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House Hacking Suspects’ Father Transferred Data To Pakistani Government, Ex-Partner Claims

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A Quantum Christian

As he read, he became increasingly and utterly astonished to find that the Bible – the book he’d dismissed out of hand as a stupid fairy tale – was probably one of the most precise books of quantum physics he’d ever run into. This was not at all what he had expected, and as a scientist knowledgeable in modern physics, it started to turn his whole epistemological orientation on its head. Dennis had long been fascinated with the study of light, and to him, the quantum physics of light precisely explained the Christian doctrine of the Trinity. That brought him to his knees.

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Can We Trust What is Written in the Bible?

For more resources visit: While Dr William Lane Craig was on his 2013 Australian speaking tour, he spoke at the Sydney University Evangelical Union on the resurrection of Jesus. After his talk, he answered a number of questions from the audience. In this clip, Dr Craig answers the question, "Can we trust what is written in the Bible?" We welcome your comments in the Reasonable Faith forums: Be sure to also visit Reasonable Faith's other channel: Follow Reasonable Faith On Twitter: Add Reasonable Faith On Facebook:

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Cold Case Christianity

In this podcast, J. Warner Wallace is interviewed by Lucas Miles and talks how he became a Christian through analyzing the Death and Resurrection of Christ, how to take an evidential approach to Scripture, the exodus of young people from the Church, and how we can be fully equipped to defend our faith and combat intellectual skepticism. For more great episodes of The Lucas Miles Show, please visit his podcast page. You can also subscribe to the Cold-Case Christianity Weekly Podcast on iTunes, or add the podcast from our RSS Feed.

6 The Allure of Sin

Recently, I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia. This is a condition where a small opening in the top of my stomach allows acid to get into my abdomen and where part of my stomach pushes up through my diaphragm muscle. It’s just as painful as it sounds. Some people with the condition require surgery, but I have found that I can control the side effects simply by eating healthy. Actually, my diet is beyond healthy—I need to cut out even good-for-you grains and carbohydrates in order to keep from aggravating my condition. The trouble is, all those foods that I must deny myself in order to control my condition are so delicious. There have been more times than I’d like to admit where I’ve indulged in something that I knew beforehand would not be good for me. In those moments, my appetite was met and my taste buds were satisfied. But, just as the food settled in my stomach, the cramps, coughing, and overwhelming sense of nausea returned. It happens almost every time I lack the self-control to say no . There are consequences for my actions. And, if I am not careful, the result could lead to greater health problems, even the possibility of death.

Evidence, Knowledge, and Science: How Does Christianity Measure Up?

It is important to consider what it is that we mean by ‘science’. The English-language word ‘science’ derives from the Latin ‘scientia’ meaning ‘knowledge.’ In its broadest sense, we might see ‘science’ as simply knowledge established through rigorous investigation. Usually, however, we understand ‘science’ in a more narrow sense (e.g. the study of the natural world). Sometimes the notion of science is used in a more methodological sense: knowledge established by repeated experiment. We sometimes hear reference to the ‘scientific method.’ However, perhaps the most common use of ‘science’ is in an institutional sense: all that has been accomplished both in knowledge and technical achievement by the investigators, laboratories, publications, and institutional bodies that are devoted to the study of the natural world and to the applications of the resulting knowledge.

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Does History Reliably Prove the Bible's Gospels?

Christians today are facing more challenges than ever. The Poached Egg exists to equip Christians to meet those challenges and be more confident in their faith and become more effective witnesses for Christ. If you find these articles and posts useful, please consider partnering with me in 2018 to continue this work that God has laid on my heart. As someone once said, the Gospel is free, but someone has to pay for the plumbing. You can become a monthly partner for just as little as $5 a month (that’s only $60 a year), the price of a gourmet cup of coffee. Special one time gifts are welcome and encouraged as well. Will you help?

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What is the Greatest Need of this Generation?

Given my research on Gen Z, and my personal interaction with young people today, I am more convinced than ever that the greatest need of this generation (whether they realize it or not) is for three things:

The 40 Days of Easter

Acts 9:1-19 1 Meanwhile, Saul was still breathing out threats of murder against the Lord’s disciples. He went to the high priest 2 to ask for letters to the synagogues in Damascus, so that if he found any men or women belonging to the Way, he could bring them as prisoners to Jerusalem. 3 As Saul drew near to Damascus on his journey, suddenly a light from heaven flashed around him. 4 He fell to the ground and heard a voice say to him, “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute Me?” 5 “Who are You, Lord?” Saul asked. “I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting,” He replied. 6“Now get up and go into the city, and you will be told what you must do.” 7 The men traveling with Saul stood there speechless. They heard the voice but did not see anyone. 8 Saul got up from the ground, but when he opened his eyes he could not see a thing. So they led him by the hand into Damascus. 9 For three days he was without sight, and he did not eat or drink anything. 10 In Damascus there was a disciple named Ananias. The Lord spoke to him in a vision, “Ananias!” “Here I am, Lord,” he answered. 11 “Get up!” the Lord told him.

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God Wants to Win You from Within

When Jesus bids us, “Follow me,” he doesn’t call us to die to real joy, but to find it. Finally, at long last, the hidden treasure becomes ours (Matthew 13:44). Jesus doesn’t command us to squash true pleasures, but calls us not to be so easily pleased by our trinkets. He appeals to our desire. He made us for himself, heart included, and he seeks to win us from within, and change us from the inside out.


“We were squeezed in a small room — 15 by 18 feet. There were sometimes 40 of us. That was the situation and I was able to lead 40 Eritrean refugees to Christ,” he said. “It was like new revelation for me. I started to be courageous and openly shared the Gospel with other fellow prisoners. Later on, that resulted in them putting me in solitary confinement again.”

The Professor: Why Are You a Christian? – When Challenged, Can You Defend Your Faith in Christ

Are our adults ready to give a defense of the gospel? When challenged, can they give a reasonable explanation of their faith? Dr. Bohlin presents a sobering view of this question based upon years of experience questioning high school and college-age students on the basis for their belief in Christ. By exposing their lack of cogent answers to questions they may be asked, he challenges them to spend time exploring the questions and developing biblical worldview-based answers.

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#TheSift : Attack on @UN team in Syria delays chemical weapons probe … @onize_ohiks

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What is intellectual doubt?

We can sometimes have every intellectual reason in the world to believe something is true, and yet we doubt. This form of doubt, and we’ve all faced it to greater or lesser degree, is emotional doubt (or sometimes called psychological doubt). An extreme example of this form of doubting is one who has a phobia of flying. The person may know everything there is to know about flight safety, and know (intellectually) that flying on an airplane is, by almost every metric, safer than, say, driving in a car, and yet the person will dramatically doubt the reasonableness of getting on the plane.

Thursday, April 19, 2018 — The Briefing

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A Crash Course in Christian Doctrine

Before we start diving into world religions, it’s important that we have a firm grasp of what Christianity teaches. It is fairly common knowledge that when federal agents train to spot counterfeit money, they study the real thing first. The theory is that if the agents become very familiar with genuine money, they will be able to spot a counterfeit a mile away. This is true of Christianity. If we study God’s word and are completely in touch with the truths found in Scripture, we will be able to spot heresies and errors in our own churches, as well as other belief systems. It’s exciting to think about world religions, but let’s make sure we understand basic Christian beliefs before we dive into other beliefs. 

Remembering Barbara Bush - WORLD Radio Blog

BUSH: George and I pray every night out loud, and sometimes we fight over whose turn it is, but we do. And I have no fear of death, which is a huge comfort because we’re getting darn close, and I don’t have a fear of death for myself or my precious George because I know there is a great God, and I’m not worried about that.

Do You Need A Great Testimony for God to Use You?

When people ask me to share my testimony, I often share my season of doubt. As a late teen, I told my dad I wanted to know truth, but that I wasn’t sure I believed Christianity was true. Ironically, now that I am an apologist for the faith, I find that my story is an encouragement to other people—and especially to young people who struggle with their faith (and to their parents). And so, I share it when I can. But I am also careful not to overdramatize it since it is merely one part of my journey.

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Seminaries Don’t Make Pastors. Churches Do.

Editors’ note : This article was adapted from a new book published by Crossway under the TGC imprint, 15 Things Seminary Couldn’t Teach Me , edited by Collin Hansen and Jeff Robinson.  Order your copy today. Previously: 3 Lessons I Learned the Hard Way as a Pastor (Jeff Robinson) You might think a seminary president would be the last person to contribute to a book on what a seminary didn’t provide for pastors. Actually, I welcome the opportunity. I have committed my life to the education of pastors through The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and after nearly 25 years of leading it, I am more convinced than ever of the value of a seminary education. But seminaries do not call pastors. God does. And seminaries do not make pastors. Churches do. Keeping that straight is important. A good seminary can add immeasurably to a pastor’s ministry, and the rigorous study involved in a quality seminary education should be expected of any preacher of the Word of God. The theological disciplines are of crucial importance, and though a faithful pastor will be more than a scholar, the church learned long ago the necessity of a learned ministry.

Help Defend the Ministerial Housing Allowance

If this ruling is not overturned, it will affect hundreds of thousands of pastors and churches around the U.S. that rely on this vital tax exemption. Some pastors, in areas where housing costs are already prohibitive, may have to take a second job, send their spouse to work, or leave the ministry altogether. We must help the court recognize the overwhelming number of ministers and families across the U.S. who will be impacted by its decision.

Presidential Biographies: Andrew Jackson #7

Andrew Jackson’s rise to power is seen as interesting because he was more of a self-made figure than one who’d inherited position and fame. Even this facet seems a little overdone–no one would care about George Washington if he hadn’t worked so hard to achieve what he did. Nevertheless, Jackson was born in relative poverty compared with his contemporary Presidents. He made a name for himself militarily, through what he saw as a retributive attack on the Creek people after they’d attacked Fort Mims, itself a harbor for soldiers and settlers who had previously attacked the Red Sticks people. Jackson led the strike which exacted an awful toll and saw it as completely just. Later, he won the Battle of New Orleans, though only after using the powers of martial law and a kind of dictatorial power to do what he wanted–something that would become a theme in his Presidency. His victory over the British at New Orleans cemented his name on the national stage and he would use it to propel himself to the office of President–though not before a bitter defeat by John Quincy Adams the first go-round.

Steward the Gifts God Has Assigned to You

So, live your assignment. Steward your gifts to the utmost for the sake of others. Aspire to be the very best and most fruitful you that you can be for God’s glory. Don’t dishonor God by devaluing the gifts he’s given you. Don’t waste valuable time grumbling about gifts you don’t have or resenting others for the gifts they do have, or even for the sinful pride they might exhibit. They’re stumbling, recovering selfaholics just like you and God knows how to graciously oppose them (1 Peter 5:5). Pray for them.

Smartphone Addiction and Our Spiritual ADD

There is also a loss of knowledge hierarchies. “It used to be that if I wanted to publish, just the expense of publishing meant that my proposal went through a peer review process. It went through rigorous scrutiny prior to it being released. There are many good things about being able to directly get one’s message out. But the loss of hierarchies is potentially a loss of filtering — a loss of wisdom. It means that knowledge is not a part of a system of apprenticeship, of learning from those who have experience in wisdom, who have been entrusted and authorized. And so there is a way that we have lost that ability to see things in terms of how they relate to trusted authorities.”

He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands—Including Your Kids

Parents are responsible to provide and care for their children. We are the primary disciplers of our kids. But parents are most fundamentally stewards. Though we’re called to faithfulness with our kids, they ultimately belong to a promise-keeping God who is more faithful than we are. As Psalm 127 says, our children are a heritage from the Lord, an unmerited reward from him. The older our kids get, the more it becomes clear we can’t control their destiny. It doesn’t rest in our decisions or in theirs’. Our children’s future, their health, their skill, their will and desires for life, who they will choose as a spouse, and even how long they will live—all this belongs to God. The enemy of stewardship is entitlement mixed with sentimentalism. An entitled dad with a sentimental vision thinks, This kid is mine. He’s going to be just like me. He’s going to be into the music I like. He’s going to love Alabama football just like I do . But when Dad’s expectations aren’t met and his kids don’t turn out the way he hoped, he’s angry, and he doesn’t know how to engage his child.

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New Jersey Supreme Court Rules Taxpayer Grants for Historic Houses of Worship Unconstitutional

Since at least 2015, the FFRF has sued  to stop Morris County freeholders from awarding grants to historic churches for restoration or repairs by arguing that it violates Article I, paragraph three of the state constitution that reads, in part: "Nor shall any person be obliged to pay tithes, taxes or other rates for building or repairing any church or churches, place or places of worship, or for the maintenance of any minister or ministry, contrary to what he believes to be right or has deliberately and voluntarily engaged to perform."

Ministry Is Not a Place to ‘Find Yourself’

“Is this some sort of attempt to find yourself?” I can clearly remember my mom asking teenage-me this question as I had been caught getting into trouble for the umpteenth time. My parents had watched their boy change his persona, his appearance, and his crew, all in his grunge-fueled efforts of self-discovery. To be fair, it must have been strange for my suburban, godly parents to suddenly have a teenager who liked cigarettes, dirty clothes, scowled expressions of self-loathing, and shouty songs about how much I hated “the man.” I resented the question my mom asked me, because I knew she was on to something. I was trying to “find myself.” I wanted to know where I fit in the universe and how I could feel more secure and complete. I thought I’d finally found a tribe in which to run, where this quest of self-discovery would come to some sort of conclusion. It never really did. There was a real, clear danger that the disciples would find their identity in ministry. If that was possible for them, how much more so for us today? The angst burned away, and by God’s grace the cigarettes and poor hygiene routines did too.

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"The authentic self says, “This is me; you must accept me as I am.” The vulnerable self says, “This is me; take me & transform me.” The vulnerable self comes in the form not merely of confession but of repentance." V helpful article by @john_starke …

New Book: God’s Paradigm: The Ancient Foundation That Makes Christianity True

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Free-loading the parts they like best

Atheists often denounce Christianity as harsh and negative. But in reality it offers a much more positive view of the human person than any competing religion or worldview. It is so appealing that adherents of other worldviews keep free-loading the parts they like best.

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