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Neil deGrasse Tyson Says Chances of Intelligently Designed Universe

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Youth Video Lesson - Jesus In Focus: Is the Virgin Birth a True Story?

Youth Leaders! This accessible apologetics video lesson for Jr. High and High School students will help you integrate apologetics into your Christmas season. Includes 2 videos, a Leader's Guide and PowerPoint presentation. Simplify your ministry. Download it now.

Resources and Leadership Advice for Pastors and Church Leaders

Tom Woodward and "DNA & Beyond"

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

William Lane Craig debates Austin Dacey: Does God Exist?

Here is the video and summary of a debate between Christian theist William Lane Craig and Austin Dacey at Purdue University in 2004 about the existence of God. The debaters: William Lane Craig Aust…

Here’s the Trailer for ‘Southside With You’, About the Obamas’ First Date

Take a trip back to 1989 in this trailer for Southside With You, a movie about the first date between Michelle and Barack Obama. The film, which was produced by John Legend, releases in August.

Video of Child Seeing For First Time Goes Viral; Internet Buys Him the $15K Glasses That Made It Possible

Christopher Ward Jr. has been legally blind since he was born, suffering from an optical nerve condition that only lets him see objects extremely close to his eyes. The 12-year-old recently had an opportunity to try the eSight electronic glasses, which captures live video with tiny cameras, and then plays them on tiny screens in front of the eyes, essentially, restoring normal sight. The video of him seeing his mother for the first time recently played on ABC News. As you can imagine, people were moved—especially when they found out that the high-tech glasses cost $15,000, and Ward's family couldn’t afford them. His mother set up a crowdfunding campaign on the site, and within days, not only did they raise the money needed for the glasses, but an additional $10,000 (which will be put into a trust fund for Ward), too. Well done, Internet.

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Ligonier Ministries

Six 30-Minute Messages. The Holiness of God is Ligonier Ministries’ most popular and enduring series. Literally thousands of people have testified to a transforming encounter with God through this series. This series examines the meaning of holiness and why people … Learn More

Jesus’ Flipping Tables Isn’t an Excuse for Your Online Rants

The irony here is that always smiling and being nice and unfailingly polite aren't actually Christian virtues, they are the thin veneer of a materialistic middle class society which promotes forced silences and grudging cooperation. They are not love, charity, longsuffering, forebearance, etc. They are social programs of control inflicted upon people by various cliques for various purposes, hiding under the guise of Christian virtue. And, yet more ironically, these sorts of theologies and counselings seek to make a sin out of human emotion. Christ never told people anger was sinful. And yet I hear it all the time. This doesn't come from the Bible, this comes from self-help gurus, pop-psychology, and Miss Manners.

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9 Things You Should Know About Jehovah’s Witnesses

1. Jehovah’s Witnesses — their name is intended to designate them as “ a group of Christians who proclaim the truth about Jehovah ” — comprise just less than 1 percent of U.S. adults , yet are among the most  racially and ethnically diverse  religious groups in America. According to Pew Research , no more than four-in-ten members of the group belong to any one racial and ethnic background: 36 percent are white, 32 percent are Hispanic, 27 percent are black and 6 percent are another race or mixed race. Roughly two-thirds (65 percent) are women, while only 35 percent are men. They also also tend to be less educated, with a solid majority of adult Jehovah Witnesses (63 percent) having no more than a high school diploma (compared with, for example, 43 percent of evangelical Protestants).

Die to Your Flesh and Live

But we also find our weak flesh to be powerful, opposing our willing spirit’s intentions and resolve to follow Jesus in the obedience of faith (Galatians 5:17; Romans 1:5). Fighting it is a daily struggle. What do we prayerfully watch for to escape the power of our weak flesh?

God Is Not Like You—And That’s a Good Thing

Our primary problem as Christian women is not that we lack self-worth, not that we lack a sense of significance. It’s that we lack awe. . . . Awe helps us worry less about self-worth by turning our eyes first toward God, then toward others. It also helps establish our self-worth in the best possible way: we understand both our insignificance within creation and our significance to our Creator. (148–49)

Special Section - The 2016 Wilberforce Weekend - Washington Times

The 2016 Wilberforce Weekend: Energizing and equipping Christian leadership in the spirit of William Wilberforce is a Special Report sponsored by The Colson Center for Christian Worldview and prepared by The Washington Times Advocacy Department.

Living Faithfully in the New Public Square: A Google Hangout with Jennifer Marshall Today at 3:30pm

Today at 3:30pm, we will be joined by The Heritage Foundation’s Jennifer Marshall , and Dr. Stephen Nichols, president of Reformation Bible College . Miss Marshall is a vice president and runs the Institute for Family, Community, and Opportunity. Together, we will discuss the theological foundation for living faithfully amid radically transformed social norms and cultural upheaval.

Your Desires Want to Kill You

When God saved us from our sin, he brought us from death into marvelous light and life. But sin still tries to entice us and destroy us, so the call to faith is a call to war. In twenty minutes, John Piper brings this warfare to life, and then begins to apply it to marriage.

Morality By Survey?

“Man is the measure of all things" - Protagoras ————— If this is true then the moral relativist have no choice but to say that "he or she" may not like the atrocities committed by others, but that's just their opinion since they cannot objectively condemn them.

Five Awkward Conversations Every Teen Needs to Have with Their Parents

Teenagers need to talk with parents about our future and our dreams and our life-long pursuit of Christ. We need long conversations in large doses, with mutual respect and gracious spirits. But there will inevitably be conflict. Sometimes, parents, you will not like our plans. You will have your own expectations and ideas. You want what’s best for us, but sometimes we disagree, because you, teenager, have your own dreams. You don’t like your parents’ suggested college or career, and you will have to say so.

7 Books That Will Help You Care for the Poor

My curious nature and appetite for reading led me to a career in journalism, and then public relations and international development. Along the way, I realized that if I wanted to do my job well—or just do life well, really—I needed to keep reading and learning. While we all may have an idea of what we think helping the poor should look like, often those ideas are in fact harmful to the very people we’re trying to help. (Google “whites in shining armor” or take two minutes to look at the latest viral sensation on Instagram— Barbie Savior —to see what I mean).

Click here to support Russian Jesus Storybook Bibles by Mark Browne

Hi. My name is Mark Browne. I am a pastor and have been doing friendship evangelism in the former Communist Pioneer Youth camps north of St. Petersburg, Russia since 1994. By God’s grace we have mobilized over 3,000 volunteers into those camps over the past 22 years. We’ve built relationships with the kids and orphans on the camps so that our lives might become bridges over which the Lord Jesus could walk into their lives with His grace and mercy. I am raising money to get the bible in Russian to children. We will use the money to buy 400 Russian Jesus Storybook Bibles to reach Russian children in camps, orphanages and  for college students through missionaries in Moscow and St. Petersburg. We need the funds by: May 15, 2016. We will be giving these away, so the cost to us will only be $6.00/ Bible: $2,400. The shipping will be around $700: $400 to ship to Moscow and $300.00 to then ship to St. Petersburg. So I am praying for at least $3,100.  Anything over that will help to provide sheets, clothing, blankets and school supplies for a homeless children’s shelter in Vyborg, Russia, which on the border with Finland.

4 reasons why every Christian should be pro-life - Premier Christianity

Being pro-life isn’t a popular view, but if you're a Christian and were looking for a comfortable worldview where everyone celebrates what you believe, then you chose the wrong saviour to follow. Abortion is an injustice that no Christian should support. Instead we must challenge the views of our culture and demonstrate love and grace to women in a crisis pregnancy.

J.P. Moreland Answers Three Important Questions

J.P. MORELAND : When I started, most people believed in God and historical apologetics, and questions about people who never hear the gospel were front and center. Now, the question of God needs to be defended, issues of science and Christianity, and topics about pluralism and relativism regarding worldviews and religions are important. Also, people don’t believe in truth, so that needs to be defended and clarified.

Is God Real? Common, Objective Moral Standards Are an Evidence of God's Existence

All True Praise Requires An Objective Moral Standard Most of us recognize the importance of praise, particularly when someone has performed nobly or has behaved sacrificially to improve the world in some way. But it’s impossible to truly praise anyone for such behavior without the existence of a transcendent, objective moral standard. Our accolades for those who have acted sacrificially for the good of others are meant to be more than subjective compliments. When we praise someone, we are praising them for something we believe was objectively virtuous, and would be considered so by everyone and anyone, regardless of personal opinion. We seldom say, “We praise you for doing something we happen to value in this culture; something we personally think is good, even if it may not be good to anyone else.” True praise assumes an overarching standard of goodness transcending all of us as humans. Do you remember growing up as a teenager and hearing your mom tell you that you were handsome or pretty? We accept such compliments with a degree of hesitancy, don’t we? Was her statement true, or simply her biased, subjective opinion? We are left wondering if we are truly handsome or truly pretty.

The Search for a Godly Spouse (Part 2 of 2)

Author and pastor Alistair Begg encourages singles to look for specific, godly characteristics when choosing a spouse. (Part 2 of 2)

WORLD | Globe Trot: Rome honors Christian martyrs with blood-red fountain | Mindy Belz | April 29, 2016

ITALY: Tonight in Rome the waters of the Trevi Fountain, the city’s largest, will turn red to honor Christian martyrs. Organized by Aid to the Church in Need, the event will be headlined by Antoine Audo, WORLD’s 2013 Daniel of the Year and the Chaldean Catholic Bishop of Aleppo, a city undergoing massive destruction and ongoing bombardment in the Syrian civil war.

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J. Warner Wallace on Why He is a Christian

When (and Why) Feminism Is Anti-Feminine

The female action heroines may have many relatable personal traits, interests, and concerns for the typical girl or woman—as I have already noted, few of these heroines are merely clumsy gender-switches of male characters. However, all too often, their prominence and the recognition of their importance in the narrative rests almost entirely upon the fact that they have in some crucial respects followed a typically male path, or that they exhibit relatively male tendencies, interests, and aptitudes in key areas. Their claim to strength and the stature of their personhood lies, less in the confident development and pursuit of determined and unapologetically womanly character—with the considerable scope that provides for resisting flat stereotypes—than in their capacity to prove themselves on men’s terms, as fighters who can excel at typical male interests and activities.

Is There a Europe without Christianity?

If so, it’s a self-inflected wound. European elites have long worked overtime to downplay their Christian heritage, and have “used idealistic rhetoric to deny the forces of religion and ethnicity.” The most famous example of this was the preamble to the EU’s constitution, which omitted any mention of Christianity as a source of Europe’s “values.”

Spiritual Warfare: What You Didn't Hear at Bible Study

What’s apologetics got to do with sharing your faith? A lot. As a former missionary, I’ve seen the role apologetics plays on the mission field first-hand. But even if you’ve never been overseas, you’ve probably seen it while talking to your skeptical friends right here at home. Nowadays, most Christians feel like if they get an immediate response while sharing their faith, it’s often full of challenges and tough questions.

24 The Briefing 04-29-16 –

The researchers dealt with several groups of children, some as young as toddlers, and others as old as elementary school. They tested whether or not the children would develop a relationship and accept Graham crackers from one depicted as an evil character, as well as someone who behaved well. It turned out that if it was just a few Graham crackers, nothing bad happened; but if you brought out enough Graham crackers, according to the researchers the magic number was 16 Graham cracker cookies, it turned out then the child would violate a moral norm and accept the cookies from the bad character.

Research Finds that 90% of Americans Pray for Healing

Outside of belief in God, healing prayer might be the most ubiquitous religious practice that there is. This might be one of the most prevalent forms of primary care medicine, and I don't say that lightly … There's this hidden substrate of spirituality in this country, and by asking these questions, it uncovered something always there that was bubbling beneath the surface. This is not a marginal or minor expression. This is pretty ubiquitous.

Studies show: families that pray together are stronger and closer

The other thing I pray for a lot is forgiveness. This is a big no-no for atheists, because they don’t like to feel ashamed or obligated or “bad” because they are immature. But the truth is that God is knocking on the door of our hearts, each one of us, and we are not responding as much as we should. I often think of how much good I could do if I were not so selfish. I often choose to to do things that are fun instead of taking time to read the Bible or doing other things to learn more about who God is. And I don’t think that I am doing as much to defend God’s interests as I could be doing. I have regrets about this, and I when I pray, I tell God about how I feel about not being as faithful to him as I wish I could be.

27 Is the Universe an Object, and Does It Matter?

Now maybe you’ll want to retreat from van Inwagen’s radical metaphysics and affirm that the ball has sufficient unity for the particles of which it is composed to constitute an object, whereas the universe does not. I think that claim could plausibly be disputed: the universe has all sorts of properties unique to it, like a certain spacetime curvature, a certain density, a certain temperature, a certain expansion rate, and so on, enough for it to count as an object, just like the ball. But never mind: even if the universe is not now an object, it certainly was in the past, when it was so dense that it was shrunk down to subatomic proportions. Maybe it was once an object which has now blown to bits. In that case (2.1) requires that it have an explanation.

Science: Being With Friends Is More Powerful Than Morphine

One theory, known as 'the brain opioid theory of social attachment', is that social interactions trigger positive emotions when endorphin binds to opioid receptors in the brain. This gives us that feel-good factor that we get from seeing our friends.

How Writing Can Be a Spiritual Discipline

As writers, we lasso meaning, shape it into something beautiful, and offer it to the world. The key, for me, is not to get hung up in whether or not I’m writing about faith. 2 Corinthians 2:15 says we’re the aroma of Christ. Because the Holy Spirit lives in us, we exude God’s character. Even if I don’t name drop Jesus in my article, the message of hope I capture relays a dimension of who God is—His love, His power, His sovereignty, His goodness. And when I say “yes” to God’s design for my life by living creatively, I give others permission to do the same. What does the world need more than a band of free men and women living true to their callings?

Reading Esther in the Shadow of ISIS

Yet God is present, if only in the shadows. Esther is the Jewish queen (formerly Hadassah) of the Persian king Ahashverosh, traditionally identified as Xerxes I. Her cousin, Mordecai, “had been carried away from Jerusalem among the captives” of Nebuchadnezzar in 586 B.C. (Esther 2:6). He had adopted and helped raise Esther after she was orphaned. When Esther learned from Mordecai that Haman, the prime minister to the Persian king, was planning to annihilate all the Jews in the land, she urged the Jews in the capital to begin fasting, so as to strengthen her prayers for help. Mordecai wanted her to see God’s challenge: “Who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this” (4:14)?

When Bible-Quoting Trump Supporters Drop Expletives

Here's what Kim M. wrote in full on the  AskDrBrown  YouTube channel: "You are a (expletive) idiot!!!!! Trump will win POTUS and when he DOES and he makes this country great again by getting back ALL THAT WAS STOLEN FROM HER, I am going to laugh in your face, and say, 'YOU WERE WRONG AND NEED TO SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE MOUTH!' You are a deceiver and you are leading Christians down a road of utter SUFFERING for speaking against God's ANNOINTED ONE WHOM HE HAS CHOSEN AND THAT IS TRUMP! You should be ASHAMED OF YOURSELF. Funny how you could not back one thing that came out of your lying mouth with scripture! READ YOUR BIBLE YOU WICKED PLOTTING POS! And I don't care that I cuss at you because I was made this way, and I KNOW who I AM in The Lord Jesus Christ!!!! You will be held accountable on the day of the great white throne judgement and you will have God asking you, 'Why have you led my sheep astray!?' Good luck on THAT DAY, because YOU are going to NEED IT, May God have mercy on you!! Bring on the backlash for my comment. Anyone that gives me crap for this comment, your part of this world's PROBLEM and know NOTHING! I am confident in what I say here and I will risk it for the sake of the Saints who are true Saints and are WAKING UP!! Like I said before, may the Lord have mercy on you.

Keller on Preaching to the Heart

”Preachers need not only to give the truth, but to give it in a way that changes people.” — Tim Keller

'Peanuts' Is Coming Back to TV

Good grief. The Peanuts gang is headed back to television. A new series of vignettes starring Charlie Brown and his lovable gang of suburban friends will air on the Boomerang network, starting on May 9. The shorts were created by Normaal Animation of France in the lead up to the recent Peanuts movie, and have already aired in Europe. But, unlike the recent film adaptation, the TV series isn’t in the new CGI-style. Instead, they use watercolor renderings that resemble the comic strip’s original look.

Reagan’s Daughter Pens Letter to Will Ferrell on His Role Portraying Her Father With Alzheimer’s

Davis, 63, indicated that she was less than thrilled to hear that the comedian would be portraying her father in a film that seeks to depict “the start of the ex-president’s second term when he falls into dementia and an ambitious intern is tasked with convincing the commander in chief that he is an actor playing the president in a movie,” according to Variety’s description of the film. In real life, Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease in 1994, well after his second presidential term ended in 1989.

Signposts: How I Do My Personal Devotions

A daily personal devotion time is something that most Christians would say is vital to their walk with Christ. But often it’s a spiritual discipline wrapped in frustration and confusion.

Forgiving One Another

send to a friend #1  Posted by Charles Chrisman  |  Friday, April 29, 2016 at 7:25 AM Forgiveness. There is no life for us without it, only a hell on earth for all involved as offenses mount up. I agree with John that we are not to hold on to personal offenses that others have or seem to have committed against us. We just don't have that right under the idea ..."and such were some of you." We all offend, we all must have forgiveness. Now for the "but". But we also do not have the right to forgive those things which God hates and condemns, neither do we have the right or obligation to punish them as believers. Years ago I read the brief story of a man in Puritan New England (I have no documentation at hand, merely memory of it) who was an unbeliever and a convicted murderer. While in gaol (jail) he had a jailhouse conversion before his scheduled execution.

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Renewing Your Mind | Gospel Partnership | April 29, 2016

Dr. R.C. Sproul and Lee Webb explain how you can partner with us as we seek to fulfill the Great Commission in difficult-to-reach places such as China, Vietnam, and Iran. Find out how God is making Himself known through new technology and through faithful Christians who partner with Ligonier Ministries.


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China Reveals What It Wants to Do with Christianity

The CPC’s control over religion is to be exerted not only through law, but also by reconciling religious doctrine with the party’s socialist values. While “religion serving socialism” has been in the CPC lexicon for some time, direct intervention in the beliefs and practices of individual religions—including calls for the “Sinification” of Christian theology—have become more common under Xi.

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Paul Rudd to Star in the Crazy Real-life Thriller ‘The Catcher Was A Spy’

Paul Rudd will play an Ivy League linguistics prodigy, a professional baseball player and a spy—all in the same role. The actor is set to star in the adaptation of the book The Catcher Was A Spy , which tells the true story of Moe Berg, who went from Princeton, to the Major League to a CIA-like organization, just as America was entering into WWII. But, just because it’s Paul Rudd, don’t expect a straight-up comedy. The script, which is billed as a thriller, is being written by the scribe behind Saving Private Ryan , Robert Rodat.

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“..I started using to be more efficient on the way I manage out Twitter communities. My favorite features? The prioritized feed to focus on the relevant members of the community..”

The Christian and Joy

“ The Holy Spirit has exhorted the faithful to continue clapping their hands for joy until the advent of the promised Redeemer,” wrote John Calvin in a comment on Psalm 47:12. Paul would heartily concur! Writing from a prison cell from which he had no certain knowledge of escaping other than to his execution, joy is what came to mind. Joy is what the epistle to the Philippians is all about. So much is Philippians about joy that George B. Duncan once referred to it as “the life of continual rejoicing.” The opposite of joy is misery, and miserable is something we are not meant to be. The Reformers caught the centrality of joy in the affections of Christians when they insisted that our chief goal in life is to “glorify God and enjoy Him forever” ( WSC , Q. 1).

Attaining to the Resurrection

Hank explains Paul's words in Philippians 3:11: "that by any means possible I may attain the resurrection from the dead." , 1-888-700-0274

The Empty Tomb of Jesus - A True Story? - Apologetics Guy

Think about it like this: If you’re going to make up a fake story about someone arranging for Jesus’ body to be buried in his own tomb, why say he was a part of the very group that condemned Jesus and called him a blasphemer and turned him over to Pilate to be crucified? Why bother even giving him a name when there were people living in Jerusalem who actually knew the members of the Sanhedrin? Why put this group in any kind of a positive light at all? Unless that’s how things really went down. Indeed, it seems unlikely that the earliest Christians made up the report about Joseph of Arimathea and his involvement in Jesus burial

47 The Briefing 04-29-16 –

The researchers dealt with several groups of children, some as young as toddlers, and others as old as elementary school. They tested whether or not the children would develop a relationship and accept Graham crackers from one depicted as an evil character, as well as someone who behaved well. It turned out that if it was just a few Graham crackers, nothing bad happened; but if you brought out enough Graham crackers, according to the researchers the magic number was 16 Graham cracker cookies, it turned out then the child would violate a moral norm and accept the cookies from the bad character.

jimgeraghty on Twitter

Fiorina jabs: "Trump touted Mike Tyson and said 'all the tough guys are endorsing me.' I don't consider a convicted rapist a tough guy."

Advice for future church planters

Recently a friend in his first year of seminary asked me what kinds of classes he should take and what he should do while in school to prepare for church planting. This question was not on my mind during my time at SBTS in the early 2000’s, but in God’s providence I planted a church six years after graduation. As I reflect on the disciplines, gifts, and knowledge needed to plant a church, this is what I would do if I were a seminarian who hoped to plant a church.

Why God’s Will Isn’t Always Clear

But one reason why God usually doesn’t give us specific guidance in our sometimes-perplexing decisions is that he places a higher priority on our being transformed than our being informed in order that we will be conformed to the image of Jesus (Romans 8:29). That’s why Paul writes,

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63 Are Christians Indoctrinating Their Kids?
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73 Former Muslim, Sanray, Plants 50 Churches After Healing.
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75 Students Must Use Bathrooms Matching Their Birth Sex, Florida School Board Says
76 John Piper on Why Jesus Needed a Physical Body
77 How Can We Be Sure We Are Raising Good Children (Part 2)
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