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Fancy a tasty byte? Cookbook written by artificial intelligence

A new cookbook has been compiled by Chef Watson, the cognitive computer from IBM that famously won Jeopardy

TGC15: Day 1

A quick recap of TGC15 in videos, pictures, and tweets.

He Had Less Than 5 Percent Chance of Living, But A Miracle Happened Through Prayer!

After a horrible car accident, doctors said that Grayson Kirby would not survive. Even if he did, they never thought there was a possibility for him to walk again. But his family continued to pray and keep God on his side, hoping for something amazing to happen.

Reasonable Faith Campaign | Reasonable Faith

Reasonable Faith Campaign | Reasonable Faith

Kathy Ireland Was Glamourous as A Supermodel, But Something Crucial Was Missing From Her Life

Kathy Ireland always believed in God, but she never took the time out of her busy life to learn about him. All the photographers, runways, and exotic locations had pulled her away from spending time with Jesus. As time went on, she got a huge surprise from her mother that changed her life forever.

Men Respond to Their Childhood Bullies –Taking A Weakness and Turning It Into Strength!

This video gets straight to the point with bullying. It uses real life cases and these men discuss their emotions coming up in the world while being bullied. They have the BEST response to these bullies!

Some Scientists Say Intelligent Design Isn't Science -- Until They Have to Use It Themselves

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

This Toddler's Little Dog Isn't Just A Friend, He's A Life Saver!

Imagine having to breathe out of an oxygen tank everyday and trying to get around. It seems almost impossible to do things. For Alida, nothing is impossible and she proves that by getting things done on her busy days.

ISIS Destroys Biblical City of Calah, Claims Responsibility for Attack on South Korean Embassy in Libya

The Islamic State terrorist group has released a video that shows militants completely destroying the biblical city of Calah, which became known in modern times as the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud in Northern Iraq.

God & Abstract Objects

Theology was once called "The Queen of the Sciences" and philosophy was her handmaid. This aims to show that this analogy still holds true.

Former Muslim Abdu Murray shares how it took him 9 years to see how the gospel answered all his questions

Here is his book Grand Central Question (great title) on Amazon.

LIVE STREAM of #VeritasLecture God & Abstract Objects | Southern Evangelical Seminary

Live stream has been finalized for the God & Abstract Objects. We are excited to bring together Talbot School of Theology, Dr. William L. Craig, Notre Dame's Dr. Peter van Inwagen, and Southern Evangelical Seminary's Dr. J.T. Bridges.  This event will bring together some of the top Christian thinkers in the field of Theology and Philosophy. Please help us spread the word about this event by sharing the LIVE stream link below.

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Bible Not Available in 57% of World Languages; Most Americans Believe the Bible Is Available in Every Language

The American Bible Society's recently released State of the Bible survey found that a strong majority of Americans think the Bible is available in all of the world's languages, despite the fact that 57 percent of world languages are still in need of completed Bible translations.

The Briefing 04-14-15

Ready to step into 2016 GOP race for president, Florida’s Marco Rubio sees his time as now

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Why You Need to Teach Your Children Moral Truth

Now we need to know all of this not so we can panic, but so that we can counteract the false dichotomy so many of our kids are learning. There are moral facts. And if you need some help on how to approach this with your teenager or college age student—send them to a Summit Ministries’ summer worldview conference. It’s simply the best apologetics and worldview training program out there for students. Visit to learn more. And to see an excellent talk on moral truth by my friend Sean McDowell, come to and click on this commentary. It’s called, “ Is There Truth, a Moral Law That We Can All Know? ” and it’s terrific. Again, that’s .

April's New & Notable Books

In this timely book, award-winning author Kevin DeYoung challenges each of us—the skeptic, the seeker, the certain, and the confused—to take a humble look at God’s Word regarding the issue of homosexuality.

6 The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily, by Greg West: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

Daniel: Standing Strong for God in a Secular Society - John Lennox

Daniel must rate as one of the most remarkable leaders in all of history. He ran two successive empires, and to him was entrusted enormous power. Despite this power, Daniel not only maintained his faith and devotion to God, but he also maintained his public witness to God. This book presents us with a cultural and worldview situation that is very close to our own. So often under the pressures of contemporary secular society, faith is privatized, but through Daniel we can learn to stand up and be counted in secular society. See more at

Outrage Over RFRA Might Be A Fear Of Christians

When I listen to the outcry surrounding Indiana’s new law, I hear frustration with us, Christians. The outcry isn’t about the law, it’s about us. It’s a fear that we will discriminate. And it is a fear based on a history that, whether we like it or not, is ours. We have, in no shortage of ways, broken relationships with the LGBTQ community. We have expelled our sons and daughters. We have protested them. We blamed them for the ills of society like a scapegoat. And no matter what we believe about same-sex marriage, that is wrong. Because of that, restoring relationship and trust with the LGBTQ community is on us. Even if you disagree with all I said above, restoring the relationship is on us because we are called as followers of Jesus to be ministers of reconciliation.

Why Homosexuality Is Not Like Other Sins

But as far as I know, none of those sins are applauded so aggressively by whole groups of people who advocate for their normalcy. Sexual immorality is no longer the tip of the spear for the progressive push. Adultery is still frowned upon by many. Accusations of greed will still smear a candidate’s political campaign. Thievery is still not openly embraced, and there are no official initiatives saying it’s okay to go steal things that don’t belong to you. There’s no such thing as a drunk agenda yet. Most aren’t proud to choose a beverage over stability, and there aren’t any petitions that the government should abolish the driving restrictions of inebriated individuals. Reviling others still isn’t seen as the best way to win friends and influence people. Swindling, especially on a corporate level, usually gets someone thrown into jail. In fact, the infrastructure of the American economy depends upon, in some measure, our shared disdain for conniving scammers.

Grace to You Radio

Below is a listing of the resources we've offered free of charge on our radio broadcast recently. For more information and to request your free item, click the button below.

The Drop

Tanya Marlow was just six days old when she was rushed to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, one of the world’s leading children’s hospitals. She was a tiny baby, just 6 pounds, and she’d suff... Read This

A New Approach to Mental Illness in the Church

In the midst of his struggles, he repeatedly cried out to God. He spent hours meditating on the Scriptures, particularly the Psalms. He begged God for help in the midst of his trouble time and time again. He had no idea how to respond to the lack of healing, and, honestly, neither did I. I was 25 years old, and all I had heard about dealing with mental illness was that Christians just “prayed it away.”

This is How Religious Liberty Dies — The New Rules of the Secular Left

The vast high-velocity moral revolution that is reshaping modern cultures at warp speed is leaving almost no aspect of the culture untouched and untransformed. The advocates of same-sex marriage and the more comprehensive goals of the LGBT movement assured the nation that nothing would be fundamentally changed if people of the same gender were allowed to marry one another. We knew that could not be true, and now the entire nation knows.

Atheists Steal Rights From God - Cross Examined - Christian Apologetic Ministry | Frank Turek | Christian Apologetics | Christian Apologetics Speakers

Yes Frank, it’s my opinion and I hope yours as well. I’m afraid “objectively wrong” is not an option we have available to us. At least I don’t see any consistent principle in the bible for making an objective decision about the right or wrongness of owning slaves. Isn’t the bible’s treatment of slavery a perfect example of the moral relativism that Christians are always accusing others of practicing? Do you need the bible or some supreme being to tell you that purchasing humans, treating them like cattle, beating and abusing them, splitting up their family units, raping them, emasculating them, working them to death, etc, etc, etc. is wrong? If I were going to utilize the “objective truth” of the bible (god’s perfect, objective, immutable (unchanging), inerrant, infallible, ethical, moral word) in an attempt to argue for the abolition of slavery would you have me appeal to Leviticus 25:44-46 “pass slaves down to children as property”, Exodus 21:2-6 “compel a male slave to remain a slave for life or forfeit his wife and kids”, Exodus 21:7-11 “sell a daughter as a sex slave”, Exodus 21:20-21 “beat a slave to death with impunity because he is your property” or Ephesians 6:5 “slaves obey your masters”.

15 Talbot Associated Students

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Unplanned Pregnancy, Unplanned Grace

Kneeling at her bedside after three years of family strife, my mother surrendered me in prayer to Jesus. While she was still there, the phone rang. I had just been arrested for smoking hash in the drive-through of a bank while the driver was trying to cash a stolen check. I was getting high while committing bank fraud. That’s how out-of-my-mind stupid I was at age 16.

How Jesus Became God in the Flesh - Apologetics Book: Christian Analysis Defeats the Skepticism of Bart Ehrman: How Jesus Became God in the Flesh

"There is no conflict between religion and science; Only the conflict between two sciences, that of the 4th century BCE and the science of 2014." Joseph Campbell. Your thesis irresponsibly confuses evolution and human progress with God-- with a fallacious Post Hoc ergo Propter hoc rationale. Since there is vast scientific proof of the former and none of the latter, we can readily dismiss it as just more sciolistic confirmation bias. A third grade understanding of the tens of thousand of years of human progress from the paleolithic, Iron age, Bronze age to the high Neolithic more than proves the evolution of human reason from the Hunter gatherers to Planting societies, to the stargazing Zigurat builders and the early foundations of the "good society". Sadly, what you are arguing requires an astonishing campaign of ignorance, or denial of history, science, and logic -- again negating the very point of your thesis. Belief in god presupposes nescience, not reason. Ironically, by arguing for the opposite you undermine your entire premise: Reason is not born of god, but of MAN and we have the entire anthropological record of man to prove it.

Pro-Evolution Tenured Professor Laid Off From Nazarene University

President David Alexander of Northwest Nazarene University (NNU) sent a letter to the campus over the weekend, defending the decision to lay off tenured theology professor Thomas Jay Oord. Alexander said budget cuts necessitated the move. A professor in the school’s counseling department was also affected by the layoffs.


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‘They,’ the Singular Pronoun, Gets Popular

@Jennifer I. Brand For hundreds of years, the English-speaking world accepted the usage of he/him/his as referring to a person of either sex or unknown sex. The words she/her/her were merely a special form of he/him/his signifying a female. Likewise, "man" could be used as a gender-neutral term for a human being. If the feminists knew what they were doing they would have promoted just getting rid of the feminine-specific terms "she" and "her," in the spirit of what Gene Roddenberry did in the first version of "Star Trek" in which every officer, male or female, was referred to as "Sir." Instead, they inflicted the idea upon us that using he/him/his was sexist, and we have been stuck with politically correct abominations like "he or she" or the practice of alternating he/him with she/her, even within the same sentence, when speaking of a human being of unspecified gender (the law journals followed this PC convention for a long time – for all I know, they may still).

Broken families lead to broken communities

A specialty high school, mentors and walking-around money for schools sounds nice. But empowering males of color requires a more holistic, comprehensive approach — one that deliberately seeks to end father absence and intimately involves women, the shapers of men.

Innovative Apologetics: Bill Nye in His Book "Undeniable" Says The Truth of Divine Creation Harms Kids

23 Wintery Knight

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3 Big Myths About Calling

Wow. This was exactly what I needed to hear. I ended up leaving an incredibly painful and exhausting job, even though it was what nearly everyone told me God was telling me to do. It was supposed to be my calling, but it was downright awful in reality. The farther I get from that experience, the more I realize exactly what you are saying, finding out your calling is as intricate and difficult as finding out who you were created to be as a person. Thanks for writing this so well.


The Governor's Prayer Breakfast is a statewide observance held annually near the opening days of the Louisiana Legislature. Its purpose is to seek God's guidance for all leaders and citizens of our State, and to strengthen ourselves for the journey as we try to live as a responsible community of faith. It is an interdenominational event centered on the person of Jesus Christ as the Savior of the world and is intended to promote His glory. People of all faiths are welcome to attend. More information...

Exodus: King of Kings & The Case for God & Moses Trailer Just where do the deep patterns of evidence for the Exodus manifest and where does fiction begin and fact end in the new movie Exodus: Gods and Kings? The provocative mix of fact and fiction in Ridley Scott's film “Exodus: Gods and Kings" raises interesting questions regarding the origins and actuality of the Exodus led by Moses. Scott and selected writers are avowed atheists who attempt a retelling of the biblical story of Moses and the Exodus. As non-believers, they take numerous liberties with the story as they intend to recast one of the foundational narratives of Judeo-Christian civilization. Some viewers may come away from the movie questioning their beliefs, wondering what is true. Questions like: Was the Red Sea really parted? Was Moses actually used by God to perform miracles to lead the people out of Egypt? Questions like these may arise when people watch atheist Ridley Scott’s “Exodus: Gods and Kings.” In response, the new book “Exodus: God The King of Kings and The Case for God, Moses, and the Exodus” skillfully separates facts from fallacy.

Greg West (dba The Poached Egg) - Ratio Christi

I am the Project Director for Ratio Christi's informational website "The Poached Egg" ( ) which provides apologetics related news and content for university students and many more.  Just as the apostle Paul had ministry partners, all staff members of Ratio Christi are required to develop a group of partners for their work with Ratio Christi. Partners have a personal relationship with the staff member, and are vital for not only the financing of this important work but also for their prayers for the personal ministry of our staff. 

28 Mumford & Sons Release Another New Song, “The Wolf”

I think its a bit interesting that Mumford's rise to fame was in fact because they were offering something different than all the so called "arena rock" bands (Coldplay, U2, Kings of Leon, Imagine Dragons, Etc) and I thought their first album "Sigh no More" was great. Unfortunately, they tossed some of their slower, folkier material on Babel and became formulaic with their arrangements but it was still a great album. I must say I couldn't be more disappointed with them branching out or "expanding their sound" into an already dense field of arena rockers, and doing so by essentially copying those bands sounds. "Believe" sounded just like a Coldplay song, and "the Wolf" sounds like a Kings of Leon song. The pop audience will most likely love it anyway, as they seem to eat up whatever the radio is currently feeding. But as a roots/americana/folk/folk-rock fan, to me they just sound like everyone else now and that is truly unfortunate.

Pro-life MDs Back New Abortion Pill Reversal Process

“I’ve met several of the women and their babies who have gone through the abortion pill reversal process. It’s just a beautiful thing,” she said. “Many times [women are] pressured to abort, and they take that pill and they immediately feel regret. For so many years, at Planned Parenthood they [have been] told, ‘Well, sorry, there’s nothing [that] can be done.’ We [Planned Parenthood] told them, ‘If you take the mifepristone in the clinic and you don’t abort your baby, your baby is going to have severe birth defects.’”

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Obama to Minors: You Can Get an Abortion, But You Should Not Have Freedom to Choose Sexual Orientation Change Efforts

A leader in the field of sexual orientation change efforts therapy has denounced the therapy's negative portrayal following the Obama Administration's support for banning the practice. Obama supports the right to an abortion for minors, but would deny them therapies to help with same-sex attraction if they want it, he pointed out.

3 Signs You Might Be Having an Emotional Affair | Jim Daly

I have listened to part 1 of the Danger Signs broadcast. I like the points Mr. Carder's brought up and they are all good. I do however disagree with him that its okay to bring treats or have recreational likes with someone of the opposite sex. I think its a slippery slope. I feel your spouse should be with you in those activities or you should do them with same sex friends with the same interests. The treats and/or spending time with someone of the opposite sex can be easily misunderstood or as he says can bring up feelings and lead to something it shouldnt. Business partners should only be business conversation and you should not travel with opposite sex business partners. Take another along with you of the same sex. Its just too easy to slip and hurt your spouse. I speak this as a spouse who was betrayed by her husband - he had an affair with a co-worker. It destroyed our marriage and me. We are trying to rebuild but it is a nightmare that I dont know we will survive. I think Christians have to be extra vigilent and put fences up, more so than others, because the devil is out like a roaring lion and this is the easiest way for him to destroy families - and especially children who might turn away from Christ when hurt by a parent in this way.

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I Am Woman, Hear Me Cry

I get it. When my kids were babies and toddlers, I came across the "mommy needs a cocktail" meme, and found it hilarious. Unwinding with a glass of wine after an intense day of parenting is not always wrong, but for many women, pills and drinks—are the main way they reduce stress, anxiety, or impatience.


Scripture gives many titles to the Spirit, both explicitly and implicitly. He is our comforter, advocate, and the one who regenerates our hearts and pours life into dust. Yet, there is one title that we pass over simply because of its familiarity: the Spirit is the Holy Spirit. He is holy in and of Himself, and Jesus sends His Holy Spirit to dwell in us in order that we might be holy. Long ago, the Lord commanded “be holy, for I am holy.” The Spirit of Jesus aids believers in their sanctification and their growth in the image of our holy Savior.

In Defense of 'Worldliness'

Becoming Worldly Saints traces the cohesive story of salvation between Genesis and Revelation. This recapitulation recovers a lot of earthly good, especially for readers who grew up, like Wittmer, singing about the rapturous occasion of the "roll being called up yonder." From the doctrine of creation, Wittmer defends material enjoyment. If God made a good world for us to inhabit, we should take "wholesome" delight in created good without guilt. Arguing from the Incarnation and Resurrection, Wittmer defends "God's enthusiastic embrace of the material world." His argument has eschatological import: Heaven is not a sky kingdom, which we'll inhabit in ghostly form. Heaven is coming to earth in the form of a city, and through faith in Christ we'll become residents of the New Jerusalem in resurrected bodies. "If you enjoy being human and you enjoy being here, you are going to love the new earth."

10 Ways to Simplify Your Life

When you include getting ready, commuting and winding down, work dominates the majority of our waking hours. And yet over 1 million people lose their jobs each year in America. Minimalists see these trends and find ways to simplify their work routines. They work more hours on fewer days. They work from home a few days each week. Instead of a pay raise, they negotiate in hours cut or extra vacation time. They slowly transition from their day job to their dream job.

Affirmation is not a civil right, and it cannot be coerced (COMMENTARY) - Religion News Service

Larry, you are quick to label people of Faith as bigots, but you continue to express the most bigoted statements against Christians, exemplifying how bigotry is a two-way street. Cardinal Wuerl recently stated on a Sunday television news interview that those who push the gay agenda, do not want a resolution that recognizes both sides of this issue, they only want it to be a one way resolution, effectively stripping the religious side of their Constitutional rights in the matter. As far as I am concerned, this article is spot on. And if a Christian, who wants to spend his eternity in heaven, must abide by his Faith, and cannot in good conscience support the gay agenda, you equally cannot in the slightest manner understand the religious perspective. And that is okay. But I would not want to start calling you a bigot. But if Christians such as myself are indeed bigots, then it applies likewise.

The Toughest Challenge for Christians in the Carribean Is 'Preparing Them for Persecution,' Says WEA Official Emerson Boyce

NEW YORK — Rev. Emerson Boyce, the general secretary of the Evangelical Association of the Caribbean, discussed living conditions in the region and how he's working to prepare Christians in the island nations for future persecution that believers are witnessing throughout the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Why is a Wedding Any Different?

Moreover, there has long been an understanding that those present at a marriage ceremony are not just casual observers, but are witnesses granting their approval and support for the vows that are to be made. That’s why the traditional language speaks of gathering “here in the sight of God, and in the face of this congregation.” That’s why one of the sample marriage services in the PCA still has the minister say, “If any man can show just cause why they may not lawfully be wedded, let him now declare it, or else hereafter forever hold his peace.” Quite explicitly, the wedding is not a party for friends and family. It’s not a mere ceremonial formality. It is a divine event in which those gathered celebrate and honor the “solemnization of matrimony.” Which is why–as much as I might want to build bridges with a lesbian friend or reassure a gay family member that I care for him and want to have a relationship with him–I would not attend a same-sex wedding ceremony. I cannot help with my cake, with my flowers, or with my presence to solemnize what is not holy.

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11 Beautiful Bookmarks Bibliophiles Will Love

It’s hard to get cuter than these crochet character bookmarks, whose heads protrude from the top of the book to mark where you left off. The attention to detail is amazing: The Cowardly Lion has a silver badge of courage, the Mad Hatter is holding a teapot, and the wolf that ate Little Red Riding Hood’s granny has glasses on his nose.

Martyn Lloyd-Jones: A Reading Guide

To know Martyn Lloyd-Jones is to read him. Hundreds of his sermons are available in print and have influenced at least two generations of preachers. With so much MLJ material available, where should one begin? Below is a guide to reading various collections of Lloyd-Jones sermons and other books about his life and ministry.

12-Year-Old Girl Claims She Sat on Jesus' Lap in Heaven Following 30 Foot Fall, Describes His Appearance

A 12-year-old girl who survived a 30 foot fall three years ago now says that she sat on Jesus' lap in heaven while unconscious. Her experience and remarkable recovery are being published in a new book titled Miracles from Heaven .

God of the "Whats" and the "Hows"

This biblical, Reformed, emphasis entails that any person to whom we defend the faith is one who already and always knows the true God, and they know God by knowing creation. Since that is the case, any argument we give for the truth of Christianity must take account of the knowledge that is already given by God, and continues to be given, in and through all of creation. In taking account of this God-given-and-giving knowledge, we dare not approach those who oppose Christianity as if they are not aware of such things. We speak and defend the faith to image-bearers who know God. This truth may not need to be stated to them explicitly, but it cannot be ignored as we speak. We cannot take at face value the unbeliever's diagnosis of his own condition. Neither can we think that his "rationality" is neutral with respect to his relationship to God, which leads to the second point in the quote above.

Susan Sarandon's Nephew Blasts New Jersey Catholic School for Rehiring Teacher Who Made 'Anti-Gay' Comments on Facebook

Actress Susan Sarandon's nephew made headlines on Sunday when responding to a teacher's rehiring at a Catholic school in New Jersey after she was dismissed in March for posting a comment on Facebook that some perceived as anti-gay.


This call to purity is precisely why we see a pattern emerge in the violence of the Old Testament. While God fights for his people in their faithful obedience, he fights against his unfaithful people in their sinful rebellion. Victory for the pure; defeat for the impure. Exodus for the faithful; exile for the unfaithful. It’s not until the perfect life of Christ that a new Israel comes as the only faithful One of God and achieves the ultimate crown of victory.

Rick Warren Speaks Out as a Pastor and Father Against California Bill Allowing Terminally Ill People to End Their Lives

Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church and other faith groups have spoken out against California Senate Bill 128, which if passed, would give terminally ill people in the state the right to end their lives. Warren said that he opposes the bill both as a theologian and as the father of a son who died by suicide due to mental illness.

Isn't it unscientific to posit God at the beginning of the universe?

This is part of the "Defending the Cosmological Argument" series. Table of Contents: William Lane Craig answers a question about God's existence and the nature of science with regards to the cosmological argument. William Lane Craig on the "God of the Gaps" argument: We welcome your comments in the Reasonable Faith forums:

Is Natural Theology Excluded for Apologetics? - Sunday Quote!+

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