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Another Archaeological Find Shows That The Bible Really Is History - A Clear Lens

Last year I wrote an article about how archaeological discoveries continue to support the Bible. In it, I quoted George Rawlinson and Albert Nicols Arnold’s book, “The Historical Evidences Of The Truth Of The Scripture Records” with the following: “…even at this remote distance of time from the date of the Sacred Oracles, new evidences of …

How Do We Verify The Validity Of The Gospels? (Video) | Cold Case Christianity

J. Warner Wallace discusses the four part template we use to determine eyewitness reliability. Can this template be applied to the Gospels?

Have We Lost the Message of the New Testament? | Mikel Del Rosario | Your Apologetics Guy℠

Lost the Plot? Have we somehow lost the message of the New Testament through irreparable corruptions of the text? That’s what some people wonder when the conversation turns to the issue of textual variants—differences in the biblical manuscripts we’ve discovered over the years. Maybe you’ve got a friend or a co-worker who tends to be pretty skeptical of the Bible right from the get-go. For …

If There is Such Good Evidence for God, Why Don't More People Believe?

The scientific, philosophical, and historical evidence for God is powerful. So, why don't more people believe? Sean briefly answers these Questions.

Philippians 2:3: You Are Never Too High to Serve

All whispers of “I deserve” are silenced at the foot of the cross. Go there with your pride and be set free.

Debate Video: Shabir Ally vs. David Wood- "Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?"

On Saturday, March 3, 2018, David Wood and Shabir Ally debate the topic: "Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?" The event was sponsored by R...

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What does it mean to say Christianity is true?

A common approach in apologetic discussions is to ask someone what would convince them  Christianity is true. And if it is true, would you believe it?  After all, we rely on truth every day of our lives. We want our banks, our employers, government, friends, and  family to be truthful with us. And why would you want to believe something that is false? But the more I have thought about this question, I think it leads to some very important questions.

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This Is Apologetics: An Argument from Christian Hypocrisy

The objection that Christians are hypocrites, and therefore Christianity must be false, borrows from the very Christian worldview. By presupposing objective morality, the objection presupposes the very God it aims to disprove.

The Importance of Community for Christian Case Makers | Cold Case Christianity

Christian Communities Define Purpose The success of Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life should remind us how important it is for every human to answer the question, “Why am I here?” Christian case making communities must help young people answer this question for themselves (individually) and for the group (collectively). Are we here to simply fight the enemy? Are we here to simply win the debate? If these are the limits of our ambition, we will never become more than a group or a club. Communities are driven by more transcendent goals. Campolo was right when he recognized the power of mission . As a Christian he rallied around the causes of God and enjoyed the common sense of purpose he experienced in Christian community. He enjoyed devoting his life to loving others and making the world a better place. I think he is misguided in thinking these transcendent causes can be grounded in anything other than a Transcendent Father, but that’s another issue altogether. Campolo’s right about one thing: Families are united in mission and purpose. If you are leading a Christian case making community, examine your activities to see if they reflect the mission of God.

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Apologetics Press - Los Derechos de los Animales

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How to Share the Gospel Without Being a Jerk

Nobody likes a jerk, but so often this is the impression many Christians give when sharing the faith. There are many people who claim to follow Christ but share their faith in a way that completely contradicts Jesus’ message and manner. This happens even with well-meaning, kind-hearted, Christians. They want their friends and family to know Jesus Christ, but they fall into unhealthy patterns of sharing the faith, patterns that push people away from God rather than draw people near. I want to begin by saying that I understand. Sharing the Christian faith is hard.

Connecting Faith with Carmen LaBerge - Faith Radio

“Veteran broadcaster and dear friend, Neil Stavem , has stepped away from his daily hosting duties on Connecting Faith to join me in a greater leadership role. You’ll still hear Neil often as he fills in for other Faith Radio hosts. His new role will include working more closely with our programming partners, coaching the on-air hosts and working in program development.”

Why Are Stories Such Powerful Means of Communication?

When we hear a story, however, things dramatically shift inside us, according to researchers in Europe. Not only are the language processing portions of our brain activated, but any other portion we’d use when experiencing the events of that story are as well. If we hear about the sweltering heat of a summer day, the preoptic areas of the anterior hypothalamus portion of our brain lights up. If a person tells us how delicious their lasagna was last night, our sensory cortex lights up. When a friend describes how fast he was running on a track last week, our motor cortex is ignited. In other words, the better the storyteller, the more portions of the brain are engaged. It can be far superior to relaying mere facts. In many cases, the listeners actually feel as if they are experiencing the story itself. It is an experience.

Book Review: Expanded and Updated Evidence that Demands a Verdict by Josh McDowell and Sean McDowell

Introduction When I began investigating the evidence for Christianity, one name that believers repeatedly recommended was Josh McDowell .  I began looking into his works and discovered two titles- More than a Carpenter and Evidence that Demands a Verdict (EDAV).  At the time, I especially found EDAV to be a great resource for a novice like myself.  It enabled me to evaluate some of the manuscript evidence for the Old Testament and the New Testament. Amazingly, the original EDAV was published in 1979!  The new edition is thoroughly revised and updated from previous editions in light of the plethora of recently uncovered historical documentation and the best of modern scholarship.  The chapters are expanded and address many of the most recent attacks from Christianity's harshest critics. In addition, EDAV is now co-authored by Josh McDowell and his son, Sean McDowell, Ph.D .  This new work provides "fresh insights, greater perspective and a fresh voice to today's most pressing questions." Strengths of the Book Usually, when we receive a book to review, we post a book preview of the work for readers to familiarize themselves with a forthcoming text.

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14 EVENT: Apologetics in Evangelism, April 14, West Hartford, CT

Attend this Defenders regional meeting in Hartford, CT on April 14th! Come learn how to both share and defend your faith in a winsome manner. Hear about how the apostle Paul integrated apologetics with sharing the Gospel and learn how to utilize the internet for evangelism. Ted Wright (founder of Epic Archaeology ), Kurt Jaros (Executive Director of Defenders Media , Director of Apologetics315 , & host of the Veracity Hill podcast), and others will be teaching you how to be prepared to give an answer for the hope within, and doing so with gentleness and respect. Go to to register and learn more.

Do Christians Carry More Emotional Stress Than Non-Christians?

“I guess you could say God is ‘molding’ me, which I’m eternally grateful for, but it has taken a toll on me, too. I’ve been encouraged to hear that a number of great Christians experienced great emotional stress and struggle (even David in the Psalms), but it is almost paralyzing for me at times. Is this normal? As Christians we’re called to have faith, confidence in Christ, and be filled with a joyful spirit, but now I find my spirit to be heavy. I guess you could say my prayer life lately sounds like Psalm 88.” Pastor John, how would you counsel Amanda?

The Commitment of the Apostles Confirms the Truth of the Resurrection

Many of us, as committed Christians, would rather die than reject our Savior. Around the world today, Christians are executed regularly because they refuse to deny their allegiance to Jesus or the truth claims of Christianity. But their deaths, while heartbreaking and compelling, have no evidential value. Many people are willing to die for what they don’t know is a lie. Martyrdom doesn’t confirm the truth, especially when the martyrs don’t have first-hand access to the claim for which they’re dying. But this wasn’t the case for the disciples of Jesus. They were in a unique position: they knew if the claims about Jesus were true. They were present for the life, ministry, death and alleged resurrection of Jesus. If the claims about Jesus were a lie, the disciples would have known it (in fact they would have been the source of the lie). That’s why their commitment to their testimony was (and is) so compelling. Unlike the rest of us, their willingness to die for their claims has tremendous evidential value. In fact, the commitment of the apostles confirms the truth of the resurrection.

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On this episode of the Catalyst podcast, Tyler Reagin sits down with Jonathan Morrow from Impact360 & David Kinnaman from the Barna Research Group, to discuss their co-lead research study on Generation Z & it's impact on leaders & the Church. Listen Now: 

Jesus Is More Than Your Savior

He is not like a lifeguard who saves us from the undertow to hand us off to our family, but like our own father who rescues us from the riptide for himself to give us the longest, sweetest, and most memorable hug we ever had. His rescue is not like that of a paramedic, fireman, police officer, or soldier honorably “just doing my job,” but in his rescue he demonstrates his personal, covenantal, eternal love for us. Our salvation doesn’t show his commitment to his work as much as his commitment to his child.

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Jesus Is Evidence That God Exists

Christians today are facing more challenges than ever. The Poached Egg exists to equip Christians to meet those challenges and be more confident in their faith and become more effective witnesses for Christ. If you find these articles and posts useful, please consider partnering with me in 2018 to continue this work that God has laid on my heart. As someone once said, the Gospel is free, but someone has to pay for the plumbing. You can become a monthly partner for just as little as $5 a month (that’s only $60 a year), the price of a gourmet cup of coffee. Special one time gifts are welcome and encouraged as well. Will you help?

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We are just two days away from the Stand for Truth conference in Honolulu! If you live nearby, be sure to join us!

The ‘Bad Girls’ of the Bible Deserve a Fresh Look

Edited by Sandra Glahn, associate professor of media arts and worship at Dallas Theological Seminary, the essays focus on revisiting the “sexualized, vilified, and marginalized women of the Bible.” Some may be tempted to read this as a politically motivated subtitle, but Glahn contests this conclusion in her preface, stating, “Our motivation is to handle faithfully the biblical text, which involves bringing to light a number of women labeled as ‘bad girls’ who deserve a fresh look.”

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In this week's #WorldTour : Malaysian court leaves Christian converts in limbo … @BizMediaJulia

27 Weekly Apologetics Bonus Links (2/25 – 3/3)

Reasoning for the Truth of Christianity: A Practical Guide to Apologetics in College and Life by Cameron Gryson $.99

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On the heels of news about Russian internet trolls targeting Baptists, it's good to be reminded to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ scattered across Mother Russia. …

Why Would God Send Good People to Hell? (Podcast) | Cold Case Christianity

In this blast from the past, J. Warner addresses a common objection to the loving nature of God. Isn’t it unfair for God to penalize people who are otherwise good, just because they haven’t heard about Jesus? A good God would not send good people to Hell. Jim responds to this objection and answers listener email related to the Craig/Harris debate, pre-existing mythologies that are similar to Jesus, and the difficult, exclusive nature of “election”.

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Elmer Towns, co-founder of @LibertyU is teaching a module on church planting next week at Southern Evangelical Seminary! It isn't too late to sign up for the course, and anyone is welcome to audit it online or on campus! …

The Minimal Facts of the Resurrection

Before looking at the facts surrounding the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, it is important to identify a set of objective criteria by which the validity of historical events may be judged. In other words, what criteria may be used to establish the occurrence of an event with reasonable historical certainty? New Testament scholars Gary Habermas and Michael Licona list the following five criteria noting that “a historian who is able to apply one or more of the following principles to a text can conclude with much greater confidence whether a certain event occurred.” [10]

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If you enlarge the photograph enough, you can see where the Devil went back & circled certain words & passages in red in order to leave Mohler a clue to where the Devil lies in those details.

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Fantastic Voyage: How Could Noah Build the Ark?

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This particular disease can increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, dementia, and even suicide. The disease is loneliness. The cure, as an article in the Independent claims, “is a newfangled intervention called ‘community.’”

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In advance of Disney's #WrinkleInTime , @thinkchristian takes a look back at Madeleine L'Engle's richly imaginative and theologically provocative fantasy novel. 

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"The excrescences of rage we are seeing on the left (& the evangelical left’s countenancing of that bitter rage & often their own participation in it) is not calculated to speak with the love of Jesus to those w/whom they disagree, but to demonize them..." …

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On #InspirationalBreakfast today... - It's #InternationalWomensDay hear from 1st female bishop of London @bishopSarahM at 8am - Less than 3% of statues in London are of ladies. @MiriamPick is campaigning to #erectmorewomen - New domestic abuse bill includes financial abuse

The Insanity of Leaning on Our Own Understanding

If you eat of that one [tree] you will be saying to me, “I’m smarter than you. I am more authoritative than you. I am wiser than you are. I think I can care for myself better than you care for me. You are not a very good Father. And so, I am going to reject you.” So, don’t eat from the tree, because you will be rejecting me and all my good gifts and all my wisdom and all my care. Instead, keep on submitting to my will. Keep on affirming my wisdom. Keep on being thankful for my generosity. Keep on trusting me as a Father and keep on eating from these [other] trees as a way of enjoying me.

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So, if God is the Creator of the universe and everything within it, does that mean that He created sin? We address that in my latest 3-minute teaching video. …

William Lane Craig Q&A: If God Knows My Decisions How Do I Have Free Will?

For more resources visit: If God knows my decisions before I make them, does that mean I am not making free choices? What is Divine Fatalism? What impact does God's foreknowledge have on decision making? This is a question that Dr William Lane Craig answered during the 2013 Apologetics Canada Conference question and answer period. We welcome your comments in the Reasonable Faith forums: Be sure to also visit Reasonable Faith's other channel: Follow Reasonable Faith On Twitter: Add Reasonable Faith On Facebook:

Kindle Deals in Christian Apologetics: Greg's Top Ten Picks of the Week!

Christians today are facing more challenges than ever. The Poached Egg exists to equip Christians to meet those challenges and be more confident in their faith and become more effective witnesses for Christ. If you find these articles and posts useful, please consider partnering with me in 2018 to continue this work that God has laid on my heart. As someone once said, the Gospel is free, but someone has to pay for the plumbing. You can become a monthly partner for just as little as $5 a month (that’s only $60 a year), the price of a gourmet cup of coffee. Special one time gifts are welcome and encouraged as well. Will you help?

Mark Zuckerberg Finishes Morning Reading Of Favorite Devotional '1984'

MENLO PARK, CA—We all have our favorite regular devotionals or Scripture readings that motivate us each morning and get us in the right mindset to tackle the day. For Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, no morning is complete without reading at least a few pages of the “uplifting, utopian” novel 1984 by George Orwell.

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46 Phase-plate cryo-EM structure of a biased agonist-bound human GLP-1 receptor–Gs complex

The glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor (GLP-1R) is a key target for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and obesity. Recently, biased agonists—ligands that selectively activate primarily one signalling pathway—have been identified. One of these, exendin-P5, is biased for G-protein signalling, increasing adipogenesis—the generation of fat cells—and is more effective at correcting hyperglycaemia than other agonists. Here, Patrick Sexton and colleagues report the structure of the human GLP-1R in complex with exendin-P5 and the G-protein heterotrimer determined from cryo-electron microscopy. Not only does this work reveal more detailed structural information about the receptor complex and its activation, it also proposes a basis for biased agonism, in the interactions with both the ligand and the G protein.

A Fresh Look at The Design Argument for the Existence of God

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YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A CESSATIONIST: To Know that Scripture Forbids Speaking in Tongues Without an Interpreter.

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Preaching with “a Bible in one hand and a newspaper in the other” constantly put Billy Graham at the intersection of faith and culture …

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