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Psalm 1:3: Plant Yourself in God’s Word

Many do not blossom with the beauty of Christlikeness because they are not rooted in the word of God.

The Art of Raising Kids Who Will Not Bow to the Idol of Science


Truth Decay - Louisiana Baptists

“Have you brushed your teeth?” You’ve heard that question since you were young. Sometimes the answer was, “Yes,” other times, “No.” But the truth would be somewhere in the middle. As kids we’d have lots more important things to do. Ten strokes back and forth on the front teeth and most kids think they’re good …

Christian Teen Mocked, Bullied on YouTube for Sharing Christian Faith

Many Christians are calling on YouTube to remove a video made by a popular YouTuber who goes by the name Cinnamon Toast Ken in which he makes fun a Christian teenage girl who talks about Bible study and her love for Jesus.

RPGFan News - Shenmue I & II HD Coming to PS4, XB1, and Steam in 2018

Shenmue I & II HD Coming to PS4, XB1, and Steam in 2018 A worldwide release of the best forklift simulator ever made. 04.13.18 - 10:29 PM Sega has announced that both of the classic Shenmue titles are getting a high-definition facelift before the much-anticipated Shenmue III is released. Originally a pair of games released for the Dreamcast, Shenmue I & II HD will be released physically and digitally on PS4, Xbox One, and PC later this year (in Japan, the compilation will only be released on PS4). The HD remasters of the Shenmue games will include dual-language tracks, an improved user interface, and an option to switch to a more accessible control scheme. Check out the announcement trailer below, plus an official synopsis from Sega, and stay tuned to RPGFan for more info. Since their original release, Shenmue I & II have established a passionate following and are revered as one of gaming's greatest series of all time. These revolutionary masterpieces deliver a gripping story of retribution as Ryo Hazuki sets out to avenge his father's death and attempts to unravel the secrets behind a mysterious artefact known as the Dragon Mirror.Shenmue I & II comes complete with the original feature set that defined modern gaming, including enthralling jujitsu combat, investigative sleuthing, and RPG elements in addition to memorable mini-games. Shenmue I & II is set within engrossing real-time open worlds that feel truly alive thanks to day-to-night cycles and weather changes, with a population of civilians who follow their own schedules. Shenmue I & II HD Screenshots

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The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

Josephus and Jesus

Flavius Josephus (A.D. 37 – c. 100) was a Jewish historian born in Jerusalem four years after the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth in the same city. Because of this proximity to Jesus in terms of time and place, his writings have a near-eyewitness quality as they relate to the entire cultural background of the New Testament era. But their scope is much wider than this, encompassing also the world of the Old Testament. His two greatest works are Jewish Antiquities , unveiling Hebrew history from the Creation to the start of the great war with Rome in A.D. 66, while his Jewish War , though written first, carries the record on to the destruction of Jerusalem and the fall of Masada in A.D. 73. Josephus is the most comprehensive primary source on Jewish history that has survived from antiquity, and done so virtually intact despite its voluminous nature (the equivalent of 12 volumes). Because of imperial patronage by the Flavian emperors in Rome —Vespasian, Titus, and Domitian —Josephus was able to generate incredible detail in his records, a luxury denied the Gospel writers. They seem to have been limited to one scroll each since the earliest Christians were not wealthy.

Has increased education spending in schools improved student performance in test scores?

Finally, we should allow people who already have private sector experience doing things like STEM to become teachers. Let’s face it: the departments that grant Education degrees have the lowest entrance requirements, and produce the least competent adults. We should not allow losers who haven’t even mastered adult life to teach our children. Let’s open up teaching to people who have experience in the private sector doing software engineering, petroleum engineering, nursing, etc. and then we’ll have qualified teachers. A teaching job shouldn’t be taxpayer-funded adult daycare for someone who has failed at life, and is now failing at educating children. Taxpayers shouldn’t pay overgrown children to march around with signs instead of educating children in reading, math and science. We can do better than government-run public schools.

3 Reasons Why You Need Apologetics

Living in a secular age means living with our faith being contested. We are surrounded by people who believe and act differently from us. We must not take for granted the faith handed down by our parents. In fact, statistics show that those who merely have a faith that is passed down to them end up losing it if they never come to accept the faith’s claims for themselves. Here are three reasons apologetics is beneficial to Christians and non-Christians alike:

Premier Christian on Twitter

Not going to Church doesn't mean that you're not a Christian - Premier Christian Radio … Paul Anderson-Walsh chats to Premier's @craigwakeling - Fear not, if your loved one has left the church, they will probably return one day - The Prodigal Son

Worldview and Apologetics in the News

'I Was a Disney Princess and Had an Abortion': Former Disney Employee Refutes Planned Parenthood

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Consider Each Other How to Stir Up Love

Let’s read it. Verse 24: “Let us consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds.” Here is the focus for your life. Here is what you aim at from morning till night as a Christian. Notice carefully: it is not what you might expect. It is not: consider how to love each other and do good deeds. That would be Biblical and right. But it’s different: “Consider how to stimulate each other to love and good deeds.” Focus on helping others become loving people. Aim at stirring up others to do good deeds. And of course the implication would also be that if others need help and stirring, we do too, and so we would be aiming at what sorts of ways we can think and feel and talk and act that will stir each other up to love and to do good deeds. The aim of our lives is not just loving and doing good deeds, but helping to stir up others to love and to good deeds.

Renewing Your Mind | Jonathan Edwards | Apr 14, 2018

Jonathan Edwards is known as one of America’s greatest intellects. Today, W. Robert Godfrey considers the brilliance and creativity of this leader of the Great Awakening.

Joe Gonzalez on Twitter

@LeeStrobel Please recommend your top 3 books for new believers in Christ? Thanks!

The Christian Post on Twitter

Let’s face it. The world of health insurance is confusing -- and it seems to only get more complicated the older you become.... …

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With Rani Espanioly, Palestinian Christian and speaker at the UnApologetic Conference, lectured on witnessing to your Muslim neighbor.

Westminster Seminary on Twitter

What was Westminster Theological Seminary like when Dr. Edgar was a student? Hear Dr. Edgar recall his experience with historical faculty including Paul Wooly and Edmund Clowney: 

Mike Licona on Twitter

Leighton Flowers lecturing on Calvinism at the UnApologetic Conference in Granbury, TX. The clearest and most irenic presentation on the problems with Calvinism I’ve ever heard. @leightonflowers

How Do I Take My Thoughts Captive?

So verse 5 is not a command to do this work ourselves, but Sarah’s question is still a very good question. There is a way to apply this to ourselves. We just have to get ourselves in the right place, and the place we belong in is the group whose opinions and thoughts Paul is trying to demolish. That is where we belong. We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and we take every thought captive.

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3 Apologetics Strategies From the Book of Acts

This simple question is credited with carrying Christianity into Ethiopia. (1) Acts chapter 8 tells of Philip being led to the desert by an angel to meet an officer from the court of the Queen of Ethiopia. Philip finds him reading an Isaiah scroll containing prophecies about the Messiah. At this point, Philip could have walked up and boldly declared, "I have been sent to you today to proclaim the good news of Jesus the Messiah!" But he didn't. He met this man right where he was at and asked a good question, which then led to an explanation of the gospel. This is apologetics at its best.

Why it's important to defend your faith

“[The laws of logic] were placed in our minds by the Creator during the act of creation. We speak because God has spoken. God is not the author of confusion, irrationality, or the absurd. Furthermore, his words are meant to be understood by his creatures, and a necessary condition for his creature’s understanding of those words is that they are intelligible and not irrational.”

Department of State on Twitter

. @VP Pence on #Syria at #SummitPeru : Thank you to #Canada , #Colombia , and those nations who have offered their support for last night's military action. I call upon every nation in this hemisphere to support these efforts and to condemn #Assad regime's use of chemical weapons.

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Contemporary Atheists and Sneer

I’ll confess that I feel sorry for contemporary atheists. There was a time when “atheism” simply meant “rejecting belief in a God or gods.” Thanks to the rise of New Atheism, things are not so simple for the modern atheist. Today, the discerning skeptic can choose from a smorgasbord of brands, including antitheism, nontheism, friendly atheism, militant atheism, activist atheism, agnostic atheism, and plain old-fashioned atheism. Old-fashioned atheists are a straightforward bunch; they have rejected belief in God for emotional or intellectual reasons that they usually can articulate. Atheism is just something they happen to believe.

Frank Turek on Twitter

#Apologetics Speaker, (co)author: I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist; Stealing from God, Correct Not Politically Correct, Legislating Morality

What Would God Say to Your Anxiety?

When it comes to hope in the midst of struggle, God calls us to be a remembering people. If you spend even fifteen seconds gazing into your own past, it will begin to sparkle with ten thousand mercies reflecting off the waves of those memories (Lamentations 3:22). The sea of past grace dwells here, and welcomes us to come and drink, and remember as often as we need to. You could easily spend a week reliving and remembering God’s many special provisions that came later than you wanted, but at just the right time.

Case-Making 101: 12 things Darwinian evolution can't answer but Intelligent Design can

Over the last several posts we have put together a pretty good cumulative case against Darwinian evolution as a means for the origin of life. We looked at who Charles Darwin was and some of the false assumptions he made concerning adaptation within species. Even though all of the icons of evolution have been debunked, and there is significant doubt in the scientific community as well, evolution is still taught in public schools as the only answer to the question of the origin of life.

Lee Strobel on Twitter

Eight people, including father and son, received Christ at service at Clovis Hills Community Church tonight. Praise God for his gift of grace!

Desiring God on Twitter

John Piper: “When you come to Jesus, you don’t just get a single, satisfying drink — you get a fountain. You get a well that springs up to eternal life. You get Jesus himself.”

David Wood's Favorite Memory of Nabeel

For access to exclusive content and personal hangouts, visit our Patreon: What is David Wood's favorite memory of Nabeel? This is a question that is part of a Q and A series featuring Jon McCray, Vocab Malone, and David Wood. For the playlist, click here: ... Subscribe & click the bell 🛎 for notifications of new uploads! New videos every Week! Let's connect!:

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The way for Christians to reclaim the goal of discipleship is to provide a foretaste of the eschatological feast, glimpsed in every celebration of the Lord’s Supper. 

What If Evil Does Befall Me?

First, I needed to rethink my definition of evil and even of rescue and deliverance . Evil may indeed befall us, as “the whole world lies in the power of the evil one” (1 John 5:19). Job hoped for good, but evil came (Job 30:26). Yet the evil that can befall us is temporary; its effects are limited to this life. The worst evil, which is eternal separation from God, will never come near us. And even in this life, what man means for evil, God intends for our good (Genesis 50:20).

Real People and Real Places: The Biblical Archaeological Approach

Archaeology cannot prove or disprove a historical book. However, the science of this field can provide the evidence necessary for a person to determine if having faith in a particular scripture (i.e. in this case, the Bible, the Book of Mormon) is reasonable. When everything is considered, there is good reason to believe the Bible accurately portrays history. Through the purchase of nominal investments (i.e. biblcial scrolls, coins, pottery, etc), the Christian can provide a way for the Mormon to not only see but also touch real items of history. Nothing like this can be obtained to support the Book of Mormon since the places where this scripture’s events took place are debated. Using this approach to get a Mormon to rethink his or her presuppositions is a successful approach that can be used by anyone to share the Gospel with Mormons!

Is the Body That ‘Betrayed’ Me Still ‘Very Good’?

Truth be told, my body and I have had something of a strained relationship since I was 24 when, at the peak of my physical health, I developed severe tendonitis in both knees. Since that time, a series of related muscle and joint conditions have led me from one physical therapist to the next. I often joke that my body is one of those carpets with a perennial bump in it—smooth it out in one place and it pops up across the room. And every new bump hurts.

Why It's Okay Not to Have All the Answers - A Clear Lens

You worry that if you question someone else’s assumptions and ideas about why there is evil in the world, they will fire back at you with a question that utterly stumps you. You’ll stand there stuttering, wracking your brain for an answer. Finding none, you’re left with only silence. Silence and humiliation as the person you were speaking with stares at you smugly.

The claim that Jesus did not exist is a modern enterprise

Few historians, and even fewer experts in comparative religion and mythology of late antiquity, have been persuaded by the arguments of the [Jesus] mythicists. They observe that the alleged parallels between Jesus and the pagan myths are not especially close and often require very questionable interpretation of either the pagan myth or the putative parallel in the Gospels, or both. Moreover, the mythological “construct” that supposedly explains Jesus is often just that—a construct made from many myths and sources from different times and geographical locations. The whole procedure is regarded by most as invalid…The claim that Jesus did not exist is a modern enterprise. It does not arise from a critical assessment of ancient evidence or from the ancient evidence itself. Rather, it is very much a reflection of our postmodern society, a society that often places a greater premium on imagination and subjectivity.

Andrew Peterson on Twitter

Well, this kind of blew my mind. I thank God for you all making this happen. I imagine Robert Plant looking up from his LOTR and saying, “Who the dickens is this Peterson chap?”

Russell Moore on Twitter

If you can imagine an inspiring, life-affirming song about a house burning down, this is it. Magnificent song by a great band.

The Gospel Coalition on Twitter

Prophet, Priest, and King are helpful categories to consider the person and work of Jesus with succinct theological clarity. 

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Bats: Equipped for the Hunt

In the air, the big brown bats dart one way and then the other, chasing flittering insects. As the only true flying mammals, bats are well equipped for the hunt. Their wings can maneuver nimbly to abruptly change directions and carry them swiftly up to 40 miles per hour. 1 Big brown bats also use their one-foot wingspan like a net to catch insects. 2 The prey of bats includes pesky mosquitoes and agricultural pests like cucumber beetles. 3 But how can they see the tiny insects in the dark?

Responding to the objection by Christians who say 'I don't need any evidence for my faith!'

Any of us who have been involved in the apologetic endeavor are probably familiar with the comments by some Christians who say “I don’t need any evidence or reasons for what I believe.” In other words, this individual thinks it is more spiritual to trust God  because He can only be pleased by faith (Heb. 11:6). Thus, for these people, the object of faith is sometimes described as resting in God Himself (Gen 15:6; Rom 4:24). Even in the New Testament, Jesus confirms this issue (Mark 11:22). And even as God is the object of faith, the author of the Gospel of John directs his audience to Jesus as being the object of faith as well (John 20:31).

41 The Christian Post

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Human Zoos to Premiere in South Africa and Seattle | Evolution News

Anyone interested in the grim history of Social Darwinism in America, or debates over scientific racism and the sanctity of human life, will want to see this documentary.

Afraid to Share Your Faith at Work?

For a Christian, this opportunity to encourage and share the hope of Jesus with a colleague in need seems like the perfect opportunity. But Barna Group research suggests otherwise. If we apply Barna's findings to this scenario, 73 percent of Christians would feel a personal responsibility to share their faith in the aforementioned situation, but only 52% would actually share and 31 percent would not share, despite believing they should.

Tabletalk Magazine on Twitter

Oh, that we might have a greater understanding of who we were apart from Christ so that we might more readily appreciate who we now are in Christ. 

Bill Hybels Resigns from Willow Creek

Among those raising concerns were Nancy Beach, the first female teaching pastor at Willow Creek; Betty Schmidt, the longest-serving lay elder in the church; John and Nancy Ortberg, former teaching pastors at Willow Creek and longtime friends of Bill and Lynne Hybels; and former Willow staff member Leanne Mellado, whose husband Santiago “Jim” Mellado was the longtime head of the WCA and is current president of Compassion International.

Evidence cited for Christ’s resurrection

It’s a question asked and answered each Easter in news reports, television documentaries and personal conversations. This year, two Southern Baptists who train others to defend the faith have offered their thoughts on the best way to answer.

Crossway on Twitter

When you stand beside the open grave of a loved one, the proclamation of Jesus Christ as the resurrection and the life contrasts sharply with the hopeless comfort of an atheist. …

Brett Kunkle on Instagram: “After speaking at the GHC in Cincinnati, we had the privilege of listening to @nickvujicic wrap things up with his story. Powerful stuff.”

Weekly Apologetics Weekly Bonus Links (4/8 – 4/14)

The Colson Way: Loving Your Neighbor and Living with Faith in a Hostile World by Owen Strachan $3.99

You Can't Just Read the Bible

A layperson can read the Scriptures and understand the Scriptures. It is important to keep saying that. There is no esoteric guild of specialist priests who impose a certain kind of interpretation on the conscience of believers. And even in practical experience you sometimes see that, don't you? Occasionally you'll find an old woman or man who is semi-literate, and yet such people may have read their Bibles through again and again. Although they can't self-consciously make all the correlations a sophisticated systematics can make, nevertheless, they have a kind of nose for error and heresy. Somebody comes along with some screwball idea, and they can immediately say about forty verses that make them question something or other.

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77 Christian case maker warns Christians to trust the evidence, not their feelings
78 Download Pastor Mark’s new app on your phone, tablet, and TV!
79 3 Elements that need to be in every funeral sermon — Southern Equip
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81 A Christian Response to the Murders at Aurora | Cold Case Christianity
82 Tyndale Sued by Boy Who Didn’t Come Back from Heaven
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87 When Youth Pastors Ought to Feel Responsible
88 Louie Giglio on Instagram: “// s t r o n g e r // Amazing weekend teaching with these guys at Stronger Men’s Conference. 8000+ men gathered for the glory of one Name!…”
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93 Is the Human Eye Really Evidence Against Intelligent Design? | Evolution News
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