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Seven questions about economics and the economy with Barry Asmus

BA:   Since we are all infected with sin and selfishness, moral virtue is a choice, God’s leading in our lives. Economies are whatever a group of people make them to be. If they choose the wrong system — slavery, subsistence farming or communism, for example — they are doomed economically and often morally as well. While the right system can point in a non-coercive and economic freedom direction. Moral outcomes can only emerge from moral decision makers. A person’s character is nothing more than the sum of his or her choices. You fine-tune your character every time you decide right from wrong and what you are going personally to do about it.

2 Cold Case Christianity podcast talks about lack of authenticity in the church

So my point here is this. If you are dealing with young people, it might be a good idea to not gloss over these problems and keep everything at the surface level. Talk to them about what a Christian life should look like and the struggles you had trying to live it out. Talk to them about their plans, and how different decisions are going to affect those plans. Talk to them about their grades. Talk to them about their future profession. Talk to them about apologetics. Talk to them about politics and economics, so they know how to vote for their futures. Basically, they should have the idea that you are interested in whether Christianity is true or not, and that you are interested in them make some sort of plan to serve God and making the decisions they need to get there. You should tell young people your plan and how you are funding it and working on it, in order to prod them to make their own plan.

3 Mary Eberstadt: why Christians should promote policies that strengthen marriage

Now here’s the part that I think is interesting. When you walk into a church, you will find very little, if any, education about the kinds of policies that cause marriages to actually not happen or actually break up.  The trouble is that most pastors are so focused on reading the Bible, and only the Bible, that they have no idea what sorts of policies and incentives cause people to not marry or to not stay married. In order to know that, they would have to be reading outside the Bible, in the scientific literature, and then communicating that knowledge to their flocks to get them to make better decisions and to vote more intelligently.

Cold Case Christianity: Body Bag

How do we know the Bible is telling the truth? Are the Gospel's reliable eyewitness testimony? Join us for a special investigative series featuring homicide detective J. Warner Wallace as he applies his cold case investigation skills to the Bible!

Millennials and the false 'gospel of nice'

I guess if you believe. I would argue there really aren't any gods of man to begin with or false idols. I'd just say there is stuff that people get fixated on and obsess over but really it isn't much different than religion. Some people get fanatical about their religion just like sports fans get obsessed over "their" team. Other people could careless. It is what it is. I wouldn't get too excited about it but I know other people love their team so who am I to rain on their parade that I don't care. I think as long as everyone is happy in the end.

GOD'S NOT DEAD - Free Resources

The God Test THEGODTEST is a evangelism tool that helps facilitate dialog on the critical issues of faith, skepticism, and the meaning of life - leading ultimately to a presentation of the Gospel. The central question is: "Do you believe in God?" There are 10 questions for those who believe in God and 10 different questions for those who don't. Start The Test Here »

7 Ways to Stop Being Cynical About Church

While I agree with many points in this article (ie; we far too easily jump into a fight with righteous indignation), I think it's important that we DO take time to question things we may find unsettling, as well as stand up and "fight" when we see abuse and manipulation in the church, which does happen. I believe it's wise to think and pray over these battles, but there are instances when it's not only necessary to bring up these questions, but the RIGHT thing to do. That said, I think we all too often sit and play armchair judge on social media and the like, without taking any steps or making effort to make positive changes. It's easy to talk/criticize things, but should only come when we're willing to back those claims with solutions. If we care enough to get into an argument about it, we should care enough to act.

8 exists to help you make sense of the big questions about life :

"4 Questions Everyone Should Ask" With Jon Acuff

This week we talk to one of our favorite indie bands, Warpaint. Plus, our producer Chad is on vacation so the inmates run the asylum, we bring the week's news and entertainment, your feedback and much more ...

Grace to You

It is completely God’s prerogative to determine rank in His kingdom (cf. Matt. 20:23). Therefore He has a perfect right to hold those in lowest esteem who have a low esteem for the Word. This does not mean the Lord will take away the offender’s salvation; they are still “in the kingdom of heaven.” But it does mean they will forfeit certain blessing and reward to whatever extent they are disobedient and disrespectful. The apostle John warned his readers, “Watch yourselves, that you do not lose what we have accomplished, but that you may receive a full reward” (2 John 8).

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Stupid for Jesus is Still Stupid

I am NOT a Darwinist by any stretch of the imagination (and reading Stephen C. Meyer’s incredible new book Darwin’s Doubt has only confirmed my belief) but it was clear that the sweet lady on the talk show did not understand the theory of evolution.  The theory (a key term) teaches that all species as we know them are the product of advantageous mutations over a long, long, long period of time.  In other words, a creature is born with a mutation that gives the creature a better chance at surviving the particular climate.  The lucky mutant then procreates and passes on its mutant gene to its offspring, which eventually produces other mutations and eventually produces a whole new species.  The species from which the mutant was spawned may still exist (hence, the existence of monkeys has nothing to say about the existence of other primates).

The Deity of Jesus is Not a Late Legend

As a non-believer, I suspected the stories about Jesus grew more elaborate and grandiose over time. That’s why it was so important to me to read through the earliest documents related to Jesus; I expected the initial accounts to portray Jesus as a wise teacher, but little more. I certainly didn’t expect Jesus to be represented as God until much later in history. But I discovered just the opposite to be true. The earliest eyewitnesses described Jesus as Divine and clearly worshiped him as God . This depiction of Jesus consistently appears in the writings of each successive student and faithful Christian leader through the earliest years of Christian history. Here’s a very short survey of early descriptions of Jesus:

Muslims attack helpline for victims of anti-Muslim hatred

THE boss of a campaign which helps victims of anti-Muslim hatred is himself being targeted by hardline members of his own faith for taking a progressive stance on gay rights.

The New Theist: How William Lane Craig became Christian philosophy's boldest apostle

"Why are you publicizing him?" Dawkins demanded, twice. The best-selling "New Atheist" professor went on to assure me that I shouldn't bother, that he'd met Craig in Mexico—they opposed each other in a prime-time, three-on-three debate staged in a boxing ring—and found him "very unimpressive."

When Parenting Gets Lost in the Details

For his part, Oppenheimer thinks parents themselves are complicit in the detail-obsessed anxiety-inducing character of modern parenthood: "[they] have allowed lifestyle decisions about what they wear, eat, and drive to entirely replace a more ambitious program for bettering society. . . It's enough that they make their midwife-birthed children substitute guava nectar for sugar." Others, like Brooks, see frantic parenting as the imposition of a culture with high expectations but few supportive resources.

17 Jesus Said: "You Shouldn't Judge"

Normally, I don't take the time to rehash a Facebook post, but the response I got was extremely characteristic of our culture and deserves some careful thinking. Under the circumstances I thought it might be instructive to take a closer look at the retort and then walk through how I would respond.

Unbelievable? Conference 2014 – Reasonable faith in an uncertain world

Craig J. Hazen is a Professor of Comparative Religion and Christian Apologetics at Biola University. An author and speaker, he has lectured around the world on the resurrection, religion and science, and Christianity among world religions. 

Is Faith Emotional or Logical?

So many people, both religious and non-religious, believe that faith is purely emotional, and in most contexts people imply the word "blind" before "faith". While few others believe that faith is logical- that it is firmly grounded on something. Lately, I've been reading the book " Emotional Intelligence " by psychologist Daniel Goleman and a few thoughts came to mind regarding this seeming dichotomy between faith being based on emotion versus being based on reason. Before I go into that connection or disconnection, though, I want to establish what I mean by "faith".

Why I Know the Story of Jesus Wasn't Changed Over Time

As an unbelieving skeptic, I was willing to accept the possibility that Jesus lived and taught as a 1st Century Rabbi, but I rejected much of the gospel accounts as fiction. I suspected the gospels had been corrupted and altered through the centuries . Defense attorneys often have similar questions about the status and condition of evidence over time. How do we know, for example, that a particular piece of evidence hasn’t been tampered with (or added) over the years between the time of the crime and the time of the eventual trial? As a detective, I know one way to determine if evidence has been altered: I simply examine the “chain of custody”.

Simply Fizz

If there is no God, then all that exists is time and chance acting on matter. If this is true then the difference between your thoughts and mine correspond to the difference between shaking up a bottle of Mountain Dew and a bottle of Dr. Pepper. You simply fizz atheistically and I fizz theistically. This means that you do not hold to atheism because it is true , but rather because of a series of chemical reactions. Morality, tragedy, and sorrow are equally evanescent. They are all empty sensations created by the chemical reactions of the brain, in turn created by too much pizza the night before. If there is no God, then all abstractions are chemical epiphenomena, like swamp gas over fetid water. This means that we have no reason for assigning truth and falsity to the chemical fizz we call reasoning or right and wrong to the irrational reaction we call morality. If no God, mankind is a set of bi-pedal carbon units of mostly water. And nothing else.


When I was a teenager I began to tell my grandmother about Jesus Christ. I didn't hammer her with my belief, but as we would talk it would come up naturally in conversation.  Her response was to tell me that I take after my great-great-grandmother who was also 'religious' and then, when I pointed out that faith in God was not something that could be passed down through our genes, like eye-colour or  height etc, she told me she thought Christians (including me) were actually brain-washed.

Yet Another Student Survey Confirming the Need for Case Making

It’s been about a month since Larry Taunton of Fixed Point Foundation posted an article for the Atlantic entitled Listening to Young Atheists: Lessons for a Stronger Christianity . Taunton’s organization has been interviewing members of atheist college groups (the Secular Student Alliance and Freethought Societies). “These college groups are the atheist equivalents to Campus Crusade: They meet regularly for fellowship, encourage one another in their (un)belief, and even proselytize. They are people who are not merely irreligious; they are actively, determinedly irreligious.” His findings once again confirm what studies have been telling us for many years now: young people (high school and college aged) are leaving the church . More than this, however, Taunton’s research provides us with the reasons why young people are leaving, and, if we respond accordingly, a strategy for addressing the problem.

Row as atheist pupils are sent to vegetarian Sikh school - Telegraph

Parents living in rural South Buckinghamshire have been angered after children were allocated places at a Sikh school that operates a strict 'no meat' policy and starts the day with prayers

New Atheism and Science are Incompatible

One of the core arguments of the New Atheist movement insists that science and religion are “incompatible.” Scientists are not supposed to be religious and if anyone truly values science, they are supposed to abandon their religion. The argument is convincing only to New Atheists simply because it is more of a talking point for their anti-religious propaganda than any type of robust argument. In fact, we can tell it’s only a talking point because of the unjustifiably selective nature of the comparison. That is, if science is incompatible with religion, might it not also be incompatible with other forms of human expression?

'God of the Gaps': A guide for the Perplexed

the fact that there are ‘laws’ (regularities, really) in the Universe can be understood only as an act of God. The last claim is in fact a God-of-the-gaps argument, since it asserts that the best answer to the question, ‘Why are there scientific laws at all?’ is ‘God made them.’  Here Miller merely swaps ignorance for ‘God,’ just as creationist Michael Behe swaps ignorance of biochemical evolution for God.

Meet the Guy Who Built His Own Fully Functional Hobbit House

After removing an apple tree from his property in England, landscape designer Ashley Yeates was left with a massive hole in his yard. It was at this point that he had the same thought any sane person would when faced with the proposition of filling a gigantic dirt hole: Why not spend a year constructing an elaborately designed, custom built, fully functional Hobbit house? On his Tumblr , Yeates posted pictures of the building process and some pretty impressive images of the interior. It’s even got electricity. Seriously, this guy is like the Mike Holmes of Middle Earth …

Does the church do a good job of equipping Christians to talk to non-Christians?

Most churches these days are not doing a good job of helping Christians to understand how to explain and defend Christianity to non-Christians. They tend to be focused on providing comfort and entertainment, which is why so much of the focus is on compassion, singing and being “nice”. Logical arguments are out. Scientific evidence is out. Historical evidence is out. There is a terrible fear of disagreeing with anyone. Everyone is focused on being “nice” and being “liked” by non-Christians. Instead of teaching people what Christians think is true, we teach people how to recycle cans and how to color pictures of Jesus.

Metro Vancouver’s atheist alcoholics seek recovery without God talk

Unlike AA bodies in cities such as San Francisco, New York, Halifax and elsewhere, the Greater Vancouver AA administrative body recently decided that an atheistic version of the Twelve Steps does not fit the guidelines of the original AA, in which “God as we understand him,” or a self-defined higher power, is believed to play a significant role in recovery.

9 Things You Should Know About the Bible

The primary thing everyone should know about the Bible is that, "All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness..." ( 2 Timothy 3:16 ). But here are an additional 9 things that you should know about the best-selling book of all time:

Militant atheists should 'get over it' and accept UK is Christian - Telegraph

Mr Pickles said: “I’ve stopped an attempt by militant atheists to ban councils having prayers at the start of meetings if they wish. Heaven forbid. We’re a Christian nation. We have an established church. Get over it. And don’t impose your politically correct intolerance on others.”

Belief doesn't create truth

For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

Three Reasons Freedom of Religion Matters

Okay, but that’s not the issue. If they lost their jobs for discriminating against people who are black, or disabled, or something, who would be crying about “freedom” then? (I wish I could refuse to do my job and not get sacked, on the basis of my freedom-of-something-or-other!)

Contingency, Causality, and God

There is a principle of causality that states, in its simplest form, that every effect has a cause. This can be challenged by those who claim the problem of induction, namely that we have not observed every effect being generated, therefore we cannot make the conclusion. While it is true that we have not observed every effect, attempting to deny the principle would involve saying that we cannot be sure that every effect has a cause, a line of reasoning that ultimately ends in the absurdity of radical skepticism, saying that we know that we cannot know. The skeptic could merely claim that we have not observed every cause and effect, therefore we cannot be sure of the principle of causality, claiming that the principle has not been proven. But the skeptic has proved nothing himself, but merely laid out the possibility. Lastly, denying the principle of causality is a position that cannot be held consistently or lived in practicality. We cannot go through a day of our lives not being sure whether when we walk across the floor to get a drink of water that the floor will be there like it was last time, or whether the water will miss our lungs and flow down our throat like it always has before.

If God would concede me His omnipotence for 24 hours

If God would concede me His omnipotence for 24 hours, you would see how many changes I would make in the world. But if He gave me His wisdom too, I would leave things as they are.

Preach the Gospel to Yourself

In our sin, we constantly find our responses to life in our fallen world to be disconnected from the theology that we confess. Anger, fear, panic, discouragement stalk our hearts and whisper in our ears a false gospel that will lure our lives away from what we say we believe.

Judging God, Punishing Ourselves

And oh, you must understand the deep cry of my heart, for I have studied the source, the Bible, I have examined the history of God’s people, and I know that God is none of these things. He is good! He gives life, and freedom, and justice, and abundance of joy. He does good in the world, especially through his people, the Church. While we are human and therefore prone to wrong-doing — and believe me, I probably know the embarrassments of our history at least as well as you do, if not better — on the whole the Church’s influence on the world has been very good.

How To Sniff Out Bad Arguments - Part 3

Everyone believes something. All people have a worldview that they hold to. Some are thought through well, and others not so much. Daily, people’s worldviews collide as they interact with one another. The beliefs and ideas that people hold to are varied and often contradictory. It should be obvious that all contradictory ideas and belief systems cannot all be correct. They may all be wrong, or one may be correct, but two or more conflicting ideas cannot all reflect reality accurately. That being said, people from varied worldviews often argue, or make a case for, their beliefs. Some offer strong and well seasoned arguments, while others give shallow and putrid arguments. The Christian must be able to sniff out the poor arguments if he is to properly engage the varied beliefs of the world around him.

Francis Schaeffer: American Evangelical Hero

Born in Pennsylvania in 1912 and popular in the 1960s and 1970s, the late gray-haired, goateed Schaeffer was an American evangelical theologian, Presbyterian pastor and political activist. He wrote books and traveled around the world with his wife, Edith, giving speeches on his belief that the Bible was never wrong and that its principles should be reflected in everything, including art and music. He lived a large part of his life in Switzerland, but in the United States, he is most remembered for his part in spurring American evangelicals to join the fight against abortion.

Why Science Can't Explain What Science Can't Explain

Chairman Mao told a parable about an old man who lived at the foot of a mountain. Disliking how the precipice ruined his view, he and his sons set out one morning with chisels to whittle the mountain away. The other villagers came out to mock him; but the old man replied “Yes, I will never destroy this mountain in my lifetime, nor will my sons. But my grandsons can continue this work and their sons also, and so on to infinity. Once men have decided on a course, nothing is impossible for them.”

One Important Reason the Church Will Continue to Compromise

Have you noticed the slow but growing compromise within the Church? It’s harder and harder to get two Christians to agree on anything related to sexuality, the exclusivity of salvation through Christ alone or even the historicity of Adam. We are a divided family, even though we share the same canonical foundation and have over two thousand years of family wisdom to guide us. I predict it will get worse. I think the Church will embrace the truth claims of the culture at an ever increasing rate because we’ve failed to make young Christians our priority . Let me explain.

Zeitgeist: Pagan Myths and Jesus

For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

New Atheist Documentary By Dawkins and Krauss Won't Make An 'Unbeliever' Out of Anyone

But there is a more fundamental reason for the absence of argument against religious belief. Dawkins and Krauss proceed on the unspoken assumption that science and religion are fundamentally mutually exclusive. Therefore, all one needs to do in order to discredit religion is to extol and celebrate the greatness of science. Science and religion are like two ends of a teeter-totter:  if the one end goes up, the other automatically declines. Thus, Krauss asks Dawkins which he would rather do:  explain science or destroy religion?  It is assumed that these are two ways to the same end. Dawkins, of course, chooses to extol science. “I’m in love with science, and I want to tell the world.” His implicit assumption is that one cannot love both God and science…

Bono: David sang the blues and Jesus did some punk rock

Bono exchanged Bible references with Focus on the Family’s president Jim Daly as they bantered about music, theology and evangelicals’ role in AIDS activism in a recent radio interview. Photo by Lisa Cadman/courtesy of Focus on the Family

Enemies of Evolution

Having previously studied for an honours degree in English Literature, and being a lover of books, I had come across Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World , and his ideas, but until recently I had never heard of his brother Julian Huxley. It turns out that Julian was quite the academic. He was the grandson of Thomas Huxley, who was nicknamed "Darwin's Bulldog" for his ferocious support of the theory of evolution and I imagine it was at his grandfather's knee that Julian first began to absorb evolutionary ideas. Julian shone brightly. He was educated at Eton College, received his degree from Oxford University, lectured at Kings College London and became president of the British Humanist Association... amongst a long list of other achievements!

The Pastor’s Home as Paradigm for the Church’s Family Ministry

Far too often, Christian fathers define success according to self-generated standards, forsaking their role as the shepherds of their home in an ambitious pursuit of power or achievement, material possessions or personal acclaim. Other fathers, typically young adults in what has been appropriately dubbed “Generation Me,” 14 simply forsake their role as the family shepherd in the quest for self-pleasure and trivial pursuits. While it is common for evangelical pastors to bemoan the passivity of men in their congregation—passivity exhibited through a lack of paternal leadership in the home—too often the passivity they critique is nurtured by the very leadership model they present to families in the congregation! When the pastor of a church possesses an aggressive mentality in leading his congregation—one in which he will do whatever it takes to cultivate measurable success at the church—but then takes a secondary role in shepherding his own family—as though he is his wife’s helper—his poor example effectively drowns out his homiletic rhetoric. Likewise, when a pastor organizes his life around golf outings and college sporting events in the name of “ministry”—all while his wife raises the children—then the men in the church hear that daily “sermon” delivered with far greater clarity than the one delivered from the pulpit on Sunday.

Evolution and the Indian Rope Trick

Last month, I was privileged to be a part of the Great God Debate II: The Origin of Life , which pit atheist Michael Ruse against intelligent design advocate Fazale Rana. In Dr. Ruse's opening statement, he made an argument on what he has labeled the "fallacy of selective attention or illicit focus." It was probably Ruse's most powerful point and he admitted it carried the bulk of his reasoning for why the idea of intelligent design can be dismissed. Ruse showed a picture of an Indian guru climbing a rope suspended into the sky. This is a well-known illusion called the Indian rope trick. He then states:

The Power of Anonymity

Most of the people I’ve talked to tell me they heard the gospel from friends they trust. This reinforces what many people have written about the need to “earn the right to be heard” or “pave the way for preaching.” I recall the oft-quoted admonition, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Debate: Does the Bible Misquote Jesus? James White vs Bart Ehrman

The debate originally took place on January 21, 2009 at Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and was sponsored by American Vision but the video of it on Youtube was just recently made available for free for viewing online.  We appreciate American Vision and Alpha Omega’s ministries’ generosity in blessing God’s people!

Kevin D. Williamson - The Liberal Gulag

T he word “liberal” has taken a beating over the last few days: A Mozilla executive was hounded out of his position at the firm he co-founded by left-wing campaigners resolved to punish him for having made a donation to a successful California ballot initiative that defined marriage in traditional terms; Adam Weinstein, whose downwardly mobile credibility has taken him from ABC to Gawker , called for literally imprisoning people with the wrong views about global warming, writing, “Those malcontents must be punished and stopped”; Mr. Weinstein himself was simply forwarding a dumbed-down-enough-for- Gawker version of the arguments of philosophy professor Lawrence Torcello; Katherine Timpf, a reporter for Campus Reform , faced a human barricade to keep her from asking questions of those attending a feminist leadership conference, whose organizers informed her that the group was “inclusive” and therefore she was “not welcome here”; Charles Murray, one of the most important social scientists of his generation, was denounced as a “known white supremacist” by Texas Democrats for holding heterodox views about education policy; national Democrats spent the week arguing for the anti-free-speech side of a landmark First Amendment case and the anti-religious-freedom side of a case involving the Religious Freedom Restoration Act; Lois Lerner, the Left’s best friend at the IRS, faces contempt charges related to her role in the Democrats’ coopting the IRS as a weapon against their political enemies; Harry Reid, a liberal champion of campaign-finance reform, was caught channeling tens of thousands of dollars to his granddaughter while conspicuously omitting her surname, which is also his surname, from official documents, cloaking the transaction, while one of his California colleagues, a liberal champion of gun control, was indicted on charges of running guns to an organized-crime syndicate.

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