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Clinton: 'Deep-seated' beliefs block abortion access

“Rights have to exist in practice — not just on paper," Clinton says.

Bride and Groom Surprise Reception Guests With A Special First Dance – And That's Not All!

In most cases, first dances at a wedding are happy and very emotional at the same time. Kyle and Nicole wanted to spice it up a bit by adding their dance that everyone can clap along to.

This Teacher Goes Above and Beyond for Her Students and Is Rewarded in the Most Heartfelt Way!

Sonya Romero is a true inspiration and good Samaritan to all those who know her. When you hear about her humanitarianism you will be in tears. What she has done for her students they will never forget. Sonya has gone able and beyond for all the people she knows and gets rewarded with a surprise video!

God & Abstract Objects

Theology was once called "The Queen of the Sciences" and philosophy was her handmaid. This aims to show that this analogy still holds true.

Watch What This Groom Does While His Bride Walks Down The Aisle – Get Ready To Smile!

While all the friends and family stand around and wait for the groom come out, something special happens. The groom has set up a microphone near his seat, and begins to sing to his wife as she comes out of the back.

Nabeel Qureshi's Powerful Closing Statement - Is God Tawhid or Trinity?

Visit the post for more.

Case Closed or Mind Open? | The Table: The Journal of the Biola University Center for Christian Thought

However, to be open-minded does not mean one should be open to any and all views. For instance, it would be intellectually—and perhaps even morally—vicious to be open to the possibility that, say, slavery or genocide is a good idea, or that rape or pedophilia may be morally permissible. These and many other issues are ones that even the generally open-minded person should be foreclosed on. But where mature and intelligent people disagree, such as regarding the moral and social issues mentioned earlier, absolute foreclosure seems inappropriate. Belief commitment, even firm conviction, may be appropriate on each of these issues. But the open-minded person recognizes that, after all, some of her views may be false or at least to some degree mistaken. So she should be willing to entertain new evidence or give further arguments a serious look.

Slate Says We're Afraid of Life on Mars -- Right After We Published an Article Explaining Why Martian Life Wouldn't Challenge ID

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

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The Briefing 04-24-15

1) Arrest of ‘Flash Crash’ instigator exposes critical need for trust for economic success

2 Is Morality in the Interests of Health and Safety? - Saints and Sceptics

Morality might work in the interests of health and safety for most of the people most of the time – but why should we obey its rules when it will not make an immense difference to our world, but it definitely will be to our own disadvantage?  If our moral feelings are the result of a purposeless evolutionary process, and if we have no guarantee that always acting morally actually makes the world better, what exactly is wrong with living selfishly now and then? Or what would be wrong with putting our family, or our community, ahead of the obligation to be kind and compassionate to all?

Little Boy | Now Playing

LITTLE BOY is a powerful and moving film about a little boy who is willing to do whatever it takes to bring his dad home from World War II alive. The heartwarming story will capture your heart and lift your spirits as it reveals the indescribable love a little boy has for his father and the love a father has for his son. Set in the 1940s, LITTLE BOY is an instant cinematic classic that captures the wonder of life through the eyes of a 7-year-old little boy. Written and directed by Smithsonian Institute Award winning director Alejandro Monteverde, LITTLE BOY highlights themes of faith, hope and love in the face of adversity.


After starting a successful solo career, the singer-songwriter goes public with her imperfections

Steph Curry's game-tying 3 - ESPN Video

Warriors guard Stephen Curry nails a game-tying 3-pointer against the Pelicans with 2.8 seconds left in the fourth quarter to send it to overtime.

'Fast and Furious 8' gets 2017 release date -

The first "Godzilla" film received wide release in the U.S. in 1956, and a monster 28 sequels or reboots have been made since. "Godzilla 2," the sequel to the 2014 version of the monster story, is expected in 2018.

'X-Men' character Iceman outed as gay -

"There are thousands if not millions of stories of people who, for many different reasons, felt the need to hide their sexuality," Brian Michael Bendis, who wrote the issue, said in a statement to CNN. "The X-Men, with the conceit of time travel, give us a fascinating platform in which to examine such personal journeys. This is just the first little chapter of a much larger story that will be told."

8 Grace to You Radio

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Carson to withdraw as Pastors' Conf. speaker

Copyright (c) 2015 Baptist Press. Reprinted from Baptist Press (, news service of the Southern Baptist Convention. The original story can be found at Carson to withdraw as Pastors' Conf. speaker by David Roach, posted Friday, April 24, 2015 (16 hours ago) Tags: 2015 SBC Pastors' ConferenceBen Carson Tweet COLUMBUS, Ohio (BP) -- Likely Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson and leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention Pastors' Conference have "mutually agreed" that Carson will not address the Pastors' Conference in Columbus, Ohio, as previously scheduled. Ben Carson  "We didn't want this to become a distraction for our convention," Pastors' Conference President William Rice told Baptist Press.

BREAKING: Alabama church threatened on day it's hosting global Bible study & prayer event - Yellowhammer News

“We want to ensure the safety of our staff and members, and all those who are going to participate,” Chris Kinsley, the Church’s communications director, told Yellowhammer Friday afternoon. “We live in a world where our fellow Christians around the world face threats on a daily basis. We’re lucky enough to live in a country where that is unusual, but when it does happen we want to take it seriously but also not allow it to cause us to shrink back from the message we have to share.”

How Do You Know You're Repentant?

“A few verses before Jesus’ instruction in Matthew 18 about church discipline, he provides us with help for determining whether an individual is characteristically repentant: would the person be willing to cut off a hand or tear out an eye rather than repeat the sin (Matt. 18:8-9)? That is to say, is he or she willing to do whatever it takes to fight against the sin? Repenting people, typically, are zealous about casting off their sin. That’s what God’s Spirit does inside of them. When this happens, one can expect to see a willingness to accept outside counsel. A willingness to inconvenience their schedules. A willingness to confess embarrassing things. A willingness to make financial sacrifices or lose friends or end relationships.” (p. 72)

Ascension Presbyterian Church

Ascension Presbyterian Church is a covenantal and confessional Reformed Presbyterian Church located in Apopka, Florida. Our statement of faith is the Westminster Confession of Faith, 1647. We are part of the Covenant Presbyterian Church denomination ( We are an... ( more.. )

Diet Pepsi will no longer contain aspartame beginning this summer

Pepsi is getting rid of aspartame, the artificial sweetener and sugar substitute that has been an ingredient in Diet Pepsi for decades. Today the company announced that the change will come later this year. Aspartame will be removed from every Diet Pepsi brand, including the regular product, its caffeine-free alternative, and Diet Pepsi Cherry. "Diet cola drinkers in the US told us they wanted aspartame-free Diet Pepsi and we're delivering," a spokesperson said. Aspartame is being replaced with a blend of artificial sweeteners sucralose and acesulfame potassium,  according to CNBC .

"Alhamdulillah!" What Students Are Thankful For At Brooklyn College When human rights activist Pamela Geller mentioned the rapid expansion of ISIS at Brooklyn College, one of the students shouted "Alhamdulillah!" ("Thanks Be to Allah!"). Apparently, support for the Islamic State is alive and well on U.S. college campuses.

Could It Be? Researchers Find A Hiring Bias That Favors Women

Here's why they were unexpected. In previous research, Williams had already found that women who apply for STEM faculty positions are more likely to be hired than male candidates. But she thought this was because the women who make it through STEM graduate programs have an edge somehow — more motivated, better pedigree, higher aptitude, etc.

You Have Just Enough Time

I have said this countless times over the years. I have thought it many times more than I’ve said it. But I have not ever seriously considered that thinking or speaking this way reflected poorly on God. Until the other day on “ Ask Pastor John ” I heard Prof. Bruce Hindmarsh say ,

God's Not Dead: God's Not Dead! Nietzsche, Moral Absolutes, and Evolution

Some cultists advance the idea that life is about knocking on enough doors to sell magazines or to participate in enough temple and occult rituals to please God. Selected Hindus suggest one must stay pure to escape the Karmic cycle. The Prussian born Friedrich Nietzsche advanced the idea that life was about attaining power. Nietzsche wrote of the will of power, the Superman, and magnificent destinies. Yet, Nietzsche was a physically and emotionally weak man: headaches, unattractive, bad eyesight—a tragic figure. He ironically asserted, “A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything.”[5] A few years later, he fell into insanity and repeatedly declared that he was Jesus Christ.[6]

Do Your Laundry and Engage the Issues

This is not an exhaustive list, but perhaps it’s a start. We are busy with caring for the immediate, but we must remember the world. Taking even one step could prove to be just what the Lord uses as you seek to serve and love your neighbors. We want to be informed so that when we face the discouraging news of the hour, we mourn with hope in the gospel. Let’s be ready to give an answer by hearing the trouble and pouring out peace and hope (1 Pet. 3:15). Let these words from our Savior bring us comfort: “In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world” (John 16:33). 

The Worship Wars Are Hurting the Church

Secondly, I agree that the most important aspect of worship is who we worship. We worship the Creator and Redeemer of sinners, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, but, though that is the primary importance, we should not think for a minute that the "how" of worship is left to our own discretion; God care's about that too, and so should we. We see this in the first two of the Ten Commandments. God wants to be exclusively worshiped (Commandment 1), and God wants to be worshiped in the way in which He tells us (Commandment 2). This is demonstrated in Exodus 32 and Leviticus 10; the people of Israel and Nadab and Abihu were all worshiping Yahweh, but they were doing it in a way that He had not commanded. This principle is put on display in the New Testament as well. It is dangerous to approach God in an unauthorized fashion; one sees this in the misuse of the Lord's Supper, an element of worship, in 1 Cor 11 (some were sick and even died for taking it unworthily according to vv. 27-32!). Paul gives the Corinthian church clear instructions for the "how" of worship from 1 Cor. 10-14. Similarly, he gives instruction to Timothy concerning things to be done in public worship (1 Timothy 2, 4:6ff).

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Clinton Cash Author Is Targeting Jeb Bush Next

As he did with the Clinton book, Schweizer is hoping to partner with media organizations interested in reporting on and advancing his examination of Bush’s finances—an arrangement Schweizer feels has been mischaracterized in the media.  “With the Clinton book, we didn’t just give it to reporters with the expectation that they would report on the book,” he says. “We shared it early on with investigative reporters at ABC, the New York Times , and the Washington Post because we wanted that additional scrutiny [of the book’s subjects]. And we want similar scrutiny for this project.”

Join Them in Their Joy

For those of us who are parents, God has given us a tremendous testing ground for Alyosha’s insight. My young sons will one day stand before God. They will give an account of their lives. They will either enter into his presence, standing on his grace, or they won’t. Their faces will shine when they hear “Well done, good and faithful servant,” or their teeth will gnash as they are cast from joy with a “Depart from me, you workers of iniquity.” That’s reality. And because of that reality, it is essential that I join them in their joy, in their simple and artless merrymaking. It is essential that I turn the couch pillows into a fort, that I defend the Lego castle from the band of pirates, that squeals of laughter echo off of the walls of my home because fatherly fingers are tickling a toddler tummy. I love my sons, and I want more than anything for them join me in my joy, to join me in the joy of the Son of God (John 17:13). So I must join them in theirs.

Innovative Apologetics: My Least Favorite Atheists :)

How to Practice a Gospel-Centered Spirituality

Although the Holy Spirit gives a believer the desire and the power for a biblical spirituality, some reformatting of life and habits must also take place to practice a gospel-centered piety. Thus Paul also wrote, “Train yourself for godliness” (1 Tim. 4:7). This doesn’t refer to physical training, for mere bodily activity—despite its health benefits—does not by itself build godliness, as the next verse makes plain. Rather, the kind of training or exercise that promotes godliness (that is, Christlikeness) is spiritual training.

The Unshakable Love of a Godly Husband

Notice the primary way Christ maintains the purity of the church: “by the washing of water with the word” (Ephesians 5:26). Husbands have a duty to ensure that their wives are regularly exposed to the cleansing and purifying effect of the Word of God. The husband is to be the spiritual leader and priestly guardian of the home. It is his duty to make sure the Word of God is at the center of the home and family. He ought to lead his family in participation in a church where the Word of God is revered and obeyed. And above all, he himself needs to be devoted to the Word of God and proficient enough in handling the Scriptures that he can be the true spiritual head in the marriage (cf. 1 Corinthians 14:34–35).

Why Christian Women Need to Stop Waiting on Men

Along with "simonsayswhat", this article also did not leave a good taste in my mouth. I think these kinds of articles are extremely well-intentioned, well-written, and God-centered. But we all differ somewhere along the lines of opinion on relationships and how they should start and progress. There is no doubt they should always be focused on the Lord and glorifying to His name first and foremost. However, I really don’t hang out with many guys in the first place. The problem within Christian circles (at least where I live) is how to interpret when a woman or a man is interested and that can be really hard to define. The interactions I’ve had with men at my church seem to indicate that within a sea of singles, even talking to one could indicate that you might be interested (when this may or may not be the case) and all you’re trying to do is make a friend. That’s point number one. The whole “waiting on a guy” stems from the fact that, in my opinion, it seems like the men who are willing to step up, love Jesus, and follow their faith are the ones who couldn’t give a rip whether or not they are in a relationship.

Was There Only One God in the Beginning? - Cross Examined - Christian Apologetic Ministry | Frank Turek | Christian Apologetics | Christian Apologetics Speakers

Win. Corduan also discusses the oft attempted connection that skeptics make of the reforms of the Egyptian pharaoh Amenhotep IV (or Akhenaten) to institute monotheism into Egyptian culture, and hence the Ancient Near East & eventually ancient Israel. Essentially what Akhenaten tried to do, was to institute the exclusive worship of Aten, because he believed that Aten was the one true god (as opposed to Re whose chief temple was elsewhere). He changed his name (in honor of the god Aten) and even built a city (Amarna) to serve as temple and royal residence. However, it must be pointed out, that the way Egyptians would worship Aten would exclusively be through him (i.e. the pharaoh and his queen). Essentially, “Aten alone worship” was an ego trip for Akhenaten that would make HIM the center of Egyptian religion. Additionally, Egyptians could continue to worship their other house-hold & regional gods, as long as they gave homage to Aten (via Akenhaten). This hardly qualifies as a monotheistic reform. [for more see Chapter 10 in Corduan’s book]

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The Revolution Devours All

The fact that Christians treated gays and lesbians shamefully and unjustly in the past, and some still do today — a sin for which we Christians must repent — does not make this any less of a war. Andrew is not the enemy here. He is not a sore winner, and for that I’m grateful. But a winner he is, and unfortunately, he is not within the LGBT community a Nelson Mandela figure — a personage who fought a long, victorious struggle, and who has the power to lead his winning side to a position of magnanimity and reconciliation. I wish he were able to serve in that role; I have no doubt that he would gladly so so if that role existed. If he and people like him were running the LGBT movement and directing their allies, I would feel much more comfortable about the future of religious liberty in this country.

BreakPoint on Twitter

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Pastor Judah Smith: You Can Practice God's Love by Relying, Not Trying

Pastor Judah Smith, who is known for ministering to mega-pop star Justin Bieber and football star Russell Wilson, spoke at a conference in California Thursday evening, preaching about God's kind of love, which, he said, can never be practiced by trying, no matter how hard we try.

Messianic Judaism Flourishes in Holocaust Towns

The Soviet Union suppressed information about the Holocaust in its effort to create a “common Soviet people,” said Igor Rusniak, director of the Bible college at Kiev Jewish Messianic Congregation (KJMC). Thus, many Ukrainian Christians still don’t grasp that the Holocaust targeted Jews in particular. Rusniak says, “Practically every Jewish family in Ukraine has relatives who were murdered by Nazis during the war.” For these Jews, the Holocaust only proved that Christians with power are not to be trusted.

33 Finding Truth: False Worldviews Reduce the Human Person - Stand to Reason Blog

Some how I missed the other posts on this book, which sounds like something I would like to read. But, with this one, since other worldviews do not hold to the image of God, they must revert to some kind of functionalism to define "person," which allows them to exclude those they find inconvenient based on criteria that is chosen by the majority and largely arbitrary. So, I have not written on this book chapter itself, but I have on functionalism, which is germane:; and the image of God:

State Says Bakers Should Pay $135,000 for Refusing to Bake Cake for Same-Sex Wedding

“[T]he forum concludes that $75,000 and $60,000, are appropriate awards to compensate [the same-sex couple] for the emotional suffering they experienced,” wrote Alan McCullough, administrative law judge for Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industries in his proposed order.

Clothing Manufacturing Gets a Makeover

Once, my seven-year-old son saw a lady who looked like she was dead lying by the side of the road. Along with his dad, he went to talk with her and got her help. She now lives in a group home for people with mental illness. My son goes and visits her and knows her and prays for her. That is something I really cherish as a mom: my son has opportunities to be compassionate. It would’ve been easy to ignore someone who needed help. As mothers, we have opportunities to help our children learn that it’s okay not to ignore people and that we can get involved.

Science, Properly Understood at Heritage

Mill’s logic and West’s application of it is one that can be applied not only to the physical sciences, where global warming is sacrosanct under the Obama administration, but also the social sciences, where Keynesian economics reigns supreme in Washington, whenever politicians wave the authority of science over our heads to persuade us to move in the direction of their policy priorities.


The inaugural 2015 ERLC Academy seminar will be "Introduction to Christian Ethics" with ERLC president Russell Moore as your professor. This seminar is for Christians who want to strengthen their understanding of ethics; whether you are a college or seminary student taking this for course credit with a partner school or simply an interested pastor or lay leader.

Dear Churches in America: Prepare to Be Treated Like 1st Century Christians in Rome

We have reached the stage of vilification – conservative Christians are now regarded by the consensus establishments as the villains in "transformed" America. The Supreme Court may well take us to the criminalization stage.

Saint or 'Brutal Colonizer' of Native Americans? Catholics Debate Canonization of 'Flawed but Heroic' 18th Century Franciscan Friar Junipero Serra

Roman Catholic clergy discussed at a panel earlier this week the upcoming canonization of 18th century Franciscan Friar Junipero Serra, with some of the panelists arguing that his depiction as a "brutal colonizer" by Native Americans should not discount the good work that he did.

Vos Group #15 — Revelation in the Patriarchal Period, Part 4 - Reformed Forum

We open Vos’s Biblical Theology to study pages 81–87, which deal with the divine name El-Shaddai and faith as found in patriarchal religion. While faith in God and his Word has always been present since the earliest promise of the gospel in Genesis 3:15, faith becomes an explicit part of Shemitic life with Abraham, the father of all who would believe. Saving faith is not merely faith in God generally, it is a deep and abiding trust in God almighty, the one who acts supernaturally in history. Download Participants: Camden Bucey , Lane G. Tipton Christ the Center focuses on Reformed Christian theology. In each episode a group of informed panelists discusses important issues in order to encourage critical thinking and a better understanding of Reformed doctrine with a view toward godly living. Browse more episodes from this program and learn how to subscribe.

Ken Ham's Answers in Genesis Refutes Theory That Neanderthals Were 'Ancient Soulless Humans;' Argues They Were Made in God's Image Too

Answers in Genesis, founded by creationist Ken Ham, has argued in an article against suggestions that Neanderthals were ancient pre-Adamic and therefore soulless humans, asserting that they, too, were made in God's image.

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'March for Marriage' Looks to Rally Support for Marriage Ahead of Supreme Court Arguments

Supporters of traditional marriage will participate in the third annual "March for Marriage" on Saturday, three days before th U.S. Supreme Court hears oral arguments on gay marriage.

709. What Was Darwin's Doubt?

Frank Turek explains how the father of evolution doubted his own theory.

Little Boy

About that story: the movie’s official website describes it as “a powerful and moving film about a little boy who is willing to do whatever it takes to bring his dad home from World War II alive.” At face value, nothing wrong with that description. But Monteverde, who also co-wrote the script, is trying to do far too much with what should’ve been a simple fable.

Turkish and Armenian Christians Reconcile on Genocide Anniversary

Several men happened one evening on a restaurant selling lahmajun, a small thin pizza common in both Armenia and Turkey. After they ordered a meal in English, they sat down speaking Turkish among themselves. A middle-aged man nearby reacted angrily, asking in Turkish, “Are you Turks? What are you doing here in Armenia? May God save us!” When they explained why they had come, he retorted skeptically with a Turkish proverb, “Bir cicek’ten bahar olmaz!” [One flower doesn’t bring the spring]. Then he quizzed them about their faith, dubious that Turks could in fact really be Christians.

Nigerian Catholic Bishop Claims Jesus Visited Him in Vision to Say Boko Haram Will Be Destroyed Through Rosary Prayer

Members attend a memorial church service for victims of a suicide bomb attack at St. Theresa's Church in Madalla, on the outskirts of Nigeria's capital Abuja, December 23, 2012. Boko Haram has killed hundreds in its campaign to impose sharia law in northern Nigeria and is the biggest threat to stability in Africa's top oil exporter.This Christmas, the police and military are expecting more trouble in the north. They've ordered security to be tightened, people's movement restricted and churches to be guarded.But such is the commitment to religion in a country with Africa's largest Christian population that millions of people will pack out thousands of churches in the coming days. It is impossible to protect everyone, security experts say. Picture taken December 23, 2012.


“Bonhoeffer’s prescription for seminary training should only be followed if we want to see a generation of ministers characterized by faithfulness, courage, and community. Otherwise, we can continue in the same path we’re on, where pastors learn to be entertainers, life-coaches, and pop-psychologists. Thank God that during this current revival of interest in Bonhoeffer, Paul House had the wisdom to focus on what Bonhoeffer knew best and did so very well.” C. Ben Mitchell , Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs and Graves Professor of Moral Philosophy, Union University


God’s redemptive purpose is to transform the entire person into the image of Jesus Christ. Because humanity’s fall into sin has had a pervasive polluting effect upon human nature, God’s grace also extends to every part of the inner self, making the regenerate person into a new creation. A crucial aspect of the new birth, therefore, is the Holy Spirit’s act of cleansing a sinner. All ungodliness is washed away and replaced with a genuine hunger for God. In this lecture, Dr. Lawson will examine the Bible’s teachings about the profound spiritual cleansing that people experience at the new birth.

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