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The Lie We Keep Buying

Materialism is the opiate of the people. It pacifies society on a mass scale, causing millions to ignore the God-sized hole in our souls.

Look at the Kindness and the Severity of God

God’s fury at sin reminds us of the great pardon we don’t deserve. Gaze at his goodness with gratitude.

Case-Making 101: 12 things Darwinian evolution can’t answer but Intelligent Design can

Over the last several posts we have put together a pretty good cumulative case against Darwinian evolution as a means for the origin of life. We looked at who Charles Darwin was and some of the fal…

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Does Quantum Gravity Avoid the Need for a Cosmic Creator?

Many people use quantum gravity as a loophole for avoiding the conclusion that a Creator must have intervened from beyond space and time to create the universe. (There are excellent theoretical rebuttals to such speculations that I will report on in future articles.) A recent breakthrough shows the possibility of observational testing in this area. Thanks to new observations of distant quasars and blazers at short wavelengths, astronomers have placed strong constraints on quantum gravity speculations.

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If You Don’t Hate Your Father, You Cannot Be My Disciple

Whatever you do, don’t domesticate the radical teachings of Jesus. If they make you uncomfortable, let them do their work. They are designed to create real disciples who are ready to lose all to gain Christ. The world may call it hate. They may call it foolishness. It is not. It is love. And it is the wisdom of God.

7 EQUIP, Christian Articles, Bible Answer Man | CRI

Does Mormonism REALLY teach that Jesus is the spirit brother of Satan? To begin with, according to official Mormon teaching, Jesus Christ is the first spirit child conceived and begotten by Heavenly Father and one of Heavenly Father’s many wives (commonly referred to as “Heavenly Mother”). Just as Heavenly Father before him progressed to godhood, […]

Infidels on the Run from ISIS - Christian Research Institute

In many ways, these Christians (in the Middle East) have been through tumultuous times not just in this century but in centuries previous. One of the things that has been eye opening to me was visiting the old churches. Keep in mind that there are young evangelical churches that continue to meet and worship in Iraq as well. One of the things that was really striking to me is that part of the isolation that these groups have felt, part of the effect of being shunned, if you will, by the Western Church, is that they have also been somewhat kept from a lot of the liberalizing influences that we have seen in the Western Church. They have continued to hold on Scripture in its original form. Many of the churches that I have been in are still worshiping in Aramaic, the language that Jesus spoke, they are chanting their liturgy, and they are singing in that language. They feel very strongly about holding onto what came before them. That also means holding on in some ways to an unadulterated Gospel. That is not always the case. Obviously, there are going to be dead churches and people who have fallen away from the faith, and we see that here in the United States as well.

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Lord, Free Me from the Fear of Death

Jesus is eager to give us this great gain, and he wants us to grow in our eagerness to receive it. How do we do that? Like he does. We ask the Father for it! We join Jesus in praying for the time we will finally see him in all his glory. We ask him to decrease the hold that the fear of death has on us due to unbelief in our hearts. And we ask him to give us such faith and longing to be with Christ that we no longer wish to live as long as possible here, but only long enough to faithfully finish our course (Acts 20:24). Because to finally be with our Savior will be so much better (Philippians 1:23).

Even in Laughter the Heart May Ache: Two-Minute Clip on Joy

Paul said about his own experience, in Romans 9:2, that he had unceasing anguish in his heart, because of his lost kinsmen, the Jews. And yet he’s the one who preached to himself and to us, “Rejoice always, and again I say rejoice!” (Philippians 4:4). So, while he’s always grieving in some way for his lost kinsmen, he’s rejoicing in Christ, which is why he gave us this phrase, which I think is so crucial — 2 Corinthians 6:10: “Sorrowful, yet always rejoicing.”

Everything You Wanted to Know About God |

Eric Metaxas has been there, so he gets it. Which is why he’s written this shockingly down-to-earth book on the big questions everyone asks (but not always out loud).

Faithfulness is About Loving God’s Truth, Metaxas tells Pastors at Proclaim 17

ORLANDO, Fla. (NRB) – Faithfulness to God is about loving Him and glorifying Him even when faced with opposition, Eric Metaxas said Tuesday during Proclaim 17, NRB’s International Christian Media Convention in Orlando.

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TONIGHT at 6:30p ET & SATURDAY at 10p ET- Don't miss Cold-Case Christianity. @jwarnerwallace discusses "Should Christians Judge Others?"

Book Review: Cold-Case Christianity For Kids

Introduction Several years ago cold-case homicide detective J. Warner Wallace wrote the book Cold-Case Christianity. When Wallace first read the gospels, as an atheist, he noticed that they read like eye-witness accounts that he was used to analyzing everyday. He decided to conduct an investigation of Jesus' resurrection just like a cold-case. Cold-Case Christianity takes the reader through his investigation and encourages the reader to be the "jury" to evaluate the evidence. You can read my full review of it here: Book Review: Cold-Case Christianity .

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Well Done, Good Servant

Jerry loved to stress the twofold realities at work in Christian perseverance: God preserves us, and we participate in his preservation. God keeps us by his Spirit, and will not let us go, and he does so through means. Jerry’s term for it was “dependent discipline.” When we asked him to unpack some of the practical means he had found most helpful in his eighty-plus years, he pointed first to daily “time alone with God” and practice of taking Scripture to heart in Bible memory.

Apologetics: Why your Church needs it

She had been a faithful member of a prominent evangelical church for most of her life, and yet she did not understand the meaning or importance of apologetics in the life of the local church. Sadly, I have seen such scenarios repeat themselves so frequently that I have now come to expect them whenever I go to a new place to speak. Even among those who do understand what apologetics is and why it is important, there are some who suspect that it is reserved for a select minority among the elect—perhaps just for those with a questioning mind, or for an intellectual elite.

Why Do Spiritual Highs Fade?

The clearer our vision of a holy God is, the more it drives us to our knees by the sight of our own sin. The clearer our vision of our sin becomes, the deeper is our sight of God’s mercy and grace through Christ. The deeper we understand his mercy and grace, the more we are amazed by the beauty of this God, the Creator of the universe. For “what is man that you are mindful of him, and the son of man that you care for him?” (Psalm 8:4).

Lay Your Weapon Down: Invitation to Cutters

For those who walk the line between red and black, Jesus invites you to put down your weapons of self-inflicted vandalism. He sees the scars on your skin and the darkness in your heart, and still he calls you by name. The love you crave in the carve, he lavishes freely. The acceptance you desire through the cut, he gives without cost. In Christ, you’re not weighed and found wanting, but loved and made righteous by a blood that is not your own.

More Archaeological Evidence for the Bible's Historical Accuracy

For over two centuries liberal skeptics of an inerrant Bible have challenged the Bible’s historical accounts. Archaeological digs in Israel over the past hundred years, however, have been silencing these critics, artifact discovery by artifact discovery, making an ever stronger case for the complete reliability and inerrancy of the Bible’s historical narratives and geographical descriptions.

What are the Toughest Ethical Issue Facing Christians Today? Interview with Dr. Scott Rae

SCOTT RAE: I think the most difficult ethical issues are in two areas--first, the issues that believers face in the workplace when they work in ethically challenged environments, being asked to take on projects or do things that violate their ethical standards. This happens more regularly than we think, which is why so many believers tend toward compartmentalized lives--with one set of ethics for private life and another, different one for the workplace. A second area, very tricky, is how to be faithful to biblical teaching on marriage and sexuality and be perceived as loving and caring for gays, lesbians and those wrestling with their sexual orientation…

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Beauty and the Gay Moment

I’m going to take a different approach. We’re going to watch the movie, but instead of hoping my daughters miss the moment, we’re going to point it out to them and then have a conversation. After all, we’ll be confronting real-life moments soon enough just walking down the street right here in Colorado Springs. We might as well be ready.

Six Ways the Church Can Stand with Women

Our temptation might be to dismiss all special consideration of women, because some seek it sinfully. But the church’s response to our society is not to vilify it, but instead to salt it with the truth of God’s word. So, it is good to pause and consider how we might champion women in the church, not out of envy or rivalry or discontentment (Galatians 5:20–21), but out of the rooted security we have in Christ (Ephesians 4:12–16), who is the great champion of women.

Most Colleges Have Given Up on Real Education. Middlebury is Just One Example. | The Stream

Apart from a handful of honorable exceptions, colleges no longer teach the liberal arts or social sciences as means to open students’ minds and encourage them to seek objective truth. Instead, a privileged professorial class that has mostly purged itself of dissenters uses its distinct social power to re-educate, intimidate, shame and indoctrinate students whose views are more conservative or religious. Faculty don’t like to admit that they are wielding power and privilege, but that is what we give them, when we let colleges serve as the gatekeepers to gainful employment, and lavish them with public and private money to indulge their extremist projects.

Stem Cell Research—Lifesaving Alternatives

Given these advances, it’s no wonder Ian Wilmut, who cloned Dolly the sheep in 1996, has abandoned using embryonic stem cells in his research. Likewise, Bernadine Healy, former director of the National Institutes of Health (USA), pronounced embryonic stem cell research “obsolete” and pointed out its dangers, such as an embryonic stem cell experiment that caused tumors in a patient. Even President Obama has cautioned, “The full promise of [embryonic] stem cell research remains unknown.”

The Elephant in the Room: Competing Worldviews and Religions Can't All Be True

In questioning the truth or falsehood of various worldviews, we risk a great deal. Whether we accept Christianity, Islam, Secularism, Marxism, New Spirituality, or Postmodernism, we accept a worldview that describes the others as hopelessly distorted. They cannot all depict things as they really are; their competing claims cannot all be true.

Objective Morality - The Objections

Objective Morality - The Objections and Denials. Frank Turek explores the cultural, philosophical, and situational objections to objective moral law. Please visit for more on Objective Morality and the objections to such a concept. Also, go to for more resources on Christian Apologetics and Christian Worldview, including the entire DVD of this teaching series.

Overlap of Habitable Zones Gets Much Smaller

Ultraviolet radiation is needed for the synthesis of many biochemical compounds that are essential for physical life. Therefore, if the ultraviolet radiation from a host star is too weak, no life is possible on that planet. On the other hand, if the ultraviolet radiation falling upon a planet’s surface is too strong, DNA and other life-critical biomolecules will be damaged to a degree that wipes out all life. The ultraviolet habitable zone is the area where the ultraviolet radiation from a star is neither too weak nor too strong for the existence of life.

Trump's Travel Ban: Protecting Americans From Jihad or Discarding Jesus' Call to Help the Stranger?

A number of American organizations have expressed strong disagreement when it comes to President Donald Trump's revised travel ban executive order, with Christians debating whether it serves to protect them from jihad, or if it stands against Jesus Christ's message of helping the stranger.

When Youth Pastors Ought to Feel Responsible

My first year as a youth pastor was a challenging year of self-evaluation. When I was initially offered the job, I wasn’t sure I could lead or teach high-schoolers; I’d been working with younger students and my own children were not yet teenagers. But I was ambitious and eager, so I accepted the position. I spent several months trying to decide what the teaching focus should be for my group. I surveyed some of the key seniors who had been in the ministry to see what they thought. We ended up doing a series on James and Ecclesiastes, and most of my energy that first year was expended on designing the Sunday service. I was concerned about “ relevance ” and spent a lot of time trying to understand how to communicate to this age group. I thought experience was as important as content . Actually, I thought experience was more important than content. My students got their money’s worth every Sunday. It was a musical, visual smorgasbord of video, images, interactive eclecticism and burning candles. It was ridiculous.

Trump’s Revised Refugee Ban Won’t Prioritize Persecuted Christians

“How do we take care of our Christian sisters and brothers in Syria and Iraq? Have we stopped to ask them what that would look like?” wrote executive director Jeremy Courtney following Trump’s first order. “I don’t mean just being a safe haven to run to when their churches and homes are destroyed by violence, but whether we as a nation are pursuing the policies and diplomacy that give them the greatest chance of surviving and flourishing where they are—so they don’t have to flee their homeland.”

Bill Frist: Foreign Aid Saves Lives—And Makes America Safer

For Christians, such aid also aligns with our convictions to care for the poor and support a culture of life. From Genesis to Revelation, the Scriptures compel us to care for the marginalized—to care for the widow, the orphan, and the refugee. Moses, Ruth, Solomon, and the Prophets call us to take a stand for those who have no voice. Jesus models healing the sick, raising the dead, and cleansing the lepers. He implores us to prisons, to the naked, to the hungry and thirsty. And James tells us this is the heart of religion (1:27). The single thread of the Bible is to lay down our lives for one another.

Why Learn Apologetics? 16 Quotes from Christian Leaders and Thinkers

When well-meaning brothers or sisters in Christ offer the “that’s too intellectual” challenge, first ask them what it means to be “too intellectual.” For most Christians, any talk of reason or the intellect is too intellectual. Remind them that Jesus commands us to love God with our minds (Matt. 22:37) and that the mind is key to our transformation (Rom. 12:2). Second, point out to them being too intellectual is definitely not the problem for 95% of Christians. Instead, our problem is we have abandoned the intellect altogether. This is clear from the language we use. Finally, warn them that if we don’t change, we will continue to lose 60-70% of our Christian students to the pseudo-intellectuals on their college campus.


So how do you know for sure that you’re saved? How do you know you’re going to Heaven when you die? How can you be certain? How can you eliminate your doubt?

Lord Hattersley: My mother ran off with the priest who officiated her wedding - Premier

The former deputy leader of the Labour party Lord Roy Hattersley has revealed that his mother left her first husband for his father; the Catholic priest who officiated their wedding.

Christianity central to daily life in Ghana, says pastor - Premier

As Ghana celebrates 60 years of independence, a leading Methodist minister has said that national identity is largely shaped by Christian faith.

Care for your Bible as if it were a mobile phone, urges Pope - Premier

Pope Francis has encouraged people to show as much care and attention towards their Bible as if it were their mobile phone.

Why Would an Infinite Creator Employ the Same Designs?

Because I am a Christian, I see evidence for design in the biological realm. But for me, the converse is also true. Because I see design in the biological realm, I am a Christian. In fact, the elegant designs of biochemical systems convinced me as a graduate student that a Creator must exist and be responsible for life’s origin, paving the way for my conversion to Christianity.

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Schoolchildren meet Holocaust survivor saved by Ukrainian Catholic Church - Premier

Pupils have met a Holocaust survivor - saved with help from the Church - at the Polish embassy to mark the launch of a new charity.

Christian charity calls on Government to help families drowning in debt - Premier

Premier consists of Premier Christian Media Trust registered as a charity (no. 287610) and as a company limited by guarantee (no. 01743091) with two fully-owned trading subsidiaries: Premier Christian Communications Ltd (no. 02816074) and Christian Communication Partnership Ltd (no. 03422292). All three companies are registered in England & Wales with a registered office address of 22 Chapter Street, London, SW1P 4NP.

Words of Jesus adorn sides of London buses - Premier

Revelation TV's Howard Conder has relaunched an advertising campaign in London in order to promote the words of Jesus.

When God Says “No”

The purpose of lament is not merely to vent our distress (which leaves us in despair), but to bring our attention back to God’s promises and the hope we have in Christ. He promises that he hears us when we call (Matthew 7:7). He promises to be near to us (Psalm 34:18). He promises to be faithful (Deuteronomy 31:6). He promises that this hurt will end (Revelation 21:4). He promises that when we seek him, he will transform our hearts to desire more of him (Psalm 37:4). He will not leave us in the misery of our disappointment, because he has not finished the work he started in us (Philippians 1:6). He will assure us of his love as we invite him into the struggle we feel.

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Christian pro-life campaigner questions abortion provider after standards concerns - Premier

In a statement, Marie Stopes said: "We do not agree with the conclusions this [Daily Mail] journalist has reached, which give a seriously misleading view of how our services operate. No reporter in this investigation went through the legal admission process that women must go through before receiving an abortion, so their claims are based on a partial view of the process.

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