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11 Spring TV Shows You Need to Know About

The new season of peak TV is here.

MLK50 Conference

MLK50: Gospel Reflections from the Mountaintop. Celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King's legacy with us on April 4, 2018 in Memphis, TN.

Why Is Evil Necessary? - Cross Examined - Christian Apologetic Ministry | Frank Turek | Christian Apologetics | Christian Apologetics Speakers

Why Is Evil Necessary? Frank Turek Explains in less than 2 minutes… Get Frank’s New Book Here Free Resource Get the first chapter of "Stealing From God: Why Atheists Need God to Make Their Case" in PDF. Success! Your free resource is on the way! Check your email. There was an error submitting your …

Video: Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

This excellent animated video by the Impact 360 Institute summarizes the minimal facts argument for the resurrection of Jesus. To ...

China: Christians detained after attending bible study - Premier

A group of 15 Chinese Christians were detained after more than 20 police officers raided a house church in Sichuan province.

No Other Gospel

Five hundred years ago, the Reformers fought to recover the true gospel. Fifteen hundred years before, God used Paul to pen the Reformers’ central text for justification by faith alone.

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TGC National Conference - TGC Live

1:30 PM – Workshop: Round 1: Help Me Teach the Bible Live Recording: Nancy Guthrie interviews Tim Keller

Isn’t Jesus just the adult version of a fairytale?

I’ve heard this view that Jesus and the rest of Christianity is just the adult version of a fairytale. The idea is, that like the fairytales we grew up with, Christianity has a great moral value and message but, in the end it isn’t really true. It’s a good story, kind of sweet and cute, like Cinderella, but with a little more of an adult feel. Have you ever heard this? Maybe you haven’t heard someone say this outright, but I think it’s a pretty popular view for people these days. There are two glaringly obvious problems I see with this. 

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Democratic Senator Cites Ephesians 6 to Argue for Fighting Gov't Authority

Democratic Senator Cites Ephesians 6 to Argue for Fighting Gov't Authority

Wilberforce Weekend 2017

Trillia Newbell is the author of Enjoy: Finding the Freedom to Delight Daily in God’s Good Gifts, Fear and Faith: Finding the Peace Your Heart Craves (2015) and United: Captured by God’s Vision for Read More

12 Evidences for the Resurrection of Jesus, Part 4

Some people have had dramatic religious conversions. In fact, my three favorite Christian thinkers outside of the biblical authors—St. Augustine, Blaise Pascal, and C. S. Lewis—all experienced amazing life-changing conversions to Christianity. But there is one person whose conversion to the Christian faith changed the world forever. That individual said that his spiritual transformation was due to encountering the resurrected Jesus Christ.

Does Dating Prepare Us for Marriage — or Divorce?

Dating is an intentional pursuit of marriage, not casual preparation for it. Unfortunately, many of us are being told we must date early and often if we ever want to be ready for marriage. For instance, one popular Christian dating book reads, “Dating is an incubator time of discovering the opposite sex, one’s own sexual feelings, moral limits, one’s need for relationship skills, and one’s tastes for people.” Sounds practical and reasonable on the surface. Until you think about putting yourself (or your daughter) into someone else’s “incubator” for a few months, or years, while he or she tries out their “sexual feelings” and “moral limits.” We put too much of ourselves at risk in dating to donate our hearts to someone’s romantic experiment.

8 .@Ichthus77 #Apologetics Daily

I Came to Faith Through Apologetics

When someone says they “came to faith through apologetics” or they “became a Christian through the evidence,” I usually take the time to ask them what they really mean when using these expressions. They commonly describe a journey that illustrates the sovereignty and power of God to call and transform the lives of His children. In each of these cases, God merely used the evidence as the means by which He called those who needed an evidential approach. God can clearly use whatever means He desires, as He reaches out to each of us in the manner He knows will be most effective. We see examples of God using the preaching of evangelists, the words of Scripture or the appearance of a vision. God is God, and He’ll do whatever He pleases. For some of us, He is pleased to use the evidence…

10 Things Sexual Assault Victims Want You to Know

I was dating a young man who was the drummer in the youth band and spoke of his call to ministry. He… had a pattern of seducing young women in the church. … Once he gained trust, he would create a story that would manipulate the women in his life to allow him into their apartments and homes. In my case, he showed up at my apartment … proceeded to rape me repeatedly throughout the night and held me in my own apartment against my will. The next morning, he told me that I could not tell anyone what had happened, and he threatened to destroy my life. In the next couple of weeks, he went to the youth pastor of the church and told him that we had sex and that he was terribly guilty over it and that he was seeking repentance. By the time I was included in the conversation, he already had people convinced it was consensual. I lost my job at the Christian school associated with the church, and yet it was later revealed that I was woman #4 that this had happened to.

‘Blackish’ Is TV’s Most Important Show

As Blackish wraps up its third season, with a likely fourth one on the way, you can’t help but wonder if the creators had any idea how pertinent the show could be for all Americans as we seek a path out of stark polarization, or at the very least, into a good laugh with someone we hadn’t expected to share one with.

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The Surprising Role of Guardian Angels

This means that everything angels do, everywhere in the world, at all times, is for the good of Christians. An angel who does something by God’s assignment anywhere in the world is fulfilling the promise that God will work all things for the good of all Christians — everywhere. This is a sweeping and stunning promise. All angels serve for the good of all Christians all the time. They are agents of Romans 8:28.

BreakPoint on Twitter

#TIMEmagazine is running out of things to declare dead and their latest is a worldview lesson on a silver platter.

‘S-Town’ Explores the Maze of the Divine Clockmaker's Mind

McLemore displays an incredible loathing for his hometown—the title of the series is a shortened version of the profane expression he frequently uses to refer to Woodstock. In his long-winded rants to Reed (ones as laced with scientific jargon as they are profanity), he details his gripes about the small town: its racism and misogyny, its widespread denial of climate change, its police corruption. But McLemore’s pessimism doesn’t discriminate. He’s convinced that the entire United States is on the verge of total collapse into “carnage…a new dark age.” McLemore might be an atheist, but it sure seems like he believes in total depravity.

16 Jonathan Morrow's WELCOME TO COLLEGE Survival Pack Giveaway

What Does Christianity Teach About the Resurrection of Our Bodies? | Cold Case Christianity

While these Old Testament scriptures seem pretty clear on the issue, there were some Jews, even in Jesus’ time, who did not believe they would be resurrected in the next life. The Gospels describe an encounter between Jesus and some Sadducees who rejected the resurrection of the dead (Matthew 22:29-32, Mark 12:24-27 and Luke 20:34-38). The Scriptures say “the Sadducees, who say there is no resurrection, came to him with a question” (Mark 12:18). Jesus told them that they were mistaken about their understanding of the resurrection, and were “in error because (they) do not know the Scriptures or the power of God” (Mark 12:24). Jesus reminded them God had the power to do anything He likes, including raising the dead. Jesus had a lot to say about the resurrection of the dead:

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Muslim Rollins College professor attacks Christian student for questioning her stupidity

To start this post, let’s review the minimal facts about the historical Jesus by citing prominent non-Christian historical Jesus scholar E.P. Sanders of Duke University.

Cold-Case Christianity: A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels - Kindle edition by J. Warner Wallace, Lee Strobel. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

Christian apologetics is a constantly growing and changing scene and although it's the one career path that will absolutely guarantee that you'll never be rich, but there's definitely no shortage of "C-list/B-list" apologists out there. These folks are usually uneducated "discernment ministry" types running their own basement/blog "ministries" and defending the faith against the attacks of skeptics, academics, heretics and YouTube atheists. But, there are also a few "A-List" folks who have respectable education, write books, teach at Christian Colleges/Seminaries, debate Bart Ehrman or Richard Dawkins (two resume-making debaters for Christian apologists) and put on Alaskan cruises devoted to apologetics and worship via buffet. Of the "A-List" apologists, William Lane Craig is one of the biggest, so it's no surprise that several in his circle, the newest of which is J. Warner Wallace, are climbing onto the "A-List" and getting exposure (and plenty of endorsements from the staff and friends of Biola). All that being said, when I started reading "Cold Case Christianity" by J. Warner Wallace, I already had an idea what to expect: Card-carrying evidentialist apologetics, mainly philosophical defense of Christianity, plenty of party-line towing with regards to the evidentialist apologists (i.

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Christian charity praises government move to fund relationship support for unemployed families …

C.S. Lewis Institute on Twitter

In the legacy of C.S. Lewis, the Institute endeavors to develop disciples who will articulate, defend and live their faith in Christ in personal & public life.

‘The Daily Show’ Star Jordan Klepper Is Getting His Own Show

It’s no secret that the post-Jon Stewart  Daily Show  has struggled to find the same cultural zeitgeist to inhabit, but it’s still churning out some thought-provoking content. A lot of the best content has come from correspondent Jordan Klepper, who has a Colbert-esque ability to play 3-D chess in his interview segments, where you can’t always tell which part is the setup and which is the punchline. Comedy Central must like Klepper’s work too, because they’re giving him the reigns to  The Nightly Show , the spot formerly helmed by Larry Wilmore.

Stem Cell Research—Lifesaving Alternatives

Given these advances, it’s no wonder Ian Wilmut, who cloned Dolly the sheep in 1996, has abandoned using embryonic stem cells in his research. Likewise, Bernadine Healy, former director of the National Institutes of Health (USA), pronounced embryonic stem cell research “obsolete” and pointed out its dangers, such as an embryonic stem cell experiment that caused tumors in a patient. Even President Obama has cautioned, “The full promise of [embryonic] stem cell research remains unknown.”

Lee Strobel’s Hope for Apologetics in a ‘Post-Truth’ Culture

On how apologetics has changed : “Back in the 1960s and ’70s, apologetics was lining up a guy and machine-gunning him with facts that he knew to be true, because he’d learned it in Sunday school anyway. He just needed to be reminded. That’s not true anymore. Now, it’s more what I call ‘relational apologetics.’ It’s friendships. It’s conversations. It’s dialogue where we engage with these questions, these topics on a personal level. It doesn’t just become, ‘Golly, why does a loving God allow pain and suffering?’ It becomes, ‘Where was God when we lost a child in childbirth five years ago?’”

Does the Multiverse Avoid a Cosmic Beginning?

For more resources visit: In the award-winning film The Theory of Everything, the young Stephen Hawking describes cosmology as “a religion for intelligent atheists.” The film then explores the theological implications of two cosmological models defended by Hawking. Do these models in fact have the implications which Hawking attributes to them, and will cosmology play successfully the role of a surrogate religion? In the dialogue between science and theology, philosophy plays a crucial role. In this talk, Dr. Craig will respond to Hawking's claim to have eliminated the Creator of the Big Bang. We welcome your comments in the Reasonable Faith forums: Be sure to also visit Reasonable Faith's other channel which contains full-length debates and lectures: Follow Reasonable Faith On Twitter: Like the Reasonable Faith Facebook Fan Page:

Jesus Before Pilate: More Evidence Christ is the Son of God

How Much Do You Love Chocolate?

Also, to turn it around, commit yourself to pray and fight for joy for your friends. The world is filled with God’s good gifts that sin and Satan turn to drag us away from Jesus. When we fiercely fight for the holiness of our loved ones, we simultaneously remind ourselves of the intense war that we ourselves are in constantly. The battle is bigger than just “me and my sin.” Together, the church fights to make herself ready for the heavenly marriage (Revelation 19:7–8).

Helping Young People Resolve Their Science-Faith Issues | Bernard Palmer

Dr. Fuz Rana and Dr. Bernard Palmer Bernard trained as a doctor at Cambridge University and the London Hospital and later became the Senior Surgeon at the Lister Hospital, Stevenage. In 2000 he and Dr Tom Holland established Christchurch Baldock as many felt North Herts had a need for a contemporary Bible teaching church with a focus on evangelism, families and young people. Bernard is the author of ‘Cure for Life’ which has now been translated into many languages and has helped many to understand the evidence supporting Jesus’ claims and what he taught. Bernard is married to Rosy, with whom he has four children. Follow RTB_Official for updates! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Website:

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7 Unbiased Facts about Jesus’ Death

Before asking whether Christianity is true, whether the resurrection happened—or even could— it is helpful to clear away the hype and rhetoric and look at the unbiased facts concerning the death of Jesus. Today, even liberal scholars agree about some very basic data. Moving on in the debate requires coming to an agreement concerning these seven things:

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Muslim Births Will Outnumber Christian Births by 2035

Currently, Muslim families are having more kids than any other religious group in the world, according to the Pew findings. Muslims around the world average 2.9 children; Christians come in second with 2.6. No other faith has birth rates high enough to grow faster than the population overall. Women without a religious affiliation have just 1.6 kids on average, and the “nones” are expected to shrink from 16 percent of the global population in 2015 to 13 percent in 2060 as a result.

34 Renewing Your Mind | The Consequences of Justification | Apr 5, 2017

Justification by faith gives us peace with, access to, and hope in a holy God. Today, R.C. Sproul continues his study of justification in Paul's letter to the Romans by introducing the results of justification in the life of the believer.

How Do Finite Beings Worship an Infinite God?

Sarah Nelson, a listener from Tallahassee writes in: “Pastor John, I’ve been reading Joe Rigney’s book, The Things of Earth , and reflecting on the correlation between our limits as creatures and our love for God. Seeing as we are unable to love an infinite God as finite beings, Rigney speaks of the alternative of loving God supremely, fully, and in a way ever-expanding. How would you describe or define the practical differences between these two categories? How do I know if I’m feeling false guilt for trying to love God infinitely, which goes against my creaturely design, verses a right guilt for not loving God supremely and fully?”

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Click here to support DFW Life Church Planting Campaign organized by Mike Robinson Apologetics

Vision & Purpose Statements Purpose Statement DFW Life Church is committed to helping people know God as disciples, in order to love and disciple others, and change the world (Mark 12:30-31; Jer. 29:11; 1 John 4:7-11; 2 Cor. 5:18-21). Vision DFW Life Church endeavors to be a discipleship-oriented congregation taking the Gospel to the world; equipping, defending, planting, reproducing, and sending God’s people to make disciples of all nations—to love God and to love others (Mt 28:19-20; 2 Tim 2:2; 1 Pet 3:15).                         Unique Vision - Church Planting Fulfill a Great Need in Dallas Fort Worth & the World [We need $9600 for a Full Years Rent: only $800 a month for the building] Hi – this is Pastor Mike Robinson. I had the privilege to work on college campuses as an evangelist and minister for many years--I also had the honor of serving as pastor for Christ Covenant Church for 17 years and Abundant Life Church in Granbury for the last 2 years. It has been a joy to serve Christ, plant churches, and raise up new leaders. Additionally, I have been blessed to be able to author numerous books on biblical truths, apologetics, theology, cults, and the Bible.

Speaking in Tongues - Premier

Throughout Lent, we're guiding you through the Spiritual Disciplines - practiced by ancient leaders of the faith. Today's Spiritual Discipline is Speaking in Tongues.

Historical References to Christ From Non-Biblical Authors

Meanwhile, in the case of those who were denounced to me as Christians, I have observed the following procedure: I interrogated these as to whether they were Christians; those who confessed I interrogated a second and a third time, threatening them with punishment; those who persisted I ordered executed…. Those who denied that they were or had been Christians, when they invoked the gods in words dictated by me, offered prayer with incense and wine to your image, which I had ordered to be brought for this purpose together with statues of the gods, and moreover cursed Christ–none of which those who are really Christians, it is said, can be forced to do—these I thought should be discharged…. They asserted, however, that the sum and substance of their fault or error had been that they were accustomed to meet on a fixed day before dawn , and sing responsively a hymn to Christ as to a god, and to bind themselves by oath, not to some crime, but not to commit fraud, theft, or adultery, not falsify their trust, nor to refuse to return a trust when called upon to do so. When this was over, it was their custom to depart and to assemble again to partake of food—but ordinary and innocent food.

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‘Legalism’ Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

“I think that conviction has gotten a bit of a bad rap in the Church over the past little while. It’s understandable. We have an overcorrection to a lot of the legalism and boundary-marker Christianity that damaged so many, the behaviour modification and rule-making and imposition of other people’s convictions onto our own souls. But in our steering away from legalism, I wonder if we left the road to holiness or began to forget that God also cares about what we do and how we do it and why.”

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44 The Case For Christ Answer Booklet

The ISBN is a 13-digit number that identifies the product you purchased. For most books, the ISBN can be found on the back cover in the lower-right corner as shown. It's usually located right above the bar code.

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What is the Johnson Amendment? If it's repealed, the American church could change dramatically:

The Leftist Attacks on Pence’s Moral Guidelines Are a Denial of Human Nature | The Stream

I wish I could say you are wrong, but, while you are blunt, you have valid points. I am surrounded by extreme liberals because of where I live. My actual neighborhood and several in my county house the last of the real conservatives in our geographic reality. I see every day that the only way to have common ground is to only discuss the time or the ballgame scores; and even then, you have to be careful you don’t endorse a Christian coach or player or be ready for the liberal tirade. If you have a cross on your earrings or the wrong bumper sticker on your car, watch out for trouble. I don’t back down, but I often keep my words to myself and just be Christian in my actions. It may not ever come in handy to be trusted in spite of my opposing views, but it may. If nothing else, it’s good practice for allowing the enemies of God to tell me their battle plans so I know where to most effectively strike when the Lord calls me to battle in word or deed. I treasure your ability to speak boldly, with a grain of salt. You remind me of the tough Uncle I never had. Or ma

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Update: We have raised $38,534 to help give away The New City Catechism. Thank you!

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AG Sessions Orders Sweeping Review of Proposed Police Reforms

The Department of Justice is looking to delay implementations of those reforms for at least 90 days, until the office has time to figure out if the proposed reforms are in keeping with President Trump’s principles. These proposed reforms affect 14 cities including the notoriously troubled police departments in Baltimore and Chicago, which Obama-era investigations found to be rife with racial discrimination .

Cathedral to distribute 10,000 Easter eggs - Premier

A Russian Cathedral is planning to distribute 10,000 free eggs this Easter.

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