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Police Deny Slain Pakistani Christian Boy Recorded Statement Saying He Was Burned for His Faith; Video Reveals His Testimony Was Given (Watch)

Pakistani police officials are denying that Nouman Masih, the 15-year-old Lahore Christian boy who died last week after being burned for his faith, ever provided testimony indicating that he was attacked by two Muslim men, even though legal advocates can attest to the fact that he did provide police with such a statement.

'Marriage Was God's Idea, and He Will Preserve It, With or Without Us;' Ted Cruz Asks Pastors to Preach, Pray Against Gay Marriage

As the U.S. Supreme Court readies to hear arguments in favor of same-sex marriage on Tuesday, April 28, Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, urged pastors across America to preach and pray against it because "marriage was God's idea, and He will preserve it, with or without us."

Slate Says We're Afraid of Life on Mars -- Right After We Published an Article Explaining Why Martian Life Wouldn't Challenge ID

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

What's The Importance Of Giving A Defense Non-Defensively? (Video) | Cold Case Christianity

J. Warner Wallace, author of Cold-Case Christianity, was interviewed by Bobby Conway (The One Minute Apologist) and discussed the nature of Christian “Case Making”. How can we stand firm in what we believe without being offensive? How can we love the truth but love those who deny the truth? (For more information related to Bobby’s great ministry, visit:

Responding to Dr. David Gushee's "Reformation Project" Presentation - Alpha and Omega Ministries

I began a multi-part, full response to Dr. David Gushee’s presentation at the Reformation Project conference back in 2014 on today’s 90 minute long program.  Gushee has taken the position of “lead ally” and scholar in support of the “gay Christian” movement, asserting that the church is guilty of hurting her “sexual minorities.”  It is …

Triablogue: "Solve the solution"

It's ironic that in order for the SJWs to illustrate how "people of color" are being "inconvenienced," they are inconveniencing people of color who want to make it to class on time:

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7 Reasons Why Christian Leaders (and Christians) Fall

Recently, two of my heroes have fallen from grace, and some of my friends in pastoral ministry have taken detours in their destiny as well. Moral failings among leaders are becoming an epidemic. No one is beyond the reach of Satan's grasp. Although I'm disappointed, my faith is not shaken because only Christ should be placed on a pedestal.

Grand Central Question: Answering the Critical Concerns of the Major Worldviews

All religions and worldviews seek to answer the fundamental questions of human existence: Why am I here? What does it mean to be human? Why is there evil in the world, and how do we deal with it? But not every worldview places equal emphasis on each issue. The main worldviews each tend to stress a different central question. Read more

A Final Word from Chuck Colson

Today, on the third anniversary of Chuck Colson's passing, Zondervan has announced that his book "My Final Word: Holding Tight to the Issues That Matter Most" will be released on August 4. From the press release :  "Composed during the last years of his ministry, My Final Word issues a clarion call for Christians to think critically about today’s most pressing issues. Longtime Colson co-author Anne Morse has selected and arranged pieces written mostly during the last decade of Colson’s life, spotlighting what he saw as key topics of ongoing importance for Christian cultural engagement." We'll have much more on the book as the release date approaches, so stay tuned!

This is not a drill: Kermit the Frog is real | new-species | Earth Touch News

Sarah Keartes is Earth Touch's resident 'queen of nerdery'. A self-proclaimed Attenborough wannabe with a serious shark addiction, she is likely to be spotted performing dissections and wielding lightsabers ... sometimes simultaneously. Find her on Twitter @sarahkeartes VIEW more from this CONTRIBUTOR

We Need More Creators and Fewer Critics

Unfortunately, Christians are no exception. For followers of Jesus, who claim to have the love of God in their hearts, we don’t always act in a manner fitting of the God we serve. Jesus tells His followers we will be known by their love. Anyone reading our online postings or the comments written under Christian articles by Christian people might struggle to see it. There are few people more biting or cruel than a Christian who believes you have your theology wrong. In the name of protecting the faith, we use weaponized dogma to destroy anyone who disagrees with us.

Ticketed for Serving Food to the Poor and Hungry

Although I find actual laws sanctioning this behavior as morally outrageous as anyone, I also understand the impulse for them in some jurisdictions. As a resident of a neighborhood with a lot of homeless people—Venice Beach, California—I can report that living near where the homeless are served can be trying. The bulk of people I've encountered living on the street are sympathetic and unfairly maligned. Many have been failed by society, among them veterans who aren't getting the medical attention to which they are entitled, mentally ill people who ought to have a bed and caregivers on hand, and folks who'd love a job but can't get one. But the presence of homeless people also means, at least in my neighborhood, the discovery of human waste in your back alley several times a month, petty drug dealers who scare parents with young kids away from the local playground, meth addicts who aggressively yell obscenities at women on the street, and people off their meds shouting violent threats or bigoted slurs at 3 a.m. I could move, of course. But I wouldn't condemn the resident of a hypothetical neighborhood from trying to force a food-sharing operation elsewhere if they couldn't move, felt their kids were threatened by a nightly or weekly influx of homeless people, and felt that they had no other option to protect them.

More Martyrs: ISIS Executes Dozens of Ethiopian Christians in Libya

The exact numbers of victims in the latest incident cannot be confirmed. The video of the executions, entitled “Until there came to them clear evidence”, switches between a scene on a beach in eastern Libya, where an estimated 15 men in orange boiler suits are beheaded by masked militants in camouflage, and a scene in a desert area in southern Libya where similarly dressed Daesh members execute a similar number of men in black boiler suits by shooting them in the head. A subtitle refers to both groups of victims as "worshippers of the cross belonging to the hostile Ethiopian church."

Tomorrow We Live by KB

This new KB has been sounding awesome since the oceans remix, really like how they twisted it into a hip hop mix..sideways has been my addiction, ever since first hearing it. First we had anomaly and I didn't think Christian rap could ever reach lecraes reach, then trip lee killed it with rise, Derek minor destroyed it with empire, and jsons new album, is already sounding amazing, this truly is Christian raps year.

McLean Bible Church

McLean Bible Church is a multi-campus congregation that acts as one church in multiple locations around the Washington, DC metro area. Our goal is to build a “spiritual beltway” around the city by starting Community Campuses that are fully functioning expressions of McLean Bible Church. We believe these Community Campuses are the best way we can carry out our mission of impacting secular Washington…

Kirsten Powers: Christians thrown overboard left to drown by Obama

Kirsten Powers: Christians thrown overboard left to drown by Obama Obama only mentions Christians to lecture them, rather than defend them from persecution. Check out this story on

How dogs stole our hearts

Dogs are already renowned for their ability to interact with humans. It’s not just the walks and the Frisbee catching; canines seem to understand us in a way that no other animal does. Point at an object, for example, and a dog will look at where you’re pointing—an intuitive reading of our intentions (“I’m trying to show you something”) that confounds our closest relatives: chimpanzees. People and dogs also look into each other’s eyes while interacting—a sign of understanding and affection that dogs’ closest relatives, wolves, interpret as hostility.

N.Y. Judge Grants Legal Rights To 2 Research Chimps

"The case began as a salvo of lawsuits filed by NhRP in December of 2013. The group claimed that four New York chimpanzees — Hercules and Leo at Stony Brook, and two others on private property — were too cognitively and emotionally complex to be held in captivity and should be relocated to an established chimpanzee sanctuary. NhRP petitioned three lower court judges with a writ of habeas corpus, which is traditionally used to prevent people from being unlawfully imprisoned. By granting the writ, the judges would have implicitly acknowledged that chimpanzees were legal people too — a first step in freeing them.

Expanding the Ways We Experience God

Thanks so much for this. This is where I found myself about two years ago. My music tastes changed, my ability to focus and write, my desire to help at church diminished, and I just couldn't relate to my friends in the same way anymore. I don't think I ever doubted my faith, I was more afraid that others would doubt my faith. So in order to keep that from happening, I tried to continue putting up a front. I've slowly introduced the new broken me to my friends and they are adjusting. I think I'm better now than ever, and I also am not as worried if they approve.

Atlanta Hawks on Twitter

RETWEET to join us in congratulating Coach Bud, who was just announced as Coach of the Year! #TrueToAtlanta

What Africa Needs More Than Food Aid or Democracy

The biblical gospel tells us that the problem is far worse than the prosperity gospel suggests. Our greatest problem is not that we are broken or sick. Our greatest problem is that the God of the universe is righteous in his holy anger, and he is coming to pour out his divine wrath on all who do not worship him as God. The biblical gospel tells us that the good news is far better than the fact that we will be made healthy and wealthy (even though this will be true of all believers in the new heavens and the new earth). The biblical gospel tells us that we get God as our treasure. We get to worship God as God. He sets us free from all other posers that promised joys they could never provide.

A Hidden Opportunity in Your Church

Given the statistics, whether you realize it or not, there’s a good chance that you have a family in your congregation who’s parenting a child with Autism and running through these same questions as they enter your sanctuary. And there’s a good chance that you may be tempted to overlook their needs: the constant hum of ministry demands and Sunday gatherings require efficiency, consistency, and structure.

Newsmax's Top 100 Christian Leaders in America

Newsmax is out with its list of the top 100 Christian leaders in America who make a real impact on modern lives in 2015. Christianity's challenges in today's world of instantaneous information transmission and new brands of sin are not what they were a century ago, nor are they quite what they were during the socio-sexual revolution of the '60s. And not all the names below are occupants of pulpits — not traditional physical pulpits, anyway. The early 21st century is a time of slickly produced videos of mass Christian martyrdoms at the hands of fanatics acting in the name of Islam, a kind of high-tech return to the medieval wars between the two faiths. In the computer age, millions witness those atrocities within hours. ALERT: Is the Rapture Going to Happen Soon? It is also a time when a new Pope seems poised to launch a reassessment of traditional Catholic moral teaching — and the American free-market establishment — that will spark spirited resistance within the church he governs. And so Cardinal Raymond Burke, formerly of St. Louis and little known before Pope Francis' election, features prominently on our list.

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Josh McDowell: Living Treasures Hidden Within Ancient Artifacts

He repeated this process again and again. After the initial analysis and identification was made, we found that we were the stewards of six ancient New Testament passages and one Old Testament manuscript fragment—seven treasures in all! While all the manuscripts are yet unpublished and must be further scrutinized to determine the exact content and more precise dating, we do know what passages these are from and the approximate time period. These included a manuscript fragment from Jeremiah 33, which was possibly the earliest known Coptic papyrus of this passage in existence today. There were also manuscripts of Mark 15, John 14, Matthew 6 and 7, and 1 John 2—all possibly the earliest papyrus records of these passages in any language in existence today—and Galatians 4, which dates as one of the earliest known papyrus passages ever recorded. These treasures were far beyond my expectations. I was utterly elated.

Equipping the church for apologetics and theological training.

“Tactical Faith is the rare organization that seeks to benefit everyone in apologetics. They bridge the gap between the good men and women that have worked to make themselves a resource for the body of Christ and the local churches and organizations that benefit from high level teaching. Through grassroots efforts they build relationships based on trust and a shared desire to see the Kingdom expanded through reasonable discourse that allow Tactical Faith to supply the people that fit genuine needs of the audience. They do all this and are great people to boot!”


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Leadership Challenges in Church Revitalization

In revitalization, you need to love, not drive people. Talk to them. Listen to them. Get them excited about God’s mission for their life and their church. Love your people, and not just as a means of getting them to do what you want.

13-episode pro-life TV program could soon air nationally | Live Action News

Those engaged in the battle for life are well familiar with the Life Training Institute’s   Scott Klusendorf. He’s debated everyone from the International Planned Parenthood Federation’s first medical director Dr. Malcolm Potts to Kathryn Kolbert, a pro-abortion attorney who argued against preborn rights before the United States Supreme Court and has been “credited” with saving Roe v. Wade .

There’s No Such Thing as a Spoiler

I hope you’ll agree that I’m not spoiling anything when I tell you (or perhaps remind you) how the greatest book ever written ends. It ends with a promise, a prayer, and a blessing. There is a promise to remind us that our future is sure, the victory is won, and our bridegroom is coming; a prayer that invites us to look forward with joyful anticipation to the fulfillment of God’s promises; and a blessing that gives us what we need to remain faithful until our hope is fulfilled. Be encouraged by the words of Revelation 22:20-21: “He who testifies to these things says, ‘Surely, I am coming soon.’ Amen. Come, Lord Jesus! The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all. Amen.”


What has gone wrong? At the heart of the mess is a simple phenomenon: the churches seem to have lost a love for and confidence in the Word of God. They still carry Bibles and declare the authority of the Scriptures. They still have sermons based on Bible verses and still have Bible study classes. But not much of the Bible is actually read in their services. Their sermons and studies usually do not examine the Bible to see what it thinks is important for the people of God. Increasingly they treat the Bible as tidbits of poetic inspiration, of pop psychology, and of self-help advice. Congregations where the Bible is ignored or abused are in the gravest peril. Churches that depart from the Word will soon find that God has departed from them.


Getting along through disagreement is never easy. Preserving the freedom to think and learn and grow comes with a cost. But what if the disagreement itself is valuable for us? What if the cost of freedom isn’t what we expect? And how can we all become the kinds of citizens who know how to disagree without it destroying us?

We’re Called to Make Disciples, Not Converts

After decades of youth and adult ministry in the heart of the Bible belt, I have come to this painful conclusion, ignorance of Jesus is epidemic. In the 35 and under age group, 95% have never read even one of the four Gospels. We are fervently preaching and witnessing in order to get folks to trust Jesus, assuming they have a clear picture of Him- they don’t. They only have second-hand information that forms their patchwork idea of Jesus. Biblical education is a huge part of effectively sharing the Gospel. Reading the stories has become necessary to build trust in the Biblical Jesus, not some character created from hear-say and personal fantasy. Our faith is based in the Jesus of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, the original religious tracts. The goal of the Primary Source Project is to get everyone to read or listen to the life and teaching of Jesus and begin an ongoing and lifelong conversation about Him. Challenge your friends and family to start reading the 4 Gospels and let the Word of God do the heavy lifting. It works!


Are you feeling overwhelmed with busyness? If so, you'll want to hear about the radical steps one over-extended mother took to step out of the rat race and refocus on her family. Author Joanne Kraft talks about some of the fun family field trips they...

North Carolina Counties Add 'In God We Trust' National Motto to Public Buildings

North Carolina's McDowell County is now the third municipality in the state to approve adding the national motto "In God We Trust" to its public buildings.

Southern Seminary on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

The God of Justice Hates False Reports

4. Do not assume the little guy is always right. God also warns us against siding with the poor just because they’re poor. Your version of cosmic justice is no excuse for perpetuating a local injustice. This is where the Age of Internet Outrage makes things unbelievably difficult. Here’s the scene that plays itself out over and over: It is alleged that Powerful Person/Organization/Institution A has done something terrible to Oppressed Person/Organization/Institution B. The charges sound really bad. If true, they demand cries of anger and recrimination. But what if it is not yet clear that the alleged crimes or offenses took place? What if there is another side to the story that has not been heard? What if–as in the case of the charges against UVA–the real story is no real story at all? Doesn’t wisdom dictate caution and patience? But of course, caution and patience in such situations are often pilloried as siding with the powerful or adding to the victim’s pain. And thus we are forced to decry alleged criminals lest we be deemed guilty of supporting the crimes themselves.

32 This New Trailer for ‘Little Prince’ Is Gorgeous

A new English trailer for the upcoming big screen re-imagining of the classic children’s story Little Prince has been released, and it is gorgeous. The animators combined the book’s famous watercolor design, with modern CGI, and the visuals look stunning. The film, from Mark Osbourne, the director of Kung Fu Panda , also boasts a pretty stellar voice-cast that includes Rachel McAdams, James Franco, Benicio del Toro and Jeff Bridges. The movie will release this summer in France, though a domestic release date hasn’t been announced ...

Manny Pacquiao Fights for 'God' and 'His Country;' Boxer Talks Mayweather Match, Sinful Past and Bringing Change to the Philippines (Exclusive)

After their gloves touch, the bell rings and the dust settles on May 2, the world may be able to end the debate surrounding Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather Jr. being the best boxer of their era. Yet, Pacquiao is fighting for so much more than bragging rights or the largest payout any pugilist has ever seen.

Do Your Sermon Illustrations Help or Hurt? Five Major Pitfalls to Avoid

Everyone loves a good story. They can be powerful, illuminating, inspiring, and, most of all, they can be memorable. And they can really enhance the effectiveness of a sermon. No doubt, some of our favorite sermons are our favorite precisely because of the illustrations or stories they contained.

On Justice Scalia's Majority Opinion in Employment Division v. Smith

L ike many social conservatives, especially Christian ones, I spend a lot of my time reading and writing about religious freedom, particularly on how it might be affected by the legalization of same-sex marriage and the campaign for “gay rights” more generally. Yet at the same time, I harbor doubts about the position we are staking out.

Church Plant Funding: How Does It Work?

Church planters must thoughtfully consider the strategies for funding their new church. Outside of biblical qualification and calling, this is one of the most important contributing factors leading to a viable church plant in the most predominant model of vocational church planting.

What is Reformed Irenicism? - The Calvinist International

There is a necessary sort of “protective” strength, of course, and this arises when interlocutors are not themselves engaging in the irenic project but are instead trying to either indoctrinate, harm, or “shipwreck” the faith of others. We see this difference in approach when we compare the heretics of the New Testament with the “weaker brothers.” The Judaizers are theologically mistaken, but they are also evil. They “pervert the gospel” (Gal. 1:7) and are put under a curse (Gal. 1:9). They are called “dogs” (Philippians 3:2). Peter says that “false prophets” are driven by covetousness (2 Peter 2:3) and are like beasts who are destined for Hell (2 Peter 2:12-17). John’s opponents are “antichrists” who somehow “went out from us” but were nevertheless “not of us” (1 John 2:18-19). And the difference between them, ultimately, was that they did not possess the anointing of the Holy Spirit, so that their lusts led them into deception (1 John 2:20-21). This lack of “truth” between the claim and the reality even applies to those synagogues of Satan in the opening chapters of Revelation.


Words carry power. When an idea is articulately expressed in words, it possesses the ability both to persuade and to call people to action. In fact, the well-known expression “the pen is mightier than the sword” is a tribute to the difference that words can make. History recounts how certain people, through passionate speeches or bold writings, have influenced the world around them in noteworthy ways. The Word of God, however, wields a power that is unrivaled by any form of human communication. As an account of the redemptive work of Jesus Christ, the Bible calls its hearers and readers to faith. In this lecture, Dr. Lawson will discuss the significance of Scripture as the means the Holy Spirit uses to bring about the new birth.

CrossExamined (crossexamined)

CrossExamined equips Christians and challenges unbelievers with evidence that Christianity is true.

Sex is the New Religion - Cross Examined - Christian Apologetic Ministry | Frank Turek | Christian Apologetics | Christian Apologetics Speakers

Sex is the new religion in America, and it’s a religion of the sword. That’s the real reason this controversy has risen in Indiana. A determined and vocal minority from the religion of sex is bullying and cutting down traditionalists who need a law that would allow them to be left alone. This clash of orthodoxies has opposing values with moralists on both sides demanding their rights.

Child 44

Child 44 has the raw materials—particularly in its cast and production design, not to mention its compelling mashup of real history, war, and serial killer drama—to have been a great film. Aside from those promising plot devices, it seems wise to remind people of the dire consequences of ideological regimes. (The film is not being shown in Russia, which may be telling.)

The Magical Moral Mystery

When I was thirteen years old, one of my favourite hobbies was conjuring. Every Saturday morning, I would faithfully trek across London to attend classes at Davenports Magic Shop, an Aladdin’s cave of a place which was all the more wondrous for being located in an underground mall deep below Charing Cross. There I learnt how to baffle people with card tricks, make money disappear, [1] and pull rabbits from hats. [2]

With Children in Foxholes

President Omar al-Bashir and the governing National Congress Party declined dialogue with the opposition, and he has shown no sign of ceasing the kind of violence that resulted in a 2009 indictment by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for allegedly directing a campaign of mass killing, rape, and pillage against civilians in Darfur. He’s the first sitting president to face such charges.

Christian Refugees Formed Human Chain to Escape Being Thrown to Their Deaths in Mediterranean by Muslims on Migrant Boat

Christian refugees fleeing war and poverty in Africa to seek a better life in Europe recounted how they formed a human chain last Thursday to avoid being thrown to their deaths in the Mediterranean along with 12 of their brothers during a clash over their faith with Muslims on a migrant boat near southern Italy.

IRS Surveillance of Churches After Secret Agreement With Atheists May Go to Court

An Arizona-based legal group has filed a lawsuit in federal court demanding that the Internal Revenue Service divulge information about an agreement it made with an atheist organization regarding the monitoring of churches.

PyroManiacs - Jer 23:29

[TPSP]: Without question you personally are in the top 1% of all wage earners on the planet -- but you are also in the top 1% of wage earners in this country. What percent of your income do you think the Federal Government should take -- and when will you start giving it voluntarily?

Grand Central Question: Answering the Critical Concerns of the Major Worldviews

All religions and worldviews seek to answer the fundamental questions of human existence: Why am I here? What does it mean to be human? Why is there evil in the world, and how do we deal with it? But not every worldview places equal emphasis on each issue. The main worldviews each tend to stress a different central question. Read more

Here’s a Craigslist Ad for 'A Used Imperial Star Destroyer'

This superstructure is perfect for long road trips with the family, discovering new galaxies, picking up girls for dates, and general destruction of your enemies. Have you ever seen what a Star Destroyer can do to the surface of an unshielded planet? Stones run like water and sand turns to glass. With just a little TLC, this baby can be good as new ... First come, first serve basis. You are responsible for towing.

The Briefing 04-21-15

1) Mediterranean boat disaster reveals desperation that drives quest for freedom and security

Free Yourself from Divided Interests

But this is how Paul approached all of life. He lived lean and traveled light in order to minimize “worldly troubles” and divided interests (1 Corinthians 7:28, 34). That’s why he told Timothy, “No soldier gets entangled in civilian pursuits, since his aim is to please the one who enlisted him” (2 Timothy 2:4). And this must be our approach to all of life as well.

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