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Target, Transgender, and the Use of Bathrooms and Fitting Rooms

Target recently stated: "We welcome transgender team members and guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity. Everyone deserves to feel like they belong." Here are my quick thoughts about their comments and this question.

Video: These microbes are key to making artificial snow

Protein patterns align molecules and funnel away heat

Can Andrew WK Save American Politics?

How the 'Party Party' is changing political discourse.

Intelligent Design Aside, from Templeton Foundation to the Royal Society, Darwinism Is Under Siege

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

The kalam cosmological argument defended in a peer-reviewed science journal

Here’s the peer-reviewed article. It appears in a scientific journal focused on astrophysics. Here’s the abstract: Both cosmology and philosophy trace their roots to the wonder felt by …

Pioneering Neuroscientist Wilder Penfield: Why Don't We Have Intellectual Seizures?

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Watch: The Avett Brothers Paid Tribute to Prince Last Night

At their show in Chicago last night, the rather clean-shaven and freshly barbered Avett Brothers paid a special tribute to the late Prince at the end of their song "Pretty Girl from Annapolis." About four minutes in to the video, the folk artists cover Prince's hit "When the Doves Cry." It's short, but so incredibly sweet:

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One of this year's most banned books, among world's scariest: Eric Metaxas

One of this year's most banned books, among world's scariest: Eric Metaxas The biblical teaching that all people are created in the image of God terrifies tyrants. Check out this story on

2 Preview Day | Boyce College

Boyce Preview Day allows us to roll out the “red carpet” for our guests to get a first-hand look at our college. From hearing the testimonies of our students to listening to professors in the classroom, you will see how we seek to do all things for the glory of God.

Advice for Better Bible Memory

Many of us know how valuable it is to memorize God’s word. But we often don’t know where to start. We get discouraged. We burn out quickly and move on to something less taxing. I’ve wrestled with these frustrations for years now. As a performer and worship leader, I’ve had to develop techniques so that I don’t drop the ball when I take the stage. I want to share a few of the methods I use regularly when memorizing God’s Word. More could always be said, but I have come back to these principles most often to help make the words stick.

Listen Live to Premier Christian Radio

From 18th April to 1st May, the Premier family will come together for our special... More

Remembering Prince: A Pop Music Priest in a Secular World

Some will remember Prince mostly for his early work, when he roared into the music scene with raunchy, funky pop hits that featured a collision of funk, R&B, New Wave, and psychedelic rock. The disparate styles intermingled to create the monstrous sounds of Prince’s guitar and his roaring rhythm section. Prince himself danced and sang on top of the beast with a deft voice, howling and wailing and leaping into impossibly high falsetto. The essence of his sound—the power and the agility, the deep grooves and rock riffs, the rumble, that falsetto—never changed.

9 Marks of Healthy Biblical Complementarianism

I remember years ago hearing a pastor describe his position on homosexuality as theologically conservative and socially progressive. I could tell by the way he was speaking that everything in him was leaning with the wind. He was holding on to orthodoxy by a thin string. So I wasn’t surprised a few years later when he announced the he had changed his mind on homosexuality and now saw nothing wrong with same-sex sexual relationships. In the same way, we must be careful that our complementarianism is deep, thoughtful, rooted, biblical, and utterly at home with being despised, misunderstood, and counter-cultural. Faithfulness does not mean making as many enemies as possible, but it does mean that for the sake of the good, the true, and the beautiful, we are fine with facing opposition when it is impossible to avoid.

Celebrity deaths: 3 lessons our culture must learn in 2016 - Premier Christianity

As musical icon Prince joins a growing list of well-known people who have died in 2016, David Robertson asks whether our secular culture is ready to face its own mortality

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“..I started using to be more efficient on the way I manage out Twitter communities. My favorite features? The prioritized feed to focus on the relevant members of the community..”

Donald Trump is Not Your Protector: A Warning to Conservative Christians | The Stream

In stark contrast, Trump said that Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner would be welcome to use the ladies’ room in one of his buildings. I wonder how his wife and daughters would feel if they were in a bathroom and a burly, transgender “woman” came walking in? Or what if they were coming out of the shower stalls at a gym, with their towels wrapped around them, only to find a biological male sitting there in his underwear? Would he have no problem with this? Perhaps Donald Trump is not only failing to protect the rights and liberties of babies in the womb and conservative Christians but also of women in general?

The Eric Metaxas Show - The Show About Everything

The Beam Family talks about their hit film Miracles From Heaven and the incredible true story behind it. Listen here....

583. How Do We Teach Youth Apologetics?

Do Liberals Always Win?

Prohibition, for another example, is treated as a “conservative” culture war, defeated by “liberals.” Prohibition was argued, though, on “progressive” grounds—as a means of protecting women and children from a predatory alcohol industry that resulted in social injustice and poverty. The undoing of Prohibition wasn’t the result of openness to “new forms” and inclusion but because alcohol had a long-established history in America that couldn’t be socially engineered out of existence. The repeal of Prohibition was as much about the limits of government-driven progress as anything, and thus arguably as much of a “conservative” win as a “progressive” one.

Instagram photo by TylerReagin • Apr 22, 2016 at 12:42pm UTC

Should States Honor the Bible as a Historic But Not Sacred Book?

“While I respect the spirit behind the governor's decision, we can at the same time acknowledge the Bible’s historic importance and cultural influence without diminishing its spiritual value. There is no question that the Bible has informed centuries of literature, government, philosophy and social behavior, both here in the United States and around the world. Part of ensuring the continued place of the Bible in American life is highlighting its contributions to many different aspects of our society, most importantly our individual spiritual lives.” ~Roy Peterson, president and CEO, American Bible Society

Evolution in action detected in Darwin's finches

The most characteristic feature of Darwin's finches is the diversification of beak morphology that has allowed these species to expand their utilization of food resources in the Galápagos archipelago. A team of scientists from Uppsala University and Princeton University has now identified a gene that explains variation in beak size within and among species. The gene contributed to a rapid shift in beak size of the medium ground finch following a severe drought. The study is published in Science .

What Righteous Anger Looks Like

Over 25 years ago, I began to study Jesus’ anger. One of the several things that struck me most in my observations was this: Every time Jesus was angry, He was the only person who seemed to be bothered. No one else but Jesus railed against the Pharisees’ hypocrisy (Matthew 23). Likewise, no one else but Jesus overturned the tables when the sellers and moneychangers turned God’s house of prayer into a “den of robbers” (John 2:16; Jeremiah 7:11). It was Jesus, no one else, who looked at around “with anger” when the Pharisees so heartlessly cared nothing whatsoever for a man with a “withered hand” who was there in the synagogue with them (Mark 3:1-5). Furthermore, only Jesus raged at the tomb of Lazarus (John 11:33, 38). Before I did my research, I had no idea that Jesus “snorted like a horse” as he raised Lazarus from the dead. I was also unaware that Jesus expressed anger when He rebuked the apostle Peter saying, “Get behind me, Satan!” (Matthew 16:23).

$5 Friday: Special Gift Certificate Offer

During today’s special $5 Friday sale, we are giving away $10 and $25 gift certificates for qualifying purchases.

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2 of the 3 comments on our Prince post bring up ... Satan? …

WORLD | Police still searching for killer of Ohio family | Lynde Langdon | April 23, 2016

UPDATE:  Police worked through the night on the slayings of eight family members who were shot dead in homes in a rural southern Ohio county. They released audio from a 911 call made by a woman who discovered two of the bodies, but they have not caught the person or people responsible for the killings.

New study: couples that delay sexual activity experience higher quality relationships

They discovered that the negative association between sexual timing and relationship quality is largely driven by a link between early sex and cohabitation. Specifically, sexual involvement early in a romantic relationship is associated with an increased likelihood of moving more quickly into living together, which in turn is associated with lower relationship quality. This finding supports Norval Glenn’s hypothesis that sexual involvement may lead to unhealthy emotional entanglements that make ending a bad relationship difficult. As Sassler and her colleagues concluded, “Adequate time is required for romantic relationships to develop in a healthy way. In contrast, relationships that move too quickly, without adequate discussion of the goals and long-term desires of each partner, may be insufficiently committed and therefore result in relationship distress, especially if one partner is more committed than the other” (p. 710).


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The Rest of the Jackie Robinson Story

And in uncovering a more accurate picture of Major League Baseball’s first black player, Burns reveals a complex man who struggled while yet maintaining immense conviction, refusing to be coopted by any special interest group, white or black. All in all, Burns provides a far more compelling portrait of Robinson than the simplistic saintly cardboard image.

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Swing by the @biolau today at Bethany Evangelical Free Church in La Crosse, WI! #BiolaOnTheRoad

Dangerous Calling

’My wife knew I was angry. My children knew I was angry. But I didn't know I was an angry man. I was a pastor.” — Paul Tripp

Faith and Fear Produce Love

If God is the safest place in the world for sinners, why does the Bible tell us to fear him? God’s sovereign justice and Christ’s sacrifice should cause us to fear ever doing anything to make the cross look cheap. In twenty minutes, John Piper explains the strength and safety of godly fear and calls us to join the sovereign God in bringing salvation to others.

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"I would never make it without God...!" @truthonduty at @festivalthought celebration in Chicago! #FOT #flameandtruth

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Really Recommended Posts 4/22/16

Hello dear readers! My apologies for missing this last week. It was a chaotic week and I was tired so I didn’t get around to the Really Recommended Posts. To make up for it, I brought together an awesome selection for you to read, dear friends. I also used a new picture for post this week. It’s spring, and I’ve been watching the goldfinches in my yard. It’s wonderful seeing them all over, and I got this okay shot of one sitting amongst dandelions. As always, be sure to let me know what you think of the posts, and let the authors know themselves.


"Without regular reminders, congregations tend to lose their focus on what the church-and we as individuals-are called to accomplish. Unfortunately, the part that fades away first is the most important: Reaching our world for Christ.   How quickly we forget our mission and fall back into mundane church activities. Churches need to be reminded of why they are here.  Evangelism and apologetics, which is the handmaiden to evangelism, are not optional activities.  They are at the very core of our mission, which is to reach our world with the gospel.  That's why Jesus spelled it out so clearly: to go into all the world (including next door or down the hallway) to reach everyone we can for him (Matthew 20:18-20).  This Great Commission wasn't one choice among many options.  It's what we're here to do. Church members quickly forget this, and so we must patiently but persistently remind them.  As we do, the Holy Spirit will echo our challenge in their hearts as God's Word underscores it in their minds. After all, this is God's will-let's be bold about it.

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32 The Peculiar Story of Adam LaRoche

Keown writes of LaRoche’s “nearly cinematic level of nonconformity” to people’s expectations of what an athlete should be. But a better description would be “peculiar.” Peculiar in the biblical sense of being “a peculiar people.” The Greek word translated “peculiar” means “costly” and “treasured,” but because our treasure is found in different places than the rest of the world, Christian are to be “peculiar” in the more typical sense of being “different,” maybe even considered “weird.”

Theological Primer: The Holy Spirit

Granted, it is very possible that traditional conservative Christians know too little about, and cherish to lightly, the person and work of the Holy Spirit. But before we pursue this criticism too far, we need to remember that the New Testament itself says a great deal more about Jesus Christ and God the Father than it does about the Spirit. More importantly, we must not forget that the work of the Holy Spirit is first of all to glorify Christ (John 16:14). So whether we realize it or not, we are very intimately connected with the work of the Spirit, because whenever we are drawn to Christ as Savior, led to worship Christ as Lord, made to behold Christ as glorious, we are being operated on by the Holy Spirit.

I Lay Down My Life for the Sheep by Steven Lawson | April 23, 2016

The doctrine of salvation focuses on the cross of Jesus Christ. When the Bible describes the death of Christ, it speaks of Him as actually accomplishing redemption. As the Good Shepherd, He laid down His life for His sheep (John 10). His death did not merely make salvation possible; it actually secured redemption for His people. This session will study the nature and extent of the atoning work of Christ.

Mike Adams - Conscientious Objectors

The left has always had great admiration for the conscientious objector. I know something about that because I was a kid in the late 60s and early 70s when the Vietnam War was being fought. Some people refused to serve in the war because of their deeply held religious beliefs. To those on the right they were cowards. To those on the left they were heroes. As the son of a military officer I got one side of the story. As a student in the public schools I got the other.

The 5 Views of Morality |

3. It is true, the writers of this website would be more accurate to say, “if there are objective morals, then there must be a God”. But their comment might very well still be correct and this is why. You are programmed (whether from evolution, God, or both) to see morals objectively and you can’t turn it off. Even now you are taking your time to correct someone on a website, why, because they are “immorally” spreading what, to you subjectively, appears to be “lies” or “false-hoods”. If you really didn’t believe in objective morals at all you would not bother with websites like this because their behavior would not bother you. But it does. Does the fact that you can’t turn off your pre-programming for objective morality mean there is an objective morality? Even if your actions are motivated by a belief that your morals come from society it’s still an objective moral frame-work. Who said we need to do what the majority does? Or what society does? Why do that action if we can please ourselves more by not doing it? If there are no morals there is no point in even having this discussion unless it is just fun for you.

Give Us Eyes for the Lonely

Nearby sit the parents of a child who’s run away. Their home is broken in a different way, but it’s no less broken. They call. She doesn’t answer. They pray. She doesn’t come home. Every time she updates her Facebook they are flooded with emotion — joy that she is alive, sadness at what’s been lost, anxiety about what lies ahead. Sunday is their respite as they fight for faith in God’s goodness.

The Greatest Gift Is God Himself

God doesn’t grant my every request even when I pray faithfully. But he does promise to satisfy me with his unfailing love as he walks through every trial with me. And in light of his surpassing value, that is a far greater gift.

BreakPoint This Week: Taking Sexual Abuse Seriously

a book that helps parents and teachers train children two to eight years old to recognize inappropriate behavior, and prevent sexual abuse. His other books geared toward counseling victims of sexual abuse include

40 12 Simple Ways to Improve Your Marriage

1. Pray for your heart condition toward your spouse. 2. Forgive fully, freely, and frequently. 3. Pray for your spouse every day. 4. Pray with your spouse every day. 5. Share what God is teaching you with your spouse. 6. Apologize and repent when you are wrong. 7. Get a fun date every week. 8. Organize your schedules so that your lives are in sync. 9. Ask how you can be a better spouse without being defensive. 10. Read at least one marriage book every year to learn and grow. 11. Say thank you all the time for specific things you appreciate. 12. Listen.

In 'A Hologram For The King,' Tom Hanks Goes to Saudi Arabia

Hanks plays Alan Clay, a middle-aged American fellow who we come to understand once was a bigshot at Schwinn (the bicycle company). He did what seemed to be a good idea at the time and outsourced production to China. It wasn’t a good idea. Now he’s divorced, and his beloved daughter has had to take a college hiatus since he can’t make tuition payments. He’s lost his way. He’s a disappointment to himself. He's stuck being a salesman for a company that creates 3-D holographic conferencing systems. And he’s trying to meet with the King of Saudi Arabia, to sell him the technology.

Christian Apologetics - What Is Christian Apologetics?

Christian apologetics represents the serious and sustained engagement with ‘ultimate questions’ raised by a culture, people group, or individual aiming to show how the Christian faith is able to provide meaningful answers to such questions. Where is God in the suffering of the world? Is faith in God reasonable? Apologetics clears the ground for evangelism, just as John the Baptist prepared the way for the coming of Jesus of Nazareth. …Evangelism…issues a personal invitation: ‘You are invited to the feast! Please come!’ Apologetics lays the ground for this invitation; evangelism extends it. Both are an essential part of the mission of the church

The Bible & Beer Consortium

The Bible & Beer Conso...

William Lane Craig vs Klemens Kappel | "Does God Exist?"

Does God Exist? Debate between William Lane Craig and Klemens Kappel in Copenhagen, 18th of April 2012. We welcome your comments in the Reasonable Faith forums:

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New study: cohabitation produces far inferior outcomes to marriage

As Christians, we seem to have so much trouble talking to young people about rules around sexuality and relationships. So many young people think that premarital sex is benign. That cohabitation is no big deal. And that redefining marriage cannot be opposed. Christian parents and pastors are not preparing themselves to discuss these things with young people. If there is a battle of ideas, and one side shows up with a bunch of feelings and lies, that side still wins – if the other side doesn’t show up at all. Don’t be so focused on your career and your own self that you fail your children by failing to discuss and debate with them about the issues. Don’t assume that just because your children look OK on the surface that there are not serious questions underneath.

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48 The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily, by Greg West: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

49 On True Conversion

Does this exclude good works in the life of the believer? By no means. Our justification is always unto good works. Though no merit ever proceeds from our works, either those done before our conversion or those done afterward, good works are a necessary fruit of true faith.


In this post , Natasha Crain offers 50 Apologetics Resources for parents wanting to teach their kids how to defend their faith. If you are not familiar with her work, you can check it out here .  I highly recommend it! Courage and Godspeed, Chad

51 Why Must the Cause of the Universe Be Personal and Not Impersonal?
52 The Faith of Christopher Hitchens: The Restless Soul of the World's Most Notorious Atheist: Larry Alex Taunton: 9780718022174: Books
54 Remembering the Time Prince Covered a Song from CCM Star Nicole Nordeman
55 .@Ichthus77 #Apologetics Daily
56 Instagram photo by J Warner Wallace • Apr 23, 2016 at 11:31am UTC
57 The Rock Will Star in a 'Jumanji' Remake
58 There's a Biting New Missionary Barbie Instagram
59 Georgia goes after Christian medical doctor over the content of his sermons
60 Harmony between Christianity and Science with Dr. Cynthia Cheung
61 Biola Apologetics on Twitter
63 His Deepest Desires Revealed by Sinclair Ferguson | April 22, 2016
64 CrossExamined Radio w/ Dr. Frank Turek
65 CRI on Twitter
66 Is it Ever Legitimate to Complain to God or to Express Anger to God?
67 FREE Social Media Management Dashboard | Twitter/Facebook Marketing Tool |
68 In Order That You May Know
69 ZachariasTrust on Twitter
70 Who suffers the most from the trend of extended adolescence?
71 The Post Resurrection Behavior of Jesus Eliminates the Possibility of an Imposter | Cold Case Christianity
72 TGC Welcomes Three New Editors
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74 Catalyst on Twitter
75 The artist named Prince: Was he ultimately a rebel for, or against, the Sexual Revolution?
76 Earth Day 2016: Is the Sky Really Falling?
77 Reflections
78 Society Has Become Super Unhealthy. The Church Needs to Help
79 Rabbi: Passover Is for Christians, Too
80 Kendrick Brothers Call on Pastors to Lead Unifying Prayer to Bring Revival in America
81 Some Reflections on the Sermons from T4G
82 Ohio Megachurch Pastor: How to Have a 'Gold Standard Faith'
83 Multiverse Musings: Exercise Caution
84 TD Jakes' Megachurch Teams Up With ChristianMingle to Help Singles Find Love
85 Why Your Kids May Become Atheists No Matter What You Do (and Why That Shouldn't Discourage You)
86 WORLD | Races for the children | Andrew Branch | April 30, 2016
87 Books - Cross Examined - Christian Apologetic Ministry | Frank Turek | Christian Apologetics | Christian Apologetics Speakers
88 Beer From Jesus' Era Recreated by Jerusalem Brewery Using Gene of Wheat From Biblical Times
89 Does Evidence of Jesus' Miracles Exist Outside of the Bible?
90 Crossway on Twitter