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Is Free Will Illusory If Persons Are Fundamentally Material?

For more resources visit: On Friday, February 21st, 2014, philosopher and theologian, Dr William Lane Craig, was invited by th...

Jay Richards refutes Hitchens' notion on miracles (part 2)

veritas - [forum description] Full library available AD FREE at Over the past two decades, The Veritas For...

Darrell Bock on Luke's Christology

If you want to lean more about this, I encourage you to check out Bock's Theology of Luke-Acts.

468. What Are Reliable Alternatives To The I.D. Movement?

Dr. J.T. Bridges shares some viable alternatives to the Intelligent Design movement.

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Sarah Jean Seman - South Carolina University Holds "How to be a Lesbian" Seminar, Uses Taxpayer Money

Students at the University of South Carolina Upstate have the opportunity to learn “How to Be a Lesbian in 10 Days or Less,” courtesy of taxpayer money. The event is part of a two-day April symposium and conference which intends to explore the “new normals, old normals, future normals in the LGBT community.”

D3 Youth Ministry Blog

First, I want share the story of Rakesh and Ganesh. We all regularly attend the Nepali church known as Asha Church (Asha means Hope). Rakesh’s family is humanist and Ganesh’s family is Hindu. Seeing them coming to Asha Church gave me the desire to take them to D3. I did not know what to expect from them. One thing I knew was that the work we do in Christ is not in vain, so I brought them anyway. After the conference, the youth group shared all that they had learned. Rakesh and Ganesh shared first. They shared how their view of Christians had changed. Before D3 they thought Christians were the boring people. After D3 they understand Christians to be the people who do not only know the truth but also know how to have lot of fun- the kind of fun that they never experienced before. They also told the group that they knew Jesus as their Savior but are scared to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior publicly because of their family.

Toward a Theology of Dessert

Too many Christians have learned to seal off their faith-beliefs from the way they work in their vocation. The gospel is seen as a means of finding individual peace and not as the foundation of a worldview—a comprehensive interpretation of reality affecting all that we do. But we have a vision for a church that equips its people to think out the implications of the gospel on how we do carpentry, plumbing, data-entry, nursing, art, business, government, journalism, entertainment, and scholarship. Such a church will not only support Christians' engagement with culture, but will also help them work with distinctiveness, excellence, and accountability in their trades and professions. Developing humane yet creative and excellent business environments out of our understanding of the gospel is part of the work of bringing a measure of healing to God's creation in the power of the Spirit.

Help! I'm Bored With Church.

Phil, maybe your boredom isn't caused by a learning style mismatch, maybe it’s due to whatever you're bringing with you into the service. I am keenly aware when I stand in front of the congregation that every person in the room is in a different place. Some are having the best days of their life, some are in deep mourning. Some trust the church, some have been deeply wounded by it. Some trust Jesus, and many don’t ... and the list goes on and on. So how are you right now? What’s on your mind? What baggage are you hauling into the sanctuary?

Michael Gerson: ‘Noah,’ ‘God’s Not Dead’ are movies lacking grace

But while “Noah” tries (and fails) to reconceptualize religion, the surprise hit “God’s Not Dead” positively discredits it. This movie is an extended exercise in evangelical wish fulfillment. (Freud is evidently not dead, either.) The plot: Fresh-faced Christian lad bests abusive, atheist philosophy professor at his own game, and then the professor converts just before he dies. Along the way, a Muslim girl gets beaten by her father and converts, and a liberal blogger gets cancer and converts. Everyone is a willing, pliant participant in a vivid fantasy, vaguely bringing to mind a very different kind of film.

The Truth of the Cross — Free Audiobook

“ The cross stands at the very center of our Christian lives. Still, many Christians are confused about the heart of the gospel, for many deviant views are in the air. R. C. Sproul blows the fog away in this wonderfully clear, theologically profound, and pastorally rich work. Learn afresh or anew what God has accomplished in the cross, so that you will boast only in the cross of Jesus Christ.”

Phyllis Schlafly - Worst Week for Abortion in 50 Years

The best ruling of the year was still to come. Last Thursday, an all-women panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit rendered a stunning verdict against abortion clinics by upholding all significant parts of the pro-life bill (HB 2) that passed in a Texas special legislative session last summer.

David Limbaugh - 'It Was Important for Us to Suffer'

On Sunday, two remarkable Christian women, Maryam Rostampour and Marziyeh Amirizadeh, spoke at our church, describing their harrowing tale of imprisonment by the Iranian regime because of their Christian faith.

Former Muslim-Turned-Christian Apologist Shares How Dreams Helped Him Find Jesus (Part I)

Nabeel Qureshi is the author of the recently released Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus  and works as an apologist for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. Quereshi was raised Muslim by parents who immigrated to the United States from Pakistan and came to Christianity over several years through intense conversations comparing the two faiths with a close college friend.

Finishing strong: persevering through your mid-degree crisis

Southern’s master of divinity degree is a behemoth 88-credit hour program, no small feat for anyone. Academic exhaustion and burnt-out enthusiasm aren’t reflective of a lazy spirit, but if not properly corrected those feelings evolve to affect you, the student, as well as your family and future ministry.

The Battle Plan of God

You're not strong enough to defeat sin on your own. You can't find an army within the body of Christ to defeat it for you. And no battle plan you draw up will be your source of victory. Certainly, you should pursue the body of Christ and strategies for assistance, but your only source of victory is found in the One who said those five words to Gideon - "I will be with you."

An Atheist's Case For Religious Liberty

All that this demonstrates is the artificiality of the left’s historic division between property rights and all other rights. The left has always had something of a transactional relationship with free speech; they love it when they need it to protect themselves and forget about it when somebody else’s neck is on the line. But this argument shows the exact mechanism by which the left’s rejection of economic freedom inevitably leads them to reject all other freedoms. It is hardly possible to do anything in life without in some way engaging in or affecting commerce. In fact, the left has elevated to an art form the practice of justifying anything they want to do, anything at all, by connecting it to the federal government’s power to “regulate interstate commerce.” In the arguments over the individual mandate in ObamaCare, they even argued that not engaging in commerce is covered under the power to regulate interstate commerce.

How to Prepare Your Teen for College

Parents should choose a church home with full consideration of their children's spiritual needs. If teens aren't feeling engaged at church, that problem should be discussed. Legitimate issues should be brought to the attention of church leaders. Could more be done to engage teens? Alternatively, could your teen use some help finding ways to serve, meeting more people, and feeling better connected? If another biblically oriented church in town has midweek youth activities and yours doesn't, I see no problem with allowing your teens to join those activities.

Why Young People Abandon Faith: Lessons from William Wilberforce

College transition is a hot topic in youth ministry circles. More and more parents and churches are recognizing that students are not prepared for the challenges that college often brings. Anecdotal evidence is easy to find. There are many stories of students who have grown up in the church, have made commitments to follow Jesus, but have walked away from the faith during the college years. There have been numerous research projects that support these stories as well, making a strong case that the college years have not been good to those raised in the Christian faith.


My guess is when most people see the word perfectionism or perfectionist  they gloss over it. For myriad reasons, that isn’t their particular struggle. Sure they pay attention to detail, but a perfectionist ? That’s a little extreme. However, do you ever get frustrated with people when they don’t do things the way you want them to? Do you ever feel guilty for taking a 20-minute nap because you have too much to do? Are you ever rude to co-workers or family members when they make you look bad? I can answer “yes” to more than one of these questions. Which means in more than one area of my life, I am placing faith in my own (feeble, limited) strength. Perfectionism is the tip of an iceberg, an outward manifestation of a heart that is “worshiping a god of perfection rather than the perfect God.”

A Prayer Craving the Day of No More Sorrow and Sighing

Those the Lord has rescued will return. They will enter Zion with singing; everlasting joy will crown their heads. Gladness and joy will overtake them, and sorrow and sighing will flee away. “I, even I, am he who comforts you.”

A Life of Reading, Part II: What My Teachers Taught Me - Wheatstone Writes - Wheatstone Ministries

We could read as much as wanted and write book reports to justify the time spent reading. This satisfied two people: she did not have to work with me and I could read books. I read everything in the library of that Upstate New York public school dealing with the Civil War, a topic that seems appropriate given how much I resisted her tyranny. I read so much and was so proud of my Union heritage that I got the nickname “Yankee.” What did I learn? I learned that there were bad teachers, a hard reality, but that I could teach myself using books. Since she did me no lasting harm, even this bad teacher was not so bad and I am thankful for the lesson. 

18 Don’t Give Up on Joy

For me, when I don’t desire God, when I am struggling with joy, I have a tool kit of different things I try. For me, the first thing is that I’m very honest with the Lord in my time with him. I write out my thoughts to get them out of my head so they quit spinning around. I get them on a page. I write down all my emotions in one color, sort of like me right or wrong, there they are. Then I write out the eternal truths of God in a darker color and I ask that he let my emotions bend around his truths. That helps me.

'God's Not Dead' Movie Surprises Again, Exceeding Expectations at Box Office

For the second straight week, God's Not Dead  has finished fifth place at the U.S. box office, earning just one percent less this past weekend than the $9.2 million it brought in over its opening weekend when the film was released on March 21.


Why do we continue to study theology even after many scholars have come up with ideas and systems of thought? Dr. Sproul discusses in this message the scope and purpose of studying and learning theology.

Why We Obey

Our obedience commonly resembles the motives of the first two runners. We obey to avoid what we fear or to get what we want. How many serve God and seek no reward other than God himself? Ideally, believers love and obey the Lord for his sake. We heed the command, "You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might" (Deut. 6:5). We love God as he reveals himself in history and Scripture. We love him for his grace and his gospel.

Do You Know Where Your Food Comes From?

But where did we get the idea that our food should be as cheap as possible? Do we not know that, when food is cheap to us, it is costly to someone else? Regular baking cocoa is cheaper than its fair trade equivalent, at least in part, because only a tiny portion of its profits goes to its growers. They are paid such pitiful wages that they have little freedom to advance beyond their circumstances. That's often the cost of our cheap food. Adding insult to injury, while large chocolate companies pay pennies to their growers, they pay millions to their CEOs .

A Life of Reading, Part I: What My Parents Did - Wheatstone Writes - Wheatstone Ministries

Natural desire must have formed a part of my reading habit, but when I think back, Mom and Dad took some actions that seem very familiar when I listen to the life stories of my honors students. Perhaps "you cannot get out of a man what God and nature did not put there," but you can sculpt it.

Former Muslim-Turned-Christian Apologist Shares How Dreams Helped Him Find Jesus (Part I)

Nabeel Qureshi is the author of the recently released Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus  and works as an apologist for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. Quereshi was raised Muslim by parents who immigrated to the United States from Pakistan and came to Christianity over several years through intense conversations comparing the two faiths with a close college friend.

Ten Commandments for Sanctifying Comedy

To help you glorify God and enjoy him today, we want to share some basic rules of engagement before you wildly fire your funny guns. Our hope is that these 10 commandments—adapted from  Religion Saves  by Mark Driscoll—for sanctifying comedy will provide some bumper pads for your sense of humor to keep you from going in the gutter.

“Fire consumes all, but water cleanses.”

This comes out toward the middle of the film when Noah is talking to Ila, an orphan girl he rescued from marauding Cainites, who later grows up to marrty Noah’s son Ham.  “I thought you were a burden and I didn’t anyone else ruined by the world,” Noah tells Ila.  “But I was wrong. You are a gift.”  But he immediately makes the same mistake again.  He has a vision of himself eating a live animal – then a flashback to Eden, a snake and a fruit being picked.  He knows original sin has corrupted him, too, and he decides not to find wives for his sons to take on the ark.  He will let humanity die off.  “The wickedness is in all of us”, he tells his family.  He reasons that if creation is going to begin again, we must die.  Otherwise we would just destroy it again.  (Not a bad assumption, given that the next story in Genesis after the Flood is the Tower of Babel, where sinful human civilization is right back where it started.)  Without man, creation will be alone, “safe and beautiful”, he says.  When Noah tries to kill his grandchildren on the ark, he is not insane.  He is simply following the logic of absolute justice.

Do atheists have a lower divorce rate than Christians?

I’ve never been in a church where they explained the hormones that are released during sex that cause you to bond to the person you’re having sex with. You would have to look in books or listen to lectures in order to understand the problem with having sex with someone you are not committed to – how it causes you to hold back your emotions for fear of a break-up. The church doesn’t have much to say about the social effects of single motherhood by choice or the effects of gay parenting on children. Nor do they have any positive vision to offer men about how they can serve God by marrying carefully.

28 Agreement with Ehrman - Stand to Reason Blog

Ehrman is really a very knowledgable scholar and also formidable. And he is not an idiot, either. He is also extremely belligerent towards Christianity. And yet note that he believes all of the above. This just shows how silly some skeptics can be who believe that Jesus didn't exist and other such nonsense. It shows they really have zero knowledge about the source material and have never read any of it in the original languages. No true historian or Biblical scholar would ever come to any other conclusions than Ehrman's (at least inasmuch as the data listed above, of course the resurrection has people with a different conclusion). Even the ultra skeptical Crossan believes Jesus was crucified. I find it incredibly ridiculous that highly intelligent philosophers would dare argue such a point. In the world of Biblical scholarship and history, they would be dismissed outright (including by skeptics like Ehrman and Crossan). Never once have read a serious scholar who believes Jesus never existed.

The Debate Over Gay Marriage is Precisely What Christians Will Be Known For

I’m not saying you have to stop being a Christian. But you do have to recognize that Christianity as a whole is part of the problem here, not the solution, and it’s up to individual Christians to take action if they want to save the church. Howerton asks “How can we find unity in this division?” and it’s the wrong question. Forget unity. Those anti-gay Christians aren’t going to budge. What you need to do is leave them behind and find community among people who don’t use their faith as a shield against common sense and decency.

Imagination Summit 2014 | Open Biola

Recorded for the 2014 Imagination Summit at Biola University, José Bowen discusses how digital technology has changed the role of the university and the role of faculty.

31 Agreement with Ehrman - Stand to Reason Blog

Ehrman is really a very knowledgable scholar and also formidable. And he is not an idiot, either. He is also extremely belligerent towards Christianity. And yet note that he believes all of the above. This just shows how silly some skeptics can be who believe that Jesus didn't exist and other such nonsense. It shows they really have zero knowledge about the source material and have never read any of it in the original languages. No true historian or Biblical scholar would ever come to any other conclusions than Ehrman's (at least inasmuch as the data listed above, of course the resurrection has people with a different conclusion). Even the ultra skeptical Crossan believes Jesus was crucified. I find it incredibly ridiculous that highly intelligent philosophers would dare argue such a point. In the world of Biblical scholarship and history, they would be dismissed outright (including by skeptics like Ehrman and Crossan). Never once have read a serious scholar who believes Jesus never existed.

Great Losses, Severe Mercies, Tearful Joy

So I ask again: Do you have a view of God, and his severe mercy, that is robust and biblical enough to flourish with tearful joy, under heartbreaking losses, which he ordains as discipline?

Cosmos Episode Four: Fewer Errors of Commission, More Errors of Omission

Faraday believed that in his scientific researches he was reading the book of nature, which pointed to its creator, and he delighted in it: 'for the book of nature, which we have to read is written by the finger of God'. One example of the influence of his theological perspective on his science is Faraday's preoccupation with nature's laws. 'God has been pleased to work in his material creation by laws', he remarked, and 'the Creator governs his material works by definite laws resulting from the forces impressed on matter.' This is part of the designer's art: 'How wonderful is to me the simplicity of nature when we rightly interpret her laws'. But, as Cantor points out, 'the consistency and simplicity of nature were not only conclusions that Faraday drew from his scientific work but they were also metaphysical presuppositions that directed his research.' He sought the unifying laws relating the forces of the world, and was highly successful in respect of electricity, magnetism, and light. His program was less successful in attempting to unify gravity and electricity, for which failure he may readily be forgiven, since 150 years later we still don't know how to do that! Another guiding principle of much of Faraday's thought finds its motivation in a conception of creation as a divinely planned economy.

34 Golden Gate Seminary sells campus, initiates relocation -

MILL VALLEY, Calif. (BP) -- Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary has reached a sale agreement for all its campus property in Mill Valley, Calif., and has initiated relocation of its primary campus to Southern California. In a special gathering of faculty, students and staff, President Jeff Iorg announced the agreement with North Coast Land Holdings. The seminary's board of trustees approved the sale agreement unanimously. "The final sale agreement will result in resources for a new primary campus in Southern California, a new commuter campus in the Bay Area to continue to service this area, as well as a substantial addition to the seminary's endowment," Iorg reported. "This is an unprecedented opportunity to build a new kind of seminary campus for education in the 21st century," Iorg said. "We are seizing the moment to focus on fulfilling our mission in bold, innovative new ways." Steve Sheldon, chairman of the board of trustees, added, "The board has been fully engaged in land development decisions for years and is unified in the direction we have chosen for the future." Full details about the sale agreement will be announced after the sale is finalized.

"God's Like That" - What My Kids Got From Studying Hosea

“There was a very cool moment when [one of our students] had an “aha” moment. He said something along the lines of – ‘Oh, I get it now, I finally get what my mom and dad mean when they say that Jesus paid the price for us on the cross. It’s like how Hosea paid to get Gomer back. And I think Jesus felt sad on the cross the way that Hosea felt about what Gomer was doing to him.’ His eyes lit up and he just kept saying how he got it now, he understands. “

Peter Enns on Definitions and Inerrancy

We’ll look at Enns’ contributions to  Five Views … a bit backwards, by focusing first upon his responses to the other authors. What I found was that time and time again, Enns demanded definitions for individual words from the authors he was responding to. Sometimes, these demands were warranted, but overall it seemed Enns would just call on the others to define their terms and say he didn’t know what they meant otherwise. Moreover, even where he did not demand definitions, he often put scare quotes around seemingly random words in his responses. This latter point is more a complaint about writing style than substance, but it was extremely distracting! On p. 61, for example, Enns put quotes around three words–”many,” “history,” and “accurate”–the latter two for seemingly no reason whatsoever.

The Briefing 04-01-14

2) Justice Ginsburg, the power of the courts, and the pressure of retirement

The Army of God

You see, God wants Gideon to realize that hope is only found in Him. He wasn't calling Gideon to attack the Midianites; He was calling Gideon to attack the life-dominating fear that had been produced by self-reliance. Gideon had only depended on his own strength (which was non-existent), and that's why you find him hiding in a cave, questioning God's call on his life.

Democrats freed nearly 68,000 illegal aliens with criminal convictions in 2013

The federal government let nearly 68,000 illegal aliens with criminal records go free in 2013. When it’s law and order vs. future votes for Democrats, we all know which wins under this administration.

Transcript: The Briefing 04-01-14

There’s an intellectual problem in Timothy Egan’s essay as well. That’s in the last sentence of that paragraph when he writes, “A legacy of settlement is the delusion that large-scale manipulation of the natural world can be done without consequence.” In actuality, nothing in this incident whatsoever indicates that human manipulation of the environment had anything at all to do with that tragedy in Snohomish County, Washington. But the larger worldview issue is this: how is it that so many of us, not just these folks in Washington State, but virtually all of us, refuse to understand the data right before our eyes? Well it’s because, once again, we are reminded of the effects of the fall, and the effects of the fall in this case are demonstrated in the natural occurrence of this horrifying landslide. That too, of course, is evidence of God’s judgment upon sin and its effects upon the cosmos, but also on the refusal to see what was right before their eyes. But the reality is we all know that’s our story as well. And, by the way, there is no safe place to live. Undoubtedly, some places are safer than others, but there’s no place to live where you are not at least under the threat of a volcano, a hurricane or tornado, an earthquake, or some other form of natural disaster, or at least what the world calls a natural disaster.

College official ridicules pro-life demonstrator who was attacked by feminist professor

I post this to show parents exactly what is waiting for their children at college. You are paying tens of thousands of dollars for sociopaths to indoctrinate your children in secularism and leftism. Not just that, but the university is also affirming of a very promiscuous sexual environment, which goes beyond ridicule into peer-pressure. If you are sending your kids in unprepared, keep in mind that the people running the show are much like Michael D. Young, and they are not shy about making sure that your kids turn out just like him.

Aged Out of Church

And yet, rather than engage these important but uncomfortable issues that come with aging, our culture—including, at times, the church—would rather laugh it off. We see midlife as a caricature: the man with a bad comb over buying a red convertible or a thick-waisted woman drenched with sweat after her internal thermostat cranks itself up to the "temporary inferno" setting. We make the middle-aged into a punchline:

The Cast of ‘The Lion King’ Musical Perform ‘Circle of Life’ in Airplane Flashmob

The cast of Broadway’s Lion King musical knows how to make international travel more bearable. After launching the production in Australia, the singers gave an impromptu performance of the Disney classic “The Circle of Life” while waiting for their flight to leave Sydney. The Internet then rejoiced, finally getting a viral video cover featuring a Disney song other than “Let It Go” ...

Resurgence Leadership #010: Humble Yourself

As Christians, we can’t just do whatever we want, because Jesus is our master, and he’s left us his instructions and example to follow. One of the hardest ways to follow Jesus is also one of the most important: humble yourself.

Malaysian Boy Raised By Apes Has Probably Had an Interesting Childhood

A pretty crazy story is coming out of Malaysia right now, where authorities are saying they have finally been able to capture (for lack of a better word) a young boy who locals had been referring to as "the feral child of Borneo" for the past couple of years. Nobody knows who this kid is, but it seems he's spent the past two to three years with a group of Bornean orangutans who had taken him in and raised him as one of their own. So, he's had a pretty interesting childhood.

46 Truthbomb Apologetics: Raising Your Kids for Christ

My pastor recently also asked me to offer tips to parents on how they can talk with their children about Christian truths and evidences.  As a proud father of two young girls (5 and 7), I understand that I have a responsibility to train up my children in the Lord [Proverbs 22:6]. What follows are some of the tips I offered. 1. Family Devotions/Worship Time It is my conviction that families should try to have a scheduled time each day to sit down, read, and discuss the scriptures, and to pray and praise the Lord.  This will look different for each family.  In our house, we do catechism questions [1] with the girls during dessert.  Before bed we read an account from the scriptures or learn about one of God's attributes. [2]   Lastly, we end our devotional time praying for others. Further, I sometimes lead the family in praise on my guitar. 2. Stop sharing "stories" with your kids In my house we don't read Bible "stories."  We read Bible accounts.  I want to convey to my children that there are good reasons to believe that the events recorded in the Bible actually happened in space and time.

‘Top Gun 2’ Will Feature Drones vs. Tom Cruise

In an interview with The Huffington Post , Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer said that the plot of the forthcoming Top Gun 2—which comes just 28 years after the original—will once again feature a tough talking-pilot played by Tom Cruise, but this time, his enemy will be unmanned drones. "The concept is basically, are the pilots obsolete because of drones? Cruise is going to show them that they're not obsolete. The pilots are here to stay. That's the concept of it." Cruise will presumably attempt to show that though drones rule the sky, they don’t fare so well on the heated battlefield of the beach volleyball court . Bruckheimer cautioned that the concept is just “getting to the starting place” and it could be awhile before we see Maverick back in the pilot’s chair ...

A Harvard Sexual Assault Survivor Has Published a Devastating Letter

Dear Harvard: I am writing to let you know that I give up. I will be moving out of my House next semester, if only—quite literally—to save my life. You will no longer receive emails from me, asking for something to be done, pleading for someone to hear me, explaining how my grades are melting and how I have developed a mental illness as a result of your inaction. My assailant will remain unpunished, and life on this campus will continue its course as if nothing had happened. Today, Harvard, I am writing to let you know that you have won.

April Fools' Day Prank Roundup

Once a year, the Internet takes a break from its constant stream of misinformation and half truths to barrage us instead with misinformation and complete lies. It's April Fools' Day, which is fun for about the first thirty minutes, just before the crippling paranoia sets in, and your ability to trust your fellow man is forever destroyed. Here's a rundown of some of the better ones.

Faith Minus Reason Equals Irrational Unbelief

Note that at both poles, reckless faith seeks spiritual truth apart from Scripture—and that is the very point at which it becomes reckless. Both kinds of reckless faith also have this in common: they are irrational and anti-intellectual. “Anti-intellectual” doesn’t mean they oppose intellectual snobbery. It means they spurn the intellect and encourage blind, uncritical trust. Anti-intellectuals often set faith against reason, as if the two were opposites. That kind of faith is gullibility. It is foolishness, and not biblical faith. Biblical faith is never irrational.

52 Mark D. Linville: does Darwinian evolution make morality rational?
53 Answering Muslims: Peterborough: Islamic Rape-Wave Continues in Great Britain
56 Report: The CIA Misled Gov. about Severity of 'Enhanced Interrogation'
57 Gallup polls show that men are more pro-life and more pro-marriage than women
58 Carbon-14 and Palaeographical Dating of Papyri
59 Blindfold EP
60 Book Plunge: Can We Still Believe The Bible?
61 Copeland Is Reuniting. This Is (Probably) Not a Prank.
62 This High Schooler Just Got Accepted to Every Ivy League School
63 RELEVANT Q&A: Kari Jobe
64 Here’s the Poem that 13-Year-Old Darren Aronofsky Wrote about Noah
65 Picture Charades: Do you know your Presuppositional Apologists?
66 The Briefing 04-01-14
67 Q&A: Antinomianism, 144,000, and Tithing - Christian Research Institute
68 Finishing strong: persevering through your mid-degree crisis’