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Your Best Life Will Not Come Now

The constant refrain of the Bible is that for Christians, our best life does not come now, but in the life to come — and this is unimaginably good news.

5 Videos Every Christian ’90s Kid Has Seen

Some have not aged well.

12 Blockbuster-Season Movies We’re Excited to See

Action, superheroes, explosions and a lot of fun.

The Difference Between Calvinists and Arminians

The Bible is clear that God’s election is true. Here are four reasons why it is also good and beautiful.

How Lee Strobel Tried to Disprove God and Failed

SBTS Preview Day — April 21, 2017

Preview Day is the best time for you to visit the campus of Southern Seminary if you’re considering joining us as a student.

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The Seven Last Sayings of Jesus from the Cross

The editorial team at the Colson Center has done just that, and we have compiled these reflections in a booklet that we’d like to make available to you for free.


Reset Resources | HeadHeartHand Blog

Reset: Living a Grace-Paced Life in a Burnout Culture

BreakPoint on Twitter

#LarryNorman was one of the most interesting, influential, and tragic figures in modern evangelical Christianity.

BreakPoint on Twitter

Renee Gardner's chilling piece shows the similarities between the lobotomy craze and the modern transgender one.

Survey: Most Americans Like the Bible, But Are Too Busy to Read It

But about six out of 10 Americans say they think they should be reading the Bible more. So if you’re feeling bad about skipping your daily Bible reading, you’re definitely not alone. Only one in five Americans actively read and study the Bible on a regular basis. ABS spokesman Geof Morin says the survey makes it clear that a lot of people wish they read the Bible, “but wishing, as you know, doesn’t make it so … They still need to make good choices about engaging with the Scriptures.”

Mr. T. on How His Christian Faith Got Him Through a Battle With Cancer

It was a test of my faith. I’m very spiritual. In the Book of Job, he was challenged [but he] kept believing in God and that’s the message I try to tell other people. Just because you believe in God, serve God, feed the hungry, clothe the naked … that doesn’t mean things are not going to happen to you. I had to practice what I preached. I try to use my experience and the fact that I grew up in the ghetto—I tell people you don’t have to rob or steal to get out of the ghetto. I was diagnosed with cancer—I tell people you don’t have to commit suicide. We’ve got good medicine now. I want people to draw strength from me.

Louis C.K.’s Comments About Abortion Are Causing Some Controversy

Comedian Louis C.K. has just released a new stand-up special on Netflix, and made some pretty controversial comments about abortion. (Warning, as with many of the comedian’s bits, this one is profane and irreverent, so read on with caution.)

How Do You Best Prepare Students for College? Interview with Author Jonathan Morrow.

MORROW: There are many new challenges that students face today that I address in the book, but two of the most significant are questions of Identity and Tolerance. For example, social media is not just about teenagers being shallow or narcissistic. Social media is driven by a teenager’s real need for acceptance and affirmation. That’s why Instagram and other platforms are so popular. Instagram serves as a way for many young people to feel accepted or “liked” but also for them to be rejected or ignored. But the deeper issue here is one of Identity—who am I and do I matter? That’s a powerful driving force that can lead to a lot of unwise decisions. Students need to first know and then stand in their Gospel identity—that they are perfectly loved and forgiven in Jesus and they don’t have to perform for God’s acceptance.

Movie Review: The Case for Christ

I went into this movie with two preconceived ideas. The first was a bit of worry about a Christian movie. Unfortunately, Christian movies have not always had the best reputation when it comes to quality. Things in general have been getting better but there is the concern of what could be.

Do the Laws of Logic Provide Evidence for God?

Here is my question: Why do you not employ the laws of logic as evidence for the existence of God? It seems to me that God (a necessarily existing mind) is the best explanation for the laws of logic in a similar way that he (a necessary personal being of moral perfection) is the best explanation for certain necessary moral truths. Am I mistaken about logic as evidence for the existence of God? Is there a reason the laws of logic should not be used in an argument similar to your argument from objective moral values and duties?

Stand to Reason on Twitter

In 5 Minutes! FB Live Event with @gregkoukl talking about The Story of Reality. Live feed for comments. 4-5pm PST.

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Can You Really Be Friends With Someone After a Breakup?

If you do feel like it’s the healthiest route to not be friends after the breakup, it helps to ease the sting of this by remembering that just because you’re not friends does not mean you have to be enemies. If you see each other at church, you don’t have to act like the other person doesn’t exist. There’s a difference between being friends and being friendly. You can always be kind when you do see one another. Friendship, however, is when you make an effort to see one another.

My Attachment to St. Augustine

A number of Christians have found my attachment to St. Augustine of Hippo (AD 354–430) peculiar. Some probably think St. Augustine belongs exclusively to the Roman Catholic Church, and perhaps they mistakenly assume that no Protestant can genuinely appreciate a Catholic saint. But what these Christians fail to realize is that Augustine is as historically and theologically important to Protestants as he is to Catholics (agreeing with Westminster Seminary theologian Carl Trueman’s assessment). In other words, Augustine is a universal Christian voice within Western Christendom. Reformed theologians John Owen and Benjamin Warfield shared a respectful attachment to St. Augustine. Interestingly, Augustine is not especially well liked or appreciated in Eastern Christendom among the Eastern Orthodox. For example, Eastern Christendom views him as far too pessimistic concerning original sin.

New Bishop of Sheffield named after outcry over previous nominee - Premier

Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu said: "The nomination of The Very Reverend Dr Pete Wilcox, Dean of Liverpool, as the 8th Bishop of Sheffield will take the Diocese forward in its evangelistic and mission opportunities for the peoples of the Diocese of Sheffield.


Catholic priest who spent donations on travel to be sentenced - Premier

A Catholic in Norfolk who fraudulently diverted donations made to his church worth more than £50,000 will be sentenced later.

Ted Cruz on Twitter

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20 The TC Apologetics Daily

Pete Holmes: Believing in God Gave Me Hope as Comic

Inspired by Holmes’s life and evangelical background, the show follows a nice Christian guy who’s trying to make it in standup after his divorce leaves him dumbstruck and homeless. Episode to episode, his character crashes with Sarah Silverman, Artie Lange, T. J. Miller, and other comics he meets while grappling with the brutal New York comedy scene and his quarter-life crisis.

What If My Husband Looks at Porn?

We are not capable of saving our husbands any more than our husbands are capable of saving us. Both of us are creatures in need of grace. Accountability structures and rules and online limits all have their place at times. But ultimately, it comes down to you alone in those moments of temptation. It is in those moments that you can only trust Jesus to help you. And it is in those moments that you can only trust Jesus to help your husband. In a world filled with alluring sexual temptation, nothing but the blood of Jesus can wash away our sin and free us from it.

Easter Book List: Our Favorite New Releases for Kids

We’ve reviewed some of the newest releases from Christian publishers to identify top-notch picture books that will engage children’s souls and aid in their spiritual formation. Because art can communicate just as much as the written text, we’ve identified books with high-quality illustrations that beautifully enrich the experience of reading. If you’re on the lookout for a faith-building book to give and read with a child for Easter—or any time of year—here are 10 recent releases to consider:

Ligonier Ministries

Six 30-Minute Messages. The Holiness of God is Ligonier Ministries’ most popular and enduring series. Literally thousands of people have testified to a transforming encounter with God through this series. This series examines the meaning of holiness and why people … Learn More

Lay Aside the Weight of Passivity

What we expect shapes how we respond. If we expect peace, we will resent having to fight. If we expect rest, we will resent having to endure. If we expect leisure, we will resent having to work hard.

How to Mortify Sin

My friend — a younger minister — sat down with me at the end of a conference in his church and said: “Before we retire tonight, just take me through the steps that are involved in helping someone mortify sin.” We sat talking about this for a little longer and then went to bed, hopefully he was feeling as blessed as I did by our conversation. I still wonder whether he was asking his question as a pastor or simply for himself — or both. 

Just Give Me Jesus: A Closer Look at Christians Who Don’t Go to Church

“While many people in this group may be suffering from church wounds, we also know from past research that Christians who do not attend church say it’s primarily not out of wounding, but because they can find God elsewhere or that church is not personally relevant to them,” said Stone. “Churches need to be able to say to these people—and to answer for themselves—that there is a unique way you can find God only in church. And that faith does not survive or thrive in solitude.”

How God Rescued Me from the ‘Mormon Charles Manson’

He demanded total allegiance. In the 1970s and ’80s, he commanded followers to carry out mob-style hits on those who opposed him or fled his cult. He referred to these killings as “hot lead, cold steel, and a one-way ticket to hell.” Media outlets nicknamed my father “the Mormon [Charles] Manson” for the atrocities he committed, and authorities in multiple states (and Mexico) issued arrest warrants for him and his murderous followers.

Does God Love Evil-Doers? | Reasonable Faith

In Arabic there are more than 10 different words for love. Yes it says that God loveth not aggressors, etc... But it uses one of the 10 different words in Arabic for love. There are other words which has been used to represent God’s love for this creation which is shown in the very very beginning of the Quran “ In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.”. In Arabic it is “bismillahir rahmanir rahim”. In Arabic, when you come in depth for the words ‘beneficent’ and ‘merciful’ and their use and the context they came in. We will find that, ‘beneficent’ has been used to show God’s care and love for all of his Creation. While the word ‘merciful’ has been used to represent God’s love and care for those who believe. In that I see justice, and that is what I expect God to be. In the Quran and I quote: “ Is he who is a believer like unto him who is an evil-liver? They are not alike.” Chapter 32 verse 18. From this I can see justice, which we mostly lost in the new definition of God while it must be the most important one.

Renewing Your Mind | The Donkey Who Carried a King | Apr 7, 2017

The Donkey Who Carried a King offers a unique perspective on the events of Jesus' Passion Week and calls all believers, both young and old, to follow in the footsteps of the Suffering Servant for the glory of God. Today, listen as R.C. Sproul reads this popular children's book.

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Campus Ministry and the Local Church — Do They Work Together?

In other words, the campus ministry only exists on the campuses as an extension of the ministry of a particular local church. In this kind of arrangement, it seems to me, the ministry enjoys the best of both worlds. On the one hand, it honors the New Testament focus on the local church as God’s design for reaching and discipling the lost, and on the other hand, it benefits from the special focus and training and strategy and funding that is explicitly targeting the special challenges of young people at the university. In this relationship the tension doesn’t exist over the question, “Should the campus ministry do the discipling work and hope that someday students might find their way to a local church?” Because the campus ministry and its discipling work are part of the local church and students are drawn into relationships and church involvement all at the same time. That’s the vision. That’s the whole point, structure, philosophy of ministry.

Sex, Lies, and Christianity: Reclaiming Biblical Sexuality - Christian Research Institute

If you have been a subscriber for the past several years, you may have noticed that we have featured several articles on the millennial generation and have described what they believe and how to reach them. Recently we asked a class of students at a Christian college for a list of apologetic and discernment questions they would like to see addressed. One of the questions posed was not a surprise—”Is masturbation OK?”—but the fact that it was posed by a female instead of a male student prompted us to reexamine our past articles on sexuality. The focus of “Porn and the Male Brain” (vol. 34, no. 5, 2011) was obvious, and while “Pornography: The Darkening of Our Minds” (vol. 27, no. 3, 2004) did address female use of pornography, it was largely geared toward men. Thus the article “Sexual Sanity for Women” by Ellen Dykas came out of our discussions to make available a biblically sound perspective on sexuality directed especially to women.

Target still facing backlash from transgender bathroom policy

“Target executives have said any lost sales from the boycott weren’t significant enough to require reporting to investors,” The WSJ report stated. “Target’s business nonetheless is in a funk. Sales at stores open at least a year have declined for three straight quarters.

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Senate Confirms Gorsuch as Supreme Court Justice

Judge Gorsuch possesses the credentials typical of the modern Supreme Court justice. He is a graduate of Columbia, Harvard and Oxford, served as a Supreme Court law clerk and worked as a lawyer at a prestigious Washington law firm and at the Justice Department. He joined the United States Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit, in Denver, in 2006, where he was widely admired as a fine judicial stylist.

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Eric Metaxas on Twitter

If your school or class wins I'll send signed copies of my IF YOU CAN KEEP IT book to everyone who participates!!! … …

The Briefing 04-07-17 -

This is an edited transcript of The Briefing podcast from early Thursday morning, January 8, 2015. The war on terror took on a savage new face…

The Briefing 04-07-17 -

This was especially true on the Western front. There in the so-called Western front extending from much of France across Belgium, it had descended into trench warfare, into a stalemate all the way from 1915 to 1917. The losses, the casualties, were absolutely staggering. Both sides, but especially the Germans, had descended into an absolute total war perspective. They were using methods of war, including gas, that had never been allowable in terms of European conflicts before, and this stalemate had reached the point that Germany believed that the only way it could win the war was by unrestricted submarine warfare in the Atlantic, thus cutting off Britain and France from very necessary supplies. And that included American shipping. That was how America entered the war. But there’s more to the story than that, and it’s important, having to do with the events that took place leading to 100 years ago today, the United States’ declaration of war against Germany, and the entry of the United States in World War I.

The Briefing 04-07-17 -

Delivered daily to your inbox, this is one of the best ways to stay on top of current events from a Christian worldview perspective.

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Did you know that @TSCNYC is having a pastor's & Christian leaders' conference? NOW YOU DO. …

Is the Apparent Fine-Tuning of the Universe Simply An Observational Phenomenon?

While scientists may stipulate to the appearance of fine-tuning “in the room,” this does not mean they agree on the existence of an external “Fine-Tuner”. Some scientists believe we observe fine-tuning because, if not for such fine-tuning, we wouldn’t be here to observe the universe in the first place. According to this explanation (sometimes referred to as the “Anthropic Principle” or the “Observer Selection Effect”), any humanly observable universe would display the conditions necessary for human life, so we shouldn’t be surprised to observe such conditions. As theoretical physicist and cosmologist, Lawrence Krauss, says, “Put another way, it is not too surprising to find that we live in a universe in which we can live!” Anyone who exists and inspects their environment will, of course, discover a world encompassing whatever it takes for them to exist. If they didn’t discover a world of this nature, they wouldn’t exist to examine it in the first place. But this explanation of cosmic fine-tuning fails for two reasons…

Expressen on Twitter

Filmen visar när fredagslugnet i centrala Stockholm förbyts mot panik – när lastbilen vansinneskör på Drottninggatan.

Case-Making 101: Does Truth Matter In Your Worldview?

Christianity makes absolute truth claims about God, Jesus and the Bible but that view is often met with disdain in our culture today. Many people will say that we cannot know truth and that truth is relative. They might say, ‘your truth is not my truth.’ So how should we respond?

Are Certain Prayers Just a Waste of Time?

There are other reasons too, like insecurity or a wrong view of God, but when I believe prayer is solely about outcomes, I act superstitiously. I start out complimenting Him because my dad always told me people help people they like so it can’t hurt, right? Then I usually pray about someone else’s need, to prove to God and myself I’m not selfish, all the while wondering when it would be appropriate to transition to my request. At some point, I make the move and ask God for what I want. I make sure to include “Your will be done” in some form or another just to acknowledge I’m a team player, and then I wait. Like a high school senior standing by the mailbox for a college acceptance letter. How many others applied? Are my credentials good enough? What if I don’t get in?

Miracles and Science

Because replicability and natural explanations are important in scientific publications, anomalies such as miracles are rarely published in such settings (Llewellyn 2008, 253). Yet different necessary disciplines require different epistemic approaches. Events in history, for example, are not, strictly speaking, replicable; nor are most events treated by journalism or law. Whereas most sciences rightly deal with basic natural phenomena that can be replicated by experiments or regular observation, replicability cannot be an epistemic criterion for unique events in history (Copleston 1972, 43 – 44; Gorsuch 2008, 284 – 85; Polkinghorne 2007, 34 – 35; Ward 2002, 744 – 47). Science observes patterns of regularity; history must give greater attention to particularities (Popper 1961, 143). Granted, one may often compare events with analogous kinds of events. Claiming that miracles do not meet this criterion, however, is possible only if one a priori dismisses all the other claims in the same category, that is, all other miracle claims (Swinburne 1970, 33 – 51).

Crossway on Twitter

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Knowledge Puffs Up? — Deflating a Popular Proverb

A popular maxim for Bible study—and an essential canon for accurate hermeneutics—states that an exegete should never allow one verse alone to dictate his or her theology on a matter. This oft-repeated truism attempts to protect both the callow Bible student and the seasoned theologian from embracing principles as biblical without first considering the instruction of the whole counsel of God. When this habit of biblical correlation is not practiced consistently, and the emphasis of the Bible on a matter is overlooked in favor of one passage or verse, false doctrines begin to emerge in the community.

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