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If Jesus already died for my sins, why do I need to pray for forgiveness every time I sin? — Southern Equip

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Stephen Colbert: Hearing Jennifer Hudson Sing Hymn Worthy of Converting to Christianity (Video)

"Faith ultimately can't be argued, faith has to be felt. And hopefully you can still feel your faith fully, and let your mind have a logical life of its own, and they do not defy each other, but complement each other, because logic itself, I don't think, for me, and you know — logic itself will not lead me to God," Colbert previously said. "And, so, hopefully I can use my mind to make my jokes, and not deny my love for God at the same time."

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Top 5 Books on the Bible, Creation, and Science

Scientific Challenges to Christianity Challenges to the Christian worldview come from many different directions, but one of the most common that I see is from the direction of the sciences. Many skeptics see the claims of creation in the beginning pages of the Bible and dismiss all its contents. It is important that we, as Christian case-makers, defend the proper view of these first chapters to remove the stumbling block from the scientifically-minded skeptic. Unfortunately, there is a heated controversy among Christians on the proper interpretation of these initial chapters and the proper interpretation of scientific discoveries. This list of books that I recommend is targeted at those Christians who are interested in the sciences and/or often speak to skeptics who raise scientific challenges against the Christian worldview. They will help think through the controversy and help remove scientific stumbling blocks when challenged by skeptics. Combined, they provide the Christian with a consistent view of creation that takes into account the sciences and remains faithful to the original intentions of the biblical authors.

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Worldview and Apologetics in the News


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Why Earth Day Must Matter to Christians

This is why Earth Day matters. Because we have a mandate from God, from the rightful owner, to compassionately care for what is His. Is Earth Day the only day that matters? I can’t help but think of Matthew Scully, who put it this way, “Justice is not some finite commodity, nor are kindness and love … a wrong is a wrong, and often the little ones, when they are shrugged off as nothing, spread and do the gravest harm to ourselves and others.”

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We must interact w/culture in a biblical way. Join in the conversation tomorrow @ 8PM w/ @MyFaithVotes .

Instagram Generation: Four Ways Smartphone Cameras Are Changing Us

My point is that step one in helping our kids navigate the vast reaches of the digital world is not encircling them with a wall of screen limits. Step one is for mom and dad to face up, fess up, and repent of the digital habits we have allowed to dominate our own lives. How often have our kids seen us check out and stare into our smartphone feeds, or laugh at inside humor in our texts and tweets, or gaze at viral videos on a laptop? We have conditioned them. They need to know we’re in this together with them, all of us trying to figure all these things out together. We may favor different apps, but we all feel the tug of the same root desires that — for good or bad — keep pulling us back online.

FILM REVIEW: The Case for Christ

Ecumenical (hooray!). One of the experts Lee visits is a Roman Catholic priest and former archaeologist who really knows his stuff about ancient manuscripts. However, it made me laugh when the priest pulled, from the dusty shelves of his church office library, the original P-52 fragment. Ha!! (I don’t think he calls it that, but the shape of that fragment is so iconic, there’s no doubt that’s what the filmmakers used.) One funny thing I noticed is that when the priest gives the count for surviving New Testament manuscripts, he uses the current total, which I’m pretty sure is significantly higher than the total was in 1980.

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Your Job Doesn’t Define You

There is a quote from Brennan Manning that reads, “Define yourself as one radically loved by God. This is your true self, every other identity is an illusion.” My identity is not in my job title. It is not found in the city I’m living in. And it certainly is not found in others’ perspective of me. I am a child of the King. That’s my main title. All the rest is just details of where we live out our calling, to love God and to love His people. Paul refers to himself in scripture as “One beloved by God.”

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FREE Social Media Management Dashboard | Twitter/Facebook Marketing Tool | is the Easiest way to drive traffic, increase fan engagement, grow followers & likes and save time on social media

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Worldview and Apologetics in the News

The work done by Schwortz and the STERA team on the shroud of Turin is quite remarkable. It provides strong evidence indeed for the resurrection of our Lord and Savior. (I also think we should not make the shroud our primary argument for the resurrection, but that's a topic for a different post.) Schwortz posted a far more readable PDF of his essay "Five Reasons..." on his website, . Thanks for the helpful link!

Open Doors raises concern after Jehovah's Witnesses banned in Russia - Premier

A banned on Jehovah's Witnesses operating in Russia has been described as a "concerning development" by a Christian organisation which defends religious freedoms.

Lead Us Back to You

So, when we sing lines like, “We’ve become a talent show,” or, “We have shunned the weak and poor,” not only are we confessing the sinful inclinations of our own fallen hearts, but the sins of the broader church to which we all belong. These sins affect us all, because they grieve the Spirit and diminish the unique, countercultural beauty of Christ’s body. What’s more, not only do they hurt our witness to a watching world, but also the overall health of our Christian family. Indeed, when one member hurts in the body of Christ, we all hurt (1 Corinthians 12:26).

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#FoxNews fired its most popular host, #BillOReilly , after being accused of sexual harassment—so what can we learn?

18 The Quiet Plague of Painkillers

God calls us to follow this Good Samaritan’s example. The Lord places people into our paths for a purpose (Acts 8:26–39). He calls us to clothe the naked, feed the hungry, and minister to the least (Matthew 25:34–40). I will never know if a medical failure in the form of a prescription bottle first wronged my patient. But I know I failed him when I stood at the foot of his bed as a medical student. I failed him when I responded to his pain with protocols alone, without patience, without love and inquiry — without the gospel. I failed him when I did not take hold of his hand, pray for him, and endeavor to see his suffering and anguish as something only the Lord can take away (Revelation 21:4).

Genetic Code Complexity Just Tripled | Evolution News

The more that natural selection has to “think” about (if you’ll pardon the expression), the less able it will be to get things right. More accurately, it’s going to take a lot more of what David Berlinski calls “sheer dumb luck” to find a beneficial change. If there are 845,596,301 codon combinations to worry about, it’s like having to get many more numbers right in Powerball than you thought when you bought your lottery ticket. This is what they imply:

Cross Examined

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Resurrection of Jesus Christ Biblical Extra-biblical Evidences

The Bible is the Word of God, so it is accurate in all it affirms. Since it tells us Jesus rose from the dead, we can have complete confidence that He did. What many people fail to recognize is that even when we use the critics’ and skeptics’ own criteria, the most reasonable conclusion is the same: Jesus rose from the dead. That is, even if we did not presume biblical authority and treated the New Testament as unbelieving historians do, the bodily Resurrection of Jesus is the only explanation that matches all the accepted facts. One point will become rather obvious throughout this study: these people simply have an anti-supernatural bias, or more accurately, an anti-Christian bias. Thus, they have developed absurd positions in efforts to explain away the only reasonable conclusion that can be derived from the facts. So what are these facts?

How Lee Strobel, NY Times Best-Selling Christian Author, Wrestles With Doubt

Down-to-the-bone honest Christians will always admit that doubt is something which never disappears. Doubts emerge with every new page turned in life and faith. However, doubt doesn’t have to get the best of us.  In a recent interview with me, Lee Strobel, New York Times best-selling author of more than twenty books, unpacks the importance of the doubt – hope dynamic for our faith and how he wrestles with his own doubts in life.

What to Make of Donald Trump’s Soul

Some believe that Trump is a baby Christian who is making his way in the faith. While we would never presume to judge another’s heart, we are deeply troubled by what is observable about Trump’s spiritual health. Aside from his ethical breaches and questionable character, his attitude toward the sacred has been confused and cavalier. He says he “reveres” Jesus not for his death and resurrection on our behalf, but mainly for his “bravery and courage.” In Iowa, he spoke of the Lord’s Supper, saying, “I drink my little wine ... and have my little cracker.” He is reputed to have said he has no need of forgiveness, but he qualified that in an interview with Cal Thomas: “I will be asking for forgiveness, but hopefully I won’t have to be asking for much forgiveness.” He fundamentally sees himself not as a sinner in need of mercy but as an “honorable man.”

24 .@Ichthus77 #Apologetics Daily

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The Point: The Elephant in the Room

And who was right? Everyone, we’re told. Just like everyone is right in their own view about God. But in reality, none of the men were right about the elephant. And as Trevin Wax at the Gospel Coalition points out, the parable contradicts the very point it’s trying to make, by assuming that the one telling the parable sees the whole elephant.

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God Made Me — So Doesn’t He Owe Me Salvation?

In other words, none of us could ever give counsel to God, since he knows everything. And all our knowledge is dependent on his, so we can never put him in our debt by offering him any counsel that he doesn’t already know. In fact, Paul says we have never given anything to God that would put him in our debt as one who should pay us back, because everything is his already. Instead, he says in verse 36, “For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen.” In other words, since all things come from God, and are sustained through God, they exist to call attention to his glory, not our glory. That’s the root issue of proud people. They don’t like everything existing for God’s glory. They want some ground of boasting in themselves. That’s the first way Paul says it in Romans 11:34–36.

Contentment in Trials: My Son Has a Brain Tumor

And I continue to learn from him, from his books, his films, his observations about life, his humor, his love of life, and his love of story. Nate understands that God is the great Author, and he loves being the character God has chosen for him to be. He is content. This brain tumor is a new plot point, and we are all waiting to see what comes next. As he has said , he writes his own characters into very hard circumstances that require great courage, so how can he object when God writes him into a tough spot that will require courage of his own?

Examining Jesus by the Historical Method: Enemy Attestation

“Consequently, to get rid of the report, Nero fastened the guilt and inflicted the most exquisite tortures on a class hated for their abominations, called Christians by the populace. Christus, from whom the name had its origin, suffered the extreme penalty during the reign of Tiberius at the hands of one of our procurators, Pontius Pilatus, and a most mischievous superstition, thus checked for the moment, again broke out not only in Judaea, the first source of the evil, but even in Rome, where all things hideous and shameful from every part of the world find their centre and become popular. Accordingly, an arrest was first made of all who pleaded guilty; then, upon their information, an immense multitude was convicted, not so much of the crime of firing the city, as of hatred against mankind. Mockery of every sort was added to their deaths. Covered with the skins of beasts, they were torn by dogs and perished, or were nailed to crosses, or were doomed to the flames and burnt, to serve as a nightly illumination, when daylight had expired.” [2]

Is Evolution a Religion?

We are sure that many people will find the question posed as the title of this chapter a little strange. Surely, evolution is about the origin and development of life-forms on earth—what has this got to do with religion? Evolution is science, isn’t it? And we are told that it has got to be separate from religious belief—at least in the classroom! Well, let’s see if evolution fits the bill as a true science as opposed to a religious belief. In order to do so, we must define some terms.

The Story of Reality

With the loss of life’s ‘center’ by these competing visions of reality, faith has been left only with an interior and subjective expression which allows ‘believers’ to cope with the ‘real world’ science and technology have given them. In the face of this modern nihilism (i.e., the belief that there is no true reality beyond that which is apprehended through the senses), religion has often attempted to fill the vacuum through such therapeutic modes of expression. Even in traditional, conservative contexts orthodox worship and practice may succumb to this mode of spirituality, ultimately leaving little effect upon the practice of the worshipper or in the public square at large. Concrete, external liturgical practices (such as the reading of the law, corporate confession, a declaration of pardon, and corporate supplication) are often displaced by personalized small groups that help believers in their life journey. This is deemed as more ‘relevant’ to the therapeutic man, and an improvement upon the ‘dead rituals’ that don’t speak to the hearts of worshippers. Worship thus becomes a therapy ‘session’ something akin to Alcoholics Anonymous, a place where kindred spirits can hear one another’s stories and help one another cope with their weaknesses and failures, rather than a place of divine judgment and salvation where sinful people meet with a holy God, and through faith in their Savior, by the power of the Holy Spirit, are forgiven for their rebellion, and comforted by the assurance of their salvation.

How Brainy Women Benefit the Church

More than simply allowing for a category of the intelligent female, the Scriptures actively encourage women to develop their mental capacities. Just as much as men, women are called to love God with all their hearts, souls, and minds . And perhaps just to prove the point, God divinely ordained that wisdom would be portrayed in the feminine. The Book of Proverbs climaxes, not with a vision of the intelligent male, but with a vision of a fully formed woman who uses her mental capacity to love and serve her community. It’s taken me years, but I finally understand that nothing about my womanhood is at odds with my mind. If anything, being female lends me a unique perspective that my male intellectual counterparts lack. My parenting, too, has shifted with these concerns in mind. A few weeks ago, I observed as my ten-year-old son took a battery of achievement and IQ testing. When the proctor finally met with me, he confirmed that, yes, just like his mother, my son will probably always analyze everything. I couldn’t help but wonder how his experience of his own intelligence will be different from mine.


Everybody has bad days. Kay knows that I have two touchy times every week. I’m touchy on Saturday afternoon because I’m focused on the message I am about to preach. And the other time I’m touchy is Monday morning, because I’m drained from preaching all weekend and talking to people between services. So Kay makes allowances for that. She cuts me some slack.

Why Aren’t More Christians Outraged By Sexual Harassment Scandals?

As a sexual abuse survivor, the last year has been excruciating. After the tape surfaced of now-President Trump admitting that he grabs women by the genitals without their consent, I was horrified as Christians of all stripes responded with variations on “boys will be boys.” This month, I felt my stomach turn again as my fellow believers defended Bill O’Reilly, who has now been fired from Fox News for allegations of sexual and racist harassment. I cannot help but feel that if many Christians are forced to choose between compassion for victims or their political ideology, politics are going to win every time.

‘The Lost City of Z’ Points to the City That Is to Come

Based on David Grann’s 2009 book , The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon— and, before that, Grann’s 2005 New Yorker story —the film follows the adventures of Fawcett, who pioneered multiple explorations into the Bolivian jungle between 1906 and 1925. At first commissioned by the Royal Geographic Society to survey the land for mapmaking purposes (and to act as a third party between rival border nations vying to claim the territory), Fawcett soon becomes driven by his own obsessive mission: to uncover a lost civilization (“Z”) he suspects is hidden beneath centuries of vines and underbrush. The evidence for his theory of Z’s existence is scant, but his curiosity and drive are unquenchable. He devotes the rest of his life to searching for his mythic El Dorado, spending years at a time away from his wife (Sienna Miller) and children.

Do Not Love the World

If you are among that number, you should direct your heart to Christ and seek him earnestly in his word. Peter said that we are born again through the living and abiding word of God (1 Peter 1:23). So if you want to be born again, you should pour over the word of God. You should cry to Christ that he open your eyes to know the Father (Matthew 11:27). You should plead with God to take out your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh that you might love God with all your heart and all your soul (Deuteronomy 30:6). You should forsake all known sins and give yourself to all the means of grace until the light dawns in your heart and Christ shines so bright in his power and love that he is irresistibly attractive and you fall in worship and love before him. And do not quit the pursuit until you have been born into new life. “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart” (Jeremiah 29:13).

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Is God's Word boring to you? Ask the Spirit to open the eyes of your heart. / #ReadingtheBibleSupernaturally / …

Study: 14% of American Christians Left Their Churches After the Election

Whatever else is going on, the departures do seem to be related to politics. Of those who say in general politics have become “divisive,” a healthy portion left their churches, and of those who don’t think so, almost none left their church.

Could God Have Pardoned Sin without Punishment?

You might be surprised to learn that Christian theologians have not been of one mind on this question. The Church Fathers, focused as they were on ransom theories and our deliverance from Satan, held that God, being omnipotent, could have defeated Satan and freed us without Christ’s sacrifice. It was not until Anselm in the eleventh century that anyone argued for the necessity of Christ’s incarnation and passion as the means of our salvation. Anselm denounced the old ransom theories as inadequate to meet the demands of God’s justice, which must be satisfied if we are to be saved from our sins. Thomas Aquinas, while accepting Anselm’s account of Christ’s death, reverted to the view of the Church Fathers that God’s choosing to redeem us through Christ rather than immediately was the result of God’s free choice, not a requirement of His justice. Among the Protestant Reformers, Lutheran theologians accepted Anselm’s claim of the necessity of Christ’s passion as the means of our salvation, whereas Reformed thinkers were split on the question.

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Report: Millennials Have a Different View of What Being an ‘Adult’ Means

When asked what being an adult means, the top two answers from millennials were finishing school (60 percent) and being financially secure—meaning a full-time job and being able to support their own families (50 percent). For people in this age group in 1975, having a family was the biggest marker of what being an “adult” meant.

Study: Most Americans Believe Science Conflicts With Others’ Religion—Not Their Own

Without a doubt, there will be some religious folks there too, but America has perceived religion and science to be at each other’s throats since the Scopes Monkey Trial, but a new study throws a bit of nuance into that perception. It seems Americans tend to think science and religion are at odds … except where their own  personal  religious beliefs are concerned.

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Travis Kalanick’s drive to win in life has led to a pattern of risk-taking that has at times put his ride-hailing company on the brink of implosion.

Let No One Despise You for Your Youth: A Vision for the Next Generation

I hope the children and young people will pay especially close attention in these messages and listen for what God is calling you to be and to do in these younger years. One of our premises is that living for the glory of Christ is not on hold until you are eighteen or twenty-one. There is a way for six-year-olds to make much of Christ and a way for ten-year-olds to make much of Christ and a way for sixteen-year-olds to make much of Christ. And there is a way for parents and church leaders and all of us to create a matrix of relationships and teachings and expectations and blessings that awaken young people from the emptiness and aimlessness of our popular youth culture and give them a vision for Christ-exalting significance throughout their pre-teen and teen years.

Unbelievable? The Conference 2017

Unbelievable? The Conference 2017

Why Creativity Isn’t Optional for the Church

You’ve heard people refer to others as “creatives,” to themselves as “a creative” and various other versions. The opposite is true, too: If you’re not the type to consider yourself creative, you think of yourself as, well, not creative. This isn’t really new, is it? People have always been more or less drawn toward creative expression, particularly when it comes to musical or visual creativity.

My Wedding Was Supposed to Be Today

Marriage is a gift. A gift isn’t earned or bargained for, and neither is a spouse. Pursuing maturity in Christ should be a consistent theme in any believer’s life, but never as currency to spend on something else. We pursue Christ not to “earn” a spouse, but in order to know Christ (Philippians 3:10). The gift isn’t given because the gift-receiver is fit enough, or tall enough, or smart enough. It is freely given because the gift-Giver is good. You cannot “earn” your way or “behave” your way to a spouse. God must give him or her to you in his own way, and at his time.

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. #reTHINK17 Apologetics Student Conference Alabama starts today!! You can still register at the door for $45.

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