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Psalm 1:3: Plant Yourself in God’s Word

Many do not blossom with the beauty of Christlikeness because they are not rooted in the word of God.

No Ocean Big Enough: The Beauty of God in the World He Made

When we look at oceans or mountains, whales or bears, God wants us to see his beauty, power, and wisdom in creation and think, “What must God be like!”

Tennessee moves to defund Planned Parenthood, cut all state funding

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam signed a bill this week that will soon strip Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities of state funding. The state will now request a federal waiver which allows them to bar TennCare, Tennessee’s Medicaid program, from giving money to any abortion facility. “The governor…deferred to the will of the legislature on […]

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1 The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

Introduction to Apologetics

The Church has always maintained that in scripture we have the embodiment of divine revelation – God’s Word to man. It is God communicating to man concerning Himself, man’s lost condition, God’s love, how man might be saved (redemption), warning of impending judgment for those rejecting His love, and the warfare with Satan in the battle for the souls of men.

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Real People and Real Places: The Biblical Archaeological Approach

Archaeology cannot prove or disprove a historical book. However, the science of this field can provide the evidence necessary for a person to determine if having faith in a particular scripture (i.e. in this case, the Bible, the Book of Mormon) is reasonable. When everything is considered, there is good reason to believe the Bible accurately portrays history. Through the purchase of nominal investments (i.e. biblcial scrolls, coins, pottery, etc), the Christian can provide a way for the Mormon to not only see but also touch real items of history. Nothing like this can be obtained to support the Book of Mormon since the places where this scripture’s events took place are debated. Using this approach to get a Mormon to rethink his or her presuppositions is a successful approach that can be used by anyone to share the Gospel with Mormons!

The Necessity of God's Existence: Ontological Arguments Worth Considering

One of the more difficult of the apologetics arguments to understand is that known as the ontological argument. The ontological argument finds root in Anselm of Canterbury’s famed declaration, “ God is that, than which noting greater can be conceived.”[1] This is the say, God is the greatest of all possible beings. God, properly understood, is maximally great. Nothing could be greater than God. Thus, Anselm argues that if it is possible to conceive of the greatest possible beings, then that greatest possible being must exist. There is much to unpack in this argument. However, I would like to focus on arguments that provide reasons to believe that God is a necessary being.

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#TheSift : Seven dead in South Carolina prison fight … @lmlangdon

Is Christianity at War with Science?

…(at most) that we behave in certain ways—in such ways as to promote survival, or more exactly reproductive success. The principal function or purpose, then, of our cognitive faculties is not that of producing true or verisimilitudinous (nearly true) beliefs, but instead that of contributing to survival by getting the body parts in the right place. What evolution underwrites is only (at most) that our behavior is reasonably adaptive to the circumstances in which our ancestors found themselves; hence it does not guarantee mostly true or verisimilitudinous beliefs. Our beliefs might be mostly true or verisimilitudinous; but there is no particular reason to think they would be: natural selection is interested, not in truth, but in appropriate behavior.


The reason why most people never hear God speak is that they never slow down enough to let God talk to them. Hurry is the death of prayer! You’ve got to slow down. You’ve got to be quiet. And you’ve got to wait expectantly.

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How Atheist Hate & Mockery Led a Richard Dawkins Fan, Richard Morgan, to Faith

Richard Morgan was born in a tiny village in North Wales. He went to college in Nottingham, and lived and taught, as a music teacher, in Nottingham and Manchester. He then moved to Toulouse, France in 1984. There he became an English teacher. What is striking about his conversion story is how he was converted to Christianity on Richard Dawkins’ website, a place where one wouldn’t expect to find such conversions (1).

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BreakPoint This Week: John Stonestreet and Ed Stetzer discuss the issues surrounding Facebook’s selling of user information—as well as the enormous power Facebook wields over our culture and politics in the U.S.

Has increased education spending in schools improved student performance in test scores?

Finally, we should allow people who already have private sector experience doing things like STEM to become teachers. Let’s face it: the departments that grant Education degrees have the lowest entrance requirements, and produce the least competent adults. We should not allow losers who haven’t even mastered adult life to teach our children. Let’s open up teaching to people who have experience in the private sector doing software engineering, petroleum engineering, nursing, etc. and then we’ll have qualified teachers. A teaching job shouldn’t be taxpayer-funded adult daycare for someone who has failed at life, and is now failing at educating children. Taxpayers shouldn’t pay overgrown children to march around with signs instead of educating children in reading, math and science. We can do better than government-run public schools.

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Not going to Church doesn't mean that you're not a Christian - Premier Christian Radio … Paul Anderson-Walsh chats to Premier's @craigwakeling - Fear not, if your loved one has left the church, they will probably return one day - The Prodigal Son

Apologists, Please Don't Forget The Gospel

Five Pieces of Advice for Young Men

Put to death the sins of your youth (Romans 8:13). It’s easy to think we will just grow out of certain sinful practices, attitudes, or beliefs. By God’s grace, sometimes that happens. But more often we just grow more deeply ingrained into the patterns and habits we establish in our youth (James 1:15). So, you need to be proactive and put these things to death. Don’t just assume they’ll go away one day. With God’s power in you and behind you, “Work out your own salvation” (Philippians 2:12–13).

This Week, Speak the Name of Andrew Brunson, A Persecuted Brother in Turkey

“To the extent that I am known, I want to be known as a servant and lover of Jesus Christ … I have prayed for this land and its people for many years, for God to pour out great blessing … In my weakness, I pray daily for strength and courage to persevere and remain faithful to my King until the end. My deepest thanks to my family around the world that are standing with and praying for me.”

Archaeology and an obscure town mentioned in Bible

The biblical book of Mark has long been considered by scholars to be the earliest gospel written. However, one common criticism leveled against Mark is a lack of knowledge regarding the geography of Palestine, leading many to speculate that the author of Mark was not familiar with the regions about which he writes, and that he probably wrote long after the events he claims to record.

How Archaeology Is Thwarting Those Who Want to Rewrite History

Mr. Shanks is an example of the impact a dedicated layman can make on the scientific, historic and religious world. Trained as a Harvard lawyer, he fell in love with biblical archaeology on a sabbatical to Jerusalem in 1973. It was Shanks who led the crusade to get the Dead Sea scrolls released by the scholars who had kept them under wraps for 50 years. He also covered the major archaeological controversies where the religious and political fault lines of the Holy Land are played out.

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@LeeStrobel Please recommend your top 3 books for new believers in Christ? Thanks!

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The battle for life goes on and on. And in many ways, life is winning. Of course, we can’t do too much about knucklehead federal judges. But there’s much that can be achieved in local communities and through state-level activism. So please, get involved!

The Stories We Tell

New information can alter your story as well. Imagine that you discover, in the attic of your childhood home, adoption papers with your name on them. That would be no small or insignificant discovery. That new information would change how you view your childhood, your current identity, and possibly your future. But now, imagine that you’re in the kitchen of a good friend after a cookout. You’re raving about the hamburgers only to look down in the trash can and spot the empty packaging for ground turkey, not, as you suspected, ground beef. That new information might change your assessment of the dinner (and maybe the cook), but it won’t make any significant alterations to how you tell your life story. The principle at work here is that new information has the potential to change our story—how we understand our life and the world around us—based on the importance of that information. Given this truth, we now have a grid through which to consider the gospel of Jesus Christ in all its story-changing power.

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An evangelical infiltration of New York? Secular paranoia in overdrive as Chick-Fil-A opens new Manhattan location @albertmohler #TheBriefing 

Monday, April 16, 2018 — The Briefing

Monday, April 16, 2018 — The Briefing

Monday, April 16, 2018 — The Briefing

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An Iranian Refugee’s Terrible Journey to God

Years passed before I had an answer. I was back in Iran, having returned to visit a dying relative. I tried to keep away from trouble, but I fell afoul of the regime. The authorities were suspicious as to why I had left Iran in the first place, and I knew I couldn’t tell the truth about my escape without facing a return to prison. After three months of court hearings and interviews, I stood before a judge, waiting to hear his verdict. Powerless and desperate, I turned fully to the one who had been beside me throughout it all. I promised God I would give my life to Christ if he could deliver me from this ordeal.

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You do not marry a ministry partner; you marry a person You do not marry someone like you; you marry a unique individual You do not marry someone perfect, you marry a sinner …

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As of tomorrow Your Premier Christian Radio will be taking over the airwaves with the 'Together Now Transmission Appeal' to raise £443,150 in order to cover the cost of national transmission! Find out how you can support this life-changing ministry -->

The Theology Beneath the Trump-Comey Conflict

Niebuhr’s writings supply a moral argument for Comey’s aggressive assertion of the FBI’s power—some describe him as the most aggressive FBI director since Hoover himself. His influence also sheds light on another side of Comey’s conduct as FBI director. Niebuhr noted that while humans can’t change the animal nature that makes them so selfish, they can achieve a kind of freedom from their situation by becoming self-conscious, by recognizing the truth about themselves. Comey has sought to institutionalize such self-awareness in the FBI through programs that encourage FBI trainees to learn about Hoover’s mistreatment of Martin Luther King Jr. and the complicity of law enforcement in the Holocaust.

Winners crowned at Premier Gospel Awards 2018 - Premier

Speaking about the success of the third edition of the awards ceremony, Muyiwa Olarewaju, Premier Gospel station director said: "We're so happy with what Premier Gospel have achieved and the artists we have been able to work with and support by shining a light on their music since the launch of the awards.

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@ericmetaxas “Odder far than the idea that these marriages were consummated before the weddings was the idea that they must be consummated in full view of a witness.” This is really beautiful chapter

What Is a Kind Husband?

So, what is a kind husband? As we see the ideal of a husband’s kindness displayed by Boaz, we also should fill out our understanding of that kindness from the teaching of the Bible elsewhere. We are perhaps too accustomed to the phraseology of the Pauline command to love our wives, and so it might help us to think of this central duty in terms of kindness .

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Please Make a Mess of Your Bible | Cold Case Christianity

Now go take a look at your Bible. Is it a colorful mess? Is it filled with notes and highlights and investigative diagrams? Why not? When I first got interested in the words of Jesus, I invested as little as I could and purchased a six dollar pew Bible. I looked for one that had the largest possible margins. I knew how I was going to treat it, and I kept it to remind myself of the investigative passion that I’ve always had for the Scripture. Do you own a Bible that reflects your investigative passion? Start thinking like a detective and go make a mess of your Bible.

What If Evil Does Befall Me?

First, I needed to rethink my definition of evil and even of rescue and deliverance . Evil may indeed befall us, as “the whole world lies in the power of the evil one” (1 John 5:19). Job hoped for good, but evil came (Job 30:26). Yet the evil that can befall us is temporary; its effects are limited to this life. The worst evil, which is eternal separation from God, will never come near us. And even in this life, what man means for evil, God intends for our good (Genesis 50:20).

No Cremation — But Should I Gift My Body to Science?

Here is the conclusion. I would not put donation, motivated in these ways, in the same category with cremation. Which leads me to one last pressing question, which Nikki didn’t ask, but I must: Then should all of us donate our bodies to medical science? And my short answer is: No. And here is my thinking. There are many family issues that need to be taken into account among others. For example, are there young children involved who just lost a mommy or a daddy who need to process the death of a parent differently than thinking they are being carved up at the university? A grave to visit may be very, very important.

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Don’t miss out on events in your area or campus this week  #FOTSA #lifemeansmore

This Is How Christians Can Achieve Unity

Why is it that so many believers have such a wide spectrum of belief systems in general, as well as seem to disagree on so many things? If it's really all about knowing Him personally and about having our Lord direct our lives by the power and wisdom of His Holy Spirit, why is there arguing in Christian marriages, homes, churches and such differing opinions and differing points of view. If the Son of God is truly living and alive in our hearts then why do we disagree so much about the color of the carpet, the style of music the choir sings, how long the pastors sermon should be or what the youth group does?

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What is the chief reason you have the power of the Holy Spirit? … @MarkMittelberg @drbradoliver @mtch654 @MR_ABUD @TexasTOY2014 @Mr_McComb @JeffreyAHinton @mrsbookworm123 @Kathy_Nimmer @HESbookdiva @INTOY2018

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Martin Luther by @ericmetaxas ! Great book! Like having a steak dinner with your mind! I just spent 20 hours listening to an audiobook. And it was awesome. Join in the fun with a free Audible trial.: …

Worldview and Apologetics in the News

'I Was a Disney Princess and Had an Abortion': Former Disney Employee Refutes Planned Parenthood

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Consider Each Other How to Stir Up Love

Let’s read it. Verse 24: “Let us consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds.” Here is the focus for your life. Here is what you aim at from morning till night as a Christian. Notice carefully: it is not what you might expect. It is not: consider how to love each other and do good deeds. That would be Biblical and right. But it’s different: “Consider how to stimulate each other to love and good deeds.” Focus on helping others become loving people. Aim at stirring up others to do good deeds. And of course the implication would also be that if others need help and stirring, we do too, and so we would be aiming at what sorts of ways we can think and feel and talk and act that will stir each other up to love and to do good deeds. The aim of our lives is not just loving and doing good deeds, but helping to stir up others to love and to good deeds.

Renewing Your Mind | Jonathan Edwards | Apr 14, 2018

Jonathan Edwards is known as one of America’s greatest intellects. Today, W. Robert Godfrey considers the brilliance and creativity of this leader of the Great Awakening.

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Let’s face it. The world of health insurance is confusing -- and it seems to only get more complicated the older you become.... …

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With Rani Espanioly, Palestinian Christian and speaker at the UnApologetic Conference, lectured on witnessing to your Muslim neighbor.

Westminster Seminary on Twitter

What was Westminster Theological Seminary like when Dr. Edgar was a student? Hear Dr. Edgar recall his experience with historical faculty including Paul Wooly and Edmund Clowney: 

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Leighton Flowers lecturing on Calvinism at the UnApologetic Conference in Granbury, TX. The clearest and most irenic presentation on the problems with Calvinism I’ve ever heard. @leightonflowers

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