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Looking Into the Sun

For five years NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) has been looking at the sun, photographing the fiery ball once every second, 24/7. Here’s the result.

Another Award for AiG

The AiG website was again recognized for excellence in 2015 by winning the Best Multichannel Initiative award at the National Religious Broadcasters conference.

Answering Muslims: Nine-Year-Old Yazidi Girl Pregnant after Being Raped by at Least Ten ISIS Jihadists

Dear David Wood Thankyou so much for your youtube that are i formational from what you have read in koran and hadiths. You are informing whole body of Christ in this way about Islam. Thankyou for your study into these Muslim documents. RE DEBATE FORMAT Apostle Paul preached in Greece to learned schooled men but dont think he used the debate format instead he preached the Word. Why give the devil equal time to talk. It confuses listeners and muslim speakers lead muslim minds right back to their wrong beliefs even giving them opportunity to confirm muslim beliefs. ALTERNATE IDEA NOT A DEBATE You could invite Christian and muslim audience same and invite opponent same however use the whole time to preach the Word of God instead and only allow opponent to lead questions from audience at beginning. Still take questiona feom audience on cards but muslim questions only. Allow opponent to present his questions then use qhole rest of time for preaching Word of God on subject. Most muslims dont know what Word says Bible says faith in truw God comes from hearing the Word of God ao preach His Word. Stop givi.g dwvil equal time to lead audiwncw down rabbit trails. You have truth. Supernatural results from preaching Gods Word. People will feel it. Dont be fair to devil. Shut him up.:) just listened to sams debate opponent ruined it with rabbit trails about nothing. Audience can get confuaed easily. We can prove we have same bible as early manus ripts use this proof early manus

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What is God Really Like: Tawhid or Trinity? Dr. Shabir Ally and Dr. Nabeel Qureshi Debate

What is God Really Like: Tawhid or Trinity? Join Dr. Nabeel Qureshi and Dr. Shabir Ally as they debate on "Who Is The Real God? Allah or the Trinity?" moderated by Ms. Julie Roys, host of Moody Radio's "Up For Debate" show. The debate will begin at 6 PM EDT and end at 8 PM EDT. There will be a 30-45 minute Q&A session following the debate.


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NY Cardinal, 'AD' Producers Step Up Campaign against Mideast Persecution

In Rome, Pope Francis spoke out on Easter Monday that international political leaders should be doing more to resist IS and aid Middle East Christians. “I hope that the international community doesn't stand mute and inert before such unacceptable crimes, which constitute a worrisome erosion of the most elementary human rights. I truly hope that the international community doesn't look the other way."

Connecting Spiritually With Your Spouse

Spiritual intimacy can be a confusing issue for many couples. Dr. Greg Smalley offers personal insights on how husbands can be spiritual leaders and wives can see beyond basic spiritual disciplines for intimacy at home.

On Guard Conference 2012: William Lane Craig - "The Problem of Evil and Suffering"

For more information and resources visit: On July 27th & 28th, 2012, an On Guard Christian Apologetics conference was held in Tulsa, Oklahoma by the Reasonable Faith Tulsa chapter ( ). The conference was named after Dr. William Lane Craig's new training manual in Christian apologetics entitled, On Guard ( ), and featured Dr. Craig, and other first rate Christian scholars. At the conference, Dr. Craig spoke on the Problem of Evil and Suffering, and engaged in a lengthy question and answer time with the audience. We welcome your comments in the Reasonable Faith forums: Be sure to also visit Reasonable Faith's other channel: Follow Reasonable Faith On Twitter: Add Reasonable Faith On Facebook:

Innovative Apologetics: Logic Grounded by God vs. Atheistic Emotional Assertions

8 Expect to See This Argument against Religious Freedom - Stand to Reason Blog

Frank Bruni may be a voice for the gay community and America at large, (particularly the millenials). What I'm hearing is no understanding and/or belief as to why Christians could possibly need religious liberty. It reminds of when I was in college in the aughts after we went to war with Iraq in 2003. The vocal liberal students in my classes, along with the professors, felt the war was a sham for America to conquer oil. I stood up to say that 9/11 was an attack by Islamic fundamentalism to kill all the unconverted. I felt my view was dismissed as too preposterous. The same goes for this issue of the day. The left refuses to consider the right of conscience. They dismiss out of hand that someone's moral conviction should be respected and that they should not be punished for abiding by it. Bruni takes no consideration of it; his sides rights trump peoples of faith, period. Not only that, I hear him identifying his enemy - orthodox Christians. His bigotry is to stand and judge our beliefs, beliefs he obviously hasn't had the compassion to try to understand, but rather to uncivilly belittle.

The Awe-Inspiring Heroism of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, by S.T. Karnick, National Review

Even in prison, however, he impressed others with his continual Christlike behavior. A British prisoner of war who was with Bonhoeffer in the last days before his execution wrote, “He was, without exception, the finest and most lovable man I have ever met.” Bonhoeffer went to his death with great composure, impressing even the concentration camp’s doctor. This man who “thought of death as the last station on the road to freedom,” as Metaxas puts it, ended up turning even the direst of situations into a memorable theological lesson. Such was the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Christian.

Row erupts between France and Vatican over gay ambassador – Premier Premier

France has said it will not change its offer of the next ambassador to the Vatican.

Church wedding for tennis ace Murray – Premier Premier

Wimbledon champion Andy Murray is tying the knot with fiancée Kim Sears in Dunblane Cathedral this afternoon.

Nuclear disarmament 'in crisis,' says Vatican – Premier Premier

"As Paul VI affirmed in his 1965 Address to the United Nations General Assembly, 'Today, as never before, in an era marked by such human progress, there is need for an appeal to the moral conscience of man. For the danger comes, not from progress, nor from science... The real danger comes from man himself, who has at his disposal ever more powerful instruments, which can be used as well for destruction as for the loftiest conquests.'"

Church takes swipe at Scots Labour leader – Premier Premier

In a letter to all 500 Catholic churches in Scotland bishops will say that "on serious issues some politicians who profess a Catholic faith remain silent - or even surrender - in the face of grave ethical injustice."

Kenyan bishops urge government to "beef up security" – Premier Premier

"While the Government is expected to provide security to all the people in all parts of the Country, we observe that all of us have a responsibility to support the Government by being vigilant and providing information on any suspicious persons and items within our immediate environment.

Eric Teetsel on Twitter

Palmer, Player and Nicklaus: 168 years of marriage, 13 children, and 0 divorces. Masters, indeed! HT @brandonmcg


For those who stand outside of faith, the message of the gospel may appear burdensome and shackling. Yet, this could not be farther from the truth. The regeneration of the Spirit liberates believers to turn their affections to Christ and put their faith in Him. God’s people were created to enjoy this knowledge and love of the Savior, and they receive fulfillment only when their hearts are turned to Him. Jesus’ yoke is easy and His burden is light (Matt. 11:30), and man remains in darkness, empty, burdened, and miserable, until the Spirit breathes life and light into his dead, sinful heart.

Michael Brown - President Obama's Misguided War on 'Conversion Therapy'

With all the major, life critical issues taking place in America and around the globe, it is absolutely mind-boggling that President Obama has decided to declare war on so-called “conversion therapy,” joining in the battle to outlaw professional counseling for minors struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction or gender identity confusion.

Really Recommended Posts 4/10/15- raising a son, tropical islands, self-harm, and more!

Another round of awesome posts for you, dear readers. Please keep me in your prayers as I have a kidney stone. Sad me. But happy you, because you have some great reading ahead! Self-harm, Easter, raising a son, tropical islands and creationism are all featured topics this week. Let me know your thoughts in the comments here, and be sure to let the authors of the posts know as well.

Nabeel Qureshi on Twitter

At least one popular Muslim teacher agrees with me, this doesn't count. @islamqa

Misquoting Jesus | Hope's Reason

So what is the big deal about this book?  Ehrman’s purpose for this book is not just to give information about textual criticism but rather to demonstrate the unreliability of the Bible.  While this is a reasonably good book when separated from the introduction and conclusion, it is in these chapters that we really see the agenda.  Ehrman gives a moving testimony of his conversion in becoming a born again Christian, attending Moody Bible Institute, Wheaton and ultimately Princeton.  At each of these stages, Ehrman’s confidence in the Bible continued to slip.  While taught as a new Christian that the Bible was the perfect book, practically dropping out of heaven, his studies demonstrated that it was a very human book and that we do not even have the original text.  In his conclusion, he suggests that textual criticism really calls into question the doctrines of the inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible.  Even if the Bible was originally inspired, we do not have that original text.  We also have to wonder why if God inspired the authors, he did not inspire the scribes to copy the text accurately.

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