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Sadie Robertson Shows Us the Reality of Worry and Comparing Yourself to Others – Just Be You!

This young star, Sadie Robertson, has done a great job with letting the world know about her faith in God. No matter where she has been, Sadie always tells those about the power of God. Listen to her inspirational message in this powerful message!

MSNBC Cuts Ryan T. Anderson's Mic

He was defending the Indiana law.

Police officers buy poor family a car seat instead of ticketing them

Story from ABC News. Excerpt: Two Michigan police officers are being hailed for making the decision to buy a car seat for a family in need instead of citing the child's parents. Officers Jason Pavl...

Does the Qur'an Support the Islamic State's Actions? - Christian Research Institute

A caller asks Hank if the Qur’an supports the beliefs and actions of the Islamic State., 1-888-7000-CRI

Truthbomb Apologetics: Video: Proofs of the Resurrection? by Bobby Conway

Welcome! It's been wisely stated that the way one answers the question, "Is there a God?" defines a life. Here at Truthbomb Apologetics we strive to offer apologetics resources to encourage and challenge both believer and unbeliever. Critical thinking is strongly encouraged, reason is a must, and all are welcomed!

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Hugh Jackman to Star in ‘Apostle Paul’ Movie

Hollywood’s Biblical movie trend continues. According to a report in Deadline , actor Hugh Jackman has signed on to star in a new epic called Apostle Paul . The Wolverine star isn’t the only Hollywood A-lister involved with the New Testament project: Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are among the team producing the film . Though in a 2009 interview with Parade magazine Jackman said that he finds “evangelical church too, well, restrictive” and is a follower of the School of Practical Philosophy not traditional Christianity, he is familiar with the church. Jackman told the magazine that his father is a devout Christian who would take him to Billy Graham crusades frequently growing up. Not many details about Apostle Paul ’s plot have been made available yet, but considering Paul’s story of radical conversion and the major role he played in the early church, filmmakers will have a lot to work with ...

New spa-like abortion clinic is part of a trend to de-stigmatize the procedure

Carafem is a new abortion-pill clinic in Montgomery County that promises a "spa-like" experience for women with a open and unabashed approach to pregnancy termination. Pictured are Melissa S. Grant, the Maryland clinic’s vice president of health services, and Christopher Purdy, president and chief executive. (Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post)


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Do You Believe in Confirmation Bias?

I find that critics sometimes shift the emphasis or focus of their writing when they approach Christian films—usually from formal to cultural criticism—and that this shift was usually to the detriment of Christian films. (Formal criticism looks at the film’s artistic merits; cultural criticism tends to focus on what a film does in the wider culture—reflects or communicates ideas, signals a trend, and so on.)

The King We Needed, But Never Wanted

Jesus did not come to purchase the approval of others. No, he “was despised and rejected by men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief; and as one from whom men hide their faces he was despised” (Isaiah 53:3). Why? Because it is God’s approval we desperately need. And God’s approval doesn’t come by popular opinion, but by divine intervention — the substitution of his own Son in our place. We were saved through rejection (Isaiah 53:3), and by God’s grace, we will be carried and delivered through rejection (Matthew 10:22).

Why Christians Should Kiss the Courtship Debate Goodbye

I also don't necessarily see anything horribly wrong or sinful with dating within parameters. I think teenagers should feel free to "date" or "court" - whatever the correct "label" is - but have a firm understanding about the purpose of developing a romantic relationship is about - does it mean all of them are ready to take on the responsibility? Not at all, it's all about good discretion (which most young adults hardly have anyway). But I also believe in making mistakes and learning from them, which hopefully draw you closer to God. I feel like the author and some of the comments I've read have gotten so caught up in the semantics about this issue. It frustrates me when I read "well, we're courting" - aka, are you better than others? I guess according to the definitions I'm reading, I am "courting" as well, but just because you're courting over dating I don't think it makes you any "safer." Dating or courting, whatever the difference, relationships are to be wisely navigated with Godly wisdom, counsel, and understanding.

There's Still Power in the Blood

If your church tends to use contemporary worship songs and leave hymns aside, on Good Friday you’ll probably sing plenty about the Cross, the death of Christ, salvation, grace, and related topics. But you’re unlikely to sing about the blood of Christ. That’s too bad, because as the old hymn goes, there is not only power in the blood, but also a rich well of meaning that the biblical writers were not even aware of.

Sufjan Stevens Reflects on God and Death on ‘Carrie & Lowell’

Nearly all Stevens’ records operate around a central concept, and it's deeply saddening that the central theme of this one is the death of his mother. Grief soaks every ballad here—the emotion met perfectly with instrumentation and lyricism just subtle and honest enough to portray how heartbreaking this experience was to him. In past interviews, Stevens has referred to how he wasn't that close to his mother, and in track after track on this album, you can feel the pain of losing someone he already lost in large part years ago.

From a Symbol of Fear to a Symbol of Faith

I sometimes wonder how many Christians stop to think about how incredibly odd it is that crucifixes are used as works of art. Crucifixes adorn church architecture, classic paintings, sculpture, and even jewelry. But consider for a moment what a crucifix was originally. It was a means of execution. In fact, it was and is one of the most ghastly means of execution ever devised by man. So horrible was it that it was reserved for the lowest of the low: slaves, pirates, and rebels. Roman citizens were exempt. Cultured Romans considered it unworthy of discussion in polite company. Yet today we wear this symbol of degrading and humiliating death around our necks. The jarring nature of this is not immediately apparent to us because over time, the symbol of the cross has lost many of its original connotations. To get some idea of the oddity, imagine seeing people wearing necklaces with images of a guillotine or an electric chair.

Can God Fit in This Machine? Video Games and Christians - Christian Research Institute

Christians typically haven’t had much to say about the nearly ubiquitous medium of video games, and often when they do, it’s pretty negative. There are certainly real concerns over violence and addiction in video games. This article makes the case, however, that the church needs to give video games a more balanced treatment. Shooting, explosions, and gore in games are a significant problem, but the actual effects of playing violent video games are far from clear. And the moral character of video games is complicated by the many possible interpretations players may have of their involvement. Perhaps most importantly, many video games have no violent content. The issue of addiction is similarly complicated. Some video games employ principles of behavioral psychology to hook players, and other factors have similar effects. However, experts haven’t agreed on what counts as video game addiction and whether the medium itself is responsible for compulsive play. Without question, video games are the target of the well-established pattern of moral panics that each new medium encounters. More importantly, however, video games have tremendous positive potential: the escape they provide can be one of healthy renewal of appreciation for God’s creation.

Ed Schultz Can’t Win Debate With Conservative Guest, So He Cuts His Mic Off [VIDEO]

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz likely didn’t know what he was getting into when he invited Heritage Foundation Fellow Ryan Anderson on “The Ed Show” to discuss the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). In the middle of the heated debate, during which Anderson schooled Schultz on the history and context of RFRAs, Schultz was forced to cut his guest’s mic off to save face.

5 Resurrection Realities that Reorient Our Evangelism

Because of the resurrection, dead people get raised to life with words. Such is the miracle of preaching the gospel. Not only is gospel proclamation a fruit-bearing activity, it gives birth to faith that leads to eternal life. Evangelism is not vain, unproductive, empty, and fruitless. Why? Because Jesus rose from the dead, sits at the right hand of the Father, and is calling people himself right now through our verbal witness.

Obama commutes sentences of 22 drug offenders

In a blog post outlining the reasoning behind the Tuesday pardons, White House counsel Neil Eggleston noted that under current sentencing guidelines many of the individuals receiving clemency would have already served their time in prison.

Willing incompatible worlds

You can’t have it both ways. It is impossible to will a world where religious liberty is protected while endorsing a jurisprudence that describes opposition to gay marriage as animus. One side’s vision of public morality will win out. Conservatives and Republicans who think that religious liberty can exist in a world with same-sex marriage should be disabused of such utopic foolishness after this week's shameful and dishonest attempts by the media to quash Indiana's religious freedom bill. That’s the future of the debate about religious liberty in America.

Metaxas and the Miraculous: A Review of Eric Metaxas’ Miracles: What They Are, Why They Happen, and How They Can Change Your Life

So here comes Metaxas with a popular-level treatment on an area that has seemed impossibly dense. Will it be overly simplistic or will it like so many others dip into the overly technical? I’m happy to say that Metaxas delivers a, dare I say, miraculously adept treatment of the apologetic issues involving miracles that never wanders too far into the stale tedium of so many other works on this issue. It’s the miraculous after all. It should be captivating! It’s in the miraculous that a theology of the divine meets the real world. It is precisely in the miraculous that we, the finite and natural, meet God, the infinite and divine and heaven comes down…literally! What could possibly be more exciting and enrapturing than that? This, I think, captures the tone of Metaxas’ new book. He wants us appropriately fascinated by this intrinsically fascinating topic.

N. Korea Detains S. Korean Pastor for 'Espionage'; Presbyterian Church Clarifies He Was Missionary Helping N. Korean Homeless Children in China

One of the two men whom North Korea identified as being South Korean (R) and accused of being a spy for South Korea attends a news conference in Pyongyang, in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) in Pyongyang March 26, 2015. North Korea said late on Thursday it had arrested two South Koreans based in the Chinese border city of Dandong, accusing them of spying for South Korea. The North's official KCNA news agency showed images of two middle-aged men it identified as Kim Kuk Gi and Choe Chun Gil speaking at a news conference in the North Korean capital, Pyongyang.

Reaching a Changing World with God's Unchanging Word

Clearly, God’s five purposes for his church are non-negotiable. If a church fails to balance the five purposes of worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and evangelism, then it’s no longer a healthy church, and it’s in danger of becoming simply a social club.

Austin Lingerfelt on Twitter

When Spurgeon walked up the steps to the pulpit, he would say, "I believe in the Holy Spirit." #Amen

Alleged Cellphone Footage Shows Germanwings Flight 9525's Last Moments Before Crash, Passengers Heard Screaming 'My God' in Several Languages

Alleged cellphone footage of the final moments from Germanwings Flight 9525 that was deliberately crashed last week, killing all 150 people on board, records people screaming "My God" in several different languages. While investigators have said that no such footage has been found, both German and French newspapers have sworn to have seen it.

Frank Turek on Twitter

Hey @utarlington ! I will be hosting a free seminar in the Maverick Activities Center tonight:

Death Has Been Swallowed Up by Death

Second, and derivative from the biblical language about Jesus’s death, are the authority of the creeds and the importance of the history of doctrine. Two of the three ecumenical creeds affirm this doctrine, and the early church theologians all discuss Jesus’s descent to the dead and see great importance in it. We cannot simply throw out creedal language and ignore the history of doctrine. That is our heritage and, to the extent that it is faithful to the biblical witness, it is authoritative for us. In my judgment “he descended to the dead” recognizes an important biblical teaching, namely that in his death, and specifically in his prolonged state of death, Jesus gains victory and frees those united with him from death’s grip.

Heart Work is Hard Work

The bi-weekly Chapel service on the campus of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. Chapel is livestreamed every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am during the semester. Join us at . Today's message from Psalm 131 was delivered by Curtis Woods, Associate Executive Director of Convention Relations and Communications for the Kentucky Baptist Convention.

How We Die Ten Years After Terri Schiavo

It could have served as another skirmish in the culture war, but Maynard’s last days passed without much protest. Instead, a letter written by a Christian blogger—posted on author Ann Voskamp’s website—quickly went viral. Kara Tippetts, a terminally ill cancer patient who died shortly after Maynard, argued for and publically lived out on her blog, Mundane Faithfulness, a traditional Christian approach to death. “He died and he overcame death three days later, and in that overcoming of death he overcame the death you and I are facing in our cancer,” Tippetts wrote. “He longs to know you, to shepherd you in your dying, and to give you life and give you life abundant—eternal life.”

WORLD | Constructed babies | Julie Borg | April 4, 2015

Scientists at Cambridge University in England and the Weizmann Institute in Israel have used skin cells from five adults to artificially create germ cells, or stem cells, which can make human sperm and eggs. They believe they could use the technique to make a baby in as little as two years, Jacob Hanna, lead Israeli researcher, told the Daily Mail .

“Gross National Cool”: Manga as Theological Reflection - Christian Research Institute

In a panel that appears only a few pages into Angel Sanctuary , interestingly enough, Yuki, the author of this volume of manga, gets us started in our Stage 3 theological reflection when he writes, “What is an angel? There are so many songs about ‘angels,’ and the phrase, ‘like an angel’ overflows in manga. But what about real angels?…Angels often have names which end in ‘el.’ It is said that ‘el’ has the meaning of ‘one who radiates light.’ In any case, I am most certainly not trying to portray real angels. These aren’t even angels as I imagine them to be. This is simply me inviting you to see the birth of fictional angelsfrom my own inner space. Whatever that means.” 6 Other questions raised in the quotes in Stage 1 that might be worth exploring in Stage 3 are, for example: Satsuna’s view of the nature and character of God and sin, his distorted ideas of the hierarchy of angels and demons and their powers and limitations in both heavenly and earthly realms, the idea of reincarnation in light of the doctrine of humanity and the doctrine of the future.

Premier Christian on Twitter

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A snapshot of Christian witness in the world (as it appeared in our April issue).

"Religious Liberty" and "Gay Rights" is Not a Zero-Sum Game

But more than that, perhaps this denial of services is due to a misreading of Romans 1-3 so that we end up inflating the significance of homosexual sin. Yes, it is serious, but all sexual sin is. . Certainly Romans 1 states that homosexuality is sinful and against what God created. Paul attributes homosexuality to unbelief. Paul also groups together a number of sins that are varying seriousness and attributes them to refusing to believe in God. But then Paul warns us not to judge the unbeliever because those who believe in God are just as sinful as those who don’t. And he summarizes the first 3 chapters in Romans 3:9 where he declares that all are sinful and that none of us are better than the other.

Will the Genesis 3D Movie Be Biblically Accurate?

Will the Genesis 3D Movie Be Biblically Accurate?

Richard Dawkins’ Argument for Atheism in The God Delusion | Reasonable Faith

What does follow from the six steps of Dawkins' argument? At most, all that follows is that we should not infer God's existence on the basis of the appearance of design in the universe. But that conclusion is quite compatible with God's existence and even with our justifiably believing in God's existence. Maybe we should believe in God on the basis of the cosmological argument or the ontological argument or the moral argument. Maybe our belief in God isn't based on arguments at all but is grounded in religious experience or in divine revelation. Maybe God wants us to believe in Him simply by faith. The point is that rejecting design arguments for God's existence does nothing to prove that God does not exist or even that belief in God is unjustified. Indeed, many Christian theologians have rejected arguments for the existence of God without thereby committing themselves to atheism.

The Briefing 04-01-15

1) Anniversary of Terri Schiavo’s death reminder of how much ground culture of death has gained

WORLD | India’s Common Man’s Party stumbles, to Christians’ chagrin | Anna K. Poole | April 1, 2015

Just weeks ago, celebration swept through New Delhi, India, as the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), or Common Man’s Party, won a landslide victory, crushing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and winning all but three seats in Delhi’s 70-member legislature. 

Hugh Jackman to play St Paul in Hollywood movie – Premier Premier

Hollywood A-lister Hugh Jackman will be playing the St Paul in a high-profile film produced by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.

Focus on the Family on Twitter

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‘Crush compulsion toward self-exaltation,’ says KBC leader Woods at Southern Seminary

Woods, who is also a Ph.D. student at Southern Seminary, said believers often do not come to the issue of soul care with a correct understanding but with a heart that has disordered affections. According to Woods, there are times when focus shifts from God to creature-comforts and academic accolades, putting so much confidence on intelligence, strength, or financial standing that those things become gods. If believers are to be the type of people that are constantly reflecting the righteousness of God, they must believe that “heart work” will be the hardest work they will ever do, he said.

O Great Redeemer by Doxology

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Can We Trust Josephus?

There is a very small fringe group of “scholars” that claim there is no credible evidence that Jesus ever existed.  The claim is quickly dismissed even by atheists like Bart Ehrman as asinine but the outrageous historical statement is increasingly cited online by atheists.   When apologists like myself are forced to respond, we typically point to ancient sources outside the Bible which speak of Jesus.  We do so because it is quicker than demonstrating how Scripture itself provides reliable eyewitness testimony about Jesus and the early church.

WORLD | 40 Days for Life fights Christian apathy, pro-abortion hostility | Bob Brown | April 1, 2015

BALTIMORE—At a rainy vigil Thursday night on a sidewalk near the Whole Women’s Health abortion center in the Fullerton community of northeast Baltimore, 40 Days for Life founder and director, David Bereit, encouraged a crowd of 45, hunkered under umbrellas, to let their waterproof glow sticks shine. Gesturing to the cars streaming by on Route 1, he reminded his soggy audience, “You don’t know who is impacted by what we’re doing.”

Ken Ham Employs Rock Monsters to Build Ark Encounter

Yes, today is April Fools’ Day. We wanted to have some fun at the expense of the egregious Noah movie released last year. This blasphemous film featured giant rock monsters (fallen angels trapped in rock) as the real heroes of the movie. They are the ones who built most of the Ark and ended up returning to heaven. At the same time, Noah is shown as a madman, and God is depicted as distant and vindictive. We published a detailed review of this awful film and several of our researchers participated in a webcast to discuss many of the errors in this film.

Crossway on Twitter

“ @crossway : As Jesus teaches, a plot to kill him is brewing. Wednesday of Holy Week: ”

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Andy Bannister on Twitter

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A Plea for Foolishness from the Pulpit | LIBERATE

So many sermons today provide all sorts of wise principles, tips, tricks, and techniques you can apply to your life in order to deliver yourself from the many challenges plaguing 21st Century, middle-class suburbanites. Are your kids misbehaving? Are you swimming in debt? Has the romance in your marriage fizzled out? Are you feeling unfulfilled in your career? No problem. All you need to do is head over to the local mega-church and you’ll be given a list of five easy principles you can apply today that will teach your little brats how to toe the line, cause the balance in your 401k to multiply exponentially, spice things up in the bedroom, and help you find purpose and significance in your life. As an added bonus, you will be assured by the pastors delivering these wise and practical sermons that by religiously applying all these principles—God Himself will smile down from heaven and reward your obedience with both earthly and heavenly blessings.

Faithful Thinkers: Book Review: Cold-Case Christianity

Introduction Cold-Case Christianity: A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels ( Paperback , Kindle , Audiobook ) is one of the latest books to examine the evidence for the reliability of the New Testament. Homicide detective J. Warner Wallace  was an atheist before he began putting Christianity to the same tests that he places witnesses and suspects to in his investigations of crimes. He split his book into two sections. The first deals with the methods used in detective work. He uses his own experiences to illustrate and applies them to different aspect of Christianity. In the second part he specifically targets the reliability of the four gospels as eyewitness accounts of history. This review will be a chapter-by-chapter summary but should not be taken as comprehensive of Wallace's presentation: Section 1: Learn to Be a Detective Chapter 1: Don't Be a "Know-it-All" In the first chapter Wallace begins his training of the reader by speaking a bit about presuppositions. He explains that presuppositions are ideas that we come to an investigation with prior to any investigating.

The Christian Post on Twitter

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Fear and Faith Releases Today! - Trillia Newbell

Failure, rejection, sickness, losing a loved one, being alone—the fears we carry are many and heavy. Fear can be a tyrant, a bully we can’t hide from. It can paralyze our spirit, damage our relationships, and hinder our faith.

Pity the Fool

There is uncertainty about how and when people began mocking the fool on the first day of April. Many think it goes back to sixteenth-century France when the nation changed from the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian. April 1 had been the end of a weeklong festival celebrating the coming of Spring and with it the new year. Now the new year changed to January 1. Some refused to make the switch, or lived in rural areas and didn’t get the word, and were mocked as fools by those who made the change.

Harnessing Your Strength to Transform Your Marriage (Part 2 of 2)

Kimberly Wagner, author of the book  Fierce Women , explains how women with strong personalities can damage their marriage if they are not careful. Kimberly and her husband, LeRoy, also describe how God transformed their marriage by giving Kimberly the wisdom to temper her own strong personality. (Part 2 of 2)

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