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How Can I Know I’m a Child of God? Three Minute Clip on Assurance

If the Holy Spirit is leading you to kill your sin and become more dependent on Jesus, you may know you are a child of God.

Watch Alicia Keys Imitate Adele Singing the ABCs

Abortion Activists Raising Millions to Abort More Black Babies in Africa |

Abortion Activists Raising Millions to Abort More Black Babies in Africa

I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist (Book)

Norman Geisler and Frank Turek argue, however, that Christianity is not only more reasonable than all other belief systems, but is indeed more rational than unbelief itself.

Pursue God, Not Pornography — Southern Equip

Resources for Church Leaders

The "Nintendo Switch" Console Could Actually Be Good for Your Family

The Nintendo Switch wants to be your main home console... and your main mobile, handheld video game console. What could that mean for you and your family?

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Voldemort and Vestments

Since the election of Donald Trump, many left-wing commentators have likened his administration to the bad guys’ rise in J. K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” novels.

“Does This Offend You?”

At one time Jesus preached to a great multitude of His disciples. Many of His own disciples did not understand the message and “murmured” about Jesus’ preaching (John 6:61). Jesus then asked them, “Does this offend you?” (John 6:61). Many in our day would say that if Jesus offended the crowd, He was sinning and should change His message, change His delivery style, or re-word His statement to be less offensive. Jesus, however, responded by saying, “What then if you should see the Son of Man ascend where He was before?” (6:61). What was Jesus’ point? If the people were offended with Jesus’ message that He was the bread that came down from heaven, just think how the would react if they saw Jesus ascend back into heaven, which was what He planned to do in the near future (Luke 24:50-53). 1 Not only did He refuse to quit preaching or change His message, He added something to the message that the audience would have had more problems accepting! Obviously, Jesus did not feel the need to stop preaching or change His message because His audience was offended.

TGC 2017 National Conference

Canal Walk The Canal Walk is part of the Indiana Central Canal, which was dug in the early 1800s, in an effort to facilitate interstate commerce. Today, the refurbished Canal Walk (stretching north through White River State Park to 11th Street) serves the downtown community as a waterside promenade for walkers, runners, bikers and sightseers (while the canal itself includes a steady stream of pedal boats, which may be rented west of the Indiana State Museum).   Children's Museum Located just minutes from downtown, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis features five floors of fun and interactive learning that have the power to transform the lives of children and families across the arts, world cultures, sciences, and humanities.   Eagle Creek Park & Marina One of the nation's largest city parks, Eagle Creek Park covers over 3,900 acres of land on the northwest side of town. As the park's trails beckon to hikers and birders, its 1,400-acre lake--a frequent host of U.S. Rowing's National Championship--welcomes fishermen and sailors. As well as picnic areas and a swimming beach, the park offers rentals for canoes, kayaks, Hobie Cats, sailboats, pontoon boats, wind-surfing and pedal boats--as well as lessons for the aforementioned.

5 Our Mother Who Art In Heaven?

Linguistically, all the clear and plausible instances of feminine reference to God are imagery or figures of speech: similes, analogies, metaphors, and personification. . . . There are no cases in which feminine terms are used as names, titles, or invocations of God, and thus there are no feminine pronouns for God. There are no instances where God is directly identified by a feminine term, even a metaphorical predicate noun. In other words, God is never directly said to be a mother, mistress, or female bird in the way he is said to be a father, king, judge, or shepherd. (89)

Lent, Unplugged

“The unplug movement shows us just how pervasively digital media has come to dominate every moment of our waking lives,” says Reinke. “We see people unplugging simply to garden, to play with a dog, to meditate in silence, to meet neighbors or hang out with family and friends. Returning to these rather ordinary things signals that we face an epidemic of digital saturation dominating our every spare moment and getting in the way of just about every dimension of our embodied lives. That’s a serious problem. Ten years past the launch of the first iPhone, I think we’re finally waking up to the challenges of living with an addicting device that can consume every free moment of our attention, and we are beginning to take steps to combat these inner tendencies.”

The Shack - Impressions

At the heart of the book is a noble effort—to help modern people understand why God allows suffering, using a narrative form. The argument Young makes at various parts of the book is this. First, this world's evil and suffering is the result of our abuse of free will. Second, God has not prevented evil in order to accomplish some glorious, greater good that humans cannot now understand. Third, when we stay bitter at God for a particular tragedy we put ourselves in the seat of the 'Judge of the world and God', and we are unqualified for such a job. Fourth, we must get an 'eternal perspective' and see all God's people in joy in his presence forever. (The father in the story is given a vision of his deceased daughter living in the joy of Christ's presence, and it heals his grief.) This is all rather standard, orthodox, pastoral theology (though it's a bit too heavy on the 'free-will defense').  It is so accessible to readers because of its narrative form. I have heard many reports of semi-believers and non-believers claiming that this book gave them an answer to their biggest objections to faith in God.

The God Delusion: Richard Dawkins Atheism Fail

I could talk about how Dawkins’ own book has been “composed” and how I’m currently reading the Kindle edition, slightly revised for my viewing needs. Or, about a how at least a handful of editors have translated this book for many languages. I could go on and on about this double-standard and why preserving a book requires edits and “improvements” but none of those necessitate changing the message, context, or understanding of the book. Never mind the fact every book goes through revisions.

Saved by ‘Allegiance’ Alone? On a New Attempt to Revise the Reformation

Salvation By Allegiance Alone  is full of helpful insights, and space is lacking to interact with everything Bates writes. His emphasis on submission to Jesus as King, the enthroned Lord of the universe, nicely captures the New Testament emphasis on what it means to be a Christian. He also reminds us that our lives in this world matter, and that idolatry isn’t an abstraction but shows up in how we live. We aren’t disembodied entities; we’re flesh-and-blood creatures anticipating new-creation life. Bates rightly says the gospel is broader than simply receiving Jesus as Savior, and he emphasizes God’s grace in saving us. I also sympathize with his emphasis on allegiance; too many Protestants reduce faith to mere verbal agreement. Many are mistakenly assured they’ll enjoy eternal life apart from any obedience if they accept Jesus as Savior. Bates convincingly demonstrates that such a reading doesn’t accord with the New Testament’s emphasis on works, for works are clearly essential for the reception of eternal life . We must maintain our faith until the end to be saved.

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Christian Women Writers of the Medieval World

Hildegard (1098–1179) has been considered by some the most prominent Christian woman of her era. She was founder and first abbess of the Benedictine community of Bingen, Germany, but her achievements move well beyond that. In the words of Barbara Newman: “Although she did not begin to write until age 43, Hildegard wrote a massive trilogy that combines Christian doctrine and ethics with cosmology; a compendious encyclopedia of medicine and natural science; a correspondence comprising several hundred letters to people in every stratum of society; two saints’ lives; several occasional writings; and, not least, a body of exquisite music that includes seventy liturgical songs and the first known morality play.” This is especially astounding considering that as far as Hildegard knew, no woman had ever written before.

4 Reasons You Should Care about Secularization

​Disney Introduces a Gay Character in Beauty and the Beast: Six Reflections.

4. We need to be thoughtful in how we respond, not reactive . It is tempting for Christians to respond in anger, fear, and disgust. Like some designers who have refused to dress Melania Trump (and many Christian efforts of the past), there is a temptation to mount a boycott against Disney. But before doing so, we ought to really reflect on whether this would be effective and also what message it communicates to the broader culture. Whether it is intended or not, boycotts often communicate an “us – vs. – them” mentality. Is this what we want to communicate to non-believers in our wider culture and also to kids within the church who wrestle with same-sex attraction?

14 Nine Attributes of a Real Man

Finding a clear and precise definition of masculinity is especially difficult if we turn to the world, rather than to the Bible. Just consider for a moment what we learn about masculinity from our society. It generally doesn’t take long for a boy to encounter an erotic image, explicit story, or grossly inappropriate joke. Even if his parents successfully shield him from inappropriate content on television and online, his friends might pass along what they’ve seen and heard. A boy’s understanding of sexuality is often distorted from an early age, and that distorted view of sex deeply impacts a boy’s view of manhood.

We Are Called to Be Faithful, Not Successful

I offer this with no small amount of trembling, because it sounds awfully arrogant, but as I’ve carefully and prayerfully reflected on the year and a half we spent with this little church, I know my family was faithful. And the elders and their wives? The remnant of a church staff? The little band of men, women, and children who stuck with us through that final, holy gathering? All of us together, faithful. Were there things we could have done differently? There always are. Things that needed to be said or left unsaid? I can think of a few. But those fractured moments continue to prove themselves far less important than our little community’s faithfulness to the end. This faithfulness was enough in God’s eyes, so with each passing day, I inch out from under my rock just a little more.

16 Ligonier Ministries

The mission, passion and purpose of Ligonier Ministries is to proclaim the holiness of God in all its fullness to as many people as possible. Your gift enables our worldwide outreach. Donate Now

The Envelope, Please? Doug Axe and Undeniable Are World Magazine 2016 Science Book of the Year! – Evolution News

Axe’s subtitle offers a shocking suggestion: How Biology Confirms Our Intuition That Life Is Designed . Axe has an elite science education and record of journal publication, but he commits treason to the scientism guild when he writes that “people who will never earn PhDs [can] become full participants in the scientific debates that matter to them.” Undeniable is our science book of the year because it’s a largely nontechnical argument showing the incredible improbability that life has evolved as Darwin theorized. Axe offers example after example to show that “functional coherence makes accidental invention fantastically improbable and therefore physically impossible. Invention can’t happen by accident.” He shows how “the claim that evolution did invent proteins, cell types, organs, and life forms is scientifically legitimate only if we know evolution can invent these things.” He then shows how we have learned that evolution can’t.

Christian Youth in America

Christian Youth in America. Frank Turek of Cross Examined shares that 3 out of 4 Christian teens are walking away from the church after they leave home. Frank Turek and the CrossExamined team are committed to reversing this alarming trend. Invite us to your campus and we'll present a dynamic interactive seminar that will show you why Christianity is true and why it takes a lot more faith to be an atheist! For more information, please visit

Why Did Jesus Heal?

God’s fullest self-revelation as Savior came in the person of Jesus Christ—God in human flesh. The incarnation itself was an expression of sympathy and identification with our weakness (Heb. 4:15). In Christ, we can see countless expressions of divine compassion translated into human idioms that we easily understand and identify with—including sadness, sympathy, and tears of sorrow. Though sinless Himself, Jesus suffered all the consequences of sin in infinite measure—and in so suffering, He identifies with the misery of all who feel the pains of human anguish. This was the whole reason God the Son became a man: “He had to be made like His brethren in all things, so that He might become a merciful and faithful high priest in things pertaining to God, to make propitiation for the sins of the people. For since He Himself was tempted in that which He has suffered, He is able to come to the aid of those who are tempted” (Heb. 2:17–18). “For we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but One who has been tempted in all things as we are, yet without sin” (4:15).

Renewing Your Mind | Right Now Counts Forever | Mar 3, 2017

Every single moment of life on this earth is tied to eternity. Today, R.C. Sproul reminds us that we are not simply to live in the "here and now." Since there is a God, what we believe and how we live matters. Right now counts forever.

Is God Ever Surprised?

Here it is again in Isaiah 45:21. God throws up the challenge of whether there is any other god besides him. And he does it by asking about their powers to announce the future. “Declare” — he says — “and present your case; let them take counsel together! Who told this long ago? Who declared it of old? Was it not I, the Lord? And there is no other god besides me, a righteous God and a Savior; there is none besides me.” So, here it is again. God says that what is at stake in his capacity to announce the future affairs of men and nations — that is a lot of human decision — what is at stake is his divinity, his goodness: I, the Lord. There is no other god besides me. When I predict the future, I show that.

Catalyst Track: You Are Free // Day One

Many in the church cannot fathom the kind of freedom Christ’s pardon brings. We are so used to our prison cells, we don’t even know we are still in them! The doors are wide open—Christ tore them off the hinges two thousand years ago.

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Is the Bible Reliable?

The Bible is taught from the pulpits of most Christian churches today and is represented by most as the inerrant word of God. What are the facts that support such a statement? Where did this book come from and why does it generate so much controversy?

Mary Jo Sharp on Twitter

Want young adults who lead rather than follow and have faith for life? Register them for Summit this summer

Reset: Living a Grace-Paced Life in a Burnout Culture | HeadHeartHand Blog

But there is good news: God has graciously provided a way for men to reset their lives at a more sustainable pace. Drawing on my own experiences—and time spent with other men who have also experienced burnout—I’ve written a new book which offers weary men hope for the future, helping them identify the warning signs of burnout and offering practical strategies for developing patterns that help them live a grace-paced life and reach the finish line with their joy intact.

The Briefing 03-03-17 -

Delivered daily to your inbox, this is one of the best ways to stay on top of current events from a Christian worldview perspective.

The Briefing 03-03-17 -

This is an edited transcript of The Briefing podcast from early Thursday morning, January 8, 2015. The war on terror took on a savage new face…

The Briefing 03-03-17 -

As Solomon warned, “Of making many books there is no end” (Ecc 12:12). There is no way to read everything, and not everything deserves to be read. I say that in order to confront the notion that anyone, anywhere, can master all that could be read with profit. I read a great deal, and a large portion of my waking hours are devoted to reading.

The Briefing 03-03-17 -

This is an edited transcript of The Briefing podcast from early Thursday morning, January 8, 2015. The war on terror took on a savage new face…


Miss Victoria Hearst was born in San Francisco, and raised in Hillsboro (south of San Francisco). Victoria is the daughter of Catherine Campbell Hearst and Randolph Apperson Hearst. Randolph and his twin brother David (not identical) were the youngest of five boys born to Millicent and William Randolph Hearst. W.R. Hearst, the only child of George and Phoebe Hearst, is best known as the head of a media empire and creator of the famous estate that was referred to as “The Ranch” by W.R. and “Hearst Castle” by the millions of visitors who have enjoyed visiting the site since it was donated to the State of California by the Hearst Corporation and Millicent Hearst in 1953 after W.R.’s death (1951).... Read more

Marriage Advice | Reasonable Faith

3. Confront problems honestly. When we meet a young married couple, Jan will sometimes shock them by commenting, "Well, we hope you're fighting a lot!" (They usually are.) Fighting with your spouse is so emotionally wrenching and painful, and yet it is the necessary means by which problems get resolved and you become one. The couple that is in real danger is not the one that is fighting but the one that is not confronting. In order to avoid the pain, it's easier to sweep things under the rug and try to forget about it. But then the problems do not get resolved, and bitterness and resentment can secretly begin to grow until the marriage becomes poisoned. Don't let this happen. Screw up your courage, resolve to bear the hurt, and confront your issues squarely. Now please understand that when I talk about "fighting," I'm not talking about physical violence and abuse. I mean arguing. And when you argue, you should exercise self-control so that you fight fairly. Never call your spouse names or say things designed to wound, things that you will later regret. That is inconsistent with love.

Tim Stratton on the Relationship between Philosophy and Theology

“There is no such thing as philosophy-free theology, just theology that has been conducted without any consideration of its underlying philosophical assumptions.” 1 Courage and Godspeed, Chad Related Posts Article: Lex Luthor's Lousy Logic by Tim Stratton Video: The Big Bang Theory? by Tim Stratton Apologist Interview: "The Free Thinking Theist" Tim Stratton Footnote: 1. Tim Stratton, "The Bible Trumps Logic," Feb. 21, 2017.

"Candy-Assed" Christians | Larry Alex Taunton

In July 2012 I was speaking at a youth retreat in the mountains of Tennessee when I received a call from CNN.  It seemed that Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy had publicly commented on the issue of same-sex marriage and now the gay mafia were out to destroy him and his restaurant chain.  Would I, asked CNN, be willing to offer the orthodox Christian perspective on homosexuality and defend Chick-fil-A in this controversy?  After reviewing Cathy’s remarks and concluding that they were neither outrageous nor biblically incorrect, I agreed to the interview and, later that day I defended the Christian position on the network as vigorously as possible in the time that I had.

BreakPoint on Twitter

New Washington scandal reminds us — without virtue, there aren’t enough rules to save us from ourselves. #EvanMorris

Premier Christian on Twitter

Is worship music lying to us? @Walker_Words on the "six lies" he thinks our worship songs tell us:  #church #music

Donald J. Trump on Twitter

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Suspect Who Phoned 8 Bomb Threats To Jewish Community Centers Arrested…And He’s A Left-Wing Fake News Reporter

Naturally, the right is triumphantly pointing out the irony: the guy behind the JCC threats isn’t a Trump backer but a left-winger who hates Trump, when for weeks the left stated that this had to be an outgrowth of Trumpian anti-Semitism. But let’s be fair: this guy sounds like a complete nut job, not just a left-winger gone awry. According to the FBI, this was all designed to act out some personal vendetta against an old girlfriend who was Jewish – the Jews were only involved insofar as they could be used as a tool against her. That doesn’t make this guy’s conduct any less egregious or anti-Semitic. But it doesn’t seem to connect to an ideology so much as a desire to hurt someone he knew. Furthermore, there’s still another suspect out there – dozens of JCCs have been called, and this terrorist was a copycat.

Getting Saved at a Convenience Store by a Hippie Street Evangelist

If Bacteria are so Fit, Why Evolve into Mozart?

What is the Best Evidence for Intelligent Design? Interview with Brian Johnson

BRIAN JOHNSON: I think that accolade needs to go to the discovery of the DNA double helix in 1953 by Crick and Watson. Once this was discovered it blew open the doors to a whole new world of biology. From that we have been able to begin to piece together an entirely new understanding of what it takes to make our bodies function. This has led to major advancements in medicine as well as many other disciplines. The discovery of DNA has also enabled us to build an incredibly strong case for Intelligent Design…

I was an Atheist Until I Read 'The Lord of the Rings'

I grew up in a loving, comfortable atheist household of professional scientists. My dad was a lapsed Catholic, and my mom was a lapsed Lutheran. From the time that I could think rationally on the subject, I did not believe in God. God was an imaginary being for which there was no proof. At best, God was a fantasy for half-witted people to compensate their ignorance and make themselves feel better about their own mortality. At worst, God was a perverse delusion responsible for most of the atrocities committed by the human race.

So, Oprah Isn’t Running for President

There have been rumors swirling the last 24 hours about famed media proprietor Oprah Winfrey becoming the 46th President of the United States. The rumor came out of a clip promoting an episode of The David Rubenstein Show when Bloomberg’s David Rubenstein asked Oprah Winfrey if she would ever run for president. The teaser ends with Oprah joking, “it’s clear you don’t need government experience to be elected president of the United States.”

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A total divorce between mind and spirit

If evangelization is the most important task, the task that comes immediately after it—not in tenth place, nor even in third place, but in second place—is   not politics, nor economics, nor the quest for comfort and security and ease, but to find   out exactly what is happening to the mind and the spirit in the schools and universities. And once the Christian discovers that there is a total divorce between mind and spirit in the schools and universities, between the perfection of thought and the perfection of soul and character, between intellectual sophistication and the spiritual worth of the individual human person, between reason and faith, between the pride of knowledge and the contrition of heart consequent upon being a mere creature and once he realizes that Jesus Christ will find himself less at home on the campuses of the great universities in Europe and America than almost anywhere else, he will be profoundly disturbed, and he will inquire what can be done to recapture the great universities for Jesus Christ, the universities which would not have come into being in the first place without him.

Why Don’t We Find Human & Dinosaur Fossils Together?

Often, people believe that if human bones aren’t found with dinosaur bones, then they didn’t live at the same time. Actually, all we know for sure is that they weren’t buried together. It is very easy for creatures to live at the same time on earth, but never even cross paths. Have you ever seen a tiger or a panda in the wild? Just because animals are not found together does not mean they do not live in the same world at the same time.

A history of Leonard Fournette's truck sticks - ESPN Video

Take a look back at times where defensive players tried and failed to tackle Leonard Fournette.

49 The Quran has a History of Change and Errors

Denny Burk on Twitter

Been thinking this week about a line from D. A. Carson that I read over a decade ago. It's still true.

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