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E-mails released by Clinton: there are "months, and months, and months" missing

The Daily Signal reports: During an appearance on CBS News’ “Face the Nation” today, Rep. Trey Gowdy said there are “huge gaps” in the emails he has received from former Secretary of State Hillary ...

Answering Muslims: U.K. Biology Teacher Jamshed Javeed Jailed for Attempting to Join ISIS

Jamshed Javeed had a job, a pregnant wife, and a family that cared about him. What could have convinced such a man that he must leave his job, his pregnant wife, and his family, and travel to the Middle East to die as a martyr? Could it possibly be due to the teachings of Allah and Muhammad? Qur’an 9:29—Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the Religion of Truth, from among the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizyah with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued. Qur’an 48:29—Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and those who are with him are severe against disbelievers, and merciful among themselves. Sahih Muslim 33—It has been narrated on the authority of Abdullah b. Umar that the Messenger of Allah said: I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify that there is no god but Allah, that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah, and they establish prayer, and pay Zakat and if they do it, their blood and property are guaranteed protection on my behalf except when justified by law, and their affairs rest with Allah. Sahih al-Bukhari 2785—Narrated Abu Hurairah: A man came to Allah’s Messenger and said, “Guide me to such a deed as equals Jihad (in reward).” He replied, “I do not find such a deed.” Sahih al-Bukhari 2787—Allah guarantees that He will admit the Mujahid in His Case into Paradise if he is killed, otherwise He will return him to his home safely with rewards and war booty.” Sahih al-Bukhari 2795—Narrated Anas bin Malik: The Prophet said, “Nobody who dies and finds good from Allah (in the Hereafter) would wish to come back to this world, even if he were given the whole world and whatever is in it, except the martyr who, on seeing the superiority of martyrdom, would like to come back to the world and get killed again (in Allah’s cause).” Sahih al-Bukhari 2796—Narrated Anas: The Prophet said, “A single endeavor (of fighting) in Allah’s cause in the afternoon or in the forenoon is better than all the world and whatever is in it.” Sahih al-Bukhari 2797—Narrated Abu Hurairah: The Prophet said, . . . “By Him in Whose Hands my soul is! I would love to be martyred in Allah’s Cause and then come back to life and then get martyred, and then come back to life again and then get martyred and then come back to life again and then get martyred.” Sahih al-Bukhari 2810—Narrated Abu Musa: A man came to the Prophet and asked, “A man fights for war booty; another fights for fame and a third fights for showing off; which of them is in Allah’s Cause?” The Prophet said, “He who fights that Allah’s Word (i.e., Allah’s religion of Islamic Monotheism) be superior, is in Allah’s Cause.” Is it possible that a man who reads these passages would conclude that he's supposed to wage jihad? Not according to our leaders and the media. BBC—A biology teacher who was poised to travel to Syria to fight with the group that became widely known as Islamic State has been jailed for six years. Jamshed Javeed, from Manchester, was "determined to fight jihad" despite pleas from his family not to, Woolwich Crown Court heard. Javeed, 30, who admitted terror offences, claimed in court he wanted to go to support ordinary Syrians. He was arrested in December 2013 hours before he was set to leave the UK. Javeed, who taught at Sharples School in Bolton, had been preparing to leave his home on Cringle Road, Levenshulme, after helping his younger brother Mohammed make the trip to Syria. The teacher's relatives initially foiled his plans by hiding his passport but he persisted even after learning his wife was pregnant. Police found £1,490 in cash, thermal gloves and combat-style trousers in a rucksack during a search at his home. At an earlier hearing, Javeed admitted two counts of engaging in conduct in preparation of terror acts but insisted he was travelling only to support the people of Syria, not to join Islamic State. But in sentencing him, Judge Michael Topolski said he was "not satisfied" Javeed had rejected "Isis's ultimate aims" and believed he remained "adherent to a violent jihadist mindset" and considered him "dangerous". He said by autumn 2013 he had "become sufficiently radicalised and committed to a violent jihadist ideology that you were part of a group of young men determined to travel to Syria to join Isis and to fight and die for them". Judge Topolski said: "I find that you were not planning to return to this country... but rather to die, if you could, as a martyr." He said Javeed played an "important role" in enabling his younger brother and three other men to travel to Syria to fight. "One of those young men is now dead. The other three are effectively missing." (Continue Reading.) To understand why Jamshed Javeed decided to wage jihad, watch this:

Round Up: Stephen Fry and the Problem of Evil - Saints and Sceptics

Stephen Fry caused an internet sensation when justified his atheism with passion and eloquence to the Irish journalist Gay Byrne. “Suppose it’s all true, and you walk up to the pearly gates, and are confronted by God,” Bryne asked the British polymath and light entertainer.  “What will Stephen Fry say ?” Fry’s reply was direct and visceral:

When Faith Gets Shaken

Church renewal leader John Wimber often said, "Never trust a leader who doesn't walk with a limp."  I often smile when I see Patrick limp towards me when we meet for one of our regular prayer lunches, not because I like to see him in pain, but because Wimber’s words echo in my mind. I trust Patrick; his physical limp reminds me of the profoundly good character within him. Leaders often look like they have a lot of friends, but ask them how many people they trust deeply and you will get a disappointing response. Competition, jealously, envy and projected self-image are all alive in leadership, both secular and Christian. Paradoxically the need to present oneself in a ‘victorious’ light as a Christian leader is far greater than within secular settings. Most leaders fear revealing that their struggles are anything but conquered and tend only to offer testimonies that hark back to the ‘bad old days of their youth’, rather than the struggles they had this morning. All of this generates a perfectionistic culture that fails to give our leaders permission to struggle. At its worst we have seen the propagation of a wholly inauthentic ‘muscular Christianity’ model in some quarters of the church where, like the emperors new clothes, everyone pertains to be enjoying ‘victorious living’; free from doubt, fear and suffering.   I mention the paradoxical denial of suffering in the Christian life, since true biblical leadership is itself rooted in vulnerability and suffering. Ultimately we follow a Saviour who ministered for three years before being crucified, a Lord who wept at the magnitude of his own fate and one that makes an invitation for us to, ‘Pick up our crosses and follow him’ (Luke 9:23). The agony of Jesus own sense of abandonment in suffering, “My God My God, why have you forsaken me”, (Mat 27:46) is an authentic cry, echoed in our own lives in the face of incomprehensible suffering and loss. This is a book that simply gives a language to what we already know to be true.   One of the reasons I am excited to be writing the forward to this book is because Patrick isn’t like me. I get put into the ‘he’s a bit sensitive’ box, where you can relegate people who are into ‘emotional stuff’. Patrick, on the other hand, is a regular tough guy. He will be cross with me for saying it, but at the end of the day, his work speaks for itself: he has an OBE for his services to young people, he works on some of Britain’s toughest estates with some of its most brutal gangs. And, as you will read within these pages, he voluntarily had his own leg broken in multiple places, enduring excruciating pain in an operation with questionable prospects of success! Patrick cannot be written off, his story cannot be denied or patronized. It speaks for itself: doubt, suffering, fear, frustration and vulnerability are all part of the authentic Christian experience and are not simply the preserve of those with ‘little faith’.   The levels of vulnerability expressed in this book by Patrick and Diane, along with Andy, Liza and Hannah, demonstrates great courage. They give us an insight into some of the most private and painful struggles that any family or individual might have to bear. Patrick has nothing to gain by sharing this journey of suffering with us. He will undoubtedly face criticism: some will say he shows self-pity, others that he lacks faith or is discouraging. But nothing could be further from the truth.   I trust the man who (still) walks with a limp. These pages are not full of woes; they are full of biblical wisdom that has been refined in the furnace of experience. As a reader you are privileged to receive an insight into what truly great Christian leadership looks like; what it means to suffer in the body and still say, “Jesus is Lord.” Enjoy the journey and know that whatever you are limping through, ‘…your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you (Deuteronomy 31:6). [from the forward by Will Van Der Hart]  

Truthbomb Apologetics: Sunday Praise: "Victorious" by Third Day

Welcome! It's been wisely stated that the way one answers the question, "Is there a God?" defines a life. Here at Truthbomb Apologetics we strive to offer apologetics resources to encourage and challenge both believer and unbeliever. Critical thinking is strongly encouraged, reason is a must, and all are welcomed!

Regarding Robert Morey's Comments About Nuking the Kaaba - Alpha and Omega Ministries

MuslimByChoice posted a video on YouTube three years ago titled, “Dr. James White called Robert Morey “STUPID”, “DUMB” AND “FOOLISH” on his Radio Show!!”  Here is the video: Now, of course, what I did was call a particular statement stupid, dumb and foolish—and yes, Bob Morey made the statement.  In fact, as you listen to …

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The Role of Engineering in Science Faith Dialogues Part 3

The Role of Engineering in Science Faith Dialogues Part 3

Science Increasingly Makes the Case for God

In 1966 Time magazine ran a cover story asking: Is God Dead? Many have accepted the cultural narrative that he’s obsolete—that as science progresses, there is less need for a “God” to explain the universe. Yet it turns out that the rumors of God’s death were premature. More amazing is that the relatively recent case for his existence comes from a surprising place—science itself.

3 The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily, by Greg West: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

Bleacher Report on Twitter

VIDEO: Ohio State football players show off their moves at the Buckeyes basketball game

Radio Radio airs every Friday at midnight from 12:00 AM to 2:00 AM (Pacific time) on KKLA (99.5 FM) in Los Angeles. If you are not in the L.A. area you can listen via the internet at Give us a call on the air at 1-888-LA-TALKS (1-888-528-2557). Our shows are podcast weekly on Apple’s iTunes. Click on the icon below to subscribe to our shows. If you do not use Apple’s iTunes for podcasting, go to our RSS feed page by clicking on the image above. Many of our shows are for sale at $1.99 at our store.

3 Ways Christians Will Address Cultural Issues in the Coming Years

I teach and write about this topic often because it is so widely misunderstood. Christians need to engage culture for the cause of Christ, not run from it because people are worldly. Paul explained that he did not call us to "leave the world" (1 Corinthians 5:10) but rather to "become all things to all men" so as to engage them with the gospel (1 Corinthians 9:22). (I've written extensively on engaging culture and contexutalization, so I won't rehash that here, but you can find about 90 articles I've written at this link .)

What Does the Ferguson Report Mean for Christians?

At the end of the day, what I understand the Black Lives Matter Movement to be about is about the humanity of black people. So long as young black men are not seen as fully human, we are going to continue to have these and other kinds of incidents. So the question is, are we—we being the Church—willing to come alongside of that? How do we help that to happen within our local communities? For pastors to even start talking about it in ways that are authentic and brave—and that often means you might have to speak a truth that will make some people uncomfortable. But the truth is that until black lives matter as much as white lives matter, we will not be a just, free, humane society that embodies the Kingdom of God on earth.

How to Make Disciples in Small Groups

I don’t know about you, but I’m determined to build a thriving small group ministry that makes disciples .  That is the light at the end of the tunnel for me.  It is the end in mind.  It’s not just to connect unconnected people.  That’s important, but only a beginning.  My objective is to make disciples.  And I suspect–since you are still along on this journey with me–that is your objective too!  See also, How to Build a Thriving Small Group Ministry  and 5 Things You Need to Know about Connecting Unconnected People .


Church leaders should be tuned in and aware that most of the world spends a good proportion of their...

How Texas Became a Conservative Evangelical Powerhouse

In the Republic of Texas, they did the same. Over time, schools and communal organizations, informed by Protestantism, took over the functions of teaching and enforcing social norms, all the while developing a symbiotic relationship with the churches. In this context, individualism blossomed, and Texans saw themselves as strong advocates for liberty—“liberty of conscience, liberty from tyranny, and liberty from religious authority”—and viewed government as a potential threat to each of these. As a result, although religious Texans trusted Democrats to maintain the all-important racial status quo, most supported the New Deal with “considerable misgivings,” worrying about the government “gaining too much influence over peoples’ lives.”

Three key connections between knowing God and staying pure

The only way you can know God is by knowing his Son Jesus Christ. To know Jesus Christ is to know the one who provides forgiveness for our sin on his cross. Being forgiven is the most wonderful thing in the world. It means that all the things you have ever done will not be held against you because of the work of another.


Pastor’s Wife Appreciation Month is a 31-day online campaign to encourage the wives of men in ministry. Show your pastor’s wife how much you appreciate her by sharing the images below on social media with the hashtag #PastorsWifeAppreciation , and by telling your own stories about how God has used your pastor’s wife in your life and in the lives of those around you.

God's Not Dead: Atheistic Evolution: Difficulties Make It Impossible

In a widely cited speech, Nobel laureate David Baltimore remarked, “Modern biology is a science of information.” Many … biologists have identified information as biology’s central problem. For matter to be alive, it must be suitably structured. A living organism is not a mere lump of matter. Life is special, and what makes life special is the arrangement of its matter into very specific forms. In other words, what makes life special is information. Where did the information necessary for life come from? This question cannot be avoided. Life has not always existed. There was a time in the history of the universe when all matter was lifeless. And then life appeared—on earth and perhaps elsewhere. Biology’s information problem is therefore to determine whether (and if so how) purely natural forces are able to bridge the gulf between the organic and inorganic worlds as well as the gulfs between different levels of complexity within the organic world. Conversely, biology’s information problem is to determine whether (and if so how) design is needed to complement purely natural forces in the origin and subsequent development of life (William Dembski).

Humans Will Evolve Beyond Ourselves Via Technology? At Least the Idea Offers Some Comic Relief

Once in a while, when the world is too much with me and I need a little entertainment, I turn to transhumanism -- the idea that humans will evolve beyond ourselves thanks to computers. The would-be immoralist crowd's latest craze concerns whether "superintelligent" computers -- those supposedly able to "think" independently -- might be the object of religious conversionary efforts.

In campaign against terrorism, U.S. enters period of pessimism and gloom

The assessments reflect a pessimism that has descended on the U.S. counterterrorism community over the past year amid a series of discouraging developments. Among them are the growth of the Islamic State, the ongoing influx of foreign fighters into Syria, the collapse of the U.S.-backed government in Yemen and the downward spiral of Libya’s security situation. The latest complication came Saturday, when the terrorist group Boko Haram in Nigeria carried out a series of suicide bombings and reportedly declared its allegiance to the Islamic State.

16 The TC Apologetics Daily

The TC Apologetics Daily, by TC Apologetics: The latest news and thoughts for the apologetic-minded Christian.

'The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,' Your New Favorite Show, Is Here.

Today marks the release of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt . It's a Tina Fey-produced comedy starring Ellie Kemper as a thousand-watt heroine in New York City and it's all on Netflix, so there's something for everyone here. The show follows Kimmy (Kemper), who has just been released from a doomsday cult and discovered the world outside of her fire-and-brimstoney upbringing is not nearly as bad as she has been led to believe. She moves to the Big Apple, makes a gaggle of friends and starts rediscovering the world around her. The plot sounds a little dense, but Kimmy's character is more Buddy the Elf than Westboro Baptist refugee, and Kemper is a revelation. After years of playing second fiddle on The Office , she finally gets her long-deserved chance to stretch her wings as a leading lady, and she nails it. She's unfailingly positive in the face of New York's teeming curmudgeons, but she's also a woman of strength, character and kindness. And although Fey never appears onscreen, her fans will certainly recognize her sharp sensibilities. In other words, it's another great show to fill the hole in your heart left by 30 Rock and Parks & Rec .


“Do you worry that you will lose your salvation? Do you feel confident in God’s love for you? This book will help you feel secure in God’s promises over you. Jesus said of his people: “I give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand” (John 10:28). Sam Storms once again demonstrates his pastoral wisdom as he lovingly lays the foundation for eternal security.” —Adrian Warnock , author,  Hope Reborn  and Raised with Christ

Dear Rules, I Love You

A second theme is repentance. Maybe you're a bit discouraged while you read through Psalm 119—and not just because it’s so long. After all, it can be spiritually distressing to read verse after verse basically about how much this psalmist loves rules. By the time you get to v. 164 and read “seven times a day I praise you for your righteous rules” you might start thinking about the Pharisee in Luke 18 pretentiously “thanking” God for how absolutely fabulous he is at obeying all the rules. That kind of tone can be disheartening on an average weekday, particularly if you have not been particularly fabulous at rule-keeping lately.

The Sacrament of the Supper - Christian Research Institute

We have in the sacraments another aid to our faith related to the preaching of the Gospel. It is very important that some definite doctrine concerning them be taught, that we may learn from it both the purpose for which they were instituted and their present use. By this means God provides first for our ignorance and dullness, then for our weakness. Yet, properly speaking, it is not so much needed to confirm his Sacred Word as to establish us in faith in it. For God’s truth is of itself firm and sure enough, and it cannot receive better confirmation from any other source than from itself. But as our faith is slight and feeble unless it be propped on all sides and sustained by every means, it trembles, wavers, totters, and at last gives way. Here our merciful Lord, according to his infinite kindness, so tempers himself to our capacity that, since we are creatures who always creep on the ground, cleave to the flesh, and, do not think about or even conceive of anything spiritual, he condescends to lead us to himself even by these earthly elements, and to set before us in the flesh a mirror of spiritual blessings.

Steven J. Lawson: A Puny God

If the church has a low view of God, its light will be dim, and the darkness will not be pushed back. Today, our concept of God is often sentimental rather than biblically based. Many people embrace what has been called “moralistic therapeutic deism,” a view of God that says He exists to make us feel good about ourselves, and that He involves Himself in our lives only to affirm us and solve our problems. As long as we do not properly grasp the transcendent majesty and holiness of God, our light will not pierce the darkness. In this message, Dr. Steven J. Lawson proclaims the centrality of a high, biblical view of the Lord, calling upon God to restore the truth about His transcendent majesty and holiness in His church. This message is from our 2015 National Conference, After Darkness, Light: Purchase this conference on DVD:

Confident Christianity: Christianity Today: The Unexpected Defenders

“I am very pleased to recommend Mary Jo Sharp and her Confident Christianity apologetics ministry. Winsome and gracious, Mary Jo is an effective communicator who offers a fresh perspective and a clear articulation of the truth and defensibility of the gospel. ” Dr. Paul Copan Professor and Pledger Family Chair of Philosophy and Ethics Palm Beach Atlantic University (West Palm Beach, FL)

ESV Reader's Bible

The ESV Reader’s Bible was created for those who want to read Scripture precisely as it was originally written–namely, as an unbroken narrative. Verse numbers, chapter and section headings, and translation footnotes are helpful navigational and interpretive tools, but they are also relatively recent conventions. In the ESV Reader’s Bible they have been removed from the Bible text. The result is a new kind of Bible-reading experience in a volume that presents Scripture as one extended story line.

Really Recommended Posts 3/6/15- Graphic Novels, going to church, and more!

Hello, dear readers! I hope you’ll enjoy the lineup I have for you from the frozen North. I realized the other day I must truly have acclimated because I walked outside in 5 degree (Fahrenheit, AKA -15 Celsius) weather and had to remove my hat because I was warm. Wow. Anyway, some diverse reading for you, which includes posts on a graphic novel reviewed from a Christian perspective, some analysis of Flood Geology, reasons to go to church, an upcoming book I’m super excited for, and how to be a Christian on Facebook.

2 Ferguson Officials Resign Following Justice Department Report

Two city officials in Ferguson, Mo., have resigned after a Justice Department report highlighted racist emails sent by police and court employees, a spokesman for the city said Friday.

Innovative Apologetics: Atheism’s Abysmal, Feeble, Pathetic, Not Reasonable, Very Illogical Foundation

Sean McDowell on Twitter

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Police will charge gay activist Adam Hoover with faking his own abduction

A suburban Cincinnati gay rights activist was charged with a misdemeanor early Tuesday after police say he falsely claimed online that he was kidnapped and thrown in the trunk of his car, NBC affiliate WLWT reported. In a post on Facebook and Twitter just before 12:30 a.m. ET, Adam Hoover alerted his friends and followers that he was in danger. He said he was using social media instead of dialing 911 because he didn’t want to be heard.

The Problem of Suffering and Evil (2) - William Lane Craig at Aalborg University

The problem of innocent suffering--usually called 'the problem of evil' by philosophers--is the most important argument against the existence of God. Dr. William Lane Craig differentiates between the emotional and intellectual problems of evil in order to help keep our thinking about this controverted subject clear. He further differentiates between internal and external versions of the intellectual problem of evil, arguing that while the former is generally thought to have been resolved, the latter remains a subject of debate. During his morning lecture Dr. Craig sets up the problem and discuss the internal version; during the afternoon lecture he addresses the external version. Part 2 of 4. Aalborg University, April 17, 2012 Organizers: Mogens Pahuus and Peter Øhrstrøm, Applied Philosophy, Aalborg University We welcome your comments in the Reasonable Faith forums: Reasonable Faith with William Lane Craig:

Sunday Quote!- A Science Fiction Parable

Looking at this specific parable, there are many layers of possible meaning. How might we be eating food that doesn’t nourish us? Could it be a sinful habit, a practice, a temptation we give in to? Have we made ourselves used to bad food so that we don’t recognize that which is good? Do we need to ask God to help bring healing to our own habits of life? But the text could go in other directions as well. Have we seen others in ways that are mistaken? Perhaps we see something about someone else and think we do not want to associate with them. We see “sharp teeth” and think “predator.” We flee from that which is different.

Early March 2015 Presuppositional Apologetics' Links

Most are Presuppositional apologetics’ links gathered between March 1st-8th, 2015.  I have included a few February that I missed:

Olinguito—The Last Carnivore?

High in the Andes, a furry member of the raccoon family has lived quietly for centuries without detection. It is the first carnivore discovered in the Americas in more than three decades. Will it be the last? Why do creationists care?

33 Married to Someone who Finds my Studies an Annoyance | Reasonable Faith

I love my major and I love my wife, but they don't seem to overlap very well, as my studies are normally more time intensive than hers and also she see's my talking about it more as an annoyance than anything. I guess why I am writing you is because I am getting so spiritually burnt out and need advice on how to ignite/maintain my relationship with God and keep a healthy relationship with my wife and if having an aspiration of being an apologist is worth it. Not only does everyone else not see why I have picked the path I have because they see philosophy as impractical and I won't be able to support a family with such an aspiration, but the path itself is difficult as I do not have many other fellow Christians in my classes and so I am being practically scorned in all directions. I often ask myself if it is worth it and if I should find some other path that would be more conducive to married life and family life that her and I hope to start in the foreseen future.

How Republicans Should Respond to a Supreme Court Marriage Ruling

If that happens, the Republican Party, the Republican Congress, and a future Republican President should regard and treat the decision just as the Republican Party, the Republican Congress, and the Republican President—Abraham Lincoln—regarded and treated the Dred Scott decision. They should, in other words, treat it as an anti-constitutional and illegitimate ruling in which the judiciary has attempted to usurp the authority of the people and their elected representatives. They should refuse to treat and regard it as a binding and settled matter. They should challenge it legislatively and give the Supreme Court every opportunity to reverse itself—especially as new justices fill vacancies. And they should work to fill vacancies on federal courts at all levels with jurists who reject judicial usurpation and can be counted on to respect the scope and limits of their own constitutionally specified authority.

The Very Latest From Reasonable Faith

Dr. Craig: I do have a debate in October. This will be our second international trip. At the University at Munich which is, again, interesting because that is where I did my doctoral studies under Wolfhart Pannenberg in theology on the resurrection of Jesus. This will be a debate on the existence of God with a German philosopher named Ansgar Beckermann. In reading his work, I found Beckermann to be very informed about Anglo-American analytic philosophy of religion. He cites Swinburne, cites Plantinga, and interacts with their work. This debate is going to be in German which makes it a particular challenge. My German isn't good enough to just do this extemporaneously. That would give too much of an advantage away to Hr. Beckermann. What I said I would do is if we exchange our speeches in advance so that mine can be translated into good idiomatic native German then I will do it. We've already begun an exchange of speeches. We've already exchanged our opening statements. I have then sent to him my first response. I am awaiting from him his first response right now as we speak. I have been practicing my opening speech in German so as to be able to deliver it with the right phrasing and intonation and everything.

The Infallible Word of God? Millennials Are Not Just Taking Your Word For It -

During the 2014 Christmas season, Newsweek published an article that accused Christians of being ignorant of what the Bible really says, and also of having fabricated essential parts of the Scriptures throughout the centuries — the kinds of things on which we base our faith, like that Christ claimed to be God.

100,000 Hours: Eight Aims for Your Career

You defeat these threats to your soul by keeping yourself more satisfied in God. Isaiah writes, “Why do you spend your money for that which is not bread, and your labor for that which does not satisfy? Listen diligently to me, and eat what is good, and delight yourselves in rich food” (Isaiah 55:2). Someone who eats like this — who feeds himself on all that God is for him forever — will not squander his life striving for nicer things or higher steps on the corporate ladder. Maybe God will give you this or that in your work, but it will mean nothing compared to having him (John 4:34). And loving God like that will lead you to all kinds of good decisions about where to work and what to do with the pennies and influence you earn along the way.

Is Making a Ton of Money a Moral Problem for Christian Churches?

Is Making a Ton of Money a Moral Problem for Christian Churches?

David and Bathsheba: How? 1 Samuel 11

Chapel message by Rev. Max Benfer, alumnus (MAR '06) and pastor of Meadowcroft Presbyterian Church in West Chester, PA, given on February 25, 2015.

40 Contradictions: Livestock or “Deadstock”

Fourth, the Bible does not reveal how much time passed between the fifth plague and the seventh plague. Following the fifth plague, which wiped out the livestock of Egypt, the Egyptians may have taken some of the livestock belonging to Israel. Another possibility is that they bought (or took) livestock from surrounding areas (Libya, Ethiopia, Canaan, etc). The first option would require very little time to complete while the second would probably require at least a few weeks. But since the Bible does not specify how much time passed, either is possible.


This army of police droids is the product of Tetravaal, a robotics company. The bots are designed and programmed by super-nerd Deon Wilson (Dev Patel), an idealist who really does want to do the right thing. Meanwhile, fellow nerd Vincent (Hugh Jackman in a bad haircut that would make Wolverine slash his face off) has created another robotic beast, Moose, that he believes is superior to Deon’s battle bots. Why? Because Vincent’s creation is controlled by a human at the helm, while Deon’s are controlled by mere software.


Dr. Sproul picks backup on the theme of our spiritual warfare and then discuses what we are to boast in. Paul sets out in this section of scripture a series of items that lead sequentially from one to the other, from tribulation to perseverance to character and hope. This leads us to not be ashamed because of the love of God poured out in our hearts.

John Broadus on Sovereign Grace and Human Freedom |

Indeed the call of the Baptist, “repentance,” and all the subsequent discourses of every evangelist and apostle (Acts 3:19, 14:15, Eph 5:14), and also the exhortation of the apostles to Christians themselves, express sometimes in an imperative, sometimes in a persuasive manner, to live worthy of their calling (Eph 4:1, 17, Col 2:6, 3:16, Phil 1:21 Thess 2:12, 2 Tim 2:10 and Heb), all these set forth the matter in quite a different light from that which regards man as an involuntary machine of an almighty Superior. On the other hand, as the passages already quoted on the doctrine of election show, grace and salvation are represented as the work of God, not of men. It is God (Phil 1:16, 2:19) who has begun a good work in Christians, who works in them to will and to perform and who establishes and keeps them from the evil one.

Free for March: The Case For The Real Jesus by Lee Strobel Audiobook

This month only , you can download a  FREE audio copy (.mp3, .m4b)  of The Case For The Real Jesus  by Christian apologist Lee Strobel from  Every month they give away a free audiobook  and this is the one for the month of March. Over the past couple of years, they have given away books by John Piper, Jerry Bridges, J. I. Packer, Francis Schaeffer, R.C. Sproul, Matt Chandler, and many others, all for free in audio format.

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Sean McDowell on Twitter

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47 Are Mutations Part of the “Engine” of Evolution?

In the evolutionary model, mutations are hailed as a dominant mechanism for pond-scum-to-people evolution and provide “proof ” that the Bible’s history about creation is wrong. But are we to trust the ideas of imperfect, fallible men about how we came into existence, or should we believe the account of a perfect God who was an eyewitness to His creation? Let’s look at mutations in more detail and see if they provide the information necessary to support pond-scum-to-people evolution, or if they confirm God’s Word in Genesis.

Truthbomb Apologetics: B.O.M.B. Book Review- Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: A Devout Mulsim Encounters Chrisitanity by Nabeel Qureshi

"If you can imagine God's mystery and wisdom, His power, depth, and perfection, His divine mandates and prophecies, all synergistically inhabiting the physical pages of a book, vivifying it with the very essence of God, you will begin to understand how and why Muslims revere the Quran...For Muslims, the Quran is the closet thing to an incarnation of Allah, and it is the very best proof they provide to demonstrate the truth of Islam.  The best parallel in Christianity is Jesus himself, the Word made flesh, and his resurrection.  That is how central the Quran is to Islamic theology." [p. 228]

The case for grace: A conversation with Lee Strobel - Faith Radio

Lee shares how God got ahold of him. He lived a “drunken, immoral, narcissistic life” before he became a Christian. After watching his wife come to faith and investigating the historical evidence, Lee became convinced in his own mind. “My life was so radically transformed… all these things changed for the good, so I’ve become sort of an addict for stories of life change. The grace of God breaks the chain of retribution on our lives.”

Giving Reasons for Faith - An Interview with Craig Hazen | Impact 360 Institute

​Now more than ever Christians need reasons for faith. In this interview with professor and apologist Dr. Craig Hazen, we talk about the revival in Christian thinking we are seeing today and the importance of being able to know why we believe. We will also discuss questions like “Are Mormons Christians?” And “How do you engage someone who believes in buddhism?” Don’t miss this episode of the Impact 360 Institute podcast.

51 What to Say When Your Gay Friend Says, ‘I Was Born This Way’ - Christian Research Institute
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