Cruz campaign outmaneuvers Trump again in Maine Video Description

Anybody have any idea of just how many delegates Cruz currently has going for him? For he will need 1237 votes as well. And he will be starting with less than Trump going into the convention. Apparently, 60% will be free on the second ballot, (and 80% will be free on the third) to vote for whomever they choose. Trouble is, 5% will be free on the FIRST ballot, which equates to approx. 124 delegates that could vote for Trump right off the bat. So even if Trump arrives at the convention with only 1100+ bound delegates, he COULD browbeat/bully/blackmail/bribe enough of the 5% to put him over the top on the FIRST ballot. Seems as though Team Cruz needs to keep Trump under 1100 delegates going in, to assure a second/third ballot, etc., thus greatly increasing Cruz’ chances of a win. Maybe that’s why USA Today is reporting that Kasich is pulling out of Indiana to give Cruz his best shot at beating Trump there.

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