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What You Need to Know About the Humanitarian Crisis in Venezuela

Violent crackdowns, mass protests and a critical food shortage.

We Need Each Other: Christian Fellowship as a Means of Perseverance

Christians don’t fly solo. Our faith won’t survive unless brothers and sisters in Christ keep us accountable.

Help Me Raise Money to Tap Cancer Out! - Lucian Wood's fundraising page for Tap Cancer Out

lL Welcome to my fundraising page! On April 29th in Stratford, CT, I'll be fighting. However, this is no ordinary fight. I am taking part in the Tap Cancer Out BJJ Open and along with my teammates and competitors, I'll be fighting for t

Consider Your Calling

God’s love for his people is so rich and full that they need the Holy Spirit’s help to really feel it.

Christians urged to pray for Nepal two years after earthquakes - Premier

Christians in the UK are being asked to pray for Nepal as it marks two years since its devestating earthquakes.

How do I avoid ministry burnout? — Honest Answers

Resources for Church Leaders

Ronald Reagan - Speech at the Brandenburg Gate

While we pursue these arms reductions, I pledge to you that we will maintain the capacity to deter Soviet aggression at any level at which it might occur. And in cooperation with many of our allies, the United States is pursuing the Strategic Defense Initiative -- research to base deterrence not on the threat of offensive retaliation, but on defenses that truly defend; on systems, in short, that will not target populations, but shield them. By these means we seek to increase the safety of Europe and all the world. But we must remember a crucial fact: East and West do not mistrust each other because we are armed; we are armed because we mistrust each other. And our differences are not about weapons but about liberty. When President Kennedy spoke at the City Hall those 24 years ago , freedom was encircled; Berlin was under siege. And today, despite all the pressures upon this city, Berlin stands secure in its liberty. And freedom itself is transforming the globe.

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We must interact w/culture in a biblical way. Join in the conversation tomorrow @ 8PM w/ @MyFaithVotes .

3 Christian philosopher Alvin Plantinga wins Templeton Prize | Uncommon Descent

Plantinga’s 1984 paper, “Advice to Christian Philosophers,” challenged Christian philosophers to let their religious commitments shape their academic agenda and to pursue rigorous work based on a specifically Christian philosophical vision. At the same time, he was developing an account of knowledge, most fully expressed in the “Warrant Trilogy” published by Oxford University Press (1993 and 2000), making the case that religious beliefs are proper starting points for human reasoning and do not have to be defended or justified based on other beliefs. These arguments have now influenced three generations of professional philosophers.

Dictionary of Christianity and Science: The Definitive Reference for the Intersection of Christian Faith and Contemporary Science: Paul Copan, Tremper Longman III, Christopher L. Reese, Michael Strauss: 0025986496050: Books

Dictionaries are shaped by editors, and the editors of Dictionary of Christianity and Science have created a resource unlike anything available. Here the reader will find fair-minded summaries of crucial scientific categories, diverse viewpoints that will surely satisfy and dissatisfy everyone, sketches of schools of thought that become mini-classroom experiences, and a breadth of learning that demonstrates that evangelicalism is coming of age in the discussion about science and faith. Gone are old-fashioned dismissals of science in favor of the Bible. Instead, what we find is rigorous thinking about some of our faith’s most difficult challenges. Every Christian studying science will want a copy of Dictionary of Christianity and Science within arm’s reach. -- Scot McKnight, Julius R. Mantey Professor of New Testament, Northern Seminary As a pastor, I’m called to speak God’s word about God’s world to God’s people. This means connecting Scripture to a whole range of contemporary issues---many of which are outside the training or expertise of the pastor.

Keep Looking

One reason we see so little when we read the Bible is that we do not give ourselves long enough to look. John Piper shares the story “Agassiz and the Fish” in his new book Reading the Bible Supernaturally . In the seemingly ordinary act of reading the Bible, something miraculous happens: God gives us new eyes to see more of him — if we are willing to slow down and keep looking.

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Is the Book of Mormon credible? - Christian Research Institute

In 1823, the angel Moroni allegedly visited Mormon prophet Joseph Smith and divulged the location of some golden plates containing the “fullness of the everlasting gospel.” These plates—abridged by Moroni and his father, Mormon, fourteen hundred years earlier— were written in “reformed Egyptian hieroglyphics.” Along with the plates, Smith found a pair of magical eyeglasses that he used to translate the cryptic writing into English. The result was a new revelation called the Book of Mormon and a new religion called Mormonism. How millions can take the Book of Mormon seriously is almost beyond comprehension.

Case-Making 101: Why Do Christians Need To Understand and Practice Apologetics?

The word “ apologetics ” comes from the Greek word “apologia,” pronounced “ap-ol-og-ee’-ah.” It means, “a verbal defense.” It is used eight times in the New Testament : Acts 22:1; 25:16; 1 Corinthians 9:3; 2 Corinthians 10:5-6; Philippians1:7; 2 Timothy 4:16, and 1 Peter 3:15.

Is Jesus the Creator God?

That is, God the Father, whose voice was never heard, nor his shape seen by angels or men; for though Jacob, Moses, the elders of Israel, Manoah, and his wife, are said to see God, and Job expected to see him with his bodily eyes, and the saints will see him as he is, in which will lie their great happiness; yet all seems to be understood of the second person, who frequently appeared to the Old Testament saints, in an human form, and will be seen by the saints in heaven, in his real human nature; or of God in and by him: for the essence of God is invisible, and not to be seen with the eyes of the body; nor indeed with the eyes of the understanding, so as to comprehend it; nor immediately, but through, and by certain means: God is seen in the works of creation and providence, in the promises, and in his ordinances; but above all, in Christ the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person: this may chiefly intend here, man’s not knowing any thing of God in a spiritual and saving way, but in and by Christ 11

How Being ‘Authentic’ Is Holding You Back

Don’t get me wrong: I’m definitely not advocating rolling out a new phase of Pharisaical Christianity. I absolutely believe we need to be honest, vulnerable and authentic as appropriate in different contexts. In James 5:16 we are urged to confess our sins to one another. But we also have a different role: to reflect God’s glory. And we can’t possibly do that when we only hone in on our failures all of the time. When authenticity becomes our badge of honor, it deflects from the glory due to God. There is a sense of delighted resignation: the “this is me” syndrome that undermines God’s sanctifying work in us.

‘Gifted’ Is One of the Most Surprisingly Powerful Movies of the Year

According to Lythcott-Haims, when children are raised to be the next Lebron James or Taylor Swift, the result is usually not the star on the stage or court, but young adults who can’t handle adulthood. 

In one of the most poignant moments in Gifted , Mary is asked why she wants to live with Frank. “Because he loved me before he knew I was smart,” she replies.

Reasons To Believe : 12 Evidences for the Resurrection of Jesus, Part 7

I invite you to read through and study these 12 brief evidences for Jesus’s resurrection multiple times. Consult the scholarly resources listed below for more information and context. Grow in your knowledge of the resurrection. Consider sharing this list with other Christians who have doubts, and be ready to talk about this evidence with nonbelievers and skeptics.

13 The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

14 EQUIP, Christian Articles, Bible Answer Man | CRI

The most telling thing about the contemporary Christian is that he or she simply has no compelling sense that understanding of and conformity with the clear teachings of Christ is of any vital importance to his or her life, and certainly not that it is in any way essential. We—including multitudes who have distanced themselves from any formal association with him—still manage to feel guilty with reference to the those teachings, with a nervous laugh and a knowing look. But more often than not, I think, such obedience is regarded as just out of the question or impossible.

What is it About Apologetics That We Do Not Understand?

Ever hear objections like these about apologetics? These are just a few of several that I will not answer in this posting.  All I will say is that when an objection is made against apologetics, the person making the objection now has the burden of proof on them to defend that position.  In other words they have to "give an answer back" as to why they believe their objection is true.

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What Can Church History Teach Us About Wolves?

Imbalanced may not be the right word. I’m not suggesting truth is always the golden mean between obvious extremes. What I mean is that false teachers have a tendency to let the big themes of Scripture silence specific verses. Wolves ignore the whole counsel of God. They like to take themes like love or justice or hospitality or law or grace and then round off all the edges of Scripture to fit this one big idea. The problem is not in trumpeting this glorious truths. The problem is that their understanding of the truth gets truncated, and the application of the truth gets one-dimensional. This often leads to unbiblical conclusions that can sound biblical. Such as: If God is love, then we can’t have hell or moral demands that make me (or my friends) feel uncomfortable or unfulfilled. If Jesus ate with sinners, then we should not be overly concerned about sin. If God is sovereign over all things, then we shouldn’t evangelize. General truths pressed through to unbiblical conclusions.

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Celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation on the SBTS campus at #HereWeStand this fall.

New Research on Gospel Contradictions: Interview with Mike Licona

MIKE LICONA: Back in 2008 and 2009 I was publicly debating Bart Ehrman on the resurrection. He brought up Gospel contradictions as one of his major objections to the Gospels. I have noticed that this genuinely bothers many Evangelical Christians. As a result, I decided to look into it in more depth. I wasn’t so much concerned about resolving them, because I understood that if Jesus rose from the dead, Christianity is true, regardless of any errors that might be present in the Bible. So, even if there are contradictions in the Gospels, it wouldn’t negate the truth of Christianity. But it does bother a lot of Evangelicals, so that’s what got me interested in the topic. And to be honest, it did make me question the historical reliability of the Gospels.

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How Do You Best Prepare Students for College? Interview with Author Jonathan Morrow.

MORROW: There are many new challenges that students face today that I address in the book, but two of the most significant are questions of Identity and Tolerance. For example, social media is not just about teenagers being shallow or narcissistic. Social media is driven by a teenager’s real need for acceptance and affirmation. That’s why Instagram and other platforms are so popular. Instagram serves as a way for many young people to feel accepted or “liked” but also for them to be rejected or ignored. But the deeper issue here is one of Identity—who am I and do I matter? That’s a powerful driving force that can lead to a lot of unwise decisions. Students need to first know and then stand in their Gospel identity—that they are perfectly loved and forgiven in Jesus and they don’t have to perform for God’s acceptance.

The March for Science Isn’t Anti-Religion. Most Scientists Aren’t Either.

Full disclosure: We did find that scientists at top universities are much less likely to believe in God than the general population in several national contexts. And many of them do believe that science is the only true way of understanding the world. However, few are actively hostile toward religion. The proportion who believe there is no God varied immensely by nation, ranging from a high of 51 percent in France to a low of 6 percent in Turkey. But I could count on two hands the number of atheist scientists we met who are as strongly anti-religious as Dawkins, the outspoken evolutionary biologist.

God of Love?

Increasingly today, “love” for many involves control and manipulation, seeking maximum self-gratification in return for minimum commitment. It could be argued that this is due, at least in part, to the widespread influence of atheism and naturalistic evolution in public life, particularly in schools. If children are told that there is no God, no ultimate purpose, no universal standard for moral behavior; that they are utterly insignificant, the result of chance chemical interactions on a cosmic stage; that survival of the fittest is the most important factor in the evolution and furtherance of the human race—is it really any wonder that much of society is obsessed with hedonism and violence? This approach to life is the complete opposite of what the Bible teaches about love and its associated humility, mercy, kindness, and faithfulness.

21 Days: Join the Prayer Movement for Life!

Perhaps you feel this way. You have a heart for the unborn, but have yet to act on your pro-life sentiments. You want to do something, but see only two options — pick a fight or avoid the issue in polite company!

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Pro-life groups deliver 200,000 baby socks to U.S. Capitol … @EvanWilt_ @Students4LifeHQ #sockit2PP @BenSasse

If God Loves Me, Why Am I Still Waiting?

It might not feel like love, but that’s because we can’t yet see the resurrection up ahead. We’re still standing by the deathbed with tears in our eyes and despair in our hearts. But there is a day coming when everything dead will be resurrected, when every broken thing will be renewed. I don’t know if that day will come soon for you or if it will finally come on that last day when Jesus will return to right every wrong. But it will come.

Sorry Weber, Durkheim, and Marx: Educated Evangelicals Are More Religious

Catholics show the same pattern: Those with a college degree are more likely to attend mass at least weekly (45% vs. 39% of those who didn’t continue past high school), but fall slightly behind in other categories. Their overall scores are almost exactly the same: 62 percent of college graduates and 60 percent of those with who didn’t go to college have a high religious commitment overall.

Augustine, Pelagius, and the Pursuit of Pleasure

After the apostles, St. Augustine may be the most influential Christian in history. At the core of his theology was that God cannot be glorified unless our hearts enjoy him.

29 Renewing Your Mind | Image Is Not Everything | Apr 26, 2017

Today R.C. Sproul reveals something significant that we often miss in the object lesson that Jesus taught when he cursed the fig tree.

Three Strategies for Overcoming the Superficial Life

The answer to that second half of the question is addressed in the first half; namely, the more basic superficial mind-set needs to be reversed. That superficial mind-set that has built up over time needs to be undone, reversed, and I think this is a very perceptive question. It touches on an issue that is epidemic among human beings in general, in every age, and perhaps more than ever in our age of ever-present distraction by superficial input from every manner of media.

The Coherence of Jesus’s Philosophy | George Haraksin

The Coherence of Jesus’s Philosophy | George Haraksin

More Than 300 Million People Still Suffer From Malaria

The number of people affected by malaria ranges insanely wide—UNICEF estimates between 300 to 600 million globally, while the World Health Organization (WHO) reports a more specific 210 million for 2015—but that makes the point all the more clearly: Malaria is still a huge problem. In 2015 alone, 429,000 people died from the disease.

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Stop Reducing Your Faith to Hashtags

We have another generation coming right up behind us. They are looking to us to set the example, to show them what it means to be in community; to bear your soul to another human and ask them to examine it biblically. To point them to Christ and challenge them in their laziness, their idolatry, their lust and their envy. We are leading their charge with iPhones and lattes and comfortable quotes when we should be arming them for battle. We are busy painting our Bibles while the rest of the world waits to hear about the God who breathed it into existence.

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The Mistakes All Young Couples Make in Their First Year of Marriage

Too often, we approach marriage with rose-colored glasses. Then, when reality hits us square on, we wonder if there’s something wrong. Couples are not given an instruction manual or list of FAQs that can help guide their first few years. The good news is that most of the time the challenges we face are common. Sometimes, we just need to know what’s typical and how to approach it.

Laws Alone Won’t Change Racial Injustice

Laws Alone Won’t Change Racial Injustice

How God Grows Us Through Parenting

Danny Akin, Ryan Kelly, and Colin Smith Discuss

#ThingsOnlyChristianWomenHear Puts Misogyny on Blast

Women tweeted stories of the misogyny, sexism and patriarchal abuse they’d experienced in the Church. Some of these stories involved well-meaning people who nevertheless tripped up in treating women with equality and respect, while others were clearly just jerks, through and through. But all of them come from the Christian church’s (and culture at large’s) long, sad struggle with gender equality. Here are a few highlights.

These Parents Cheered Their Autistic Son Up By Building Him a Mini-Blockbuster Video Store

So you do the best you can, counting on God for the rest, and try to provide your children with what tiny balms you can to ease their passage through this wild roller coaster of existence. And if you’re Javiar Zuniga’s parents, you might just build a miniature Blockbuster video too.

Does My Family Need a Second Income?

They’ve already thought about what it will cost them to stay home: half or more of the household income, typically. What’s less common is awareness of the price of leaving their baby in someone else’s care so that they can return to the office. I’m not talking about the monthly daycare bill. Whenever we leave our newborns in the care of another, we are sacrificing much. Some moms simply are forced to make that sacrifice. Single moms in particular suffer this way, but a husband’s disability, unemployment, or laziness might force you out of the home (1 Timothy 5:8). I am writing for mothers who can stay home, even if it means altering their budget, career, or lifestyle.

Why the Trinity Is So Important in the First Place

I’ve been writing this week about the truth of the triune nature of God, so I thought it might be appropriate to list a few reasons why this doctrine (commonly called the Trinity) is so important. It is certainly true that according to the claims of Christianity, salvation actually requires the triune God of the Bible. As believers, our redemption is originated by the Father (see Galatians 4:4), achieved through His Son (see 1 Peter 3:18), and then applied by the Spirit (see Titus 3:5). Every member of the Trinity has a role to play. But there are a few other reasons why the Trinity is important to those of us who call ourselves Christians:

Uncertain but Unshaken: Four Anchors for the Waves You Face

This means we can trust God to do what’s best for us to reach eternal pleasure with him. It means that even if his protection looks like taking everything else away — health, comfort, convenience, friends, family, jobs, or whatever — he will keep us safe in Christ. It means he will help us to make it, because his name is invested in the lives of his people.

God Plans for the Unexpected and Inconvenient

“Which of you who has a friend will go to him at midnight and say to him, ‘Friend, lend me three loaves, for a friend of mine has arrived on a journey, and I have nothing to set before him’; and he will answer from within, ‘Do not bother me; the door is now shut, and my children are with me in bed. I cannot get up and give you anything’? I tell you, though he will not get up and give him anything because he is his friend, yet because of his impudence he will rise and give him whatever he needs.” (Luke 11:5–8)

The First Followers and the Fight for Jesus

The dominating issue of the early church revolved around the question, “Who exactly is Jesus?” The orthodox church had to fight to show that Jesus is truly God and truly man.

The Three Uses of God's Law

Psalm 8: Majesty in Meekness

God conquers his foes by weak babies and rules the world with weak men. In this lab, Pastor John shows us that God is more likely to use your weaknesses for his glory than your strengths.

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The April 2017 issue of Themelios is now online. Read 253 pages of editorials, articles, and reviews.

Facebook Exec: ‘We Definitely Don’t Want to Be the Arbiter of the Truth’

I don’t think we have to be the publisher and we definitely don’t want to be the arbiter of the truth. We don’t think that’s appropriate for us. We think everyone needs to do their part. Newsrooms have to do their part, media companies, classrooms and technology companies.

A 'Chance' Encounter with the Miraculous

Last week I had an experience I will remember for a long time. Since it was raining outside, we took my three kids and some of their cousins to Big Air Trampoline Park to get some of their energy out.

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