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The Integration of Science and Faith with Dr. Jeff Zweerink

Dr. Jeff Zweerink, a research scholar at Reasons to Believe, joined me this week to talk about the integration of science and faith. He is an astrophysicist studying the multiverse theory, dark ene…

10 Things Coming to Netflix in April You Need to See

The Word of God Is at Work in You

Walking by the Spirit is a continual depending, praying, trusting, acting, and thanking God all out of faith.

Watch the Avengers React to the ‘Justice League’ Trailer

This Dude Is Making a Working Iron Man Flight Suit

Church Culture Exposed in 5 Painfully Funny Videos

They're funny because they're true.

Your Joy Depends on Election

God’s gift of salvation does not depend on anything that we do or are in ourselves. It depends on God’s own sovereign, gracious freedom.

California Gov.: Undocumented Immigrants Are Children of God and Should Be Treated That Way

How can I improve my prayer life? — Honest Answers

Resources for Church Leaders

Love the Single Chapter of Your Life

The purpose of singleness is that we be made as happy as anyone possibly can be — through undistracted devotion to Jesus.

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Click here to support DFW Life Church Planting Campaign by Mike Robinson Apologetics

Vision & Purpose Statements Purpose Statement DFW Life Church is committed to helping people know God as disciples, in order to love and disciple others, and change the world (Mark 12:30-31; Jer. 29:11; 1 John 4:7-11; 2 Cor. 5:18-21). Vision DFW Life Church endeavors to be a discipleship-oriented congregation taking the Gospel to the world; equipping, defending, planting, reproducing, and sending God’s people to make disciples of all nations—to love God and to love others (Mt 28:19-20; 2 Tim 2:2; 1 Pet 3:15).                         Unique Vision - Church Planting Fulfill a Great Need in Dallas Fort Worth & the World [We need $9600 for a Full Years Rent: only $800 a month for the building] Hi – this is Pastor Mike Robinson. I had the privilege to work on college campuses as an evangelist and minister for many years--I also had the honor of serving as pastor for Christ Covenant Church for 17 years and Abundant Life Church in Granbury for the last 2 years. It has been a joy to serve Christ, plant churches, and raise up new leaders. Additionally, I have been blessed to be able to author numerous books on biblical truths, apologetics, theology, cults, and the Bible.

2 What are some of the dangers of apologetics? | carm

Now, I do not need to expand on each of these ten things. They are self-explanatory. Our goal as Christians is to present our faith and its defense with gentleness and respect. This isn't always easy to do, especially in light of some of the severe hostility that we face as Christians. Nevertheless, let's take a look at what Scripture says regarding our interaction with those who are against Christianity.

The Point: LGBTube

Last week YouTube announced they’re reviewing complaints about their “restricted mode,” which allows parents to control the videos their kids watch. The complaints came from lesbian, LGBT-identifying video bloggers who said this mode blocked many of their videos.

BreakPoint on Twitter

Join us for a free informational webinar hosted by Dr. Bill Brown on Tuesday, April 4 at 8 pm EDT.

Theology of Persuasion

The worldview based on God’s revelation and the worldview based on unbelief are completely opposed and at base have no point of agreement. Regarding knowledge (epistemology), Christians and non-Christians have nothing in common. In principle, their systems are completely at odds. One interprets all of reality according to God’s revelation, the other denies that revelation and interprets autonomously. The unbeliever’s reason is not neutral. Man’s reason, just like the rest of him, is fallen . Man is totally depraved, meaning there is no part of him that is not sinful. All aspects are fallen and dead in sin. Not just his affections, but also his intellect. Man’s reason is sinful. Everything is interpreted through the grid of unbelief. Man’s rational faculties are fine. The instruments work. The airplane is in good working condition, but it’s flying in the wrong direction. Every piece of data given in support of the Christian worldview is easily grist for the unbelieving mill. God’s clear revelation of himself in creation is already being held down with both hands by the unbeliever.

The Other Billy Graham Rules

But most reports have neglected to mention that there’s not just one Billy Graham rule. There are four. They deal with money, sex, power, and lies and were part of something known as the Modesto Manifesto . Set up in the 1940s, the rules were meant to keep Graham and his organization away from the pitfalls that have taken down American celebrity preachers since the days of Henry Ward Beecher and Aimee Semple McPherson .

Jonathan Morrow's WELCOME TO COLLEGE Survival Pack Giveaway

Martin Scorsese Wants to Make More Spiritual Movies

Iconic filmmaker and current RELEVANT cover star Martin Scorsese has always been interested in movies that tease out spiritual themes, but his fascination with Christianity has rarely been as front and center as it was with last year’s  Silence.

‘Get Out’ Locks Our Gaze on Racism's Horror

Indeed, laughter and screaming are frequently indistinguishable in black comedy and satire, comic sensibilities that are very familiar to horror fans. Think of the moral force of Jonathan Swift’s icy satire, “A Modest Proposal,” which famously recommended that poor Irish families supplement their meager incomes by selling their children as a particularly exotic form of cuisine to the nation’s wealthiest citizens. Though it may seem like a long way from Swift to a contemporary horror film, I’d argue that few stories address the subject of racism with the force and moral urgency of Get Out .

Christianity 'on the rise' in Yemen - Premier

He said: "Now the foreigners are mostly gone, we actually had to take the lead ourselves. At first it seemed the house church movement would fall apart, but gradually, local Christians started taking responsibility and took up leadership positions. They may not have been highly trained, but they share the knowledge they have and support each other."

How Apologetics Serves Evangelism in Our Post Christian Culture

Thinking this morning about where our culture has been and where it is going, I could not help pondering about the church’s effectiveness in this post Christian culture in reaching those without Christ. Our culture has taken on a different face, very quickly, as a result of a judicial fiat decision. Should we do anything differently in our evangelism?  Has anything really changed?

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Lament Like a Christian Hedonist: How Joy in God Bears Real Pain

God has his own perspective. And that perspective is a divine perspective — eternal and omniscient. Our perspective is necessarily far more limited. Not only are we limited to our own two eyes, but we also have further limitations from the damage of our sin. So it ought not surprise us that many of the greatest realities in this universe are mysterious to us, little as we are. And God loves us enough to remind us of just how little we can see now.

Premier Christian on Twitter

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Tim Keller Introduces the New City Catechism

Additionally, TGC is in the process of producing a children’s curriculum suitable for Sunday schools and homeschooling based on The New City Catechism, which we plan to release in summer 2018.

Counting the Cost: Was Murdered UN Congo Worker a Martyr?

“On behalf of the Congolese diaspora community in the United States that I represent, I am saddened by this news,” stated Fidele Lumeya, executive director of the Congolese American Council for Peace and Development. “Michael took a most perilous mission to investigate the ongoing killings, showing deep respect for the dignity of humankind and the women and children of Central Congo. His work in the Congo is a legacy of who we are as human beings, as Mennonites, and Christian disciples.”

The Collected Works of John Piper

Uniting for the first time the entirety of John Piper’s published writings from 1970 to 2015, this 14-volume collection, published by Crossway Books and edited by David Mathis and Justin Taylor, features the latest editions of fifty of Piper’s books along with hundreds of articles and chapters, compiled into one beautifully designed resource.

Iowa State Students Required to Write about 9/11 Attacks from al-Qaeda Perspective

Students in an Iowa State International Studies class were recently given an interesting assignment: they were required to write about the 9-11 attacks from the perspective of al-Qaeda jihadis. In this video, David Wood completes the assignment. For more on jihad, watch these videos: "Three Stages of Jihad": "The Jihad Triangle": "Understanding Vehicular Jihad":

BreakPoint on Twitter

When it comes to gender issues, Christians today usually find ourselves in a corrective or even a defensive posture.

Imprisoned Pakistani Christians Offered Release If They Convert to Islam

"Taking advantage of their presence at ATC-1 Lahore, Deputy District Public Prosecutor Syed Anees Shah gathers the accused outside the courtroom and asks them to embrace Islam," Joseph Franci, a rights activist helping to provide legal aid to the jailed Christians, told the Express. "He asks them if they embrace Islam, he can guarantee them their acquittal in this case."

Eye-Witness Testimony for the New Testament Documents

A decent look into manuscript evidence can show us that we have a reliable copy of the New Testament. By that I mean we can have confidence that what we read today in the New Testament is the same thing the original authors wrote. But there is a second question that needs to be asked; Does the New Testament Tell the Truth? Sure we have an accurate copy but we could have a copy of a lie. I want to give you a few lines of evidence that point to the veracity of the NT documents. In this blog post we will talk about the first line: 

The Heart of Worship

You are salt of the earth. So if you were to ask me, “What is the salt? What is tangy?” For you are the light of the world, verse 14. So we have got salt and we have got light flowing from “Rejoice in the day that you are persecuted because you can be satisfied not with that, but with your reward in heaven.” I would say, “If you show me somebody like that, somebody who in the midst of suffering, in the midst of criticism, in the midst of conflict has a demeanor of inner, deep, quiet, strong, satisfaction in God and the rewards that are coming, I would say that is the saltiest, brightest thing I have ever seen in my life.” That tastes so different than the world that there is only one explanation for that — God. I think that is what it means. And so when you get to verse 16 where it says, “Let your light so shine before men,” I think it means deeds done out of that kind of heart get glory for God and not for you. The kind of heart is in rejoicing in my reward, not in being liked by other people. I am rejoicing in my reward, not in health. I am rejoicing in my God, my reward — Christ. Not a good job, not ministry going well, not kids walking in the paths of righteousness.

Four Tools to Help You Understand the Hard Sayings of the Bible

One of the reasons why we sweat over getting the hard sayings of the Bible right is because we believe, like Peter, that they hold the words of eternal life. In many ways, wrestling with these hard sayings is a quintessentially evangelical occupation. Since we believe the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, we scrutinize over how every “jot and tittle” is interpreted. The most basic vocation for every Christian is to be a sound exegete of God’s Word. The reason why we care so much about the task of hermeneutics is that we believe correct interpretation of Sacred Writ is essential for faith and practice. Our commitment to the inspiration and authority of the Bible necessitates the careful study, explanation, defense, and application of biblical revelation.

Poll: Evangelical Leaders Don’t Even Want to Endorse Politicians

One promise President Donald Trump made often and loudly on the campaign trail was to revoke a 1954 law that says houses of worship can’t officially endorse politicians, or they risk losing their tax-exempt status.

Muslim Rollins College professor attacks Christian student for questioning her stupidity

To start this post, let’s review the minimal facts about the historical Jesus by citing prominent non-Christian historical Jesus scholar E.P. Sanders of Duke University.

Cracking The Movie Code On The Case For Christ

It was a September Sunday morning in 2015 when my friend Lee Strobel raised the idea of adapting his best-selling, non-fiction book, The Case for Christ , into a movie.  We were chewing the fat together at Mission Hills Church in Littleton, CO, following the service at which he had just spoken.  It had been a few years since we had last seen each other and I had gone to hear him give the weekend message for old time’s sake.  When he broached the film, I wagged my head enthusiastically and said “absolutely.”  Truth is, I’d be happy just digging a ditch with Lee Strobel – let alone make a movie about him.

27 When Life After College Doesn’t Look Like You Thought It Would

I wonder if getting graduation announcements in the mail or seeing your little sister or brother cross that stage is forcing you to face what the reality of your life has been since graduation. I know this time of the year does that for me. Whose life actually turned out how they planned it? Who has the job or spouse or house they thought they would at this point?

Crossway on Twitter

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29 Jesus Didn’t Need the Approval of Others

While we often don’t view His ministry in this way, Jesus gives us a perfect example for how to avoid the need for approval. We ought to pay attention to, meditate on, and seek to follow his lead, as we do for other areas of living.

30 .@Ichthus77 #Apologetics Daily

Book Review: The Risen Jesus and A Future Hope

The Risen Jesus And A Future Hope is a great book in which the Dr. Gary Habermas defends the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ and shows the practical implications of the truth of the claim. Dr. Habermas split the book into the two sections respectfully. Habermas begins his defense by laying a few foundations in Chapter 1. The first foundation is the inductive nature of the study of history. He then discusses the difference between miracles and miracle-claims. He cautions against accepting a priori (prior to evidence) conclusions. He then provides classical arguments against miracles (David Hume) and responds to the arguments. He then provides the 12 facts related to the death and/or claimed resurrection that the majority of critical scholars accept. Habermas makes clear an intention in this book. He is not providing a thorough defense for truth of these claims, he is only using them as part of his argument because they are accepted by the majority of critical scholars. He makes the point that if the reader wants to thoroughly investigate the reasons for even critics to accept the truth of these claims, they should refer to the material of the critics.


“There’s nothing like the written Word of God for showing you the way to salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. Every part of Scripture is God-breathed and useful one way or another — showing us truth, exposing our rebellion, correcting our mistakes, training us to live God’s way. Through the Word we are put together and shaped up for the tasks God has for us”

A Practical Guide to Culture: Helping the Next Generation Navigate Today's World: John Stonestreet, Brett Kunkle: 9781434711014: Books

I wish John Stonestreet and Brett Kunkle had written A Practical Guide to Culture years ago. As a parent and youth pastor, I was often concerned about the impact the culture might have on my children and students, and I wasn’t always sure how to address the challenges. John and Brett have written a hopeful, engaging book that will prepare parents, educators, and youth leaders to equip young minds. This isn’t just a survey of culture; it’s an active, purposeful, and thoughtful action plan. If you want your students and children to represent Christ in a fallen world as they thrive in their Christian walk, A Practical Guide to Culture is an essential guide.

Trust God Through Your Tears

This is what I wish someone had told me then. In all our suffering, we have two alternatives: we can cry in sinful disdain over the work that God is doing in and through us, or we can lament deeply with hope in the joy that is set before us. The weeping itself is not the issue — that is probably the most God-glorifying response. But if our weeping comes simply from angered pride, or the shattered shards of our sin nature, we’ve moved away from lamenting the way things are to resenting that things are not the way we wanted them to be.

Bill Clinton Calls Mike Pence's Strict Marital Practices 'Excessive' | The Babylon Bee

U.S.—In a candid new interview, former President Bill Clinton commented Friday on the recent revelation that Vice President Mike Pence refuses to dine alone with women who are not his wife, saying the strict guidelines are “ridiculous” and “excessive.”

What Feminism Owes to the Protestant Reformation

In her essay “Reformation,” Robinson remarks that the history of the Reformation is “very largely a history of books and publication.” In particular, it is the history of very learned people (yes, men) working tremendously hard to make the Bible available in the vernacular. “It is hard now to imagine a world in which virtually everything of importance—law, humane learning, science, and religion—was carried on in a language known only by an educated minority,” she writes. And yet this educated minority included translators like William Tyndale and others who steadily and generously worked to share their intellectual privilege. Robinson identifies the movement known as Lollardy—associated with John Wycliffe—as a forerunner to the Reformation. In the 14th century, Wycliffe made a Middle English translation of the Latin Vulgate Bible which so-called “poor priests” carried (illegally) through the countryside, preaching the gospel to peasants: “Blessid be ye, that now hungren, for ye shulen be fulfillid. Blessid be ye, that now wepen, for ye shulen leiye.

TGC – The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Southern Seminary invites you to join us for breakfast, coffee, and conversation with doctoral studies faculty on Wednesday morning. If you are interested in doctoral level programs in research or applied degrees, we are eager for you to come and learn more about Southern’s 125 year tradition of offering excellence in doctoral studies. The breakfast will be hosted at the Marriott Indianapolis from 7:30am-8:30 in Ballroom E. Tickets are available at the SBTS exhibit booth, or you can RSVP by clicking in the button below.

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The World’s Strongest Coffee Has Come to America

Hailing from South Africa, “ Black Insomnia Coffee ,” can now be purchased on Amazon. As they terrifyingly explain in a press release , “According to Mayo Clinic, ‘Up to 400 mg [equivalent to 6 mg/kg body weight in a 65-kg person] of caffeine a day, appears to be safe for most healthy adults. That’s roughly the amount of caffeine in four [6 oz] cups of brewed coffee”. Thus, having just one 6 oz cup of Black Insomnia almost fulfills the recommended maximum intake.”

The Eric Metaxas Show - The Show About Everything

The listener favorite shares some miraculous stories of healing around the world.  Listen...

Church of England says progress being made in handling abuse cases - Premier

The Church of England has released a progress report one year on from the release of the Elliot Review outlining how the Church is improving its response to allegations of abuse.

Prof tries to get conservatives fired over FB argument

A Texas State University history professor called the employers of at least two conservatives, one a current student, to accuse them of "hate speech" in retribution over a political disagreement on Facebook.

Jon Favreau Wants Beyoncé in His Live Action ‘Lion King’ Movie

Live action remakes of beloved Disney classics have proven to be a safe bet for the House of Mouse, so they’re probably able to make Beyoncé a pretty attractive offer. That said, this is the one of the few negotiations on the planet in which Disney could be seen as the underdog. Bey’s at the top of the food chain!

4 Ways to Invite God into Your Planning Meetings

I try to designate time in meetings to reflect on our motives. Each team will have to discover the best way to do this together. Not every ministry team setting provides a safe place to share; when one team member calls into question another’s motives, it feels like an accusation. Still, I’ve found it helpful to spend time discerning motives, whether or not we share them. In many ways, it’s my role as a leader to discover my motives, to model transparency on the team, and to invite others to learn their own hidden motives. With our motives identified, we can invite God to shape them and challenge them if necessary.

5 things we learned this week - Premier

An Easter lunch shopping basket costs 11% less than last year, with all items except for hot cross buns dropping in price, according to an annual survey. Good Housekeeping's annual Easter shopping basket price index found consumers can feed eight people for lunch, including serving a leg of lamb, prosecco and chocolate, for £21.07 or £2.63 per head, if they are prepared to shop around. Last year's cheapest basket cost £2.96 per head. Lidl was the cheapest supermarket for buying the entire list based on prices effective from April 14, costing £23.22, followed by Aldi (£23.43), Tesco (£29.89), Iceland (£33.17) and Waitrose (£39.18).

Schoolboy becomes Oxford's youngest ever organist - Premier

Attention: You Can Play Ms. Pac-Man Right in Google Maps

To play, just open up the Google Maps app on your phone, and click the icon that looks like Pac-Man in the corner of the screen.

Truck driver seen 'swerving on road' before deadly church bus crash - Premier

Police have confirmed that they received phone calls about a pickup truck driving erratically shortly before a crash that killed 13 church members returning from a retreat in Texas.

Prince Charles meets head of Romanian Orthodox Church - Premier

Prince Charles has met Patriarch Daniel, head of the Romanian Orthodox Church during a visit to Bucharest as part of a royal tour.

Is How We Live More Important Than What We Believe?

Today I’m starting a blog series called, “Bad Secular Wisdom.” If you’re not familiar with the term, a blog series is where an author writes multiple posts on a related subject. I’m not normally a fan of such series because I think they get old fast, but in this case there are so many interesting and important topics for Christian parents that fall under the umbrella of “Bad Secular Wisdom,” I’m excited to do it. I’ll be posting once per month in the series, with remaining posts on other subjects.

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