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Greer Heard Forum: Robin Collins - "God and the Fine-Tuning of the Universe for Discovery"

For more resources visit: On Friday, February 21st, 2014, philosopher and theologian, Dr William Lane Craig, was invited by th...

Fingersnapping Super Mario

I play the Super Mario theme with finger snaps

William Lane Craig Q&A: If God Knows My Decisions How Do I Have Free Will?

For more resources visit: If God knows my decisions before I make them, does that mean I am not making free choices? What is D...

John Schlitt: Hold Your Head Up with John Elefante, John Lawry, & Jay Sekulow & Friends

"There's a great line in Argent's song "Hold Your Head Up" that says, "If they shout don't let it change a thing that you're doing." With all the noise in Wa...

Confessions of a Lapsed Atheist - Philippians 3:7-14

Date: 2014-04-06-am Speaker: Alister McGrath

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The Briefing 04-23-14

1) What does David Cameron’s “classic” Church of England membership amount to? Not much.

Survey: Christian mothers value family over their relationship with Jesus

If your children are raised to think that Christianity is an arbitrary set of rules that cannot be debated or questioned, all in the name of family happiness and respectability, then as soon as they get to university, they will rebel. So the first priority can never be “family” - the first priority has to be truth. Christianity is not a tool to achieve happiness in the home, or respectability with the neighbors. Having family as a priority can cause questions and doubts about Christian truth claims to be swept under the rug. That works for a while, but as soon as the kids hit university, they will drop their Christian faith like a hot potato. A better idea is to focus more on truth and open discussion, and let all the doubts and questions and discomfort about being different come out in the open while the kids are growing up.

Loneliness in the Age of Facebook

This has little to do with social media, in my view, except insofar as it's another place to install contrivance. But that doesn't mean the Royal We are all doing this. There are plenty of us being as authentic on Facebook, Twitter, blogging, etc. as we are in real life. For those in the "authentic" cohort, social media has been an amazing communication tool, generating awesome opportunities and forging new friendships that have blossomed into real-life blessings.

Movies with Max

The following Sunday, Pastor Paul told the congregation what had happened to Max, and announced Renee’s great idea: “She rented out an entire theater so that friends of Max can watch the Muppet movie with Max.” Pastor Paul declared, “If you’re a friend of Max, you’re going to the movies, whether you like Muppets or not!”

Philosophy News | Justification and Critique: Towards a Critical Theory of Politics

2014.04.23 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Rainer Forst, Justification and Critique: Towards a Critical Theory of Politics, Ciaran Cronin (tr.), Polity, 2014, 216pp., $24.95 (pbk), ISBN 9780745652290. Reviewed by Uwe Steinhoff, The University of Hong Kong Rainer Forst's new book is, according to him, an attempt to develop the program of a theory of justification further -- first when it comes to clarifying basic concepts of political philosophy and, in addition, as regards its implications for critical theory and the possible limits of a mode of thought which accords central importance to discursive justice. (viii) These concepts prominently include human dignity, human rights, justice, justification, recognition, and tolerance, among others. Yet the book is a rather unsystematic collection of essays, and hence the connections between the different chapters are often tenuous. In particular the last part (“Beyond. . .


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EQUIP, Christian Articles, Bible Answer Man | CRI

Is Seventh Day Adventism orthodox? Over the years I have encountered many Seventh Day Adventists who have told me that to worship on Sunday is to take the mark of the Beast. Far from being monolithic, however, Seventh Day Adventism is multifaceted. First, there are Adventists who are thoroughly orthodox. As such, they embrace the […]

The slow death of free speech - The Spectator

The point of Mr. Steyn’s article was to point out the left and their methodology of free speech. You illustrate his points. I have the right and the freedom to speak my views, just as you have yours. You attempt to shame me and force YOUR interpretation of the Bible by cherry picking on sentence from it and offering words from the pope, who I have no regard for, as I am not catholic and I disagree with much of that church’s dogma. “Proper respect” is just that, Son. there is nothing proper about willfully sinning, thus no respect is warranted. As for the ‘core message of the Bible’, there IS none, pal. The Bible, as you ought to know, is the Word of God. The New Testament is the basis for Christianity, as it was written as a direct result of the Concepcion, birth, life, crucifixion, death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The ‘core’ message of Jesus is to accept Him as the son of God, and our savior. We are to repent of ALL sin, and attempt to live our lives as free of sin as possible. This is indisputable, regardless of how much you wish it were not so.

Mark Steyn - The Drift toward Despotism

A t a time when over 4 million people have had their health insurance canceled, it’s good to know that some Americans can still access prompt medical treatment, even if they don’t want it. David Eckert was pulled over by police in Deming, N.M., for failing to come to a complete halt at a stop sign in the Walmart parking lot. He was asked to step out of the vehicle, and waited on the sidewalk. Officers decided that they didn’t like the tight clench of his buttocks, a subject on which New Mexico’s constabulary is apparently expert, and determined that it was because he had illegal drugs secreted therein. So they arrested him, and took him to Gila Regional Medical Center in neighboring Hidalgo County, where Mr. Eckert was forced to undergo two abdominal X-rays, two rectal probes, three enemas, and defecate thrice in front of medical staff and representatives of two law-enforcement agencies, before being sedated and subjected to a colonoscopy — all procedures performed against his will and without a valid warrant. Advertisement "They didn't show it on the show but the only reason was because I thought it might be a little uncomfortable for my children," Bure says of asking Ballas, 27, to keep his shirt on. "And funny enough, another one of the dancers told me his daughter texted him the day after he went shirtless for the first time and she was not happy." Aside from her restrictions on DWTS , Bure also faced feminist criticism for a passage in her new book , Balancing It All: My Story of Juggling Priorities and Purpose , in which she states she has a "submissive" role in her 17-year marriage to former pro hockey player Valeri Bure.

The Daily

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I Love My Black Letter Bible

The apostle Peter goes so far as to say the prophetic word of Scripture is a revelation "more sure" than even Christ himself in transfigured glory (2 Pet. 1:19). That's a stunning claim! He then exhorts us to recall the "commandment of our Lord and Savior through [the] apostles" (2 Pet. 3:2; cf. Acts 2:42). No wonder Paul enjoins his protégé to heed the "sound words you have heard from me" (2 Tim. 1:13) with no less urgency than the "sound words of our Lord Jesus" (1 Tim. 6:3). Or elsewhere claim his instructions are "the Lord's command" (1 Cor. 14:37; cf. 1 Thess. 2:13; 4:15) imbued with heaven's authority (2 Thess. 3:14).

SBTS Press

A Guide to Ev angelism , edited by Dan DeWitt, will equip Christians and churches with the tools they need for more faithful evangelism. With chapters focusing on the role that a church’s preaching and polity can play in the task of evangelism, as well as chapters with practical advice for Christians engaging different groups, such as Muslims, skeptics and nominal Christians, this book will help Christians fulfill their role inspreading the gospel so that grace extends to more people to the glory of God.

You Don't Have to Live Up to Your "Potential"

Jessica, You are doing as much as you can for your parents. I have also experienced the expectation of another as my husband and I try to help his father as he deals with the aftermaths of a stroke and broken pelvis. He is not a believer and he gets depressed (understandably). I pray daily that he and my mother-in-law would feel called to accept the gift of salvation. You ARE doing as much as you can and are doing so with a loving heart. It IS enough! May you feel the same love and compassion for yourself that Christ has for us!

20 Wesley J. Smith - "If Obamacare Dies, Sarah Palin Killed It"

People are afraid of centralized bureaucrats dictating whether Craig’s [the moderator’s terminally ill babies) children can have medical care, whether my 96-year-old mother can have medical care, whether people with disabilities can have medical care…If you start looking at a quality of life ethic instead of an equality of life ethic, you’ve broken the back of Hippocratic medical values…

Ivy, brick walls and pennant flags: Celebrating 100 years of Wrigley Field | The Strike Zone -

Located on a former Lutheran seminary site, the park took just eight weeks to construct and only $250,000 in cash (roughly $5.8 million in today’s money), even as crews brought in 4,000 yards of soil and planted four acres of bluegrass. Housing the Federal League’s Chicago team for two years — known in 1914 as the Federals and in 1915 as the Whales — what was christened as Weeghman Park became Wrigley Field, the eventual home of the Chicago Cubs. On Wednesday, Weeghman and Davis’ construction celebrates 100 years of existence, making it the second oldest professional sporting venue in North America (Fenway Park is its elder by two years). In that century, it has become arguably one of the best-known sports facilities in the United States, if not the world.

Why Christians Need To Learn Debate Tactics - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

I drew a lot of ire this week when I wrote that Ken Ham was not the right person to debate Bill Nye.  I was somehow misread to argue that I was personally attacking Mr. Ham (I wasn’t and I wrote that he’s a nice man), that only people with Ph.D.’s could speak on apologetic issues (I didn’t say that either. I train lay people in apologetics) and on and on and on.  What I did say was that on a national stage like the one on which the Ham-Nye debate took place, you want your best Christian thinker, speaker and debater and that means a professional apologist and the most effective of the current batch do hold doctorates (and I’ve yet to hear why that is a bad thing).

How Jesus Became God in the Flesh - Apologetics Book: Christian Analysis Defeats the Skepticism of Bart Ehrman: How Jesus Became God in the Flesh

Christianity is the only worldview that provides human reason a foundation for its appropriate function. Non-Christian systems of thought cannot furnish a foundation for the Law of Non-contradiction (and all other ever-enduring universals). Thus those systems of thought can only offer self-contradictory worldviews. Unless one believes in the triune God, one cannot account for human knowledge, predication, and practice. God is the precondition for all assertion, analysis, evidence, and reason. All human thought requires the employment and assumption of universal and invariant laws. Only the transcendent and unchanging triune God provides the necessary preconditions for the use of transcendent and unchanging truths. To criticize anything, one must presuppose that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob exists. Stern confessed that the attraction of transcendental arguments is that they “undercut the ground which the skeptical worries are built.”

Faith Is Not the Opposite of Reason - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

Many modern skeptics contend that faith and reason are precise opposites.  Under their view, my “faith” in Jesus Christ is an act in opposition to reason.  At best, it is a form of wishful thinking, a crutch for those who find reality too harsh. True, relying on one’s faith is comforting, but Christians contend that faith is not simply a crutch, because the evidence supports the belief that Jesus lived, died and rose again – just as he said he would.  But with the preconception that faith is “just a crutch,” how can a believer ever get a fair hearing on the evidence?  It would be like trying to sell someone the worst car on the lot by telling him that driving it will make him happy.  Or trying to convince a jury that the defendant is guilty in spite of the lack of evidence because he’s not dressed for success.  “Unreasonable” arguments don’t persuade people.

We're Not Good at Estimating Our Goodness - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

Compared with "an average prisoner" the participants rated themselves as more moral, kinder to others, more self-controlled, more law-abiding, more compassionate, more generous, more dependable, more trustworthy, and more honest. Remarkably, they also rated themselves as higher on all these traits than "an average member of the community", with one exception – law-abiding. The prisoners rated themselves as equivalent on this trait relative to an average community member.

Is Your Worldview Weakening Your Marriage? - The Family Project

In their view of the family, Americans have been deeply affected by what is called social contract theory, propounded by thinkers such as Locke and Rousseau.  American conservatives tend to be influenced by Locke, while liberals think more along the lines of Rousseau.  But in both cases, the heart of social contract theory is the idea that the ultimate starting point is the individual, the autonomous self.

'Crowded' Singer Jeannie Ortega Looks to God's 'Perfect Love' to Spread New Message of Hope and Peace (INTERVIEW)

Singer-songwriter Jeannie Ortega is currently working on a new Christian album in Nashville. The 27 year-old Brooklyn native started her career at the young age of 16, signing on with Hollywood Records. Her single "Crowded" was in the top 25 Billboard Top 100 and her album No Place like Brooklyn debuted at No. 1. Her pop career would expand into acting on the drama "One Life to Live," teen dance film "Step Up," and her first major role in an independent film, "Indelible."

Why Christians Hold Truth in High Regard - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

From the earliest days of the Christian era, believers understood their responsibility as guardians of truth . The New Testament teaches specific objective truths about the attributes of God , the person of Jesus and the nature of Salvation . In spite of this, a number of teachers emerged over time, promoting claims and ideas contradicting the teaching of scripture. Much of this heretical activity was driven by the three motives commonly responsible for misbehavior . Leaders within Christianity were often driven by their own prideful desires. None of this came as any surprise to those who knew the Scripture, however, since the Bible predicted teachers such as these would arise, offering false ideas and distortions of God’s Word :

God, the Gospel, and the Gay Challenge — A Response to Matthew Vines

Gender complementarity is the belief that the Bible’s teachings on gender and gender roles is to be understood in terms of the fact that men and women are equally made in God’s image (status) but different in terms of assignment (roles). This has been the belief and conviction of virtually all Christians throughout the centuries, and it is the view held by the vast majority of those identified as Christians in the world even today. But a denial of this conviction, hand in hand with the argument that sameness of role is necessary to affirm equality of status, has led some to argue that difference in gender roles must be rejected. The first impediment to making this argument is the fact that the Bible insists on a difference in roles. In order to overcome this impediment, biblical scholars and theologians committed to egalitarianism have made arguments that are hauntingly similar to those now made by Matthew Vines in favor of relativizing the Bible’s texts on same-sex behaviors.

What's Wrong with Being Seeker-Centered? - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

I am astounded in many ways by why it is so difficult for us as a church to simply follow the directions.  Why is that so hard?  I'm talking about how the church comports itself and how it marshals its efforts in order to have the kind of impact that God intends it to have in the world.  It is not even clear to me anymore that the church – speaking in generalizations now, and there are always exceptions –even knows what it is all about, what it is meant to do. 

The Unexpected Backlash Against Onscreen Sex

I also don't see the correlation between basic cable and premium channel like HBO. I am a big GOT fan. Was the scene over the top and cringe worthy, yes but it's not like it was put in there for the hell of it and without any purpose to the story line and if the one thing that upsets you on that show in an incest rape scene, I am pretty surprised based on the amount of graphic sex (straight and homosexual), graphic murders, gore and violence, abuse of children. But if anything, GOT is a female heroism based show. Most of the heroic and villain roles are played by woman. Also, this is taken from a written text. If someone was doing a movie about, oh, say the Bible, and they included all the sex, incest and rape that it contains in it, would it be an issue?


(2) The context of 2 Tim 4:5 suggests that it is this large view of gospel ministry that is in view. After Paul’s passionate command to Timothy to preach the word, spelling out what it means (4:2), he warns that a time will come when people will not want to listen but will prefer teachers “who say what their itching ears want to hear” (4:3). “But you,” Paul tells Timothy, “keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, discharge all the duties of your ministry” (4:5). This does not sound like a list of discretely defined chunks of ministry, as if Paul were saying, “Study hard for your preaching, visit the elderly, catechize the young, provide good counsel, do the work of an evangelist”—add them all together, and you will be a well-rounded minister. Rather, the list Paul provides focuses not on discrete ministries but on global stances throughout Timothy’s ministry: “keep your head in all circumstances” is not a discrete thing to do, something to be added, for instance, to “endure hardship.

Prom Praise

This year's concert will include all the elements familiar to the seasoned Prom Praise-goer, with the All Souls Orchestra at full strength, a 400-strong choir massing from all around the UK, the inspiring opportunity for all to join in worship with the capacity audience, and the genial hosting of All Souls Rector, Hugh Palmer and All Souls Orchestra conductor, Noel Tredinnick .

Can Science Explain Everything? - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

Scientism is the view which claims science can account for any and all truths; science is the sole means by which we gain truth and knowledge. In its pure and extreme form scientism is easily defeated, since one may just point out it is self-refuting; the claim that all knowledge can only come from science itself does not come from science. However, some feel that by rewording the claim they can make a separate argument and hence avoid altogether any discussion of theistic argument.

Alleged Bible Contradictions: 5 Questions to Ask Before You Answer Objections - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

Anyone who takes a minute to google the phrase “Bible contradictions” will find links to a number of lists. These lists contain purported contradictions in the Bible. It is the onus of the Christian who encounters objections to the Bible which are drawn from such lists to be ready to answer these allegations. Prior to doing this, it would be prudent to give preliminary consideration to the following questions.

What Do Artificial Life Projects Demonstrate About the Need for a Divine Creator? - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

For many years now, scientists have been working feverishly to create “ artificial life ” in the laboratory. Researchers and scientists expect to announce success within just a few years , declaring victory in the rarified field known as “wet artificial life” research. Their goals are ambitious. They must first create a container (or membrane) for the synthetic cell. This membrane must prevent unwanted or destructive molecules from entering the new synthetic protocell , while allowing beneficial and necessary molecules to enter. The container must also allow these molecules to multiply. Scientists must next create a genetic system capable of guiding and controlling the functions of the new cell. This system must direct and allow reproduction within the cell and regulate sufficient mutation to adapt to environmental changes. Finally scientists must create a metabolism capable of allowing raw materials to be extracted from the surrounding environment so they can be processed as food and converted into energy. These are lofty goals but necessary for life to exist at a minimal level.

Identifying an Argument: Looking for Hidden Premises - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

Here we have a premise ("I see an abundance of evil in the world") and a conclusion ("God does not exist"), but how did the person get from the premise to the conclusion? Christians are aware of the evil that exists in the world just as much as anyone else, but they believe in God's existence. So, there must be a something that's implied in the statement, but not said. Now, we don't really know what that second premise is, but we may be able to take a guess. It seems that by using the word "abundance," the speaker is trying to say something about the amount of evil in the world. Maybe he or she thinks there is too much evil. So, I can make an initial assumption that the person is trying to argue this way:

Guelph gentlemen’s club to start hosting church service

The Ninabers belong to the Elora Road Christian Fellowship. The idea behind the service is to bring religion to those who don't feel comfortable seeking it out. In particular, they are hoping to reach tenants of Sue’s Inn, a transitional house for people trying to get back on their feet.


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Partnering with the Lead Pastor in Petersburg, Alaska, shepherding the flock and reaching the community for Christ. Theologians and teachers influential to the Lead Pastor include Al Mohler, DA Carson, John Piper, Russell Moore, Wayne Grudem, Paul Tripp, and the leadership of CCEF. In addition to our church’s website, feel free to visit the pastor’s blog at to learn more about Pastor Demer and the church.

Rhythms Of Grace - The Remission Flow

Go to iTunes, Amazon or the 7Core Music store to get your copy of “Rhythms Of Grace”.


In some ways one can only affirm this book’s central imperative, one echoed in a German monograph that appeared in 2012. 8 We need a Christian faith that is not obscurantist nor ruled by populist demagogues out of touch with historical research. And we need a criticism that is not allowed to destroy or otherwise supplant a living Christian faith that results in fulfillment of our love for God and others (e.g., p. 212). I wish to underscore the potentially positive impact of the Hays-Ansberry proposal if it be carried out aptly and wisely: Bible believers and especially those who lead congregations or otherwise teach or preach the Scriptures do well to be aware of critical theories about the Bible and reasons why so many think it is a book of fables or even fabrications. Christians not made aware by their church leaders of critical objections to Scripture may feel betrayed and tempted to leave the church when they first learn of problems on CNN or in their freshman college humanities class. This is not only a matter of learning about critical objections either: a workable view of the Bible’s truth needs to be instilled, one that can handle the manifest tensions, apparent discrepancies, and unsolvable questions that surface when one begins to pore over Scripture in a careful and systematic fashion.

Kevin DeYoung Book Launch Event

Join us on April 25th to explore these questions and more at "Taking God at His Word," a special book launch event sponsored by the Westminster Bookstore and Crossway Books. The daylong event will be held at Covenant Fellowship Church in the greater Philadelphia area. The event will feature plenary addresses by Kevin DeYoung, as well as panel discussions with David Powlison, Carl Trueman, K. Scott Oliphint, and G. K. Beale.

Ray Comfort's 'Noah' Alternative Movie Gets 1 Million YouTube Views in Less than a Month (VIDEO)

Christian evangelist Ray Comfort released the 30-minute "Noah-And the Last Days," on March 28-the same day that Hollywood's controversial "Noah" movie. The film used the counter the Hollywood film reached 1 million YouTube views in 23 days, and won a Telly Award this week and is being aired on 14 major TV networks.

3 Things to Remember in Discussion with Doubters - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

Honest conversations about the questions that matter - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

My hope is that our churches will be places where we can have good, honest conversations about the questions that matter. Let’s learn how to talk about our faith in ways that strengthen those who are struggling.

The Real Problem With Female Masturbation

When men talk about masturbation (or at least what I have heard and read), everyone pretty much settles on the basics: It's hard to practice self-control. It's hard to resist indulging in lust. Really hard. Few men try to psychoanalyze the process, explaining masturbation away by realizing that they secretly have underlying issues relating to real women. (Though, it's true that many men do struggle to relate to real women in the flesh, if the movie Her is any indication .) Men realize that even if they do resolve those relational issues with women or somehow meet their "unmet needs," that won't solve their real problem. Their real problem is lust .

There's No Need to Panic (If What We Believe Is True) - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

Sometimes it’s hard to stay calm. But composure is typically an external expression of internal confidence. I’ve worked with SWAT officers who were the epitome of calmness in even the most harrowing situations. They never flinched; they never panicked. They knew we were well trained and prepared to address whatever challenge we could face. I think of these officers often as I navigate conversations with people who don’t share my Christian worldview; even people who aggressively oppose something I’ve written or recorded. Those of us who make a public defense of Christianity are likely to encounter strong disagreement on occasion. Sometimes this opposition is pointed, personal, venomous or shrill. I’ve seen some Christian case makers respond in a similar manner, quickly escalating the toxicity of the interaction until both sides are engaged in a frightful slugfest. If our beliefs about Jesus and the worldview He espoused are true, however, there’s really no need for such a panicky response.

Death to Doubting Thomas - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

For the majority of Christians--and many non-Christians who have adopted certain Christian idioms--there is a fundamental misunderstanding surrounding the account of Thomas' famous refusal to believe in the resurrection of Jesus as recorded in John 20:24-29. The first verse and a half are commonly overlooked when discussing this story, and they could not be more important. Thomas was not with the other disciples when Jesus made his first resurrection appearance. Thus, we are told, "the other disciples told him, “We have seen the Lord!" (20:25a). It is in this context that Thomas makes his well-known proclamation, "Unless I see the nail marks in his hands and put my finger where the nails were, and put my hand into his side, I will not believe" (20:25b). From this, he has acquired the enduring nickname, "doubting Thomas." But I do not think that doubt was his real problem, and I think this misunderstanding has led many Christians to draw incorrect, negative conclusions concerning the nature of doubt. Consider the following story.*

My morning at the The Sunday Assembly aka the Atheist Church - The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

So this morning I took the trip up to Holborn to visit the Sunday Assembly with a few other Christian friends, this was mainly because I wanted to find out what it was like for myself after reading about it in the papers. The Sunday Assembly are a savvy and friendly group of people who clearly have a number of skilled people at their disposal, this may explain the spawning of what is really now a global movement of godless 'churches'. There are now Sunday Assembly's in Nashville Tennessee in the heart of the US Bible belt, with several more all over the UK, US and Australia (forty in total I believe). All this in just a year, statistics that any church planting group would probably have to describe as miraculous!

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