post and end her bid for the U.S. Senate. She has abused her government office and no longer deserves the public trust.”

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