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HIDDEN CAMERA: Will Muslim Bakeries Make a Gay Wedding Cake?

Watch what happens when Crowder goes undercover in Dearborn, MI to see if Muslim bakeries will make his gay wedding cake. HILARIOUS intolerance and...

What Should Politicians Say When Asked About Evolution?

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Death: The Final Frontier

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

The Deadline for Summer Seminar Applications Is Less than a Week Away -- Please Help Support Our Students!

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

This Video Reminds Us That If God Calls You to It, He'll Get You Through It!

There is so many times in life that God calls us to go. But fear makes us hesitate and stops us from moving forward.This powerful video reminds us to "Just Go" and God will get us through it.

Woman Makes Over 500 Easter Baskets Full of Treats and Love for All the Children!

This selfless woman prepares for Easter all year long, every year. Filling hundreds of baskets with goodies and love for all children in need. Every single Easter this woman does something that will warm your heart.

This Man Reminds Us That With God You Are NEVER Alone – Loved by Loneliness!

If we are truly honest with ourselves, then we can all admit that we have been lonely. Almost like there was no answer to the way we had been feeling. But, Ben Piershale has an amazing answer to the feeling of constant loneliness.

Go ahead, make me a millionaire! | HeadHeartHand Blog

If the mob knew that every single person they attack in this way is going to be turned into a millionaire they'd soon reconsider their hate-filled crusades.

C.S. Lewis and Rational Argument

Part 1 of the C.S. Lewis Symposium held to mark the 50th anniversary of his death.

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The Resurrection: Christianitys Most Dangerous Idea

“Dangerous ideas” in such disciplines as philosophy, theology, and science often challenge the standard paradigm (accepted model) of the day. These so-called unsafe ideas have radical implications for how people view reality, truth, rationality, goodness, value, and beauty, and can sometimes contravene what many people believe. Not only do such revolutionary ideas threaten accepted beliefs, but they also contain explosive world-and-life view implications for all humanity.

Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig Have Called Off Their Lifetime Movie

We have some very unfortunate news to report: Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell have canceled their plans to make the Lifetime original movie, A Deadly Adoption . The reason? The surprise was ruined. Ferrell was evidently so disappointed that the news leaked to the Internet yesterday that they pulled the plug on the entire project. In a statement to Entertainment Tonight , Ferrell said, "We are deeply disappointed that our planned top secret project was made public. Kristen and I have decided it is in the best interest for everyone to forego the project entirely, and we thank Lifetime and all the people who were ready to help us make this film." There is still a possibility that you’ll still get to see the gripping drama however. A source told TV Guide that because the movie has already been filmed, Lifetime could just decide to go against Ferrell’s wishes and release it anyway. Oh, the drama ...

The FAQs: Terrorist Attack in Kenya Targets Christians

According to reports analyzed by the Pew Research Center as part of our ongoing  global study of religious restrictions and hostilities , more than 300 people were killed, injured or displaced as a result of religion-related terrorist attacks in Kenya in 2012, more than twice as many as in 2011 and more than a five-fold increase from 2010. In 2012, Kenya had nearly four times the level of social hostilities (8.3 on a scale of 10) as the median level among the 48 countries in the region (2.1). A Pew Research survey taken in March 2013 found that more than half of Kenyans (55 percent) said Islamic extremist groups pose a major threat to their country.

Establishing the Crucifixion of Jesus

Dr. Craig: Right. This, I think, is again a really weak argument. When you look at the book of Acts, it is very evident that there was tremendous resentment in the early Christian church – in the early Jesus movement – against the Jewish authorities who had been guilty in effect of a judicial murder of Jesus of Nazareth. So in the book of Acts Luke polemicizes against the Jewish authorities and Sanhedrists and he actually says that they are the ones who crucified Jesus – not that they simply buried him but that they crucified him. [12] Does that mean that the Romans did not carry this out? Obviously not. Luke is simply polemicizing against the Jewish authorities because they are the ones that ultimately, they thought, were the ones responsible for Jesus' condemnation and death. So the fact that in these speeches in Acts it says “You killed him and laid him in the tomb” is in no way meant to be contradictory to the very narratives that Luke relates in his Gospel that it was Joseph of Arimathea who was, of course, a member of the Sanhedrin who was the person responsible for burying Jesus.

Trev Carpenter on Twitter

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Over 80 Christian Leaders Respond to Call for Prayer Issued by Cardinal Dolan, Roma Downey and Mark Burnett for Persecuted Believers

A call to prayer for persecuted believers throughout the world issued by New York City Cardinal Timothy Dolan and Hollywood producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett has sparked a wave of support in the Christian community.

The Briefing 04-03-15

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The Seven Last Sayings of Christ: A Prayer of Consumation

When He finally breathed His last on the cross, it was not with a wrenching struggle against His killers. He did not display any frenzied death throes. His final passage into death—like every other aspect of the crucifixion drama—was a deliberate act of His own sovereign will, showing that to the very end, He was sovereignly in control of all that was happening. John says, “He bowed His head and gave up His spirit” (John 19:30). Quietly, submissively, He simply yielded up His life.

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TIME: Hillary Clinton Permanently Deleted Her Emails | Dinesh D'Souza

Hillary Clinton followed the law or requirement of every federal employee and past State Department officials (including Condi Rice and Colin Powell). The requirement is left to the employee to determine what is work-related and what is personal, the fact that she turned over 55,000 emails (Condi and Colin turned over ZERO) is beyond the scope of any other S.O.S. She did nothing wrong and Tray Gaudy is doing this for sheer political gains and everyone knows it (why else would Hillary’s poll numbers go UP after the email “scandal”). If he really cared about “wrongdoing” then he would take his millions of taxpayer dollars and spend it on investigating the criminal wrongdoings of Bush and Cheney and the 22 million deleted emails that George W had.


Qureshi is a former Muslim who converted to Christianity through historical reasoning and a spiritual search for God. He and Ally will debate on whether Christianity is correct in its revelation of the Trinity, the triune nature of God, or if Islam is correct in the Tawhid’s proclamation of the oneness of God. There will also be a 30-45 minute Q&A session following the debate.

Johnny Cash Cover - I Won't Back Down

Written by Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne. A song about standing up for yourself and for what you believe in.

How to Destroy Your Pastor

I never grasped how widespread this phenomenon was until I came upon this article . It states that a full 28 percent of pastors have been pushed out of their churches by attacks that originated from a relatively small group of people. This number does not include those who seriously considered leaving but ultimately decided to stay. Nearly half of those pastors who had left then seriously considered abandoning ministry altogether. What is even worse are the lingering emotional and spiritual scars that these experiences leave on pastors. This was definitely the case for me. My confidence, not just as a pastor but as a person, plummeted to new depths after that encounter, and it has yet to fully recover. I have come to realize that what is often most dangerous to the welfare of pastors is not the attack from outside the church, but the criticisms of cliques from within.

Eric Metaxas on Twitter

Remember "Must See TV"? Well, it's back this Sunday! Watch A.D. the Series on NBC. On NBC!!!

4 Reasons to Believe in the Empty Tomb

The language of “received” and “passed” indicates Paul was relaying an oral tradition. He wrote this letter in the mid-50s. Therefore, this creed had to date earlier. If Jesus died around 30, this creed can be dated to, at most, 25 years after Jesus's death. Furthermore, there are good evidences to show that Paul received this creed from the church leaders in Jerusalem in the 30s, and this exchange is recorded in Galatians 1:18-20. Many prominent New Testament historians such as Bart Ehrman, James Dunn, and Gerd Ludemann date this creed to between two and five years of Jesus's death. Gerd Ludemann says, “[T]he elements in the tradition are to be dated to the first two years after the crucifixion of Jesus . . . not later than three years . . . the formation of the appearance traditions mentioned in 1 Cor. 15:3-8 falls into the time between 30 and 33 CE.”


The head of Alliance Defending Freedom tells why Christian lawyers are needed and what he’s…

Do You Want to Destroy Every Mom and Pop Business That Opposes Gay Marriage?

The question I'd ask those who want to use non-state means to punish mom-and-pop businesses that decline to cater gay weddings is what, exactly, their notion of a fair punishment is. Nearly every supporter of gay marriage is on board with efforts to publicly tell people that their position is wrongheaded–I've participated in efforts like that for years and insist that respectful critique and persuasion is more effective than shaming. What about other approaches? If their Yelp rating goes down by a star does the punishment fit the "crime"? Is there a financial loss at which social pressure goes from appropriate to too much? How about putting them out of business? Digital mobs insulting them and their children? Email and phone threats from anonymous Internet users? If you think that any of those go too far have you spoken up against the people using those tactics?

Five Errors to Drop From Your Easter Sermon

This kind of statement makes for a powerful sermon point to illustrate the fickleness of the human heart when it comes to Jesus the Messiah. But a couple of qualifications need to be added. First, it is not entirely clear that the "Hosanna!" crowd acclaiming Jesus' triumphal entry is the same group of people as the "Crucify him!" crowd gathered before Pontius Pilate. The former seem to be mainly pilgrims from Galilee along with Jesus's disciples, while the latter seem to be largely those from Jerusalem. Second, both crowds are expressing passion based on misunderstanding. As Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, the excitement of those proclaiming "Hosanna!" was based on an erroneous nationalistic conception of the Messiah. And when Jesus stood with Pontius Pilate before the Jerusalem Jews, stirred up by their leaders who were falsely charging Jesus with blasphemy, their condemnation was likewise based on a misconception of the Messiah's identity. The common bond between both crowds is not the fickleness of the human heart but the lack of genuine knowledge and worship of the humble Messiah and suffering Servant.

Watch Hillsong United Perform on the ‘Today Show’

The segment also featured an interview with Hillsong NYC pastors Carl Lentz and Joel Houston talking about the church’s appeal and message. “I think the message of Jesus, it appeals to everybody. So for us, it’s just trying to get out of the way,” Houston said ...

The Integrity of Words and Our Confession of Faith

Sadly, the landscape is littered with theological institutions that have poorly taught and have been poorly led. Theological liberalism has destroyed scores of seminaries, divinity schools, and other institutions for the education of the ministry. Many of these schools are now extinct, even as the churches they served have been evacuated. Others linger on, committed to the mission of revising the Christian faith in order to make peace with the spirit of the age. These schools intentionally and boldly deny the pattern of sound words in order to devise new words for a new age — producing a new faith. As J. Gresham Machen rightly observed almost a century ago, we do not really face two rival versions of Christianity. We face Christianity on the one hand and, on the other hand, some other religion that selectively uses Christian words, but is not Christianity.

The Best Worst Thing

The only man who ever lived a life that was perfect in every way possible, who gave his life for the sacrifice of many, and who willingly suffered from birth to death in loyalty to his calling was cruelly and publicly murdered in the most vicious of ways. How could it happen that the Son of Man could die? How could it be that men could capture and torture the Messiah? Was this not the end of everything good, true, and beautiful? If this could happen, is there any hope for the world?

A.D. The Bible Continues

Follow along and go deep on the stories that inspired the events of the show with YouVersion, the most popular digital Bible in the world!

Pray for Those Who Abuse You

Jesus said, “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” (Matthew 5:44). He also said, “Do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you” (Luke 6:27–28).

Died: Robert Schuller, Forerunner of the Seeker-Sensitive Movement

Today, the emerging church has familiarized us with services in coffee shops and bars. But nobody in 1955 saw the future of holding a service in a drive-in theater. Schuller pulled the family organ on-site every Sunday morning in a trailer, and Arvella would play hymns while Schuller preached from the top of the snack bar. An A-frame ladder enclosing a wooden cross was propped up behind him, thus church-ifying the space. "Worship as you are in the family car," fliers suggested. Forty-six cars came the first Sunday.

New instrument dates old skeleton before 'Lucy'; 'Little Foot' 3.67 million years old

A skeleton named Little Foot is among the oldest hominid skeletons ever dated at 3.67 million years old, according to an advanced dating method. Little Foot is a rare, nearly complete skeleton of Australopithecus first discovered 21 years ago in a cave at Sterkfontein, in central South Africa. Stone tools found at a different level of the Sterkfontein cave also were dated at 2.18 million years old, making them among the oldest known stone tools in South Africa.

The Truth of the Cross

In this book, Dr. R.C. Sproul surveys the great work accomplished by Jesus Christ through His crucifixion—the redemption of God’s people. Dr. Sproul considers the atonement from numerous angles and shows conclusively that the cross was absolutely necessary if anyone was to be saved.


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Do You Worship Your Worship Experience?

This is one of the reasons I love having a children's sermon on Sunday mornings. We worry so much about doing things the right way, making sure the service flows correctly, and making sure the meeting creates the right feeling. Then, the children arrive on stage and they're restless, hyper, and only slightly interested in what the preacher has to say. If we're mostly about doing worship "right," this is disastrous, because--try as you might--you just can't control kids. But if we came to truly worship God, whether we're doing things the right way isn't such a big deal. Kids remind us that it's not in the power of the band, the preacher, and the sound guy to create worship. They become little Moseses, smashing the golden calf of our well-done worship service.

Tale of Two Friends

Both friends heard it the first time straight from Jesus’s mouth when he taught his friends to pray, “Our Father in heaven. . . . Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil” (Matt. 6:9, 13). One of the friends would have been particularly wise to heed Jesus’s warning, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. . . . No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money” (Matt. 6:21). The other friend would have been particularly wise to ponder Jesus’s question, “Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?” (Matt. 7:3). Both friends would ultimately be cut to the core by Jesus’s command, “Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few” (Matt.

My Jesus - Dead

He is dead: this man from Nazareth, the Messiah of Israel, the Lord of the world.

Netflix Developing ‘Fuller House’: The 'Full House' Sequel the World Has Been Waiting For

Netflix may be rebooting everyone’s favorite TGIF show. Sources from the streaming network told that they are developing a sequel to the popular ‘90s sitcom. According to the site, Fuller House would be “a 13-episode multi-cam continuation of Full House to star Candace Cameron Bure as D.J. and Andrea Barber as her BFF Kimmy. Fellow Full House vets John Stamos, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier are being eyed to make guest appearances, with Stamos having a producer role, as well.” To the cast of Full House : Make this happen. Remember, when you’re lost out there and you’re all alone, a light is waiting to carry you home ...

It Is Finished (Good Friday)

It is Friday, April 3, A.D. 33. It is the darkest day in human history, though most humans have no clue of this. In Rome, Tiberius attends to the demanding business of the empire. Throughout the inhabited world, babies are born, people eat and drink, marry and are given in marriage, barter in marketplaces, sail merchant ships, and fight battles. Children play, old women gossip, young men lust, and people die.

Founder of Memories Pizza GoFundMe page targeted with hate, threats

Joe Newby is an IT professional who has been involved in conservative politics for years. In 1991, he ran for City Council in Riverside, California, and has served as a campaign manager for local conservatives in California and Idaho, including former Idaho State Representative Jeff Alltus. For a year, he hosted a local access cable talk show that covered conservative politics. He attended the University of Arkansas, Community College at Batesville where he graduated summa cum laude in 2005. He currently lives in north Idaho with his bride of 24 years and can be reached at .

Blood Work: How the Blood of Christ Accomplishes Our Salvation

Carter delves into the New Testament’s teaching on several of the blessings that flow to believers because of the blood of Jesus, from their “purchase” by the blood (Acts 20:28) to their “freedom” through the blood (Rev. 1:5). Christian readers’ eyes will be opened to the depth of their blessedness in Jesus and their hearts will be moved to thank and praise the triune God for such a great salvation.

Imagine Dragons' Price of Fame

Yeah, especially since I have a 2-year-old little girl and a wife. My guitarist has a wife and a newborn. So that’s where it gets really tricky. If you want to have a family and be the type of person to have a job and a life and friends, then being a musician is not really the life for you. The only way we will be able to maintain that is to bring our families around the world, which is really difficult for a young child.

Why Is Evil Necessary? Frank Turek Explains

What would really happen if God did away with evil? You may have never thought of this before. Frank Turek Explains.

How to Make Disciples in Small Groups

I don’t know about you, but I’m determined to build a thriving small group ministry that makes disciples .  That is the light at the end of the tunnel for me.  It is the end in mind.  It’s not just to connect unconnected people.  That’s important, but only a beginning.  My objective is to make disciples.  And I suspect–since you are still along on this journey with me–that is your objective too!  See also, How to Build a Thriving Small Group Ministry  and 5 Things You Need to Know about Connecting Unconnected People .

Reaching a Changing World with God's Unchanging Word

Clearly, God’s five purposes for his church are non-negotiable. If a church fails to balance the five purposes of worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and evangelism, then it’s no longer a healthy church, and it’s in danger of becoming simply a social club.

Hope for Uganda’s West Nile Region

Uganda is a nation heavily influenced by Christianity. There is widespread religious freedom, and many of the country’s citizens attend church. The exception lies in its more remote northwestern area, where believers are greatly outnumbered by Muslims. But the fervency of Christians in this region also sets them apart from the nominal Christianity of much of Uganda.  

Say Goodbye to Lifeboat Theology

Paul Marshall wisely calls us to abandon a lifeboat theology for what he refers to as an ark theology. The Genesis writer tells of humankind’s deep dark plunge into sin. The corruption of God’s good creation and the wickedness of sin were so unimaginably horrific that God seriously considered wiping out his creation. In Genesis 6 we read, “So the LORD said, ‘I will blot out man whom I have created from the face of the land, man and animals and creeping things and birds of the heavens, for I am sorry that I have made them” (Gen. 6:7). But rather than annihilating what he had made and starting completely over, God extends gracious favor to a man named Noah. God makes a covenant with Noah and commissions him to build an ark. Rather than blotting out all of creation, Noah and his family and a host of living creatures are rescued and preserved in the ark from the destruction of the flood. God remains committed to restore the earth and to continue on with his original creation. After Noah exits the ark, God makes a covenant with him, promising to never destroy the earth with a flood again.

Did Early Christians Believe in Substitutionary Atonement?

This same sort of argument has also been applied to other doctrines, particularly the substitutionary nature of the atonement. Critical scholars, led by the classic work of Gustaf Aulén, have long argued that the earliest Christians did not believe that Christ died as a substitute for sinners. Instead, they say, these Christians believed what is known as the “Christus victor” view of the atonement—the idea that Jesus’s death on the cross (and resurrection) conquered the Devil and other forces that held people in bondage. On this view, Christ did not die in place of rebellious sinners but instead rescued victims from a fallen world.

Autopsy of a crucifixion – Premier Christianity

This spear thrust was no doubt meant to kill Jesus, just in case he wasn’t dead. It is unlikely that the author or any of his readers would have realised the significance of the separated watery fluid that he records coming out with the blood. For John, this was theologically important; see his other references to water (for example John 3:5; 4:14; 7:38). He didn’t realise he was furnishing proof that Jesus had been dead long enough for his blood to settle, but not long enough for it to coagulate. This incidental detail provides historical evidence that Jesus was dead.

Christ’s Labor on the Cross

In the ancient world, a woman in labor did not lie numbed while her baby was taken from her body by scalpel or forceps; as Isaiah suggests, she (like women the world over today) groaned and strained and bellowed and struggled her baby into the light. I have always loved the Spanish words for giving birth— dar a la luz, “give to the light,” which suggest to me something like springtime and resurrection.


The lasting characteristic of a spiritual man is the ability to understand correctly the meaning of the Lord Jesus Christ in his life, and the ability to explain the purposes of God to others. The overruling passion of his life is Jesus Christ. Whenever you see this quality in a person, you get the feeling that he is truly a man after God’s own heart (see  Acts 13:22 ).

'Jesus Storybook Bible' Author Broke Away From Rule-Based Christianity to Promote God's Grace Through Her Work

"It's huge reason why I wrote The Jesus Storybook Bible ," she said. "I should thank them for that Sunday school. I can't have a child come away with thinking it's about how good they are. Through all my books is a sense of wanting kids to know they are loved, and that there is great joy and hope, as opposed to [the message] that if you're good, then God will love you ... that's so not true, it's not it at all."

Cannonball - feat. Guvna B

Guvna B, Jay Dolph, Presha J, J Vessel, Tru 2 Da Name, Bless - Let's Go (Official Music Video)

Americans Not in Labor Force Exceed 93 Million for First Time; 62.7% Labor Force Participation Matches 37-Year Low

"In 2000, baby boomers were aged 36 to 54 years and were in the group with the highest participation rates: the prime-aged group 25 to 54 years old. The participation rate for women in this group was 76.7 percent and for men was 91.6 percent, so that the overall participation rate of the group was 84.0 percent. The participation rate of the next-older age group, that 55 years and older, was 32.4 percent, so the difference between the two age groups was 52 percentage points. With the passage of every year after 2000, a segment of the baby-boomer population passes into the 55-years-and-older age group and thus moves from a group with a high participation rate in the labor force to an age category with a much lower particiption rate, causing the overall participation rate to decrease,” states BLS.

A gospel-focused reenergizing of politics

Those who wish to retreat are wrong. Pulling back from politics or cultural engagement is the wrong approach. What we need is actually a reenergizing of politics. Many have rightly grown cynical of movements that are willing to adopt allies that are gospel heretics as long as they are politically correct (such as Glen Beck or Donald Trump). They are disenchanted with movements that seem more content to vaporize opponents with sound-bytes rather than to engage in a long-term strategy of providing a theology of gospel-focused action in the public square.

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