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Angelina Jolie Protected Refugee Children From a Mob

Last week, the larger-than-life actress visited a refugee camp in Greece, and, predictably, a crowd gathered to get a glimpse of the star. Then, the crowd quickly devolved into a mob that put some of the refugee children with Jolie in danger. The actress did the opposite of what we're accustomed to seeing stars do when confronted with that kind of attention: She put herself between the mob and the children. And, because this particular crowd consisted largely of media and paparazzi, we have video of Jolie arguing with those pressing in on her and trying to shield the children from being crushed. Jolie, in Greece with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, reportedly visited some of the 4,000 refugees and migrants who live outside of Athens.

Safe Science NOT Practiced Here: Don't Miss the April 7 Deadline for Summer Seminar Applications

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

An Idea and Its Impact: Human Origins and Human Ethos

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Gospel Lenses and the Search for Allies (Updated with Full Response) - Alpha and Omega Ministries

Please see the addition of a full response to Ekemini Uwan added at the end of this post. Last week I ran afoul of the ever-present issue of political correctness when I posted a brief video of a young man flipping off a passing police car, wearing his shorts around his thighs (his underwear was …

The Common Sense Law of Physics

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Merging Natural Selection with Learning Theory Yields a New and Improved Evolution; or Does It?

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Dr. Michael Brown: I Am Deeply Disappointed in the Cowardice of Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal

He trashed religious liberties of the people of Georgia in the name of political correctness.

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The FAQs: Christians Targeted on Easter in Terrorist Attack in Pakistan

On Monday White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said , “the fact that you have an “extremist organization targeting religious minorities and children is an outrage.” Earnest added, “even though this terror attack was targeted at Christians, a religious minority in Pakistan — that in an of itself is grotesque — the fact of the matter is that based on the names we are seeing now the majority of the victims were actually Muslims.”

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The Eric Metaxas Show - The Show About Everything

The Beam Family talks about their hit film Miracles From Heaven and the incredible true story behind it. Listen here....

5 A Word of Gratitude As I Turn 70 | RZIM

If there is a challenge I want to give to you, it is to keep focused on the calling God has placed on your life. God has a purpose for your life and mine, and He alone gives us the platform and the strength to fulfill that calling as we share His love with our world. We know that hearts are hungry, lives are shattered, and grief and uncertainty are at an all-time high… but the message of Jesus Christ is as vibrant and as freshly needed as ever. Let us carry this light by a life that is beautifully lived and by a cohesiveness that is in itself a witness.

3 Things to Stop Posting On Social Media

I have to admit I was surprised by the initial backlash of comments this article received. I found it well thought out, well written and humorously true (particularly the bit about Pinterest wedding boards). The use of sarcasm was done in good taste. I understood the sarcastic tone as humorously pointing out the oddities of our culture, not mocking an individual with a malicious intent. There is a distinct difference between the two. I think sadly, the people that lashed out with comments and concerns over the tone of the article were missing the greater point that challenges the reader to think deeper and consider our words and be more purposeful in how we use social media. Frankly, I find the honesty and challenge to think deeper and consider the purpose behind words and actions not only refreshing but also inspirational. Well done.

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“..I started using to be more efficient on the way I manage out Twitter communities. My favorite features? The prioritized feed to focus on the relevant members of the community..”

Is Islam a Religion of Peace?

Well, it’s a polarized response. You have two responses I’m seeing in America: You have the people saying, “Islam is a religion of peace. All Muslims are peaceful, loving people. ISIS and the like are hijacking Islam and not representative of Muslims.” I like that response in that it’s compassionate, but I don’t like how it ignores some of the truth. On the other side of the equation, you have people who are saying, “Islam is a violent religion, therefore all Muslims are all threats, therefore let’s keep them out of the country.” That’s a problematic response. It’s completely uncompassionate. It doesn’t distinguish between people and a belief system. But it does at least deal with the truth about Islam. So the title of my book, Answering Jihad: The Better Way Forward , the better way forward is embracing both truth and compassion, truth about Islam but compassion for Muslims.

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“..I started using to be more efficient on the way I manage out Twitter communities. My favorite features? The prioritized feed to focus on the relevant members of the community..”

God Is at Work in Your Unremarkable Days

This Book enlightens and confounds, humbles and encourages me. It has more wisdom in it than can possibly be mined in a lifetime. It speaks to me in the things that it explicitly says, and also in what it doesn’t say. This January, Genesis is speaking to me of the work of God in the unremarkable years — all the years spanning between God’s recorded historical in-breakings.

Chris Pratt Built a Gigantic Cross on Easter

Some people like to dye eggs on Easter Sunday. Some, like Chris Pratt, like to build gigantic crosses out in the desert with their friends. On Instagram , the actor posted step-by-step instructions of how to erect a giant cross. The photos show Pratt and two friends carrying the huge steel cross up a hill, digging a hole and cementing it into the ground. The action and comedy star has been outspoken about his faith in the past. Over Christmas, he visited a children’s hospital with Russell Wilson and Ciara, writing on Instagram, “say a prayer for all those kids who don't get to be at home for Xmas. #merryxmas #HappyHolidays Psalm 37:3–4 ‘Trust in the LORD, and do good. Dwell in the land, and enjoy safe pasture. Also delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.’”

Homophobia Has No Place in the Church

Therefore, our comfort, our convenience, our safety, or our perception of our country’s values are no longer valid reasons to operate in any way that is opposed to genuine biblical love. And we love this way because this is exactly how Jesus first loved us (1 John 4:19). He wasn’t threatened or repelled by us; he wasn’t afraid to enter a relationship with us, sinners that we were (and still are), and to even graciously speak the truth about our sin. Instead, he loved us so lavishly that he died for us to present us clean and whole before his Father (Romans 5:6–8).

4 Lies I Believed About Dating a Christian

Dating will forever be a tricky topic, especially within the Church. When it comes to dating and more importantly, marriage, I am fully behind the idea of being “equally yoked” (2 Corinthians 6:14) with another Christian. But we need to remind ourselves that it’s not just two Christians coming together; it’s two sinners. While this comes with its own share of obstacles as seen above, it doesn’t negate the fact that God, the author and creator of you and your partner, is above it all and will guide the both you to build your relationship in a way that brings Him glory.


How the Gospel Frees Us From the American Dream

I was all about the American dream growing up, and not only because I am the daughter of two immigrants. A high GPA and extracurricular activities would surely get me into a good college, and a degree from a prestigious institution would surely equal a high-paying job. Isn't that what we're all aiming for, after all?

It's Time for Christian Players in the NFL to Threaten a Boycott

But right now, you need to stand up like the men of courage you are, and you need to say to Roger Goodell, "Mr. Commissioner, we are privileged to make our living playing professional football, and it's the honor of a lifetime to have this international stage. But we are asking you to leave us out of the culture wars. The NFL is about sports and achievement and excellence, not about political correctness or gay activism or attacking religious freedoms. So we're asking you to quit threatening states for protecting our liberties and to quit using us as tools of a political agenda. And if you refuse to modify your position, we will have to sit out the next year."

Frank Turek - Six Reasons North Carolina Got It Right

Lies are born the moment someone thinks the truth is dangerous. Apparently, a good number of business and sports executives think the truth about North Carolina’s “bathroom bill” (HB2) is dangerous, that’s why they are lying about it. Well, perhaps I should be a bit more charitable: some may not be overtly lying about it, but they are expressing their disapproval without knowing what the bill actually does.

18 The Briefing 03-29-16 –

Dr. Mohler helps Christians in their understanding of the underlying issues of this significant cultural shift and how to face the challenge of believing faithfully, living faithfully, and engaging the culture faithfully in light of this massive change.

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Keller, Piper, and Carson on Seeking Reformation through TGC

Editors’ note:  We’re pleased to announce that TGC’s 2017 National Conference will be held in Indianapolis from April 3 to 5 on the theme of “No Other Gospel: Reformation 500 & Beyond,” marking the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Registration will open next month, when we’ll make a more formal announcement. 

Pakistani Taliban Targets Christian Women and Children Celebrating Easter (David Wood) As Pakistani Christians gathered at a park in Lahore to celebrate the resurrection of their Lord Jesus Christ, a Taliban suicide bomber worked his way towards the women and children before detonating his bomb. How many of these senseless atrocities must occur before Western politicians and the media start seriously examining the origins of Islamic violence? David Wood discusses the problem.

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Mark Zuckerberg on Terrorism: ‘Understanding and Empathy’ Must Spread Faster than ‘Fear and Hate’

The social media platform has created a feature called “Safety Check” to allow family members and friends of people in the areas effected by violence and disasters to locate them more quickly. An apparent glitch on Sunday notified people thousands of miles away from the bombing (though the technical problem wasn’t mentioned in Zuckerberg’s post.) Along with discussing Safety Check, Zuckerberg wrote,

830. Did God Create The World To Boost His Own Glory?

Bobby explains how God did not make creation out of some need within Himself but to share His glory with us.

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Here’s Every Biblical Reference in ‘Hamilton’

But there are a lot more layers in here. The story of the Promised Land looms especially large in the imagination of both Civil War-era slaves longing for freedom and the Underground Railroad. “ Swing Low, Sweet Chariot ,” “ Michael, Row the Boat Ashore ,” and “ Wade in the Water ” are three of dozens of spirituals that use the imagery—which brilliantly managed to express a longing for freedom, call up Christian language to assuage those who would put down rebellion, and sometimes function as coded instructions for escape. The deep link to the Exodus story is also why Harriet Tubman was called “Grandma Moses.” The Civil Rights movement later drew on the same story, with Martin Luther King, Jr. bringing it up repeatedly in his rhetoric; the movement revived many old spirituals as protest songs, as well as making oblique references to the Exodus in songs like “We Shall Not Be Moved” and “We Shall Overcome.”

Against misogyny: why every conservative should #DumpTrump #NeverTrump

When I first saw Trump’s tweet comparing Heidi Cruz against Trump’s third wife, my first response was to immediately unfriend all of the Trump supporting “friends” on Facebook. That’s how much I hate this idea that a woman has no value unless she is young and beautiful. For some reason, I regard this blindness / dismissiveness about the value of women as complementary to men as misogyny. I think deep down, there is something in me that recognizes that a man’s job is to give a woman security. And what security can a man give a woman when she knows that her value to him is all tied up in her youth and beauty? Trump is an adulterer. He divorced his two wives when they lost their youth and beauty, and he re-married younger women who had better appearances. But what security is there for a woman in a man who sees her contribution to the marriage as youth and beauty? I don’t want Trump’s example to become widespread.

Drug Lord El Chapo Started Reading ‘The Purpose Driven Life’ While in Prison

The Mexican drug lord is working his way through the book that contains some rather applicable points for a man that will likely spend the larger portion of his life behind bars. Besides leading a simpler life, some of Warren's main ideas include not being a prisoner of your past, forgiveness and surrender. Whether or not El Chapo will turn over a new leaf following these revelations is, of course, unclear. But we can probably safely assume that Rick Warren—in his wildest dreams—didn't expect a world-renown drug lord to be among his readership.

The Lent Project

The Lent Project is a daily devotional series celebrating the Lent season through art and Scripture. Our goal is to help individuals quiet their hearts and enter into a daily routine of worship and reflection during this meaningful season.

8 Free Books from Coalición por el Evangelio

Unfortunately the Reformation that influenced Europe and the United States never reached Latin America. In this book, Dr. Miguel Nuñez seeks to present the key teachings of Scripture that transformed the world and their implications for the Latin American church. If the church is going to be effective in reaching the world around them, it will have to learn from its history.  

Why God Doesn't Reduce the Evil in the World?

The invention of the automobile was a pivotal moment in human history. The locomotive had been around for nearly 100 years and was instrumental in moving people and goods long distances. But the fact that locomotives ran on rails didn't make it functional for short trips to varying destinations. People still had to rely on horses or horse-drawn buggies. When the mass-produced automobile debuted, it changed everything. People had significantly more freedom once they owned an automobile. They could choose to go where they wished at any time they wished. They could take luggage and supplies with them. Roads, being much cheaper to build and maintain than rails, also began to appear everywhere and highways stretched across the country opening up even more opportunities. Of course, as the number of drivers increased, the number of accidents increased as well. Cars could be dangerous, especially to pedestrians. If cars were placed on tracks, the number of fatalities could have been decreased, but doing so would defeat the purpose of the automobile. A car on rails is an amusement park attraction, not an automobile.

Apologetics Guided Reading: Historical Apologetics Read-Along

I am going to lead a read-through of a historical apologetics work,  Manual of Christian Evidences  by George Park Fisher . Why choose this book? There are a few reasons. First, it is public domain and therefore available for free through various online formats (including getting it on your Kindle or other e-reading formats). Second, it provides a good framework for understanding the historical development of apologetics from its time (late 19th century) until now. Third, it introduces a few arguments that most people familiar with modern apologetics will find novel, thus showing the importance of exploring historical apologetics. Finally, fourth, I’ve already been doing a read-along of the book in the Facebook group, “Dead Apologists Society,” and I can both tie this discussion back to that group and also use what I’ve been writing up there for this.


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On Nonsense

The problem with such an assertion is that “lack of belief” does not necessarily translate into no faith. Rather many atheists simply redefine faith to agree with their ideology. Therefore, words take on meaning to fit an ideology rather than as descriptive approximations of reality. It does not matter if an ideology fits reality or not. The word is more the descriptive of the ideology than reality although the ideology may not agree with reality. Consequently, the attempt to erase God as real, faith is either the opposite of knowledge (i.e., “you have faith, but I possess knowledge based on science.”) or a lack of faith simply gets rid of God (i.e., what one does not believe does not exist.). The problem with such a definition of faith or lack thereof, it does not get rid of faith but rather assumes and redirects it.


As Solomon warned, “Of making many books there is no end” (Ecc 12:12). There is no way to read everything, and not everything deserves to be read. I say that in order to confront the notion that anyone, anywhere, can master all that could be read with profit. I read a great deal, and a large portion of my waking hours are devoted to reading.

Reasons To Believe : Five Reasons to Believe in the Resurrection

Within 400 years from the time of Jesus’s crucifixion, Christianity dominated the entire Roman Empire and, over the course of two millennia, virtually all of Western civilization. Christianity developed a distinct cultural and theological identity apart from traditional Judaism in a brief window of time—and amid intense, sometimes deadly, resistance. The fact of Jesus Christ’s resurrection is the only reasonable explanation for the emergence of the unique Christian faith.

Leave Lent Behind — And Fast

The good news is that God’s ordinary “means of grace” — his word, prayer, and fellowship — are indeed for Ordinary Time, not just special seasons and occasions. It may be that what you tasted during Lent wasn’t special, but was actually normal Christianity. That God’s ongoing grace is, in fact, available to you every day of the year in the same measure — not just during Advent and Lent.

Why You Should Teach Your Children to be Christian

However, I think unwittingly this progressive concept of faith and spirituality has pulled the rug out from under faith as a whole. Our collective intention has been to give equal credence to every single faith, religion, and worldview. However, by truncating faith and limiting its effects to the individual, we have actually belittled faith as a whole. By telling our children all faiths are possible and powerful and personal we have also told them that no faith is really true.

Why We All Need to Stop Freaking Out About This Election

Agree with this immensely and am super grateful for the reminder. But at the same time, presidents DO have real moral and practical influence on our lives. And the American Church is one of the more influential voices in this election. If we want to stand for our Christ-founded, Christ-centric values we must stop being neutral and bipartisan with this election. YES. Our president is not the lord of our hearts or lives, but this election promises to affect the lives of many. It's time for serious believers to stand up against the Trump and Cruz candidacies. Believe what you will about abortion and economics, these issues are decided by policy makers and courts not presidents. Wars are waged by presidents and these two "Christian" candidates have already shown themselves to be vocally xenophobic warmongers. Stand up for America and for Christian values by standing up for basic HUMAN values: stand against Trump and Cruz. It DOES matter who you vote for this election. Don't "freak out" personally about politics but DEFINITELY freak out morally if either of these men become the leader of the free world.

Georgia Governor Caves to Big Business, Vetoes Religious Freedom

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal. The economic threats made by big businesses to get the government to do their bidding at the expense of the common good are examples of a vicious form of cultural cronyism. (Photo: CreditBob Andres/TNS/Newscom)

42 The NFL, the NBA, and Big Bucks

Among those using that nomenclature is the National Basketball Association. On Thursday, the league announced they may reconsider hosting 2017 All-Star Weekend activities in Charlotte, because of their commitment to “equality and mutual respect.” They apparently missed the irony in taking this moral stand, given that the NBA and WNBA are separate leagues, but Ryan Anderson of the Heritage Foundation didn’t, observing on Twitter: “Hey @NBA, you’re against bathrooms based on biology, but think basketball should be?”

Does Islam Need a Luther?

While living in the Middle East, I was profoundly moved by hearing Christians in a closed Muslim country profess love for their country—the same one killing people like them. If these persecuted Christians can feel this way, American Christians can certainly be proud patriots too. Yet the “made in America” stamp pales in comparison to the one that reads “God’s handiwork.” And as Christians we’re taught to love even our enemies (Matt. 5:44), regardless of their citizenship.

Influence Podcast: Barry Corey on Kindness in the Public Square

T his week, Influence magazine’s very own George Paul Wood talks to Barry Correy about kindness in the public square. Dr. Corey is president of Biola University in La Mirada, California, and author of Love Kindness: Discover the Power of a Forgotten Christian Virtue . (Read our review here .) To learn more about Dr. Corey, visit .

The Rise of Evangelical Feminism

Decore is one thing, decision-making for the church is another. In most conservative churches, especially Reformed churches, women are left out of the decision-making process because of faulty Bible reading. The culture of the past thousands and thousands of years has put women down, de-valued women, denied them rights, etc. and unfortunately, this attitude is engrained in our culture and our outlook, even if we don't want it to be. So, people read the Bible through the lenses of this culture and therefore see that wives must submit, women must be silent, etc. The correct way to read the Bible is to put each verse back into the context of its chapter and into the theme of the book overall. Plus, we have to know what Paul was referring to when he wrote these verses. Some were specific situations that we don't deal with. So, if you bear all this in mind plus reconcile Paul's writing with Christ's teachings, then you see that God does not limit women and that patriarchal/complementarian teachings are a product of the sinful culture.

Movie Review: God's Not Dead 2 -

A teacher (portrayed by Melissa Joan Hart) gets sued by a civil liberties group on behalf of a student’s family who objected to a classroom conversation that mentioned Jesus Christ. Meanwhile, that student is going through her own journey into faith that involves several of the characters from the first movie. One of them is a pastor (portrayed by David A.R. White) who is in a circle of other ministers being asked to turn their sermons in to the state for review.

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Apologetics Ghetto

I think there’s a variety of factors that contribute to this virtually non-existent focus on apologetics and worldview. Not many asking. No one offering. Subjectivism and anti-intellectualism. Fortress/separatist mentality of the evangelical community. So I agree with Brett Kunkle again, that the apologetics and worldview community is growing, but there’s still much work to be done…

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